The Future Of Andy Reid – Does It Lay In Michael Vick’s Performance?

With Michael Vick likely to return to the starting lineup this Sunday in Miami, will it matter in the grand scheme of Andy Reid’s future with the Eagles?  Sure, as Eagles fans, we’re probably all elated that Vick is returning after seeing the abomination of a NFL quarterback in Vince Young the last three weeks.  Vick hasn’t really had a great season, but he’s the best quarterback on the team, so we may have a shot to win Sunday.  The Dolphins have been coming on strong as of late, so this game won’t be a pushover come Sunday afternoon in Miami.  But will Vick be able to take his game to the max, and if he does, will that save Reid’s job for next season?

The Eagles starting quarterback hasn’t played well in a calendar year, as his last good game was last December against the New York Giants during the Miracle in the Meadowlands II game.  Since then, he’s 3-9 as a starter and $80 million richer.  We all could point to the Eagles and say that was a bad investment because Vick’s play has digressed since then.  But now we point to Vick, because the future Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia hangs in the balance and Vick could be the one guy who determines what Joe Banner and Jeffrey Lurie do this off-season regarding their winningest coach in franchise history.  Will Vick be able to finish the season strong and change the minds of the fans to keep Andy Reid in Philadelphia?

Let’s look at it this way.  I don’t believe anything Vick does will matter in the long run.  I think Vick will be our quarterback for the next few years, barring some miracle that lands the Eagles Andrew Luck (Stanford) or Matt Barkley (USC).  So it’s up to Banner and co. if they want to start anew with a head coach who may or may not like Vick’s game.  It seems like the Eagles will be stuck with Vick and that contract and won’t be able to move him.  Stranger things have happened, however.  I also think Reid isn’t going anywhere after this season.  So Michael Vick could win the next four games in a row, win two of them, or lose all four, but it won’t mean drastic changes from this franchise.

It’ll be interesting to see how the off-season plays out and next year to see if the lockout really had a huge effect on this team.  Reid tends to get the best out of his players, offensive and defensive.  So players like DeSean Jackson, and almost everyone on the defense seemingly doesn’t have that desire that us Eagles fans are so used to seeing from players under Andy Reid.  The players may say Reid’s a great coach and it’s their fault for the team’s failures, but when are we, as smart fans, going to blame everyone and not just the coach?

Personally, I think Reid will return to the team next season regardless of how this season ends.  I believe that no matter what happens next season, it will be Reid’s last season in Philadelphia.  It just makes sense.  The Eagles could go on and win the Super Bowl after 14 years under Reid, and that could be enough for him.  It could be enough for the Banner and Lurie.  And if he fails, it’s the end of the line.  There’s a built-in excuse for this season regarding the NFL lockout and even though every team had to deal with the lockout, the Eagles seem to be talking a lot about it regarding their terrible season thus far.  Because of that, I feel the Eagles management will give Reid one more year to take this team to the next level.  It’s up to Big Red now.

131 thoughts on “The Future Of Andy Reid – Does It Lay In Michael Vick’s Performance?

  1. Yes.

    Also, Mike Vick’s future depends on Mike Vick’s performance. And the future looks bleak.

    After he gets cut in 2012, I’m putting the over under on years till we see the inevitable “Mike Vick is bankrupt again” news report at 5.5 years.

    BTW – Haven’t we read this article 3x over the last 2 days.

  2. Nick, why don’t you have the guts to write the truth, the quarterback “hasn’t really had a great season”, euphemistic bull, the quarterback’s play is bottom third of all quarterbacks, he averages over two turnovers a game, vinnie can finish the laundry list of his poor play, but damn, say it as it is

  3. I believe we have, just check out the 2012 Schedule

    4 Games versus the NFC South (Saints,Falcons,PAnthers,Bucs)
    4 Games vsrsus the AFC North (Steelens,Ravens,Bengals,Browns)
    6 Yearly Games versus the NFC East teams
    2 Games vs NFC North (Bears or Vikings) and NFC West (Cardinals or Rams)

    I See a 6-10 or maybe 7-9 Season

    Eagles will lose to Saints,Falcons, Panthers, Steelers,Ravens, Bengals and should beat the TB Bucs and Cleveland Browns and most likely split their NFC East games and maybe beat the Rams..

    Does anyone see VIck lasting a game playing against the Steelers,RAvens and Bengals Defense.. Can the Eagles Defense Stop the Saints,Falcons,Panthers.. Future does not look as bright with this club and this is where the poor to average Draft Classes the last 2-3 Season catches up with a Team..

  4. I agree Jake,
    The single biggest reason the Eagles are 4-8 and home for the Holidays is the overall poor play from QB Position and yes, that mean’s mostly Mike Vick and VY when he’s plyed..Even with all the issues on Defense, the Coaching, play-calls, etc,etc.. Vick as the leader and face of the Franchise was supposed to rise above it all and play better and he has not, plain and simple… The Eagles will only go as far as QB Vick can take them and right now, it’s not looking too good.. A huge mistake giving him that large Contract after a great 5-6 Game stretch from last Season in Oct/Nov..

  5. Paulman..wrong.

    single biggest reason?

    Do the Math – 4 4th quarter leads squandered by the fefense …one of those leads we were up by 21. quarterback?

    If we just hold on to the leads that’s a 4 game swing.

    Andy and Juan decided to have garbage Matthews call the defense from MLB position for the first quarter of the season. Remember?

    Yes, the quarterback play have been down this year but the one biggest reason this team sucks is Andy’s choice to promote Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator.and the personnel refusing to address the linebacker and safety positions.

    Teams are actually attacking the the linebackers and safeties every game knowing it’s the weakness of the team.

  6. Juan Castillo is the damn defensive coordinator and this guy say the QB is the biggest reason ffor the losing record.

    Paulman..guess what,,,,You would gain 100 yards running to the right on trap plays all day if they put you as running backs against our defense.

    The play works religiously against this defense and everyone know it but…they can’t stop it.

  7. So good! What a ruse!

    I mean, I really have to applaud Mike Vick. It’s often that we see a player doing really well in a contract year, getting rewarded, then falling back to his averages, but Mike VIck was the absolute maestro at this. Take a look at how he’s “ranked” among QBs throughout his career….

    Quarterback rating
    2002 18th
    2003 – hurt – only played 4 gms
    2004 21st
    2005 25th
    2006 20th
    1010 4th
    2011 20th
    Well well, right back to his career averages, that’s a surprise.

    Completion percentage
    2002 25th
    2004 27th
    2005 29th
    2006 20th
    2010 10th
    2011 16th
    Wow! He has improved! All the way up to Mediocre! Congrats Mike!

    Interceptions (better to have a low rank)
    2002 33rd (barely threw the ball)
    2004 15th
    2005 8th
    2006 13th
    2010 34th…boom out of the blue he’s best in the league….
    2011 10th….and right back to his average again….and he’d be a lot higher if he hadn’t missed 3.5 games….maybe top 5 at the rate he’s going!

    Yrds per game
    2002 19
    2004 31
    2005 28
    2006 28
    2010 9
    2011 15
    Another drop off, though not as precipitous. Hourray! Mediocre again!

    How can anyone be surprised that this is the season we’re seeing from MV??He is what he is…in fact, by his standards, he’s having an above average MV season. Compared to his own career, this might be the SECOND BEST SEASON he’s ever had! Good grief.

    We knew this before. We know this now. We know this will be. (feel I need to add an Amen)

    Hopefully in 4 1/2 months I will hear the beautiful words….

    “And with the 10th pick in the 2012 draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select ___________________ quarterback from ________________________”

  8. I woke up pleasantly optimistic today – so lets look at the positives shall we – how about those rookie kickers – not bad at all – sure – punter needs to work on his passing a bit more, kicker needs a few more touchbacks – no problems with the long snapper at all – how about the LS for a potantial pro powl bid?

    Colt Anderson – how does he NOT get looked at as the Pro Bowl special teamer –

    Songs – quit being so hard on Castillo – I am sure I can go back and find four semi-improtant Philadelphia Eagle playoff games against great team where the Eagles actually had the lead and ‘squandered’ it with you hero’s JJ and Dawk in the line-up – I mean really – what are you going to do – take the guys Christmas away –

  9. I don’t know why you morons give VinnietheVictor the time of day — an idiot from Canada knows nothing about American Football.

    Colt Anderson should definitely make the pro bowl.

  10. Again I will emphazie that we all knew the Eagles Defense was going to be a work in progress for this Season and that the Eagle Offense would have to carry this team and especially early on in the season
    The Eagles Offense is ranked #3 Overall (in Total Yardage) only behind the Saints and Patriots,but here lies the biggest problem and culprit of this 2011 Eagles Team for being 4-8 after 12 games
    The Saints average 33 Pts a game while the Patritos average 30 Pts a game
    The Eagles Rank 16th in Scoring and average 23 Points per Game..

    On Defense, The Eagles average giving up 23.5 points per Game..
    The Eagles offense is not closing the deal and horrible in the Red-Zone where the Play-calling has been suspect, the execution poor and decision making by QB Vick/VY not very good either..

    Since most of know the Eagles Defense would be in transition this year with all these new players, new schemes, new coaches, The Eagles Offense needed to carry this Team and they have failed to do so and have actually created more pressure on this Eagle Defense by Turning the Ball over more than any team in the NFL and by settling for 3 points FG’s instead of TD”s..If EAgles Offense with Veteran Leadership and many returning players was productive and scoring at a clip like the other Top Offenses in the NFL Are, the Eagles would hgave a WInning Record and be in good postion to make te Playoffs agani even with this shaky Defense.. The Offense has let this Season go doep in the tank in my opinion and Vick is the leader of the Offense just like Coach AR is te leader of the Team.. They have all underperformed and to simply blame Castillo and the Eagle Defense is not a true reflection of where things went wrong.. Songs, Why do you feel compelled to protect Vick all the time.. it’s as if no one can say a critical or negative thing about him anymore.. I will continue to call them as I see them..

  11. Colt Anderson is out for the Season, How does a player make the Pro-Bowl only playing 3/4 of the Season and would not be able to participate in the game. C’mon guys stop being homers for one of the worst Teams in the NFL..

  12. Sorry Paulman, it’s called being a fan.

    And yes, Colt at least deserves mention that he was voted in but will be unable to play due to injury. He’s a fantastic bright spot on this team.

  13. Colt is out for the season – Damn – I didn’t know. I am disappointed I started the ‘let’s get Colt to the Pro Bowl’ campiagn not knowing that – now I just look really early to the party next year – who replaced him on the roster – is this the spot we can use for McNabb’s comeback?

    (and Pman – I am sure you got this – my whole original post was sarcasm – its pretty bad when you have to mention 4 special teamers (2 rookies!) as the ‘optimism’)

  14. I kniow Navy and are busting chops
    Safety Tom Nelson replaces Colt on the Roster, He’s a 3 year player from Southern Illinois who went undrafted and has bounced around a couple of teams (mostly practice squad material) but is a very hard worker from what I hear..
    I like Colt and he does deserve some recognition for his play on Special Teams COverage teams which have been excellent this Season, The Eagle Return teams have sucked since D-Jax is a puss and won’t return a ball if there is a defense within 15 yards of him… Then when he does decide to run, he goes backwards and either loses 10-15 yards or the ball entirely..Someone end that D-JAx’s misery and ship his ass out of Philly before it’s too late

  15. Paulman…criticism with Vick play this year is fine….can not be defended…but don’t make a claim that the QB play is the “#1” reason this team sucks. That is flat out not true….The QB play is on the list but not #1.

    Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator is by far the greatest reason this team sucks and even with the bad QB play …if we have a guy over our defense that had a clue the Eagles would at least be in the playoff hunt right now.

    I remember the Atlanta game when Vick left the game injured and our team had the lead.

    We all knew that they would come back and win against that defense didn’t we?

    Juan Castillo and Andy are the reason our record sucks.

  16. We beg to differ Songs,
    This team was built and is Coach AR’s philosophy is to simply outscore the other teams as he has stated so many times.. This Eagles Offense,QB play and Play-Calling has been way too inconsistent and really sucks in the Red-Zone to score many points and come away with TD’s ..Therefore, the entire Defensive Philosophy gets tossed out the window..
    Re Falcon Game, Eagles having a 7-10 Point lead in a back and forth game with 4 minutes to go in the 3rd period is not what I would call a big lead or a big deficit for either team to overcome.. Eagles got too conservative offensively in the 4th Quarter with QB Kafka and the Eales Defense sucked down the stretch too just like the games vers the 49ers but Eagles lack of Offense and turnovers created the losses with the BIlls Cardinals,Seahawks and soon to be Dolphins, this has been a total Team losing Season, but coming in, there was more emphasis of the Offense having to carry this squad and they failed to do so, again, most of us knew this Defense was going to be ugly.. (at least I did)..

  17. Paulman…outscoring the other team is every team goal. What the hell you’re talking about Andy Reid’s philosophy is to flat out “outscore” the opponent? Isn’t that how a team get “W’s”? outscoring the opponent?

    There’s another facet you’re forgetting.

    To outscore the other team you must stop them from scoring more than you.

    Forget that part?

    50% offense 50% defense. Get it?

    If the team is holding a lead going into the 4th quarter, the defense must now step up and seal it.

    This defense was not as bad under McDermott, and you would have assumed upgrading the right corner with a top shutdown corner that this defense would have improved…not struggle.

    the struggle came from Andy promoting a failed offensive line coach to put this thing together with a new wide 9 under Washburn without having linebackers to play the scheme.

    This was a self inflicted struggle that didn’t have to be..and don’t think that don’t play on the offensive side of the ball knowing they must press to score, because the defense can’t stop anyone.

    Andy’s decision to promote Juan Castillo as the defensive coordinator is by far the biggest problem with this team and the reason we blew “a record setting 4 4th quarter leads” and is now sitting at 4-8.

    If Vick play a good game against Miami and the defense can’t stop them…it will surprise no one if we lose there too.

    the game is offense and defense. Not one do real good while the othe sucks. The defense have to be at least respectable to compliment a good offense.

  18. songs, the point is if vick played even average this team even with this joke of a coordinator, wretched linebackers, etc. would still be in the hunt, with that big contract, the investment the eagles and the fans made in vick, he has come up awfully small, he needed to play better with all the question marks on d and he hasn’t, like the head coach, the quarterback takes the hit, sorry about that

  19. @JakeMut – LMAO – the point is, if the defense played better this team would not be 4-8…see how I can spin it too…

    This article was dumb anyway! Can Vick blow the DE, throw the ball and catch it hisself? thats how stupid this article is to begin with…football is a team sport the last time I checked! Also, if you want to point out the facts, which I think a good write should do, the last good game Vick played was against the Cowboys, this year…yea I know one good game out of 9 isn’t what I expected, but as a writer, give the facts a bit better

  20. Songs,
    I don’t disagree with you about Goods Teams needing to have a strong defense, but there is no doubt in my mind nor probably yours (if your honest) that Coach AR just simply doesn’t Value the Defensive side of the Ball as much as he does with the Offensive Side. I know that, you know that, we all know that .. So this is what I mean about the Eagles Offense needing to be a high-scoring Team to make up for a relatively weak Defense.. If you really think that Coach AR believes his team is and equal 50% Offense and 50 % Defense, then you my friend will need an Coach AR Intervention…

  21. and since we know this already about Coach Ar and his Philosophy, it was imperative that the Eagles Offense be prorductive right out of the gate and bottom line, they and QB Vick in particular, stuggled with poor Red-Zone Play, Turnovers, Drop Passes, Poor play calling,Poor Passes, etc,etc,…

  22. Interesting.

    Here’s a list of teams who have all given up more ponts than the Birds

    NYG, Buff, Oak, Denver….Here are some teams within 13 pts given up of the Birds….New Orleans, Detroit…GB has given up a whopping 262, not far behind our 282. GB gives less than 2 points a game more than the Birds. They’re D gave up a late TD to the Giants last week. Did that matter?

    Funny that with all those points given up they have winning records….perhaps because they don’t have QBs who enjoy giving the ball to the other team on a consistent basis.

    OK songs. So tell me this, Mr. Vick Apologist. Say the D gets fixed Houston Texans style next year. And we still roll out the 20th ranked turnover machine at QB. You thhink the Birds are going to win?

    Survey says…………………………………..wait for it………………………..X

  23. I for one am appalled at the lack of civility on here today – can’t we just all get alnog!

    Cracked myself up writing that –

    I love how people can take the greatest team sport ever, and see which individual they can blame things on – GO EAGLES!

  24. Anyone hear/read the B Westbrook interview comments – 2 key comments from him:

    Reid is the right coach to turn the eagles around and

    Djax and eagles will work out a contract –

  25. Defense would be better in 4th quarter if not so tired from…….u guessed it…..lack of running game/too many 3 and outs( reminds u of mcnabb years) the offense can still score more points too in the 4th…..if D doesn’t hold it cause Juan is Coord. or tired from Reid philosophy the Offense can score too.

  26. Well see Songs the better ‘football pedigree’ question is this – If the EAGLES (cause you know the D and the Special teams are allowed to score also!) can get a21 point lead, can the EAGLES still win the game –

    And the answer is – that depends –

    1) can the D prevent the other team from scoring
    2) can the special teams prevent the other team from scoring
    3) Can the offense NOT turn the ball over allowing the other teams D to score (or have a very short field)

    But I am willing to bet a weeks paycheck that if the answer to 1 2 and 3 is yes – then it is enough

    too simple – OK – the real answer – it depends – can the Offense run a few 10 play drives that chew up 5/6 minutes. Can the offense not have 3 and outs (with all three being incomplete passes). Can the offense not get pushed back and lose field position. Can the offense NOT turn the ball over. Can the special teams prevent big plays. And more importantly – do the cheerleaders still look as good in the 4rth qtr as they did in the first…

    TEAM game – everyone needs to do his part – players coaches – all need to get it done – if the D gives up 21 can the O come back – I sure as hell hope so, if the O scores 21 do I hope the D holds the team to less then 21 – sure as hell hope so – does the O count on the D and the D count on the O – the Ravens won a SUperbowl by giving the QB a simple instruction – DO NOT TURN THE BALL OVER – punt and play D

  27. No doubt Songs the Defense has squandered leads and games this Season
    The Question I have for you, shouldn’t the Eagles (with Offense Guru’s as coaches) and Vick, D-Jax,McCoy and all these other weapons and talented plays I always read about be able to score more that 22 points a game..
    Since this crappy Defensive with no real D/C or leadership in general is giveing up 23 points a game, How good would the Eagles Record be if they put another 7 points on the board a game or if they stopped coughing up the ball and leading the NFL in turnovers… This is the root problem of this 2011 Season in my opinion.. It’s a TD, scoring league anymore and the Eagles proved they can move the ball between the 20’s (ranked 3rd in NFL in total yardage) but the can’t score TD’s and thats the fault of the Coaches and Offensive players in my opinion…

  28. okm Paulman ..I concede. Let’s keep Juan as coordinator because it really don’t make a difference.

    as long as the QB does his job and there’s no turnovers we’ll probably win the superbowl. Tackling, hitting people, and actually stopping the other team from getting more points than you really is a mute point.

    As long as the offense does what it supposed to do.

    Yeah …you right. It’s Vick.

    I concede

  29. Hey Songs – New Orleans and Indy played in a SB with that mentality – and the NE Patriots and GReen Bay Packers aren’t exactly the Ravens and Steelers

  30. songs, give it up, paulman is right on this one, castillo is a huge mistake, but you have to look at the numbers, vick is bottom third qb this season, although defense gave up leads, vick had the opportunity in at least three games,,maybe 4, to win the games, again, this team is built to score, and it hasn’t, reid will take the fall, which is what you want, and it is largely because of the play of the quarterback, that’s the truth. the pundits can’t say it, but we can because we won’t lose our jobs for speaking the truth

  31. Lets face the truth….

    Castillo is terrible and Vick has regressed back to “Atlanta Vick”

    They signed Vick to fill the seats and to be just good enough.

    The offensive line played a role in the beginning and the defense has played terrible.

    Jackson should have been signed prior to the start and he would have played hard.

    They completely changed the teams culture and burned bridges signing Asoshmugha and a completely different coaching with Mudd etc…

    Lurie will promote Reid to Gm and they will hire some young head and continue to meddle in mediocrity…..

  32. Here’s the bottom line for moving forward
    Watch these next 4 Games with Vick at th eHelm and let’s see how he and th eOffense in general play.. Vick should get approx 250 SNaps with at least 130-150 Pass Attempts.. Let’s see how his reads,reacts and gets rid of the ball to sustain drives.. These next 4 games will determine the future path of Vick and this Eagle Team in my opinion..Coach Ar is coming back for 2012 for all intents and purspoes, This Eagles offence is supposed to fit VIck’s skils perfectly, let’s see some execution and some damn TD’s.. I truly believe that is the Eagles Offense was scoring close to 30 Points a Gam (like they should with all this Talent and Weapons) then they would be in th ePLay-off Hunt and probably even leading the weak NFC East and we would be hearing a lot less about DC Castillo who clearly is out of his league being a Coorfdiantor.. I still contend that this experienced Offensive group led by Vick & D-Jax are the main Reason the Ealges are 4-8 and out of contention.. We all knew the Defense was going to be a huge question ??? this season and would be middle of the road at best.. (which they are actually worse than middle of the rod) , but this Eagle Offense has failed them earlier in the Season when it counted.. Dcoring 0 Points in 2nd Half versuis the 49ers, and Redksins, Scoring 0 Points in the decisive 4th Quarters on huge NFC Divisional game versus the Falcons & Bears.. and then to add insult to injury only scored 17 Points versus the Cardinals and only 14 Points versus the Seahawks.. I think in a nushell when a team like the Eagles go 1-3 Versus the NFC West ,then you don’t deserve to be in the Playoffs …

  33. There’s the most damning statement of VIck (and offence) yet.

    When faced with the choice of 4th and 3, or 3rd and 13, Miami coaches chose the 3rd and 13. Giving Vick another chance. I mean they basically just screamed, “why not – he’s not going to get it!”

    This is what other NFL coaches think about the guy (and our O).

  34. i’d like t see how far you’d stretch out your arms on one of those suicide balls.

    This Miami team is rushing 6, 7, even 8 guys forward on every single play. Why. Well…pretty obvious what they think of our Qbs ability to deal with it.

  35. Its obvious since the whole team SUCKS. This isnt a player issue. This is a coaching issue. This is a wrong scheme issue. All these players didnt just become bad over night.

  36. and what exactly is PATHETIC (your word) about the D today?

    Miami is 1 for 3 on drives, 2 of which started in Philly territory., one on the 11. Pretty good day so far…

    I said the exact same thing about Desean as I did about Maclin. Young was tossing balls that get WRs killed. I can see why Desean was ducking, but he’s still a punk.

    ANd look at this…for this one drive Vick actually looks like a QB that can beat a blitz. But it won;t last.

  37. Songs is right… its a TEAM game. I dont believe Eagle fans cannot be DUMB enough to put the blame on the QB again.. Didnt we already have this conversation when it was McNabb’s fault? Anybody who blames anyone other than ANDY REID just simply doesnt get it… Vick played fine last year, so did Jackson, so did Nnamdi, so did Asante, so did maclin..

    they didnt all fall off at the same time along with the defense…

    Ive already seen enough of this team against the dolphins.. They simply dont look prepared… The O line doesnt look prepared, Vick is slipping all over the field… Penalties and the same mistakes… poor tackling.. the play calling is as awful as ever…

    the entire team is pathetic and it starts at the top..


  38. Let’s see if the Eagles Defense can hold the Dolphins deep in their zone 2nd & 17 from the 13 yard line..Momentum is switching back to the Eagles

  39. Safety Coleman with the INT… nice read and positioning by Coleman who I believe leads the EAgles Secondary in Int’s this Season….

  40. “they don’t look prepared” “the play calling is awful”

    What ridiculous statements. Just cause a play doesn’t work doesn;t mean it was a bad call you know.

    The eagles have 14 called passes and 9 called runs. They’re dominating the time of poss. They responded to the blitz happy Mia D by calling quick passes and WR screens. They’re run for 2 TDs now.

    The d is playing well.

    So enough with the the ridiculous blanket statements.

    I sopke about Vick because his first pass was directly into the DL arms who dropped it, bounced another off a DL head again, tossed a kill ball to Maclin, and still never throws the ball before I get to 3 steamboats.

    Stop making silly statements.

  41. Nice Red-Zone efficiency, It’s amazing how easy it is to score TD’s when you commit to the running game and stay away from these gadget plays down in close.. Straight ahead,power football with one the best RB’s in the League behind your best OL in LT Jason Peters.. Coach AR & MM make is so damn difficult and complicated sometimes to the Eagles own detriment.. Keep it simple and execute and you’ll have success..

  42. Big 3rd Down and 3 right here.. Stop the Dolphins and get the ball back and put the game away.right here and right now…

  43. WOw, it’s great to see other teams cough up the ball.. Eagles can really put th ehammer down and makes this a 1 Dimensional game with a TD.. Nice OPlay Samuel… Defense is fired up and playing good ball..

  44. VInnie telling me to stop making silly statements is the irony of the day…

    the play calling IS INDEED awful Vinnie and you sound more stupid than usual trying to dispute it…

    I dont respect anything you to say… so kindly just bypass my posts like I usually do your BS..


  45. Remember this sack on 3rd Down, settling for a FG to go up 17-7 keeps Miami hanging around… Eagles lack the Killer instinct to put an opponent away, back to the Defense to keep the Dolphins Offense from doing anything..

  46. exactly what is wrong with the play calls.

    That last screen, with Mccoy standing there with 3 blockers in front of him and Vick doinked another ball off the Dline man…was that the playcall??

    What about the last sack? Was that the playcall? How THE FUCK do you know if its the playcall and not the execution of said playcall?

  47. A Clay MAtthews Alert… How about these blitzes… it’s about time the EAgles Defense starting putting more proessure on the QB’s.. Keep it up..

  48. What a dumb special teams play, marsh is garbage. thanks for getting us the ball back babin and patterson. This whole coaching staff has to go. our o-line is playing like crapp getting vick sacked 4 times. FIRE REID AND HIS GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Crazy sequence of plays, 2 Sacks, Punt and then Eagle Fumble followed by Dolphins QB Moore fumble… Let’s go Eagles, nothing fancy, pound thre ball right up the guyt and put the Dolphins away on a nice long-drive before the Half..Get the ball back at start of 2nd half and score again and game over..

  50. Nice play all the away around, nice pass, nice route and catch… Go Birds..
    This is what we fans have been waiting for… now keep it up…

  51. Great catch desean…. !!!

    “What about the last sack? Was that the playcall? How THE FUCK do you know if its the playcall and not the execution of said playcall?”

    ^ because I know the game you clown…its was obvious early to anyone with a brain and some football acumen what was going on especially up front… didnt Vick just score? shouldnt you be on bridge somewhere about to jump?

  52. Nice Def Stand on last 3 plays to stop the Dolphins and get the ball back.
    Now 1:52 Left with 3 Timeouts from mid-field.. Let’s put this game away..
    Dolphins do get the ball to start the 2nd Half..

  53. 3rd and 4 play after a time-out on ashort swing pass to Chad Hall???
    How about the stretch play to McCoy behind LT Peters..

  54. I think yo punt the ball here and make the DOlphins go 80-90 yards to put points up.. Don’t give them a short,cheap score before the halftime

  55. Good use of Time-Outs by Coach AR, get the ball back and at least give D-Jax a chance to return a Punt.. Time for a deep pass or two but at least they didn’t take 2 time-outs into the locker room with them..

  56. Late in the 3rd Period and looks like the Dolphins are starting to gash the Eagles Defense for yardage on the ground..

  57. This is the defense we have all come to love. Knew it was just a matter of time. Juan they are running the ball down your throat wanna try to adjust?

  58. You’re right Daggolden.

    This is all about the defence. The fact that Miami has been handed the ball 4x in Eagles’ territory and they’ve held them to 10 pts. Irrelevant.

    Or that Vick has gone a solid 4 of 9 with a pick since the last score. Doesn’t matter.

    Or that they’ve had a goalline and Two 4th and 1 stands that they’ve won. Means nothing to you.

    Talk about how terrible the D is.

  59. Or 4 sacks, or 3 turnovers. Or hanind the ball to the offence in Mia territory. Ignore all that. This is simply, “the D we have come to love”

    Frankly, it is!

    If our O and esp QB played halfway decent this half, the game would have been a laugher.

  60. A score or even a FG puts the game away, have to protect the ball and gain about 15 yards for a FG attempt ..

  61. Inconsistent Offense again plauges this team.. How many 3 & outs this half..
    If DOlphins come back and win, everyone blames Castillo and the Denfense when this Offense has had 2-3 opportunites to put the game away…

  62. Vick is too small to be a pocket QB in the WCO, I’ve stated it numerous time, he can’t throw the short quick routes for he can’t see over the Line of Scrimmage

  63. Its alawys amazing how AR teams when they look good in the 1st half they will never look good in the 2nd. never. Marty your QB is 5 10 you would think you would stop calling 3 step drops with him.

  64. Need a better punt right there.. Only needed a 30 pooch punt to get it to the 10 Yards line of so and not boot it into the End-Zone, just another mental,physical mistake and this could come back to haunt them..

  65. Lemme get this str8.

    Morningwheg’s an idiot ’cause he only calls deep balls forcing deep drops and exposing Vick to hits, but he’s also an idiot for calling 3 step quick throw drops because his QB is too short.

    Do I have that right Daggolden? Seems to be what you’re saying.

  66. Good safe catch by D-Jax, Little to no return again.. Eagles have good field position again and can put th egame away with a decent drive and even a FG..
    Can VIck do something here in the 2nd half or is he gassed for being a little out of game shape in the heat & humidity and since he hasn’t played in a month…

  67. Eagles catch a big break on face mask penalty or another loss yardage run by McCoy… Dolphins are stacking 8 in the box and VIck will have to move th eball thru the air on intermediate,safe routes,,, USe your TE in the middle here..

  68. Vick is 14-29 which is below 50% on a Defense whose playing 8 in the box.. Horrble stats.. count the sacks and runs by Vick and he’s probably at 40% Completion.. This will not win in the NFL or even Vinnies Canada League..

  69. Vinnie get this straight. You gotta lot of mouth with Jackson and Vick every week. Im watching this oline get manhandled and not one word about the oline comes out your damn mouth. Why is that? You cant f#$in see? Im watching a game with a ineffective QB behind a horrible oline this week. What game you watching?

  70. great play by Hunt.. extend his Contract to replace Trent (I can’t play a full season and rather go hunting) Cole and Brandon (I don’t want to play football anymore) Graham

  71. Vinnie I would love to ask the defensive players around the NFL if they respect Everyone I have ever heard talk about him idolizes him. lol.

  72. Game is over, this is where Coach Ar should bring in Kafka,
    Vick is clearly struggling, doesn’t have his legs or stamina and no sense in taking needelss shots.. I would bring in Kafka to close out the game and get ready for next week, VIck will be extra sore due to the time off.. get him rested for the next game starting now…

  73. Hope Eagles Draft QB and Heisman Winner Robert Griffith III with their 1st Round Pick..
    Total Yards so far .. Eagles 229 and Dolphins 168

  74. Dolpinhs have one of the best Front 7 in the NFL.. It’s not surprising they stop McCoy dead in his tracks, Vick needed to be quicker with his throws and more passes to the TE’s and RB’s out of the backfield.. Did they even attempt some Screens in this game

  75. Good time out called for 4th and 19 play that the Dolphins have to go for..
    get the right players in the right positon to make a stop.. I have to admit,
    Coach AR doing a nice job with his Time Out’s today and the Challenge flag..

  76. 3 Tackles for Babin today .. all Sacks, this is what he does best, which is get after the QB.. It’s works well when your leading and the other team has to pass,pass, passs, but not when the other teams can run the ball
    A play-action bomb play should be an easy 7 for the Dolphins DEfense is pooped..

  77. Paulman I dont care how good the Dolphins front 7 is. McCoy has 27 carries for 40 yards. I dont think I have ever in my life seen that many carries for that amount of yards. I though the 2nd best running team in the NFL could atleast win a few plays.

  78. McCoy 27 carries for 38 Yards today
    Take his 11 Yard run earlier in the game and he’s rushed 26 times for 27 yards… Yikes..

  79. This Eagle Punter needs to work on his pooch punts, why is he booting it into the End Zone– He had some room to work with on that last one.. This may not seem to be a big deal to most, but if your going against quality NFL Offenses with good QB’s you want to pin them deep andnot give them a easier path and start from the 20 Yard Line.. Pin them deep and keep momentum and the Defensicve unit jacked up..

  80. Perhaps, the worst Offensive Game displayed in the NFL by both teams of the 2011 Season.. Yahoo, the Eagles went from a 6th Rounds Draft pick to about the 10-12th today with the Panthers,Bucs,Chiefs,Redskins all losing earlier today..
    New Mock Draft for 2012
    1st Rd- Eagles select OT Jonathon Martin from Stanford with the 12th Pick

  81. “Vinnie get this straight. You gotta lot of mouth with Jackson and Vick every week. Im watching this oline get manhandled and not one word about the oline comes out your damn mouth. Why is that? You cant f#$in see? Im watching a game with a ineffective QB behind a horrible oline this week. What game you watching?”


    Vinnie doesnt watch the o-line or anything else on the field but VICK. thats why he doesnt see anything else going on..

    then he turns around and asks me how do i know if its the play call or the player?

    I know because my eyes arent glued to Vick’s jock chump! Im watching the whole game..

    I saw the first qtr and could see plain as day that the O line was over matched and playcalling wasnt good.. the constant immediate pressure gives it away..

    anyway.. good win birds… It doesnt matter at this point, but keep playing hard keep your heads outta your a$$es

  82. Congrats to the Defense and DE T Cole had a monster 2nd Half…
    All in all, 9 Sacks and 11 Tackles for loses today.. Great effort by the Defense and the Coaching Staff … J CAstillo should get the game ball for all the Heat he has been taken.. Dolphins had 11 1st Downs today which 2 were from penalties and genrated 204 Yards of Total Offense… They took WR Brandon Marshall out of the game after a quick start by Marshall..

    Leading tacklers on Eagles Defense today
    Cole – 7
    Hansen and Coleman with 5 Each
    Chaney with 4 and 7 Players with 3 each so a great game tby the Defense where they swarmed to the ball for an entire 60 minutes…

  83. Daggolden.

    1 – you spent the entire first 3Q writing about how terrible the Eagle’s D is, and how you expected them to collapse, and Matthews is shite etc. etc.. They pull off their best game of the season, so you quickly switch to how terrible the Oline is/was.

    2 – Again, the Dolphins sent wave after wave today. A good QB wants the other team to blitz as it always someone open or in man-to-man – advantage offence. Our QB does not posess the ability to handle that, and Miami knew it.

    3 – Miami is 5th in league vs the run, so McCoy’s struggles could have been expected. That being said, the Birds did what we’re always asking them to…stayed with it. with McCoy getting 27 carries….but they were inneffective

    4- that means it falls to the QB. We’re supposed to have a superstar at the helm, and our Superstar was 15 of 30 1 TD, 1 pick. Fantastic. And his numbers even worse in the 2nd half. (a recurring theme this year) This is less than mediocre Quarterbacking, and is the absolute number one reason the Eagles’ will struggle going forward this year and next.

    5 – If it hadn’t been for the D setting up or scoring 19 of the Birds 26 pts…where would we have been today.

    6 – Daggolden, you say you don’t want Vick taking deeps drops because our Oline is sooooo terrible and Vick will get sacked, and you you also say that you don;t want Vick to take 3 step drops because he’s too short. (as witnesssed by the 4 doinks today)

    So what is your solution Bucko???

  84. “I saw the first qtr and could see plain as day that the O line was over matched and playcalling wasnt good.. the constant immediate pressure gives it away..”

    That’s one of the stupidest things I have ever read.

    You saw pressure so you knew the playcalling wasn’t good. And so when they went to the run 27x and it was innfeffective its also because the playcalling wasn;t good. And when they switched to short drops and Vick started bouncing balls off the DL its because the playcalling wasn;t good.

    So Let’s review.

    Runs inneffictive – bad playcalling
    VIck sacked on deep drops – bad playcalling
    Vick throwing into dirt and off DL armson short drops – bad playcallingVick scrambling left and throwing back across body for INTS – bad playcalling

    Exactly what, in your world, would be good playcalling?

  85. Paul – “Falcons came back and won 31-23 over the Panthers, Eagles are officially eliminated” – that’s incorrect. Dude, do you get anything right?

    The Eagles will be eliminated officially if they a) lose a game b) the Cowboys win more than 1 more, or c) the Giants win more than 2 more.

    Man, you love to shoot from the hip with your brain in the other room.

  86. ‘That’s one of the stupidest things I have ever read.’

    ^it figures you dont get it Vinnie.. it doesnt have the words MIKE VICK in it. lol..

    what I said is easy to understand if you have a working brain Vinnie….

    You tried to twist it up by adding more to it than what I said… Read it again Vinnie…

    Keep reading it until you comprehend it….

  87. They are eliminated Schiller (and have been since the Cardinals Lost) in the
    Paulman’s Playoff Format.. They are simply not a Playoff team and haven’t been sinec mid-season last Year…
    The have 5 wins (3 of which are versus 3 terrible offenses in the Rams,Redskins, & Dolphins and still struggled to win these games)
    They are 1-3 versus the NFC West
    They are 1-5 at Home this Seasons and 1-8 in their last 9 home games going back to last year and overall they are a whopping 15-15 in their last 30 Ball games..If you want to go one and think they still ahve a shot, well go ahead ..
    I am looking forward to the Draft and hopefully the many Roster changes upcoming for the Off-Season for that’s the only thing keeping my interest..
    This Team was baked and cooked with those back-to back hime loses to the Bears and Arizona and look how terrible the NFC East and NFC Conference is playing too.. The Lions,Falcons & Bears have all regressed as the Season has gone on but since the Eagles blew it, they don’t desrve it and couldn’t compete with the Packers or Saints anyhow ..

  88. I see Paul. I misunderstood the word “officially” you used, as if you intended it to mean “officially”. But I should have known better than to assume you’re words meant what they mean in English. I should have figured that your use of “officially” was sufficient enough for your imaginary “Paulman’s playoff format”.

    Sorry for treating you like a human being on earth. Silly me

  89. Rasheed please explain.

    According to you, every play where there is pressure is a bad playcall. You SEE IT!

    Your words: “I saw the first qtr and could see plain as day that the O line was over matched and playcalling wasnt good..”

    So oline overmatched = bad playcalls. That’s what you said.

    I just extended it. If running game not working (It wasn;ty) is that bad playcalling too….when all the short drop adjustmants brought in in 2nd Quarter lead to balls doinkin, is that bad playcalling.

    You can clearly determine that pressure on the oline/QB = bad playcalling. You said so yourself.

    So again….seeing that the adjustments the eagles tried today (going to run game and short drops) also did not work, what would be “good” playcalling then?

    Please tell us.

    The playcalls are the playcalls.

    The 2 potential screens had Shady alone with a wall of blockers in front of him both balls were thrown directly into the DL arms. Is that bad playcalling? Is that what you see?

    When Vick rolls left and then throws back right across the fiesd even though he’s been told never to do since he was 8 is that bad playcalling?

    Every time a blocker comes free and gets pressure on a QB that’s bad playcalling too right?

    I mean give me a break. I called those comments stupid because you, without the benefit of game film, have no friggin’ clue about whether the play was a good call not. It just might be an absolutely perfect call, but badly executed.

    YOU, NOR ANYONE ELSE HAS ANY IDEA IF ITS A GOOD OR BAD PLAYCALL. All we can do is evaluate the execution of said playcall, and Vick is clearly pretty terrible at executing anything that’s called.

  90. “Rasheed please explain.
    According to you, every play where there is pressure is a bad playcall. You SEE IT!”

    ^I didnt say ‘ every play where there is pressure is a bad playcall’ That is your dumb analysis of what I said…

    Read it again ‘ I saw the first qtr and could see plain as day that the O line was over matched and playcalling wasnt good’ ..

    That means exactly what it says.. The Eagles out of the gate looking unprepared again.

    It cannot always be Vick’s fault (who hasnt even played for a few games) or jackson or whoever else is on your agenda..

    their record speaks for itself.. Andy’s decisions this offseason speak for themselves also.. Team played much better last year.. Cant be that every who you happen to have an agenda against all of sudden sucks.. No Vick apologists over here.. just a real fan who doesnt buy your garbage..

  91. “I saw the first qtr and could see plain as day….and playcalling wasnt good’

    Again. How did you…oh wise seeer of what is inside MM’s brain….how did you KNOW the playcalling wasn’t good.”

    Its just a silly, blanket statement that means nothing. You had absolutely no knowledge or forsight into whether the playcalls were good or not.

    The plays were not being exectued. That’s clear. We can see that, and we can make judgements on that. My judgement is that Vick stinks, yours might be different…whatever.

    But it is im-frikkin-possible for you to make any analysis into the playcalling, because for many of the plays, when Vick doinks the ball off some guy’s head, or gets sacked, or scrambles around none of us can even determine what the play was supposed to be in the first place.

    All I know is that McCoy was asked to run 27 times with mediocre to little success.

    I also know that MV was asked to throw (though I have no idea who his primary/secondary etc was – and neither do you) 36x. He managed to actually throw the ball 30 of those 36 and completed 15. Pretty weak, non?

  92. ‘My judgement is that Vick stinks, yours might be different…whatever.’

    My judgement is that the EAGLES stink because Iam an EAGLES fan and Iam watching the whole team… Not just Mike Vick. I see Vick’s faults along with the rest of team without becoming obsessed with him.

    that is difference between me and you and the reason no one can have good convo with you here.

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