Report: Eagles To Retain Juan Castillo As Defensive Coordinator And Add Todd Bowles

According to Jeff McLane of, Andy Reid and the Eagles will retain Juan Castillo as the Birds defensive coordinator.   They will add Todd Bowles as the cornerbacks coach.

It’s no surprise to me, I felt and had heard this was the way Andy was leaning.  I don’t think he wanted to change anything because he wants to prove he was right about Castillo.

The promotion of Castillo as defensive coordinator may have been the most criticized more Reid has ever made, so I think he’s intent on proving all of us who criticized him, wrong.  I think Castillo will improve, but he really has to do better than that to secure Reid’s position as head coach.

Bowles will have the job of utilizing the team’s cornerback talent, much better than a year ago.  Nmandi Asomugha, Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will need to have much better season than they did in 2011.

55 thoughts on “Report: Eagles To Retain Juan Castillo As Defensive Coordinator And Add Todd Bowles

  1. Not suprising…they can get all other speculation out of the way and move on to the draft. The coaches are here for another year, nothing will change that. They will need to be successful, or they should be gone.

  2. Nice and what I expected and stated so numerous times since the end of the Season. Todd Bowles is a nice addition as Secondary Coach..He was the Secondary Coach under former DC Mike Nolan and then became the Dolphins Interim HC after Sporano was fired with a month in the season to go..A definite upgrade for the Secondary over Jonny Lynne and a Coach who can maybe even assist Castillo in game planning..
    No everyone can focus on how to improve the Team, the Players & Schemes

  3. Well the one good thing about all of this is after next season there won’t be any room for excuses. No lockout, No chemistry, No new coaches having to gel. It’s a deep run in the playoffs or blow this up!

  4. No….the Browns and other year after year pathetic teams are the laughing stock.

    Your infinite knowledge and wisdom has prevailed again Paulmandomis.Does anyone else on this site care(besides you) that you prdicted that and hundred other things?

    Let Nmandi play the right corner spot and move DRC to left once Sante is released or traded.

  5. So when Reid fired Sean McDermott, who had spent like 10 years with the club, a lot of guys here said it was deflect blame from his 19th and 21st ranked defenses. But now that Reid is keeping Juan Castillo after after the defense ranked 10th, it is because the man is so pig-headed that he cannot admit a mistake? I just want to make sure I am following the logic, such as it is…

  6. I believe Hartrodomus announced this a few days ago about Todd Bowles coming to philly, my reports are usually very accurate.. Todd Bowles will greatly improve this secondary and he will help Juan in more ways than this.. this guy is capable of running an entire team but hes humbling himself and working underneath someone that should be working underneath him.. juan should be underneath Todd, but all n all a great hire and should really help juan alot…

  7. Juan more time! Sorry about that I just had too. I do like the addition of Todd Bowles. He should be able to make the talent that we have at CB show up. Miami didn’t really have much for DBs IMO. Their safety play was good so he should be able to help there with our group. Maybe he can convince Juan that Nnamdi is a press guy not zone. I hope that him and Juan can work together and come up with solid game plan every week. I see this as somewhat positive.

  8. Well we can all see that Andy is never going to change. Stubborn as ever. Even if it gets his fat ass fired he’s going to continue to do it his way. He has already begun to make his bed. Bowles is an upgrade from Lynn who I always thought was a bad hire. So that’s positive. However, we will sit and see after 3/13 what plans he has to improve his personnel OR if he will continue to make his death bed. But there are some things that we can watch for before then. We don’t have to wait until 3/13 to see what he will do with Desean. If he doesn’t have a new deal by the end of next month we can figure he is gone. I think he is. So his next step will be what does he do to replace him? Also we will find out about extensions for Maclin and Shady by then. My guess is Shady will get done, but Maclin will opt not to sign anything given his last season because he and his agent will be confident that he can get a lot more next year. The Eagles will offer him a bargain rate now coming off a so-so season. He would be smart to wait. I think he’s a legit number one. He will break out next year. Then he can get double what the Eagles are floating past his agent right now. Don’t know if the Assante thing will be worked out before 3/13. So stay tuned. We will definitely know by about 3/17 whether or not Andy is going to do anything because the top FAs come off the board in about two or three days. If we don’t have a big signing by 3/17 it means they aren’t doing much and Andy will be halfway out of here if that’s the case. He can’t get the help he needs to get into the playoffs (or do anything if he gets there) via THIS year’s draft (2012). So if he blows off safety and LB in FA, its a wrap. We can then prepare for the end and not get our hopes up for next season. Personally I think they would have to really make some mind blowing moves or get extremely lucky in the draft for us to have anything to look forward to next year anyway. That is unless your one of those fans that would get jazzed about JUST making the playoffs.

  9. Has anyone given any thought as to what trade market exists for Assante out there? Clearly they were not getting what they asked for last year. So what is the guy worth in league circles? A fifth round pick? A third? Knowing the Eagles they probably wanted at least a second and then some. I was trying to think about teams that have excess riches in some areas that could really use a corner. For example, I think Chicago could use Assante a lot more than they need to have Lance Briggs. They are both similar age and I believe that trade is a good one for both teams. The Niners could use a better secondary more than they need nine or ten PB LBs. I mean it is ridiculous how many good LBs they have. So many that people are saying they have a good one in Larry Grant sitting the bench. Why not re-sign Grant and deal Bowman our way? We would have to throw in one of our second rounders, but imagine Assante and Rodgers together. I think that makes their D tougher than keeping Bowman and the bum that plays the other corner now. Opinions Please???

  10. Look for Andy to create another weak spot on the team this coming season. The spin machine usually downplay a player they’re playing hardball with only for that player to walk away and get his worth with another team. They are now doing this with Desean Jackson. Every time his name is mentioned spuds spin the conversation into all the good receivers who will be available in free agency. He was talking about all the good safeties who would be available in the draft when Dawk contract was up. this is what they do.

    If anyone don’t think this is a good idea just look at our game against the Cardinals without Djax.

    It’s easier to slow down and plan against the Eagles offense without Djax but watch what the Eagles do.

    They will create another weakspot. paste it

  11. I believe that the Eagles have announced that there will be an AR press conference tomorrow….why would he possibly talk to the press? Isn’t that against that smart coaches handbook? Why is he talking, it is still January….isn’t that what the smarter fans told us all?

  12. what a joke….

    in any organization, you can have high turnover at the Manager level, but as long as the Department Head is a complete moron and runs the team, you will continue to struggle and never improve….

  13. Songs….I think he will get a FA like Robert Meachem that would be more in line with what they are willing to pay. They are saving their money to pay Shady and Maclin. And honestly, that is a smarter way to spend it. Sorry if you’re a D Jack guy but the guy just is not worth a penny over three million a year. And he wants well over five.

  14. paulman stop with the bragging, you are the smartest on gcobb okay the tallest midget in the circus, you were not the only one who thought Castillo would be back, in fact a lot of us midgets did, its a no brained to the half wits, if Reid canned Castillo after one year it would be an admission that it was an imbecile move in the first place, but as it turned out, Castillo s defense was not bad, and wasnot the reason the birds didn’t make the playoffs, but try selling that to the lunatics here who can’t handle the truth that the consistently inconsistent playl from the offense, especially Vick , is the reason why the season was a failure

  15. greenfan – very funny. But if you went beyond your ‘gotcha’ vendetta games with the haters v. traditional fans on this site, and looked at history, you’d see that Reid has a press conference EVERY SINGLE TIME they add someone to the staff. So….. the point was that he wouldn’t talk when there’s no news. There’s news now – different story.

    Got that?

  16. I am not bragging Jake, I just don’t understand why there was so much discussion about whether Castillo was going to get fired or replaced to begin with and had to state the same common sense things over and over, but that’s in the past now and yes, Kudos does go out to Hartrodamus who called the signing of Todd Bowles as Secondary Coach… Good Call JH and I like Bowles to help out Castillo and this Defense quite a bit..


  17. How can anybody on here say Bowles will greatly inprove the secondary when his DC has them out of position all the time? Lets make Nnamdi the next Woodson, REMEMBER THAT? forget he was considered the second best shutdown corner when he played at the line, all we can do at this point is hope he learned from his past and this Bowles has some say.

  18. honestly- with all this experience at both the 2ndary coach and the Dline coach….. can Juan honestly be the leader? Its crazy- it really is. Both coaches are LIGHT-YEARS beyond Juan. Im curious how this all shakes down. im not sure these 2 coaches will let Juan burn their reps.

  19. I feel so enlightened….yes, he has a news conference and will tell the media to limit questions to the new hire…after all “it is HIS day”…isn’t that the usual answers schill……didn’t you tell everyone that it was only January and that no coach should speak to the media in January? What happened to your learned theory schill?? Guess AR didn’t send you the memo…but aren’t you usually under his desk??

  20. I still get back to a comment that Pman has made a couple of times regarding the SF 49ers, and how Harabaugh basically brought in his Stanford staff that had been working together for a number of years.

    I get the feeling that since JJ, and probably a few years prior after the loss of Spags and Rivera, that our defensive coaches have been a patchwork of coaches from around the league. I don’t know that there has been a group with a similar defensive philosphy and background….individually that are each successful and good coaches (ok, Rory Segrest may contradict that one, but overall they have been good coaches), but I don’t see where many have coached together in the past.

    I am going to look more into how this staff has been put together, but I believe that Pman may have some good points to consider.

  21. Don’t forget Coach AR is going to start by Congratulating the AFC Conference for a hard-fought game win over the NFC COnference in the All-Pro Game and how great the game of Football is and how lucky he is to be a part of it ….

  22. I think bringing back Juan is not all that bad of a decision for the sake of continuity and the fact that the defense finished 8th overall. The defense after all lead the league in sacks. But, I am optimistic about the position the Eagles are in right now. The way I see it, the team is a MLB, a SS, and an experienced possession WR away from a very formidable team. all of these positions can be addressed in next years FA market and the draft. Not saying that the team will or definitely should get these players but London Fletcher, Laron Landry, and Vincent Jackson could all fill the gaps in this team. Picking up Fletcher would mean the team could Draft a MLB for the future that would have the chance to learn behind an established all pro and solidify the position for years to come. Fletcher is old but he still has much to offer. I think because the Eagles have Nnamdi and DRC, trading Asante now makeS the most sense because he still has a few good years left, but then again with a successful FA and draft keeping him could prove beneficial for extra d-back defensive sets. I think bringing in Todd Bowles is good from the stand point that he is a strong coach that will have a strong influence on his players. I don’t think Andy would have brought him in if he didn’t believe Bowles would buy into Juan’s defensive philosophy and if the position coach buys in I think the players will follow suit.

    I might be in the minority but I think Andy did well with FA and trades but I think these moves were undermined by the lockout. Getting Babin and Jenkins paid dividends. The trade he made for DRC was miraculous and I think will pay dividends next year. But let’s not discount the fact that players want to come to this team. Most of the new players the team got last year were willing to take less money to be here. Also, this team is fairly young and very talented with veterans in key leadership positions. You guys can say all you want about Vick being the problem but that’s going in one ear and out the other and when this team wins the SB with him at QB I’ll be curious about what you have to say. With a full off season I am confident in this team… I think what happened last season will prove to be the best thing for this team in years to come in terms of attitude and chemistry. DAMN I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  23. no – greenfan, You’re exaggerating my statements and putting words in my mouth, and no I don’t spend time under his desk, I’ve never been in the Novacare Complex (though I’d love to go someday).

    I did say it’s only January and my point was that no coach needs to speak to the fans without any news to speak of. Now there’s news and he’s speaking.

    I never said “no coach should speak to the media in January” – if you go back to my posts you’ll see that I didn’t say that.

    Grow up

  24. Win a SB? I want to see as much as any birds fan, but you have an 8-8 team winning the SB because we hired a new D-backs coach?

    Hope your right man, and if it does, the 2011 team will go down in history as the biggest underperforming team ever…..all because of a D-backs coach? Or was it losing a front office scout? Those are the only moves we have made, right? SB?

  25. I not only mentioned that Todd Bowles was coming to philly but that it would be announced during SB week.. I know how andy and this front office thinks, its been the same way since the beginning.. They enjoy trying to steal the attention from the teams that are actually playing in the SB, they do this almost every year, im talking all the way back since Mcnabb was here with his oh so convenient SB week interviews… Some things never change..

  26. Wow Jon, someone give the guy a freaking cookie! He wants some pats on the back, ego boosts, and maybe even a kiss on the cheek from the hot girl.

    WOPTY FREAKIN DO! The main’s prediction came true. F the superbowl, we have the winner of all winners right here on – Jon Hart!

    Dude, this isn’t the psychic olympics.

  27. @greenfan… a 9-7 wild card team won the SB last year. The same team that, once it worked out it’s issues and got healthy, went 15-1 the next year. A team that was 6-8 just 2 seasons before its SB run. If the Eagles make the right moves in FA and the draft I will go on record as saying that they are better than last years Packers. Andy Reid has a good eye for defensive staff. He may not get much credit for it on this site but it’s a fact. The fact that there wasn’t a huge shake up on the defensive side of the ball tells me that Andy thinks he has the necessary pieces in place. Considering where the defense finished regarding overall ranking and sacks I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. I’m predicting SB next year and I’m not backing down from it.

  28. Schiller, and this isnt the special olympics either so your stupidity holds no weight … Go get a girl and quit getting off on

  29. greenfan – cause gloating is dumb. Who cares who guessed or predicted what. This isn’t some psychic pissing contest…(but don’t tell that to Paulman)

  30. Another great tidbit about Todd Bowles is hes a temple U guy, hes familiar with theis city and the fans and knows what we expect… Johnnie Lynn was overmatched and was coming from a losing team the 49ers and the San Francisco area so he wasnt ready for what was waiting for him…poor johnnie… But now we have a guy who actually has the ability to run an entire team and may be the future HC or DC of this team… hes a very good coach and highly regarded and respected around the league.. I salute the eagles for this hire…

  31. and I WISH we had had the same turnover that the SF 49ers had….we have the same old caoch and coaches except for one……and expect a different result….that is why LD

  32. I agree Greenfan.. just hang in there buddy… What i wanna see this year is some kind of creativeness on the offensive side of the ball in that we need more creativity in the play that are called, ive been seeing the same routes ran by the birds for the past 10 years, if i can see it, dont other coaches? Of course they defense has to stop them but isnt it alittle easier when a team knows whats about to happen rather than not? Of course.. so i want to see more creativity on the offensive side of the ball..

    On defense i want to see more blitzing.. i want to see guys in the right places not guys running around like chickens with there heads cut off, i want to see real tackling! Not arm grabbing or guys that just running into each other, tackling, wrap the guys up and throw them to the ground… Im not sure if Asante is getting traded or what but if he isnt were going to struggle on his side again, it may be time to trade him… The safeties gotta play instinctively this year and come up and lay the wood on guys too.. there are more requests i have but i ll keep it short for now…

  33. Another day in the saga, of As the status quo turns. No one thought this would change. Reid’s stubbornness, arrogance, ignorance, stupidity & displaced loyalty, won’t allow him to make the changes that are needed. He wants to prove to everyone that he was right & everyone else is wrong. He is incapable of swallowing his pride, do to his ego being as inflated as his fat @$$. Why would you not just replace Castillo with Bowles? I’ll tell you why, surround Castillo with just enough veteran coaches (Washburn, Bowles), to mask Castillo’s stupidity long enough to try & prove you’re right. Reid staked his job on the Castillo decision, & now by stupidly, stubbornly, keeping him, he will get what he deserves next year, by getting his @$$ fired!!!!

  34. Dcar – Bowles is a position coach. He’s not a ‘real DC’. He’s never been a ‘DC’. So by your standards, Juan (who’s been a DC) is more qualified.

  35. JUAN IS STAYING!!!!!


    This was a close one.

    Who else will blow dry Andy’s frozen mustache after games, when the temperature drops below “30”?

    “Time’s Your’s”

  36. Juan more chance.This makes jeffreys state of the Eagles a sham,as Andy has the final say once again.Jeffrey needs now come out and make the lame duck coach understand his substantial steps backwards will no longer be tolerated.The draft will be the next disappointment ,as we will be best to be ready to be frustrated as we know Andy values linebackers as much as the gum at the bottom of his shoe.His speedball undersized defenders will be run over and hoping it leaves Andy in it’s wake.Prove me wrong Andy I beg of you ….

  37. there’s a 28 year old QB that played in the “Senior Bowl” and Andy likes the way “He’s wired”.

    don’t be surprised if he’s our 1st pick in the 2nd round.

    Eagles will go right tackle with the first pick and slide Herremans back at guard..Nate Allen will be toast again this season and Brandon Graham will be ass.


  38. Schiller, you have to be one of the most clueless, non-informative, idiots, that I’ve ever come across in my life. Bowles was in the player personnel dept on the GB, & has been a coach for 15 years on the Defensive side of the ball, including a college DF coordinator. YOU IDIOT! So Castillo isn’t more qualified. Get your facts straight, before you try to correct someone, you moron.

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