Michael Vick’s Numbers Were Better Than His Game vs. Redskins

Michael Vick ended the season with a whimper today against the Washington Redskins. With LeSean McCoy out unable to compete for the NFL rushing title, the eyes were on Michael Vick and his playmaking ability against this good Redskins defense.

What did that leave us? 335 passing yards, an impressive number. He was 24/39 with three touchdowns, one interception, and a 104.1 QB rating. Is it just me, or are these numbers completely unbecoming of how the game actually looked? The Eagles led the league this season in turnovers, and that’s what led to most of their losses. That all starts with Mike Vick with throwing interceptions, fumbling the ball, and just making bad decisions.

The 39 pass attempts showed that Andy wanted to win this game. With McCoy in the game, we have to believe Vick’s pass attempts would be lower than 39. Of course, that makes sense, so it’s probably totally wrong. McCoy’s absence shined a light on the offensive Eagles struggles. This win was meaningless against a 5-11 Redskins team. All of their last four wins were meaningless. What is there to look forward to in 2012? Hopefully a better red zone offense.

Vick still couldn’t make use of the red zone effectively. The story that has plagued the Eagles the last two seasons has been their ineffectiveness inside the red zone offensively and defensively. Yes, Michael Vick inside the red zone is worse than Donovan McNabb was as a Eagle quarterback. And yet, we won the game 34-10. A score that seems dominating didn’t seem like a dominating performance on the field. The Eagles could have dominated and evolved an aura around this team for us to look forward to going into next season on a four-game winning streak.

Vick didn’t hold on the ball today forever like he normally does, but it still was a semi-impressive game from the $80 million quarterback. This off-season Vick needs to focus on taking care of the football. He did that last year, and it was obvious that was the Achilles heel of this Eagle season. When Vick doesn’t turn the ball over, the Eagles win, no matter how unimpressive that look offensively or defensively. This team isn’t going to fix everything this off-season. But if Vick can hold onto the ball, they have a good chance to make the playoffs next year.

The governor said on Post Game Live, “I’ve never seen a less impressive 34-10 win.” And I think we all should feel the same. Despite the four wins in a row to end the season, if the Eagles had gotten into the postseason, there was no way they’d go far. This team beating the Saints? Packers? Even the Lions? No chance. Now this team will probably think they’re better than they really are

Vick waited until the 4th quarter to make a big play, hooking up with DeSean Jackson for a 62-yard touchdown and the only big play of the game from the two stars. I guess that was cool. Vick can have flashes of brilliance, but it’s hard to look at it positively after this year. It’s just not exciting anymore. Andy Reid’s going to be back next year, Vick is going to be back next year. It’s the same old thing. Can we hope that things change after thirteen years of the same thing? Not exactly sure about that.

I don’t want Vick back here next year. He will be, but he doesn’t deserve to be. He got too injured again this year and regressed as a quarterback. He scrambles around when he doesn’t have to. He’s a dynamic athlete, but clearly not a dynamic quarterback.

24 thoughts on “Michael Vick’s Numbers Were Better Than His Game vs. Redskins

  1. Bingo.

    14 of the birds points came after the Redskins got on their bus. They started climbing on board right after the Desean bomb but the birds up 10.

    Prior to the one bomb VIck was at something like 50% for 200 yrds 1 td an int and a lost fumble. Fantastic. Balls were flying over wrs heads, hitting the turf, hitting the backs of wsh defenders….was ugly.

    Was a good thing we were playing the equally ugly Sexy Rexy.

    The first 3 quarters were excruciating to watch, especially with when nursing a hangover.

    At least Chad Hall played well!

  2. The team isnt the only one that believes winning these last 4 games make them better than what they are, wait till some of these jokers come on here and bring their stats to show how good this 8-8 no playoff team really is.

  3. andrew P – it was Cullen jenkins who was quoted just two days ago on how the Packers in I think it was 2006 went 8-8 (Rodgers first year) – and won out the last four to go to 13-3 the next season – and how imprtant he thought it was to that team in preps for the next year –

    but hell – those All Pro type, super bowl winning players don’t know shit – they should talk to the ‘knowledgable’ eagle fans –

    and I will go on record now as saying anyone who thinks any win at any level is meaningless is a pussy and a quitter – you go hard, all game every game – the mark of a leader is someone when there is no chance of winning – is still fighting and giving it everything they have – I am glad the birds didn’t quit or fold tents shows character – but yet again this type of attitude is ANOTHER EXAMPLE that NONE of you ever played or coached – ‘meaningless’ – no such fucking thing as meaningless – what maybe that can be a new shoe commercial “we must protect this house’ ‘just do it’ ‘ah well it was meaningless’

    honestly – I am to the point of thinking the worthless fucks on this site DO NOT DESERVE a championship team – boo-hoo my season didn’t go well – boo hoooooooooooo my pussy has sand in it – bunch of freaking whiners and quitters – meaningless – every play, every rep, every down for players like Hall and LEwis and Harbir and Clayton is worth it – its just not worth it to the ‘smart knowledgable’ eagle fans cause they are going to have to wait for their parade – fair weather douche bags – waaaaaaaaaaa – its not like someone is going to shave your head – hand you a rifle and ship your whiny asses off to Iraq now is it? Now that would be a reason to freakin whine

    I wonder how ‘meaningless’ these games would have been if the birds had lost – cuase I remember a bunch of you whiny vaginies squealing during pre-season games………

    ah well – bad season over – time to get ready for FA and the draft and to see what direction Lurie goes as far as coaching –

    lets start the competition for the biggest pussy post – right now BSM has it –

  4. I agree, Vick did not look as good as his numbers showed. I have major concerns about Vick’s ability to lead this team to a Super Bowl. I just don’t see it happening. Too many stupid mistakes. As long as QBs like Rodgers and Brees are in the NFC, this team will not give us that elusive Lombardi trophy. Matt Flynn is Kevin Kolb 2.0

  5. Navyeaglefan, what Cullen Jenkens didnt realize when he made those comments is this is Not Greenbay, we REGRESSED from last year! Navy, if you dont like this site you dont have to come on here, your a stone idiot to come on here and try to justify a terrible display of coaching, if you knew anything you would see this team isnt shit with this coaching staff, pull out your bullshit stats to prove how wrong i am about the winningest coach in Eagles history but dont forget to leave out this is the 4th time in the last 5yrs we havent won a playoff game, were 8-8, didnt even reach the playoffs to lose, won last 4 games against , Matt Moore, Mark Sanchez, a 3rd string from Dallas and Rex Grossman, which makes it acceptable to bring back your boy JC, and 31st in red zone D, make sure you justify all this to show everybody how much smarter you are then all of us.

  6. Good game for the D. I am curious what direction the go for 2012. If they kept with juan I would not blame them I wish we would have played a good team so we could really see where we are at. But rexy and the backup from dallas will have to do. I like what I’m seeing tho- they somehow learned to takle.

    This team will be ready for 2012. I’m excited to see what they will do with jackson and the draft. I am hopeful for mathews, grahm and allen. Good news tho- dallas is out and the “dream team” line can finally die.

  7. A MLB and a Strong Safety are needed
    (Sign Free-Agent LB Steve Tulloch and then Draft Mark Barron with their 1st Round Pick)
    From watching today OLB K Clayton hae a very active game and led the Team with 9 Tackles..

  8. Agreed pman. SS/FS a need. We have 3 guys that seem to be about the same. I think they would do great with a vet who knows his stuff. I would also love to se us add a vet reciver who has a good attitude and works hard. We need leaders on the O side. Draft a DT a big mother who stuffs the run.

  9. really Andrew P – you just sat there and said a pro player – during an interview – who just played on a SB team – didn’t know what he was saying – un fuckin believable – if you don’t like the eagles – why don’t you go find another team! Only in Philly would some douche fair weather – lets put modifiers all over the wins dick head mronic fan state a player has no clue –

  10. With the 15th Pick in the 1st Round I like Safety Mark Barron from Alabama who I think can be a 8-10 Year Starter and a Pro-Bowl Caliber type of Safety or MLB Donta Hightower also from Alabama who at 6-3 255lbs has that thick lower body build and can still run and would be an enforcer versus the Running Game and in the Red-Zone/Short-yardage..
    Lots will project MLB Luke Kuechley from Boston College who is an excellent College LB, I am not so sure that he hasn’t peaked athletically
    and has enough foot speed to play at the NFL Level….

  11. Here are some Good WR who would fit the Eagles Scheme well

    Robert Meachem (Saints) — Has Size and Speed
    Reggie Wayne (Colts) — Still has the outside Speed
    Anthony Gonzales (Colts) — Could make a great Slot WR
    Steve Johnson (Bills) — A Deep Threat and good in the Red-Zone
    Pierre Garcon – (Colts) — Size, Speed, came on in 2nd half of Season

    I don’t think D Bowe, M Colston have the outside speed to be as effective in the Eagles Scheme and if they lose D-Jax, then need that Speed for the Deep Routes which are not Bowe’ & Colston’s strength’s for they are more possession, intermediate,sideline route type of WR and the EAgles already have that in Maclin..

  12. I don’t think any Game is Meaningless, there are always situations where young players can get experience and learn from mistakes.. and Coaches can learn too.. To be homnest, I felt this season as far as Playoffs were concerned was over, when they started 1-4 by the End of September.. Could they have run the Table, not likely, but realisitcally they dug too far of a hole as far as the rest of the NFC Conference Competition went and then losing those back to back home games to the Bears and Cardinals about did them in so I looked over the final 8-10 Games as Teaching,Learning situations for the Players & Coaches too.. I think they made some nice progess over the last month of the Season as the Defense started to jell and well as the Coaches and Game plans were coming together more…I admit it wasn’t against the best COmpetition, but Defense, hitting, tackling is what it is no matter who your playing and the EAgles did a bette rhjob down the stretch..Now they need to add 2-3 pieces up the middle (DT/MLB/SS) of the Defense and clean out from the the roster with some of the Diva’s types and move forward..

  13. Navy, who pissed in your corn flakes. BWAHAHAHA!!! Come on dude, it’s a new year, & better things will come this off season. The dreadful season is over & we can look forward to making dire changes. Hopefully they won’t be fooled by the last 4 games & make the changes & roster additions that are needed, to bring us back to prominence.

  14. Great stuff navy. Andrew P, your response to navy’s Cullen Jenkins quote made no sense. Your response was about something that neither Cullen nor Navy spoke of – Jenkins made a comment about this season, this upcoming offseason, and possibilities for next year. You then made a comment about LAST year, this PAST offseason, and this season.

    There’s the old ‘my anger is so ‘passionate’ that it gives me license to literraly make no sense’

    Happy new year Andrew, I sincerey hope it finds you happy and more happy about your favorite football team…..and making more sense

  15. Thank You Navy Eagle !
    I was so tired of hearing (reading) the spoiled loser whine that I stopped following the website. Sure the Eagles made some mistakes. And yes they lost games that should have been won, but that’s the nature of the game(on any given Sunday). Real fans don’t root for their teams to lose, or run their best players out of town. Don’t forget the Eagles were just one pass away from defeating the Super bowl Champion Packers in 2010, and were actually an “improved” team personnel wise in 2011. A few things didn’t go the way we wanted, and we know they need to make a couple of adjustments at certain positions, but this team can win and does not need to overhaul the coaching staff right now. Yes I too was disappointed they didn’t make the play offs as they usually do every year. But I enjoyed every minute of the two Philadelphia ” Kick Stompings” we put on the Dallas “Cowgirls”. I’ll have no problem conversing with friends who are Dallas fans!

  16. Thanks schiller n happy new year to you too! but back to reality, Greenbays coach won a SB in only his 3rd year, their D-Cord was a former HC with major D experience so how can you n navy compair the 2? As for you navy? I bleed eagle green buddy! but im a bottom line guy and the bottom line is AR is fried here, all this bullshit about next year is played out. again, this is the 4th time in the last 5yrs we HAVENT won a playoff game, bottom line, thats the stat that counts the most! I just saw the Titans have a really good season after getting rid of their coach of 12yrs and with half the talent we have on this team, so everybody has to stop thinking if we move on from this coaching staff were gonna be set back a few years, havent we been set back these past 5yrs already?

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