Temple “D” Coordinator Chuck Heater A Candidate For Clemson Job

Temple Owl’s defensive coordinator Chuck Heater is Clemson Tigers fans version of Steve Spagnuolo.

The Tigers fired their defensive coordinator Kevin Steele after the team allowed nine touchdowns in the team’s Orange Bowl loss to West Virginia. Multiple rumors on the internet have Heater as a candidate to replace Kevin Steele, however, Heater denied the speculation. “I have not [talked to anyone at Clemson],”Heater said. “Don’t know anyone there-don’t know why I would be connected at all to the job.”

The Heater led Owls defense ranked third in the nation in points against (13.9), in 2011. Temple fans should be proud that their once laughing stock of a football program is now producing players and coaches the NFL and fans of big time college football programs want, the program is clearly heading in the right direction.

Perhaps it wasn’t wishful thinking when head coach Steve Addazio said he would like to turn Temple into the Boise State of the east.

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