More Evidence That The Only One Who Can Stop LeSean McCoy Is Andy Reid

LeSean McCoy could very well be the best running back in football. And when Andy Reid realizes this, it makes the Eagles very tough to stop on offense. The Eagles actually ran the ball on Sunday against the Jets, and the result was a 45-19 shellacking that, by the start of the fourth quarter, felt more like a mid-August preseason game than a must win Week 15 affair.

McCoy was absolutely stellar, finishing the day with 102 yards and 3 touchdowns on 18 carries. In the process, he broke Steve Van Buren’s long standing team record for touchdowns in a season, and continued to cement himself as one of the best runners in the entire league. When the Eagles coaching staff attempts to establish the run, it opens up the passing game.

“I guess it just tells you that I am a pretty good back who has an outstanding offensive line. Those guys showed a lot of effort and made a lot of great blocks. It’s definitely a team thing”, McCoy responded when asked about breaking the touchdown scoring record. “No back is going to score a lot of touchdowns unless his line is blocking and his teammates are blocking downfield.”

Michael Vick took advantage of this and easily had his best effort since the Dallas game back in October.  He looked a lot sharper than he did last week against Miami, needling a couple of very impressive throws including one to tight end Brent Celek for a 26 yard touchdown. Vick also had his first rushing score since last season and got to enjoy the final quarter of the blowout sitting on the bench in what will go down as the only time Eagles fans were happy to see Vince Young enter a game.

From the beginning of this contest things felt like they were going to be different. For the first time all season the Eagles handed the ball off on their first offensive play. And even though the result was only a one yard gain by McCoy, it showed that Andy and company were at least going to try to run the ball. The Eagles finished the game with 33 rushes opposed to 22 passes. Yes, that last sentence is true. It was the second straight week the Eagles ran the ball more than they passed, and the first time since the Dallas game that they ran it at least ten times more than they threw.

What’s the common denominator in all three of those games? The Eagles ended up winning. Hopefully, Andy and Marty are finally realizing that running the ball consistently puts this offense in a better position to win. With an all world rusher in the backfield, and an offensive line that has played terrific the last several weeks, it makes more sense to keep the ball on the ground. History tells us that eventually this coaching staff will go back to predominantly throwing the ball. They love the quick strike score, even though it’s obvious this team thrives when they grind it out and sustain drives.

Next week will be phase two of Mission Impossible: Win the NFC East, and the Eagles will be playing a Dallas team that they dominated on the ground the last time the two teams squared off. In that meeting, McCoy ran the ball a whopping 30 times for 185 yards and two touchdowns.  Vick added 50 yards himself, and the Eagles cruised to a 34-7 rout that, at the time, had everyone thinking the Birds were ready to turn the corner and start a winning streak. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and now the Eagles are in miracle mode.

They need to win the final two games and need a whole bunch of other stuff to happen too. But all they should really focus on right now is Dallas. Forget all the other stuff that has to fall their way. Go down to Texas next week and establish the ground game early. Set the tone with McCoy and take it from there. If Andy Reid calls that game the way he called this one, the Eagles will still be alive come Christmas morning. If he goes back to the throw first, ask questions later mentality, things could end badly. Let’s hope he continues to build on today’s solid effort. Stranger things have happened.

24 thoughts on “More Evidence That The Only One Who Can Stop LeSean McCoy Is Andy Reid

  1. The only person Reid is better at stopping is himself. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, Reid is his own worst enemy. Never seen a coach with so many great qualities, who allows his liabilities to prohibit him from reaching his potential. We should have won 2 or 3 bowls by now, but Reid’s stubbornness has stopped us. From the years without wide receivers, to the year without the punt returner to the years without linebackers and a TE, and all the while, refusing to run the ball. What a knucklehead.

  2. John – Good and valid points but history with Reid has taught me, and think all of us, to have no optimism whatsoever regarding his willingness to run the ball. Especially the more obvious it becomes that he should. Anytime and every time it was obvious that running was the key against an opponent, he comes out slinging.

    I don’t have the stats readily available but, I think two games in a row with Reid’s heavy use of the run is about his quota and I can’t recall that lasting to three games in a row. So, I’m expecting to see Vick slinging the ball all over the field with a bunch of sacks and a couple of picks to put an end to their hopes of a post season.

  3. I still give the O game ball to Celek – that’s the TE the eagles gave abig extension too – that’s the TE who becomes a real threat and forces teams to cover him – and he had a nice game blocking as well – lot of negatives this year – but liking how the O line and TEs are run blocking and how the TEs are starting to become an integral part of the passing game – keep it going next week

  4. Drummer windbag – AGAIN with the WR thing – WHEN DID THE EAGLES NOT HAVE THE WRs WHEN? This is another fictional bullshit stupid comment to place blame on Reid because the rteam couldn’t get it done – the team used a 1st and a 2nd round draft pick on WRs and those WRs were on the team in 2003 when the team went 12-4 and lost in the NFCC game to carolina and were the SAME DAMN WRs that were on the team when the team went 13-3 and beat Atlanta in the NFCC game the same freakin rcvrs in 2003 (Pinkston, Mitchell and G Lewis (Thrash was there but traded for a draft pick that became Trent Cole)) were the same three that started in the 2004 NFCC game (um – Terrel Owens was HURT) the team scroed exactly 2 more TDs, and gained 500 yards more with TO and won 1 more game – and then got the 2005 season trashed – STOP MAKING UP STUPID SHIT to pretend like you know something – you have NO FUCKING CLUE what would have happened any of those seasons – so why don’t you STFU and enjoy the win –

  5. I’m praying that everything needed falls in place with us going into the last week against the Redskins, and the Redskins Blow us out!

    That could be the wake up call for Lurie to put Andy out to pasture.

    Any positives at this point will only give this coaching staff another year to destroy what could be a championship team with a little tweaking.

  6. So let me get this straight….Songs wants us to be in position to win the division in the final game of the season, only to get blown out so that Andy can get fired. Hmmm, yea……that sounds like a true Eagles fan to me right there.

  7. I stated 2 weeks back that all I want to see the EAgles accomplish is a strong 4 games run where the energy level and passion to play Football is there..
    Vick struggled last week and he was shaking off a month’s rust for his 1st game back and the EAgle still won over the Dolphins, led by their Defense
    Yesterday was a complete team performance where the Offense set the Tempo (led by VIck) and the Defense made some turnovers early int he game to help out th eEagles up quickly..
    Now over these final 2 games, I would like to see the same energy and passion by this team to finish 8-8 regrdless if it’s good enough to make the Playoffs or not.. This final month will be a good building block for the Off-Season and for next Season, This staff will all be back (as I have stated numerous times for numerous reasons) Let’s go Eagles and play hard to the end.. and we can worry about the Off-Season when it comes..

  8. GREAT game Birds!!! The Jet’s were looking for the door by the start of the 2nd quarter.

    Celek was a beast. Defense was solid. McCoy is a GREAT back. OL did a good job. Vick showed leadership and played within the offense instead of trying to do it all himself.

    Good to see a win at home. As much of a disappointment as most of this season has been, I loved watching the birds stomp a stinkin NY team!! Loved it!! Go Birds!! Beat the Cowgirls!!

  9. It is about time that they featured Celek a little. He can be such a dangerous weapon if they ever allow him to be. If a miracle doesn’t happen and they are left outta the playoffs this year, it would be nice to see Vick develop some real chemistry with Celek. And also to see McCoy challenge MJD for the rushing title. And was I drunk or did I see Casey Matthews make some plays yesterday?

  10. well, who would have thought, Andy out coached that fool Ryan, shutting down the deep threat, Andy game plans with the tight end and shady, the development of the offensive line is huge, the birds looked and played like a team, a well coached team, kudos to Reid, Castillo and the players, Vick, celek , McCoy, babin , they even sounded humble in post game interviews, I am very surprised

  11. With Jets Starter Safety Jim Leonard out for the Season, the Jet’s Safety Corp is probably weaker than the Eagles and was no surprise that was the area to attack.. The EAgles executed that intermediate passing routes in the middle of the Field well all game… It was very similar to how many teams have attacked this Eagle Defense all season which is up the middle..
    The funny thing is, that the Eagles next 2 opponents have the same weaknesses…So I would expect the Egles to attack the Cowboys & Redskins Safeties and middle of the field using their TE’s often..

  12. No Bugsy – you were not drunk – Matthews made some plays, Hunt made some plays, Celek was a beast and the Eagles shined (did I really use that word) in the RZ – both O and D – – the LBs as a group played VERY WELL – created turnovers, covered, tackled, decent in the run game… sure – where ya been for the previous 10+ games – letskeep it going – if for no other reason then to see Romo get planted a few times by Babin

    At this point in time – who would have thunk it – a Xmas eve game against the arch enemy – on the road – and the game matters – after watching the Giants flounder – and I think the Jets – needing a win themselves – will beat the Gnats – we handle business and see where that takes us –

    every year a team sneaks into the playoffs and gets hot – long odds for sure – but long odds better then no odds

  13. Oh and Songs – I quote Shady McCoy –
    I guess it just tells you that I am a pretty good back who has an outstanding offensive line. Those guys showed a lot of effort and made a lot of great blocks. It’s definitely a team thing”, McCoy responded when asked about breaking the touchdown scoring record. “No back is going to score a lot of touchdowns unless his line is blocking and his teammates are blocking downfield.”

    From the best offensive player on the team – the OUTSTANDING O LINE –

    where are all the ‘Eagle can’t draft/fireman jokes??? Where are all the ‘Vick Blind Side’ comments – Jason Peters is the best LT in the NFL right now –

    Two rookies starting –

    Songs let me ask you this – How is the Eagles Offensive Line looking this year and for the next two or three? Were there any short yardage problems yesturday?

  14. I stated a month ago that the Eagle O/Line is the real strength of the Eagles Offense adn I stand by it.. Just don’t tunover the ball and the Eagles will put points on anybody..

    Defensive Leading Tacklers from yesterday’s game

    DE P Hunt – 6
    LB A Jordan – 6
    LB C Matthews – 5
    S N Allen – 5
    DE T Cole – 4
    DE J Babin – 4
    LB B Rolle – 4

    Notice that the front 7 of the Eagle Defense was very active and making tackles. In the games the Eagles have lost, the Safeties have led the Team with Tackles which is typically never a good thing . A huge difference when the DL & LB’s are getting off blocks and making tackles and plays…
    Matthews, Rolle & Hunt are really coming around and also a strong game by LB K Clayton..

  15. 2 Players who are Free-Agents along the O/Line

    LG – Evan Mathis (who wants a big deal)
    OT – K Dunlap (whose Rookie Deal comes up and will be a Free-Agent)
    Eagles need to re-sign both of these players (Dunlap is versatile and is among the better back-ups at OT in the entire NFL and will be in big demand)

    Then Trade W Justice (who is still under Contract) and probably could return a 5th Round Pick
    Then Draft another Interior OL (with some Center experience) and another young OT in the later rounds and the OL will be set for the next few seasons

  16. Paul, a few questions – 1. Who doesn’t want a big deal and where did you get that knowledge about Mathis? 2. K Dunlap one of the better backups at OT in the league? – seriously? I hope he continues to improve, but that’s an overstatement. and 3) Why would a 5th round draft pick be more valuable than a veteran OL who can start – Justice? I say keep him for much needed depth.

    Remember Paul, the goal of roster managment is to keep your team as good as it can be, not to tally up the transactions like you seem to long for.

  17. Schill, Schill , Schill…

    #1) Evan Mathis said so himself which is why he only wanted to sign a 1 Year Deal with the Eagles to begin with, to go out and prove himself and then be in position for a big-Free-Agent Deal..
    #2) You obviously don’t follow what happens around the rest of the NFL,
    OT Dunlap is pretty highly thought of and probably could compete for a Starters spot on about a 1/3 of the Teams in the NFL at a very difficult position to find Talent (OT).. Look at how many teams are not only struggling with their Starters at OT but have little or no proven depth (Redskins,Giants,Steelers,Bills,Bears,Packers,Lions,Seahawks,Colts,Cowboys,KC Chiefs,Jaguars,Cardinals and on and on and on…)
    How much do you want to be that King will be in pretty big demand by lots of teams around the NFL… OT are very hard to come by
    #3) The Eagles will not keep WJ at his Salary level (remember he received a nice extenstion 2 years ago with a substantial raise in Salary and to be honest, has not lived up to it) .. to be a Back-up..He is not a Coach Mudd protege and was kept around in case of an emergency.. He will either be traded or released but will not be wearing Eagle Green next Year

  18. ooh, & one last thing while I am on a roll,
    Everything being equal, Eagles keep Dunlap over WJ who is younger, hungrier, and can play OT,OG on the left or right side.. WJ has not shown the versatility and is a little too timid for Mudd’s liking…

  19. I like Dunlap becuase he is a ‘playmaker’ on special teams – he too once blocked a FG!

    I think Jamal Jackson and WJ are both gone – I hope (pray) they leave Todd H EXACTLY where he is and resign Mathis…….. I think they resign Dunlap who can back up both OTs and find another center/G on the O line

    Anyone see the left OT for the Chargers last night Gaithier (our formwer LBs big bro) looked good as the SDC wooped up on the Ravens…

  20. Gaither was released by the Ravens and was a little extra fired up to play against them last evening.. He ghad some contract squabbles last year, then didn’t play well and then had an off-the field incident and Ravens said c-ya…

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