Mornhinweg Wants Vick To Show Him He Can Play Safely

We could talk about draft choices and changes in the coaching staff forever, but Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is the key to the Birds future for the next couple of years. Regardless of whether Andy Reid remains, Vick will be the Eagles starting quarterback next year because of his contract.

If he continues to try to be Superman on each and every play, he’s going to get hurt again and put the Birds in a situation where they’re going to be playing a backup quarterback.  You know what I mean when I say Superman.

When he runs, he runs like a running back, which means trying to outrun and run over linebackers and defensive backs when the opportunity arises.   Unlike most quarterbacks, Vick has always priding himself by playing the game like he fears nobody.  His teammates and opponents around the league respect him, but it doesn’t help the team in the long run.

The Eagles need more Clark Kent rather than Superman every play.  Vick needs to get the football out of his hands and let his teammates help him move the football.  The talented quarterback should run out of bounds when he gets the chance, rather they trying to prove his toughness to everybody by running into defensive players.

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg isn’t buying Vick’s talk about now understanding how important it is that he stay healthy.

“Well I want him to get down underneath hits, I want him to get up and out on the sideline, [quarterbacks coach] Doug [Pederson] has drilled that with him time and time again, I want to see that”, Mornhinweg said. “Now when the juices get flowing – unless it’s a game-winner or something like this, a critical point or something like this, and with one other caveat if he thinks he can shake-and-bake and score without getting a hit on him, okay? So we’ll see what happens with him in a game. And that needs a little bit of maturity and I certainly think he’s maturing here.”

In addition to avoiding being hurt, Vick has to cut down on the turnovers, but we’ll get into that later.

Mornhinweg isn’t buying Vick’s talk until he sees it and neither am I.

12 thoughts on “Mornhinweg Wants Vick To Show Him He Can Play Safely

  1. You would think you are talking about a rookie,and speaking of rookies, cam newon plays with more sense than vick does, I am not buying in this time, old dog, no new tricks, draft a quarterback

  2. Morningwheg wants Vick to show him he knows…..

    …how to play safely
    …how to stop throwing the ball to the other team
    …how to stop fumbling
    …hot to hit a hot read
    …how to throw the ball before 3 seconds
    …how to not doink the ball of the DLs head 3x a game
    …how to improve his accuracy
    …how to actually throw the ball more than 75% of the time asked

    This is all fine though, as Vick is only going into his 2nd season. It is to be expected that a young QB would still be having these troubles… year he’ll be fine.

  3. It’s a little too late for that Marty… Vick is what he is, which is about a
    Career .500 Winner as the Starter with about a 55% Completion Rate who will make lots of plays with his feet, but will also make his share of Negative plays, and thorw INt’s,Fumbles. etc.etc…Why didn’t anyone think of his shortcomings last off-season before giving him a huge contract which the Eagles will be stuck with for the next few seasons… Dumb, dumb move..

  4. “Mornhinweg Wants Vick To Show Him He Can Play Safety”

    Not a bad idea, let Kafka take the snaps, hand the ball off to McCoy and Lewis 65% of the time, and let Vick start in place of Nate Allen.

    Vick would have the distinction of having McNabb’s job and also the job of the guy we got in the McNabb trade.

  5. ESPN reports that Coach AR stated that Eagles will be playing LB Matthews and LB Clayton a lot more down the stretch as welll as Safety Jarrett.. It’s time to get some looks at the young players.. Both Matthews & Clayton will be brought in for Chaney & Rolle in the Nickle/Passiing Situations..
    Aslo was annouced that Punter Henry will be the 3rd String QB in the event of an emergency

  6. I read another funny thing, Coach AR was so impressed by Coach Belicheck playing and using 5th WR Edleman as a nickle back on the Patriots Defense that Coach AR is now going utilize Chad Hall as the Slot CB in certain packages.. Go Chad.. I can’t make this stuff up..Coach Ar- the gift that keeps on giving .. kinda of like Herman Cain..Reporter asks Cain, How many casual relationships are you in ? Cain responds defiantly,
    “9-9-9” .. and that his Wife is ok with it as they have an understanding”…

  7. i disagree its not vicks fualt.. hes played pretty well.. desean jackson however has dropped 5 touchdowns at least.. jason bain has a ton of penalties.. th team has was many pass interference penalties.. vick is the least of the problems.. the reciever are pussys and have no hunger..

  8. larrywd, a lot of it is Vick’s fault, he’s had a bad season, lots of interceptions, bad decisions, red zone turnovers, oh and he’s hurt again. The Vick signing was a terrible decision based on some great games early last season. Since then, he’s turned into the same old Michael Vick that he was in Atlanta, most of his numbers this year are very similar to his numbers then. And we’re stuck with him.

  9. i just dont thinks so early in the year he was playing good a ton of tipped INTs desean dropped a bunch of touchdowns he could easily be 15 touchdowns 7 ints.. but after he saw how bad the teamed sucked the wind fell out of his sails as well.. actaully vick only has 2 guaranteed years and then an option so the contract doesnt really matter.. whats more concerning is the defense really .. and penalties the offense was 3rd in the league until vick got hurt.. 5 games lost in the fourth quarter is unexcusable from a defense..

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