Andy Reid Should Go But Will Probably Remain

The Philadelphia Eagles before Andy Reid arrived were playing some pretty bad football.  Ray Rhodes was ending his tenure with the Eagles and his last couple of years were horrible.  With his very first draft pick in 1999, Reid  selected Donovan McNabb from Syracuse which created a controversy among Eagles fans including than Mayor of Philadelphia Ed Rendell.

Most fans and the mayor than wanted Ricky Williams who won the Heisman Trophy and was the University of Texas all time leading rusher.The Eagles finished the 1999 season 3-13 and Andy Reid was able to get McNabb into some games which gave him some NFL experience.  Andy was building a foundation for this team.

He had a quarterback which he could build the Philadelphia Eagles around. In 2000 the Eagles made the playoffs and established a winningfootball team.  In 2001-2004 the Eagles made it all the way to the Conference finals, losing three of them and than in 2004 making it to the Super Bowl where they lost to the New England Patriots.

Andy has been head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 years and he is the winningest head coach in Eagles history.  Three years ago, I was done with Andy.  Reid weaknesses have been constant during his tenure with the Eagles.  His time management during games is very weak and he just seems not to be able to overcome it.

Another thing that just drives you crazy about coach Reid is his day after news conferences after a lose.  It is like ground hog day.  He has said the same thing for the past 13 years and well it continues to happen.

The 2011 season was suppose to be such a promising season.  Most NFL experts had the Eagles going to the Super Bowl.  They had sign very good players to the rooster.  This team was being called The Dream Team.  It has been nothing close to that.  The Eagles are still alive for the playoffs but they need help from other teams.

This year Andy also did something that made many Eagles fans just scratch their heads when he promoted long time offensive line coach Juan Castillo the new defensive coordinator before the start of the 2011 season.  For most of the season, Castillo has looked like he has no clue out there and his defense has played like that too.

There are numerous rumors out there in the media that have both Reid and Castillo coming back. Why?  Enough is enough.

Andy has had 13 years to bring a Super Bowl championship to Philadelphia.  Sometimes head coaches can just only take you to a certain level and just can not get over the hump.   Reid is that type of coach.  The Eagles now need a head coach the can slam that door in.  It is time for a new head coach with a new philosophy, new direction, and new attitude. The question is will that happen?

The Philadelphia Eagles will not win a Super Bowl title under the direction of Reid but Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner will not fire Big Red and here is why.  The Eagles value has risen and the team is making money.  The merchandise continues to sell.  Fans continue to come out to games.

The thing that needs to be looked at here is this.   The ownership is just fine with where the Eagles stand right now.  They are competitive year in and year out.  Owner Jeffrey Lurie has told the fans that it is about winning championships.  Well he never did say exactly win championships.

They have won division titles.  Mr Lurie has many times compared the Eagles to the New England Patriots.  Hey Jeffrey not even close. The Patriots have won Super Bowls and the Eagles have not.  I have said this about the Philadelphia Phillies for years before the won in 2008 and it was this.  They would never win with this ownership.

Well they did and it was because of the new stadium.  This I will say about the Eagles. As long as Jeffrey Lurie is the owner of this team, the Philadelphia Eagles win not win a Super Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles ownership will not fire Andy Reid because he is giving them all they want.  It is all about the money and this team is making a lot of it.  Philadelphia Eagles fans out there like me who want Andy Reid gone well it will not happen.  The ownership needs to take a new direction, until it does this team will not win the ultimate prize and that is the Super Bowl.

Jeffrey and Joe have no plan of getting rid of Andy Reid. Well Philadelphia Eagles ownership until you do this team will not win that so called championship but is that what the Eagles really want to do anyway. No.  Well Eagles fans out there like me what are we to do.  I am a huge Eagles fan.

I have been done with Reid for three years.  He has made this team a winner but I want a Super Bowl championship.  This has been the most frustrating year because there was so much promise before the season. Now with Andy Reid and Juan Castillo probably coming back well I along with many other Eagles fans are not happy.  Hey Philadelphia Eagles, it is time for a new direction.  Think about the fans. We are the ones paying the tickets. Do you really care?  I don’t think so.

54 thoughts on “Andy Reid Should Go But Will Probably Remain

  1. How many times are we going to hear the same old BS? He’s not going to get fired. He’s going to come back for AT LEAST another year.

    Eagles before Andy Reid were horrible…yea yea
    Eagles under Andy Reid have been pretty damn good…..yea yea
    Lurie won’t fire Andy because Andy has made Lurie alot of money….yea yea

    We know. We know.

  2. After seeing/reading another post about whether Coach AR should go or not, Paulman’s Mock Drafts, Trade Alerts and Off-Season Roster Changes don’t seem as bad do they….

  3. “Jeffrey and Joe have no plan of getting rid of Andy Reid. ”

    Why don’t you just show a man pictures of his wife cheating on him.

    It would be less painful than that statement.

  4. Random thoughts…

    If kobie bryant has to pay his wife 70 million dollars…

    Why does he have to pay child and spousal support???

    Anyone could live off the interest of 70 million for the rest of your life.

    That kind of stupidity only encourages every man to do a George Clooney.

    Rent a girlfriend for a few years then dump them. Sad…

    Huffington Post reports that Wisconsin senator insults Mrs Obama by saying she has a big butt.

    That’s like me insulting Bill Gates by calling him rich…

    Saying that Lurie will keep Andy because the team is making money, implies that he does not believe that there is another coach that could continue to have the Eagles be competative.

    With Juan replaced as defensive coordinator almost any coach that knows football cliches could coach this team to the playoffs…

    you have to establish the run

    take what the defense gives you

    you have to protect the ball

    he plays with a high motor

    you have to dominate the line of scrimage

    just go out and execute

    make plays on both sides of the ball

    we have to create turnovers

    give it 110%

    Merry Christmas

    Drive safely

  5. I laugh whenever the media gripes about Andy’s press conferences. Really, they’re the only ones who care, because it affects their work directly. Most fans couldn’t care less. Belichick is far worse in terms of giving non-answers, and it doesn’t matter up there either. On the flip side, Buddy always gave entertaining press conferences, and it didn’t matter in terms of keeping his job either.

    As to why AR is going to get another year, a lot of it has to do with what is said in the article re: “winningest head coach in Eagles history.” We’re also tied to Vick through at least 2012 for contract reasons, and the D is actually showing improvement. Doesn’t make sense to take it all apart right now.

  6. Ur a friggin ignorant jerk ya know that? Theres so much more to the season than Coach Reid. Everybody wants him gone.. Why? WHYYY!!! He’s the best coach in Eagle history.. What does he have to do with the secondary not gelling?? Or Mike Vick not really knowing to run or throw?? All these new O-linemen… they needed time to play together.. How is a different coach going to fix those problems? Your all idiots. Andy Reid is a great man and coach. And he would never say it but I will for him.. Go fuck yourselves, you bunch of ignorant pricks.

  7. And you know what else you freaking blow-hards? The Eagle’s are going to win out and make the playoffs and go deep in them.. Know why?? Because they love their coach. Also, Im so grateful I have an owner in Lurie who doesn’t listen to the fans who are trigger happy, not smart. Piss on all the Reid and Lurie haters.. Your jerk-offs who dont know anything professional football. Thank God the people in charge of my beloved Eagles do.

  8. Jimmy,
    What’s your custome this year at the Mummer’s Parade..
    and I do agree with you that Coach AR is not going anywhere anytime soon..

  9. @Jmac

    “What does he have to do with the secondary not gelling?? Or Mike Vick not really knowing to run or throw?? All these new O-linemen… they needed time to play together.. How is a different coach going to fix those problems?”

    In a word….everything. He is head coach and VP of Football Operations. It is all of his making. Moves they have made and have made for the past 13 years are all part of his plan. Have you ever heard the quote..”The buck stops here.” ? I would believe it applies in AR’s case.

  10. These articles are OLD. Dallas wek and no strategy articles and positivity. i dont care at this point about Reids job next year.I CARE ABOUT HIS JOB THIS YEAR.LIKE DO A GOOD JOB AND POUND THE SH!T OUT OF THE D-LINE FOR THE GIRLS.

    There secondary…toast.

    There offense….one dimensional….Sammy Morris…thought he was agym teacher.

    We lose this game and yes…his job next year should be questioned.

    Good point…only the media hacks cry he says nothing.Who cares….i like to clown him and his throat clearing during the

    Ask yourself this…..Does him answering the questions directly with no b.s. help or hurt this team? Andy…early in the game there d-line was mauling Watkins and Kelce….your thoughts on Vick getting smacked so early in the game?? Yeah….those guys are horrible….they made Mike uncomfy early and it made our O stink….also,cause of that i didnt trust the line to runblock…they really need work.

    BOOM…..times yours….classic.

  11. erock , typical, making excuses for Vick, look, making Juan the dc probably the biggest bonehead decision in all of sports, but nonetheless if Vick played even average the birds would have already locked up a playoff spot, I can’t take you mfers any longer with your damn stupidity, loyalty to Vick, watch him choke with the game on the line

  12. To BSM,

    About your random thoughts on why Kobe would still have to pay for Child Support.. Remember that in some states (probably most) a Divorce Settlement is a seperate legal process from a Child Support Settlement ..
    She is most likely entilted to 50% of his earnings and worth since they have been married since they live in California..and again, this has nothing todo with how many kids they have,etc,etc.. She then as a Mother, has every right under out legal system to pursue Child Support Payments in another settlement as just another process in the Divorce of a Husband & Wife ..
    It’s the way it works.. I am not saying this is right or wrong, But a Divorce Settlement to split up assets is 1 thing,and Child Support is another..

  13. I know all of that. All of what you said. It doesn’t change anything. You see I always factor in that McNabb single-handedly took at least one, maybe two Super Bowl rings directly out of Reid’s pocket. Not every decision is going to be a homerun. It doesn’t mean you fire a future H.O.F coach who if let go would be unemployed for about 5 seconds before being hired by Dallas or somebody else. Firing Andy Reid is not the answer. Not now.

  14. Where in my post do you get that? dont insult dudes on here..i clown.So ill let you insult yourself by the way you post.

    I was using an example of what he might say with reagrds to a pressy.

    Vick loyalist…wtf are you from Russia?Loyalist. Cause i like Vick and think he can win us a ship? Its my opinion…who cares if you disagree. You would probably make some good points in doing so.Difference is….i dont call you stupid cause i disagree. Shut up and eat a danish.

    Watch Vick dice the Girls secondary for 280 and 2touchs.Shady.

    If the d played average we dont blow games like Niners….Bills…Cards.Juan move is and was suspect.

    Did Mike fubmle the rocket screen with the game on the line? What about letting that quick out get ripped out of your hands?

  15. The Bills game was the worst game I have seen this year to be honest. I have never seen a QB throw 4 INT’s and not ONE of those INT’s were his fault. Crazy.

  16. Bills d was playing nasty round that time of year. Caused 4 picks on Tomkat in the next few weeks.Avant fumbles in that game killed us.

    So with the game on the line how many qb’s would you take over Mike? Brady,Rodgers,Brees,and…..

  17. Geroge Remaily – dude – you used to live in HAtboro – above the bike shop right – Coroked Billet elementary and Loller Middle school – I rmemeber some funny stories if you are that George Remaily

  18. Green fan – I agree the buck stops with Reid – which is why the last couple days I have been saying – why have the disussions about Reid and Castillo staying or going RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of a big week where if the Eagles win and the Giants lose (hey, the Jets need to win for their playoff chances) we are still in the hunt? Why not wait two weeks – then we will have a full season to base our decision –

  19. Oh and I forgot my favorite rant every time I see the stupid moronic idiotic, I have nothing intelligent to write so I will say this team is all about the money – THE TEAM WOULD BE WORTH A HELL OF A LOT MORE MONEY IF IT WON THE SB! The coaching staff is one of the highest paid in the NFL – the salaries of the players is on the upper end – THE COMMENT IS BULLSHIT – the best way to make more money is to host 2 more home football games – how do you think concession sales will be during a divisional playoff home game with the team winning – come up with some new material – there is absolutley ZERO evidence the Eagles in any way shape or form are driven by ‘the almighty dollar’ they have a pot of money to spend on players and as with every other team in the NFL – have to chose how to spend it on players – didn’t the eagles make sure they paid JJ so much money so he wouldn’t leave to be a head coach – sound like money driven – NO

  20. navy, haven’t you gotten the memo? I forget which hater it was – I want to guess Jakedog – but someone enlightened us – those of us who try to hold standards of things like ‘intelligent’, ‘not bullshit’, ‘evidence’…. we are ‘elitist’. I’ve been acused of being ‘an educated derilect’… because using your brain and making sense is a bad bad thing.

  21. Agree…agreee…agree Navy. It is COWGIRLS WEEK!!!!

    This talk can wait. I am focused on the Birds beating the Girls…..wonder if Garrett will ice his kicker again or Romo will fold like a card table. I think Babin will sack him 3 times and Assante will have a pick six.

    All of the offseason moves can wait….GO BIRDS!!

  22. Schill – true Jake had some issues – but now that we got him to stop humping the sofa cushions – the only thing I worry about is his bladder and bowel control – he has been getting much better lately – I attribute it to my mentoring and providing him ‘Navy’s rules for being a man’ – fool on one post talked about throwing beer – I must admit, some of his recent posts have actually made me – proud! We expect certain slip up – but liek the young Eagles defense – we are looking at the overall postive trend

  23. Good update Navy. I will be sure to give him a treat next time I notice good behavior. But I will rub his nose in it if he poo’s in the house again….same goes for him sniffing Songs and Paul’s crotches so much (though I guess rubbing his nose in it wouldn’t work there….)

  24. The Eagle’s are going to give the Cowboy’s a can of woop ass for Christmas!!! Jerry Jones said he was scared. never heard that from him.. Loving it. Who wants to face the Eagle’s in the playoffs? NO ONE!!!!!

  25. Eagles facing a must win, and I gotta stumble across a dumb ass article like this!? A new direction? possibly from being in contention year in and year out, to possibly being a bottom feeder? is this scenario possible? oh no, I forgot getting rid of Reid will guarantee a SB championship for the Eagles…so I digress!! This guy George is a dumbass….!

  26. Eagles 30 – Cowboys 26

    Vick has another good All-around game with Big Plays from D-Jax, & TE C Harbor.. McCoy has his usual good game with a hard-earned 90 Yards Rushing and gets some key 1st Downs in the 4th Quarter to put the game away..
    Defensively, the Secondary does goes up some plays but also crerated 2 Turnovers..Cowboys Running Game struggles no DeMarcus Murray who is out for rest of Season, and a iffy Felix Jones who has Hamstring issues and will be up to 33 Year old RB Sammy Morris who is craft and a veteran, but does not the explosivenss or even the full knowledge of the Cowboy system yet since he was just picked up 2 weeks ago.. Expect the Cowboys to have to rely on QB Romo which means a lot of passing but also a lot of opportunities for the Defense to make some big plays whether it’s Sacks,Fumbles or Int’s .. Someone needs to lock in on TE Whitten (LB Clayton ??) and make Romo go to his outside Receivers but watch out for the COwboys unsung hero in WR Laurent Robinson who has had made some big receptions and plays over the last 6-8 weeks or so and has become a favorite target of Romo..Cowboys will be in a 3 WR Set quite a bit so DCR/Hanson will have lots of chances to make some plays and need to play well..

  27. You guys and your rants are quite enjoyable today…Glad to see everyone’s “clicking on all cylinders”! Look, we stuff the Cow’s then win the next one and things fall in our favor; we win the NFC East and the SB simple. You heard it here first. EAGLES!!!!!!

  28. navy you are a piece of work, trying to out some cat from Horsham, can’t you use your time more wisely?

  29. soooooooooo the birds signed a ton of free agents, hired a bunch of new coaches, and basically (until the last few weeks) laid a giant egg, and looked clueless on the field.

    so what everyone wants to do, is take all these players that are finally starting to look like they are on the same page, throw them a new head coach that will change everything, and will result in the same start next season… if not worse….

    seems like an AWESOME idea.

    when the team has no hope to compete, and starts a steady downward path… THEN they will get a new coach.

  30. and no, I’m not a huge AR fan, nor do I think he is the best coach ever or anything… but you cant get rid of him without a big time fall out

  31. Thanks Toad (I think of you as the character Toad from Gran Torino – of course I get to be the Eastwood character Kowalski) HATBORO – Jakey my boy HATBORO. I loved living in Hatboro – great little town – – certainly not ‘outing’ him unless that term has a new and different meaning – unless being from Hatboro has a whole new meaning? If this dude is who I think he is – he can in fact confirm for my kids that we did in fact have to walk a mile – up hill, in the rain, wind and snow, along York Road to get to middle school every day (didn’t have buses to our Elementary or Middle school!)

    Just messin with ya Jake – got plans to watch the Eagles – I know you don’t have girlfriend to worry about pissing off – when ya get older – you have to learn man rule #34 appendix D – when a social conflict may in fact conflict with watching of sporting event – execute the 6 Ps (prior planning prevents piss poor parties) step 1) acknowledge how great the day will be (babe – I love Xmas eve – we can ALL be together) 2) encourage your wife to invite others over (hey, how about inviting family X and Y by for drinks) – the whole time knowing that family X and family Y are fully vetted and card carrying men – they too know they can not sit at home and watch football – BUT if they go to NAvy’s house – they will tell their wives NAVY will have th egame on 3) pre-plan to have one of the other husbands at just the right momnet – ask Mrs Navy (you can also involve older sons at this point) if we can ‘just check the score’ 4) have the other husband offer to set the ladies up with a fresh round of drinks as the TV is turned on and channel changed to game.. Switch with other husband to check with wife if all OK – crack a couple silly jokes and slowly meander back to son and other husbands (and this is the hard part – SILENTLY) watching the game – 5) set up a rotation among the males to ensure the women (who by now are talking shopping, clothes, kids) are topped off on drinks –

    by this time, the women will have realized the men are not around – but they don’t care – becuase YOU properly planned the needed distraction to get to watch your game – or – you can keep watching the bootlegged cable in your parents basement – whatever is easier for you!

    Have a Great Christmas Jake! Don’t eat too much your getting fat – that’s not baby fat anymore – its just fat

  32. Coaches before Reid , would be “Eagles winningest coach” if they had 13 years to coach especially the “WEAK NFC” years

  33. Whether the coach picked mcnabb or anyone, they should have won when NFC EAST produced 1 SB winner during Reid tenure…13 years before Reid Nfc East produced 7 Super bowl winners……yes reid had to go up against giants twice…..those coaches before R

  34. coaches before Reid went up against 86 giants, 87 Skins, 90 giants, 91 skins, 92 cowboys, 93 cowboys, 95 cowboys, all twice… oh and the 94 cowboys were not bad either, they were probally tougher than 07 giants anyway…….Bottomline, Reid would wilt if he coached those years

  35. learn from history, we have to keep repeating and asking question why? WHY is he still here and will someone hear our cry…… like Europe in 1930’s when some warned about Hitler…People did nothing….Poland taken over, France, taken over, Hungary taken over….same with Reid…….RB given 10 carries in playoffs, we lose….yeah we squeek in again ooops we lose again Rb 11 carries,,,,yeah we , no that was season after our SB loss win just 6 wins that yr….yeah we got in ,,,no we got crushed again… to Reid though,,,we did not get crushed in 2 playoff games i believe…..yes, i am comparing Hitler and Reid.

  36. tonto – you really really really can’t just wait two weeks to do this? Really – like 48 hours before we play Dallas and you can’t just put a sock in it? Focus! This isn’t about Reid – its about beating DALLAS – not 1975, 1980, 1992, 1994 or 2001 – its about 24 December 2011 – and with luck – Jets beat Ginats and we continue on – I am sure you will have the ENTIRE months of Feb, MArch and April to provide us with ample justification for your logic and reasoning – but for the next what 10 days now – get onboard

  37. this millenium, sure, hey it’s near Christmas, let me say thank u Andy Reid for taking us to playoffs 8 times of 13 year after this year it will be 8 of 14 not to shabby but weak NFC added in there with christmas spirit good job andy no one i mean no one could have done better….for example your play calling and philosophy has given us hope come playoffs..00 against Giants we scored whopping 10 points, in 01 it was 24 against Rams, in 02 it was 10 again, 3 in 2003(against Carolina), 21 in 04, we missed playoffs in 05, and 07, 25 in 08, 14 in 09, and amazing 16 in 2010…..that is 17 ave per playoff game under andy reid and his no balance philosophy i have changed my mind because i believe reid will

  38. bring in a smashing D, we will be #1 not 22 like usual,,,,we don’t need to score more than 17 points anymore cause our D will only allow 10-13 points from now on in playoffs i can’t wait to see this,,,,navy and Shiller will have all u bastards eating crow soon….just u wait and see!! merry christmas everyone and God Bless you

  39. trying navy, logic and history tells me if u squeek in u will just get crushed….i know iknow,,, hope and luck ……but …….go eagles

  40. tonto – Greenbay did it last year. Dude, you’re impressive, you’re not just a one-trick hater. You can hate AND see the future. So you are versitile, you can be a close-minded jerk and a fool!

    Happy holidays to you too

  41. EAGLES ALL DAY BABY! All my chips are in on this one. We have nothing to lose and our boys are gonna have fun and smash whoever gets in our way. What makes us different from other teams that did it before? Nothing period. I can’t wait til we win the SB and the SI Eagles yearly 2011 SB edition comes out! I believe the story this year with our Eagles is going to be the most talked about sports comeback for decades to come…just wait and see! I’M ALL IN. EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If we squeek in we will get crushed – I’m sorry tonto – are you more interested in getting into the playoffs and having a shot or that if you are in fact correct – the Reid led eagles will be embarrassed? I am gonna guess you never wrestled or boxed – when you had to walk out there by yourself – terrified you were going to get pinned or knocked out…….. ‘u will just get crushed’ jeez – no its the other way around – those other poor f#$#$ better hope the Eagles don’t sneak in – and see – your whole mentality ‘Navy and Schill’ it ain’t about Navy or Schill or Reid or you – ITS ABOUT THE EAGLES – you can not win the SB if you do not get to the playoffs – you can’t get to the playoffs unless you win the next two games – you can’t win the next two games unless you beat the freakin worthless cowboys in TWO DAYS – so get you beer chilled, your prime time spot ready and lets get it done.. oh Andy Reid only scored 3 points in the NFCC game – christ – a little cheese with that whine –

    and Gd Bless you too Tont – if I do not post right after the game its cause wifey got me doing tons of crap – win lose or draw I will be back to either hoot and holler or take my lumps

  43. I am watching Boise State pushing around the Arizona State Sun DIvils in tonights Bowl Game.. I am watching Ariz State’s ILB Vontae Burfict who some have scouted as mid 1st to mid 2nd Round Draft Pick & one of the Top 3 ILB in Colege Football , b but I am not that impressed so far, has a hard time getting off blocks for what I see thus far

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