Eagles Dominate Cowboys, But To Jackson Next Year Is Out of His Control

For the first time since 2007 the Philadelphia Eagles will not be participating in the NFC playoffs. We all witnessed the New York Giants beat up on the New York Jets in the early game on Saturday which put to rest any hope for the Birds to make it into the post season. At first my initial reaction was anger and frustration with the Jets but when you look back on the way the season played out the Eagles have no one to blame but themselves.

They squandered opportunity after opportunity early on in 2011 and unfortunately began putting it together a little too late. I firmly believe if the Eagles would have made it into the post season they could have been one of the most dangerous teams in there and gone on a long run but this isn’t the case.

The palace in Dallas was the setting for a hollowed Eagle victory this Christmas Eve and the Birds kept the momentum built previously against the Dolphins and Jets going all afternoon.

The receiving corps was balanced against the Cowboys. DeSean Jackson finished with 5 receptions for 90 yards and had some fantastic runs throughout the day. Jackson had 2 rushing attempts for 27 yards with his longest being an 18 yard end around. DeSean deserves credit because even after the team found out about their elimination he kept playing hard. He caught a few passes over the middle and wasn’t fazed at all by anything.

DeSean clearly thrives when playing in the spotlight of big D. It’s nice to see him putting it together but it’s without a doubt a little too late for this season. We all are aware of DeSean’s game breaking ability and going forward this team needs to have him in the lineup. He had a horrendous season compared to his first 3 but he played through a difficult contract dispute that had him severely underpaid. The Eagles need to do the right thing and extend a fair offer to him in the off season and bring him back. With a positive outlook and fresh start next year DeSean will be back to his usual self and show us more of the receiver we’ve seen the past 3 games as opposed to what we saw the majority of the season.

Jackson was asked about returning the team after the Cowboys game.  “That’s out of my control,” Jackson responded following the game. “Hopefully I will be. I consider Philadelphia my home, and the fans have embraced me and things like that.”

It seems he’s ready to get this year and his contract problems over with.

“If I had the power to do anything, maybe something would have been different, but I don’t know, it’s really out of my control,” Jackson said. “I have a job to do, which is play out my contract, and with there being one game left, I felt I had to plan for this, so we’ll just figure out where it goes.”

Jeremy Maclin finished with 5 receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown. Maclin has been progressing every week since his return from injury. He appears to be back in full swing after this afternoon’s performance. Maclin’s longest reception of the afternoon was 22 yards. Maclin is a great number 2 receiver and his toughness and playmaking ability in the short passing game and over the middle is a great compliment to DeSean’s speed and deep threat possibilities. If the Eagles were smart they need to keep Maclin and Jackson together because as we’ve seen this season when both are on the field together playing at a high level the receiving core is balanced and dangerous to opposing defenses.

Brent Celek was thrown to 5 times and came up with 2 receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown. Celek didn’t quite have the performance he did last week against the Jets but he once again proved to be a solid option for Mike Vick. Celek’s longest reception of the day was a 39 yarder. Celek has proven over the past few weeks he’s a consistent option for Mike Vick and I foresee him only getting better next season and gelling even more with number 7. Celek has the ability to be mentioned with the top NFC tight ends such as Tony Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham, and Jason Witten. I look for more of the Celek we saw in the second half of the season next year when the Eagles get back at it.

Jason Avant was targeted 4 times and came up with 2 receptions for 35 yards. His longest reception of the afternoon was a 27 yarder. He did fumble a ball as well which is something we don’t see often from the sure handed number 81. We thought he had a touchdown pass also but instead it was called back after being reviewed by the officials. For all the criticism Avant took throughout the season after his comments about the Eagle fan base earlier in the year after the first Dallas came he once again proved to be a consistent target over the middle of the field for the most part in 2011. He doesn’t provide the glamour or big play excitement like some of the other guys in the receiving core but he’s dependable. When we don’t speak about him it’s a good thing because it means he’s doing his job. Not enough can be said about the reliable play he’s provided over the years and Avant will continue to be a key ingredient for this team going forward.

Riley Cooper had 1 reception for 28 yards in Dallas but it was a reception that was a tough as it gets. Cooper went up for the ball with 2 Dallas defenders and came down with the ball and a head injury. Cooper has made strides this year and gave Eagle fans some other memories regarding him aside from the pass intended for him at the end of the playoff game last year against the Packers that was intercepted. Cooper showed great effort on his only catch against Dallas and I expect to see much more of this in the future.
Clay Harbor, LeSean McCoy and Chad Hall rounded out the receiving core in week 16. McCoy had 1 reception for 10 yards. Harbor came up with 1 reception for 9 yards. Hall came up with one reception for -3.

The Eagles receiving core was balanced and consistent throughout the day. This type of consistency didn’t exist earlier in the season which is one of the many reasons this underachieving squad won’t play on past next week. As much as some of us want change at the head coaching position it’s only fair to bring everyone back for one last run next season. Right now we’ve seen 2 different teams in 2011, the one that’s looked good winning the past 3 weeks and the team that squandered opportunities, turned the ball over, and blew 4th quarter leads early in the season. 2012 will be a decisive, final season for us to determine which is the real Eagles.

The receivers will play a big role and the front office needs to make sure they do whatever it takes to bring back the special talent they have in Jackson. These receivers operate as a unit and a well balanced one when firing on all cylinders. I’d like to see them finish strong with a win and another consistent performance at home against another division rival next week.

Clearly the Eagles are the best team in the NFC East and it’s a shame they didn’t take advantage of opportunities they had earlier in the season. The wrong team will represent the division in the NFC playoffs this season but you have to hope everyone involved realizes the lessons learned from 2011.

I expect nothing but big things from the Eagles next year as I do every year but realistically looking at it I see no reason this team can’t be a contender in the NFC with everyone back and a full off season under their belt. These wide receivers are young and talented and the Eagles will only have themselves to blame if they decide to part ways with DeSean Jackson and stop them from flourishing as a group.

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  1. Good stuff John, and I agree with you, this team is close and there is no sense in breaking it up and startign over.. I mentioned in another post about Maclins missing all of Camp and really did get his football legs and conditioning back until a goo 4-5 weeks into the Season and then got hurt, so it was good to see him have strong game today and especially taking some hard shots early in the game… D-Jax also held out 2 weeks of camp and never got into the flow early in the season which just compounded his contract situation , finally he put it past hime and just went out and played football which was eveident the last few weeks when you don’t have your QB and top 2 WR Threats not working on their own together, and not being on the same page from the get go of the Season, the mis-timing and choppy play was very evident the first 6-8 weeks of the Season when the Team squandered many chances and all had ball security issues.. With the Offense hitting their stride and the Defense improving over the last month or so, there is no reason the Eagles cannot contend for a NFC East Crown and NFC Championship in 2012.. They just need a few pieces on Defense (LB & SS) and they are right back in the mix.. The NFC Conference as a whole has gotten better as the Packers,Saints, & 49ers are the class of the NFC but teams like the Lions,Seahawks,Panthers are young and loaded with playmakers and talent too.. So the Eagles need to make a priority with D-Jax and get him signed, as well as securing a long-term deal for McCoy so that these players can have an off-Season working together and come back in the Spring in the right frame of mind and get focus on playing football

  2. I can’t wait to pull this one out next year, Paul. It wasn’t that long ago that you said you have been calling for “Reid’s firing for years.” I still have it.

    I can always tell when it’s windy. Paul just goes back and forth.

  3. I agree paul. Desean needs to get paid by the eagles… if you recall the game he was deactivated in was a game we loss, think if he would have played we would have been playing for something next week. i know the 5 fourth quarter leads was a huge reason for all the loses 2 but also the turnovers.. my god one after another.. but now theyre not turning it over at all which is unreal..

    But they still do need to upgrade at SS still after they addressed the safety position 2 years ina row… i cant believe it.. If they could get the young cb/s from LSU Tyrann Mathieu then get him… but the biggest need is 1 LB. Then 1 CB if they dont plan on bringing asante back with all that money owed to him… I dont look at age anymore so him being 30 or 31 means nothing hes still playing at a very high level so dont dump him…look at dawk and champ bailey, theyre in there 30s dang there almost 40 still playing like some mad men and are really the reason the team stays in games…

    Also this team is really starting to have a identity, go figure the 2nd to last game of the year and its starting to show…they have plenty of leaders thwy just need to lead. Guys were hesitant to come in being out spoken when they were new tothe team but as vick said guys that havent spoken at all before are coming out saying things so they have plenty of leaders.. They just lacked consistency all year long, too many turns too…

  4. Drummer you dont drop reid unless your prepared to start all over.. this team has gotten alot better on defense. i havent seen a dline like this since the 80s early 90s..I wouldnt get rid of reid just yet, or castillo.. heck i wouldnt bein a rush to let washburn or especially let Mudd go.. all the position coaches should be back along with reid… I hope they retain marty too bc he knows how to get through to vick…

    Paul i agree too that they need to hurry up and sign my guy Mccoy, they cant wait like theyve been doing… also like theyve done in the past.. they have the most talent on that offense than ive seen on this team ever. Theyve all grown together, and vick is still young in QB years even though he plays reckless at times, if they can continue to protect him this team is the best offense in this league,,, crazy how this league has gone but at this point the birds gotta do what itll take to win the championship just like all the other great teams do year in and year out…

  5. The eagles always start slow but they started way too slow this year.. they need to start out fast next year.. vick needs to stay healthy.. and id still like a big reciever. i like how the team came together and how the defense improved..

  6. Not only do the Eagles need to sign DJax they also need not 1 but 2 other recievers on this team. Jason Avant is a below avg 3rd reciever with 0 explosiveness but will catch the ball on his occasional seperations. . Riley Cooper stinks.Get rid of DJax and all you have is Maclin who I will double and render him ineffective. All I hear are the mouths on here about removing DJax but no talk of who will replace him. “Hey we saved money by not signing DJax, I dont care if Cooper sucks we saved money!” Like your getting a refund check in the f&^ing mail. What do I care what they pay DJax? Dont get it twisted McCoys ass benefits from them DBs playing 20 yards downfield to, Guess what happens with no deep threat. McCoy. Sign DJax get rid of Avant, Cooper and Chad Hall. Time to upgrade not downgrade.

  7. Jon Hart

    Who says you have to “start over?” Did the 49ers start over? Didn’t the Tampa Bay Bucs win a championship with a new coach?

    We can’t allow fear of the unknown to paralyze us. We may not know what we’re getting, but we already know what we have and what we have is a bum.

  8. I think Coach AR and his Staff did a good job after a terrible start, of keeping this team focused and together and have played good ball albeit a little too late, but have a strong foundation to build off of.. This Lockout hurt this team and more specifically hurt the Coaching Staff who most of them have never worked with each other.. Mudd/Washburn/Lynn and then new positon Coach’s Zordich & Caldwell with a 1st Year DC Castillo all have a big learning curve with who was on the roster, who fits their schemes,and just to develop basic game plans utilizing the talents and mactch-ups that favor the Eagles.. These Coaches had to learn a roster of many new players, learn their fellow coaches and of course learn all their opponents in a very short period of time.. Obviouslby the Coaches and most players were not on the same page the first 1/2 of the Season.. Everyone is signed thru 2012 so give them next year to see how this tam performs, faliure in 2012 means to clean house and start fresh with a completely new Coaching Staff and GM, but not this off-season..

  9. Foor t eRecord, everyone keeps on mentioning the 49ers have a new staff and were able to come in and be succesful out of the gate.. Many of you probably don’t realize that Harbaugh brought his entire staff with him from Stanford..
    His OC/DC and positons coaches are the SAme fellas he’s been coaching with for the last 4-5 ywears so they have their schemes,systems all set to go from DAy 1.. The 49ers also have a lot more talent on that team than many East Coasters pay attention too or care about.. They have 3 #1 Draft picks on that OL, All Pro RB F Gore, TE V Davis, and good WR’s in Crabtree, Jordan,Ginn and Braylon Edwards, who has been injured most of the Season.. Defensively they are one of top Defenses in the NFL led by LB’s Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman and CB Carlos Rodger and Rookie DE Aldon Smith who has put together an excellent rookie season.. The 49ers have had talent for awhile now but was not coached very well under Singletary and lacked the Confidence and Trust that Harbbaugh and his Staff have provided…
    Look at the top teams and it appears that all th esuccesful teams have stability within their Coaching Staffs.. Off course, some coaches come and go and then Asst’s are promoted from within just like the EAgles have done over the years.. but 2011, most of the Eagles Staff were brought in from outside organizations who have never coached with each other and this working things and getting on the same page doesn’t happen in 1 months Summer Camp..

  10. And your point Paulman? I thought that when a new HC comes to a new organization he’s taking over, he’s suppose to bring his winning coaching staff or whomever he deems will make his new organization successful with him to as you say “make his system all set to go” better – DUH!? Could you imagine us hiring Cowher and him keeping Castillo as D-Coordinator? “Hells to the Naw” buddy. Get it together Pauly, I’m tired of hearing your lockout excuse. Andy had poor judgement in annointing Castillo the job, just like he did Kolb and Matthews. call it what it is and don’t make excuses for Andy. Now that we’re officially out, some serious changes need to be made.

    Most likely they wont fire Reid or buyout his expensive contract, so we might be stuck with him for another year. We need to get rid of Castillo and get a new coordinator for one. next, we need to pay Desean his worth and keep him before Jerry Jones or some other team snatches him up and he becomes our worst nightmare. Also, Stop co-signing for Reid Paulman with this lockout BS excuse. There are 12 other teams, and some with new coaches who are in the playoffs – so the lockout excuse isn’t going to cut it with a 13 year stubborn game and non clock management coach who has been given every opportunity to bring the trophy home. Reid and MW’s WC offense sucks and is too predictable. We need a bevy of new coaching staff around here and it starts at the top like the 49ers period.

    We need a GM who is interested in winning and not saving a small penny on has been used up garage sale players at a discount. We need real draft picks to produce and not get hurt with their small frames. This is the NFL not Senior high. “WE NEED FOOTBALL MINDS RUNNING THIS ORGANIZATION” who want to win, and in order to do that, you can’t be cheap or too picky, Just go ask the Steelers or Patriots.

  11. I am not making an excuse Rockoe, but bringing in 4-5 new Coaches that have neve worked before is not the same as the 49ers bringing in an entire Staff that have worked with HC Harbaugh for 4-5 Seasons and have a ‘system’ already in place, so it’s not like the 49ers Coaching staff had to learn any new systems/schemes or each other as a Staff as in the Eagles Case …

  12. Stop with the slagging of DeShaun Jackson…He had a good season, but wasn’t thrown to as much as the last two…He is still the offensive sparkplug…Forget dropped balls: Maclin & Avant drop and fumble more than their fair share.

  13. D-Jax had a good season Frank, are you nuts.. He was nowhere to be found in half the games this year and was a total non-factor in the return game..
    He’s had 4 good games out of 14 so far and was suspended for 1 game due to blowing off practice … He and Vick’s early season poor play (along with the other WR’s) was a bigger reason of the Eagles under-achieving Season..
    This Eagle Offense needed to average 28-30 Points a game to Win games and they only averaged about 22-23 the first 6 weeks and hence started 1-4 and were basically out of it before the leaves changed colors..

  14. First, I don’t think Andy is going to be fired or leave the team. I think he will be coaching the Eagles next year.

    Now Rocko – and others – let me ask you this – let’s go with the hypothetical that so many Reid haters want – Reid gets fired – lets say a week after this season ends – and they hire Cowher right away. Cowher coaches the Eagles to a respectable 10 and 6, they make the playoffs but lose to the Packers in the second round. Will you then make excuses for Cowher or say that he failed? Will you hold him to the same standards that you hold Reid to?

  15. Coach Reid and his entire Staff will be back for the 2012 Season
    I do think Off/Coord MM moves on as he will get some other Coaching Opportunites at Penn State, San Diego Chargers and perhaps the Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Vikings
    Coach AR will take over the play-calling duties for 2012 since he knows it will be a “do or die season” for him and he’s not about to turn over the play calling to D Pederson or someone from the outside..

    Cowher would never take over this Eagle team for he is smart enough to know that the Current Roster was built and filled with players who are the opposite of his philosophy and that it would take 2-3 Years to make over in his likeness.. I do see Cowher being offered and conside the Miami Dolphins team who have a young decent OL and DL, some good LB’s,WR’s and are a few pieces away to be able to compete for a wild-card spot in the AFC.. They need a QB, a power RB and some CB’s.. I would say it’s 50/50 whether he takes the position with the Dolphins and would much rather take the Giant/Redksins Job which won’t be avaiable in 2012..

  16. Not to change the subject but an interesting College Bowl Game coming on at 5pm between Missouri and North Carolina..
    There are a potential 6-8 players from obth squads who are likely to be drafted in the Top 50 Players this Draft.. Here is a couple of players the Eagles Scouts need to keep an eye on..

    North Carolina

    DE Quniton Coples – (6-6 285lbs) and athletic as the come.. Rated as one of the Top DE of the Draft and remind some of a young Julius Peppers and Washburn would love a DE with his size.length in that Wide-9 Scheme..
    He will be a Top 10- Pick most likely
    OLB Zach Brown – (6-2 230lbs) a 3 Down LB who can pass-cover, run and tackley and is one of the Top pure OLB in the Draft… most likely a top 15-20th Selection
    DT Sylvester Williams (6-3 320lbs) and active penetrator who is very athletic for his size probably a mid to late 2nd Rounder.
    WR Dwight Jones (6-4 225lbs ) another Tar Heel WR with size,speed and toughness in the mold of H Nicks & Greg Little.. Probably a 3rd Rounder
    CB Charles Brown (5-10 205 lbs) a little on the small side,but fast and a good tackler, could make for a good slot cover CB and also contribute as Special Teamer… probably a 5th Round selection
    FB Davon Ramsey (6-2 245lbs) a blocking back who has a little hops in his step, has decent hands for a FB, Probably a 6th/7th Rounder


    TE Mike Engew (6-5 250lbs) a receiving threat who can run and stretch a defnese, not much of a blocker but is built in the mold of todays TE’s.. Probably a 3rd Rounder
    DE Jaquies SMith (6-3 255lbs) a speed,situational player that has a quick first burst nut needs some upper body strength , probably a 5th Rounder
    WR Wes Kemp (6-4 220lbs) a speed WR who makes a lot of big plays, needs work on route running and blocking some potential, a 6th/7th Rounder

    Enjoy the Game. I like the North Carolina 34 – Missouri 19

  17. Frankdialogue – good stuff I agree. We need to take care of Desean immediately. He a major spark plug in this offense.

    Paulman – you don’t know how Cowher would run this offense with Vick, he made it to the AFC championship with Cordell Stewart right? Stop acting like a “know it all” with every coach and team in the league Paulman, you’re a fan just like the rest of us.

    Schill – That question you asked me “and others” about if Cowher we’re to coach this team to 10-6 and lose to the packers in the 2nd round, would I say the same thing about Cowher that I would say about reid is a pathetic question schiller. No not me, If we had Cowher and his running attack with a guy like Mccoy and speedster like Desean we would be talking about winning a Superbowl buddy, not trashing Cowher. Cowher isn’t soft with the media either, he would those “Slack-Jawwed F —ts ” in their place!

  18. Rocko – you didn’t answer my question. You’d be talking about winning a superbowl after getting knocked out of the playoffs? You’re saying you’d be so head over heels in love with your new coach that you’d be still thinking superbowl after your team is knocked out of the playoffs? I’m going to give you more credit than that buddy – if the Eagles lost in the playoffs next year under coach Cowher, you would not be talking Eagles superbowl chances…. come on man

  19. Any coach over Reid at this point Schill would make this team much better. Attitudes would be much better and a breath of fresh air.

  20. Schiller, you are an idiot! Go away, with your Reid man love. We won 3 games in a row that were meaningless. Already the excuses are lined up. “No camp; Too many changes; Inexperienced coaches; Late chemistry; BLAH BLAH, F^#@ING BLAH! Go away & drive Reid & his cronies, with you. Enough of this bull$#!t already. They all need to go! NO FEAR, NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Rock – I agree that Reid being gone would be a breath of fresh air – for fans like you who are sick of him and convinced (in an extremist ‘all or nothing/black and white’ way of thinking) that the team absolutely can’t win superbowl with him. It would be a breath of fresh air for many Eagles fans – but for the team? Change of attitudes? From everything I see, there’s no evidence of that. I’m not saying that I have a accurate read on the players and staff’s feelings – it’s through the media and limited even at that – but neither than you – you’re own wishes and thoughts onto others.

  22. D – I don’t have much love for Reid – you misunderstand me (not surprising, you always have). I got you ‘no fear, no excuses’ – sounds like a passionate/agressive mindset – or something a suicide or kamakaze freak would say. Get over it – the season is effectively over for the Eagles. The FO will make decisions about the coaching staff, and we’ll see what they do with free agents/contracts/the draft etc. And everything else is just you bitching and moaning and posting nonsense.

  23. Schiller, you are the only one on here, that posts nonsensical garbage. No fear, no excuses, is a great mind set to have. That is why they suck. They fear change & always have excuses. Thus their Status quo nickname. Or the scarier possibility is, they just don’t gave a f^#@! Stop trying to psycho analyze everyones comment with your labels, you tool. You’re not that bright, don’t know what the hell you are talking about, & are delusional. Go look in the mirror, psycho analyze yourself, & say that guy is a condescending, delusional, lifeless, womanless, butthole, that just gets his jollies, off of putting down & correcting others. Get a life, & come back to reality. BTW, where is our apologies for all of the $#!t you said to us, about not knowing what we were talking about this team? You ain’t man enough for that, or you’ll just say you said no such things. GFY!

  24. schill…it’s not ‘”all or nothing” fans ok?

    Reid had 13 years and many of those years have been with support of the fans.

    It’s not all or nothing..We have eyes you know?

    There’s talent on this team that we can clearly see and we understand that a coach who values the parts of the game Reid devalues can get this team over the top.

    While we lack in the linebacker/safety department, there was enough talent on this team to win 10 football games and the coaching headed by Reid is responsible for getting less out of the club.

    Fans here have seen Reid ignore needs for years only to pick over the need to pick up a bust. We don’t trust he’ll actually get us a top linebacker or a hard hitting cover safety.

    Especially if he believes the team is now hitting on all cylinders with nothing to play for.

    Andy have had an opportunity most coaches would die for and it’s time to try some new blood. We have the core nucleus of something that could be good. We just need a coach that knows what it takes to finish.

    After the last 5 years or so with Andy..it really can’t get worse.

  25. dcar – “they fear change” – you’re right, the Eagles had the same OL coach, same OL players, the same DTs, the same DEs, same LBs, same CBs, same defensive coordinator. Same defensive line coach. And they spend huge in free agency every year. Yep, the team definitely fears change. It fears change so much, that they were the team with the least changes in the league this past offseason. wait….oh….

    You’re right, they just didn’t give a **** – oh wait, that’s also false. They’re upset you numbskull. You think they wanted this season to go like this? Dude, I get your disapproval, but you’re talking bullcrap.

    Two more things – I’m womanless? And you know this how? For all you know I am a woman. That’s weird – you’re just making things up as if you know me.

    And second, what did I say that I should apologize for? I owe nobody an apology – be specific if you think otherwise. Shit songs said 19-0 – did he know what HE was talking about? I think not.

  26. songs, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. And it may work out if they fire Reid, it also may work out with them keeping him. That’s what I meant by ‘black and white/all or nothing’ – saying that it will only work out one of those ways is ‘all or nothing’.

  27. Reid’s coaching is not the reason the team is out of the playoffs, from how the players played under adverse conditions, not quitting, Reid deserves at least another year, the team struggled early because of poor play from the offense, the quarterback and receivers in particular, Reid will be back, and the quarterback has one more season to prove he is nothing more than what he was in Atlanta

  28. I figured you we’re a woman Schill or should I really be calling you”Sheila” by your ridiculous non-sensical caring for Reid and the FO statements that only a woman would say – “get the he– back in the kitchen and start making some sammiches women”, you’re ruining the ebb and flow of real eagle football talk.

  29. You hit the nail on the head Jake..
    I am not looking to blame anyone for it was a total team effort for the Eaglesslow start which eveentaulyl doomed them.. but Franchise QB was the most dissapointing with his Turnovers and most of us has stated time and time again, that this Eagle Team will only go as far as Vick can take them and for the early part of the Season, Vick could not pull out of tehe Drivewaay… Play Calling, Coaching, Schemes, the Refs, bad calls, late hits, whatever yuo want to blame it on but when yout Offense leads the NFL in coughing up the ball and have a large Minus on the +/- Turnover Ratio.. You are not going to win many games.. It was imperative for the Start of this Season for Vick and his WR’s to get off to a good start and score lots of points to take some of the burden of a evolving Defense, but they didn’t get it done, they moved the ball, gaines lots of yards but failed to score enough points nad turned the ball over way too damn much to win in the NFL.. Did the lack of Summer Camp & Pre-Season for WR’s Maclin/D-Jax to work with QB Vick hurt them all, I think it did, just like having 3-4 new Coaches & Schemes for the Coachign Staff hurt them as well as they learn each other… It’s all whipped up into the same blender.. I just expected that Vick and the WR’s would be the least of the Eagles Problems starting in 2011 and it was in fact, the main culprit of a underperforming Team and Season..

  30. jake – well put. Rocko – ha, you took the bait – you make assumptions like a gullible two year old. I’m not a woman, but my point was that I could be – for all you know. And I found the “ebb and flow” comment particularly funny – around this site, if it weren’t for me and Navy, it would be more like “ebb and ebb” (sorry, forgot a few EBBs).

  31. Get back in the Kitchen Sheila, you’re being to unreasonable and you’re becoming a real nagging hag to us fans who escape your type to enjoy a good football game and conversation. Only a woman would try to call for back up after being a nag; oh Navy I think Sheila needs a lil back up help!

  32. gotcha rock – you’re a little kid. I say, you’re statements and arguments were flawed, because here’s why…. and you didn’t defend your points or statements or argument or reasoning (because maybe you agree with my criticism) – nope, instead you resort to joking around and name calling.

    To recap – when two people are talking, and one ways – wait, no, that’s bullshit you’re wrong. And the other one says – “you’re a butthead” —- uh… how do the two figures look? You look the a person who f’d up, and then sheepishly admitted it with a juvenille ‘comeback’.

    Happy sixers watching.

  33. Gents – hope all had a Merry Xmas – sorry I did not get to play more today – trying to blast through my honey do list but got an Xmas BBall tourney to ref and my girl has a sand Vball camp I gotta drive to – just wanted you all to know I am secretly cheering for Reid to come back just to drive you bastards crazy!

  34. Hey there Navy, hope you and your family had a great Christmas…
    Eagles are finishing up the Season Strong and like I’ve been saying, It’s taken the Coaching Staff and most of the Eagles Players 3/4 of the Season to play good, solid, smart Football.. Both were part of the sucky games and now both are part of the reason they are playing well.. but most EAgles Fans on here will never get or understand what I am talking about for they think that putting 4-5 new Coaches, Schemes with 20 new ball Players all together at once, that success is going to happen right away, it’s takes time to develop a trust and a routine where everyone gets on the same page and this applies to Coaches and to Players.. …

  35. Schiller, you have been the main culprit on here in ripping/ correcting, us all year. You have a short memory. You’ve called us clueless. You’ve told us we didn’t know what we were talking about. You’ve told us our opinions were wrong. You’ve constantly, delusionally, ignored, all of the blatant problems with this team, while ripping us, & calling haters & not real fans, for seeing the problems, that will prevent us from winning. I love this team, & want better for them. 13 years of the same stubborn, clueless, arrogant, condescending, delusional, BS is enough.
    BTW, the fear change comment was meant for them getting rid of Reid, dip$#!t! If we have the same idiots, in Reid & Roseman, making the decisions again next year, it’s going to be Goundhogs day all over again. So, if you’re happy with the status quo, the same $#!t, same flaws, ignorance & arrogance, you will get what you deserve, an under-achieving, LOSING TEAM!

  36. Dcar – for real – I never said anyone was not a true fan – I believe that was Navy. I don’t like the concept of anyone definining another person’s ‘fanhood’. Eagles fans are a VASTLY diverse group, and I don’t mean in their regular diversity – I mean in HOW they are fans.

    d – I was mainly referring to you and others saying that you know the future. I was correct about that – you didn’t know the future.

    “same flaws” – sure the fans I call ‘haters’ will point to pass/run ratio and other broken record claims. But tell me this – prior to this season, was our offense known for way too many turnovers? I don’t remember that being the case. Heck, with Donovan – the most consistent thing about the guy that almost everyone acknowledged – was his lack of turnovers. To me, and many of the analysts, turnovers were the most significant reason for the failures of the Eagles this year. And that’s a new (and hopefully short-lived) flaw.

  37. D – and I find it funny that you accuse me of telling you you’re opinions are wrong (uh, yeah, I disagreed with them and stated so – its called disagreement, its not a crime) – and then you refer to me as the “main culprit”. Dude, so you’re being a hypocrite – you can disagree with me but I can’t disagree with you…..sheesh

  38. I agree that the Turnovers doomed the Eagles 2011 Season,
    I also believe that Turnovers are the Responsibility of the Players, who have to be aware and protect the ball from contact/denfenders.. Coaches can reinforce this, but ultimately, it’s the players actions or misactions that create turnovers and in this area, QB VIck and his WR’s contributed to this mostley and is the single biggest reason why they underperformed this 2011 Season as a team..

  39. Paul – I do agree with you there. I also do think that Reid indirectly had a partial role in the turnovers – in that (as I’ve mentioned previously) I think Reid’s biggest flaw is that he coddles egos. I don’t think Reid will yell at a Maclin, Avant, Vick etc… to stop being a showboating athelete, and start playing fundamental football. We all know he’s a ‘players coach’ and the players really do seem to appreciate that and stay loyal to him because of it – and I think that lead to a lot of good. But I think reid isn’t as strict and hard on players as many other coaches, and I think that could contribute to a situation like this season’s bevy of turnovers.

  40. Point taken Schiller, the fact that AR has always run a loose ship and that team has a pattern of being undiscipline, I can definitely see where they (Coaching Stafaf) were not on top of the turnover problem quick enough.. (same with the penalties, poor clock management,etc,etc,)

  41. its about inappropriate context, birdobeaman doing it right now, talkin about “fantasizing” and football players he wants, that’s just not right, bevy conjures up beautiful, buxom women, not turnovers, word choice is important schiller , get it right next time

  42. I see jake, your vocabulary use is limited to sexual connotations and singular definitions of words. You ignore dictionaries and facts and instead favor adolescent jokes and limited thinking….wait, I get it – that’s your pattern for all your comments, not just this vocab/grammar discussion. Eueka, it all makes sense now

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