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LaCanfora On DeSean Jackson: “He’s someone that you don’t just let walk”

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network doesn’t believe the Eagles will give DeSean Jackson the opportunity to sign with another team in the league.

“He’s someone that you don’t just let walk,” said LaCanfora. “Whether he’s going to be there long-term remains to be seen, but you franchise him, then entertain trade possibilities.”

I agree with him.  It just wouldn’t make sense if you’re trying to win a championship in the 2012 season. reports that CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco believes the Niners would be interest in Jackson, if they could sign him to a deal that isn’t a big risk, or as he put it “short-term, low-risk contract.” on Facebook

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83 Comments for “LaCanfora On DeSean Jackson: “He’s someone that you don’t just let walk””

  1. Wonder if he said the same about Colston?

  2. my friends,

    it was a mess this year on O. Djax dropped everything. Jmak did not become a house hold name, celeck was kept in early in the season to help the mess of an Oline untill they held their own. Steve Smith was supposed to be a “steal” from the Giants. We didnt grab Buress because we were set at the WR position. And add to this Vick who completed lots of passes… but to the wrong team. Whats clear is this…… this O does NOT need to let this guy walk out the door. They NEED to get on the same page. We dont need guys learning the new system….. getting healthier from a knee issue….. getting in step with Vick.. bla bla bla….

    Get Djax on the field in Philly this year. Is he a top 10 WR? no. But he is exactly who the eagles need to win THIS YEAR. tag him…. draft his replacement.. FINE. But THIS year… we need him stretching the field as only HE does.

  3. Noway nohow will the eagles let this guy walk.. he means way too much to this team and what this offense does. All that this offense is able to do is bc of jacksons speed, the fear he puts in defenses, and the way he opens up the field. If they let desean walk than we can say without a shadow of a doubt that the eagles do not want to win. I believe they do want to win the SB but if they begin playing games with his contract then he wont be happy.. You hsve to franchise him. Then try and work out a longterm deal. You can still go out and sign a BIG reciever but in order to do what they have been successful with then they gotta bring him back.. he’s the heart of this team. The birds have centered this offense around jackson. And if you haven’t noticed, when he struggles the entire offense does.. hes a huge part of this team ya cant let him walk..

  4. I believe it would be cheaper to try and get a longterm deal eather than franchise him bc they ll be forced to sign him top 5 wr money and i doubt the birds would want to give him that loot for a year then something go wrong in negotiations and he walk with 12-15mil in his pocket..

  5. Well G Cobb if San Fran gonna trade me linebacker Larry Grant and a draft pick for Deshawn I would do it because free agency and the draft are stocked at wide recievers. Eagles need durable tuff recievers they don’t have that I would love to have Dwayne Bowe or Vincent Jackson because they can draft Joe Adams from Arkansas to replace deshawn.

  6. Turk……we would have to sign DJax first before we could trade him….doesn`t make sense….signing those FA recievers will not be any easier….I think DJax is our best option

  7. When playoffs season comes around guys like Deshawn disappear because they just jam his light ass at the line so he’s not effective thats why you trade him or let him walk.

  8. Good stuff Jon Hart. I agree buddy.

  9. I don’t at all who would you rather have V.Jackson D.Bowe or D. Jackson give me one of the first 2 guys.

  10. Man, You guys love the absolutes:

    “If they let desean walk than we can say without a shadow of a doubt that the eagles do not want to win.”
    “But he is exactly who the eagles need to win THIS YEAR.”
    “we need him stretching the field as only HE does.”
    “he’s the heart of this team.”

    The amazing thing about these lines is none of them are true.

    1 – “Whithout a shadow of a doubt!!!!!!” Gimmie a break. Desean is not as important as you think….at all. Letting Desean go does not mean the team does not want to win, just that they’re prioritizing other positions. Name the top WRs in the league (Fitz, CJ, AJ,) and ask yourselves how much they’ve contributed to their team’s reg season and playoff success. WRs are Wrs. Dime a dozen. Welker on Birds and no one ever hears of him. With Brady a superstar.

    2 – He is exactly what the eagles need. Funny. This right after you spent the previous sentences saying how disfunctional the Offence iwas. Desean, since he got demolished last year has ben a showdow of his former self.

    3 – “as only he does!!” Interesting. For a guy who stretches the field, he doesn’t do that much stretching. He caught 15 balls over 20 yrds this past year. Good for 21st in the league. 44th in yrds/catch. 28th in yrds/game. Only HE for sure.

    4. “He is the heart of this team”. If that’s the team’s heart, then they’re on life support. Guys who alligator balls, sulk on the bench, miss meetings, lead the league in fair catches, and act like petulant children have no heart. But hey, he looks good showing up other teams while running sideways along goallines….so I guess that’s what makes him great.

    Desean. Whatever.

  11. About time I can agree with Vinny about something. Bravo.

  12. Vinnie- i agree with you. I do. I dont think we need this guy for yeaars and years and years. But i tend to agree with you that Vick is what he is. Im not sure he gets any better. And for the sake of THIS team THIS year, I believe its best to stay with what we have at the qb, rb, #1 and #2 WR, TE. I dont want them to sign him to a 7 year crazy deal. I dont want them to go into the season with it being all about Djax. Draft someone to replace him. Sighn someone to take his spot. But i would tag him. For this year. If a crazy offer comes along… take it. Otherwise…. he stays THIS year.

  13. Vinnie. Your measuring him by what last years stats? We could do that for the entire team. He had a down year. Lay off the guy sheesh. That does not change the fact that he opens up eveything for this offense. He sees a double team every down hes out there allowing players like maclin and avant and even mccoy get off for huge chunks. Thats the fear he puts in defenses. Sounds to me that your issue is related to his personality, you feel that hes a diva receiver. You tell me what wr isnt a diva in some way or another? Do you think dwayne bowe or colston will be any cheaper than desean? The birds are better off signing djax and going with a player that knows the offense and has tremendous chemistry with Vick.. will they get a big wr? Im almost positive they will, but will it be a deseans expense? No. Theyd be taking a huge chance and idt andy is ready to change things up on offense dramatically, this is do or die, andy has to make the playoffs and make an impact in order to satisfy the front office or it may be over for this regime… people say andy has a lifetime coaching card with this team but im not too sure about that..

  14. No Jon Hart, if you paid attention to detail you would see that he’s measuring him since the time he got D-BO’d (knocked the f out) by Dunta Robinson.

  15. Maclin SUCKs. Maclin is a dime a dozen. Maclin doesnt get deep. Maclin looks for the 1st soft patch of grass to lay down on. Maclin puts fear in nobody. No team talks about defending Maclin. How many Pro Bowls does Maclin have? How many TDs does Maclin have? Get rid of that stiff.

  16. dag — I shouldn’t even comment but I can’t help myself.

    You’re a moron.

  17. Shiver shiver Birdo you tough. Was Maclin a #1 pick? Hmmmm. 1st season 55 catches 762 yards and 4 tds in 15 games. Impressive. 2nd season 70 catches 964 yards and 10 tds. nice little year. Wow almost 1000 yard season, you were a FRIGGIN #1 pick maybe if you would actually break a tackle instead of lay on the grass he would of hit 1000 yards. 2012 13 games for 859 yards and 5 tds. WTF he is a # 1 reciever on a team that passes 70% of the time. He sucks in the redzone. He cant get deep. He doesnt out muscle anyone for a ball. Pro Bowl? Pro Bowl. Try making 1000 yard season for once. Numbers dont lie. lol. Hes a friggin fraud.

  18. we want mario we want mario we want mario

  19. what GM is going to trade for DESEAN? first have to deal with Howie Roseman in trade negociations and then Drew Rosenhaus in contract negociations —————– no GM is going to subject themselves to that on purpose

  20. Dont worry gloomy were gonna get him.. i know it

  21. and draft that dt stills from penn state and london flecther and can u say super bowl we want mario

  22. Haha! Yeah gloomy! DT Stills is a monster! Very rare to find a DT like that, fletcher is good but cant cover very well… Omg i dont understand how noone else is wanting Mario on the eagles, idt they realize all that this guy can do. He can play DE/DT and LB if needed.. hes a freak of nature.. sign the man. If hes the only guy they sign (outside of djacc of course) then id be satisfied..

  23. I am on the fence with D-Jax

    I want him to stay but I don’t want to break the bank on him to keep him. I want him to be paid well and for his valve to this team.

    This hole think about being paid according to other players is flawed. I can see if you work in a factory and everyone is building the same gidgets with the same tools, but this team thing is different. Your value to one team maybe totally different to another.

    Some players will be montars no matter where they are, but most will shine best in proper envirnoment, look at Boldin is he still a stud separated from Fitz? I say Eagles should keep him hands down, but D-Jax needs to understand the value of this team to him as well.

  24. dagg, Maclin, was recovering from Mono, lost 30 lbs & strength & conditioning, & was ailing from various injuries all season. When healthy, he is a better WR than DJax. Don’t be a dope like some of the others on here. Get it through your thick, rock heads, they will not pay him top 5 $$$ by franchising him! They will not sign him long term, due to his frame, durability, attitude & his declining #’s. If they wanted him, they would of locked him him up all ready. He gone. Like GCobb says, “Outta here, like Vladamir.” Sometimes, some of you act as dumb as a bag of hammers. BTW, he was asking for just under Fitzgerald type $$$. He said he wouldn’t be opposed to the franchise tag. Yeah, no $#!T! Who wouldn’t want top 5 $$$? He flushed his @$$ out of town this year, with his attitude, lack of production & disappearance act. IMHO, good riddance!

  25. Djax is garbage.

    Don’t let him walk, make him run and catch a pass over the middle.

    Oh that’s right, he does’nt do that.

    “But, he’s too small to do that…”

    Who’s fault is that.

    Normal people are doing P90X and getting bigger and cut and this guy must spent his off time on a hunger strike.

    Get rid of this gimmick player. LSU, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma all have speeders with size every year. Stop trying to outsmart everybody and draft one. Or go to the historically black colleges and pick up a few as free agents. But there are a ton of guys with speed, who can and will catch the football.

    Only the Eagles would put Todd Pinkston, Reno Mahe and Desean Jackson on their team. Pee Wee players with either no heart or no speed, or no size.

    The Eagles should just hire a ex-CIA agent and find out who the Steelers are interested in and since they draft ahead them, then pick whoever the Steelers were going to pick.

    It’s going to hurt FAT BOY because if he drafts who the Steelers like his draft picks won’t…

    Have a history of Torn ACLs

    Be undersized recievers

    Be undersized defensive ends

    Be linebackers would who think the word tackler refers to fishing equipment

    Be trading out of the 1st round, trying to prove how smart they are.

  26. Rest In Peace Don Cornelius.

    I’d like to see Andy Reid go down the Soul Train Dance line…LOL

  27. Force = Mass times Excelleration

    The Force of Andy Reid dancing would have made all of those sisters wigs fly off.

  28. NFC East list top recievers 1 Nicks 2 Cruz 3 Moss 4 Bryant 5 Jackson 6 Austin 7 Maclin. I would take any of them recievers over Maclin. IMO

  29. To Turk,
    49ers ILB’s Larry Grant and Ahmad Brooks are Free-Agents and the Eagles are free to pursue them without have to trade anyone fyi…

  30. Don’t forget abou the Cowboys WR Laurent Robinson who had a great Season last year stepping in for both Austin/Bryant ..
    He had 54 Catches for 850 yards and a whopping 11 TD’s and didn’t even start playing until Week #3 of the Season
    He is 6-2 195lbs and is also a Free-Agent.. (Maybe he’s a 1 year Wonder, but you have to admist, he was the Cowboys most consistent Receiver for most of the year after disappointing seasons from Austin and Bryants still up and down focus issues..

  31. Here we go again…the stats say this, the numbers say that… Get out of here with that nonsense…matter fact get a life who has that kind of time. If we went by numbers or what this guy did in this or that system… A Welker would not have thrived in NE…he was a bum in Miami. d Jax fits this system whether you like it or not. shady is not the same if the safeties are up closer. Without the deep threat there is no run game… Whether djax gets the ball or not, he’s a decoy. Drafting a WR is not a home run, should I list the bums there. Now if we want to go back to the dink and dunk years, then trade him… If not shut it up and move on. BTW D Jax played not to get hurt last year and you know what I don’t blame him, and it absolutely effected his play… He deserved to get paid… These teams have no loyalty…companies have no loyalty. Raise your hand if you think Peyton will get 28 mill in March…


  33. chuckrob, well said, stat geeks have taken over sports, get a life is right

  34. Geeks have taken over the Nation.. They even their own feel of automobiles now (Black & White VW with “Geek Squad” logo and uniform)
    This Country in doomed… I give it about another 75 years..

  35. true paulman, years ago we didn’t have to argue sports with geeks like schiller, they were more interested in erector sets, now they are gms of football teams

  36. Good stuff ChuckRob

  37. ****Paulman Rumor Mill*****

    New Rams HC Jeff Fisher has indicated he is willing to trade the #2 Overall Pick since they have many needs and postions to upgrade…
    Paulman Proposes & Predicts a major Trade between both Teams
    Eagles Send the Rams WR D Jax (after signing the Franchise Tag and working out a long term deal with Rams, & OT W Justice and both the Eagles 2nd Round Picks (#45 & #47 Overall) to the Rams for # 2 Overall Pick in the 1st Round
    In another Trade, the Eagles also Trade CB A Samuel and one of their 4th Round Picks (#111th) to the Minnesota Vikings for their 2nd Round Pick (#35th Overall)
    In a a final Trade, the Eagles Trade DE D Tapp and one of their first 6th Round Pick to the Carolina Panthers for their 4th Rd Pick

    After these Trade the Eagles have the Following Draft Selections

    1st Rd (#2nd Overall from Rams) QB Robert Gibson III Baylor 6-2 220lbs
    1st Rd (#15th Overall) OLB/DE C Upshaw Bama 6-2 270lbs
    2nd Rd (#35th Overall from Vikings) DT B Thompson Clemson 6-3 310lbs
    3rd Rd (#79th Overall) WR Nick Toon Wisc 6-2 220lbs
    4th Rd (#101st from Bucs) MLB Audie Cole NC State 6-4 248lbs
    4th Rd (#105th Overall from Panthers) SS Harrison Smith ND 6-2 215lbs
    5th Rd (#143 Overall) OT Nate Potter Boise St 6-6 305lbs

    Eagles can use last 2 Picks in the 6th Round for FB,DL,CB Depth

  38. paul , IF the cardinals approached you, the gm of the eagles, and said larry fitzgerald is availible what and how many picks would you give up ?

  39. WR D-Jax (After a signed deal), CB Samuel and one of the Eagles 2nd Round Picks in 2012 Draft (47th Overall) for Fitz..
    If the Cardinals only wanted Draft Picks then I would give up the following 3 Selections 1st Rd (#15th) 2nd Rd (#47th) and a 4th Rd (#111th) and throw in OT Winston Justice since they can use OL help and to get WJ off Eagles books
    which would still leave the Eagles with a 2nd (#45th) 3rd (#79th) and 1 4th #101st)

  40. Paulman answer this question. What if the Eagles replace Jackson with Riley Cooper and a 3rd round WR pick? What if that happens? Do you or any other fan on this board get any of that savings? That is a possibility right? Nobody has said you will get V jackson or someone else have they? So there is a possibility that there will be a big, slow, unathletic white guy trying to get open next year for Vick. Wow, I guess we will have shown DJax we meant business then. lol

  41. Paulman stop posting teams to trade DJax to. Philly fans and all thier trophies and knowledge say he sucks. We are smarter than everyone else in the country. Why would any team trade for that trash DJax? He wont be in the league next year. He will never be a pro bowler, never 1000 yard reciever and never a game changer Philly fans say he sucks so why would any other team sign him? Thank goodness we have Riley Cooper, Chad Hall and Jason Avant to cover for him.That savings is great, I can pay off my house now.

  42. If D-Jax is Traded and leaves Via Free-Agency, I am ok with that,
    But I would go out and sign 2 Free-Agent WR’s (Robert Meachem (3year Deal) and Braylon Edwards to a 1 Year Deal). Remember the Eagles already signed Returman/WR Mardy Gilyard who can handle Punts,Kick-offs and come in for some reverses/end-around plays on Offense

    This could be the Eagles WR Corps for 2012
    Starting WR R Meachem and J Maclin
    3rd WR – J Avant
    Red-Zone 4th WR – Braylon Edwards
    5th WR Gilyard and a Draft Pick (who is a big-target to groom to replace B Edwards in 2013)

  43. Dag,
    I am not sold on Cooper being more that a 4th/5th WR at best in the NFL and if the Eagles pick up 1 Proven Free-Agent WR and Draft another WR which would have to happen if D-JAx moves on, then it’s no given that Copper even makes my squad for I don’t think he has much upside from what he has already shown us which has not been much in opnion. .

  44. PAULMAN – Your hate for desean is so pathetic, Just stick to being a panthers fan man. You of all people are the biggest flip flopper on here. You’re really just a gossip girl with no real useful insight into what’s best for the eagles. Your overt disdain for djax is pathetic.

  45. Rocko, easy big fella. Just because people on this site might not be big fans of Desean after last year, doesn’t make them any more or less of a fan than you. Just because you are so high on this current Eagles’ regime, doesn’t make you a fan. Express your opinion on Desean so we can all debate it. if you’re looking for a site where everyone agrees with you and sings cumbaya, then please find another site.

  46. I don’t hate Desean, I just don’t think he’s all that good and worth all the Drama ,
    He’s been as productive as most teams #3 WR’s are since the mid-2010 Season. Take the great Punt Return vs the Giants out and he’s done nothingreally on Special Teams over the last 2 Seasons either..

  47. For the record, I am not much of a Panther Fan (even though I live here in NC) but I have to admit, their Offense led by Cam Newton was pretty exciting to watch last Season and a far cry from the Jake Delhomme’s days, so I am happy for them and their fans so they can have an exciting Team to follow. .

  48. btc24 – first of all i ain’t that high on this current regime, I don’t know where you got that from. 2nd, if after one down year you’re ready to ditch your playmaker, then like I said before and I’ll say it again: you’re a terrible fan if you do that, and you’re just as pathetic as this front office. again IMO, we keep Djax to open things up for everyone else and keep this Offense running smoothly. By the way btc24, let me ask you this since you and your ridiculous semantics decided to add your 2 cents in would you want to keep desean here or trade him away? yes or no without the wishy washyness? Yes or no; then state your reason.

  49. Ok then Paulman, I feel you on the panthers bc I like Cam as well, but where did you get this Desean and all his “drama” from. Because a man wants his just do for his playmaking skills, now it has to be drama? come on and get the hell outta here with those dress up phrases to exclude a person into a type of category of misbehavior; that’s BS and you know it man. The only reason He played like he did last year was to avoid any injury or damage because Lurie wasn’t taking care of him like he said he would, and he didn’t want to risk injuring himself. people from the news media dresses up people into a category through ther use of their language and through your “Drama” language, you make it seem like desean is some troublemaker or is disruptive to the lockeroom or something. Just cut that crap out man that’s pathetic.

  50. Rocko, not sure you used the word semantics right. But to answer your question, I’ve stated that the decision on Desean is a tricky one if they franchise him, which is what most experts seem to think will happen. I worry he will continue to play scared with the tag because he doesn’t have a long term deal. I recognize what he does for this offense and people like Maclin and McCoy but DJax isn’t worth the kind of money he wants. I want him here in Philly and would even be willing to slightly overpay for him but I think DJax thinks he’s worth a lot more than he is. So the price needs to be right and apparently the Eagles and Desean are not close on a deal.

  51. I view D-Jax as a #3 WR.. and should only play about 35-40 Snaps a game, I would get the ball into his hands 8-10 times a game with a couple of deep routes,some bubble routes and run a reverse/end-around play or 2 a game..
    but I do not and have never thought that he’s an everydown WR sinec he doesn’t blcok well, won’t catch anything over the middle and is non-existent once in the Red-Zone.. As a #3 WR, catching 50 Balls a Season with a few TD’s and big Plays would be great and I think he would be fresher and give it 100% in a reduced role and believe he would put similar type of #’s up and probably extend his career by 2-3 Seasons if he was uitilized like this.. and I keep hearing this garbage that he opens everything else up with him on the field, if this is so true, than why hasn’t the Eagles Offense been unstoppable the last 3 seasons while hes’s been an Eagle since he’s such a threat and opens everything up for everyone else..

  52. To Rocko,
    Since the 2nd half of 2010 Season, D-Jax has not been very productive
    Over his last 25 games dating back to November of 2010 he has 88 Catches for
    approx 1500yards which averages about 3.5 Catches per Game for 60 YArds which is pretty pedestrian if you ask me.. Once teams began playing physical and start hitting him around some, he’s loses his focus and plays scared and you jsut can’t play that way in the NFL.. Like one of th eother Posters noted, it was just least Season with his COntract status, it’s really been since his concussion and that big hit he received in that Falcon game versus the Falcons CB Dunta Runbinson, he’s ben playing scared ever since in my opinion..

  53. Listen guys…..DJax a 2 time pro bowler as a #1 receiver and the first player in NFL history to go to the pro bowl for 2 different positions in one year is really a number 3 receiver.


    He’s really a #3 behind Maclin & Avant who haven’t come close to djax credentials.

    Only in Philadelphia..we’re so use to being pathetic users we’ve now relegated ourselves to the mindset of our loser Philadelphia Eagle’s

    nothing to see here guys…..Go Back to the “GREEN VOMIT”


  54. If any of you own a #10 jersey be prepared for that number to be given to the scout team QB.

    The Eagles may not get a Superbowl but will win their annual piss off our pro bowl players come contract time reward Lurie covets so well.


  55. I didn’t say he’s a #3 WR behind Maclin and Avant Songs because the Eagles don’t have a true #1 WR like I’ve said for 5 years now..
    Look at D-Jax #’s sinec mid 2010 Season(25 Games) and they are as productive as a #3 WR on many teams averaging 3.5 Catches a Game for 60 Yards woopy doo… Your living in the past with D-Jax, Songs.. He is not the same player he was back in his 1st 2 Seasons and he will continue his decline because of his fear of getting hurt.. I can’t say that I blame him being as small as he is.. But I am not Paying WR $$$ to a 3.5 Catch/ 60 Yard Per Game Average WR.. I can have Chad Hall or Riley Cooper or a 100 other WR’s give me that productiosn.. The Eagles made a big mistake with giving QB Vick a long-term big money after 5 great games in mid 2010 and twhat has he done since… Vick getting Elite $$$ for average production, Asmo Getting Elite $$$ for average productions, SAmuel getting Elite $$$ for average Production… amd now D-Jax wants Elite $$$ for average Production,, I keep saying this Team is Average and I am not too far off, the only difference now, is that the Eagles are now overpaying for medicority where before, they were a little smarter with their $$$$ since GM Roseman doesn’t know what he’s doing and Coach AR is much further behind as far as building a Roster.. So keep throwing big $$$ at your “Star Players” and see what happens.. Football is not Basketabll where 1 or 2 Stars can carry a 10-12 man Team to glory.. Doesn’t work that way in Football ..

  56. btc 24 – one of the definitions of semantics is: language used to achieve a desired effect on an audience especially through the use of words with novel or dual meanings – that, my friend is what you were using in your comments towards me (see, you learned something new today!). I can agree with most of your answer, but what I have a problem with, is that you seem to know how much Djax is asking for or what he’s worth; where do you get off assessing what he’s worth as compared to what the F O wants to pay him? For all we know, whatever price he’s asking is what we all might think he’s worth, and with all the money that was flying around this past season, 2 positions in the pro bowl and miracle at the Meadowlands 2, he might be worth more than what they’re offering him. But Who are we to say that he isn’t worth that much?

    We gave a crappy QB named KOLB that big money for nothing while Djax sat around and saw that. Where is he now? In some oxygen chamber on his last leg about to be dumped by the cards while limping around at home. Desean has been one of the most productive players since we hired him and now everyone is ready to start at ground zero for the next 5 years, then start screaming “why don’t we have any good receivers?” boo hoo hoo wah wah wah no receivers sob sob…I think I’ll steal a quote from Songsrme2 (if he doesn’t mind) and will kindly agree that “only in Philadelphia… we’re so used to being pathetic losers we’ve now relegated ourselves to the mindset of our loser Philadelphia Eagle’s Brass”.

    We never take of our playmakers because we’re always trying to out do the intelligence of the player and his agent. Why is it that no player ever leaves philadelphia on a good note? Why is it that if a player is a free agent here, the F o always tries to make it look like they did everything they could but the player was either not in their ballpark, had issues with the team/ F O, or he wasn’t worth what they thought he was etc. Whatever the case… KEEP ON DRINKING THE GREEN STUFF! CHEERS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Songs, answer this question like you make other do – even though you usually run away like a coward when I ask you questions directly….

    Would you sign Djax to the money he wants if it means not being able to resign Mcoy and add a major upgrade at LB in free agency?

  58. Rocko – Westbrook. What about Donovan – they gave him 100mil? Taking a player seriously, and doing something supid that hurts the team in the long run is a different thing.

  59. well shill what do u do ? hes not a #1 , and probably not worth the money ! but you got to admit the offense is a hell of a lot better with him in there !

  60. nev – I don’t know the numbers. I don’t know what he’s asking for, what they have, what they have to spend to keep Maclin, McCoy, resign Mathis, etc… there’s too much unknown from where I’m sitting.

    But if Djax refuses to take something reasonsable that would allow him to stay with the team and the team to keep doing what it needs to, I’d let him walk.

    You know two teams that don’t have a lot of ‘play makers’ – I’ll give you a hint, they’re playing a game tomorrow

  61. the offense is a hell of a lot better with him out there. It’s also a lot better when the OL plays well, the WRs hold onto the ball, and Vick doesn’t make stupid turnovers.

    I don’t think that letting Djax walk will necessarily mean bad things for the O. They can draft a WR. They can sign a WR. Djax is not our entire O.

  62. Good Points Schiller
    Big Name WR’s receive a lot of attention and large contracts but looking at recent history, have they really been the difference of Winning Championships for Teams.. I hear how Great WR’s like D-Jax, Andre Johnson, V-Jax, D Bowe, Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall,Megatron, A Boldin, Randy Moss and TO when they played.. Well what have these guys won, hell ,half of them never been on Teams that made the Playoffs
    You look at recent Winners of the Super Bowl and the Winners had Offenses that spread the ball out to 3-4 WR’s & TE’s ..
    Packers last year had Jennings,Nelson,Driver and Jones..
    Saints before that had Colston,Meachem,Henderson,Moore TE Shockey.
    Colts had Wayne,Harrison,Stokely,Gonzales & TE Clark.
    Steelers had Hines Ward,Mike Wallace,Santonio Holmes,
    This Years winner have some very good receiving corps
    Giants have Nicks,Cruz,Manningham,Hixon,Barsden and emrging TE Ballard
    Patriots use their TE ‘s Gronkowski,& Hernandez along with reliable Welker & Branch and their RB’s out of the backfield..
    The bottom line, is to have multiple weapons to create mis-matches and if the Eagles ,by signing D-Jax to a big contract, have to limit their resources by keeping or retaining other weapons (McCoy/Maclin) or another Free-Agent weapon for the Future, then it is not a good move for the team long-term..
    and the last thing is, that if D-Jax was so great and integral part of the Eagles Offense come Playoff Time, he has come up very small with 16 Catches and 1 TD in 5 Playoff Games… What’s so great and elite about his production in bog games..

  63. who cares about the super bowl the giants should win bc they can throw the ball and the pats D sucks but anyway plus coach GOD BB hasnt won since spy gate but like i was aying WE WANT MARIO WE WANT MARIO WE WANT MARIO WE WANT MARIO

  64. Schill, my answer? I would take care of DJax first…a 2 time pro bowler…MCCoy benefits from Safties playing 20 yards off in fear of Djax getting behind him. The way MCCoy dance if the safeties were closer to the line he would have many runs for losses.

    so come on.

    McCoy said himself that he hope the Eagles would never treat him like Djax was being treated. And best believe they’ll haggle with Mccoy before paying him top 3 running back money. That’s garbage claiming one can not get signed if the other is paid…You all said that concerning Asmo. There’s cap friendly creative ways of giving players their worth. Signing bonuses, Roster Bonuses, ect. So come on with the garbage. Pay DJax like the 2 time pro bowler he is and send a message to McCoy that high performance and pro bowl play gets rewarded.


  66. P-man, the Giants and pats are in the SB because they have intelligent coaches who adjust their game plans and play their players accordingly. They have a balanced attack all around and don’t waste the talents of their players. If coughlin or BB coached this team, we would have been playing and won tomorrow as well.

  67. D-Jax did not make Pro-Bowl in 2011, and only made it in 2010 by his name only and didn’t desrve it.. I will continue to call them as I see them
    In 2009, he deserved it no doubt..
    I offer D-Jax a 3 Year Deal for $20 Million Total
    $4.5, $5 then $5.5 Salary over 3 Seasons totaling $15 Million
    $3 Million Signing Bonus for 2012, $1 Million Roster Bonus for 2013 and $1 Million Roster Bonus in 2014. If he and Rosenstain reject it, then I buy him a one-way ticket to San Francisco and let the 49ers or whoever else go sign him. I do not Franchise him, I move on and plan accordingly ..

  68. Question..

    Who is the better coach? Tom Coughlin or Andy Reid?

  69. good plan Paulman…. A winning organization like the 49ers would actually know what to do with a 2 time pro bowler.

    Paulman it’s a wonderful thing.

    I say the whole Philadelphia Eagles roster need to be loaded with the Reno Mahe’s and the Chad Hall’s of the world.

    With enough 5th rounders to undrafted bottom feeders , we Eagles fans will be in Salary Cap heaven.

    Dawk didn’t deserve what Denver paid him neither do DJax deserve to be paid like a 2 time pro bowler.

    If Mccoy don’t accept the Eagles first offer look for the Eagles to do the same to him. what you think Lewis was drafted for?

    They use Lewis as leverage like they did when drafting that running back when Brian westbrook was asking for his worth.

    Anyway …go back to your “green vomit”..

    i’m preparing a SB party so we can enjoy teams who are interested in winning championships.


  70. Does anyone actually believe DJax catches 50 balls a year because he doesnt get open? lol lol What a f&^ing joke. I watch Victor Cruz run 10 yards and turn around 50 times a game and be wide open. They f^&ing run DJax 40 yards down field 25 times a game to “open” things up. He has 50 catches a year by design. Thats the dumb ass coaching staff running him off play after play. If anyone doesnt think Djax cant run 5-10 yards in and out every play and not be open is ridiculous. How can anyone on earth cover that little fast 4.2 forty guy in space? Only the coaching staff and the ridiculous 40 yard routes every play can.

  71. Daggolden. How exactly would a 5’10” Qb throw a quick in, or slant, or hook to a 5’7″ wr through (or over?) a bunch of 6’7″ lineman?

    Gotta run him 15-20 yrds downfield. Only way Vick can see the guy.

  72. First step is to put dunlap over his fav throwing lane.

  73. To Dag,
    Recent signee Mardy Gilyard can do the same thing then (run 40 yard routes)
    at a lot less $$$.. D_Jax is a GONER…..
    To Songs..
    Coughlin and Belichek are better Coaches than AR on their bad days..
    So is Sean Payton, the Harbaugh Brothers, Mike Tomlin, Mike McCarthy,Lovie Smith, Pete Caroll, John Fox, Gary Kubiak and probably a few more…

  74. To Songs – Coughlin buddy, and prolly half the other coaches out there; especially the ones P-Man listed.

  75. I love Coughlin. He’s old school, and seems to have a solid respect for the game. He just does things the right way (IMO)

    I would agree with some of your list Paulman…Peyton, Tomlin, McCarthy,..
    …..maybe Smith (though I think he’d have one 5 games this decade without Hester)…but you’re stretching things a lot with Caroll, Fox, Kubiak,..(do any of those guys even have a .500 record as a HC?).nor am I sold on the Harbaughs…the “rah rah” business wears out quick in the nfl.

  76. on the question of how good of a coach andy reid really is, consider that in the 80s, 7 of ten champions came from the nfc east, this was the buddy ryan era and buddy had some good teams, how do you think reid would have done with this competition in the division, and when reid made his hay the nfc was pretty weak, so stop with all this garbage of how great a coach andy reid is, in the playoffs against the best teams his record stinks

  77. Coach AR has had a lot more talent to work with than Carroll,Fox ever had on their Teams nad these Coaches in my opinion maximize the Talent they have, and run the sidelines,closck managment and are just better prepared week in and week out in my opinion on Coach AR, They don’t have as good as records because their teams lack the big-play makers that the Eagles have had recently.. Buyt Fox did a magnificent job with th Broncos this Season with Tebow at QB and Seahawks are a QB away and healthy OL to be a legitimate Playoff Team …

  78. This fan base is castrated, no zip, mojo, years past there would anger about giants in super bowl, almost apathy now, some even rooting for giants as if that would change ownership’s direction, how could coughlin be on hot seat this season while reid is back, rhetorical question the answer to which we all know

  79. Jakedog -good stuff buddy, I agree. Vinnie, lovie is a much better coach than reid, he just doesn’t have the best players for his scheme he wants to implement. If lovie came here, we’d have a lombardi already. Reid stinks.

  80. that arizona game was the deadest i ever seen the linc !

  81. Amen Rocko. Glad we agree on something.

  82. Difference between Lovie SMith and COach AR in simplest terms

    2 Years Ago, Final game of the Season at Home vs Division Riveals, the HAted Cowboys, Coach AR sits out many of he Starters (we lose to our Rivals and shrug it off as a meaningless game with an eye towards the Packers the following week in the Wild Card Round of the Playoffs)
    The same final week of the Season, the Bears are playing their hated rival the Packers and the Bears already had the #2 Seed locked up and nothing to really play for standing or seeding wise, but Coach Lovie Smith wants to beat this rival the Packers and not lose to Divisional foe)
    Wildcard Weekend, the EAgles lose the Packers meanwhilethe Bears make it to the NFC Championship game and lose a close game to the Packers..

    The point is, you play your best players every week in order to win every game you play, if nothing else, play your starters for the Fans sake who pay top $$$ to go to the games .. Every time I see a Coach sit out players to rest them, it comes back to mess up the rhythm of the team and they end up losing.. PLay your stars and try to win the game, you get a niec lead, then bring in some of your back-ups, but I never want to see the Eagles play and especially their Divisional Rivals will a back-up team..

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