Report: Eagles Ryan Grigson The Favorite To Get Colts GM Position

Quite a few local media types were shocked to learn that Eagles Director of Players Personnel Ryan Grigson was being interviewed by both the Indianapolis Colts and the St. Louis Rams for their open General Managers’ positions.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Grigson impressed the Colts in the first interview to the point that they want to talk to him again, which makes him the favorite to get the position.  He will sit down against with Indy owner Jim Irsay and the team’s front office people once again.

Grigson hasn’t been very visible in his position with the Birds.  He’s been in charge of the scouting department, which goes about its business without much interaction with the media.  That will change for Grigson if he gets the GM job with the Colts.

14 thoughts on “Report: Eagles Ryan Grigson The Favorite To Get Colts GM Position

  1. Paulman reported this Story over the Weekend,
    DO not be surprised if Marty Mohrnewig goes to Indy as his first Hire as HC
    Grigson is a 9 Year employee of the Eagles spending the last 4-5 Years as Overseeing the Scouting and was promoted to “Director of PLayer Personnel” and is 2nd in Comman to GM Roseman for those who never heard of him..
    He’s fron HIghland,Indiana which is about 2 hours due North of Indy towards Chicago .. He’s a perfect fit for the Colts Organization and will have a great opportunity to remake that Organization into a Winner again with Drafting LUck and maybe hiring Coach Marty and possibly a couple of other from the Offensive Staff

  2. For the Record, the Rams are also high on Grigson and are to interview him
    Thursday per some St Lous Sources..

  3. Coach Marty knows Stanford QB A Luck pretty well as Coach MM has been to Stanford to check into their Program for his son Skylar who was recruited and looking into possibly enrolling to Stanford.. Lot’s of moving parts here..
    if your Coach MM, would you rather be a HC of a recent winner who needs lots of pieces but with the chance of Coachign and developing a QB like A Luck who is seen as the best all around NFL ready QB sinec Peyton Manning came out of COllege… Or does Marty want to stay in Philly and continue to help mold QB Vick into something he’s never been and probably never will be and that’s a Pocket QB, a System QB which is something Coach MM longs for since MCNabb was not pure Pocket passer either.. I think COach MM sees the writing on the wall with Reids future very much uncertain, he’s sees the window closing quickly in Philly and to be honest, is probably tired of the Philly Local Media/Talk Show bantering that he has deal with or hear about his co-workers and HC Reid every day.. If Coach MM really aspires to be an NFL Head Coach again, this may be his best opportunity with a great Starting block QB A Luck , where he stays with the Eagles and they suffer another .500 Season , then Coach Ar and his entire Staff will out of a job and many potential job suitors out there next off-season will not be all that impressed being part of the Eagles recent demise.. Get out while you can Marty…This is a perfect Opoprtunity for you

  4. Wait a minute…. wait JUST a minute… you’re telling me that despite what all the knuckleheads on this website said, the Eagles actually have a ‘scouting department’ with ‘football people’ that work under Howie Roseman? The haters said that only Roseman, who knows nothing about football (despite having worked for a football team for years) …ONLY Roseman scouts the players. If the above (and other factual reports) is true, than the knucklehead haters on this site are full of shit….. hmmmm……


  5. Rumor Mill **

    Ryan Grigson hired as Colts GM, and HIres M Morhnewig as the Cotls HC and Doug Pedersen with him to be their O/C and help Groom #1 Pick QB A Luck

    Coach AR Hire’s the recently fired Hue Jackson of the Raiders as the Eagles O/C .. Good Grief …

  6. He’s a favorite, because he did such a phenomenal job, scouting all of the stud players, we drafted under his watch! Good grief! See ya wouldn’t want to be ya!

  7. paul , i know its your rumor , but if MM would leave , i would be OK with hue jackson! 2010 raiders offense was productive with him at helm

  8. COuple of other Asst Coaching moves

    Cowboys OL H Houck retires and the Cowboys Hire Callahan from the NY Jets to take over the OL Position for the Cowboys (bad news for Eagles)

    Jets fire OC Shottenheimer and will probably hire former Dolphins HC Tony Sporano as their new OL Coach.. Soprano is a very good OL Coach

  9. Grigson is a done deal in Indy, reported by Profootballtalk… Might he take MM to be HC, then who becomes the Eagles OC (Childress)… Does that mean Andy goes back to calling the plays… Wow as the Eagles Turn back to the past…

  10. I reported/called this over the weekend Chuck and yes I do believe he brings
    Coach Marty and perhaps QB Coach Doug Pederson with him to help prepare and groom their #1 Draft Pick QB A Luck into a “Franchise QB”
    Colts will not keep QB P Manning and will release him by March 8 when he was due a crazy $24 Million Dollar Roster Bonus.. I am not sure they could trrade him with his injury status (3 Neck surgeries over the last 1 1/2 years)
    I would also exepct GM Grigson to maybe talk to Spags as a potential DC and Asst to Coach MM since he is familiar with all these guys…
    Lots of moving parts as I expressed about other Teams moves affecting the Eagles..
    I expect Coach AR if he loses MM to reach out for Mike Sherman or CHildress as the new OC.. again I go back to Coach AR being in a “Lame Duck” status with a “Do or Die 2012 for him will make it difficult to hire quality Coaches to join the Eagles which could end up as a 1 Year Job..

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