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Reid Won’t Comment On Spagnuolo Report And Coleman Is Put On IR

Eagles head coach Andy Reid refused to comment on the report that Rams current head coach Steve Spagnuolo will become the team’s defensive coordinator after he is fired by the Rams at the end of the season.  It’s not a shock that Reid would avoid responding to the report.

Eagles safety Kurt Coleman has been placed on IR because of a torn bicep.  I like Coleman because of his football savvy and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  He doesn’t have the speed to be an elite safety but I think he’s good guy to have around as a backup.

I know Coleman regrets not playing against the Redskins because he had a career day in the first game versus Washington this season.  The safety had three interceptions and was the NFC Defensive Player Of The Week.

Rookie safety Jaiquawn Jarrett will get the start at the safety position this week for the Birds.  This will be the second start of his career and you can expect the Redskins to go after him with some play action passes. on Facebook

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72 Comments for “Reid Won’t Comment On Spagnuolo Report And Coleman Is Put On IR”

  1. Now when does Reid ever not jump at the chance to squash a rumor? I just hope its true, to bring someone in here whos D was given all the credit getting them to the SB then shutting down a team that went in that game undefeated plus a QB who set a record that year throwing 50tds? that kind of resume will get the attention and respect from the players. And for those Castillo lovers who think it would be a bad idea to start over? Go take a look at how the Texans are playing in their first year under Wade Phillips. Wade was a terrible HC but that man sure could run a D! Same with Spags! Eagles should pick him up at the airport the day hes fired!

  2. Andrew – I’m not sure there’s any Juan Castillo lovers out there at all (ok, I know one and his name is in the title of this article).

    Anyway – the giants D didn’t really sut down anyone in that superbowl. See – another example of how Spags is put on a pedastal and desperate fans elevate him beyond what he is. It’s true that that Giants D was very good – particularly the front 7, but their secondary wasn’t the great at all, and they needed that miraculous David Tyree play to win the superbowl. It wasn’t a defensive shutting down by the Giants by any means. Come on man

  3. schiller, forget the tyree play, what did Brady& Moss do that game? If the secondary sucked and those guys didnt put up any points or numbers then your proving my point, it was about the scheme and thats my whole point! I agreed with you in the other post about schemes are what its really about, if Spags put together a SCHEME that beat an undefeated team in the SB whos QB set throwing records that year then i’ll take him if hes available over what we got.

  4. So what was it Shill? The Pats didnt even get going until the 4th. Everyone in the free world after the game talked about how the Giants d played. Tuck shoulda been the MVP.They shut down the Pats pass attack with pressure up the middle.They took away the deep ball early. Brady was hit in the mouth early and often.

    Asante dropped a pick on the sidelines in that game during the game winning drive. But the Giants defense really limited the Pats early and made it a ballgame. Tuck,OSI,and Stahan all had great games. The backers played solid and Corey Webster was having an all-pro year. It was the players that made that defense but the pieces gotta be put together.Spags is great at that. I think Juan adds alot to this defensive staff and should be allowed to keep a job on the defense.But if the chance is there to bring in Spags and run his system then do it. Its pressure and press.How hard is that too learn? Specially with a full off-season.

  5. Who gives a bleep about something that happened 4 seasons ago….Bottom line the team he coaches now is ass and if released he’ll be released for a reason!

  6. I’m just saying, shutting a team down, and giving up 14 points in the superbowl are two different things. I agree the giants D played well that game and I always have.

    Andrew P – Well Brady and Moss hooked up for 5 receptions, 62 yards and a TD. Welker caught 11 for 103 yards. Maroney ran one in two. In the wikipedia recap – the Giants had several costly penatlies on D including a pass interference and a 12 men on the field during a 4-1 punting situation that gave the pats a first down.

    Nobody questioned the dominance of the Giants Dline during that game. But the D overall played just well enough to keep the team in the game. Just saying – it’s wrong to say that the Giants D dominated the pats during the superbowl….

  7. I’m with you 100% Erock! If Spags is there its a no brainer to pick him up, you can move Castillo to linebacker/asst D coach or something. And no, its not that hard to learn a new system, look whats going on with the Texans, Wade Phillips goes in there and puts a brand new system in there and look at what their D is doing, they went from a 4-3 to a 3-4 with no OTAs, people have to start realizing this is all about coaching and knowing what kind of players you have and playing them to their strengths.

  8. Look, the FO will make a decision on DC. I’d be perfectly happy if they went with Spags. I’d also be OK if they stick with Juan (because I believe that with the young guys, hopefully a linebacker addition, and a solution in the secondary for the Asante/DRC jam, they can be better.

    But I do take issue with people equating spags with a defensive coordinator god. He’s a good one and had some indisputible success with the giants that year. that’s about it.

  9. Good points Shill. Holding a team to that amount of points is a pretty nice day for a d though.F the Giants anyway.

    More then a new d-cord they need a a$$ kicking,mean mugged,tattoo having,250-60LB backer.

  10. Enter Paulmandomis’s prediction of the Eagles hiring Chuck Cecil for d-cord.

  11. Realtalk777, Some people arent HC material, look at Wade Phillips, horrible head coach everywhere he went but at the same time everywhere he went as a D-Coordanator his teams rank near the top, can you honestly say you would want Castillo if a credable guy is out there? Did you watch when we played Chicago this year? Mike Martz made a fool out of Castillo, it was a joke! I cant remember the last time i saw someone get outcoached like that. Do you really think he improved to the point where he can adjust against somebody like him? I sure dont! everybody talks about the improvement, but that one game said it all, Castillo wouldnt stand a chance against experienced coordinators!

  12. Andrew – I hear you, and if this was a situation where we were firing McDermott tomorrow, and reviewing two options, Castillo and Spagnuolo, DUH, I’d choose Spags too. But your statement “..but that one game said it all” – STOP RIGHT THERE – If you believe in one game saying it all for anyone or anything in the NFL, that pretty much proves that your conments should be disregarded because you don’t understand the NFL. One game in the NFL CANNOT say it all – except maybe for the superbowl saying it all about a given season.

    One game coached in 2011 does NOT ‘say it all’ for how the coach can perform in the following seasons.

    Come on man

  13. Schiller, Its not about Spags, i dont care who it is, we just need experience, and its not just about one game in 2011, The Patiorts are another, how bout the 5 games we lost going into the 4th with the lead? I was only using the Bears as an example of how behind he is compared to experience coaches, that wasnt even close and when you hit the playoffs thats all you go up against, i just believe hes more suited for a rebuilding team then a team thats a playoff team.

  14. I believe Martz and the Bears have made the Eagles Defense look bad over the last few young years whether it was JJ, McDermott and CAstillo.. They seem to have Philly’s # and even back to the Buddy Ryan’s Days…
    It’s kind of funny, I never can recall so much talk and hate about a Coordinator..
    Position , like Juan Castillo.. I still say it’s the players more so than the Coach.. but that’s just me…This is a very weak LB Corp and a very soft Secondary the Eagles have (perhaps the softest hitting Secondary in all of Football) besides learning on the go as a game planner on Defense, I am not so sure that Castillo can really evaluarte talent properly which is critical for a Coordinator to be able to do, so you can help elevate the talent level of your squad your repsonsible to coach…

  15. I hear you Drew…But the one constant all DC’s have over Castillo is in game coaching experience…And if I had one issue to nit pick with Castillo it would be his in game adjustments…More experience he’ll get better…Now I’m not saying I want the Eagles to keep Castillo…In truth I’m a bit torn, I think Castillo has shown he can do some good things, but if the Eagles can get someone better, I’m all for it..But again, replacing Castillo won’t guarantee an improvement.

  16. oh- the party was moved over here. Shill- youve been at this all day. For the 50th time- noone cares what the name of the DC will be- we just want 1. we dont have 1 now and you cant win games without 1.

  17. i pointed it out on the other article BUT- the eagles players all came out and said that “juan is getting better”, im glad- i was worried that he would be sick forever. All jokes aside. We didnt need a coach to learn on the fly. we needed a coach. we need a coach. Ill take Cecil… ill take Spags….. ill take a turd out of coach Buddy Ryans pocket and name it the DC- anything….ANYTHING is better than this.

  18. Paulman, Its not about hate, and the reason why theirs so much talk about him is because our D lost 5 games this year going into the 4th quarter with leads, if the offence throws pick6 then thats one thing but in those games it was the D. If its more about the players than the coaching then how do you explain whats going on in San Fran? Or with the Texans? The only major changes on those teams were the D-Coaches they brought in, people, sometimes change is good, everybodys so scared that if we make some coaching changes were gonna get set back a few years, a perfect example of that not being true is in Tennesse, except for one less year they were in the same situation were in, HC there for 12yrs, took them to one SB, took them to the playoffs many time, always competitive, they fire him and everyone says its gonna take YEARS for that team to be legit again, and guess what? Its only ONE year later and the team is talking playoffs! Im not scared of change if thats what they deciede, as a matter of fact i think it would be good. Remember the Titans people!

  19. Stevo shut it with your cutesy little catch phrase. We did win games with the DC we have and you know it. So don’t continue with your nonsensical factually incorrect slogans.

  20. Just a sec Andrew….wholesale changes to the Eagles’ D coaches led to problems, and the solution, according to Andrew, is another set of wholesalele coaching changes.

    Houston and San Fran did not overhaul the players on their defenses along with their coaching staffs….as the Birds did.

    It is the combination of changes, both staff and 8 new players on D that contributed to the Eagles’ early problems. In my opinion both should be kept as stable as possible heading in to next year (and they will)

    Eagles’ coaching staff was clearly hoping an explosive offence would compensate while the D seasoned. This was clearly the mistake.

  21. lol- schill or what? youll take my lunch money? haha. We dont have 1.

  22. so vinnie- the reason the D was bad this year is because the O didnt carry them again? ok- sounds good- glad i got ya.

  23. This is seripously stupid. I really cant see how anyone is in Juans corner after this mess this year. IU mean….. I blame Andy 100% for this stupid stupid move. Schill blames the fans for wanting a DC and Vinnie (as always) blames Vick for not scoring 80 points a game. Its really unreal.

    get a DC
    get a MLB
    get a clue.

  24. Stevo, at what point did I blame the fans?

  25. So Vinnie, you believe now that everybody is accustomed to each other we should just leave things as is? What are you smoking? Were hoping the team ends the season at 500, thats ok with you? I guess your one of those thats looking at these last 3 games and is thinking were on the right track, when you get time check out the QBs in those games, their wasnt a switch or light bulb that just went on an they became a good D, this guy doesnt have a clue on how to Scheme or make halftime adjustments, he would get eaten alive by the coaches from the teams that are in the playoffs,we need an experienced D-Cord plain an simple, if you dont see that then you dont have a clue.

  26. youve been calling all the fans that want spags stupid schill. been slamming me because you say this non DC-DC has “won games”.

  27. the fact of the matter is if the offense didn’t play so lousy when it was expected to be the strength early in the season, that it was the more cohesive unit, less moving parts, the talk on this board would be home field game one divisional playoffs instead of the defense and juan’ s status, Juan has done a good job at the end of the season, Vick and the offense are the culprits

  28. Absolutely Jakedog. This was supposed to be the unstoppable offence. But it was very stoppable.

    I’m not looking for 80 pts Stevo. In the early 4 game losing streak that basically ended the Birds season the Eagles’ scored: 31 (fine) 16, 23, 24…In the other loses 24, 17, 20, 14….that’s 7 lossses with less than 24 pts scored.

    On top of that there were the myriad of turnovers.

    Go ahead and talk D all you want.

    Lets look at the top teams in the NFC and see how many games they had 24 pts or less all season.

    Top 3 teams all have statistically pretty bad defenses…and NE can only be described as abysmal.
    GB 2 (record 1-1)
    NO 4 (record 2-2)
    Det 6 (record 1-5)
    Atl 8 (record 3-5)

    How about other NFC East teams:
    NYG 7 (record 2-5)
    Dall 8 (record 3-5)

    Philly 10 (record 3-7)

    Gee….this is really weird…teams that score less than 24 lose in the nfl. And the Birds scored less than 24 pts a whopping 10 times.

    You must score points in the NFL nowadays when every rule in the book favours the O. The quarterback is the leader of the O. Our QB stinks, ergo, the offence sucks, ergo Birds lose. Every team that doesn’t score 24+ on a consistent basis doesn’t win on a consistent basis. And that’s the Birds.

    The only aberration to this rule is SF, and don’t worry, they’re going nowhere in the playoffs. (precisely because they can’t score)

  29. Anyway, All I was stating was that with an entirely new coaching staff, and 8 new players on D, it was EXPECTED that the D would struggle and that the unstoppable superstar led offence was supposed to hold the fort during the transition period.

    They didn’t.

  30. Stevo, who did I call stupid? I called certain statements stupid. But I didn not say those who want spags are stupid. I specificially said i’d be happy if they get spags. Can you read? And do you not realize the 7 wins? Does 7=0 to you? I feel like I could take a duece on your head and a minute later you’d swear that poop doesn’t come out of my ars.

  31. Good Data Vinnie and I have been saying this most of the Season on Deaf Ears that the Eagles Offense, led by QB VIck and all the Turnovers he and the WR’s committed killed this teams chances for a Playoff Run in 2012

    Here’s the bottom line Stat
    Eagles Offense rank 3rd in Total Offense in the NFL but only ranks 9th In Points Scored with 24 Per game.. WHo carss if you move the Football between the 20’s, It’s about Scoring Points and Scoring TD’s inside the Red-Zone and the Eagles Offense led by WB Vick failed miserbly in this department .. Take out RB McCoy Season and Red-Zone production and the EAgles would rank near the bottom of the NFL.. Vick is too slow in his descision making and it really becomes apparent once in the Red-Zone where the open spaces,time t othrow become that much quicker and honestly, VIck is not bright enough to perform and pick the nuances of QB up quick enough to be an effective Red-Zone QB, It just is the truth, and if he couldn;t run and use his legs, his Red-Zone Efficiency would be one of the worst of all time for QB in the NFL, he’s just absolutely horrible down there..
    He always has been and always will be until lhe proves me wrong

  32. Vick gets a pass because he is a protected NFL player because of his marketability to a large sector of fans who will follow him, support him regardless of his production, and the same thing with Tebow, the NFL has become the WWF, a group of wealthy men who make decisions behind closed doors, scheme together how to change the rules of the game, more passing, more profits, where certain players are directed where to play, Vick was told to play in Philly, I still believe Reid was told to start him, same with Tebow, the NFL is a carefully orchestrated money maker and not based on the principle of pure competition, that’s why Vick, an average quarterback at best, is a so-called marquee quarterback and he is hands off just like McNabb before him

  33. Vinny, Paulman, you can throw all the O stats you want but heres the bottom line, the D blew five 4th quarter leads for us this year, its the first time in EAGLE HISTORY this ever happen, are you guys serious or what? again, FIRST time in EAGLE HISTORY! What a nice way for Castillo to get into the record books. Again, you dont just look at a few games when you evaulate (like the last 3 like you guys want to do,) you look at the whole body of work (all 16 games), you can show all the stats you want too but heres the bottom line, we didnt make the playoffs this year and the D is the main reason why.

  34. I remember 4 of these Loses going a little like this Andrew P
    #1) 49ers – 2 short Missed FG’s by Eagles Kicker Henery which would have put the game away
    #2) Falcons – Coach AR & MM sitting on the lead with QB Kafka in during the the 4th Quarter and playing not to lose instead of getting more points helped the Falcons sustain their momentum and make the comeback possible
    #3) Bears – Vick played like shit in th 4th Quarter and was outplayed by Bears Cutler
    #4) Cardinals – Vick played poorly in the 2nd Half (albeit with a busted rib) and was outplayed by J Skelton

    The Offense during their losses were every bit as repsonsible for the Eagles losing as well as thei rDefense, too many of you want to put all the blame on Castillo and the Defense instead of spreading it around the entire Team, Coaches and the Plyers which who are responsible.. You win as a team and lose as a team and like I’ve said a 1000 times all season long, with all the new piplayers,coaches and schemes being put into the place on the Defensive sdide of the ball with this 2011 Team, it was imperative that the Eagle Offense carry the load thru the first 6-8-10 weeks and they simply failed to do so.. End of Season, end of story.. So go ahead and blame Castillo all you want but If anyone thinks that Vick and the WR’s played at a consistentlu high level as a Playoff team you are joking yourselves for they struggled with Turovers and missed opportunites in the Rdd-Zone as bad as the Defense did in coughing up leads… When you add it all together, your 7-8 and home for the Playoffs..

  35. Vick gets no pass. And neither does this oline coach who blew 5 4th quater leads.

  36. No one should get a pass which is why the Eagles are 7-8
    I wouild like to hear Vick take a little accountability for the Teams Shortcomigns though.. Even one if he came out and stated, ” I didn’t play as well as I hoped and needed to play to win us some games:.. that’s all, why is it so hard for him to show a little humility once in a while instead of arrogant statements that he makes.. i was really pulling for him last year, but this Season as soon as he got that big deal, Vick to me has reverted back to the old thug type where it’s everybody’s else’s fault – Atlanta Style – and that’s not the leader I want for the Eagles.. .

  37. This eagles franchise, team, its ownership, front office, head coachand players is about as anti philly as any philly franchise in town ever, complete disconnect to the fans, the city, it is frustrating that our once favorite team is the most divisive for the fan base

  38. Paulman was it Vick that made Skelton look like an all-pro? if the D would of did their job no missed field goals would of been needed, yes its a team game and the turnovers killed us but when its all said n done the D never kept us in games, how many turnovers did they produce during that skid? This season is done and if this was suppose to be a rebuilding year i’d say bring everybody back and lets see if we can improve but that wasnt the case, this was the year we were all in to go all the way and since it turned into an utter failure heads are suppose to fall, thats the nature of the buisness. so my question is, if its not Reid then who?

  39. Jake – solution – move the Eagles to LA – they want a new team – they are building a stadium – everyone on this site seems to swear the team is anti-Philly – why not just make the divorce happen? The LA fans would welcome the Birds with open arms! and you guys could laugh as Lurie, Reid, Banner, Roseman, and Castillo depart – we could even switch to ‘ Los Aguilas’

    ‘Los águilas han aterrizado’

  40. Vinnie – you da man – but your facts arenot ‘clichable’ enough – you have got to be able to say it like ’24 or more – you in to win’ you no like Kool Aid – or Need a real DC – or football pedigree – the common folk don’t like to read and process real info – it complicates the hating process

  41. theres no point in bringing in a defensive coordinator now..the seasons over the defense has gotten better .. so i have a great idea!!! lets go sign a new defensive coordinator so we can start all over from scratch next year.. some of you idiots dont think…

  42. Wow that is some nice posting vinnie. I usually agree with your non-vick posts, even if I can count them on 1 hand. I do agree with your vick angle, but to a much lesser extent than you post it. I think your too extreme with your language on vick – he most certainly does not suck. But he is far from consistent, has barely matured past thinking of his ego 99% of the time, and has failed to make the improvements in his game that so many spoke of…

  43. The Eagles have lost many of their fans due to poor coaching and they can’t relate to many of the defensive players on the current roster…
    Juan has to go and be replaced by a reputable defensive coach to bring the fans trust back.

  44. jott – when you say that the Eagles have lost many of their fans – what do you mean? I agree that many fans have voiced their displeasure, many have called for coaching firings and players to be cut, traded or whatever, but I find it incredibly hard to believe that any of those fans are ‘lost’. I think if the Eagles were to say, sign spagnuolo and draft a stud LB in the first round, plus sign one in free agency, extend Jackson and McCoy, and then win a few games early next year, that those ‘lost’ fans would be right back where they started. Are you a ‘lost’ fan? You’re posting about the team at 8:30 am on a thursday late in a lame duck season.

    Many fans are disappointed (woah, in Philly? Really? that doesn’t happen every year, does it?) and even angry (ditto)…. but lost? uh, no

    Even your post makes my point – you’re emotionally invested and you have your opinions about what you’d like them to do – not a lost fan.

  45. Nice work Vinnie. Posts like that make the comment section worth reading.

  46. navy, great idea, lurie can pack a couple of Mayflower moving trucks and haul it all out of here, except the eagles name and the Kelly green remain for new ownership that can build a Philadelphia eagles franchise like the town it represents, keep shady here though

  47. I love the conspiracy theorists on here! LMAO — Bush orchestrated the planes to fly into the towers too didn’t he? LMAO

  48. Keep Juan give him a couple LB’s and maybe DT or Safety ?
    36 total points in the last 3 weeks is all they have given up..
    We lead the league in sacks with 49 got DE’s with 28 total sacks..

    Defense Struggled early in the season when we all watched the LB’s and Safeties suck azz…( I still see Jacobs on a wheel route scoring, I still see RB’s running at will on us )

    If the Defense Holds the 10 point lead going into the 4th against ATL and doesn’t blow a 20 point lead to SF…NFC Champs and a home playoff game

    2006 Packers were 4 and 8 then rallied to finish 8 and 8
    2007 Packers went 13 and 3 NFC Championship game

  49. Don’t forget Birdo… The Walrus was Paulman… ha

  50. Jake – spoken like a three year old at Christmas – can’t play with all your presents then still expect them to be wrapped – you lose it all – the whole enchilada!

  51. sweet, im called “common folk” sounds good Navy. we just see things different i guess. You want the birds to be a little more Pats and i want them a little more steelers.

    Vick is not Brady…… but he’s good enough to win.

    Its like with Vinnie… he wanted them to keep kolb and trade Vick so we could use those picks to draft Kolbs replacment. I just dont see it that way. Id rather them build a D and be able to run the ball as needed. If the shots are open down field and teams are going to give you space- Nail it. But when you have a 4th quater 20 poin lead, i dont see the need to “put the foot on the gas”.

  52. Hey thanks for all the props!

    Here’s some more:

    Andrew…in the Arizona game, the birds gave up 21 pts. They intercepted Skelton 2x, sacked him 4x and had 9 other tackles for loss. They scored 7 of the birds 17 on a pick 6. In the 4th Q with the game tied at 14 Nnamdi intercetped the ball which became the go ahead fg 4 plays later – that’s right, basically the D scored 10 of the birds 17 pts in the game) Arizona had 88 yrds rushing. But according to you the D didn’t do their job. It was the Ds fault.

    How about a QB with 136 yrds passing against the cards? How about 2 interceptions…one in the 3rd and one in the 4th? How about a 45% completion percentage in that game?

    Blame the Defense.

    The offence scored 1 td in the game.

  53. again Vinnie- i agree with you that O was not good at all much of the season. Vick gets no pass. Neither does Avant or Maklin with key fumbles. Neither does Jackson for dropping like 5 TD balls this year. But the question remains….. how will we get better? What can we do to win more games next year. Will trading Vick do it? I dont think so. Will letting jackson walk? prolly not. Will bringing in a DC to coach? i think it would. It doesnt mean im giving ANYONE a pass. NOT AT ALL.

  54. Anyone else notice that Mike Vick’s improved play came AFTER the o-line meshed and now looks like the best o-line in the division?

    Hmmm, who woulda thunk that a QB’s success could hinder on the O-Line’s ability to protect him. Amazing.

  55. And the ARZ game was Mike Vick doing the best he can with broken ribs and an o-line still learning to play together.

    After watching Vince Young the next three games, we now know why MV7 didn’t want to come out that game.

  56. for the record….. im not a “Hater”. i actually felt they made the right call with dawk. i didnt like it with McnAbb but…. they had to do something. But its ok Navy that im not happy with what our D looks like now. Noone can tackle!! and if you are telling me that its going to all be ok now after like 10 years of this being true….. i dont buy it.
    im glad they beat Dallas and the back up qb. Im glad they looked better the last 2-3 games. But the seahawks game was like 4 weeks ago and they made that guy look good.

  57. Now lets look at some real numbers. Some real rankings to counteract some of the blanket, “______________ sucks” statements that people spout. (and yes I spout Vick sucks, but always provide research to make my points)


    2010 2011
    Total D 12th (327yrds/g) 8th (321 yrds/g)
    Pass D 14th (217/g) 8th (201/g)
    Rush D 15th (110/g) 14th (111/g)

    and now for the importand stuff
    Pts/Game 21st (23.6) 8th (21)
    Wow, that’s weird, down almost 4 pts per game.
    Takeaways 3rd (34) 9th (23)
    Sacks 32nd (39) 1st (49)
    3rd down conversions 17th (38%) 13th (35%)

    So to review….the Eagles’ D improved in every area except turnovers this year. (and turnovers is the one mose influenced by luck. Rankings swing wildly year to year).

    But despite improving in every area…..this is the D’s fault….

  58. stevo – they didn’t even make any call with Dawk. Dawk walked! Period

  59. Vinnie, don’t forget the most important stat: 4th quarter collapses.

    Where do the Eagles rank this year in that category?

  60. Vinnie – don’t get caught up in the argument. It’s not any one person or thing’s fault. Vick deserves blame, but the D certainly does too. The D played crappy in several games and needed improvement and still does. Same for Vick and the O.

    It aint one or the other – let’s be reasonable here….

  61. You know where I’m going next:

    Offence 2010 vs 2011

    Total O 2nd(289/g) 3rd (299/g)
    Rushing 5th (145/g) 5th 147/g
    Passing 9th 244/g 10th 253/g

    and now the important areas
    pts/game 2nd (27) 8th (24)
    givaways 10th (25) 1st (36) and there goes the season right there

    So to review…the yrds gained stayed the same, and even improved a bit, but points scored and turnovers dropped.

    Blame the Defense.

  62. i love philly fans….. its either all Vicks fault or all the D’s fault. No middle- PICK SIDES!! lol- makes me laugh. Here is my take- go for it boys… call me a “hater” or a “koolaid” drinker….. or “common folk”

    Oline- Struggled early but has really showed form. Keeping people off Vick most of the last 1/2 of the season. Rocky moments for sure (6″10 guard in Vicks fav throwing lane???”- but overall has done well. I expect a new face there next year that will really round this group out.

    WR’s- very very very bad year all around. Hurt, drops, pointless(Smith), turnovers, at times…. not into the game. This group needs to mature. I would love to see them add a hard working vet to play or coach this unit.


    QB’s- Vick made lots of stupid plays, yes… sometimes it was because they didnt block, yes sometimes it was because they dropped it but honestly…. he “needs to do a better job”.

    Rb’s- outside of the brown play- this group is very very good.

    DLINE- only bright spot as far as im concerned. If they are running the wide 9- someone else is going to have to stuff the run. Its really not their job at that point. They smashed the snot out of good qb”s, bad qb’s and whatever the heck Romo and Eli are. Id like to see Babbin used a little less on run plays but whatever.

    LB’s- our DC was a LB and this LB unit was the worst in my eagles memory. nuff said.

    Cb’s- is it that these 3 probowlers forgot how to play this year? or was it coaching? i really dont know but with all that pass rush, i expected more from this group. i would really love to hear what they Honestly have to say.

    FS/SS- 3 guys that are exactly the same. Moments of greatness… noone can tackle. I really really hate that about this group.

    Coaching- i give this group almost ALL of the blame for this season. They put this together… they made the wrong calls… they didnt really bench poor heart. I wanted to see DRC sit after doing the “rollercoaster”. I wanted to see more fire on the sidelines. Starts with Andy!

    go for it boys….. what group am i in?

  63. Love the word “collapse”. Nice exagerration. Collapse is a game in hand….up 2 scores and falling apart in the final mins (al la Miami/Denv). Did this happen the the birds?

    The ATL game could be seen as a “collapse” I suppose with 14 unanswered scored in the 4th.

    The NYG “collapse”. Eagles leading by a solid 2 when Giants got ball at the 46 with 11:26 to play…hmmm…almost 1/4 of the game left. They scored a TD and took the lead. (oh and they was before everyone’s hero VIck had left the game). You want to call this a defensive “collapse” be my guest.

    The SF “collapse” Eagles were at the SF 21 and 15 in the 4th Q but didn’t score. Blame the defense in a 1 pt loss. In fact, during the game the Birds were at the SF 16, 14, 1, 14, 5, 15, 21 and 15 yrds lines. Just kicking fgs on each of these would have tied the game. Blame the defense.

    The Chicago “collapse”. Bears down 4 and got ball at the 49 with 14:39 remaining and scored a td. An entire 1/4 of the game left. Is this a defensive “collapse”? How did the offense respond again?

    The Arizona defensive “collapse”. I already outlined this earlier. Suffice it to say the D scored 60% of the Bird’s points in the game. Blame the Defense.

  64. the turnover stat is the most compelling, and between fumbles and interceptions Vick averaged over two per game, there is the reason the birds are not in playoffs, figures don’t lie but liars figure

  65. turnovers were the #1 prob, no doubt. I missed the red zone D stat and missed tackles stat, was that there?

    So- what is the strength of our team? Vinnie would you say it was the D?

  66. Well lets look at Vick 2010 vs 2011 (in both years he started 12 games – so #s are comparable)

    Yrds/game 9th (252) 13th (247)
    Yrds/att 5th (8.11) 11th (7.73)
    TDs 16th (21) 17th (15)
    INTs 34th (6) 12th (13) …better to be a low rank of course
    comp % 10th (62.6) 20th (59.6)
    Sacked 5th (34) 27th (21) again better to be low here
    Pass rate 4th (100.2) 15th (82.9)

    When we look back at the eagles season we see several truths:

    1 – the D is better than last year
    2 – the oline is better than last year
    3 – shady is better than last year
    4 – Vick is worse than last year

    Blame the defense. Blame Castillo. Blame Reid. Blame the Philly Phanatic. Blame EL Nino.

    Blame everyone except the one player who was without a doubt, most responsible for the birds dropping from 10-6 to 8-8.


  67. Strengths” of the team are:


    are they not?

  68. The O/Line and D/Lines are the strengths of this Team..
    The WR’s and CB’s should have been, but they underperformed
    The LB’sSafeties are the weaknesses of the Team but improving
    The RB’sTE’s are in good shape and productive
    It’s funny how it gets backl to the QB… Great QB play makes the Receivers look good, Poor QB play and the entire offense bogs down.. The Reality is that VIck is very inconsistent, at times, looks great, at times, pisses you off with his porr decisions and throws… He is what he is, dyanmic, exciting and also takes too many risks epxsoing himself to turnovers,negative plays and injury, but that’s what you get with Vick which means that every other facet of your team has be rock solid and that is just not the case with the Eagles as they stil have holes on their back 7 of their Defense.

  69. yes- agreed vinnie.

    Pman- also- poor WR play makes the qb look bad- but he didnt need much help with that did he.

    back 7 is for sure the problem, and thats my MAIN point. This O is good enough to win. They should have done more- they should have given the D more points in the 5+ games that they held a lead in the 4th quater. but….. the big q is what will they do now?

  70. vinnie- “the D is better than last year”. Sure fine….. the High school team here in town is better thaan last years but the fact remains…. they are not good ENOUGH. when we needed stops- they didnt stop. Sure maybe here and there they did but overall- they did not. I would say they were worse if not the same in many many areas…..

    1) Takles- worst ive ever seen. Go for it…. disagree with me.
    2) Red Zone- are they really better? are they? whats the #s on that??
    3) Coaching- can u tell me that they are better than last? really?

  71. Iforgot to add Special Teams

    FG Kicker Henery had a nice year for his Rookie Season hitting 22 out of 25 FG’s which is 88% and really had the one bad game vs the 49ers where her missed 2 FG’s which could have made a difference..
    His kick-offs were deeper,higher and more consistent than Akers. He has a bright future ahhead of him and didn’t seem to get nervous or tighten up about kicking in the NFL in front of loud passionate fans/hostile stadiums

    Punter Henry improved as the season went on after a shaky start..
    His average was 42.4 Yards a kick with a Net Avreage of 39.5 yeards which you like to see that number over 40 as a benchmark
    Out of 62 Punts He did kick 18 inside the 20 yard line (30 %) and kicked 8 into the end-zone and had 15 that went to a fair all in not great but not too bad for a rookie who should see his averages go up as he gets stronger,more confident but does need to quicken his pace a bit to avoid the rush and or blocks..

    The Coverage Teams were improved
    The Return Teams sucked .. D-Jax was a wimp all Season and afraid to get hit C Hall is good for Fair Catches..This area of Special Teams must be improved.. With all this team speed and talent that we constantly read and hear about, the fact they cannot have a decent return game is embarrasing..

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