Having Fun With Some NBA Picks For The Holidays

The NBA has started and most of you are off from work, so I decided to share my picks with you. I didn’t have a single losing week wagering on football college or pro this year. I only usually give my plays to my friends because I  just do not want the attention: but I am also pretty good at the NBA .

Went 4-2 yesterday and if I can go 62%, I can make people a lot of money. I wanted to give you first chance to do anything you want with this. I’ll give you my picks today and let’s see how I do this week.


Washington -4.5



Oklahoma City -5


Indiana -8

New Orleans +3.5 1st quarter  over 193

Memphis +5.5

One thought on “Having Fun With Some NBA Picks For The Holidays

  1. NBA Championship Winner – Oklahoma City over the Bulls

    Eastern Confernece

    #1) Bulls
    #2) Heat
    #3) Knicks
    #4) Pacers
    #5) Celtics
    #6) 76ers
    #7) Hawks
    #8) Bucks

    Western Conference
    #1) Oklahoma City
    #2) Dallas
    #3) Memphis
    #4) LA Clippers
    #5) San Anotino
    #6) LA Lakers
    #7) Denver Nuggets
    #8) Golden State

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