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Takeru Kobayshi Shatters Wing Bowl Record By Eating 337 Wings

94 WIP’s Wing Bowl XX took place this morning and the world’s greatest eater Takeru Kobayashi set an astonishing new record by eating 337 wings to win the contest going away.  After the event Kobayashi told through his interpreter, “I could probably eat another 100 wings or so.  Not really fast, I’d have to take my time. But if you brought me 100 more I could eat them.”

Jonathan “Super” Squibb finished in second with 271 wings. Bill “El Wingador” Simmons came in third place with 251 wings, and a woman challenger, Chilita came in fourth place by downing 238 wings.

Kobayashi won $20,000 from Stephen Singer Jewelers for the victory and “Super” Squibb won a Chevy Camaro from Frederick’s on the Boulevard dealership. on Facebook

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5 Comments for “Takeru Kobayshi Shatters Wing Bowl Record By Eating 337 Wings”

  1. THAT’S NOTHING! Reid can eat that, then some & Kobayashi too!

  2. Reid in next year’s wing bowl under the name fat bastard. After destroying Kobayshi’s record by eating 400 wings, Reid, in the press conference after the competition looks at the dejected Kobayashi grunts, clears his throat and says”get in my belly”, Kobayashi terrified, retires from competitive eating

  3. Coach AR in Press Conference ” I Would like to congratualte Kobayshi for a hard fought, competitive Contest in a East-West Wing Eating Contest,
    now they were some good Wings right there”…

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! TOO FUNNY!!! I’M DEAD SEXY, YOU ARE CRAP! Reid eating chicken wings in bed. EWWW! LMFBO!! Fat Bastard! Best, most funniest, movie character, ever!!!

  5. The 2nd place guy got a better prize than the champ….

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