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Eagles Earn Hollow Victory In Miami

The Philadelphia Eagles enjoyed a successful trip down to Miami on Sunday, and picked up a 26-10 victory over the Dolphins. They overcame a slow start, and scored 24 unanswered points to take a commanding 24-7 point lead into the half. Juan Castillo’s defense turned in one of their stronger efforts of the season, collecting nine sacks and forcing three turnovers.

However, this win is about as hollow as they come. What took place in this game isn’t any legitimate sign of improvement. The Eagles were fortunate to be playing a mediocre opponent today. Even though Miami had been playing well entering the game, there just wasn’t any way that an offense that had been carried by a career backup quarterback (Matt Moore), a first-round bust (Reggie Bust), and a banged up offensive line could sustain the level of play that they’d shown against the Raiders and Chiefs in recent weeks.

Today the Dolphins were simply inept. They had control of the game early, and let the Eagles back in with their own mistakes. The game began to turn once Dan Carpenter missed a 55-yard field goal and gave the Philadelphia offense a short field to work with. After that, the Dolphins would commit three costly turnovers, lose a pair of starting offensive lineman to injury, and struggle in key short-yardage situations.

The Dolphins showed what they are today: a bad football team. Even though the Eagles’ defense should be given some credit for their improved play, they haven’t turned a corner by any means. The highest compliment that Juan Castillo can be given for this game is for the blitzes he threw at the Dolphins. Several times in the game, the Eagles lined up with only two down-lineman, and had a trio of players standing up ready to shoot the gaps. This plan of attack generated pressure on Miami quarterbacks Matt Moore and J.P. Losman several times throughout the day, and helped Casey Matthews pick the first sack of his career.

There were several elements of this game that were really disturbing. The Eagles did all that they could to let the Dolphins hang around and get back into the game.

The special teams play that called for DeSean Jackson to throw the ball across the field to Curtis Marsh was a complete disaster. The Eagles led 17-7 at the time, and decided to reach deep into their playbook for a high-risk, cute play that ended in a turnover that gave Miami a short field. Luckily for Reid & company, the inept Dolphins turned the ball over on the following play. The team was in control of the game at the time, and had no need to try such a risky move.

The Eagles’ offense closed up shop after the second quarter. After they scored their final touchdown of the second quarter, they couldn’t do anything to create further separation from the Dolphins. Of their 24 points, 14 of them came as a result of a short field. How will this offense fare against the much more legitimate defense of the New York Jets next week if they couldn’t dominate the Dolphins this week?

By this point in the season, we know what this team is, and we know what their problems are. Though the commentators Tim Ryan and Chris Myers seemed rather optimistic about the Eagles coming together, winning out, and stealing the division, the reality is that a lot of this team’s issues were masked by poor play of the Dolphins, but they’ll resurface soon enough.

Game Notes


– Michael Vick talked about playing a safer, more controlled game during the week. He didn’t follow through on those ideas. Vick allowed the Miami pass rush to shake him up early in the game, and returned to the wild, erratic form that he’s displayed throughout the season. He missed a number of open receivers, and threw in an interception on an ill-advised throw across his body.

– The offensive line had one of their worst games of the season. Though they performed well in some short-yardage situations in the redzone. However, throughout the day they had trouble battling the Miami defensive line. The line allowed constant pressure on Vick, and failed to create running lanes for LeSean McCoy.

– McCoy didn’t gain a lot of rushing yards, picking up just 38 on 27 carries. However, he was able to score two touchdowns on the goalline. The Dolphins did a great job of staying disciplined and shutting down McCoy.

– DeSean Jackson scored just his third touchdown of the season, and his first since the win over the Cowboys.

– Only one catch for 13 yards for Jeremy Maclin in his return. He’s still struggling with his injury problems.


– The defensive tackles really shined today. Derek Landri, Cullen Jenkins, and Mike Patterson all performed exceptionally well. They dominated in short-yardage situations, and stopped the Dolphins on several 4th and 1 situations.

– It seems like every week there are good things to say about Landri. He just keeps working hard and making plays, he’s one of the few players on this defense I want to hang on to beyond this year.

– Trent Cole and Jason Babin each collected three sacks today. Babin (who had his second three-sack game of the year)now has 15 on the season, currently tied for the league lead with DeMarcus Ware. This was the best game the Eagles had gotten from Cole since he injured his calf early in the season.

– Casey Matthews was passable in the nickel role today. He picked up a sack (his first positive play of the season?), but there were several times that he blew coverages or got blown away by an offensive lineman.

– Nnamdi Asomugha gave up another touchdown, this week to Brandon Marshall. What happened to the player that rarely so much as gave up a completion in Oakland? on Facebook

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19 Comments for “Eagles Earn Hollow Victory In Miami”

  1. Well we will hear a win, is a win is a win in the NFL and especially on the Road versus a Team that was playing pretty godo ball.. It was ugly no doubt and still shows a lot of holes and inefficiencies on this team (Especially at the QB position) This game coulda,woulda,should had the Eagles Score 40 points the amounf of times the Dolphins gave them ball in great field positon..) , but in the end, It’e a win and now the Eagles are 5-8 with 3 ugly wins on their resume versus 3 of the more offensively challenged teams in the NFL who have a combined record of 10-28 (Rams,Redskins & now the Dolphins) Back to work this team needs to be and get ready to knock off a Team who is trying to make the playoffs, the Jets next week..

  2. Asamougha is a joke. A fraud. Limp wristed. One of Reid and the F.O.’s many mistakes this year. Vick is awful. He will lead us nowhere. 100 million dollars and for what? A youtube sensation that will be watching the playoffs on his couch while other qb’s making noticeably less are leading their teams to victory and Lombardi trophies. The Eagle’s are lost and theres no one to blame but the clowns who will be back again next year to do the same damn all over again. Merry Christmas.

  3. Paul – ‘coulda woulda shoulda scored 40 points” — why? That’s so tremendously dumb. You don’t play football games to run up the score. You play them to win. They shouldv’e done that 8 more times this year, we all know that. But it’s such a dumb thing to say ‘they should have scored this much or that much or blown them out’…. dude, it’s a sports game. The goal is to win. Everything else is bullshit.

  4. jimmy – I hear you, I really do. But if Nnamdi plays next year anything like Peters has this year (originally a big free agency signing who didn’t shine his first year as an eagle and now is…)… than it will have been a good move. This season is most likely for naught now, but we have Nnamdi next year and he may be better with whatever they changes they make on the defense…

  5. Schiller,
    I agree with your comments buddy.

  6. As usual ,Schiller comes out of Banner’s/Roseman Basement to post in his support of the Eagles. The Eagles Scored just 2 Points in the 2nd Half
    and don’t forget the final possesion when the EAgles had the ball at the Dolphin 48 YArd line with 1:48 left and 2 timeeouts and they were unable to move the ball even into FG position, Here’s the Eagles Possesion in the
    2nd Half wher they only scored 2 Points off of Hunt’s 2 Point Safety

    1st Drive Own 44 Yard line (ended in Int by Vick)
    2nd Drive Own 4 Yard line (3 and out)
    3rd Drive Own 20 Yard Line (4 Plays and Punt)
    4th Drive Miami’s 47 Yard Line (3 Plays a loss of yard & Punt)
    5th Drive Eagles 32 Yard line (4 Plays and a punt)
    6th Drive Eagles 26 Yard Line (3 Plays and Out)
    7th Drive Eagles 30 Yard Line (7 Plays and a Punt)

    So yes, I do stand that the Eagles should have had at least 2 more scores

    Nnamdi will never live up to his Contract or Hype for his technique is poor and lacks the mental toughness to play with the pressure and subsequent criticism that he will receive in Philly..

  7. jets 34

    eagles 20

    Jets come in to the Linc cause Havoc and expose our Safeties again. Jets will also run for 180 yards…Their defense will cause 4 turnovers giving us an early Christmas.


  8. Got you Paul. “the game is about how much you score in the second half, and how your final drive goes….the final score doesn’t mean anything”. Oh yeah, and “paul knows the future”.

    Dude, you really say some tremdnously stupid shit often. I do believe that you’re a good person at heart and probably pretty descent, functional, and even smart in the real world. But on Gcobb you’re a person who posts some awfully dumb stuff.

  9. Its not what he said Schiller

    He said Vick and the O should have put the game away. They were given multiple opportunities. And they didn’t. They let Miami hang around, much like they let Atlanta, and SF, and Arizona hang around.

    They had Maclin running wide open…Vick missed badly. They had a really nice looking screen set up and Vick doinked it (was it 5x today?). They had a throwback across the field for a pick that JV QBs know not to do, They were at theid 5 yrd line and Vick threw 2 bad passes both inc.

    Good teams do not have Quarterbacks who play like this. When GB got up 24-0 today, what did they do? Drop another 22.

    ZTeams that let other teams hang around when given opportunities to end it get punished…just ask Chicago, Cinci, Carolina etc. The birds were given plenty of chances with awesome field position and their QB went 4 of 10. It’ll work against the Matt Moore/JP Losman shitters of the world, but it isn;t going to work against anyone else.

    4 of 10 in the 2nd half. Quarterback please.

  10. Vick will never be a championship QB because he doesnt know how to read a defense or a blitz…. awful.
    This win is nothing to be proud of….the Dolphins are not a good team. They have some good young players and a strong core of veterans, but no QB or RB.

    I look at the Broncos and their DEF-coordinator Dennis Allen, the job he is doing with 3 rookies starting, former Eagle MLB Joe Mays starting along with Broderick Bunkley and Dawkins and they are kicking butt…. the Eagles brought him in after McDermott was let go and passed on him… now he is doing a great job in Denver…bravo Andy, another wise move…. I f-ing hate Reid, Roseman and Banner…

  11. Dawk was hurt early today but I’m happy for him. He’s a leader of a tough shutdown defense and they were not that way in Denver before he got there. He’ll paly in the post season and at least we’ll have someone to cheer for.

    Dawk is a Gladiator and the Eagles fan will always love his die hard spirit.

    Go Dawk! Go Tebow!

  12. Jott? Maybe we can bring Allen in next year as the head coach and the mind for our defense.

  13. Thanks for the Dawk report Songs – I was watching them in overtime and didn’t see Dawk and was looking for him. You’re right though, that defense in denver has his fingerprints and toughness all over it. When Dumerville and the other cat caused the fumble, I immediately thought Dawk was in there somewhere. Good stuff buddy.

  14. TYou guyys are fuckin clueless – dawkins is an after thought or a joke in Denver – I work with 2 Bronc o fans and they don’t ecven know how Dawkins is – you guys have a man crush on the 2003/2004 Dawkins – and I agree – I love him, kind of like the first girl who let you fell her up – that special moment – but now she weighs 300 lbs – get over it – its long past – Dawk is a role player – he is not a leader in Denver – whatever Dawkins is in Denver does not make the current roster of safeties in Philly and better or any worse – Dawkins is NOT kicking butt – he is rarely on the field in critical moments…

  15. I feel you jott1972. This is probably all Lurie needs to justify several more years pf mediocrity.

  16. Even though they won the pattern was the same as in their loses where they were ahead in the 4th quarter

    The offense is nowhere to be found in the 4th quarter and in the 2nd half

    Defense gets worn down and gets all the blame

    Fortunately the D was able to hang in yesterday DESPITE the pathetic offensive the whole 2nd half

    If the offense could have been only average in 4 loses the would have won

    The defense has been unfairly taking all the heat

  17. Offense stuttered from that final drive in the 1st half when they had the ball at mi-field and went 3 & out with about 2 minutes left and 2 of their time-outs left and realyl did nothing the rest of the game…
    I agree RCP that the Defense and Castillo have taken the brunt of the blame when this Eagles offense, which was supposed to be the strength of this club, has done very little in most of the 2nd half’s and especialy in the 4th quarter’s of game again, pointing out how poorly the Coaching Staff (AR & MM) are able to make adjustemnts verse’s their opponents which is the same old thing Season after Season…

  18. He we go again! Our annual December run when it is too late. There is no reason to to start wining just to go out in the first round of the playoffs if we make it.

  19. Besides winning and beating with their NFC East Divisional Opponents,
    What’s the last Winning Team the Eagles have beaten.. You have to go back a ways. Maybe the Colts over a year ago (who had like 5-6 Starters out I believe..)

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