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Video: DeSean Jackson Not Happy With Questions So He Ends Interview

DeSean Jackson had another subpar game and he didn’t seemed to be focused on making plays.  He seemed to be going through the motions.  According to the reporters covering the game, he was talking the Seahawks more than he was talking to his Eagles teammates.   After the game, the reporters asked him a number questions about his attitude and his relationship with his teammates.

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32 Comments for “Video: DeSean Jackson Not Happy With Questions So He Ends Interview”

  1. This is exactly how a “Man and a professional” should act. If you can’t answer questions that actually point out how you were more interested in making friends with the Seahawks than in playing football, then walk out.

  2. He’s a punk who has outlived his time in Philly.. He’s a West Coast Hard-Ass Wanna-Be without the game to back it up… C-Ya around D-Jax..

  3. Desean (and the Eagles) are being torn apart on the Jim Rome show. Good times!

  4. my fav part about all of this is how you guys want to focus on 1 player. That used to be mcnabb- now it desean. lol.

  5. Stevo- We are focusing on D-Jax, because he is phoning it in. He is not playing up to the level that he can. You can blame it on his contract all day long, but Matt Forte gets paid nothing also. He has been vocal, but he still kills it every week out there. I don’t here McCoy complaining or dogging it either even though he could be considered vastly underpaid after last season and this season.

    There is plenty of blame to go around, but one thing that will never go unpunished in Philly is selfish player who is doggin it.

  6. Young
    rolle (sometimes)

    all of these guys are “not bringing it”. but you fools get sucked into the media hype every year. Maybe the birds should claim Dmac today so you can pin it all on him again.

    i would argue that chaney had the worst 1st quarter of any LB in team history.havent heard his name called out ANYWHERE.

    i dont catre about desean either way… but seriously folks…. pin the blame where it belongs…… 100% on Andy Reid.

  7. this D sucks. it has no heart. no ability to takle. no leaders outside of Jenkins.

    this o cant catch, cant tuck it away.

    this staff cant motivate, cant inspire.

    outside of madden, when is the last time the eagles had a D worth a darn?

    last time i remember feeling good about our D is when Vick got smashed trying to run against us against ATL in the NFC champ game. Since then…… Andy has let this D die.

  8. another reason is that D-Jax likes and invites all the Attention when things were goign good last year and before, but now doesn’t want to Man-Up when things are going rough.. He’s whining about his contract and is avoiding contact at every cost.. (HE cught 2-3 Punts last evening and never even looked to rtetun them when he had some room to operate and his team in need of a spark..On the end-around , he canges the field, cut’s upfield, sees some defenders and dives for a 4 yard gain ..He’s nothing but a “-ussy”…
    I have never liked him from the get-go for his explosive plays and spped, I never liked his attitude, his work ethis and his immaturity.. He is not want I want my favorite teams or player to reflect.. Give me players who are good, but play with class and a A Baldin, L Fitzgerald, G Jennings, etc,etc… I am starting to really hate this team ..

  9. you are right but the problem is this Pman…. you know what you are getting with him. You know what he gives you. He’s a pain in the butt WR. thats it. tag and trade him if you can… all this crap about being a cancer…. he is just like ASAM. DOnt count on them to be leaders…. you know they are going to talk all day long. Their teammates ignore them. They have 1 job to do. thats it. Every team has them…. they like the limelight. I dont care what they do with him.. really.. but stop making it sound like he was the only reason we suck this year.

    im getting wiplash with all the people you guys are blaming this year..

    first it was sister mathews
    second desean
    then it was the fireman
    then it was vick
    then vick was good and it was Juan
    then allen
    then graham cause he didnt play
    then nnamdi
    then DRC
    a little more Juan
    fire andy
    then andy did good for 2 games.

    its gross… this team just sucks.

    this falls on 1 person and has for YEARS. Andy Reid.

  10. AR made Sean MCD the D cord.
    AR made Juan the D cord
    AR did NOT look outside his own staff to get help.
    AR has not motivated this team.

  11. DeShaun a good man…Media vultures now scapegoat him.

    He give everything to team for 3 years, fire everyone up, make big plays, never get in a bit of trouble off the field…Now, they want to put his head in the guillotine.

    He is a vet, four years in league…Please remember how Eagles have treated other important players in the past, including Jeremiah Trotter, Sheldon Brown, Brian Dawkins and even Brian Westbrook and Terrel Owens…Always low ball.

    McNabb, yeah, they pay him, but he was the face of the team, and they can’t get away with low balling everyone.

    As I say, this a good kid, and deserves better…His agent, Rosenhaus, is a prick, but Lurie and Banner are pricks, too.

  12. Again, there are plenty of players who are underpaid that are still putting up numbers.

    Ray Rice= 555k
    McCoy = 480k
    Forte = 555K

    Forte has been complaining, but he has been producing. Of course he deserves more money, but he is not earning it this year.

    And Steve-O, your media hype is crap. Did you watch the games the last 2 weeks? People expect more from D-Jax because he has produced. Cooper, VY, Coleman, Allen, Chaney? Those guys are no where near the player that Jackson is. We have seen what he can do, but he isn’t doing it now. You put Nnamdi on that list as if he is getting a pass. Dude has been getting it plenty in here. Maybe not after last night’s game, but he isn’t getting a pass. In fact, the whole secondary has been getting ripped.

  13. I know we have more problems than just defense and I hate to play the blame game…Offensive turnovers has been a big killer as well, we can move the ball…But I still feel had the defense played a little better in just 3 games, we win 3 more games…I know not incredible, but 7-5 as opposed to 4-8 I’m sure we’d all take right about now…Problem with Chaney is Castillo…Problem with all of the defensive players is Castillo, Zordich, Caldwell and the game plan….But not to excuse their performances with has been horrid…even if the Castillo is on the wrong formation, and you have a chance to make a tackle, make it, We have guys lunging and diving trying to make arm tackles…Our nickel defense is ass. We hardly blitz, how often have we seen the MLB not around the center and a QB calls a QB draw? ridicolous! that is blame for Castillo…theres no type of disguise with this defense…We hardly see a CB come up as if they are gonna blitz, but the blitzer be a LB or vice versa…To top it off the lack of in game adjustments on defense is pitiful…I can only hope that if he Castillo is not replaced for next season, that this season did him well in learning about in game adjustments. Every press conference he talks about the defense working on the fundamentals and we still are missing a tackle on almost every play?

  14. Now everyone says McCoy deserves the money and pretty much from what we’ve seen this year, (I dont disagree at all) which is by far his most productive season, where he’ll make his first pro bowl…

    DJAX has been to the pro bowl two different occasions, and has played two different positions. I dont know, but I think this is worthy of something…I’m a big DJAX fan and he has pissed me off this season too…But his importance on the field is important. Stick Cooper out there with Steve Smith, I guarantee you Cooper wouldn’t be as successful as he has been these past few games. On another note, Avant has pissed me off…coming public with the comments he made, and I defended this clown…where has he been?

    Cooper and Smith, not very fond of these cats…DJAX walks we’re gonna have bigger problems than we have now, with only one solid receiver…

    Ray Rice and Matt Forte are on a different team and play a different position…That ground and pound takes its toll, so definitely can’t dispute the fact they should be paid also…

  15. On Seahwak 1st TD Drive,
    Asmo missed an open field Tackle on RB Lynch on a 3rd & 6 Play which would have ended the drive, Asmo dove at his ankles with his head down, Lynch ran theu the weak attempt and and turned the corner for 10 more yards

    Eagles 2nd Drive, VY hits Riley Cooper on a 3rd and long play down the left sideline on a nice back shoulder route for what would have been a 25 yard gain into Seahwak Territory and Cooper drops the Damn Ball..

    Eagles 3rd or 4th Drive and trailing 14-0,
    VY on a 2nd and 10 hits a crossign Clay Harbor in the hands where he had 15-20 yards of daylight to make a big play, Harbor drops the damn ball with no one within 5 yards of him…

    I am not a big fan of VY or Vick for that matter, but damnnit, these Receivers drop 4-5 balls every game early in the games when things can still go the Eagles way and they have consistently let this team down all season long… This Eagle WR Group may be one of the worst in the NFL in my opinion as far as consistentcy, focus and ball security.. It just is…

  16. bugsy


    the RB’s take their hits but they always see it coming. The WR goes across the middle with DB’s flying trying to take their head off.
    As ive said before……

    i dont blame Desean for watching his head. The man is 25 and has already had 2 (or 3) serious head knocks.
    i also dont blame the eagles for not giving him a deal.
    i also dont blame the fans (yes me) for being pissed that he’s playing soft.

    it was a mess from day 1. im not surprised by any of this.

    as far as the media stuff goes… its not crap. What has desean said about his contract that was offensive? What pushups in the parking lot has he done? What twitter posts as he done crapping on the owner, gm, or head coach?

    i dont love the guy but he’s not what the media says he is. I dont care if he stays or goes…. but if he goes…. they better get something for him.

  17. he needs a leader in his head reminding him of who he is. He had that with Dmac and now its gone. He is passionate. I WANT THAT. he hates losing. I WANT THAT. He wants touches ALL GREAT PLAYERS DO,

    if he stays they need to find him an older, leader type player to keep him focused.

  18. How did the Eagles get something for him Steve.. He’ll be a Free-Agent the time to get something for him was before the Season started.. It’s too late..

  19. Question should be How do thre Eagles get something in return for D-JAx
    If they Franchise him for 2012, He will earn approx $9 Million , and then the EAgles lost whateve levearge they may have .. Do you think the Eagles would pay him $9 For 1 more season and then he bolts after 2012.. To extend and sing him to a long-term deal and then trade doesn’t seem freasible either,, Both Team would have to agree with his Bonus $$$, Salary level and then the other team would have to also COmpensate with High Draft picks for him.. Does anyone think this will occur when everyone knows he is unhappy and wants out of Philly. Why should a potential trade partner go through all that and also give the Eagles Draft picks when they could go after D-Jax in Free agency and just be worried about the $$$ involved.. The Eagles risk is that if they Franchise him and can;t come to long term agreement, then they are stuck with him at $9 Million for th e2012 Season which D-JAx probably wounldn’t mind,but what motivation does D-JAx have left then,, He’s basically been sleep-walking thru this season, what would make him not do the same thing in 2012.. He’s a goner…

  20. pman- they would tag and trade him.

  21. Stevo,
    You cannot trade a player who is simply under a “Franchise Tag”
    D-Jax would have to sign a new “Contract” first and only then, could be traded in which the new team would have to agree to all the contract terms, bonuses, aand agree with compensation to give to the Eagles in return which is why trades in Football are difficult and contract…
    The Eagles by placing a tag lose any leverage in contract negoitiations with D-Jax who would get close to $9 Million in 2012 under the Franchise Tag.. D-Jax would love this scenario, for he can take the 1 year Franchise Tag Salary of $9 Million with no intentions of signing a long-term deal and then apply for Free-Agency after the 2012 Season still leaving the Eagles with Zippo in Return all he would get back in his mind is $9 Million to help make up for making chump-change over the last coupld of seasons… Does anyone think the Eagles will want to risk this scenario from happening, I don’t.. You onlt place a Franchise Tag when you are pretty certain that you want to keep that player for the long-term and that you and the player and his agent will be able to make a satisfactory deal for everyone.. I see none of this in D-Jax’s Case #1) Not sure if Eagles really want to keep him #2) Not Sure D-Jax even wants to remain an Eagle .. Too many bad vibes concerning D-Jax, He’s a goner in my book and will not be tendered a Franchise Tag…

    Stevo, can you name me a player or palayers who was Franchised and then traded recently in the NFL…

  22. Vincent Jackson does nothing for me or this offense.

    Can anyone explain to me how this dude has gone from a pure fan fav to a complete bag,petulant baby,____,and chump? Remember his grit in his rook year…next and even last years big plays?He just flat out blew his shot…pathetic. How goddamn hard is it to play balls out football and not care about your safety for 600k? Moron.Thats the basis of why these guys are such morons.Ask any of us to take a job with a high level of risk for 600k…bet over 50% of us take it smiling.Honey,go shop’n this weekend.

    Go Birds

  23. This is from Peter King about Ray Rice:

    Rice, like Matt Forte of the Bears, is in the last year of his contract. He wants to get a new deal done, obviously, and wants to stay in Baltimore. Why wouldn’t a player want to stay where the team always contends, and where it’s close to home? (Rice is from four hours north of Baltimore, New Rochelle, N.Y.) But you don’t hear much from Rice about what he wants. That is so un-2011. And I like it. “I let my game talk,” Rice said. “This isn’t the time to talk about that stuff. I have the hope that when the time comes, I’ll get taken care of, and I believe I will. You never want to burn any bridges, so I just don’t talk about it much.”

  24. That’s because Rice is smart and a Rutgers Alumni.. (just lke Paulman..ha..ha)
    I liked Rice out of COllege but did not think he would become the workhorse that he has become.. I was thinking a solid Back-up, Pass Receiver, maybe some Return Action, but he has blossomed as one of the Top Best All-around RB’s and players in the NFL.. He does it all and he’s and mature about it.. I am getting sick and tired of players who have to flash the 1st Down sign every time they make a play… Be a professional and act like you been there before

  25. Rice had a huge game yesterday.

    I can understand DJax concern about injury without a contract (ie. Byron Evans), but that is an issue with anybody these days. It would be nice as far as DJax is concerned to have a big longterm contract…but like he and other players past and doesn’t always work out that way.

    I believe that DJax had tried to play the “good-soldier” and come into camp and play like it didn’t bother him. He really didn’t make any statements early in the season…but after the trade deadline it looks like it was too much for his mind to take. He clearly does not want to get hurt, which dramatically effects the way he plays the game.

    Both sides are in a tough position (Eagles vs. DJax). He has had (2) concussions and the next one might put him out for do the Birds invest big $$ with that risk? That being said, his presence on the field ….when play 100%…opens up things for many others besides himself…he makes the team better when he is in the line-up.

    That being said..once a player starts playing trying to avoid injury, it is often difficult for him to regain his focus and play with the reckless abandon that made him such a great player.

  26. Excellent points Greenfan and spot on..
    D-Jax has to move on, there really is no other way to look at it at this point..
    He is a West Coast guy whose family and business interests are out there and I really don’t believe he would be able to withstand the booing and harsh criticism that he will get for the remainder of the Season for underperforming . He does not take criticism well which has been his bugaboo since High School & College days about being Coachable.., I think it’s better for him for Personally & Professionally to move on.. Fast, small, dynamic WR’s are a dime a dozen and he can and will be replaced..
    Get me a HAkeem Nicks, or Greg Jennings, or M Colston, C Johnson .. you know a 6-4 Athlete who is big,strong and goes up for the ball, not some fast afraid of contact Receiver who can’t do anything unless it’s a straght go route .. Eagles can sign DOnte Stallworth for that… ..

  27. To Stevo,
    You or no one else has ever answered the question
    How do you get something in return for D-Jax at this point ..
    You cannot trade a player under a “Franchise or Transitional Tag”.. You would have to sign him to a contract first and then trade him… What team is going to agree to all of this plus give the Eagles compensation as in Draft Picks for D-Jax which is why trades with “Franchise Type of Players” rarely ever happen..Teams will wait until players hit Free-Agency where all they have to worry about id the Contract part of things instead of trading away Draft Picks or Players only to overpay for another teams player.. Regular traded when a player is already under Contract are diffcult enough but can anyone list an example of a player or players who were “Franchised”, then sign a Contract Deal and then were Traded in the same off-season… I can’t think of one example in recent years…

  28. eagles fo created this mess, I don’t like the guy, but banner said early on the eagles have plenty of money to sign Jackson, it seems apparent they induced him to report to camp, play on the premise that he would get a contract and now it is apparent he’s not in their plans, eagles have a history of treating players poorly on their last year if they don’t want them, trotter ,Dawkins, they didn’t even make him an offer and let a player, probably hall of famer , fan favorite, leader of defense walk with lots of good football left in him, Jackson is just a scapegoat like Castillo will be for many bad decisions by the front office on personnel decisions, drafting, and poor, very poor coaching, decisions by Reid, a franchise in decline

  29. Valid points Jake
    I am waiting to see how they treat Chad Hall when he is in his last year of his deal..
    Did anyone watch some of the games yesterday, the Eagles could not even compete with 1/2 the Teams in the NFL anymore.. It’s sad to see how far they have fallen but many of us stated last year that Vick’s unbelievable play which honestly came out of nowhere really hid a lot of the deficiencies and that their lack of success Drafting on the Defensive side of the ball for the past few Seasons has caught up to them to bit them in the ass.. The thing that really cracks me up is that most of the players are still arrogant enough to keep saying , we are beating outselves, or we are better team than them or that we are more talented to them and the reality is, that no, they are not and they simply are not that good of a team …

  30. “You cannot trade a player under a “Franchise or Transitional Tag”.. You would have to sign him to a contract first and then trade him”

    Paulman im pretty sure your wrong on this point…see Matt Cassell. From everything I remember players are allowed to be traded under a franchise tag and I don’t think the Eagles will have a choice other than franchising Djax(which will actually be what they prolly want to pay him a year about 8 million)…8 million for Djax is not bad at all. Hell just look at some of the bums that are getting paid on this team now and over the past 5 years…8 million is a bargain for the FO for what Djax does on the football field and for how much money he makes the FO in popularity. I think that was Eagles plan all along…if you think they couldn’t trade him under the tag then they would have traded him when they could to get value in back in return. Your a fool if you think Djax just walks out the door for nothing.

    And a lot of teams around the league would want Djax..he would be in high demand…People need to realize that just because you might want church boy receivers on your football team that doesn’t mean thats the case for the NFL. I could see him being traded to the Colts, Raiders or maybe Chicago and many others. If only this team actually had a real leader on it Djax would of never been an issue. Has anybody even heard a word out of Chad this year…Brady has is ass on lockdown. I could see Manning on the Colts doing the same for Djax.

  31. To Pheags,
    Cassell was signed by the Patriots who traded him to the Chiefs within hours after settling the Deal.. Now those 2 teams had a good relationship since the GM for the Chiefs used to work for the Patriots and was very familiar with Cassell so that was kind of a hand-shake deal between 2 clubs helping each other out.. …
    Th Colts would want nothing to do with D-Jax too.. I guess you don’t follow or know their ownership and management philosphy very well….
    Teams like the 49ers, (who the inkured Braylon Edwards becomes a Free-Agent) the Riaders (who always like Speed, the Cardinals who really don’t have a deep threat since Fitz is more of an intermediate threat would be good landing spots for D-Jax) If yuo take out D=Jax phenomenal return last Novemember to bea the Giants, His Punt-returns have not been very effective and no way is he in the same class as a “Devin Hester” or even Rookie “Patrick Peterson” who both look to return punts every chance they can… D-Jax won’t field and run with the ball unless no one is around for 10 yaerds and then runs backwarks for negative yeardage when he does decide not to fair catch.. His All-Pro Days at Punt-Return are long gone because he’s afriad of contact.. New Contract or not, he’s afraid of contact and you can’t play Receiver or Return man or football at all when your afriad to get hit.,..
    As far as Chad, he;’s been washed up for about 3 Years now and very few teams had an interest… I do see some interest but not as much as many philly Fans think… (the Pats,Redksins,Jagaurs, and west Coast Teams I mentioned and that’s about it..) the Bears would want nothing to do with him either, they already have Hester, why would they need a smaller,wimpier version …

  32. Im growing tired of the focus on desean… Desean hasnt played up to his potential this year. He doesnt look like half of what he was in the past few years but like all the other problems on the Eagles, this problem could fix itself if Reid and the others had come into this season properly prepared to manage a football team and win games… The offense as a whole fell off this season IMO because they started worrying about compensating for the Junior varsity defense we put out there…

    Offense was playing pretty well until they started pressing. I think it started in the Atlanta game… Vick was reckless and the rest of the team followed… Maclin cant function in the clutch, neither can Avant or Cooper, Jackson is invisible.. These werent this dysfunctional before this year and I have to fault reid for all the imbalance he has placed on the team as a whole

    meh… the whole thing is a mess and Reid is key factor in all of it

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