2012 NFL Offseason: The Eagles Quarterbacks

Now that the Eagles coaching staff has been finalized, it’s time for the front office to sit down and discuss how this talented Philadelphia Eagles team finished the season 8-8.  While defensive coordinator Juan Castillo went through growing pains during his first season, he is not the biggest source of blame.


Coach Andy Reid always states that it starts with him after a loss.  He’s telling the truth to an extent.  From an organizational standpoint it starts with owner Jeff Lurie.  On the sidelines it starts with Reid.  On the field, it starts with the quarterback.


With a collective QB rating of 78.3 and a league leading 25 interceptions, the Eagles are lucky to finish the year with eight wins.  Since 2004, each of Philly’s playoff teams had a QB rating of at least 92.


The Eagles have some decisions to make regarding football’s most important position.  Here is a look at the current roster.


Michael Vick


Vick is schedule to get married in late June of this year.  If he desires to earn any other type of ring, he needs to engross himself in film study and OTAs.  After posting a 100.2 QB rating in 2010, this past season was an utter disappointment.


What made 2011 so frustrating are the high expectations set in 2010 and Vick’s continuous inability to stay healthy.  Having a competent backup is one thing, but to need someone with starting experience because you know he’s going to have to play is never good.  Availability is a key component to success.


The former VA Tech star has no choice but to utilize his first offseason as the Eagles starter to improve.  If not, it will be his last.  His recent contract was setup to make it painless to release him after 2012.


Vince Young


There’s not much to say about Young.  His time as an Eagle will be most remembered for feeling like he joined a “Dream Team”.  For a season where that was supposed to one year audition for a starting job in the future, Young did nothing but regress.


In three starts, his record was 1-2 with a 60.8 QB rating and an atrocious 9 interceptions.  Whether he’s looked at as a starter or reserve, Vince Young will not be at the NovaCare Complex in 2012.


Mike Kafka


Coming off a rookie year playing behind Vick and Kevin Kolb, Kafka missed the OTAs more than anyone else.  Early in the 2011 season, Kafka was Vick’s primary backup while Young was trying to regain football shape.


He showed flashes of brilliance in Week 2 inAtlanta.  The following week against the Giants was horrible.  Young was named the primary backup quickly after that.


2012 Forecast


I would not be surprised if one or two sports journalists have suffered from carpal tunnel from reiterating the importance of Vick’s health.  Everyone knows he needs to be on the field as much as possible, including himself.


Unfortunately, he continues to drive offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg crazy with his reckless play.  I don’t expect it to change.  What will change is one of the names of the Eagles quarterbacks.


The Eagles cannot go into training camp with Kafka officially No. 2 on the depth chart.  They know this already, which is why they worked out Trent Edwards.  Working out Edwards hopefully turns out to be just due diligence.


Philadelphia’s approach needs to be to find someone who has the potential for the following: 1.) Become the No. 2 backup and 2.) Be the 2013 starter in case the Vick Experience must come to an end.


Outside of the top two draft prospects (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III), nobody stands out as a must have signal caller.  Jason Campbell and Chad Henne are capable backups, but neither is more than a stopgap.


Who QB University brings in as their next project is anyone’s guess.  If their premier student fails to show his 2010 form, class may be closed in Philadelphia.


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14 thoughts on “2012 NFL Offseason: The Eagles Quarterbacks

  1. I like Free-Agent Dennis Dixon from the Steelers to come in as a #2 QB
    He’s smart, athletic and has a few games under his belt..
    Jason Campbell (If shoulder is healthy) could be a nice fit in the Eagles System

    Draft Wise
    I like QB’s Nick Foles from Arizona St and Kirk Cousins from Mich State but would probably take one of the Eagles 2nd ROund Pick to get them which I don’t see them doing… A sleeper pick could be Brandon Weeden or Brad Lindley who should be on the board come the 4th Round when the Eagles have 2 Slections again ….

  2. Dennis Dixon that couldn’t beat out 37 yr old Charlie Batch for the Steelers backup QB slot? Dennis Dixon theat the Steelers are set to release because he “doesn’t fit into their plans? That Dennis Dixon?

    Jason Campbell is….well….Jason Campbell. He could be a quality backup, but not more than that. Do you really see Campbell as the future? I don’t. A stop gap only. I think the Eagles’ have to begin thinking long term at the position. A 32+ yr old less and less mobile Vick is not the answer
    I’d take my chances in the draft. Cousins is very interesting, though only 6’2”

  3. I think the Eagles pull a shocker and sign Matt Flynn to a two year deal that allows for either side (more so for him and his agent to get out of the deal after year one) if Vick is going to continue to be the starter. The deal will include incentives for games started when Vick gets hurt which will entice him because he knows he has a great shot at bonus money. And if you look at what we gave Young, Flynn would take it if he knew he had the chance to start in the future. Now we will need to be aggressive and serious and not pull our lowballing bullshit. He will need what Young got plus incentives if he starts more than two games, five games, etc, etc.
    The idea will be if Vick continues to be Vick, it will be Flynn’s job in 2013 and they can do a longer term deal then.

  4. Vick was disappointing enough last year that the Eagles will definitely NOT ignore the future of the QB position this year. It will be addressed fairly aggressively and I think they know Kafka is not the future here. If Vick does not play much closer to 2010 than 2011, next year will be his last in Eagles green.

  5. Kirk interesting, huh? I wonder why Vinnie? not the type of player that you like to stereo type, huh?
    Kirk doesn’t have the arm that AR likes bottom line.. Oh yea since he has 4 years of college experience he will definitely be a great NFL player, based on your logic, right?

  6. I stated in a couple of Mocks that I really like Nick Foles from Arizona State
    who at 6-5 240lbs is a pure pocket passer that the Eagles haven’t had since Ron Jaworski … He may still be on the board with one of their 2nd Round PIcks but I see Eagles Adressing other needs before grabbing a QB from this Draft
    I also think they is a very small possibility that the EAgles package a Player
    (Samuel) and couple of PIcks to move up and maybe Select QB RGIII..
    Maybe a team like the Rams or TB Bucs…. Lots of moving parts..

  7. Race it up. I just saw a couple of Spartans games on TV this year and the guy looked good. He also looked good at the Senior Bowl the other day.

    I’m a big believer in the 26-27-60 theory. (not all QBs who meet it succeed, but all QBs who succeed meet it!).

    Cousins has surpassed the 27 and 60 (has 44 starts with 65% comp). Don’t know what his wonderlick will be, but he’s a 4 year graduate, so I’m sure he’ll do fine. Pass

    Nick Foles also surpasses the 27 and 60 with 36 starts and a 67% comp rate…so that looks good. We’ll see how he does on his test.

    Robert Griffin has 40 starts, and 66% comp. He has also completed his degree. Hopefully he’ll do well on the test.

    All three of these guys fit the rule. DOes it mean they will all be successful. Of course not, but I think every one of the past 10 SB Qbs has passed it.

    BTY Matt Flynn fails both the # of starts (12) and completion % 56….so there are red flags there for sure.

    Nick Foles

  8. Plus Matt Flynn is Irish, so I would stay away from him anyways..
    Irish guys can’t play ball..
    Nick Foles may have the best NFL Arm in this Draft in my opinion..
    He throws a great deep ball, the sideline out across the field.. This Foles reminds me a lot of Big Ben but is much futher along in the passing techniques and is not the runner that Big Ben was coming out of College.. But Foles can sid-step, slide up and scramble when needed..
    He will probably go in early part of the 2nd Round to a team needing to groom a QB in the near future.. (possibly the Browns, Redskins,Seattle, Dolphins..)

  9. Vinnie- here is where you and i prolly If time to think about who is the eaagles qb of the future. I like Vick fine enough,. He is our starter and the best qb we’ve had on our roster for a number of years. I agree with what they have done but clearly, he has 2-3 years in midnight green AT BEST. id like to see a pocket passer for once. Someone smart for the future. For those that think im playing the race card-im not… dont care about that stuff. But instead of a running qb- i want one who can read a D and gutt it. Not for this year… not for next….. for the future.

  10. hmmmm- like 1/3 of my post just went poof. first line should have said…” here is where you and i prolly agree”. must have hit something. oh well.

  11. Exactly how I feel. They’re going to roll with Vick next year. I dodn’t think that’s going to amount to anything. I am very confident they’ll be thinking about replacing Vick after this season (and yes I wish he never came here in the first place and delayed things for 3 years but I digress).

    So, if there are questions about Vick, and there’s no way the FO isn’t thinking there are questions, then doesn’t the team have to acquire a young QB now? It takes 2-3 years before any new guy starts becoming effective, so to delay things another year….ugh….Vick released after this coming season….2013 with a rookie. 2014 with a sophmore (ask Stl, SF, Clev, etc etc how that works out. So what will we be looking at….2015 until we see effective QB play…..not inspiring.

    I think we have to go the same route NE did last year grabbing Ryan Mallett….now I don’t know how that one is going to work out, but at least they’re constantly planning for the future…..Reid used to do this all the time (drafting DBs the year before they’re needed, QBs with Kolb then Kafka….this is how good teams draft…never for immediate help, always for the following year.

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