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Keeping DeSean Jackson Isn’t About The WR, It’s About The QB

The Eagles could make a decision on future of DeSean Jackson this week.  The debate continues on whether the Eagles should hang onto Jackson, by franchising him or signing him to an extension.

NFL commentators are focusing on the numbers or lack of big numbers which Jackson put up in the last couple of years, but I don’t think Jackson should be the focus.

The reason I believe the Birds can and will hang onto Jackson is because of his important to quarterback Michael Vick.  The Eagles future is tied to Vick especially in the 2012 season.  If Vick flourishes the Eagles have the chance to do something special in 2012. If he struggles, the season could and will likely be a disaster.

Does it make sense for the Eagles to change the receivers Vick will be throwing the ball to this season, especially his number one receiver?  Jackson always draws double coverage and that makes things easier for Vick.

If you want the quarterback to improve his recognition of blitzes and coverages, does make sense to have him throwing the ball into smaller windows because they don’t have the deep threat any more?

If Vick struggles to read coverages with Jackson on the field and forcing secondaries to double team him, how will Vick read the coverages when they don’t have to worry about getting beaten deep.  If the safeties have the freedom of moving up closer to the line of scrimmage and shrinking the area Vick has to throw the intermediate routes, will he be just as accurate.

Do we want Vick getting to know his number one receiver this year?  Will he get better without Jackson around?

Does it make sense to lessen the speed of the wide receivers for Vick even though he throws the deep ball very well?

I don’t think resigning Jackson is about the wide receiver, I think it’s about the quarterback. on Facebook

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30 Comments for “Keeping DeSean Jackson Isn’t About The WR, It’s About The QB”

  1. Smaller Windws occue when you have 5-10 Tall WR’s..
    and the fact that D-Jax he doesn’t go across the middle actually gives opposing Defenses less of the field to have to worry about and since he is virtually non-exisitent within the Red-Zone, I don’t see what big difference he makes to Vicks overall Production or Statistics at all.. Give Vick some bigger tragers, run the ball more where play-action could actually work, and limit Vicks pass atempts to about 25 passes a game is the only way he will lead them to a deep/serious Super Bowl run with or without D-Jax…. WR’s are a dime a dozen.. Look at how far the 49ers,Ravens and even the Pats went this Season with average at best WR corps.. These Team’s utilize their TE’s, the RB & FB’s out of the backfield and also the slot area quite a bit which the Eagles cannot do since both D-Jax/Maclin are afraid of contact and that’s the real reason thisd Eagle Passing attack doesn’t scare anyone, Coverthe deep middle and deep sideline routes and the Eagles Passing attack comes to a halt.. …

  2. Give me D. Bowe over Djax any day of the week. What do u think they won’t double Bowe. Pay Bowe He is bigger and much stronger then any WR they have and would be great here. I like him the best out of the rest of the WR and i think he will be the cheapest out of the top free agent WR. Iook at what he did on a terrible team with no QB put him in this offense and he will tear up the league.

  3. G- i agree. Thats what ive been saying since the end of the season. but i will take it one further…..

    Gsaid- “I don’t think resigning Jackson is about the wide receiver, I think it’s about the quarterback”.

    i dont think its about the WR or the QB- its a bout the HC. Andy wants to be the packers. He’s wanted this all along. And there is NO way we do that without weapons ALL OVER THE FIELD. Fast fast weapons.

  4. The more I think about it, the more I want Vincent Jackson. The guy is a monster at 6′ 5″ 230 lbs. I’ve watched him play and I definitely think he is a deep threat guy. A lot of people on this site talk about Desean being a deep threat and how it opens up things for McCoy but I think Vincent Jackson can do that as well but also can do two things Desean absolutely can’t do; go across the middle and be a legitimate threat in the red zone. Vincent Jackson is 29 which really isn’t that old these days for a WR. I’d sign him to a 4 year deal and would pay top dollar for him. As much as we talk about this defense, I agree with G that the success of this upcoming season ultimately rests on Michael Vick’s shoulders. Give him a big, deep threat target like Vincent Jackson. I think he’s just what the doctor ordered.


  6. Paulman, D-Jax on the field automatically means safteys are playing ten yards farther back, doesnt matter if he goes across the middle or not, that difference alone sets up everything else for them especially their running game, anybody trying to deny the importance of D-Jaxs presence on the field doesnt have a clue.

  7. Andrew p, I don’t think you can deny his importance but I think a lot of people are overstating it.

  8. and what has it won Andrew P.. that’s right, nothing in the 4 Years he’s been in Philly.. The Eagles have no problem moving the ball between the 20’s, it’s in the Red-Zone where they suck, what does D-Jax do to contribute “space” and opportunities for other players… You guys act like the D-Jax is the only fast WR in the NFL…

  9. Well said Paulman as much as i hate to agree with u but u are right. Sign Bowe and watch a real #1 WR play. He is still young and i think the best free agent WR available

  10. It is about him, when he quits on his route running, alligator arms balls, drops TD passes, & disappears for games at a time. I’m getting sick & tired of everyone, talking as though this dude is irreplaceable. He hasn’t did nothing since 3 seasons ago. He is 160 lbs soaking wet, small, fragile, one trick pony. HE IS NOT A #1 WR! HE IS NOT A TOP WR! AND HE IS NOT WORTH THE FRANCHISE TAG, NOR A LONG TERM CONTRACT! In 2-3 years, he will be injured & a non-factor. This year FA & Draft class, are loaded with plenty of receivers, who can replace him. If anyone wants to give 9.5M to a glorified decoy, who is afraid to take a hit, whose production has declined each of the last 2 years, & is giant pain in the @$$, is out of their minds. I agree that Vick sucked for the last year & a half, had too many TO’s, but he didn’t drop all of those passes & TD’s that his receiving core did. After this year, the entire team, FO & roster need to be blown up. From Rosebuds down to the waterboy. They aren’t going to win this year anyways, do to the Reid effect. Simply put, he is not worth the time nor day. Did anyone else watch him quit on his team this year, or am I the only one with eyes & a brain that watched all of their games.

  11. Dcar- i see it too but i dont want to see what we look like without him UNLESS we get a WR first.

  12. Teams and Defenses have adjusted to him as they do any players who has made big plays.. Teams that know the Eagles hit him around,beat him up and teams that are less familiar, play their Safeties back 20 yards taking away the deep ball in whch he becomes less of a factor

  13. Trufan, I agree 100%. I’ve been saying for months now, that Bowe would be great here. He is big, strong & is fast for his size. VJax is even bigger & stronger, & both are at the tops in YAC every year, & great red-zone targets.

  14. Stevo, glad someone else did. Don’t fret, the draft is at least 7-10 deep, & FA is loaded also. Many teams will not franchise the WR’s, do to the new CBA rules, that will their team an arm & a leg like VJax & Colston. Also did anyone know who Wallace, Brown, Welker, Cruz & Steve Johnson were before they played & were given a chace? Point being there are plenty of WR’s, who can replace him. It’s exhausting & nauseating, of all of the man-love for this knuckle head.

  15. He gets re-signed and extended. Noway they make Vicks job harder by getting rid of his deep threat. So stop wasting your typing time and breath on this,cause he’s an Eagle next year. There red-zone efficiency went up once they started running the rock.

    The replacing him and his production can happen…but it will be to much of an adjustment period. Dont tell me its not gonna take 4-5 games to adjust to a new wide on that side? It’s not Randy Moss and Brady.

    Worry abou the defense and get 7’s ball security better. 10 deserves a new deal and will get one.

  16. Cheifs arent letting Bowe go anywhere.Its him and Brandon Carr and there not letting Cassels best weapon leave.

    Vince Jackson is a scumbag…hes a dui away from suspension and jail.

    It’s funny none of you dudes were saying get rid of 10 after he tore the Giants heart out and the other countless plays hes made since hes been here. Ok,he didnt give us a ton of those this year.But you think thats gone and we wont get that if he comes back?

  17. Dwayne Bowe would be a freakin nightmare…you think DeSean Jackson is immature? On top of dealing with T.O. #2 the team would be giving up a significant amount of speed. The Eagles shouldn’t rid of DJax, but they should get rid of Maclin in a draft day trade if it means they can sign VIncent Jackson.

  18. Rumor MIll

    New England Pats offer their 2nd Selection in the 1st Round (#31 Overall)
    for WR D-Jax & DT Darryl Tapp…

    Eagles now have the #15,#31,#47 & #51st Picks in the 1st 2 Rounds

    1st (#15) – DT Fletcher Cox — Miss State 6-4 300 lbs
    1st (#31) – MLB Donta Hightower — Alabama 6-4 260lbs
    2nd (#47) – OLB Billy Wagner — Utah State 6-1 244lbs
    2nd (#51) – DE Chandler Jones — Syracuse 6-5 265 lbs
    3rd (#79) – RB Bernard Pierce — Temple 6-0 220lbs
    4th (#101) – WR Tommy Streeter — Miami 6-4 215 lbs
    4th (#116) – G/C Mike Brewster — Ohio State 6-4 320lbs
    5th (#143) – TE Mike Egnew — Missouri 6-5 255lbs

    use 6th Rounds for FB,CB and DL Depth

  19. Nice view points brothers, lets not get rid of DJax so fast. One trick you say, well now that one trick is truely one damn good trick and commands a certain degree of respect, kinda like that slow moving hook of George Foreman it is going to miss a lot but when it does get you its got you.

    The idea of DJax coming to the Eagles was to be Andy’s supreme KR/PT man, and a volitale deep threat option coming from the 3rd/4th WR spot, but what happened? he did what he was brought in to do earlier than anyone thought and us fans crowned him as a #1 WR, so don’t whine about his status now its our fault.

    Lets use DJax strengths which are KR/PR; WR rotation with lets exsposure and wear. Then lets get a another WR to fill that rotation (Say like Burress, Mechem).

    The Eagles work best when they don’t have a concious and elected #1 Receiver (other than the TO year). Spread the ball around to your talent, let DJax take the defense and back em up, let Mac drag em to the sides, let Avant drag em to the middle; let cooper/Burress someone tall make jump, let McCoy keep em looking and draw em too close to cover the WR’s, let Vick keep em guessing and stalled that one second.

    We need one more talented WR to complete this group, or we need to Cooper to make that leap. Cooper? I hear ya fellas, give the kid a break he has a roll and he is coming around nicely as I see it…you guys are day dreamers and you set yourself its you own fault. Every player on the roster has to be a stud, pro bowl HOF or he is a bust, get over yourselfs Eagles Fans and and get real and be fair.

    Stop your Madden Footbal Dreaming…. I want some quality stars, then I want the rest of my team to be solid fundemental players with heart that will make me a play a few times each game….I think the cooper has done that a this season, give him a break and don’t try to rasie his boat above the water.

    As Paul said WR’s are a dime a dozen so lets get us a good WR and run our WR core with three solid #1C’s or three high dueces.

  20. Just like those pesky Packers. Paul says no one fears our WR core or our offense…..Ha Haaaaa please brother-P, stop fooling around man. When we are clicking there is only two other offenses that is as overall impossing as our, that would be the Packers and the Saints.

    Given proper play calling our talent base on offense will always cause the opposing D-Cord to spend most of his game planning time on the crapper!

  21. On a lighter note, hey Paul I need a smack talker like you to fill a spot in my 20 team keeper/Dynasty Fantasy league I might have a spot opening. This is our third season coming up. The smack talk was brutal last season, I have six guys like you, but one more is always a good thing. Think on it brother!LOL yeah I know its early whatever.

  22. the thing is if buress already wants to play here we might as well sign jackson and moss or burress .. i like vincent jackson and bowe.. but we can get 2 guys. unless bowe or vincent jackson want less money then desean.. i think theyll franchise desean let him get a taste of that 9 million…

  23. Ranking the 2012 Free Agents: Wide Receivers
    February 16th, 2012 | Author: Gordon McGuinness

    The real gem of this year’s Free Agency class is the Wide Receivers. Featuring our highest-graded WR’s from 2009 and 2010 to go along with a player who has been in the Top 5 two of the last three years, it’s easy to see why this group will generate some excitement as we approach the FA period.

    Not all of these players will be allowed to hit the open market with the franchise tag likely for some and a restricted free agent tender for another. This doesn’t mean that other teams won’t take a long look at them to judge if they are worth the compensation.

    From big play threats, to slot superstars, to solid veterans, this free agent class has it all. So, with that in mind, here are our Top 10 Free Agent Wide Receivers:

    1) Wes Welker, New England Patriots

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 31

    2011 Grade: +21.3

    Key Stat: His 1,203 yards receiving from the slot trailed only Victor Cruz (by 5 yards) among 2011 WRs.

    Behind the numbers: After the knee injury suffered at the end of the 2009 season, it was impressive just to see Welker back on the field in time for the start of 2010. It wasn’t his best year and despite catching 73.2% of his passes, he had just 905 receiving yards. Fast forward a year and you can’t help but marvel at what he accomplished. Welker finished the 2011 season with 1,737 yards including the playoffs and it’s not difficult to see why he’s our top free agent WR.

    2) Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 26

    2011 Grade: +8.2

    Key Stat: 478 of his receiving yards came on passes of 20 yards or more.

    Behind the numbers: Despite being a restricted free agent, Wallace deserves to draw interest from other teams after an impressive initial three years in the league. In 2009 and 2010, he proved himself to be one of the best deep threats around. In 2011, though, he showed himself to be more than just that and has emerged as a true No. 1. On 113 targets this season, Wallace dropped just four passes.

    3) Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 29

    2011 Grade: +5.0

    Key Stat: Averaged 18.4 yards per catch, fifth in the league for WRs who played at least 50% of their teams snaps.

    Behind the numbers: After playing in just five games in the 2010 season after a holdout, Jackson showed his top-flight ability once again in 2011. It’s worth noting that he was our highest-rated WR in 2009 and you can expect him to draw a lot of attention from a team looking for a big-play threat.

    4) Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 27

    2011 Grade: +10.5

    Key Stat: Caught 62.3% of the passes thrown his way this season, his highest total since PFF began.

    Behind the numbers: Despite his touchdown receptions dropping from 15 to five, Bowe had an impressive 2011. Catching a pass of 20 yards or more in 12 of 16 games this year, he showed that he can stretch the field and, in the right situation, could put up big numbers again in 2012.

    5) Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 29

    2011 Grade: +21.2

    Key Stat: Ranked second among all WRs in our Drop Rate Signature Stat with a drop rate of 2.44.

    Behind the numbers: Colston finished the 2011 season strong, registering at least 81 receiving yards per game from Week 14 through the Divisional Round playoff loss to San Francisco. Averaging 3.2 yards after the catch, he’s unlikely to catch a pass and race 50 yards down field. However, his success from the slot and his safe hands in 2011 will keep teams interested.

    6) Brandon Lloyd, St Louis Rams

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 31

    2011 Grade: +5.8

    Key Stat: With a grade of +24.1, he was our top WR in 2010.

    Behind the numbers: While his 2011 was nowhere near as prolific as 2010, Lloyd still managed 966 yards receiving despite a mid-season trade from Denver to St Louis. He had two of the best catches we saw all year and in a crowded free agent class, could prove to be a real bargain for somebody.

    7) Stevie Johnson, Buffalo Bills

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 26

    2011 Grade: +6.0

    Key Stat: Lowered his dropped passes from 13 in 2010 to just 5 in 2011.

    Behind the numbers: After just 10 yards receiving in 2009, Johnson made a name for himself with over 1,000 yards in both 2010 and 2011. For all the plays he did make, however, his season will likely be remembered for both a costly drop and penalty in the season finale against the New England Patriots.

    8) DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 25

    2011 Grade: -2.1

    Key Stat: Had nine drops on just 95 targets in 2011.

    Behind the numbers: Consistency is the biggest concern with Jackson, with 35 drops over the last four seasons. That will scare some teams away, however, his big play ability coupled with his success in the past as a punt returner will ensure he gets plenty of attention this offseason.

    9) Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 33

    2011 Grade: +7.1

    Key Stat: Tallied fewer than 1,000 receiving yards for the first time since 2003.

    Behind the numbers: Wayne admitted that he found the 2011 season frustrating and it’s not hard to see why. He saw his targets drop from 172 and 173 in 2009 and 2010 respectively, to just 121 this season. While he saw his stats diminish, he dropped just two passes all season. Doesn’t have age on his side like Wallace, and didn’t have Welker’s productivity, but Wayne’s career body of work will make sure he garners interest this FA period.

    10) Robert Meachem, New Orleans Saints

    Age as of September 1st, 2012: 27

    2011 Grade: +4.2

    Key Stat: Averaged a touchdown every 10 receptions in the regular season.

    Behind the numbers: You know exactly what you’re getting with Meachem, he had 47 catches in both 2010 and 2011 and 49 in 2009. He’s not likely to be a No. 1 receiver, but his consistency–he has just 11 drops over the last four seasons–mean he’s a perfect fit as a No. 3 on most teams in the league.

  24. the grass is always greener for Eagles fans…Bowe and VJax might both be bigger divas than Desean…Bowe was suspended in 09 for taking a diuretic used to mask steroid use, and VJax held out 10 games in’10 because he wouldn’t play for one year at $3.2 million…Vjax also has a DUI to his name…if either one of these guys slips up again, they would get lengthy suspensions…and, by the way, neither of them have won anything either…Desean’s no angel, but the Eagles could have avoided his subpar attitude last year if they gave him what he has earned…instead, the backed up the Brinks truck for every other warm body they could find…cleary, Desean let his state of mind rattle him last year, but he’s still one of the best football players on this team, and should have been treated as such

  25. Keeping this WR is about his talent. Every player is allowed a down season now and again. DJax has proven his worth in his first three years in the league as a WR and a PR. I think the problem is most people are evaluating him as a pure WR and not a Football player. He’s not a possession receiver so I will not expect him to be one. He’s not a red zone receiver so I won’t expect him to be one, but his potentially the best deep threat in the league and a top PR man as well. This is why I support him getting a pay raise but not the likes of a #1 WR. I honestly believe this team needs a legit big bodied possession WR like Plaxico Burris or Vincent Jackson (see Calvin Johnson for these type of WR’s control a game). AR is going to be a pass first/pass more guy regardless so it makes sense to increase the dynamic of this offense’s receiving corp. With the emergence of Celek, this offense would have the ability to control the middle with two options as well as go deep with two options. Celek and and a bonefided big bodied WR also translate into bigger red zone targets. Couple that with a RB that can hit a HR on any run and a QB that can break the pocket and easily extend plays and you have an extremely potent offense. If we let go of this very speedy 25yr old dual threat some one will definitely pick him up, pay him, and win with him. I’m never a fan of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  26. hey paulman is ur rumor mill coming from anywhere or is that all in your head cause to be honest thats not a bad deal at all cause the eagles can dump tapps money along with d-jack it sounds good but is it a real rumor

  27. It a “Paulman Rumor” Gloomy which means it likely won’t happen, but the Patriots have 2 Picks each again in the first 3 Rounds and Belechek/Brady know they need a legitimate Deep Threat and they also need a Quailty DE to help their Rush the Passer and the Pats & Eagles do have a history of trading with each other frequently.. Tapp would have to rework his deal but it’s not like he has a lot of choices for he will have to anywhere he goes or even if he remains as Eagle or he will likely be cut as an Eagle…

  28. Vick’s #1 receiver is Jeremy Maclin. I’m not just talking about stats…..I’m talking about targets……so this whole article is off base.

  29. Paulman, The job inside the redzone was suppose to be your boy Riley Coopers job, what happen to him this past season? If D-Jax isnt getting them in the end zone hes getting them in the red zone, thats where the big boys (Cooper, Celek, ect) are suppose to take over, V-Jax or Bowe or any of those guys arent gonna streach the field or have the safteys drop back like D-Jax does, you keep D-Jax, go get a Burress, he’ll take the same money Steve Smith stole from us last year n your deep threat n red zone issues are over.

  30. I am not and never have been sold on WR Coope’s abilibty, Andrew P,
    Hes been a disappointment as far as I am concerned.. He plays small and doesn’t know how to use his size and mis times his leaps for the ball.. He’s no more than a 5th WR/Special Teamer on most tTeams at best.
    I woulnd’t mind seeing a big-target like Plaixo Buress on a 1-2 Year Deal for he shows up and perfroms down in the Red-Zone which the Eagles need

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