Next Up: Luke Kuechly May Prove To Be A Fit In Philly

Take a look at all the mock drafts. Keep watch of all the Top 20 scouting lists and chances are you’re likely to find Luke Kuechly’s name comfortable concluded as being a mid-first round pick.

For the 2011 Dick Butkus award winner, the scouting report seems to be clear. Instinct, instinct, instinct is the name of his game as the player’s game intelligence is widely heralded as his overwhelmingly better trait.

But while a player’s football IQ being hailed is usually a sign of good things, there is a sense that Kuechly receives praise in this aspect of his game as a sort of back handed compliment; the sense that he is being praised for intangibles to highlight the problems scouts have with the tangibles.

Indeed the most consistent knock on Kuechly has been his size. Previously weighed in at 6’2” and 237 lbs, there’s a notion that the ACC standout’s build provides is the discrepancy from teams looking to pick him up. In that sense, the combine may be more important for Kuechly than it is for any other player, as he’ll have to prove he is good enough physically to merit an NFL first round pick.

Having said that, even without the benefit of knowing Kuechly’s 40 time, or what he can handle on a bench press, the BC linebacker is a player that should really be at the top of Philly’s list of draft candidates.  Should Kuechly come out an impress next week at the combine, which his recent workouts with the IMG football academy in Florida implies he would, there’s all the more reason to pick him, and he might become a lock of a choice at the 15th spot. But what’s for certain as of right now is that Kuechly has a lot of what the Eagles were missing all last season.

If there was one area in which teams enjoyed success against Philadelphia it was through the middle. The Eagles front four was a menacing group, but once opposing tailbacks got to the second level, the run game paid high dividends. Many could point to Philly’s current crop of linebackers’ lack of anticipation as a huge flaw in this sense. As a unit their reading of the game at the line was not the best, while they were slow to react to danger in many cases.

This knock on the Philadelphia linebacking core can be disputed – in fact, any criticism of any players(s) can be disputed – but if the organization deem a lack of nous in the middle as a glaring problem than they may just go with Kuechly. As stated before, his strong points are his anticipation and his reading of the game, while praise of the player, though expressed in different ways, tends to deliver the same message: the kid has field smarts.

If Kuechly falls down to the fifth spot, the Eagles’ resolve may be tested. If they have plans for other players with that 15th pick, they might want to cast them upside come late April, because as of now Luke Kuechly looks like a potential shoe-in for Lincoln Financial Field.

33 thoughts on “Next Up: Luke Kuechly May Prove To Be A Fit In Philly

  1. Yea, he seems like a “shoe-in”. And I’ve been a Philadelphia Eagles fan all my life.

    We NEVER pick the “shoe-in” pick in the draft. At least not in Andy Reid’s tenure.

    Kuechly isn’t coming here.

  2. Ricky Williams was a “shoe-in” pick.

    Steven Jackson was a “shoe-in” pick.

    Earl Thomas was a “shoe-in” pick.

    Gabe Carimi was a “shoe-in” pick.

    It’s not happening. Kuechly ain’t coming here. Period.

  3. I heard the TastyKake has already put into production a new snack line
    titles “Kuechley’s Cupcakes” and that Kensignton Blvd will be re-named
    “Kuechley’s Blvd” and that by HAlloween of 2012, KuechleyMania will be in full display as many Store Fronts will have a Poster size’s of “Kuechley Critters” in their Store Fronts… and then by the end of the 2012 SEason with the full spin and media consipiracy in Philladelphia is that Kris Kringle’s name will be officially changed to “Kris Kuechley”…

  4. Schiller, moron alert, read what I said. These “shoe ins” that the media tries to shove down our throat are NOT “shoe-ins”. The Birds NEVER select the player they are “suppose” to select or “expected” to select. Period.

  5. I guess no one liked my “Kuechly-Mania” stuff…
    Anyways On OL G Carimi, who was injured for a good part of his Rookie Season
    and definitely disappointed the Bears and their fans.. Most NFL observors would state the Watkins had a pretty solid Rookie Season in comparision to other Rookie OL last year…
    Cowboys OT Tryon Smith probably graded out the best but he had some issues too..
    A quick recap of OL Drafted in the 1st Round of the 2011 Draft Class

    #9) Tryon Smith – RT Cowboys (Started every game last season and showed some real flashers, being switched to LT for the 2012 Season and now will go up against the best pass-rushers in the NFL)
    #15) Mike Pouncey – Center- Dolphins (Started very game in his rookie season too and played well for a team in transition and with QB issues..
    #17) Nate Solder – OT – Patriots (Was mostly used as an xtra-blocking TE in short-yardage/red-zone situation but did see some action late in the Season and Started a couple games towards end of season when OT Matt Light was injured and starting RT S Volllmer was struggling a bit and Soler got some good experience, I expect him to be a #1 Starter at RT for next season)
    #22) Anthony Constanzo – Colts OT (Struggled for the Colts who was replaced by 2nd year player Jerry Linkenbach at RT as the season went on adn then had some minor injuries, not a very good Rookie Season for Constanzo who many have high hopes for…
    #23) Danny Watkins – Eagles RG (Struggled early on and then went on to start the Final 12 games of the Season and got better as the season went on)
    #25) James CArpenter – Seahawks OT (Started pretty well, then got hurt and was placed on IR with an injured knee in November finishing his Rookie season)
    #29) Gabe Carimi – Bears RT (Struggled early on, then got injured and was placed on IR in mid-November..)
    #32) Derreck Sherrod – Packers OT (had a poor camp,preseason and was not even the #2 Back-up on a Packer OL that had injuries and probles at the OT spot with Chad Clifton injured..Sherrod was beat out 2nd Year undrafted free-agent M Newhouse
    ( I remember many folks had Derrick Sherrod on their Mock Draft lists for the Eagles and I am glad they passed on him for his Workouts last year were not that impressive and questions about his work ethic & drive were raised and it appears his negatives as being soft and unmotivated were more than red-flags)

    So this is your 1st Round OL that were selected last Draft and to be honest,
    Eagles RG Watkins probably was more consistent and a little behind Cowboys OT Tryon Smith who went at #9 and Center Mike Pouncey at #15 than the others who struggled, got injured and just never “got it” during their Rookie Seasons..

  6. Man look if we get that kid from bc, no streets or blvds will be named after him. Only speed bumps, his little ass gettin run over trust me. Aka trucked he is light in the ass.

  7. Mayock had some great analysis last evening and all day today where he talks about the Top 100 players or so and the Top 6-8 at each postition
    He stated thgere are about 6-7 really good DT’s that have 1st Round Upside in this Draft and thinks a couple will fall to the 2nd Round ..
    Mayock also stated that DT,WR & CB were the strongest/deepest Positions in the Draft with OLB, RB & QB, DE, C/Guard close behind.. he also mentioned that it is not a very deep draft at Safety,TE,OT,FB,MLB

    Top Rated DT’s that will be Selected in the first 50 Picks
    #1) M Brockers (LSU 6-5 — 306 lbs and a Top 10 PIck)
    #2) D Still (Penn State 6-4 305lbs around the 10th-15th slot)
    #3) Fletcher Cox (Miss State 6-4 295lbs in the 15th-20th slot)
    #4) Jerel Worthy (Mich State 6-3 310lbs in the late 1st Round, Packers/49ers)
    #5) Dontari Poe (Memphis 6-5 350lbs & best suited as a NT in a 3-4 scheme probably will be picked by the Steelers)
    #6) Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 310lbs -Vikings,Browns,Panthers early in the 2nd Round)
    #7) Kendall Reyes (U Conn 6-4 300lbs — Mid 2nd Round – Eagles or Jets)

  8. James Caprenter tore ACL in Mid-November pretty bad , He may not even be ready for the start of 2012 Season from some observors..
    ( I do like and am a fan of Carpenter who was having a solid Rookie Season befire his injury)

  9. They will not go Luke K at 15. He will certainly still be there but it will not matter, they would be foolish to pass up on an impact DL like a Still, Brockers, Poe or many others who will fall.. this is when the eagles player evaluation comes in. They have to start drafting correctly…taking a Olinemen in the draft when you DT is not exactly a wise choice.. So this year isnt a make or break year for roseman or reid but time is definitely ticking..

  10. Keep on hyping keuchly from a team that won nothing. This will inflate his stock. This tells me everyone and their mother know he will do terrible at the combine. He will be ass in the NFL. Notice Burfict with way more talent gets the bad media press but this small, slow guy gets media help.

  11. The points the experts should put forth….

    How will the Eagles defense fair with a small, slow linebacker in the middle?

    I think that was answered with Matthews.

    I don’t give a damn how smart you are…if you have to take on 300 pounders and over in this wide 9 scheme almost every play, there’s a great chance that the small, slow guy will lose out every time.

  12. You guys are way off. Yes our biggest need is a LB., so what makes you think these guys will draft one. They will draft another OL or CB. Remember , that are so much smarter than all the other front offices.

  13. There are already too many Eagle LBs in that size/speed range why add another. Dont’a Hightower or Courtney Upshaw or Vontaze Burfict are better more logical draft selections to improve the LB corp.

    I still would like to see the Eagles get Matt Conrath from UVA even if he goes undrafted. My sense is that he would flourish as an outside pass rusher in the Wide 9 coming off the bench.

  14. Rumours in the Circle City say that Eagles are talking to the Rams about that 2nd Pick… and the Eagles are considering D-Jax, A Smauel,W Justice and their #15 Pick to make it happen which would be a pretty good deal for the Rams and updgrades their WR, CB & OL Positions which they need real bac…
    Then the rumors continue with Eagles selecting RGIII with the #2 Pick and then Trading QB Vick to the Seahwaks for their #12 Overall pick and a 3rd Rounder..
    It appears that Jeff Fisher and the Rams are going all in right away.

    Meanwhile, the Eagles end up with QB RGIII who will back-up Trent Edwards and 12th Overall Pick (which ends up DE/OLB Melvin Ingram from South Carolina) while getting rid of headaches,diva’s D-Jax/Samuel/Vick
    with an eye for 2013 and beyond…. I like the move…

  15. sorry paulman keep looking in la la land cause that trade will never happen cause the eagles owe mike the quick vick to much money this year and would take a huge cap hit if they made that deal and we a;; know that howie,joe and the crew loves to be under the cap

  16. but that tight end from stanford looks real good i would love the birds to draft him the 2nd rd with that pick they will get for samuel cause i look at the birds and see them trading d-jack and signing plax and going more two te sets next year and if that is the case then getting a guy thats like 6-6 245 and the speeed of a cat would help alot. Just a thought thou so if the birds end up getting rid of d-jack and asante they will have two 1st rd,three 2nd rd,one 3rd,and three 4ths

  17. Vic, highlights are supposed to bring out your best plays right. I never seen the kid from bc make one play behind the line of scrimmage. Burfict may not be as big as I and others thought, but he plays HUUUUUUUUGE. He makes plays behind the line where it counts.

  18. he has HUUUUUUUUGE highlights. and they look great with the music blaring in the background on Youtube and all that. However….

    On that vid you’re watching he comits about 4 personal fouls. All he does is launch himself irresponsibly…the big hits look good and make for a highlight film….unfortunately you don;t get to see the times he misses and from everything I’ve heard…that’s a lot.

  19. I agree with you he has flaws vic, but at least the talent is there. I watch the kid from bc I see casey matthews. You know what lets just get lbs in free agency. Thats a safer bet for the eagles. Cause honestly who ever they pick, they can’t coach them up anyway to be a player. So why waste the pick.

  20. I’ll take Burfict OR Kuechly.

    But in reality, I don’t want neither to be the anchor of this defense.

    What this defense needs is a VETERAN MLB….not another rookie project who is going to be tossed out to either sink or swim.

    We need a 4-3 MLB that knows what he’s doing and is proven. Period.

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