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Impressions From The Sixers First Week Of The Season

I thought to myself in the beginning of the road trip that the Sixers could go 2-3 or 3-2. I was cool with either. They will face New Orleans Wednesday night to cap off their five game road trip. The game against the Hornets is a very winnable game for them. So obviously 3-2 should happen. That would be a very solid opening for a young team that is growing. They still have a long way to go though.

Of course while I was at the Winter Classic game yesterday I started thinking about the Sixers and the things that I am happy with so far. Man, that was awesome. I don’t understand myself at times. I am at a hockey game and my mind goes right to thinking about basketball. My mind just goes. What? I can’t help it. So here are some of the things I was thinking of what I am cool with and not cool with in the first week of the season..

Cool with…

– Spencer Hawes. The man has played extremely well so far. He has had a double-double in three out of the first four games so far. Though he is averaging a double-double with 12.5 points and 12.8 rebounds to go along with nearly two blocks a game. Collins told him during the off-season that he needed him to be more aggressive. Umm, I think he got the memo. If he can keep this up this will help the Sixers a ton in the long run.

-Andre Iguodala. Iggy has played at high-level in the first week of the season. Still do not want him taking the last shot though. He really has played well so far. He is basically averaging 17 points to go along with 5 assists and 6.5 rebounds. The thing that jumps out at me the most is that how well he is shooting the ball so far. Dude, he is shooting .524% from the field and from behind the arc .667%. Those shooting numbers will drop as the season goes along. How much though? Has Iggy finally developed a jumper? Nah..

-Other than the one game against Utah the Sixers have played well as a team. In the Utah game they played to much one on one ball and took a lot of quick shots. They fixed that real quickly against the Warriors. On the 39 field goals made during the game against the Warriors they had 29 assists on them. They are actually third in the league in scoring after the first week at 103 points a game and are ninth on defense. They are only giving up 92.8 points a game. The one thing I love about this team is no matter what type of game they are having they give full effort.

-Lou Williams. He has been very solid in the early going. He is average 20 points in only 27 minutes a game this year so far. I know that he missed a couple of shots at the end against Utah. I still can’t believe that lay-up did not go in. On this team I think he is the closest thing they have to a closer right now. He is a natural scorer and he can score from anywhere on the court.

Not cool with…

-Elton Brand. Man, I really do not like dogging him. He is a true professional and gives his heart out there. Though he just does not look right out their to me. Maybe he is just trying to get his game legs back but he is really looking old. He looks very slow trying to run up and down the court. He shot 51% last year he is shooting 41% so far this. He has no spark in his legs. Hopefully he starts to come out of it.

-My “man crush” Number 1,  Jrue Holiday. Holiday has been just ok so far this season. I like the fact that he is being more aggressive offensively but I would like to see him run the offense better. He is averaging nearly 16 points but is only averaging 3 assists. He has total of 11 assists to go along with 12 turnovers.

– My “man crush” Number 2,  Evan Turner. Turner so far in the early going seems to be not really involved in the offense. I catch him standing around at times on the offensive end. Some of it is his fault and some not. Maybe they don’t call his number enough. I don’t know. He is only shooting the ball 40% so far. It is early he has time to turn it around.

-Jodie Meeks.  Meeks has seen his role diminish a lot so far this season. His minutes are way down from last year. As of right now it seems as if he does not have a role. I know he can spread the floor at times with his shooting ability but if he is only going to play 15 minutes a night why start him? Might as well bring him of the bench and slide Turner at the 2-guard position. Just saying…

Friday night is the home opener against the Pistons! Let’s gooo! Showyaluv! on Facebook

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2 Comments for “Impressions From The Sixers First Week Of The Season”

  1. My impressions are the same. They are a 500, or below team, with no identity, poor shooters, too many similar type players, with zero legit stars, & have no future upside, as long as Igoudala & Brand are still here.

  2. Are the Sixers playing ball again.. when did the Season start
    I thought NBA only has 8 Teams playing anymore (Heat,Bulls,Knicks,Celts, Mavs,Thunder,Lakers and Clippers)

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