Marty Mornhinweg Staying Put Will Benefit Michael Vick

The Indianapolis Colts announced the hiring of a new head coach today by selecting Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano. The Oakland Raiders appear to be ready to announce the selection of Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen as their new head coach.

With the Tampa Bay Bucs set to meet with former Packer head coach Mike Sherman for the second time it appears as if Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will be back on the sidelines next to Andy Reid in 2012. The offensive side of the ball is not the issue going into 2012 so I believe the return of Mornhinweg will be a good thing for the offense and one guy in particular will benefit the most from Mornhinweg returning. That guy is quarterback Mike Vick.

Vick so far in his Eagles career has not had an off season to work with Mornhinweg and coach Reid as the starting quarterback. Last year the offseason was wiped away by the lockout which prevented Vick from working with the coaching staff. The off season before that Vick was going into the season as the backup to Kevin Kolb so the extent of work he did with the coaches was limited compared to Kolb.

When Vick took over for Kolb in 2010 it appeared as if he was unstoppable for the majority of the season. He finally found his groove and working with Mornhinweg as a starter was a big part of it. For whatever reason though Vick tailed off at the end of 2010 and it carried over into an inconsistent 2011. Number 7 had flashes of brilliance in 2011 but nothing compared to the level of play he displayed for the majority of 2010. The lockout and lack of direction from Mornhinweg and the coaching staff played a vital role in Vick’s development going into this past season.

Vick unfortunately appears to be the type of player that can’t progress on his own. For whatever reason he needs the coaches to stay on top of him and guide him on how to play the position of quarterback. In Atlanta he was a different player all together as he tuned coaches out left and right which prevented him from ever getting to the level of play he had in 2010 with the Eagles. Vick was purely a running quarterback in Atlanta and wasn’t taught properly on the position. Mornhinweg has taken the time to explain to Vick how the fundamentals can affect your play on the field.

He’s showing him how dynamic of a quarterback he can be if he learns how to stay in the pocket, throw downfield, and still utilize his running ability when needed. It’s appears as if the relationship between Vick and Mornhinweg is strong as both tend to speak highly of one another and enjoy working together.

A full off season under the tutelage of Mornhinweg and Reid may just allow Vick to have the bounce back season he needs in 2012. Vick’s inconsistent play and knack for turnovers in 2011 ultimately contributed to the Eagles not making the post season. He clearly got away from the things that made him so dominant during the majority of 2010 and even though he tailed off at the end of 2011 he was never given an extensive opportunity to clear up the issues with his play during the offseason because of the lockout.

I expect big things from Mike Vick in 2012. He has the drive and determination to become a top quarterback in the league as long as he stays healthy and doesn’t turn the ball over. Mornhinweg returning and providing a full off season of direction and guidance to Vick will benefit not only Vick but the entire offense. Things happen for a reason and maybe it’s just meant to be that Mornhinweg stays put in 2012 and allows us all to see a comeback season from number 7.

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  1. I really thought Coach MM would move on, but it wasn’t in the cards I suppose..
    I believe Coach AR/MM and QB Vick are all tied as the hip and this could very well be the last time (2012 Season) that we see them all together in Philadelphia so I hope they make it count and come out with a guns blazin’
    Vick needs to step up in his game as do OC MM and HC AR.. Let’s see some players in motion, more spread out formations and less bunch formations which just put more defenders in the box which I feel puts VIck at a bigger disadvantage since he’s unable to pick-up the oncoming blitz’s as quickly with all the bodeies in a smaller space as opposed to when they are Spread out more and Vick can see the field a little better…

  2. another problem is they should model his gameplan and pocket style after Steve Young and perhaps Brees and not Brady and Manning

  3. I have never heard so many excuses for one player, he’s been in the league ten years, he’s a finished product, for better or worse, he has one more year here and then he’s gone with the rest of this circus as nev says

  4. They should not model vicks game after anyones, they cant do it because vick is a different type of athlete.. you cant catergorize him since he has exceptional speed and athleticism.. he just has to improve his coverage recognition and i mentioned all this for months now.. he struggles with it. His blitz recognition has improved so teams have decided to play the pass more and not bring as many guys.. thats one of the main reasons why Desean hasnt been as efffective because you have teams playing there safeties so far down the field to prevent the long ball and i dont blame them for the eagles like to strike so fast (I personally dont like the strike fast mentality because we dont have the defense for that, maybe this year theyll improve but we would get worn down so fast on defense in past years on defense from 3 and outs and them scoring fast). They need to learn how to grind games out. You had one of the best rushing attacks in the league now this year it must all come full circle both maintaining the run game despite teams crowding the box to stop it, you have to keep them honest. And slowing the game down esp after you have the lead would greatly benefit this defense and Vick..

  5. I really think the rushing of McCoy will be hard to duplicate in 2012..
    Teams will focus on him more and let VIck stay in the pocket and take their chances that he can be paitient and execute 10-12 play drives which require sound decision making, keeping drives alive on shorter routes and basically getting the ball of out his hands quicker which is not his natural style of QB..
    If you look over the final 5 games in which McCoy played…
    Patriots 10 carries for 31 yards
    Seahawks 17 carriers for 84 yards (longest run of 20 yards)
    Dolphins 27 carries for 38 yards (longest run of 11 yards)
    NY Jets 18 carriers for 102 yds (longest run of 33 yards)
    Cowboys 13 carriers for 35 yards (longest run of 11 yards)
    Redksins Did not suit up

    When looking at total stats over McCoy’s final 5 games when Defenses were keying on him due to VY playing and VIck not a 100% here are the #’s

    85 Total Carriers for 293 yards which is a 3.4 Yard Average Gain per Rush and what’s really distrubing, when you take the 4 longest runs from these 5 games, McCoy average 2.7 Yards on his remaining 81 Carries…
    The Smart teams and Defenses will load the box up and take McCoy out the game early forcing VIck to beat them with the pass and if D-Jax leaves via free-agency or is signed and traded, this will most likely be more difficult since teams would no longer play 2 Deep Safeties….
    Eagles offensive Coaches AR & MM have to know coming in for 2012 that teams are going to defend them differently, so how do they adjust to this with or without having D-JAx in 2012 will be the ky for a succesful Eagles Offense in 2012… My Money is that they (AR & MM) won’t change much, making the Eagles Offense very inconsistent and suseptibale to Vick struggling early on.. This is my story and Offensive Analyis of the upcoming season and I am sticking with it for now…

  6. To both nev856 and jakedog… I have never seen so many people not appreciate one player as much as Michael Vick. Here is my proclamation… Brady, Brees, Manning 1, and Manning 2 would have all failed if they were running this years Eagles offense, if they had just come back into the league only 2 yrs before. They would have all failed if last year was their first year as the starter with no off season and no OTA’s and having immature receivers and no one willing to catch the ball over the middle. Under those circumstances they would have all been sacked 3x’s as much as Vick with 3x’s as many turnorvers.

    In Atlanta, Vick had NO QB COACH AND NO HELP AT ALL AND STILL MANAGED TO GET THEM TO 4 PLAYOFF GAMES ON HIS OWN! I have followed his entire career. Vick admitted to considering retirement after just 5yrs in the league because he was expected to do everything with no help… If he had stayed in Atlanta he would be just like David Carr… Remember Him?

    You guys are more Vick haters than Eagle fans. It doesn’t matter that the team’s owner said he was very impressed with how hard Vick works, It doesn’t matter that Rex Ryan said that Vick is a complete QB now, it doesn’t matter that MM said Vick can be better than Steve Young, it doesn’t matter that Vick is responsible for the greatest Eagles come back and single game performance in the history of the team (per the team website). It doesn’t matter that without Vick this team doesn’t got to the playoffs in 2010 even though he was only back in the league for a year and a half. Even if Vick leads this team to a super bowl you guys will still say he is nothing.

    Any body trying to use pure statistics to prove how bad Vick’s play is or that he’s regressed is ignoring the fact that Football is a team game. For a pass to be completed the ball has to be thrown AND CAUGHT… Receivers have to run the correct routes and the O-line has to protect the QB… The coach has to put the QB in the right place. Djax and Maclin are 23 and 24 both young and neither really willing to go over the middle… New offensive line blocking scheme and a retooled O-line with players playing out of position. Very poor run pass balance by the coaching staff and a new d-coordinator with multiple new defensive players ultimately leading to a dysfunctional defense… all of these things make huge differences… Let me remind all the haters that the reason Vick got the starting job was because Kolb was concussed twice in 2010 because he could not evade hits… also, little known fact, when they played Arizona this season Kolb called out plays to the defense which ultimately lead to Vick being hurt on the 2nd play of the game. KOLB ADMITTED TO THIS!

    You guys just hate Vick so admit it. Your 2011 Stats are worth SQUAT!

  7. THE PROBLEM WITH THE EAGLES IS ALL THESE 6TH 7 TH ROUND GUYS STARTING. Eventually a 7th rounder and 6th rounders will start to play like 6th and 7th round players. thats why they have rounds to evalulate talent. the first and second rounders play like that and win.

  8. Jon Hart:
    How do you beat two-deep? Pound the rock! You’re right, but Big Red refuses to go for that. I’ve been advocating for that, along with countless others – and he simply WON’T do it. If he doesn’t run the rock more in between the tackles next year – it shall be his undoing.

  9. Jon Hart
    yea I somewhat agree but Im sayin what lionsden is sayin. Trying to force him to be a pure pocket passer, when he doesnt have the height advantage is silly. also taking him away from what got him to the playoffs 4 times is also silly.

  10. Jon Hart:
    OK, I’ll agree with that considering that forcing him to be a pocket passer when the largest vulnerability is your A-gaps is nuts. Big Red can wish his rookie guard and center to be ready, but they were exposed this year – too many times. MV has to be rolled out; and given back the protection a run game gives to the QB – play action. Play action is just that to Big Red and MM – let’s play act like we’re not going to pass.

  11. Swift – ever heard of a guy named Drew Brees? I think he is a pocket passer – – – don;t think he is too tall…. listed at 6ft 207 vick is listed at 6′ 215….

    now Tony Romo is a super tall 6’2…..

  12. navy, its not so much Vick’s lack of height but his low arm slot on release, brees is more traditional 3/4, high 3/4, Vick almost sidearm, so Vick will get and does get a lot of balls tipped, batted down in the pocket

  13. lionsden:

    I appreciate your defense of MV. He’s a great talent. I just think that a running game is a cure to alot of ills that afflicted him this year. Pocket passer, roll him out, let MV be MV. All of that is fine. I respect and trust him enough to make the right decision – and yes, that is despite the turnovers this year. If the Eagles only had a commitment to the running game…SIGH!
    I grant you that the Patriots and Saints have had great success this year due to GREAT QB play and some fine offensive schemes (TE’s in NE etc.) I don’t think that would translate for the Eagles. MV was threading the needle soooo often this year with side-arm passes and fire-drill improvisation. Why force the offense to resort to this? If you can pound the rock – even a little bit – the OL gets sore rather than the QB.

  14. nsidious – you crack me up – you can beat cover two by having a lost rcvr run intermediate middle routes – have your TE attack behind the LBs, – run intermediate to deep crossing routes behind the LBs – there are about 10 differetn ways to attack a Cover-2 (never heard it called a two-deep — but this wouldn’t be the first time new terminology was made up on G Cobb)

    also – where the hell did you come up with this mythical A gap thing you are spewing – the Center and rookie guard got exposed alright – but the word is exposure – as both made several ‘All Rookie’ teams – Vick seldom took pressure directly up the middle that was the fault of the OL (not saying a blitzing LB didn’t flush him or it never happened) if anything – and other help me out here – Vicks problem was that he wouldn’t step up or slide up in the well formed, well blocked poscket – but would instead try to roll outside the OTs – frequently rolling right into a well blocked DE –

    Vicks issues – in my opinion is two things 1) Inability to quickly read the blitz and locate the hot rcvr and 2) learn to be comfortable standing in the pocket and using his mobility IN THE pocket – sliding up or to the side but staying inside of his protection

  15. Jake – watch films of Vick when he throws without a pass rush – his throwing mechanics are outstanding – its when he is trying to sling it around players that he tends to drop – watch when he throws a deep ball – elbow is in almost perfect position – he does try to side arm and sling around – Brees also has great, great mechanics – but Brees tends to shift within the pocket (outstanding footwork) t find the clear lanes to throw through – now it may also help that New Orleans has much taller rcvrs… I don;t know how much difference there is in throwing to a 6ft guy or a 6’4 guy..

    I think Vick – vice using his feet to slide or shift – tries to fling it around the DL.. thoughts? Didn’t McNabb also get a lot of passes knocked down – anyone know if there is a stat on that?

  16. Wasn’t going to….but have to….

    “In Atlanta, Vick had NO QB COACH AND NO HELP AT ALL AND STILL MANAGED TO GET THEM TO 4 PLAYOFF GAMES ON HIS OWN! ” I’ve already demolished this post on the other thread. Dunn, Duckett, Crumpler and White. There was plenty of talent on that team.

    “It doesn’t matter that the team’s owner said he was very impressed with how hard Vick works” Wtf is he going to say? Gruden reported this year that in conversations with Morningwheg, Marty still has to basically cajole him into the film room. BTW…where was Vick at the player led workouts?

    “Rex Ryan said that Vick is a complete QB now,”…what he’s going to say Vick sucks on national TV? Have you ever heard a press conference before? They praise everyone on the other team…always.

    “it doesn’t matter that MM said Vick can be better than Steve Young,” Again…what the hell do you expect him to say publicly? If Mike Vick ever plays like Steve Young and wins SB MVPs like Steve Young, I will….well…I have no idea what I would do…but it doesn’t matter, because it is never going to happen.

    “it doesn’t matter that Vick is responsible for the greatest Eagles come back and single game performance in the history of the team” Yay…he scrambled for a win! Great for one game excitement…irrelevant for consistent success, because those are flash in a pan, once every decade games.

    “and single game performance in the history of the team” Granted. But go youtube ‘haynesworth lying on ground’ and you might get an indication of why the offensive explosion happened.

    “New offensive line blocking scheme and a retooled O-line with players playing out of position.” I don’t know how Vick survives….the Eagles’ are the only team in the league who changed players on the oline this year.

    “Very poor run pass balance by the coaching” Have you watched football the past decade? Pitt, NE, NO, NYG, DET, and on and on all pass at least as much (% wise) or more than the Birds

    “Djax and Maclin are 23 and 24 both young and neither really willing to go over the middle” We have excellent posession WR/te in Avant and Celek who go over the middle just fine.

    “new d-coordinator with multiple new defensive players ultimately leading to a dysfunctional defense” A dysfunctional defence that finished 8th overall and 3 points lower than the league average for points against…and this despite the offence turning the ball over a league leading 38 times.

    “also, little known fact, when they played Arizona this season Kolb called out plays to the defense which ultimately lead to Vick being hurt on the 2nd play of the game. ” Ummmmm… – not little known fact. Two – WTF do you think he’s supposed to do? He does play for the other team. Newsflash: This happens with almost every player heading to every new team.

    Navy. I have stood beside both Vick and Brees. the cards might say they’re the same height, but they aren’t.

  17. Oh…and last question lionsden. You wrote:

    Here is my proclamation… Brady, Brees, Manning 1, and Manning 2 would have all failed if they were running this years Eagles offense….

    Brees, Brady or the Mannings woould have run the Eagles’ offence a lot better than MV did….if you don’t think that’s true, you don’t follow football.

    But let me reverse that. Put Mike Vick on either the Saints or Packers. You think those offences still going to post the record breaking numbers they did this year?

    Doubtful…..nah too kind…not doubtful, Impossible.

  18. yea I saw vick at the sofitel hotel when I was going into daffys downtown. Im 5’11. looking at him face to face he looked shorter than me or the same height at most

  19. and that would make desean jackson really about 5″9 or 5’10. even with the best vertical he cannont out jump anybody for a contested ball

  20. navy eagles fan:

    I answer that: 1) you “embellish” that you have never heard two-deep, but this is your vain nature, 2) you prevaricate that you have never heard of the A-gaps and have not seen them exploited by a failure to cover (especially during the first half of the season,) 3) you tell the truth that I make you laugh. All politicians do that when they’re shown up. What’re running for, let me guess – County Philosopher?
    I do agree that Vick didn’t always move into the right position if the pocket was “perfectly well-formed”. I disagree that that term could often describe the pocket. But you just want to enlarge the cage for MV. Bad move. He’s an instinctive QB, who needs to be reigned-in, yes. But denying him the option to get away from the DT’s/LB’s that came his way (like a highway early in the year,) is a fool’s answer. Good job on the All-Rookie team thing – dubious distinction at best to me, Navy.
    Great beating-the-two-deep knowledge. Hopefully the Eagles are reading your post and will do it next year. Are you available to coach the Eagles, by the way? You’ve conquered us poor, dull-normal souls who pretend to know football. I relent. You have played more than me, and know something about football. Great job, dude!

  21. I met Brees at a restaurant on South Street after the 2009 opening game. I was at a table with 3 buddies and a group of people came in all wearing Saints golf shirts. Older. Turns out it was Brees’ parents and a couple of coaches. He came in near end of meal to say hi to them I guess. My friend is a big Saints fan and we were introduced. Met for 5 mins. I shook his hand. I’m 6′ 1 and Brees didn’t seem short to me. I’d say he was 6’…maybe a bit shorter.

    My Vick experience was a TC this year. Soon after lockout. My family and I rolling through Penn on the way to Delaware coast. Stopped in for morning practice. Very sparce croud. Vick and others at fence signing. He’s short. 5′ 10? Maybe.

    Its not like Brees towers over Vick by any means…..but there’s no way Vick is 6 feet tall. How is he supposed to play behind the line the Birds have?

  22. As a shorter 6’0″ tall QB, it does benefit you to have taller receivers. makes for a better target. THe Vick debate is just that, you’re either going to be for or against. But one thing I do know is THIS… Mike Vick will be the QB in Philly this year. Are you for or against the Eagles… If you are FOR the EAGLES then cheer and support your Team/QB. Why bring undue stress on yourself… matter fact find a new team for a year and pray that Vick and the Eagles fail this year. Then you can get your wish, but be careful what you wish for… Atlanta thought they had their QB of the future, so did Buffalo, Cleveland too… A bad QB choice can set a franchise back for years. Name the QBs between Randall and D-Mac… ponder that for a second.

  23. Team President Joe Banner stressed the fact that the front office is ready to hit the ground running. “Even during the lockout, we kept working through the summer knowing we had to be ready for this moment – to go from zero to 100 mph overnight.”

    Banner seems to feel that he and his dealmakers in the front office can give the football team an advantage by mastering these new rules in a hurry. “Now we have to be quick learners, and quick to act. We’re studying the new contract hard so we can make good football decisions fast. We want to be on top of the nuances of this new agreement so we can help our ball club compete.”

  24. Every damn defensive player I hear (You know the ones who actually play the game) talk about how they love and fear Vick. How they respect him and hate facing him. Only the Eagle fans constantly bash this guy. Only the Eagle fans bash DJax, only Philly fans had a problem with Iverson. I watched the playoffs and saw 20 recievers drop balls. I saw 30 balls knocked down from QBs who wer 5 10 to QBs who were 6 5. I watched SF and NE recievers who couldnt get open. lol Its amazing. If f&^ing Alex Smith and Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez can go deep in the playoffs but Vick cant? comical. I wish one of you online fans could go in the Giants locker room and ask thier defensive players to thier face about Vick and your comments they would laugh you right back to your f%^ing computers.

  25. @Lionsden….bravo! These cats don’t understand how football is a team game…Poor blocking Vick runs, he’s wrong…decent blocking, no wide receivers open, Vick waits a little longer, he’s know, haters don’t appreciate!

  26. nsid – I embellish – dude – there are 4 basic pass coverages (this is Junior High stuff so let me know if its too advanced – Cover 0 – Cover 1 – Cover 2 and Cover 3

    Cover 0 – no safety help deep, Cover 1 is a single deep safety, cover 2 is two deeps safeties each responsible for half the field and cover 3 which is three deep –

    you good – OK – now out of this you can run a zone or a man – typically cover 0 (most often run in combo with a blitz) and Cover 1 (may or may not blitz – frequently used with read blitzes when a TE or RB stays in to block) –

    Cover two is a typical zone defense deep coverage – and as you noticed in the Eagle/Cowboy game it is very easy to exploit through the air buy keeping WR on the outside and attacking the middle – but I guess my vanity prevented you from noticing that – your silly cliche ‘pound the rock’ does not take advantage of the skill set McCoy brings to the table which is his ability to read blocks, cut on a dime and accelerate quickly (thought I would like to see him run straight ahead more).

    A political note – must have been watching your frined Obama – he likes to make shit up too! My fellow Americans – I have all these great ideas, and for two years my party owned the white house, the house of representatives and a veto proof majority in the senate, and all I did was raise the national debt by about 60% apologize to every country for it being americas fault, do a lot of campaigning……… but what i am running for is the position of official bullshit monitor (think of it like a dog catcher for bullshit GCOBB postings like yours) so when I see dumb ass comments like the whole ‘A gap’ comment – or a commnet about the minnesota vikings of the purple people eater era were ‘small’ I call bullshit – actually – I’m not even running – I just assumed the title – see – as any knwoledgable eagle fan knows – the A gap issue, was the issue 2 seasons ago…. part of the reason MJG and Nick Cole were not part of this years team.. Now – did early in the year the possiblity exists of a blown assignment of some penetration – sure – but didn’t/doesn’t that happen with every team? Did Cullen Jenkins, Landri and Patterson all ‘expose’ all the teams we played? Yeah, that’s what I thought –

    So in my vanity – and you in your stupidity – we can let Vick be ‘instinctive’ I saw an episode like that on Fiday Night Lights – loved that show – so great – you are giving the same adivce as they give out on Friday night Teen age dramas – but it was a really good show –

  27. VinnytheEV… buddy… I’ve been waiting for you to reply and I knew you wouldn’t resist taking the bait… let me first say that your ill conceived rants about Mike Vick is what made me, as a fan of the team and of MV, join the discussion. Let me first say that you use stats with no context and ignore facts that are inconvenient to your argument so, with that being said here we go…

    With regards, to Vick’s time in ATL you listed 4 players and then said “there was plenty of talent on that team” I am having trouble typing this response because I am laughing sooo hard at that statement. Alge Crumpler was Vick’s only legitimate weapon on that team… Warrick Dunn was an undersized back who was the darren sproles of his time… good in a finesse offense but definitely not a feature back, TJ Duckette was a one hit wonder, and Vick got Roddy White at the beginning of White’s career. Oh and BTW Roddy White is a “dropper” in fact he led the league this year in dropped passes… He’s not clutch at all. But reference a receiver without referencing the Falcon’s O-line at the time let’s me know you don’t know the game very well… Atlant’s O-line was HORRIBLE. Let me repeat… Horrible! BTW did you really mention TJ Ducket as a real weapon…. C’mon Man! Let’s not forget the fact that Arthur Blank purchased the team in 2002 the year after Vick was the #1 draft pick in 2001. Let’s not forget that Dan Reeves and Jim Mora Jr. are both failed coaches (and before you try to blame this on Vick let me remind you that Reeves was run out of Denver by Elway and Mora had the perfect opportunity handed to him in Seattle by Holmgren and screwed it up). VICK CARRIED THE FALCON’S TO THE FIRST DEFEAT OF GB IN GB IN THE PLAYOFFS WITH LITTLE TO NOTHING. No you have not demolished this argument regarding Vick’s time in ATL you have tip toed through it and gotten allot of your facts wrong…. but that is what I expect from a hater…

    Let’s get to your other hogwash…

    “It doesn’t matter that the team’s owner said he was very impressed with how hard Vick works” Wtf is he going to say?” I’m glad you asked that question… because In his press conference Laurie was asked why he thought the season failed and in his reply he mention schemes philosophy and coaching… never once did he make any reference to players performance with regards to his outrage… If Laurie was uncertain about Vick or thought Vick were the true issue not only would he not have received his second $100million contract… there would have been a hint of it in that press conference and there was none….

    “Gruden reported this year that in conversations with Morningwheg, Marty still has to basically cajole him into the film room.” Oh really, because when I watched Mike Vick’s interview with Jim Mora last year Vick talked about what he has learned about playing QB through watching film AT HOME… Mora said “you watch film at home now?” Vick said “Yeah coach”.

    “Rex Ryan said that Vick is a complete QB now,”…what he’s going to say Vick sucks on national TV? Have you ever heard a press conference before? They praise everyone on the other team…always. Let’s get it strait Vinny… These statements were made AFTER VICK PUT A WHOOPIN’ ON THE JETS NOT BEFORE… IF YOU’RE GONNA REPLY GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. THESE COMMENTS WERE MADE AFTER VICK PUT A WHOOPIN’ ON HIS BROTHER’S COWBOYS DEFENSE… THE SAME DEFENSES THAT GIVE TOM BRADY FITS…

    “it doesn’t matter that Vick is responsible for the greatest Eagles come back and single game performance in the history of the team” Yay…he scrambled for a win! Great for one game excitement…irrelevant for consistent success, because those are flash in a pan, once every decade games.” Again… Let’s get it straight Vinny… He AVOIDED SACKS FOR A WIN AND THREW TD’S FOR A WIN. Since you like stats so much check this out… in the Miracle at the Medowlands II, Vick had 242 yds passing and 130yds rushing with 60% completion and 2tds passing and 1 rushing…. Please tell me when the elite qb’s (and eli) have ever done anything like that??? Only Mike Vick my friend… only Mike Vick. That performance (among many others that season) got Philly the first round bye… BTW you might want to take the “once in a decade” comment back because Vick had many performances like that all year long in 2010… And in terms of consistent QBing Vick rarely throws Int’s due bad reads… in fact 2011 WAS HIS FIRST SEASON EVER THROWING MORE THAN 13 INT’S IN ONE SEASON… VICK HAS ALWAYS BEEN AMONG THE LEAST INTERCEPTED IN THE LEAGUE. And do me a favor let me know how many balls his receivers drop in 2011 and how many bad routes they ran as well.

    “But go youtube ‘haynesworth lying on ground’ and you might get an indication of why the offensive explosion happened.” Are you serious??? So MV’s performance was because of ONE Dlinemen’s poor play??? you just proved yourself a true hater… what about the bombs he threw past Pro bowlers Landry and Hall? What about him decimating the defense of a SB winning coach… Vinny YOU GOTTA DO BETTER THAN THIS..

    “Very poor run pass balance by the coaching” Have you watched football the past decade? Pitt, NE, NO, NYG, DET, and on and on all pass at least as much (% wise) or more than the Birds” VINNY this is too easy so I’m just going to ask you to compare those teams offensive philosophy to Philly’s and I think you’ll prove my point for me… Then ask your self how much change any of these teams have gone through philosophy wise vs. Philly… C’ome On man!!!

    ““new d-coordinator with multiple new defensive players ultimately leading to a dysfunctional defense” A dysfunctional defence that finished 8th overall and 3 points lower than the league average for points against…and this despite the offence turning the ball over a league leading 38 times.” Vinny, again with the context less stats…. this same defense gave up a record 5 4TH QTR LEADS!!! These leads were given by MIKE VICK AND LOST BY THE DEFENSE. IF THEY WOULD HAVE KEPT ONE THE EAGLES WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE PLAYOFFS! And by the way… one of these leads was against the same 49ers that WHOOPED Eli all day long last weekend. Vick threw for 400+yds and didn’t have to throw 900times like Eli… Eli did not win that game for the giants… the 49ers special teams gave the game away.

    Vinny… bottom line you’re a Vick Hater but the sad part is you manipulate the numbers to make him look bad…. I hope you don’t call yourself an Eagles fan.

  28. Second Response to VinnietheEv….

    “Brees, Brady or the Mannings woould have run the Eagles’ offence a lot better than MV did….if you don’t think that’s true, you don’t follow football.”
    Vinnie again with this context problem… you didn’t respond the complete statement I made. If those QBs had only been back in the league after 2yrs and in this offense dealing with what Vick had to deal with, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE DONE AS WELL AS VICK. The miracle at the meadowlands would have been the blood bath at the meadowlands and the Eagles would not have made the playoffs… I STAND BY IT.

    “But let me reverse that. Put Mike Vick on either the Saints or Packers. You think those offences still going to post the record breaking numbers they did this year?” It’s funny you should mention this because Dave Spadaro on the Teams home website just wrote an article about how Vicks ability would have helped all of the QB’s in last weeks playoffs… When it mattered most both Alex Smith and Drew Brees COULD NOT ESCAPE THE RUSH AND BECAUSE OF IT THEIR TEAMS LOST! VICK with those teams in those offenses for that long establishes a DYNASTY. Now… take a poll and see who thinks Vick DOESN’T win the SB with the 49ers, Ravens, or Giants defense. And I’m not just talking about on websites I’m talking about in the NFL!

    You’re just a hater… so keep doing what you do best…Hate on MV..

  29. I had been a Vick fan since he was at Va tec. nothing will change that, unless he becomes a Cowboy.I still think as a pass-run QB he can make it to the big game. As a pocket passer he needs either some more talent/size at receiver or some accuracy camp.
    shoot, even with that other stuff, Cruz is why the Giants are in the big game not neccesarily Eli. Just like Miles Austins suprise breakout.

  30. Wow please nobody ever site Dave Spadaro on here again as a reliable objective opinion to post off of.

    Lionsden…Im not a Vick hater yet Im not on his bandwagon either…However if you actually think he played well last year then your nuts…I think he has some serious issues in the pocket in reading a defense and he shouldn’t at all due to the time he has had in this league. I also think his refusal to slide and live for the next play is extremely selfish and not what you want your leader to do. YEs I want him to play hard but play SMART as well..I could care less what he did in another uniform because I am an Eagles fan, not an Atlanta Falcons fan or VT fan..Just an Eagles fan and as of right now He has done nothing in a brids uniform. Hasn’t even won us a playoff game…As far as I know I don’t owe him anything esp a pass for when he plays bad. He deserves to hear it just like any other player on this team, plain and simple. Lets be real he needs to be way better for us to have a shot at anything this year.

  31. Lionsden, please don’t ever mention Dave Spadaro on this site again. He is the biggest homer and using anything he says to back up your points only makes you look foolish.

    The proof is in the pudding that Vick has been a mediocre QB, with the exception of last year, since he came into the league. Sure, he’s certainly worthy of a few highlight reels and he does have a cannon, but like people have pointed out; he is not the type of QB built for long term success. If you want to continue to back him up, please find something a little more substantial because all you’re really doing is making excuses for him. He’s been in the league long enough.

    Also, Lionsden, let me ask you this. How do you explain both Cam Newton and Andy Dalton coming into the league as ROOKIES annnnnddd having a short offseason? They both had better seasons than Vick did yet get paid pennies compared to him.

  32. Alright, I will keep on hatin’. Usually it takes me time to think up combacks to poster’s points, but the shit you just wrote contained some of the most “Its true momma, its true. He’s the best he really is! and anyone else who doesn’t think so is a bad man…a really really bad person.” juvenile drivel I’ve ever read.

    1) Atlanta had no talent except Vick. And Vick is so sudooooper-duper special he did everything by himself. The Dunn/Duckett combo was very strong and you’re saying it wasn’t doesn’t make it so. The two consistently combined for 1700 yrds and 15 rushing tds for the 3 years the team was competitive. Crumpler was a $$ TE. And White is a very solid WR (though not with Vick at QB of course)

    “Atlant’s O-line was HORRIBLE. Let me repeat… Horrible!” Why don’t you say horrible a few more times. Horrible enough to power the teams to 1500 yrds rushing (from rbs) for 3 str8 years. YesVick took a lot of sacks. He takes a lot of sacks now. Though, as I’ve stated before, he always leads the league in taking sacks after 3.5 seconds. Funny that no matter what team he’s on, the fact that Vick takes sacks its always the Oline’s fault? 2 different teams, 2 different olines….one QB that keeps getting sacked. Which is more plausible…that both Olines sucked over 10 years, or that the one QB doens’t throw the ball on time.

    Explain this buckeroo bonzai. Why did the horriblehorriblehorrible Atl Oline suddenly go from giving up 45 sacks with Vick in 2006 (388 atts) to the 32 the following year with fucking Joey Harrington at the helm?

    “Dan Reeves is a failed coach.” I won’t even dignify this with a response.

    Mommy….he’s not listening to me and is still making fun of my favvy-wavy Mikey Wikey! I’ll pout louder using CAPS LOCK NOW!!! “VICK CARRIED THE FALCON’S TO THE FIRST DEFEAT OF GB IN GB IN THE PLAYOFFS WITH LITTLE TO NOTHING. ” Oh he carried the Faclons that day that’s for sure. Carried them all the way to 13 of 25 for 117 bucko! The Packers had 5 lost fumbles and 2 ints and all Vick could do was put up 7. But of course in the Don’t you dare talk bad about Mike world you live in, throwing for 117 when the other team turns the ball over 6x is “carrying the team”

    Still throwing the tantrum I see” THESE COMMENTS WERE MADE AFTER VICK PUT A WHOOPIN’ ON HIS BROTHER’S COWBOYS DEFENSE… THE SAME DEFENSES THAT GIVE TOM BRADY FITS…” Wow. A 15 of 22 for 274 1 td and 1 pick whooping. Wow. Never seen a Whoopin’ like that. As for “giving Brady Fits” As for giving Brady Fits…he want 50 of 72 for 650 yrds 4 tds and 1 int against that same D this year.

    Holy shit this is easy.

  33. Hey….I was about to get on the Dave Spadaro comment and you guys took it from me……now I”M NOT EVEN GOING TO FINISH! I HATE YOU GUYS!! MMMMMMMOOOOOOM!!! THEY WON”T PLAY FAIR!!!”

  34. I can’t resist

    The whining continues….”WAS HIS FIRST SEASON EVER THROWING MORE THAN 13 INT’S IN ONE SEASON… VICK HAS ALWAYS BEEN AMONG THE LEAST INTERCEPTED IN THE LEAGUE.” Its not about #s of ints thrown, its about % interceptions thrown. (I know I know, this is going to involve math, and math is hard, but bear with…) Vick doesn’t trow a high number of passes because he is either hurt or running around like an idiot. Vick through picks at his career averagea rate of 3.3% this year. Most top 10 Qbs throw in the 2s

    “VINNY this is too easy so I’m just going to ask you to compare those teams offensive philosophy to Philly’s and I think you’ll prove my point for me… Then ask your self how much change any of these teams have gone through philosophy wise vs. Philly”
    I will and have looked at many teams. I don’t know what you mean by “ask yourself how much change any of these teams have gone through philosophy wise…..” means . The only change that’s gone on is that teams (in general) now throw much more than they used to – Eagles were ahead of the curve here), but I do know that I can name at least 5 teams off the top of my head that throw more than the eagles’ do (both total throws and pass/rush ratio)….perhaps you’ve heard of them ad they include several of the last SB winners…….”GB, NO, NE, NYG, Det…..

    ” Vinny, again with the context less stats…. this same defense gave up a record 5 4TH QTR LEADS!!! These leads were given by MIKE VICK AND LOST BY THE DEFENSE. IF THEY WOULD HAVE KEPT ONE THE EAGLES WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE PLAYOFFS!” Who is the one without contest? 2 of those were not “blown leads” as the other teams had the ball past or at midfield at the start of the quarters. Gsames don’t end with 12 mins to go in the 4th there Alfalfa. BTW…how many pts did VIck throw for in those 4th Qs?

    “what about the bombs he threw past Pro bowlers Landry and Hall? What about him decimating the defense of a SB winning coach”. You do know what happened just prior to the game don’t you Spanky? The players wanted McNabb out and he was rewarded with the contract in the am. There was basically open revolt all afternoon prior to the game.

    “If those QBs had only been back in the league after 2yrs” You have been paying arrention in class now haven’t you Sparky? You do know that Vick has been on the Eagles’ 3 years since getting out. How long we expected to wait for hime to get his groove back? 4 years? 5? I feel pretty confident that if Brees or Brady left for a while they’d be back up to for pretty quick…..wait…..they both missed entire years themselves and came cack as immediate superstars…that’s strange!

    “NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE DONE AS WELL AS VICK – I STAND BY IT!” Uh-Oh…you’re yelling again. Do you want to be sent to your room little boy? But you’re absolutely right here Lionsden. Not one Qb in the whoooooooole league could have done as well as Vick last year because Vick is the bestest, most amazingiest quarterback ever. Howw dare anyone think another QB could have led the Eagles’ to 10-6. In fact, if you put Vick on any team he would automatically lead them to the best possible result hthey could achieve. He’s Mike Vick don’cha know? He’s the Vickiest. That’s why he’s won the last 9 superbowls too!

    And Fianally….”Dave Spadaro”

    Dave Spadaro.

  35. navy:

    Ahhh, yes. You speak because you wish to teach – and then to carp and to disparage. Good. But what are you saying in cover-2 let’s keep the same plays that Big Red has been running? A-gap issues; you know I’m right; but you can’t admit it.

    Political note: What? Ha, ha, ha, ha. Aside from swearing to physically remove Donald Rumsfeld violently, commensurrate in time with the cusp of the Sunni/Shia civil slaughter, and with a kick in his ass, from the Pentagon, you cannot imagine a more hawkish foreign policy American citizen. You have the name of navy, after all, and I have always assumed you have done pride to it. I have never disparaged it.
    But, sincerely, you have to watch Brit Coms on Saturday night – especially: Yes, Prime Minister. Hilarious. But I digress. I have not seen Friday Night Lights but will tune in, if it’s still on.
    Yes, instinctive. I did not mean to list the all-encompassing list of plays that will beat two-deep. But you have chosen to do that. Good for you, Navy! Clap, clap, clap. You are, after all, the grand poohbah of posters here as far as actual game alignments. I wanted to redeem myself from your description of my knowledge as stupidity…but how could I do that in light of your obvious genius, sir? Reload.

  36. Vinnie? Why haven’t Matt Ryan done anything in Atlanta since Vick was the problem there?

    Ryan is the prototypical QB and can not take the team as far as Vick.

    Do you have an answer for that?

    Since you would blame Atlanta’s shortcomings on Vick.

  37. Nsid – no need to clap my man – I do this as a public service. I will now add grand pooh baah of posters to my resume – NEF, GPBOP, OBM, AASSG, OOOTSTAPAC – I should sign all my posts like this – Navy Eagle Fan, Grand Pooh Bah of Posters, Official Bullshit Monitor, All Around super smart guy, only one on this site that actually played and coached –

    (quick, retort that I brag and I am vain and in love with myself – haven’t heard that one in 14 seconds)
    A gap issues – nope – you are wrong – didn’t happen, didn’t exist – Kelce and Watkins on most (many, a few some, more then one) all rookie teams – but i figured out what you are carping on – Watkins didn’t start the first few games –

    perhaps the ‘exposure’ you are talking about (and it was you that said specifically – his ROOKIE guard and center – when the starter at the beginning of the year was not the rookie – might be why you are so screwed up and wrong –

    no worries – you can bounce back –

    I will try to watch – always like good TV and book recommendations – sadly friday night lights the TV show is not on anymore – it was a great show, and went out with style – if you netflix or hula or something you can get it – highly recommended –

    as for how to recover from your clear lack of knowledge – first off – stay away from stupid cliches – pound the rock – your trying to hard – you heard a stupid cliche and now you are spouting it like its the cure all – and my list was certainly not all encompassing, but as with most posters on this site – anything more then 3 to 5 I can see how that would overwelm you – when ‘pound the rock’ was your brilliant idea..

    oh and Navy was tha college – when I first started posting a dude had the handle ‘Tarheel eagle fan’ Ithought it was cool but since the Navy Mascot is a goat – I couldn’t figure out how to work that in?

  38. Ok…Now we’re cookin’

    First Let me stand up for Dave Spadaro who supports his team through thick and thin he is not a Fair weather supporter He is a true fan and I will always site him as a source, he actually knows and talks to the players… but I don’t expect the Haters on this site to comprehend what that means. Next you guys will be saying his support of the team is what’s holding them back.

    I see the litmus test for fandom on this site is how much you can bash your team and anyone who sticks by them through the tough times and defends its players (or player)…. Again… you guys say you’re fans… but you’re haters…. So here’s my reply…

    Vinnie I don’t know how to help you with all this hate but I got more for you to chew on.

    Reply 1) In the past… teams that have Mike Vick will always be amongst the leaders of the league in rushing for fear of his ability to run. Atlanta’s rushing attack was because of Vick not in spite of. But those are not my word those are the words of any NFL analyst when asked about rushing on a Team QB’d by Vick… Sterling Sharpe, Chris Carter, Chris Collinsworth, Joe Thiesman, etc… I’m sure you’ve heard this before… but then again from your posts… the words of TRUE NFL PLAYERs WHO HAVE ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME DON’T MATTER. Let’s make a distinction… when I site the support for my statements I use player and former player words, your assertions are followed by “who thinks that?” or “what do you think it is?” or misguided stats that are wayyyy out of context”

    Response 2) “Explain this buckeroo bonzai. Why did the horriblehorriblehorrible Atl Oline suddenly go from giving up 45 sacks with Vick in 2006 (388 atts) to the 32 the following year with fucking Joey Harrington at the helm?” Vinnie…Vinnie…. again with the manipulation… Joey Harrington played in 12 games in that year had 40 less attempt threw 7 TD to 8 Int’s… If you are trying to imply that Harrington’s play was superior to Vicks… Epic Fail. That line was horrible from the day Vick got there. In Vicks last year he threw 20 TD’s to 13 Int’s…. It get’s better, Vick had 1,039yds rushing that year… What does this mean Joey Harrington got that ball out as quickly as possible with little pay off… he was gun shy and not very mobile and had no way of compensating for the blitz other than to throw the ball away Vick on the other had can make something out of nothing. Did you really try to make an argument with JOEY HARRINGTON?

    Both Atlanta’s O-line and this years Eagles O-line (in the beginning of the year sucked)… google it and you will see that the expert analysts have said the same… To re-iterate I have followed Vick’s career from day one.

    Reply 3) With regards to the GB game… I expect a hater like yourself to try to minimize the accomplishment but let me refer you to what the experts say…

    “Vick’s numbers weren’t great — 117 yards passing, 64 rushing — but he was his usual phenomenal self. Over and over, he turned broken plays into big ones.
    “He’s amazing,” Reeves said. “It seems the tougher the situation the better he is.” I know this doesn’t matter to you Vinnie, but I thought I’d post it because a professional analyst and coach said it…

    Vinnie… buddy… your blind hate for Mike Vick makes you in capable of seeing what’s really going on… you don’t know football so you can’t properly put stats in context… You are not willing to listen to the experts who say that the teams fails have little to do with Vick or the players who fear Vick… I dare you to find me a player who has played against Vick that will support the things you say… You can’t, you know why BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT…

    But honestly, I’m an Eagles fan and I think this team has loads of talent and will make it to the Superbowl next year. If the defense is improved with the right players then this team will be a dynasty.

    Vinnie my man we can do this all night I’m a supporter of the Eagles and a Supporter of Vick and while you hate for hates sake I will support. With Fans like you it’s no wonder the Eagles have no Super Bowl Wins.

  39. How did you make it through high school bucky? You seem to read one thing but your brain tells you something else. You should have that checked out.

    When did I say Atl’s run game was “in spite of Vick?” You stated Vick had no talent around him in Atlanta. That statement is garbage. I reminded you that there were 2 solid running backs on the team. You seem to think that the running game was only good because of Vick. Because Sterling Sharpe told you. Ok then.

    When did I write, ““who thinks that?” or “what do you think it is?” I believe your rose coloured Vick glasses are spoiling your eyesight. Better get to an optomitrist soon Sparky.

    Listen Sparky, now you’re hallucinating. I write, “fucking Joey Harrington!” and you read that as, “If you are trying to imply that Harrington’s play was superior to Vicks… Epic Fail.” How does “Joey fucking Harrinton!” somehow imply that he is superior when it means exactly the opposite? Joey stinks/stank/stunk! You said the Atlanta Oline was horriblehorriblehorrible. I just asked how, if so horrible, they went from giving up 45 sacks in 2006 with Vick to 32 in 2007 with that bum under centre.
    In 2006 Vick was sacked, or felt he was under pressure and had to scramble 168x of the 556x he dropped back, or 30% of the time. In 2007 Harrington scrambled or was sacked 46 of the 394x he dropped back, or 12% of the time. Amazing how the “horrible…HORRIBLE” Oline suddenly improved when Vick left.
    Oh, and if Harrington was just “gun shy” and spent the year just throwing the ball away….(to avoid the sacks) how come his completion percentage was 10% higher than Vick? Shit! That’s no good for your pet theory. But Vick was making something out of nothing! and Harrington had little pay off! (that’s what you said right?) Harrington threw for 30 more yrds a game and Vick ran for 60 more yards a game. So Vick was “making something out of nothing to the tune of 30 yrds a game….damn that’s not altogether that impressive. Quick…think of another excuse…how about….”he was just dumping the ball off!”…damn…his yards per attempt was the exact same….quick think of something else…..something….anything…..Face it…the Atlanta Oline’s pass blocking magically improved when Vick left…..

    “The Eagles’ Oline Sucked.” I hear this a lot from Vickpologists.
    2009 Mcnabb sacked or “forced to scramble” on 14% of his dropbacks
    2010 Vick sacked or “forced to scramble” on 27% of his dropbacks.
    Funny how sacks and scrambles either go way down when Vick leaves or way up when Vick arrives. Must be the oline.

    What Reves said…lol…what do you want him to say? “Wow, we got 5 turnovers and blocked a kick for a TD but out QB pretty much sucks.” You know he was full of the usual coaching BS. “it seems the tougher the situatio….” after a game that was (in football tems) the exact opposite of tough. Teams that win the turnover battle 5-1 win something like 98% of their games. It was the easiest possible game for VIck!! BTW how did Vick do the following week in Philly?

    In what universe is 13 of 25 for 117 a td and a pick “phenomenal???” Only in the universe of the Vickpologists!

    Oh…and before I leave. You are correct. Of course I don’t listen to “experts” Experts told me the NYG/GB game would be a shootout. They told me Favre was still good a decade after he was….and on and on. TV “experts” talk to make themselves sound good. They just regurgitate the same pablum everyone else does. Find me one who will speak honestly and I’ll start listening.

    And of course….”To re-iterate I have followed Vick’s career from day one.”

    No doubt. Look I understand. We always have a special place in our hearts for our first girlfriends…..

  40. Oh BTW. I don;t hate for hates sake. Mike Vick will never lead this team to a SB and that makes me feel depressed. Hopefully the Vickpologists will eventually see the light (hopefully sooner than later – though that’s doubtful) so that the team can be pressured to pick a new QB and move forward.

  41. Lionsden – I agree about Spadaro – pure hate to not like that guy – are you kidding me – he has the single greatest job in the world (OK – maybe that’s Ron Jeremy) – he gets to hang out and write about, talk about, watch, interview, go on cheerleader shoots, all of which I would do in a heart beat for FREE – and he manages to get paid to do it? Are you kidding me? I would find tons of really nice things to write about the eagles –

    you want ‘hard hitting’ journalism, go hire Woodward and Bernstein – its a game, a sport – and that man gets the best seat in the house – gee – maybe I will go and sit and eat lunch and see if I can talk to McCoy and ask him how he felt rushing for 110 yards last week, then I will go hit up the rookie kicker, ask him how his year is going – give Merril Reese a call – see whats up – oops – forgot the Hugh Douglas interview – damn – cheerleader calendar shot in Auruba – how to explain that to the wife…… got to do it for the team…

    You are all just a bunch of jealous fools – that guy is my hero!

  42. lionsden, spadaro is paid by the eagles, who are you paid by to utter such foolishness, or maybe just one among the legions who will support vick no matter how much logic, statistics, betray your religion that mike vick is a good quarterback, reality is he sucks

  43. Enough of the Past, it’s time to look forward at the 2012 NFL Draft
    Paulman’s Top 50 Selections onf NFL Draft (Version 2.1)

    #1) Colts – QB Andrew Luck (Stanford 6-4 235lbs) The Luck Era starts in Indy
    #2) Redskins trade up w/Rams – QB Robert Griffin III (Baylor 6-1 220lbs)
    #3) Vikings – OT Matt Kalil – (USC 6-6 295 lbs)
    #4) Browns – RB Trent Richardson (Alabama 5-11 225lbs) RB Hillis will not be resigned and last years pick RB M Hardesty not the same after knee injury
    #5) TB Bucs – CB Morris Claiboorne (LSU 6-0 185lbs) replaces Ronde Barber
    #6) SL Rams – WR Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma St 6-1 215lbs) ble to get an extra 2nd Round pick from the Redskins by sliding down 4 spots and still getting their WR.
    #7) Jaguars – OT R Reiff (Iowa – 6-6 300 lbs) need help along OL
    #8) Carolina – DE Quinton Couples (UNC 6-6 270lbs) need DL help
    #9) Miami – DT Devon Still (Penn State – 6-4 305lbs) need DT help
    #10) Buffalo – DT Michael Brockers (LSU 6-5 306 lbs) need DL help
    #11) Chiefs – OT Jonathon Martin (Stanford 6-6 305lbs) need OT help
    #12) Seahawks – OG David DeCastro (Stanford 6-5 310lbs) need OL help
    #13) Arizona – CB Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama 6-2 195lbs) best Cover CB
    #14) Cowboys – CB Janoris Jenkins (N Alabama 5-10 185lbs) need CB
    #15) EAGLES – OLB ZACH BROWN (UNC 6-2 230lbs) a 3 Down OLB
    #16) NY Jets – SS Mark Barron (Alabama 6-2 220lbs) need Safety bad
    #17) Bengals (from Raiders) – MLB Luke Kuechley (BC 6-2 237lbs)
    #18) Chargers – DT Fletcher Cox (Miss State 6-4 300lbs)
    #19) Bears – DE Nick Perry (USC 6-3 255lbs) Improve pass rush
    #20) Titans – MLB Donte Hightower (6-4 260lbs) Stop RB Arian Foster
    #21) Bengals – CB Alfonzo Denard (5-10 205lbs) Best CB on the board
    #22) Browns (f/Falcons) – WR Michael Floyd (6-3 225lbs) Target for McCoy
    #23) Lions – OG Cordy Glenn – (6-5 340lbs) Need OL help
    #24) Steelers – DT/NT Dontari Poe – (6-5 340 lbs) replaces C Hampton
    #25) Broncos – DE Whitney Mercilus (6-4 265lbs) Best DE on Board
    #26) Texans – WR Kendall Wright (5-10 190lbs) Pair with WR A Johnson
    #27) 49ers (f/Saints) WR Mohammed Sanu (6-2 215lbs) A Physical WR
    #28) Packers – DT Jerel Worthy (6-3 310lbs) Need DT Depth
    #29) Ravens – MLB Vontae Burfict (6-3 250lbs) Eventually replaces R Lewis
    #30) 49ers – OLB Coutland Upshaw (6-2 265lbs) LB Depth,Pass Rusher
    #31) Patriots – OLB/DE Melvin Ingram (6-2 265lbs) Versatile, Pass Rusher
    #32) Giants – LB Bobby Wagner (6-0 235lbs) Versatile, Inside & Outside

    Round #2
    #33) Colts – C/G Peter Konz (6-5 315) Replace aging Jeff Saturday
    #34) Rams – TE Dwayne Allen (6-4 255lbs) Best TE in Draft, Fisher loves TE
    #35) Vikings- CB Chase Minniefield (6-0 185lbs) Best CB on Board, Dad played with the Vikings
    #36) Browns – DL Billy Winn (6-3 300lbs)
    #37) Bucs – RB Lamar Miller (5-11 215lbs) Rotate with RB L Blount
    #38) Rams (from Redkins) DT Brandon Thompson (6-2 310lbs)
    #39) Jaguars – TE Coby Fleener (6-6 250lbs) Nice target for QB Gabbert
    #40) Carolina – WR Alshon Jeffrey (6-4 225lbs) Pair w/Steve Smith
    #41) Dolphins – OT Zebrie Sanders (6-5 310lbs) replaces Marco Columbo
    #42) Bills – DE Chandler Jones (6-5 265lbs) add some Pass-rush
    #43) Chiefs – CB Jayron Hosley (Virgina Tech 5-10 180lbs)
    #44) Seahawks QB Ryan Tannehill (6-4 225lbs) Groom as future QB
    #45) EAGLES f/Cards) – CB STEPHON GILMORE (South Carolina 6-1 195lbs) a very Physical CB who matched up with best WR’s of the SEC
    #46) Cowboys – OG – Brandon Washington – Miami (6-4 320lbs) OL Depth
    #47) EAGLES – DE – VINNY CURRY (Marshall 6-3 265lbs) T Cole’s replacement and much further along than when Cole come out of College
    #48) Jets – DE- Andre Branch (6-4 260lbs)
    #49) Raiders – OLB Ronnell Lewis (6-2 245lbs)
    #50) Chargers – OT Mike Adams (6-6 320lbs)

    That’s it for now…

  44. Vinnie you really have an anger problem… It is starting to sound like Vick had his way with you and now won’t return your calls… Move on… this hate doesn’t look good on you. I can see you sitting there in your diaper with your rattle kicking and screaming until you’re red in the face because you hate Mike Vick. Is it cause he’s black????? This is 2012 for goodness sake Vinnie!

    “Explain this buckeroo bonzai. Why did the horriblehorriblehorrible Atl Oline suddenly go from giving up 45 sacks with Vick in 2006 (388 atts) to the 32 the following year with fucking Joey Harrington at the helm?” – These are your words Vinnie and when you question why the sack total was higher with Vick than Harrington you’re implying that Vick is the problem… Not mentioning that that you are comparing numbers from a 16 game season to numbers in a 12 game season simply means your full of shit… and a Hater…

    “Listen Sparky, now you’re hallucinating. I write, “fucking Joey Harrington!” and you read that as, “If you are trying to imply that Harrington’s play was superior to Vicks… Epic Fail.” How does “Joey fucking Harrinton!” somehow imply that he is superior when it means exactly the opposite?” – This is funny Vinnie because again you take a piece of the statement and then lie about the rest because you are caught and dead wrong… You’re a funny dude, angry but funny….

    So you want to compare McNabb’s command of the offense after being there for 11yrs to Vick’s after being there 2 1/2 (again with those cute little numbers that you don’t even understand). In 2010 Vick wasn’t even the starter at the beginning of the year AND TOOK THEM TO THE PLAYOFF…AGAIN PHILLY DOESN’T GET TO THE PLAYOFFS IN 2010 WITHOUT VICK. In 2011 He had no off season as the starter with the team… but you want to compare McNabb’s 11th year with this team to Vicks 2nd… HATE DON’T GET NO BETTA THAN YOU.

    So let me get this straight hall of fame players and coaches can tell you Vick is the real deal but they all don’t know what they are talking about… The best defensive coaches and players in the league can tell you Vick is truth but they don’t know what they are talking about… only you Vinnie and your minions know what the truth is…. Vinnie, not only are you full of shit you’re smoking some good shit on that planet you live on… Planet I hate Mike Vick.

    Here’s the facts, In his 1st full season back (2010) he lead the Eagles to the playoffs (as division Champs) even though he was not the starter in the beginning of the season… in 2.5 seasons he already has the teams greatest single game performance and best come back ever. He is the unquestioned leader of that team and is widely regarded around the league as the most dangerous QB period. Not the best pure passer but the most dangerous QB…

    I know you don’t think that professional players and analysts alike words mean squat (especially those who have anything nice to say about Vick) but if I have to choose between them and you, a guy who sits around with his dick in his hand putting out stats with no context, I’m choosing the experts. I’m choosing the people who know what they’re talking about.

    Ohhhh wait wait wait…. I forgot your fourth quarter leads question… and to help you understand Phillys offensive pass philosophy… In those 4th quarters what was the run pass ratio??? If you have a lead lets say by I don’t know … 20 pts in the second half, shouldn’t you rely more on your run game instead of the pass? If we’re up by so much shouldn’t we be running more than passing and if the run isn’t working well… I guess that’s the qb’s fault as well right? So Vick gives you leads and all you do is complain about why didn’t he do more? You do realize that Vick only plays offense right? When does the defense become accountable my friend… On planet I HATE MIKE VICK, never. Seems to me that when a defense knows only one offensive skill player is producing well they concentrate on shutting him down…

    There are so many people on this site that are cynical about there own team and players and any analyst that doesn’t do anything but disparage Andy Reid or Mike Vick…. it’s pitiful and pathetic and you are not real fans.

    Vinnie let me say it again… your stats mean SQUAT because you don’t know shit about football and all the concepts there in…. your sole purpose is to Hate on Mike Vick…

    But there’s hope for you… when the Eagles win the SB next year with Mike Vick at QB and your cute little tirades about Vick are even funnier than they are now Mike might give you that call back you’ve been waiting for… But for now… just GET OVER IT…

  45. Anger? How can I be angry when all my predictions about the guy have come true? Look, I won’t take any credit for my Kreskin like abilities concerning the guy, he makes it too easy.

    “Vick is truth.” Well how can you compete with that analysis? Damn, you’re a foll blown born again eVickgelical. Can’t compete with that!! Too funny. And I’m the one with blinders?

    Blinder this:

    Vick in Atlanta sacked or scrambled 30% of the time. Leaves. Successor sacked or scrambled 12% of the time. Vick arrives in Philly. Predessor sacked or scrambled 14% of the time. Vick takes over sacked or scrambled 27% of the time. Whine all you want about how one guy played 4 games less or whatever. Fact is, in terms of pass peotection, Olines suddenly improve when the guy leaves, and deteriotate when he arrives. But its not his fault…even though he’s been charted as being the worst in the league at taking sacks over 3.5 seconds……its not his fault. Ever. He’s Vick and he shall never be disparaged. You’ve followed him since you were 12 and he’s the bestest bestest ever. It has to be the oline! (BTW – why were you “following” him when he was in Atlanta….you a Vick fan or a Birds fan Bucko?

    Oh and BTW….when I say these things I am not “implying” that Vick is the problem. I am clearly stating that he is the problem.

    Look kid. Whatever. You’re young…I get it. I once felt the same about Cunningham. Age and experience have a way of adding perspective to the follies and blind enthusiasm of youth. You’ve still got the blinders on. A couple of years watching him scramble around like an idiot week after week while the guy on the other team calmly stands there and picks us orr other teams apart will eventually dull your unbridled enthusiasm. (though you have been watching him do that for a decade now and it hasn’t had an effect, so maybe I’m wrong there) Once in love with Vick….always in love I guess.

    Oh…you do know he’s made his entire career on his legs right? And he’s now 32. And he’s a shrimp. And he’s taken untold beatings because he’s a shrimp right? This will surely end well.

    Oh and keep listening to those “experts. The ones I listened to on the radio driving through the States this summer telling me that no golfer wanted to face Tiger in the final round of the PGA championship…that he still had it…he was still Tiger and everyone feared him a day before he went out and shot 77 and din;t make the cut…or the experts that before every season in memory that said the Cowboys are the most talented team in the NFC and will win the division, or the ones that said McNabb still had it and would help the Skins then Vikes (he’ll do well now that he has a running game!) even though he was finished in 06, or the ones who predicted the Browns would carry their 4 game win streak over from last year and make the playoffs while Cinci would finish in last place wit their rookie QB…who by the way would be the least effective of this past year’s draft class…or the experts who said, right up until week 1 that Manning would be back, or that SF wouldn’t make the playoffs because STL would win the West, or that TB would give the Saints a run for their money this year, or that houses and the stock market were good investments in 2007, and people buying gold were just crazy gold bugs, and that Sanchez “turned a corner” last year, or that Nnamdi was the best cornerback in football, or that SD would win the AFC west, or that Chris Johnson would be the best back in football, or that Vick is a “superstar”. Experts. Eveything wrong or your $$ back.

    Need more?….google “Easterbrook bad predictions” the 2012 version comes out in February.

  46. Vinnie… honestly you sound like a pocket protector toting angry little man who is very jealous and leans on his stats to try and make a case that NO CURRENT PLAYER will ever support. In fact… they will pat you on the head and promptly send you to your room. Me and many other true fans will always listen to those who know what they are talking about who are on the field and play the game over bitter little FAKE EAGLES FANS like VinnietheEvictor… Show some Damn support for goodness sake! If you were as good as you think you’d be in the front office and not on your couch behind a computer with a hard on for Mike Vick!

    Raw statistics are like raw sugar…. they’re sweet but in and of themselves do not constitute a full meal in fact if not balanced out with FULL context they can be very bad for you… and right now, judging from your posts you have statistical diabetes.

    The circumstances that you readily dismiss make a difference in the ultimate team game called NFL Football. Let me guess… you think it was coincidence that McNabb got to the SB once Philly FINALLY got him a bonafide #1 receiver. Every statistical argument you make has no context and is ultimately and apples to oranges comparison. You want to compare Vick’s style of play to Harrington’s style of play and list one statistic that DEBATIBLY is in Harrington’s favor without mentioning that this statistical comparison is between a full season and a partial season and then on top of that you don’t want to credit Vick for having much better production in that system than his successor. And then you leave out the fact the HARRINGTON WAS GONE THE VERY NEXT YEAR! Then you want to compare Vicks play in a system that he has spent 2.5 yrs in to McNabb’s play in a system that he spent 11 yrs in. Vinnie these arguments are both jaded and bogus…. And they reek of a Hater…

    By the way… I’ve been a fan of the Eagles Since the days of Chris Carter, Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Keith Byars, and Randall Cunningham. I was born and raised in Harrisburg and went to Bishop McDevitt high school with and played on the same team with Ricky Watters which is the same high school that McCoy went to which is arch rival to Jon Ritchies high School Cumberland Valley. My fandom is solid. I have always been a fan of Vick because he’s been a phenom since he’s been in the league and now that he’s in and offense that is QB centered and has a coach and an OC that fully understand QB play his full skill set will shine. Putting Vick on this team will pay big dividends and When Philly wins the SB with Vick at QB… I AM ORDERING YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND NOT TO SAY SHIT ABOUT THE EAGLES BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A FAN.

    You call Vick supports “apologists” and “sympathizers”… I call them fans! YOU ARE WHAT’S WRONG WITH PHILLY NOT WHAT IS GOOD. With fans like you the team doesn’t need enemies. In fact, I bet you are SECRETLY A GIANTS FAN.

    Vinnie… go somewhere else… this site and this team does not need you. You are not remotely supportive or objective about this team. All you do is complain and criticize with bogus arguments. Go to NE, or NO and suck Brady and Brees’s dick all you want but the Eagles don’t want you. Give up your seats… don’t got to the games… turn off the tv, but the Eagles don’t want you!

  47. Say what you want, provide all the stats that you want about Michael Vick, but the fact is there is not one qb in the league right, including Brady, Brees or Manning that can do what Michael Vick has done in the past couple of years. Meaning Vick was without any training at all since 2006, he came back in the league in 2009 with absolutely no training camp ota’s etc. In 2010 he had training camp however he didn’t practice with the starter, I am sure you all can remember it was Kevin Kolb, who btw most wanted as the starting qb (and we know how he has worked out in Arizona). And then there is the 2011 season in which the lockout prevented him from having the training camp, ota’s yet another year. Most (if not all) analyst were reporting that Vick would never get his speed or arm strength back after being out ot the league without training for three years, he proved them wrong. When Kolb went down after two quarters, Vick came in and took us to the playoffs, without having the opportunity to train with the first group. You can complain about Vick all you want, however the fact is had it not been for Vick, the Eagles would have missed the playoffs for two back to back seasons instead of just this one.

    You can provide all the stats you want, however the the fact is your comments are unfair and for the most part more about your dislike for Vick. As I said and of course I could be wrong, I don’t think there is a qb in the league right now that can do what Vick has done in the past two years after being out of the league, not having the proper training.

  48. First he was the “truth”, now he’s a “phenom”. Its clear that you are a disciple, and its doubtful that anything I write will change your mind (only people on TV seem to have that sway over you)

    Just look at the words you use. Phenom. Why? What has he done to merit that? (Other than every talking head on TV saying so?) ‘Cause he runs fast? Other than scrambling around and ducking under guys, what has he done over his career to merit “phenom” or the “truth”? By every single QB metric the guy is well below average at the position.

    Just because you want (and clearly soooo badly) for him to be what you say he is, doesn’t make it so. You are so blinded you read one thing and then interpret another. I bring up Oline “production” and you think I’m comparing QB “styles of play”. Is getting sacked 2x more then the guys who came right before and after him a “style of play”. If so, its not a very effective style.

    We’re only still talking about the guy for 3 reasons.

    1 – he has incredible brand loyalty. A huge portion of fans, and you are in this group, that for whatever reason, will not look at this guy’s accomplishments (or in this case lack thereof) and judge him objectively.

    2 – $$. He was first pick overall. Atl gm hats to admit error, so the guy continues to play. Eagles’ giving him unwarrented contract = same result. He’ll play regardless of outcome.

    3 – He gets on sportscentre a lot. People think he’s good basec on his highlights, not overall body of work. “Isn’t he amazing!!”

  49. 4- he gets laid out on his ass probably every other play ! if andy and mudd can not find a solution for this , it will be an even shorter ” lame- duck ” year !

  50. Can’t work for the Eagles. Don’t have a green card!! 🙂

    TY again Jake…but its not just me….but opposed to what Lions is trying to sell (everyone thinks Vick is the best), there are other personnel people in the league have a very different opinion (though only anonomous…can’t say anything bad about Vick in public less be named a hater or a racist)

    From Pro-football weekly:
    “Jim Mora (Sr.) had it right. Michael Vick is a coach killer. The Eagles made a mistake signing him long-term. I can tell you right now — he was a machine the first half of 2010, and then he … started turning the ball over. You cannot win a Super Bowl with a guy that is that inconsistent. They said he was hurt. I’m not sure they didn’t bench him after he started 3-8 going back to last year (counting Vick’s two season-ending losses a year ago). If I’m Andy Reid, I’m looking hard at Matt Flynn right now.”

  51. LOL funny how some will use the comments of another to say what they themselves really want to say, even behind a keyboard. Its not Vick’s fault Mora’s son couldn’t hold onto a job……..take a little to read up on Mora was shown the door in Atlanta.

    @Vinnie I don’t know whether you are a racist or hater (don’t care) however from reading some of your comments you are definitely one or the other……..really doesn’t matter which.

  52. Hater. Definitely. That seems to be the going term.

    The word “hater” is a joke. The word hate implies emotional attachment. I do not hate Mike Vick. He’s just a bad quarterback and I am looking forwad to the day when I don’t have to watch him running around like an idiot, bailing on the plays that have been called, spinning directly into DEs, rolling around on the ground hurt, never stepping up into the pocket, having balls batted down at the line, complaining about either the refs or his oline, snarling on the sideline, pointing at scoreboards, and either throwing or fumbling the ball to the other team.

    BTW. I do not use the quotes of others to say what I really want to say. I am quite clear with what I have to say. I use the quotes of others to support my thoughts.

    BTW. After Vick leaves in 2013, he will then have been on 3 teams with at least 4 coaches over his 10 years in the league. Funny, for a “phenom” the guy bounces around a lot…..

  53. Round and round we go right vinnie- so what were our choices? Ill say it- I don’t really care about vick. He was overrated in ATL. But let’s break it down… Our choices were dmac- clearly getting old and has done NOTHING in 2 years. Kolb- um…. I know we disagree on this but last time I smacked the snot out of you and got you to say you would have ran with kolb so we would have moved quicker at drafting our real qb. Silly silly thinking on your part vincent. You play to win. And this team had the players and money to make a run.
    That leads us to vick…. I honestly believe he is good enough to win a SB. Is he top 5- nope. Top 10? Nope. But I still say he’s better than at least 20 starters in this league.
    About the oline- if you think this OLINE was better before vick became starter- I direct your attention to game 1 of the kolb era. Smash smash smash- down goes your poster boy.

  54. Could the Eagels really be looking to trade up with the Browns for the 4th Overall Pick for a chance to select QB RGIII from Baylor
    Paulman is predicting a Trade of CB Asante Samuel, the Eagles #15 Overall Pick (1st Rd) and #79 Overall Pick (3rd Rd) to the Browns for their #4th Overall Pick in the 1st Round…

  55. Again, Had they traded Vick when his value was at all all-time high last year, they could have got 2#1s at least. Instead we got a CB with a terrible reputaion for taking plays off and a 2nd rounder for Kolb. Could have set the team up for a very long time.

    Now what are we going to get with Vick. Squeak into playoffsfor one and done. Miss playoffs and whatever happens next year (lets say he plays 14 games and Birds go 8-8 again)….then Vick is released….fantastic.

    If the birds had run with Kolb, would they be worse off right now? Nope. Would have had 2 first last year (perhaps both Watkins and a young QB), would have missed playoffs this year (like with VIck) but would have had 2 more 1st this draft.,

    In your version – keep Vick. Birds get one loss in playoffs and, DRC and a second…

    In my version – trade VIck keep Kolb. Birds may/or may not have made playoffs last year…probably lose (same). Don’t make playoffs this year (same)…but have 2 extra 1st to stock the cupboards.

    The win/loss results basically the same. I’d rather have 2 first round picks. You’d prefer DRC and a second round pick I guess.

  56. To Vinnie,
    Tthere is no way that VIck was going to return them 2 1st Round picks.. WIth whom would the Eagles Trade him too that could have afforded him or have a style of offense that suits his skills and he wasn’t under contract so the off-season lock-out who can you even talk to and figure out compensation and salary about. Just because he came off a great 5-6 Week stretch of Ball back in October/November in 2010, but flattened out over the last month and down the importatnt stretch and playoffs for the 2010 Season.. I don’t beleive as many around the NFL were as enamored by Vick’s upside than the Fans in Philly were and the Eagles themselves. They made the mistake of giving him that huge contract.. They could have easliy kept the Franchise tag for 2011 for him to prove himself as the True #1 over a course of a full season.. The Team screwed up, Vick didn’t play that good and now the Eagle Franchise is stuck with him for better or for worse.I think he will rebound and have a pretty good year in 2012, but it won’t be enough to get them over the top.. Those magical 5 weeks back in the fall of 2010 were an anomaly, a freak occurrence and very unlikley to happen again..

  57. Ok vinne- we will rehash the same friggin thing.

    In your version we get 2 #1’s( wasn’t gunna happen) and we stay with kolb. AND PAY HIM!! Or tag him. Both would have been BAD.

    In my version we keep vick, trade noodle, get DRC(who I believe will shine on the outside), a #2, get nnamdi (he said himself that vick was part of the reason), get babbin (no way they pay that man if it were rebuilding time), get jenkins (wanted another chance at a SB). You see son- as I said last time…. Its more than just #1 picks- btw, do you really trust this team to pick a stud on D with a # 1 pick? I do not.
    You love to play it like we had a stable full of QB’s to pick from. That was just the lie andy reid told to get teams and suckers like you to bite.

  58. paulman why go with another undersized, running quarterback,I want a big, strong armed quarterback, in the model of the manning brothers or big Ben, this guy Griffin is a poor man’s edition of Vick, and Vick sucks

  59. Pman- I disagree- vick can be cut or moved at many times throughout the life of this deal and they will be fine. Honestly folks- money is not normally a problem with this team. Think of it this way… Imagine what we would be looking at if noodle arm had to be tagged to play in philly this year… We would have the same prob this year without either qb. Vick will be fine this year… Not back to the D.

  60. I prefer a big pocket QB like Nick Foles myself..
    I am just thinking out loud, about the RGIII move for that would most likely guarantee Coach AR another 2 Seasons as HC in Philly..
    He would start with Vick as the Starter in 2012 and then after a 1-5 Start, AR finally pulls the plug on Vick and switches to RGIII, the Eagles finish at 8-8 again with a strong Finish going 7-3 over their last 10 games and Coach AR can go back to Owner Lurie & Banner and say “I think, I finally found the QB (RGIII) who can excel in my system.. But I need more time with RGIII and I need a 3 Year Extension to remain HC so I can hire quality Assistant Coaches” etc,etc… You catching my drift now Jake.. I will probably be on Social Security by the time Coach Ar leaves town… Good Grief…

  61. Vinnie you don’t use quotes of others…….sure you do, that’s exactly what you just did when you added a quote from Jim Mora Sr, and of course your cutting and pasting, sometimes I believe you lose control with that crap, but then I believe it makes you feel………..well intelligent…………….right???.

    You don’t think Vick is a good qb, well that is your opinion in which you are entitled to, but then your opinion really doesn’t mean much and carries absolutely no weight, fortunate for Vick a lot of others whose opinions actually does mean something and carries a lot of weight, don’t agree with you.

    Can you count Vinnie, the Altanta Falcons and the Philidelphia Eagles are the only two teams Vick has played on, how do you figure that makes three. You aren’t confusing him with Kevin Kolb are you? Oh yes btw, who’s holding you hostage and making you watch Vick play, you can stop anytime, as soon as today if you like.

  62. Now they can Stevo, since Vick is under Contract
    but he wasn’t last off-season as Vick was a free-agnet and not under contract, so they couldn’t do boo with him until the lockout ended then Franchise him and then maybe look to make some moves and by that time, most teams in need of the QB made their Moves with high Draft picks or other plans…

  63. I really don’t think Vick is the best qb out there, however he is certainly better than Kolb and a lot of other qb’s, the Eagles would have missed the playoffs two years in a row had Kolb still been the #1qb. I just don’t agree with bashing Vick when in fact, he covered up a lot of flaws for this team last season. In addition I factor in the fact that Vick has not not really had complete training camp since 2006 thru 2010, and in 2010 he worked with the second team, 2011 the lockout. This will be his first full offseason since 2006. I am just not sure how many other qb’s could comeback and play the way he has without having proper training , my guess not many (if any). Initially most analyst were saying Vick would not be able to get his speed or arm strength back after being out of the league for so long without the benefit of training. I would like to see how he does after a full offseason, ota’s training camp etc.

  64. short, you would have a leg to stand on in your defense of Vick if he had a mediocre season this year, but he was putrid,on top of that, the offense was intact, no excuse for a veteran of 9 seasons to turn the ball over like he did, negative yardage incurred, and that damn pouting face, he is a loser, big time loser, I was publicly critical of McNabb, but the comparison is not even close, McNabb a far superior athlete than Vick

  65. All I can say is that the Eagles will only go as far as QB VIck takes them which is what yuo can say about all the other teams too.. There are very few teams built to win without solid QB play and that’s probably the 49ers/Ravens based on their Defensive play and strong Running games
    Look at last season when Teams like Lions, BIlls, Bears were all off to hot starts as their QB’s were playing at a high level.. Then halfway thru the Season Fitzpatrick can’t hit the side of a Hockey Arena, Cutler gets hurt, and those teams PLayoff Chances came to an end..
    Vick has the ability there is little doubt about that, does he have the paitience and the smarts of when to push things and when to pull back.. I don’t know if he does.. at least over a consistent period of time, he has shown that he does not have that paitience and eventually is going to force the issue in trying to make plays when they are simply not there and put ball security and his health in jeopardy.. It’s just the Style that he plays.. Nothing wrong with tossing the ball out of bounds to live for another play..Sometimes even punting the ball is not a bad thing either.. Vick has the chance to come backstrong in 2012 and it’s totally up to him..This will be the season where most NFL Observors/Analysts will really see and learn about Vick to see if he is really a legitimate top flight QB..He has all off-season as the #1 Starter, has most of his talented team coming back with the same Coaches and System and to be honest, if he doesn’t excell and do sometihng big in 2012, then he never will… and I hope he does for the Eagles sake and time will tell..
    2012 is really it for everyone currently Coaching and many of the players on the Eagles ..

  66. Pman- I agree that the birds will go as far as vick takes them- and THAT’S my problem with this team. Look at the list of teams you tossed out there… We have better all around talent then most or all of them. If andy keeps trying to turn the mcnabbs and vicks into the bradys and brees’s we will get no where. However- if andy learns that we have more of a flacco or smith, we can go . eepm

  67. Hey Jake, lets be clear here I don’t need a leg to stand on ok. Lets not forget you complained about McNabb too, so whether you would take McNabb over Vick means nothing. But then you missed the entire point…………….but hey its all good, you are entitled to your opinion and on the same note I am entitled to mine. Now lets hear you immature rant “Vick sucks” don’t be shy lets hear it LOL LOL

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