The Haves (Pats & Giants) And The Have Nots (Our Eagles)

They say making a push for the Super Bowl is all about getting hot at the right time.  The New York Giants are certainly proof of that, winning their last 5 straight after a somewhat tumultuous regular season that saw them eek by the Eagles and Cowboys for the NFC East crown.

The Patriots, well, they’ve been hot for the majority of the season, going 13-3 in the regular season and winning the AFC East.  Philadelphia was decimated by the Patriots in week 12 at home 38-20, in a game that wasn’t even as close as that score indicates.  The Eagles did split the season series with New York en route to a 5-1 NFC East record.

The thing that really separates the Patriots from Philadelphia is consistency.  They rarely make the huge mistake that can turn the momentum over to their opposition, and when their opponent slips up, New England generally capitalizes.  In addition, the New England defense that has been much maligned all season for being “one of the worst in the league” was, in all reality, not that bad.  Coming into the playoffs the Patriots were 14th in scoring defense.  Their pass defense, however, was 31st in the league, which is understandable when one takes into account the fact that the Patriots were ahead in a lot of games which forced their opponents to throw.

What I think will help Philadelphia close the gap between themselves and New England (as well as the other “elite” teams in the NFL) is a few pieces on defense, particularly LB and a veteran Safety, as well as time together in the offseason to develop continuity and a rapport.  The Eagles offense, when playing well, can keep up with any team in the league in terms of scoring points, as their number 8 ranking league-wide indicates.

It’s going to take hard work in the offseason to get the defense to continue the growth that began to come to fruition at the end of the season.  If that happens, however, and the Eagles add some playmakers on defense, the Eagles are going to be talked about as a favorite again heading into next season…which means there’s a good chance they will go 8-8 again.

8 thoughts on “The Haves (Pats & Giants) And The Have Nots (Our Eagles)

  1. The Eagles have 2 high draft picks at safety.

    Whatever happened to coaching???

    What are the secondary coaches doing???

    OK one got fired.

    You have 3 young safetys and you have to add a vetran???

    The 49ers added 3 rookie defensive backs(ronnie lott) and won the superbowl.

    Either you can coach or you can’t.

    Either you can play or you can’t.

    The offensive line coach proved he could coach up the offensive line, because they stunk to high heaven in the preseason.

    The defensive line coach showed he could take the same player the Eagles released a couple of seasons ago and make him a pro-bowl player.

    The Eagles had a guy who’s only experience was being a semi-pro player, coaching linebackers a couple of years ago.

    What are these young coaches doing to get better???

    How much time are THEY putting into the film room so that our defensive backs are where they are supposed to be.

    As usual, I blame ANDY REID.

    With over 300 colleges playing football, how can you not have the desire to put together the best coaching staff possible?

    Instead, “win just enough to keep my job” Andy has 4 good coaches and the rest are cronies. I could not believe my eyes when I researched the eagles coaching staff off of their own website and saw that a complete bum was coaching the linebackers a few seasons ago. And who could forget Rory Segrest.

    How can you have 3 pro-bowl corners a defensive line that gets to the QB and get torched the way the eagles did in the Patriots game??

    One, the Patriots set up the pass by beginning the game running.

    Once the eagles linebackers and secondary bit on the play action Brady torched them. Then kept them off balance for the rest of the game.

    If you can’t win with 3 pro-bowl cornerbacks, it won’t make much difference who the safety is.

    The secondary coaches have to get better. Then these young high draft picks with a good amount of experience will play better.

    They played without confidence, because they had a secondary coach and defensive coordinator who was learning on the job.

    The Eagles brought in the best cover corner in the league and they put him in a zone defense. Did not have him covering Fitzgerald in a crucile moment of a game.

    The kid from Temple can hit and Nate Allen can cover and get picks.

    The coaching staff has to get better at putting the players in a better position to win.

    Andy says it all the time. But does not do it.

    Most people get fired for that kind of job performance.

  2. @bsm – Jarrett can hit, but he doesnt have the talent to be an NFL starter…the kid was a projected 5th round pick whom the Eagles reached because the safety position in the draft was weak….Allen can’t tackle and is too inconsistent….the Eagles need to spend their 1st round pick on S Mark Barron from Alabama….he is the Dawkins of this draft and gives the Eagles a legit ballhawk/hitter on the back end of the defense….then come back in round #2 and get that MLB who can hit you in the mouth and a cornerback to groom to replace Samuel….this draft should be focused on young talent on the defensive side….

  3. I agree Jott1972,

    1st Round (#15) – SS Mark Barron (Alabama 6-2 220 lbs Runs 4.55)
    2nd Rd (#45 f/Cards) – CB Steve Gilmore (South Carolina 6-1 195lbs Runs 4.52)
    2nd Rd (#47) – MLB – Bobby Wagner (Utah State 6-0 245lbs, Runs a 4.69)
    3rd Rd (#79) – DT- Kendall Reyes (U Conn 6-4 305 lbs , Runs a 4.99)
    4th Rd (#101 F/Bucs) OLB – Keenan Robinson (Texas 6-3 240lbs Runs a 4.68)
    4th Rd (#111) – C/G David Molk (Michigan 6-2 290 lbs Runs a 5.19)
    5th Rd (#143) – WR Marvin McNutt (Iowa 6-3 215lbs Runs a 4.52)

    3 Seletions in the 6th Round would be used for Depth at RB/TE/DL

  4. BSM

    I believe that you are right on point! Everything starts at the top. If the head coach doesn’t hire the right coaches or doesn’t oversee each area of his team, he’s responsible. If the head coach is responsible for choosing the coaches and players, he’s also responsible for how they are used (scheme). If the fans can see that the team needed receivers or that players are too small or that players are being used incorrectly or that the team needs to run the ball effectively to alleviate pressure on the QB, should the head coach have the ability to see that? The obvious seems to escape Reid all too often.

  5. Love your draft Paulman. Barron and Wagner are both bangers. Not sure Mcnutt makes it to round five. Is Lofton a free agent? I can also see virtue to picking up a veteran for the LB core.

  6. MLB Curtis Lofton (Falcons) is a Free-Agent and is in the Prime of his Career right now…At 6-0 241lbs, who can run and tackle.. Many believe new DC Mike Nolan is plannig to build the Defense around him and their other LB’s (Sean Weatherspoon and Steven NIchols which is their strength of their Defense) and beleive the Falcons may end up Franchising him as not to lose him
    He had 147 Tackes in 2011, with 1 Sack, 2 Forced Fumbles & 2 Int’s and 7 Passes Defended and has almost 500 Tackles in his 4 Year Career..150nad 1 Int

  7. ***Free Agent MLB’s Available This Off Season***- Curtis Lofton, Stephen Tulloch, D’Qwell Jackson, David Hawthorne. With all the young LB’s the eagles have, it might make sense to get some experience there and pick a young DL.. Devon Still, Quinton Coples, Nick Perry, Whitney Mercilus, Dontari Poe, Fletcher Cox etc etc..

    They should have Asante’s salary off the cap. And LaRon Landry, Michael Griffin and Tyvon Branch are FA Safety’s too. Eagles are young there as well.. Makes sense to get some young yet veteran players that are proven in the league here rather than trying to hit on a LB or Safety in the draft… This could potentially be the eagles intentions come Free Agency…

  8. and your probably right about WR McNutt,
    He’s probably more like a 4th Rounder around that 100th Selection or so..

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