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Steve Spagnuolo Is Fired By Rams, Now Will Next Shoe Drop

As expected the St. Louis Rams have fired head coach Steve Spagnuolo.  Jay Glazer of Fox Sports was the first to make the report that Rams owner Stan Kroenko had let Spags go.  He former Eagles linebacker coach is expected to be one of the hottest defensive coordinator candidates on the market this off season.

He could be headed back to Philadelphia to be defensive coordinator of the Eagles.  A week ago a report was made out of San Diego that Spagnuolo would be fired and that he would be brought in by the Birds as their new defensive coordinator.

Andy Reid would talk about Juan Castillo’s job security last night after the game and the Eagles prevented Castillo from talking to the media.

I know that Castillo had the defense going in the right direction at the end of the season, but the Eagles defense was going against Drew Brees and Tom Brady during the stretch.  I don’t think you can get too worked up shutting down bums like Rex Grossman.

Spagnuolo has shown that he can do a great job of putting together great schemes for a pass rushing defensive line.  He did it so well that he led the New York Giants to a Super Bowl victory.  I see no reason why he couldn’t work with current Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn.  I think Spags could work with the “Wide Nite” and incorporate it into his plan for using the defensive line.

I think bringing Spags back as the team’s defensive coordinator is a no brainer.  THEY SHOULD GET IT DONE IMMEDIATELY. on Facebook

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37 Comments for “Steve Spagnuolo Is Fired By Rams, Now Will Next Shoe Drop”

  1. The writing is on the wall, Reid postpones his interview, they dont let JC talk, the Eagles should be at the airport picking him up right now.

  2. I don’t see him coming back to Philly at all.. I don’t beleive there was a lot of love lost between Coach AR and Spags back when he left for the Giants job..
    He will definitely be in demand and could see a possibility of him landing in NEw England as Belicheck needs help in building their Defense back to Championship level as they have slipped in recent seasons..
    There are also rumors that Giants current DC Perry Jewell may have some HC opportunities for the TB Bucs (who will fire HC Morris this week) or the Jacksonville Jaguars HC that is still open.. This would open the DC spot for the Giants which would be Spags 1st Choice if he were to return back to a DC Levelfor Spags if he would choose to return. Not evrey Dc is enamored with the Wide-9 Scheme and Washburn and a very strong Personality and I just don’t see Spags wanted to risk his Defensive Reputation of having to coach/play another Coaches Scheme.. Washburn will not change his philosophy one bit, it’s wide 9 and get to the QB or he’s gone..

  3. Will be a good hire.Keep Juan on as an assitant,dude is a flat out good coach.Keep him in-house.Spags will use a litle more backer blitzes and will mos def get his quality of linebacker for the defense.

    Winners this weekend…Hou/Pitt/Atl/NO….houston does enough at home to win…Lebeau shuts down Tebow….Atl. is playing really well,scrub teams towards end of season but they’re offense is clicking,Giants cant cover…N.O…my SB pick.

    Go Birds

  4. Spags will NOT come here with the “wide 9” defensive line scheme….Washburn has to go for Spags to come here

  5. DO it.

    i dont get this talk about spags and washburn NOT being ok together. And even if it wouldnt, at least we would finally have a DC.

  6. What would tell you that Paul? Reid gave Spags his first shot. And workign under JJ got him the NY job. Your f.o.s. on that one.

    The Birds used the w9 in obvious pass downs the end of the season.It started really clicking.If Spags comes in,its his defense and he’ll tell Wash what he wants. But how do you argue with the amount of pressure we put on q’s. Spags will no this in advance.They get a backer or two in here and our defense makes it into the top 5 in the league. 8 aint bad and we started Baby Thor early.

    Noway he goes back to Giants.Pick the Braves to win the East again Paul.

  7. “I don’t know what the people in charge will be looking at,” cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said. “I think that as the season progressed we all started to get more comfortable and better. [Castillo] started to figure what works in the NFL and what doesn’t.”

    player after player has pointed out that Juan has gotten better. Thats great- glad he has leaned but this clearly was a mistake and it was PART of the reason we are watching the Giants instead of the birds this weekend. . Move Karl the intern to LB coach or something.

    Pman- we all read the little piece about Spags being pissed at andy but the question is…. what will he do next. I think philly offers him the pieces to be back at the top again;

  8. why spags makes sence-

    He’s a JJ clone right? what did JJ want/have??

    4-3- Got it.
    great CB’s- Got it
    fast/small/ hoigh motor DE’s-Got it
    a great Dline- Got it

    you put this all toogether and add in a 15th or so pick and you are golden. PLUS- we all know that andy’s time is fading. So…. if Spags comes in… turns this D around (dont give me 8th best d. really? they are the 8th best team? please!!!) perhaps spags gets a solid look for HC in the future.

  9. Yes Steveo,
    There was talk in the early 2000’s that JJ was going to move on without getting a larger Contract in place, which was very close to happening..Spags apparently did not like how Coach AR handled the whole situation and did not feel that he was given any consideration to take over in the event that JJ did leave..Also, there was rumblings that Coach AR was not too happy about Spags thaking the DC Position with the Giants being a division rival and all so there were some issues between these twi and now everyone thinks he wants to come back to save AR ass or because the fans want him to…
    There will be plenty of opportunity for Spags and I am sure he is going to take his time and do what’s best for him and his family and it may even mean sitting out a Season to get re-charged.. It depends if he really wants to be a HC or go back to being a DC

  10. I agree with you Stevo! Throw the stats out the window, we beat one team this year with a winning record! All the pieces are in place for him to come right in and make us legit, Get Spags and move JC over to linebackers coach to make everybody happy.

  11. Why should Spags take all that time and risk Stevo coming back to the Eagles

    He just may get an opportunity to become coach of the TB Bucs (lots of Defensive young talent) the Jaguars or be a DC for a team like the Dolphins,Patriots or even take a HC Position at Rutgers University when current Coach Gary Schiano leaves to take the Penn State Position.. Lots of moving parts here.. Going back to Philly may be jsut a step backwards that he doesn’t feel he needs to take at this time, been there,done that type of deal…

  12. Latest rumor has Spags going out West to the Oakland Raiders who are about to fire their DC Chuck Bresnahan.. Raiders pass Defense ranked 31st in the NFL.. You get in there as a DC leveland position yourself to maybe take over as HC in a couple years time..

  13. Pman- YES we all read the same article BUT….. im not so sure andy gets to make the call this time. Notice i never quoted a pool boy or anything like you do. But…. i think Juan gets moved and Jeff and co. bring in a real DC. I could be wrong….. im not citing any sources (like you do) but i honestly think there is a crack in the AR armor and Jeff is going to change some things.

    why come back? he has a house here- he is on record for loving the area. He has a chance to coach a D that has BUTTTT loads of talent and just needed a coach. If he could get ANY of these LB’s to takle… he may win a SB again.
    to be honest Pman- i dont care if they get spags. I think Cecil would be a great choice…. just please get me a DC.

  14. Dude…thats 5 jobs you have him taking. Bucs stink and will stink next year. Raiders? Stop dude.

    Throwing crap at the wall and seeing if it will stick shouldn’t be your deal right now. Your predicting everything so when it happens you (along with others) will post…AS I STATED…or I believe i posted this…stop.You know jack…you have zero sources outside of your laptop.

    Pick the Braves.

  15. TB Bucs announce the firing of HC Rahim Morris as I reported last evening..
    let the Coaching Carosel begin… SD Chargers Norv Turner will be next…
    The Jets OC B Shottenheimer firing will be announced also

  16. Paulman you are not “reporting” anything. You are doing what we all do…… read 50 million football pages to heal from the fact that our team sucks. Dont get it twisted. We all read profootballltalk too buddy.

  17. Those SOurces steal from me Stevo..
    Coach AR going to the Chargers as GM and Coach MM going to the SL Rams
    The Eagles to name Jaun Castillo as the new HC on Friday.. Good Grief..

  18. Colts close to Firing HC Jim Caldwell per some Indy sources..
    He was a worse hire than Castillo was a DC.. Caldwell a close friend of former HC Dungy who had no business being a HC at the NFL Level.. When he pulled and sat his Starters when the COlts were undfeated and chasing history, he lost that team and they have neve been the same sinice regardless of injury to Manning or not..
    What’s worse news for you Penn State fans is as they continue to get told not interested from othe rcoaches about their open HC Spot, Jim Caldwell just may end up being the next HC of Penn State…

  19. im guessing these same :sources told you that andy is about to sit and have lunch too.

  20. Paulman, I have grown to appreciate some of your predictions on what moves teams will make and why but you really do make too many predictions to the point that you’re bound to be right.

  21. I am like Coach AR, Btc24,
    “Quantity of Wins over Quality of Wins” … ha ha (at least I have still have a sense of humor)

    I think these will be the new Head Coaches

    Miami Dolphins — WIll push hard for Bill Cowher, if not then Steve Fisher or John Gruden

    Tampa Bay Bucs — Will push for Dungy to return, not sure he wants to come back.. maybe the Giants DC Perry Jewell or ex-HC Brian Billick, Mike Tice

    St Louis Rams — Will depend on who comes in as new GM.. maybe Josh McDaniels gets a crack since he’s worked with Bradford as their OC though they did not hav emuch success or Eagles OC MM or Kirk Frentz from the University of Iowa

    San Diego Chargers — Jeff Fisher, Mike Martz, Eagles Coach MM

    Indianapolis Colts — Brian Billick,Mike Tice, Asst Winston Moss, Bill O’Brien
    for PAcker and Texas A&M HC Mike Sherman

  22. Colts have just officially fired Jim Caldwell as their HC…

  23. Some other Highly sought after O/Coordinators
    Bill O’Brien from the Pats, Mike Mularkey from the Falcons, Rob Chudzinski from the Panthers

  24. @ P-am..I heard a rumor that O’Brien is frontrunner for the Penn State job.

  25. Yes Greefan, I think they are to meet this week and discuss the opportunity,terms of contract,etc,etc…

  26. Paulman Rumor #223

    LSU Tigers HC Les Miles takes the Indianapolis Colts HC Job after winning another National Title..

  27. Paulman Rumor #224

    Jeff Fisher to accept the HC Positon for the San Diego Chargers
    and is bringing DC Chuck Cecil and Secondary Coach Tim Hauck out as Defenseive Coaches..

  28. Paulman Rumor #225
    COach MArty Mohrnewig accepts the HC Position at the SL Rams, and takes with him QB Coach Doug Pederson,RB Coach Ted WIlliams, WR Coach David Culley and TE Coach Tom Melvin leaving only OL Coach Howard Mudd as the only returning coach on the Eagles Offense…
    Coach AR decides to act in a flurry and hire Spags as Def/Coordinator and names Juan Castillo as Offensive Coordinator, Harold Carmichael as WR Coach, D Staley as RB Coach and Brett Celek and Player-Coach of the TE’s ..

  29. Buffalo BIlls Fire Defensive Coordinator George Edwards and replace him
    with former HC Dave Wannstadt
    Also with Penn States pathetic performance today versus College POwerhouse that is University of Houston, Patriots OC Bill O’Brien has decided to see what other options are out there … Penn State back to the Drawing board and may have to end up hiring the fired Jim Caldwell from the COlts who was QB Coach for Penn State back in the 50’s with Joe Paterno..

  30. Colts Terminate Team President Bill Polian and GM Chris Polian..
    Bill Polian has been with the Team for many years and has been named Executive/GM on the NFL 5 Times during his Career..
    Twice with the Bills, Once with the Panthers and Twice with the Colts…
    This is the biggest shock in the NFL Worl today.. Polian is a very passionate man and defintely can ruffle some feathers and has never been afraid of calling anyone out, but his Draft Record/Player Personnel Moves over the years (not real recently as his Son Chris took over the last couple of Drafts) has been outstainding back to his Building the Bufflo Bills years ago..

  31. Jeff Fisher to interview with Miami Dolphins this week about their opening HC position and then plans on interveiwing with the SL Rams ealry next week also…
    John Gruden states again that he is happy at ESPN and has no plans of leaving his studio/analys position..

  32. Reports that 49ers O/Coordinator Greg Roman is a serious Candidate for the in Penn State HC Postion

  33. Paul, lay off of the coffee & red bulls! LMFBO!!!

  34. I did think that Rumor #225 was pretty funny… Juan Castillo as the Offensive Coordinator after everone else abandons Coach AR…

  35. Paul, you’re a card! I don’t know why some guys on here, give you so much grief.

  36. I admit,. I can be a Jerk, Know-it-all, Told you so, Pain in the ass, and probably everything else too sometimes. I have to find a better balance between Giving Opinions, Good accurate information, a little BS & Humor.. Sometimes it’s all in same Post.. ha ha..

  37. No way Spagnola takes a job in this Mickey Mouse outfit when there are plenty of opportunities out there for him to be fully in charge of a defense.

    Seriously, who, other than a desperate aspirant like Castillo, would take a DC job where you have no input at all on personnel, no input on defensive scheme, and get all the blame from the legion of Reid apologists when things don’t work well?

    The only reason Spagnola would take a job here is if he thinks he can be in position to replace Reid after the 2012 season’s failure to make the playoffs. Other than that, it’s just self abuse. There are a lot of bad defenses in good organizations who would love to have his services and would respect his opinion.

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