Conlin accused of child molestation

I’m not sure what to say other than, “wow.” On one hand, people say that we shouldn’t be surprised anymore as the list of high-profile people accused of child molestation continues to grow. But I don’t care, this is still shocking to me.

According to Deadspin, Nancy Phillips of the Philadelphia Inquirer has written a piece that has yet to drop, with child molestation allegations against long-time Daily News writer Bill Conlin.


What tells me a ton is that Conlin has already resigned from the newspaper and hired legal counsel. I’ll remind you that the story hasn’t even dropped yet and he hasn’t been formally charged with anything. That’s a very loud resignation in my opinion.

Is it odd that the two newspapers are owned by the same company and this story was still green lit?

Stay tuned, we don’t have much more information at this time.

23 thoughts on “Conlin accused of child molestation

  1. WTF. Somebody needs to protect kids out there, who can you trust these days??

    I guess we shouldn’t jump to conclusions…anyone can accuse anyone of anything..but if this turns out to be truthful or there are other victims, I would not want to be Moose in general population.

  2. nev, how does cutting off the penis of those caught prevent it? Cleary this isn’t just one or two guys – they’re popping up all over the place. So it’s something about our culture. Castrating Sandusky won’t stop the next Syracuse guy or (perhaps) conlin…. it’s a bigger problem then just a few pricks – pun intended

  3. Who is this “There will be PaulMan”
    You guys crack me up… Happy Holidays and let the Egg Nog Chuggin’ Contest Begin..

  4. There will – I don’t think there would be more or less dui’s – I do think there would be more castrated poeple. I don’t think it’s a good comparison though.

  5. if they sewed you mouth shut there would be less dui’s…that would be the analogy to cutting off a penis for child molestration….if you steal, they cut off a hand…and so on

  6. Sometimes these conversations go off on the wildest tangents – – –

    Pman – I don’t know who he is – but last time he was here he had the balls to accuse me of being more annoying then you – I notice he only pops up on the ‘molestation’ blogs – Sandusky topic was the last time he was here –

  7. Schiller how the hell is society to blame for some pervert who preys on the most defenseless of all, children

  8. jake, I’m not saying that others are to blame for the actions of sandusky, several priests, the guy at syracuse and now alleged Conlin. Are you seriously the only one who hasn’t noticed that these aren’t just isolated random freaks? The more it comes out, the more there is to come out. Unfortunately sexual abuse is way more prevalent in our society than we like to think and it’s more than just ‘that guys a freak, that guys a freak too’.

  9. But persecution of gays and lesbians, shamefulness of sexuality and several other aspects of or culture certainly play a role in my opinion.

  10. All I know is that it is gatting really hard to rent a movie to watch with the family – wife and daughter rented ‘Friends w/ benefits’ and then ‘Change up’ is nothing sacred anymore??? I am definitely not a prude but DAMN with your teen age girl in the room – in other news – Chaz Bono broke up with his fiance who blamed the problem on Chaz transition from Chasity to Chaz (dudes – really slow day at work, really slow -)

  11. shiller , i have a beautiful daughter and in the past couple months i gotta worry more about my son ! your right cutting it off aint preventing it in general ! but it guaurentees these two idiots are not doing it again !

  12. Well, the united states began with satanists like Paine and Franklin…Every year the leaders of the country put on dark robes before an owl and do a mock sacrifice to Moloch then deal with the gay men prostitutes flown in. The Church rape boys as a ritual while the dumbed down society still believe these are isolated situations. Universities set up to hide these societies rape little boys thinking it’s a cure for aging. You think the media are not in it too?

    Satan is revealing his disciples to the world. a bunch of perves, PEDDIES, and homos are running things.

    WAKE UP.

  13. wow songs – I love chasing rabbits down rabbit holes with you – I’ll bite – Franklin was known to belong to 2 groups losely associated with ‘satanism’ Freemasons and the Hellfire club – Paine was a theist who rejected formal religion and was quoted as saying ‘the only religion is in my mind’ –

    So why do you associate these two figures with satanism_ The hellfire club and it off shoots were when Franklin was ambassdor to England and were more know for their elitism (there ya go Jake) then for satanic rituals –

    no known group (other then those to beat up on Masons?) do tell!

  14. Songs – you are one strange (and by strange – I mean wierd) dude.. some of the stuff you come up with. I feel like we should be in a bar with some Pink Floyd (Dark side of the moon maybe?) Playing in the background. I have met some characters in my time – I worked in Tijuana at the Consulate and I think every crack addict, runaway fool ended up in TJ – I had one guy – used to be a pro surfer who swore the US Government was doing mine control on him – they used beer and women to control him… swear to god – he thought he was being bombarded by high frequency radio waves and that every car with daytie running lights was the USG – when I told him I was an employee of the USG – he told me he could tell I was not part of the conspiracy.. Fraky! I convinced the guy he needed to move to American Somoa becuaseit was the only place safe for him… takes all kinds.. but anyway – I had never heard of the cloak, owl and fake children sacrifices (Molock was the god they sacrificed kids to right?) God think Zuul and BEezer didn’t show up

  15. Navy, BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Zuul & Beezer, funny $#!t! Songs is right about the Hellfire club & Masons. They used to hold underground orgies & rituals, in this cave under a church. Can’t remember the name of place. Not good with names. But I know the Ghost Hunters have investigated it. I am a huge conspiracy buff, so a lot of what he says is valid, some are questionable. There are a lot of secret societies, families that really run this world & do a lot of F^#@ed up evil $#!t. The Bilderbergs, Skull & Bones, Free Masons, Illuminati, Rockerfeller, Rothchild & Ford families, to name a few.

  16. To get back to the topic. My anger & what I thought about this $#!t stands, as it did with Sandusky. He needs to be castrated, then immediately brought out back & put down like a horse. BTW, IMHO, nobody can be trusted. NOBODY. This is a sick, f^#@ed up, world, that doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. Believe me, I’ve seen too much on the streets, for me to think otherwise. Who knows what it is? Is it the Devil, not enough faith & religion, the Government, bad home schooling & training. IMO, the legal system & Government is horrible & too lenient, in which no one has the fear of God put in them. I have 4 kids &, 2 twin boys in College now, & a boy & girl on their way in a few. Also a 2 year old Grandson. I fear everyday for their safety & well being. I would destroy someone, if God forbid something like this would ever happen to them. These predators are everywhere. It’s sad & infuriating, but nothing surprises me anymore.

  17. BTW, food for thought. The Free Masons built, started, & funded/ funds Penn State. Just saying. Also how come we haven’t heard anything else on the supposed Second Mile pimping story, that broke with the Sundusky case, & the murdered/ disappeared DA? Who is sweeping these under the rug? Where is the investigations? Do you think some high profile politicians, Police secret societies are involved? Just saying!

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