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Advice To DeSean Jackson; No More Pictures With Strippers

If DeSean Jackson wants to frequent strip clubs in Miami, Florida that’s his business, but when he decides to start taking pictures with the strippers, then it’s our business.  He’s got no business taking pictures like this because it isn’t good for his reputation especially at this key point in his career.

I was at an event with him a few weeks ago and he had Maya the singer with him.  My advice to DeSean, lose the stripper and put Maya back on your arm.  I don’t supposed she’s thrilled about seeing you in this picture with the stripper. on Facebook

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18 Comments for “Advice To DeSean Jackson; No More Pictures With Strippers”

  1. Man, you can have that life. Cant do anything without being poked and prodded by the powers that be. DJax do what you do boy..

  2. The bigger question is why is he hanging out with male strippers.
    Somene had a long fall down the ugly tree.

  3. He’s gotta say no to that stuff based on the media reaction. He might be tryna be a nice guy and say yes to a stripper wanting a pic with him,but hes a young guy who probably doenst like to say no.

    They’ll sign him if they want there offense to run right next year. Who cares….and yes j.p…not really topshelf…she needs to hit some roman crunchs.

  4. LMAO @ Jphalines….DJAX face seemed as if he was lil uncomfortable taking the pic….

    But, let me get this straight? The only problem with the picture is it is taken with a stripper? GCobb, you are one uppity cat! Real Talk! Stripping is a profession, who are you or anyone else to have any judgement…Could the stripper be a DJAX fan or possibly an Eagles fan? I dont know bout you but I enjoy to watch a lil ass shake from time to time…I mean really this is ridicolous!

  5. my hope is that he was telling her about the love of Christ. If he wants to help those that are “bullied” and mistreated…. start right there.

  6. at his salary he can’t afford the hot strippers!

  7. Not even provocative, G. I have pictures with female members of my family where there are wearing bikinis. BIG DEAL!

  8. jphalines, I’m sure you have been with uglier, and taking a second look there’s nothing wrong with her face, and look, Mr. Cobb is a Christian man, he lives by different moral standards than the average eagles

  9. She’s got bigger arms and more muscle that D-Jax does..Her body looks more like a guy’s, look at that belly… poor D-Jax….

  10. yeah he would get alligator arms if she was about to hit him as he was going across the middle.He is just a punk anyway.

  11. What a loser, a flat stripper with a bulging belly. Mabe he is a baby daddy.

  12. I done done it all, Myrtle Beach bike week, Daytona beach Bike week, and all; sittin on a 2000 gs300 with 20inch Polo Wrath Rims and wyling out! Took mad pics (nothing provocative) wit tons a chicks like this. Some better etc and some not the best. He’s young and chillin and I ain’t mad at him; because I enjoyed my time; there came a time in my life where I made a conscious decision to cut up and flush about 200 pics like this etc as I got a little older because I wouldn’t want to have problems with a new woman in my life, and/or lose some pics only to find them posted on the net somewhere.

    The only thing I would suggest for him in his position is to stay away from strip joints because there are some people who will hate you and try to rob you when they see you wit cake and chicks on your jock there (I know all to well because it happen to me and I’m glad to be alive). Also, for his reputation in trying to land a new contract, he should probably stay away from those joints just like erock said because of the media crap. He prolly needs to get himself a good woman and just chill out (hind sight 20/20). You cats on here leaving messages and talking down and scolding DJax are some real losers man. He’s just young, and his dad who probably gave him some advice isn’t here anymore and Djax just has to hopefully learn before he gets caught up that’s all. If he left here and signed somewhere else it wouldn’t bother me because ya’ll suckas can’t even appreciate a special player like him.

  13. Also, Just because Maya is some R&B chick, don’t mean she’s no better than the chick in the pick. i’m sure she done been out there as well. he needs to get some young woman with an education in medical school or guidance counselor types who loves to work with kids. get something out of the spotlight ank keep his life private imo.

  14. Is this what it has come to, Seriously ? A grown man can’t even go to a gentlemens club to be entertained by a little female companionship of the legal variety. G. Cobb, I guess you never went to a strip club as a player, I recall you talking about doing so on WIP. He’s a young man enjoying himself just leave him alone, we are not his parents and it’s none of our business because his behavior is not detrimental to the team so let’s stop with the moral policing. This is still the USA. Not everybody can be Tebow, (no offense I would’nt want to be, too boring). Rock I agree with you, this city does not appreciate nor deserve his special talents. I’ve been a strong supporter of Desean staying here, if he leave I won’t blame him and I’ll root for him where ever he goes, especially when he plays against the birds just to hear the crying and gnashing of teeth of these holier than thou fans and media members (hypocrites) as he smokes the defense and sting these hater fans.

  15. If he stays he stays. If he goes, he goes. Just replace him with somebody better if he leaves. The individual players do not matter, as long as the next guy steps in and does the job. The broad needs better cans.

  16. She looks like one of those tranny prostitutes, that hangs out under the L tracks, in Kensington. LMFBO! I’ve seen better bodies on cars in the junk yard.

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