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Report: Steve Spagnuolo Returning To Philly As Defensive Coordinator

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported last night that former Eagles linebacker coach Steve Spagnuolo will be fired by Rams owner Stan Kroenke and return to the Eagles as their defensive coordinator.

Acee said Spags returning to the Eagles is “all but certain”.  Of course, were Spagnuolo to return to Philadelphia as the defensive coordinator, it would mean current defensive coordinator Juan Castillo would have to be fired or moved back to his offensive line spot.  Who knows what would happen to defensive line coach Jim Washburn and his “Wide Nine” alignment?

During his news conference yesterday, Eagles head coach Andy Reid refused to comment about himself or Castillo returning to coach here again next season.  He said that he hasn’t spoken to team owner Jeffrey Lurie about his future with the ball club.  Reid said he was focused on beating the Redskins in the Birds final regular season game next Sunday.

Personally, I believe this could happen.  I’ve heard Anthony Gargano, who is a good friend of Spagnuolo’s, say on 94WIP numerous times that he didn’t think Spags would be fired this season.  Sometimes a coach has a great feel for job status other times the coach is the last one to know.

According to Acee, league sources close to San Diego team president Dean Spanos say that the Chargers will fire their head coach Norv Turner.  And chances are that Spanos will also fire GM Smith. but he won’t decide that until the middle of the week.

Acee says Rams owner Kranke will hire Smith as his GM when and if he becomes available while bringing in Jon Gruden as his new head coach.  Acee reports that sources have told him that ESPN is already aware of Gruden’s desire to get back into coaching by taking this job with the Rams. on Facebook

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100 Comments for “Report: Steve Spagnuolo Returning To Philly As Defensive Coordinator”

  1. this sounds entirely to easy for us at eagle-nation!

  2. I don’t believe in any of it..
    If Spags gets fired, he’s still due a paycheck for the 2012 Season from the Rams under his orginial contract .. Why jump right back into Coaching when he’s already getting paid a higher amount that he would recieve as a Coorfinator..
    Also, don’t buy John Gruden going to the Rams..I could see Miami or Tampa again since Gruden lives in Florida, but St Louis which is not a very talented team or close to competing for the Playoffs and plays in the NFC West so not much National Media Attention
    Remember when COaches and GM’s get fired, they usually have a “buyout deal” which pays them a windfall amout from the Organization that fired them, but usually, by accepting the terms, that Coach or GM cannot work for another Team for usually a Year, or if they do, than they lose their “buyout deal”

  3. Yeah…Gruden going back to a sh!T Miami team or returing to the Bucs.Will aliens drive him there too dude?Thats the Pats division until Brady retires.

    Spags would make our d top shelf.It has the talent,minus a player or two.

  4. Said while cougihng…. “buuullllshitttt”

  5. Miami is a lot closer for playoff contention that St Louis is.. Coach for a proud Franchise with Tradition and rabid fans and local media (if you play good) Check their OL out, which is young and has some very good players in Long,Pouncey,V Carey, J Jerry..They have good WR’s & RB’s, have a good Def Front 7 but need a top-Notch QB and some Secondary help with another pass-rusher DE.. get 3-4 pieces and the Dolphins can compete for a playoff spot (even if it’s a Wildcard spot) for the Jets are going downhill fast

  6. I do think the Chargers will talk to Eagles OC Marty and Giants OC Kevin GIlbride about their HC position after they Fire Norv Turner..

  7. paulman: Rams have a franchise QB who is still extremely young, a top 3 draft pick, and the most cap of any NFL team in 2013. What coach wouldn’t want that.

  8. Anybody that needs a new HC obviously doesnt have a good team so what makes people think that Gruden wouldnt go to the Rams ? If Gruden gets back into it hes gonna go to a place where he has some say, as far as Spags coming here? Paulman this isnt a game, Spags wasnt the kind of head coach that will make the Rams not pay him so he cant coach or recieve compensation, they buy him out and he moves on, as of right now i dont see anybody picking him up as a head coach, if i were the Eagles i would pick him up the same day they fire him cause if they dont the Giants certainly will.

  9. The Eagles should bring him back. Then let him draft the defensive players he wants. The Rams lack talent and maybe Spag walks.

    Regardless we wont win a super bowl with reid.

  10. Why would Spags walk Atra… he will get fired, it’s not up to him ????
    Whay would he want to go from a HC back to a Coordinator.. because the Eagles fans want him too.. You guys crack me up…

    Ed the Fed,
    Bradford took major steps back from his good Rookie Season and is basically starting over, they have weak WR’s, No TE and Bust at LR in Simth who was a top pick 3 Drafts ago, an aging, disgruntled RB in S Jackson.. a good front 7 Defensively but a suspect Secondary
    When looking at opportunities between the Dolhins and Rams,
    The Dolphins play in the AFC EAst which received a lot more National Attention than the NFC West whose most teams play in the Pacific Time zone and many don’t follow or see many of their games..
    I also think AFC West with 49ers,Seahawks,Cardinals as a group are going to be more competitive teams over the the next 5-8 Years than the AFC East is.. The Jets are going down and overrated (the AFC Version of the Eagles) the Bills have a ton of needs and the Patriots are not going to be on top for too much longer as Brady gets older,injured or retires in a few Season.. Taking the Dolphin Job is a much quicker path to success (as long as they fix the QB position) than the Rams job..

  11. speculation is worthless. We’ll all know what happens when it happens. Did anyone else realize that this ‘report’ is essentially several members of the media (fiending for a lead) amplifying a brash prediction by another reporter. It’s like a bunch of pigeons sprinting to a pile of scraps and gorging themselves, only to realize that there was never any food there.

    I’m fairly confident that we will all find out about all the coaching moves long before the season starts – read ‘when it starts to matter at all’.

    Look, if you enjoy speculating (paulman?), then suit yourself. I just seems silly to me “ooh, a straw I can grasp at”…….

  12. Paulman- this is one of those things that you say over and over and over and get proved wrong later.

    Spags will be bought out but even if he is not………

    1) Look how fast stock on coaches goes up and goes down. Marty was a person EVERYTEAM was rumored to be looking at last year. Havent heard his name even peeped this year.

    2) Spags is not going to get a HC job in 2 years. He NEEDS to get back in the game. LOTSSSS of possible DC jobs on good teams this year. Just imagine how hot his stock would be if he came here (this team is LOADED on D with talent) and turned them into something special. HC jobs would come back real quick.

    …ok… now…. you are going to tell me about how coaches are linked and all the other deals are over after this year for all the other coches……. but lets just map it out……
    lets say…
    spags does well in philly. The birds get to the playoffs and lose to GB in the 1st round of next years playoffs….. Vick threw a pass to Avant and it bounced off his chest and into the D’s hands, the Pack scores and we get booted out.

    If im Jeff L and i dont want to bring reid back….. whom might i turn to?

    Pman- i dont think its gunna happen…. BUT… the birds to pay HUGE money to their coaches…. even Assistant coaches…. and Spags is exactly who we need.

  13. Spags and Washburn are like Oil and Vinegar
    Spags like to blitz, give multiple looks, drop back zone coverage schemes
    Washburn liks Wide-9 with very little blitzing and turn the DL loose after the QB..
    Is Spags going to stop doing what he has made succesful as a DC for Washburn is not going to change his scheme.. These Coaches don’t mix well

    As far as Spags getting fired , I believe he will, then he will also receive a buyout (basically meaning he will get paid not to coach in 2012) ..
    I think Spags sits out next Season while collecting a nice paychek from the Rams and then interviews for the Eagles HC positon after the 2012 Season… Why would he come in for a 1 year lame-duck HC and work with a Defense Line Coach who has an entirely different scheme then his own.. Just to help Coach AR out…Put that in your pipe and smoke it..

  14. If true, most of us said Castillo would be made the scapegoat. I love Spags, but the same problems will still exist here. Reid & Roseman. As long as those 2 @$$clowns are making personnel decisions, we will not change for the better. Like I said, many times before, although Castillo was horrid, he didn’t hire himself.

  15. pman- you have a good point. ive wondered this myself BUT……. heres what ive been thinking about this….

    1) Spags is a JJ pupil.
    2) JJ wanted DE’s to rush- he wanted to get pressure up front.
    3) Andy and co. gave him trash most of the time on the otherside of our lone DE stud.
    4. The one time we actually had some pass rush from DE’s (the burgess year), i believe they sent slightly less blitzers.
    5. In NY spags did blitz but he also got LOTSSSSSS of pressure from the front 4. that can happen here

    so…. i actually think it would work just fine. although…. i think we see Juan as the guy again. PLEASE JEFF>>>>>> DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Paulman you’ve been talking about AR’s lame duck status for 3 years now. I don’t know if Spags is coming here or not but if he does it will be for the same reason everyone else does, money. All you talk about is AR being a lame duck coach and losing his power, if any of that is true then how the hell would he be able to keep his job after this year? Like I said last year and the year before, he’s not going anywhere until he decides he wants to. If you say it enough though eventually you’ll be right.

  17. DCAR- no scapegoats this time. Andy put him there… andy falls on the sword. He’s loyal to his guys. Look at how Sean left…. he was first locked up in Carolina. Juan stays on. Perhaps as Assistant to the Head coach or something. btw…. anyone else worry a little if they move him to LB coach? i dont want Juan anywhere near the new LB’s we bring in. If your the DC(with a LB history).. and you were ok with what we had at LB……. clearly you are not good at your job.

  18. yes clueless….. you are right. Pman said that Andy had no power anymore. And then…… Andy hired the waterboy to run the D.

  19. im not kidding about this- if spags does get cut loose…. we should stank outside the nova or stadium and organize a march or something. we can NOT go into next year with Juan.

  20. exactly stevo, AR is not just the coach he is part of the Eagles group. Reid, Roseman, Banner and Lurie. I don’t know how you can see it any other way. They look at this guy as the reason for there finacial success and they love him. How else can you explain it, seriously?

  21. Coach AR and his Staff are returning in 2012 because the Staff is all under Contract thru 2012 and Coach AR is signed thru 2013

  22. Gruden at Miami playing for Parcells?? You’re kidding!
    Also don’t see Juan getting fired if Spags does come… they’ll let Lynn go and maybe demote Castillo.
    Pman: there’s nothing saying Spags wouldn’t require as part of a lower settlement to be able to coach D anywhere…. Anything is negotiable and being young, why would he even agree to sit around doing nothing for a year.
    The best solution though is to still get rid of Reid and FO that can’t draft an impact #1 player to start right away. Important D positions must be filled along with a big WR if DJax is gone.

  23. At any rate, don’t believe these “news leaks” until they happen.

  24. iggles – I don’t buy the gruden to Miami prediction – because it’s just a prediction and therefore weak – but FYI – parcells is no longer in Miami…

  25. To Stevo, I never stated that AR has lost all his power, I stated that Banner pulled many of the Player Personnel issues from him like the Draft,Scouting and Free-Agency and has given it to GM Roseman and let Coach AR focus more on the Coaching Staff, Game plans and and Player & Coach Development

    Does anyone really think that AR was inovled in courting CB Asmo to come to the Eagles.. I think he was just as surprised as many of us were just as GM Rosman seemed to be when they announced they got him.. Then the next part was what to do with him which was almost comical once they got him which seemed like no one (Roseman & AR and Coaches) gave it much thought beforehand and therefore never really had a solid gameplan on best how to utilize one of the best CB’s in the NFL, which made no sense at all…
    GM Roseman was shooting from the hip like he has shown in the last 2 Drafts so yes, I do believe that Coach AR has has to yield authority to GM Roseman in these areas

  26. Bill Cowher to Miami is what my sources are telling me…
    The foundation is already in place along the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball which can easily convert to the style that Cowher likes to run

  27. To paulman- BOGUS!!!!! dont even try it. you talked about “sourses” telling you that Andy had ‘NO SAY” in the Mcnabb trade and that he would have “NO SAY” in the next DC. just stop… please. Be like rex ryan and stick to your word.

  28. Oh please paul, your sources haven’t been telling you anything in the past few days because they’ve been too busy helping out their fellow imaginary friend, Santa Claus with his seasonal duties.

  29. Stevo – it’s unfair to ask Paulman to stick to his word. He has far too many words to stick to for that to be posible.

  30. Paulman- Yes… i actually do think he was a part of it. I think before the off season got rolling… the birds brain farts locked themselves in the Nova and graded every single player in FA and what they were willing to give for them. I think they wanted NNamdi and agreed to persue him at “the right proce”. i think they were surprised that he was willing to come here for less (thats assuming they didnt tamper like every other flipping franchise).

    Pman- dont make it sound like you were saying that power was slightly shifted to help andy coach. You were clearly saying tat Andy was removed from power in some areas. And i was clearly telling you that if that happened Andy would just walk and be the head guru GM Lord somewhere else.

  31. that being said….. i PRAY they bring in a true GM this year, I know it wont happen BUT… its LONGGGGG past time. Because of the way we are right now…. i actually think they should keep reid on for this year (i know…. goes against all ive said for YEARS)…. but….. i still tink we have a shot with most of what we have right now.

    1) GM
    2) a real live NFL D.C.
    3)MLB with anger issues
    4) A TRUE FS- let the other 6 fight it out for the S.S. role.

  32. what we need is some fresh blood and some basic football camps. learn to tackle… learn to catch…. learn to not put 6’10 guards in front of our tiny qb’s fav throwing lane.

  33. My 2012 Eagles Wish List:

    1) DEMOTE Castillo back to Offensive Line Coach or Def. Assistant (so he can learn)

    2) Hire Spags

    3) Sign Dwayne Bowe

    4) Sign Laron Landry

    5) Draft Vontaze Burfect

    Can I cross my top two off by this time next week?

  34. This is just someone trying to create a story and the story has no credibility. First, the Eagles FO and AR will point to the fact that they will finish top ten in the league in defense and lead the league in sacks. Why on earth would you fire your DC given those numbers. Well we can all see that those numbers are a mirage but thats what they will tell themselves. Second, they will want to avoid more changes after what happened this year and maintaining the status quo is a safer route.
    Yes Spaggs is a JJ clone and that is appealing for a story. But, it is highly unlikely that they make that move. Someone is trying to generate a story but this will be a largely uneventful off-season.
    The biggest story after everyone realizes that none of the coaches are getting replaced will be whether or not they opt to re-sign Jackson. I am thinking that is about 30/70 right now. If it is getting done, it will get done before FA starts so it gives us something to talk about non-stop and debate for the next two months of waiting for FA to start. I would wager heavily that FA aside from the Jackson intrigue will be highly uneventful and disappointing for anyone looking for big moves. There are no FA LBs or safeties out there that will thrill us. So what to look for in FA? If they let Jackson go, will they sign a veteran WR? Again nothing big. Meachem would be a nice fit and attainable. No way Dwayne Bowe or Colston hits the market. Mike Wallace is restricted. Or they may sign no one. Next story will be that they extend Shady and Maclin to avoid the mess they created this year. That will be their feel good FA story. Third would be who they sign as back up QB. Will it be McNabb? That will be a story between now and the middle of March. I’m betting on Derek Anderson or possibly Brady Quinn. But there will be NO SIGNIFICANT FA defensive signings. Mark my words on that. They will also trump up re-signing Mathis to maintain on the O line. Good idea, but…..Yawn. No shiny new toys here folks except possibly a decent replacement for the departed Jackson.

  35. I call “bullsh-t” on this article….. a bunch of hearsay…..

    Spags is an excellent coach who inherited a garbage team and injuries killed him this season…. he deserves another year and if the Rams fire him, he will certainly get head coaching opportunities…..I wouldnt mind him coming to be the Def-coordinator for the Birds with the intent to replace Reid after 2012…..BUT its never going to happen…

    I see Gruden getting the Chargers gig as he loves the San Diego area……Reid and his entire staff need to be replaced NOW.

  36. @Paulman – why would Spags sit out??? that’s dumb! he gets paid for his contract regardless…..DUH! That would only hurt his chances of landing another gig.

  37. jbird-

    i hear ya BUT…. watching Jeff in the box during the pats game left a mark on me. I disagree with many on here that he is ALL about the bottom line. Yes.. yes.,.. bizz first BUT…. a change at DC is still very very possible.

  38. jbird- i dont think spags is coming here. About the Fs’s and LB’s tho- there are good football players on other teams that are better than the crap we have at LB. we have Draft picks to trade and i really dont understand where the eagles are going to put all the new faces when they have a butt load of new faces from the last 2 years that havent seen time on the field.

  39. The draft of course is always intiguing and always disappointing. I would place odds at 50/50 on taking a MLB in the first round. WR (if Jackson walks) or DT (given Patterson and Jenkins age and Laws leaving) would seem just as likely and more in line with what they like to do. I don’t know why anyone would expect Reid to change his stripes now. He is obviously still very secure here. Besides Burfect is the only stud and he has character issues. Anyone else would be reaching and drafting for position over best value and the Eagles don’t do that. The Eagles will also not draft a safety in the first round. They spent two second round picks on safeties and AR is going to make them work no matter whether they can play or not. They will bring in a veteran FA you never heard of and thats it aside from a fifth round gamble pick at the position. They will draft largely on the defensive side of the ball and will have more misses than hits because they can’t evaluate defensive talent so its like throwing darts in dark room. If they find someone it will be dumb luck. They may draft a QB surprisingly high to be Vick’s successor. Think Kevin Kolb Mark II. Or worse. RG3 if he slides to the second round.

  40. Vontaze or Kuechly in the draft. Dwayne Bowe and Laron Landry in free agency. GIVE IT TO ME!!

  41. Stevo…just remember who you are talking about here. AR will commit to his high picks so there is no way he spends money on a safety. Allen has the knee excuse and Jarrett the OTA excuse. Both poor excuses but that will be the excuses. NO safeties in FA. Also Stevo, give me some names for FA LBs that the Eagles could go after. I don’t see anything out there.

  42. i hate that we are doing this again. Begging for DC’s and FA’s all over again. ugh…. kill me.

  43. Birdo…..there’s a better chance that you get the DC position this off-season than getting either of those guys. Talk about stuff that could happen rather than fantasy. Those ideas are a waste of time.

  44. jbird- im banking on Reid perhaps losing some control. notice i didnt say that “sources” confirmed this or anything.Im hoping that Jeff isnt buying this… young team…. no ota’s…… new DC crap. I think there will be some struggles in the F.O. this off season and perhaps Andy steps down if he doesnt get his way. Again…… no confirmation on this from pauls pooolboy or anything, just guessing and hoping a little. i just dropped $300 on watching this crap play through sunday ticket….. you can give me this hope cant you jbird?

  45. jbrid and stevo – while you’re ‘doing this again’ – remember that generally, everyone’s predictions are wrong. Last year, nobody knew what they were going to do – from DC to all the free agents and draft picks – everything was a surprise. Nobody predicted the Kolb thing way back, same goes for Donny trade, Vick….etc…etc…etc…

    So history, and even the most recent history tells us we have no friggin idea…. so why pretend we do?

  46. I can’t help it if some of my sources are addicted to Egg-Nog and Opiates around the Holiday Season…
    I think I should be GM or at least assist GM Roseman in the Draft and Free-Agency Process.. I could build a Championship Roster in 2 years time
    and I also think that President Banner is calling more shots and has taken some authority away from Coach AR over the last 2-3 off-seasons and transferred to his lap-dog GM Howie Roseman and I stand by this statement.
    which is why an expereinced HC would never take the EAgles HC position for they way this Front Office is Set-up and having to deal with an AMatuer like Roseman.. Can anyone see a Cowher, Gruden, even Jeff Fisher deferring football descions to Howie Roseman… C’mon Guys.. this is getting comical

  47. Stevo…whats worse is there will be nothing to get excited about between now and next September. There will items of interest as always. But there will be no NEW players here to get fired up about via either FA or the draft. It will be boring and disappointing on both fronts. We are in limbo for another year.
    But I feel 99.9% certain that next year is Andy’s very last chance. He must A) make the playoffs and B) win his first playoff game in four years. If not, he will absolutely be fired. And it will happen less gently than it would have this year because there will be more disgust and frustration from the FO. No getting kicked upstairs. No letting down gently. Just, “look its time for change so we are going to let you go in as dignified a way as we can. But we’re done with you.”

  48. jbird — I will talk about and fantasize about what I see fit and about who I want.

    Back in 04 I dreamed about T.O., even after he was traded to Baltimore for some reason I still had hope… happened.

    This past year I dreamed of Nnamdi, I was at a lost for words when we traded for DRC and the Cowboys appeared the front-runner for him……it happened.

    This year I will dream for Vontaze, Bowe, and Landry. Two out of three will suffice…..I’ll even live with 1 of the 3.

  49. This is all smoke blowing and crap

  50. Birdo…you might get Vontaze. The other two? Forget it. They are franchise players on teams that desperately need something to build around. They won’t even hit the market. The Skins are only a QB away from making us the worst team in the division on paper.

  51. 3-4 Areas of Interest for the Eagles Off-Season

    #1) What to do about WR D-Jackson
    #2) What to do about CB A Samuel
    #3) Who becomes the #2 Back-up QB which means some playing time behind the oft-injured QB m Vick
    #4) Who do the Eagles target in the Draft which is very deep at DT/LB/OL/WR/RB positions this year
    #5) Who do Eagles Taget in Free-Agnecy if anyone.. If D-Jax moves own, do the pick an expereiced WR or go thru the Draft.. Do the Eagles bring in a expereienced LB and Safety to help sure up those positions and count on the young players to keep improving ..

    I do beleive the Free-Agency period has been moved up this off-Season to mid.late Febuary/early March adn before the NFL Draft in April..

  52. Schill- i disagree. Ive been right about alot of what happened last year. I said the birds were going all in and i was right. I said Nnamdi was coming here. and then i said he was not… and then i said he was again. lol. i said DRC was going to come in a trade for Vinnies poster boy. I also said he would suck there because they dont run a style that fits Kolb AT ALL. i also said that Andy was running the show and that Pman was wrong about Banner being the real guy. I also said we were getting a new DE… i said they would pay big bucks because Graham would still be hurt.

    I honestly feel that the birds will upgrade at the LB position. I think it happens Via a trade.
    I honestly feel that the birds cut ties with Asam and that they use that money to surprise us with a toy-prolly on the D side of the ball.
    i honestly feel that they will make moves again this off season because banner said “we will have the $$ to do this again next year if we so choose”.
    as far as the DC goes…… i dont know what to think. Dont know what they will do.

    im wrong much of the time guys…didnt think babbinb was coming here,,,,, but i was pretty right about a lot last year and i think the birds know whats wrong and will try and fix it.

    Ill go on record…… the birds get a new DC this year.

  53. Birdo, I like your thinking, but Landry just had amajor injury & won’t be ready for the start of the season. Please, no more injury signings. I love Kuechy, Vontaze & Teo. One of the 3 are a must, for this team.
    Schiller, why are you always pissing on everyone’s parade? It’s fun to speculate, talk about possible transactions, & draft picks to better our teams. That’s why we have Hot stove & water cooler talk with our friends, & coworkers. Either you have no friends, or no fun in life. Stop being a miserable bastard, party pooper! And you call us negative & haters. You’re a nauseating, hypocritical person!

  54. im dreaming about a new DC that can coach this unit.

    im dreaming about a FS that can hit.

    im dreaming about a MLB that belongs in jail.

    im with Birdo. i called MANY MANY things right last year when Pman and others said i was crazy. I called DRC. I called Nnamdi. and just like you birdo….. i had hope for T.O.

    this would have worked my friends had Andy hired a DC last year. Yes the O was out of sync this year but i think they will be back.

  55. Sources of mine report that 49ers WR Braylon Edwards was released by the Team and he has never really overcome his kneee surgery he has ealrier this Season (similar to Eagles WR Steve Smith) ..
    If Eagles decide not to offer or attemtp to sign WR D-JaAx, Braylon Edwards could be that big WR they have been looking for

  56. A coupole things D-Car about the ILB in this Draft

    V Burfict has dropped like a hot potatos and some character red flags an d most Draft guru’s now have him down to the middle/end of the 2nd Round
    Teo has declared that he’s going back for his Senior Season at Notre Dame and will be in this Draft
    Buechley is still suspect in pass-coverage and an overall lack of foot speed to possibly be an every down LB at the NFL level..

  57. Yep, I take pride in my DRC prediction before I made mine before it was even talked about. Everyone was talking about before the draft and trading Kolb to ARZ for the 5th pick and getting Peterson……I told everyone I knew that if ARZ selects Peterson, we were going to trade Kolb for DRC — now I didn’t think we were going to get a second round pick WITH that but…….I’ll take it.

  58. Like I said a few weeks back, let D-Jax & Asante walk, sign either Bowe, Colston, or V-Jax, because none of them can be franchised again, due to the new CBA. Re-sign DRC, & play him & Asomugha correctly. Sign Tullock. Do all you can to draft Stills & one of either Kuechy, Vontaze, or Teo. Draft QB of the future, either Foles, Cousins, or Moore. Fire Reid & staff. Hire Billick- HC; Spags- DC; Childress- OC.

  59. Paul, your right, forgot about Teo. Damn! That will be good for the Birds if Vontaze drops. I don’t care about red flags, unless it is drugs, or criminal. We need size, attitude & playmaking in our LB, DT & safety corps. Jenkins did good but tailed off, & Patterson is a non-factor. He has to go. Stills would be a beast with Cole, Jenkins & Babin.

  60. Stevo…..I agree that the offense was out of sync this year and that was largely because Mudd didn’t have the time he needed to get essentially four new (to their position O lineman ready before the season started and Vick was under fire early and often). The O line will be ready to go from the gate next year so that alone would lead to improvement. Plus Kelce and Watkins have that second year jump potential. They are both hard working young men that I would bank on doing what they are asked to improve this off-season. As long as they re-sign Mathis the O line will be a good one. But re-signing Mathis is a very under discussed key in FA this year. He stayed healthy all year and was rated well by PFF. It would be absolutely assinine not to re-sign this guy. Vick will not improve much and will still be reckless at times. But, he will be better than this year in the turn over department mostly because it would be hard to be worse. Jackson leaving will make a difference unless they find a strong replacement. I like Meachem because Colston is a FA too and I don’t think they can sign them both especially if Meachem can find starter money somewhere else. He has exceptional speed but is bigger, tougher and has better hands than Jackson. He has twice as many TDs as Jackson as a back up.

  61. Dcar, im with you. I wanted Tulloch from the start and instead we got steve smith for the 7th wr spot. Honestly, this D just needs a coach. get some help at LB and we are ok.

  62. Stevo….they need more than just a coach. They will continue to get run on as long as they are weak up the middle. They have improved statistically over the last few weeks because we got big early leads. So the run option was taken away from those teams. They NEED a MLB and a better safety than the ones currently starting. But if I know one thing about Reid, he will stick with his high picks to the detriment of this secondary next year. The defense ill be as good as the offense is next year. That is to say, the more they are given big leads the better they will be. And when they don’t have large leads to play with, they will be mediocre. There is no sure fire MLB available in FA or the draft. Burfect is probably the closest thing but I doubt they take the chance on another “character issue.” They will probably draft a DT in the first round and they will probably whiff again because they need a 315-335 lb monster and they will draft another 300 pounder that is “athletic”, i.e. too small. And Jenkins is not a DT. He should be playing DE on first downs with Dixon and Patterson in the middle and Babin should be rotating in and out with Jenkins and Cole with all three playing third downs. Jenkins should only be a DT on third and long.

  63. Stevo, they had a chance to sign Tullock, Barnett, Ruud, Posluszny, Morrison, who all would have been major upgrades, not to mention Weddle, Landry, at Safety. Or how about re-signing Q-MIKE OR STEW. BTW, how did those useless, unnecessary signings, of VY, Brown & Smith work out? Wasted $$$, that could of, & should been spent on the above.

  64. jbird – don’t know what you mean about Jenkins. He was a DE in Greenbay becuase they use a 3-4. But he’s taller and heavier than Mike Patterson. His size is Aok for a 4-3 DT. I don’t think the run issues were with this DTs – sure losing Dixon to injury hurt a bit, but I think it was more with the wide 9 scheme – which worked out better as the season went along (in my opinion it was Washburn phasing in the system, using his regular teaching timetable but without the training camp – and therefore sacrificing early success for overall grasping of the system).

  65. I agree about Jenkins. He’s fine, but he disappeared from making plays a month ago, due to wear & tear. That’s why a monster between him & Cole is a must. Patterson is a non-factor, & must go. Dixon will help, but can’t be counted on. He has a half of a season of meaning to go on. Man did we miss him in the run game this year, though. If they can get Stills & Burfect with their first 2 picks, I’ll be a happy man.

  66. DCar…Isn’t Stills another runty DT around 300 lbs??

  67. DCar…just looked. He is a pretty big guy. He’s 6’5″ and 310. Thats still a little lean for his height. More of a 3-4 DE

  68. So now let me get this straight….now the Eagles didn’t do the right thing during this past off season? or didnt’ do enough? The Eagles went out and signed 24, no one really had a problem with that when it happened, right? ..Eagles signed Cullen Jenkins, Eagles signed Jason Babin, Eagles traded Kolb for a solid CB and a 2nd round pick…Eagles sign Washburn, Eagles sign Mudd….Do you all live in a perfect world or some shit? Would of loved the Eagles to hit a home run with the Smith, Young, Brown, signings, but they didn’t! …BTW, Eagles couldnt sign Tulloch and Nnamdi, both…..anyone can say, Eagles should have done this or done that when your staring directly at the future! Overall the off season was very productive in which those moves will benefit this team in the upcoming seasons!

  69. If I’m drafting a DT in the first round, he has to be unblockable one on one at the point of attack excepting a PB G/C and good for 6-8 sacks. Other than that, I don’t need another first round pick wasted on a Patterson/Bunkley. I would really like to go after Burfect, but I doubt they will. He will be another Randy Moss/Warren Sapp type that people are just sick for not drafting because of red flags.

  70. Jbird- i agree about your Oline coments. I agree we need to resign Mathis.

    Jbird- if you read my threads ive been screaming for a MLB for years, We will never be tough until we get one. I really liked Mays- was watching him play out here in the midwest. I would have settled on him…. much better than what we have now. I WANTED TULLOCH!!!!! sorry- still peeved about that.

  71. What pisses me off the most is that we had a chance at Navarro Bowman AND Sean Lee and passed up on BOTH of them in mid-late rounds!

  72. Paulman are you serious? Braylon Edwards in replace of DJAX, after not recovering from a knee injury…Give me a break!

  73. real- agree. They did a great job in the off season. Loved it. Not gunna slam them. However…. they NEEDED a MLB more than a 3rd CB. They NEEDED a MLB more than Smith. Mathews at MLB was never going to work and it sucks that they made us hate him for it.

    that said….. the biggest move they should have made last year was hiring a DC. they didnt and we see what happens. Im curious how these LB’s would play if they had a coach. btw- its why i was wrong about babbin.

  74. and that takes us to drafting. Im not going to slam Graham or Allen because i think they will do ok in the long run BUT….. we need better drafting on D. Where is the fire from these picks? where is the heart. I see no hunger in any of them. They are small- they are fast- they are trash.

  75. The had a deal in principle with Tullock, but his former Coach (Schwartz) from the Lions won him over and they paid him more $$$
    Barnett was coming off major knee Surgery and bounced back with a Strong Season which has surprised most NFL observors.
    Pozlusky has been a bust with the Jaguars and has not had a very good season
    Weddle was huge $$$ and the Eagles already committed 3 Draft picks to the Safety position in Allen,Coleman and Jarrett
    Stew was a situational player for the Cardinals this season and could not beat out 34 year old Journeymen Paris Lenon at ILB and has 30 tackles in 15 Games this Season…
    Q Mickell is having a very solid season for the Rams and has 84 Tackles going into the final game, He has 5 Forced Fumbles and 2 Int’s and is the one former Eagle who the 2011 Team could have really used, and not only for his production on the field but his locker room leadership ability and his mentoring he could have provided for this young safety corp of the Eagles
    (Selecting JArrett was a huge mistake and Jarrett is not NFL material, he’;s too slow, and not big enough.. In the Pre-Draft they listed Jarrett at 6-1 215 lbs and he’s more like 5-10 1/2 and 194lbs which is too small by todays Safety Standards and he can’t play pass coverage well for hes not quick enough.. a major miss with the #55 Overall Player taken in the 2010 Draft.. Here’s a quick list of who was still on the Board when Eagles took Jarrett
    at #55
    C/Guard – Rodney Hudson (A Starter for the Chiefs)
    OT – Marcus Gilbert (Starter for the Steelers)
    WR – Torrey Smith (Starter and big-playmaker/deep threat for the Ravens)
    WR/Returnman – Randall Cobb (Dyanmic player who excells in Return game and can be used on Reverses,Deep routes,Screens, and could have been an excelllent replacement for D-Jax and who is almost as fast but bigger,stronger and tougher..

    Here are some very good LB;s who went in the next 10-12 picks after Jarrett was elected and all of these players have been nice contributors for their teams
    OLB Dontay Moch – (Rotational player for the Bengals)
    ILB K Shepard – (Starter for the Bills)
    OLB J Houston – (Starter for the KC Chiefs)
    OLB/ILB – M Wilson (sub for NO Saints, started in place of injured Vilma)

  76. Paul, I don’t believe they had a deal in place. I remember you saying that based off of some rumor, but I never saw reputable evidence of that.

    Guys, wasn’t smith signed after all the quality LBs were signed? That’s how I remember it and it means that the whole ‘should’ve signed an LB over smith’ is misguided because the two are unrelated. There were no quality LBs out there at the time they signed Smith, so it wasn’t a choice between one or the other – one was impossible and the other wasn’t. Now why they were unable to get an LB before hand, well that’s where you have to look at them targeting Nnamdi and Jenkins/Babin….

  77. If D-Jax moves on…Here’s a name top keep an eye on in the Draft

    Joe Adams from Arkansas – 5′ 11″ – 190 lbs and runs a 4.38 40 time
    he is projected to be a 3rd Rounder.. You Draft a player like this to return kics/punts and be a deep speed threat for 15-20 plays a game, then you use A big target like a B Edwards for Red-Zone and other plays.. I did not want to suggest that B Edwards replaced all the D-Jax does, All I am saying is that you could get a 6-4 225 lbs on the cheap who could be the most effective in the part of the field that the Eagles struggle the most (Red-Zone)
    I have said from Day 1 that if D-Jax played 40 snaps a game that he would be as effective or even more so, than being an everydown WR which he is not.. He would be fresher later in games and could be used for the big plays and the return game.. Him playing 60-65 snaps a game wears him out and he has a tendancy to take many plays off and lose focus..

  78. per Sources, Tullock told Eagles he needed 24 hrs to sleep on it and then the Lions made a counter-offer which was better and he took the Lions deal to reunite with his former DC J Schwartz who is now the Lions HC.. and got more $$$ and an extra year on his Deal than the Eagles Offered..

  79. Paul, an extra year? The deal was for 1 year. Were the Eagles offering him $ and 0 years?

  80. again I go back to the lack of a concerted plan in the Off-Season and will use the Free-Agency as an example, When the Eagles unexpectantly landed CB Asmo, they spent their wad, and still never addressed the LB or Safety position and were unable to do so on any long-term deals with Players..So then they switched gears and spent the remaining $$$ on 1 Year Deals to rent players VY,R Brown,Steve Smith for a Season instead of maybe locking up D-Jax.. This move, strategy ends up backfiring since the Eagles got very little productions from the 1 Year Rent a Players and will now probably lose D-Jax by jerking his chain around and not taking care of his contract..

  81. Tullock signed a 4 Year Deal with the Lions, not 1 ??
    Eagles offered 3 Years..

  82. Paul, didn’t address safety? They signed a vet and drafted one (the 3rd draft pick at the position in 3 years). How does 2 moves at safety = 0? And never addressed LB? They drafted several of them for the past few years. They also brought back Akeem Jordan. Again – not a lack of moves. And didn’t resign anyone…um… Vick?!

  83. It was a 1 year deal according to sources on the internet. What you smoking Paul?

  84. 1 year pman- boom roasted. fire your pool boy “source”.

    and btw- the birds had money to sign Djax- they just dont want to pay him that much.

  85. and the phills will win more than 83 games last year.

  86. I don’t believe anything that’s on the Internet, but I did see that story on Espn so I am going to check on it.. Eminem told me last Summer at a Kid Rock Picnic Party that LB Tullock signed a 4 Year Deal and they were busting my stones about it since their beloved Lions outbid my Eagles to get him… Eagles Signed J Page once they realized that Nate Allen was still hurting a bit front off-season Surgery..Selecting Safety J Jarreett was a huge reach…

  87. Redskins release RB Ryan Torrain who may be not be a bad fit for the Eagles as far as a Back-up to RB McCoy..

  88. Damn wouldn’t it be somethig if we got Gruden and Spags? This way we could let “Abbott and Castillo” take their show on the road. The 3 Amigos Andy, Juan, and Marty.

  89. It’s not going to happen Songs.. Coach AR and Staff will be back in 2012
    I do think O/C MM leaves to take a Head Coaching Job elsewhere…
    Perhaps at Penn State or San Diego Chargers..

  90. Doesn’t matter who is Def Coor as long as Andy is fine with his Offense scoring ave of 10-17 points in playoffs in his lovely 13 yr as head coach

  91. tonto – that’s a stupid thing to say. First of all, if the defense is that good, you can potentially count on them for 7-14 points of football on a semi regular basis. Add that to your offensive points and you win football games. How much were the Ravens, Giants and Steelers scoring in their superbowl playoff run? I’m curious mr research.

    Dude, we get your opinion on Reid, but that statement literally defies logic.

  92. SB winners playoff scoring(points)
    There two highest playoff game scores
    2010 Packers 48+ 31 points
    2009 saints 45 + 31 points
    2008 Steelers 35 +27 points
    2007 Giants 24 +23 points
    2006 Colts 38 + 29 points
    2005 Steelers 34 +31 points
    2004 Patriots 41 +24 pts
    2003 Patriots 32 +24 pts
    2002 Bucs 48 +31 pts
    2001 Patriots 24 +20
    2000 Ravens 34 +24

  93. 2011 Eagles did not make playoffs
    2010 16 pts
    2009 14pts

  94. i would have added more in our last three years but we only had two playoff games…sorry

  95. 08 Eagles 26 , 24 pts (finished 2nd in div, 9-6 record)
    07 Eagles Did not make playoffs

  96. i think if we had a balanced offense we make playoffs in 07 and this yr, and we score more points in 2009 and 2010….14,16 is pathetic and not making playoffs is pathetic….that’s why if we had Reggie white, dion sanders, Spags as Def CCOORD AND THROW IN LB of your choice we still lose cause of running ball 10 times and not 27-40 like these champions

  97. SB winners playoff scoring(points)
    There two highest playoff game scores
    2010 Packers 48+ 31 points
    2009 saints 45 + 31 points
    2008 Steelers 35 +27 points
    2007 Giants 24 +23 points
    2006 Colts 38 + 29 points
    2005 Steelers 34 +31 points
    2004 Patriots 41 +24 pts
    2003 Patriots 32 +24 pts
    2002 Bucs 48 +31 pts
    2001 Patriots 24 +20
    2000 Ravens 34 +24

  98. Paul, Tullock, is listed as a free agent, on several sports sites. He didn’t sign a 4 year deal. I think you’re getting him confused with Paul Posluszny. But I may be wrong.

  99. I stand Corrected and had Tucllock as down signing a long-term deal with the Lions.. Tulloch is indeed a Free-Agent and the Eagles should pursue him again..

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