Eagles listening to offers for DeSean?

We all know that DeSean Jackson has been an unhappy camper in Philadelphia for several years. He soldiered on for a bit, but his game eventually devolved into one where he avoids contact and will drop any pass if he thinks there is any chance that he’ll get touched.

But, you can’t deny what he brings to the table. No DeSean Jackson? LeSean McCoy probably doesn’t have his monster year. Not to say that McCoy is nothing without DeSean helping to keep those safeties out of the box, but it’s a different situation when you are forced to keep guys way back to defend Jackson. We won’t know the true effect that DeSean has on the running game (as well as other aspects of the offense) until he’s gone.

So there has been this huge conundrum. What do you do with this guy? He’s not worth Larry Fitzgerald money, but he’s undeniably a game changer. And so far, he and the Eagles have not been able to agree on his actual value.

And now, according to ESPN‘s Adam Schefter, the Eagles are currently listening to trade offers for the little, speedy wideout.

This isn’t shocking. I think most people assume that Jackson is going to get the franchise tag. However, that doesn’t mean that they are going to keep him. They’ll franchise him if for no other reason than to prevent him from just walking away. They aren’t stupid, they’ll want to get something for him. If they don’t franchise him, he’d be in Dan Snyder’s office roughly 20 minutes after he was legally permitted to do so.

I also don’t look at this report and think that the Eagles are dying to shop him. Whether it’s Andy Reid, Joe Banner or Howie Roseman, they’ve all said publicly over the years that they will always listen if someone wants to talk to them about any move that they think could make their team better. It’s the smart way to approach the business side of things.

I expect the Eagles to listen to trade offers on DeSean all the way up through the draft, and possibly beyond. What it would take to pry him from their hands is anyone’s guess. I can’t see anyone throwing a first-rounder at them unless it was at the bottom of the round and they were desperate for a guy with speed to burn on the outside. Yes, the Patriots would fit that description (just thinking off the top of my head), but I don’t see them doing that. I read one report that didn’t expect anyone to even offer up a second-round pick, but I’m not buying that. I could see someone absolutely throwing a second rounder over for a guy with Jackson’s talent.

Expect the DeSean Jackson speculation and rumors to only increase as we move forward. What do you think DeSean is worth in trade?

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  1. I think he is worth at least a late 1st rounder. Perhaps a Player and a early 2nd. But if the Eagles Move up in the first 5 picks I would be smart to draft Justin Blackmon. I never seen anything like him in college since Calvin Johnson. I think a lot of Eagles fans base Desean Jacksons talents on his 2009-2010 season but as we have seen this year Desean has not been Mr. clutch. dropped balls, 4 TD’s 900 yards is not what I consider a franchise WR. His only ability is his speed and we have seen teams take that away and now we see Andy running the short intermediate route plays for him and it didnt work last year. In my opinion he is the most over-hyped WR in the NFL.

  2. I would keep Desean personally, he is a game changer and players like that are hard to find. At least a second round pick for djax nothing lower than that. What kills me about the eagles, djax is the best receiver since t.o. and we treat him like this. To me maclin is average, nothing more than a number two receiver on a team. They tried to make maclin the feature guy last year, and he did nothing really. So why not keep your best wide out. They talk about his numbers, throw him the dam ball more and he will put up better numbers.

  3. What kills me about people is they talk about djax attitude. Okay go to work and have your employer lie to your ass. Have your employer bring in bums like steve smith. Then pay him more in one contract than you ever made, and ask yourself how would you perform at your job be honest.

  4. Dude maclin cost us some games two to be specific. I know football is a team sport but that atlanta game killed us. And that turnover against san fran killed us. When does a wide receiver in the open gets ran down by a dam d lineman and fumbles. The hell with maclin keep desean, way bigger playmaker.

  5. Eagles0superbowls let me educate you because its obvious you don’t know anything. If he is traded the team that trades for him will have worked out a long tern contract before they make the trade. Second the franchise tag is the average of the top 5 players at that position so there is more then 2. and How the hell did Banner and Howie misplay it. To me they are either going to trade him, sign him to a long term deal or franchise him for the year. But there is NO way he walks out of here without them getting anything. I hope this helped educate you a little but im sure you’ll just keep posting your negative crap. Your probably a weekly caller on WIP chiming in with those dopes.

  6. trufan – 2011 Larry Fitz made like 15, Mega 12, Austin 8.5, Andre Johnson 8.3 last year ——- these are close to their #’s I read once I don’t know this coming years salaries ————– you may be right and Djax has trade value but I don’t think he does – in 10 days we will see —
    I can train everyday to bench 225 lbs 20 times but I will never be able to do that because I’m not strong enough just like no matter how much Howie and Joe try they will never be able to win a Superbowl they just aren’t football smart enough

  7. I see about 4-5 Teams that would be interested in D-Jax who really need a Deep Threat

    #1) Patriots (Have 2 1st Round Picks (#27 & #31)
    #2) 49ers (Would be the perfect fit with play-action and a strong running game)
    #3) Redskins (A Division opponent,Redskins have bad taste about McNabb)
    #4) SL Rams (Bradford has no legitimate deep threat)
    #5) Arizona (Having D-Jax open the field up more for Fitz is a scary proposition but Cardinals probably still sulking about the Deal with Kolb)
    #6) Jaguars (New Ownership, needs fans in the seats and a deep threat for QB Gabbert)
    #7) Chargers (Depending if the resign Vincent Jackson, if not, could be in the market by Draft weekend)

    Bottome line, since Free-Agency occurs before the Draft, we will know in a couple of weeks on what teams will really need WR’s.. There are lots of good WR potentially that will be on the Open market in Free-Agency, but how many of them stay with their current teams or move on will determine who needs what/who has salary cap space and who will concentrate by using the Draft to updgrade their WR positions..
    I really don’t believe there will be a real strong Market for D-JAx personally and I also don’t think the EAgles will Franchise him and take a chance of getting stuck on payign him $9.4 Million.. They will try to work out a deal by March 5th (Franchise-Tag Deadline) If not, then the Eagles will address the WR position between Free-Agency and the Draft..

  8. Maclin was not even in Football shape until mid October due to his Illness last Summer and then was just starting to get into a rhythm and up to spped and then got hurt, He actually showed more toughness and heart that I didn’t think he had over the last month of the Season and played pretty well down the stretch taking some good shots but bouncing back to play…
    Eagles Front Office and Coaching Staff are going to say all the right things, but when D-Jax skipped out on that Practice and was subsequently suspended a game, he made his future bed with this organization and when you cross Coach AR and the Eagles FO, you are gone, no matter what and to be honest, I hope he goes, I would the Eagles to get a 2nd or 3rd Rounder in Return, but I am afraid that there will not be a big interest and they may just as well let him walk instead of keeping an unhappy,surly,tempremental player around for Franchise gaurantee of $9.4 Million for 2012 for It ain’t going to happen..

  9. Paulman stop with the f*(ing Maclin excuses. Maclin looks for the 1st patch of grass to lay down on. He was in football shape last year and was average. . Jackson has 25 catches of 40 or more yards what is Maclins claim to fame? Maclin drops passes, fumbles, cant get deep, cant outmuscle anyone and sucks in the redzone. Hence 0 pro bowls 0 1000 yard seasons. Wasnt he a first round pick lol. He is the 7th best reciever in the NFC east. stop making excuses for him and giving me some damn potential bull%$##. Atleast Jackson has done something in this league.

  10. Bird dude let me educate you, maclin gets catches cause desean gets the double team. I repeat they play deep cause of desean not maclin. You remove desean maclin ain’t shit period. Also how many pro bowls have maclin been too zero. Rather you realize it or not desean helps out mccoy’s production also bird dude.

  11. You know what you guys will appreciate desean, when he is in new england. And brady shows you how good he can be with an accurate passer. Then you guys will say he didn’t play like that when he was here. If djax go’s to new england superbowl period.

  12. D-Jax takes the deep routes, Maclin takes the intermediate routs which is the design of the Eagles passign system.. Make plays where its 5-10 or 30 yeard pass.. Neither one had a very godo Season, but like I stated, Maclin was not even in Football shape until a good 6 weeks into the Season, D-JAx had a shitty attitude which is worse in my opinion.. I have stated a 1000 times, that I don’t believe either one is a True #1 WR, they are good #2 WR’s in my book

  13. I’ll stop with Maclin excuses when everyone stops going ga-ga over D-JAx..
    he’s a good WR, but way too many of you think this Eagles Offense is grounded with out him or that he opens everything up for everyone else and I just don’t buy it for if he did, then why haven’t they be a dominant Offese during his 3-4 Seasons… He disapears versus Physcial Defense, He’s invisable in the Red-zone and he’s basically a puss about getting hit.. Good Riddance I say..

  14. Micah I expect more from you. The first part of this says Jackson’s been unhappy for YEARS (?) really Micah has it been YEARS? The dude’s been in the NFL for a grand total of 3 years and he clearly hasn’t been disgruntled since day 1 or this wouldn’t even be public discussion.

    I think you and the Eagles and actually some of the dumba$$ fans need to figure out how to re-evaluate impact players. The reality is that defensive teams, pretty much across the board, play some variation/combination of Cover 3 and Cover 4 constantly moving extra coverage Desean’s way to not only try to take away the deep routes but also the short and medium routes. You know…when defensive teams play the Cardinals they, pretty much across the board, play some variation/combination of Cover 3 and Cover 4 constantly moving extra coverage Larry’s way to not only try to take away the deep routes but also the short and medium routes. What exactly does that tell us? Desean Jackson is one of the two or three receivers that gets covered this way in the NFL. Granted his weight and size need to be a consideration, but that’s the ONLY reason he doesn’t get Larry Fitzgerald money. It’s plainly obvious that when Desean Jackson isn’t getting ripped off he’s a top 3 WR…When he is getting ripped off he’s top 15. 4″-5″ less height and 20 lbs. less weight shouldn’t be cause for a team to rip him off for millions of dollars and that’s all it is.

  15. Agreed to BIRDO and PAULMAN

    Maclin and Desean are two different WR’s however Maclin is way more polished. I think its not even close as Birdo stated. Looking at last years games sometimes I wondered if Desean was even the 3rd WR on this team because Jason Avant outplayed Desean in my opinion.

  16. Butch, don’t waste your breathe my brother….DeSean’s not going anywhere. I’ve said it before, and when the Eagles DO sign him to a long term contract, I’m not going to write anything on GCobb but I told you so. As I’ve stated before, It IS DUMB TO GET RID OF DESEAN, and no reason to hate on him, because of one off year. He still almost had 1,000 yards, on a team that spreads the ball, and defenses that plan specifically for him!!

    Imagine, what could have happened if the Eagles did what they should have done; This wouldn’t be an issue. Nobody !!! felt like this the previous years, when HE won us games singlehandedly. Look, I have nothing but appreciation for the GCobb.com family, wrapped in whole wheat respect, but you guys have to get over it. Trading him, or letting him go is not the answer. All the years when Reid said we were fine at WR, and it cost us championships; We finally get a serviceable WR; A PRO BOWL WR!!! and this is the appreciation we have for him? Any other argument is asinine.

    In my opinion, this was just as much the Eagles fault as DeSean’s. Do you want to trade the Eagles, for an expansion franchise? Let it go, and appreciate the talent and how it works for the team. if they can ADD a receiver like Vincent Jackson; the only FA worth my money, you resolve the real issue; you need a little more to compliment DeSean, Avant and Maclin. Then you draft Joe Adams, so you can save DeSean for strictly offense.

    Paul, my friend, I can’t say I’m gaga for DeSean, but I can say, he’s one the baddest receivers in the NFL, and I’m proud to have him on this team. If the Eagles are smart, they’ll show their appreciation as well, with a longer, incentive laden term contract for 3-4 years, with a bonus he deserved last year,( Joe Banner can work that out, to spread it out to save the cap). After all, Andy lucked out drafting him. He’ll NEVER be able to do it again. Take some pressure off him, by getting another threat in here.

    I don’t care what anybody says, he is good enough for me. Period.

  17. Pdiddy and Butch007 – let me fill you guys in on a little something; I agree with you guys completely and half the guys on here aren’t true Eagle fans anyway, they’re just a bunch of bandwagon hop on jakas. The reason why we will never win anything is because of how the clown in the front office treat our playmakers. Desean held up his end of the bargain like Many others who have played before, only to be treated like trade material after this front office uses them. The reason why we won’t win is because these clowns don’t believe in solidifying the main nucleus of an eagle team year in and year out. You guys are on point but we ain’t winning nothing until lurie sells the team to a real diehard football owner with the balls of Jerry Jones who’ll stop at nothing to bring more SB home even if that meant spending half his bank on rewarding the best players.

  18. If Desean is traded, he will be the thorn in our side like the 4 NFC east championship losses have been for us. He will make this front office pay for not rewarding him if they don’t. Paulman you’re still at it with disrespecting Desean Eh?

  19. Brother Shill, the name of the game is negotiation. Incentives are there, to reward the player for going above, and beyond expectations of the contract. That’s not to mean that he only earn his money through that provision, but it gives him an opportunity to earn more, with solid play, and allows the Eagles to be creative in how they structure the deal. What it won’t do, is insult him like they did this past year. he’s earned the opportunity for a big pay day, as long as it works for both sides. Can’t say he would accept it Shill for sure, but you do add that to any respectable offer, plus signing bonus. But that’s why they negotiate.

  20. Some of you idiots make me laugh with your Desean Jackson excuses. All this talk about him being a playmaker and defenses have to account for him and safeties have to play deep in order to stop him……knock the bullsh*t off.

    ALL the top receivers in the NFL get double teamed and get extra attention and guess what, they STILL succeed. DJax doesn’t. When he gets taken out of a game he gets taken out of a game period.

    It’s funny how Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson (just to name a few) all get WAY more attention than Desean Jackson ever would and STILL succeed.

    I stand by my statement that Desean Jackson is just a glorified Todd Pinkston. That’s all he is. Desean Jackson is no better than Kevin Curtis as a wide receiver. The reason most of you are so ENAMORED with this runt is because he brings “swag” and “attitude” to the offense.

    That bs that Desean does (taunting players/teams, talking trash) produces entertainment but it doesn’t produce enough PRODUCTION.

    I don’t care about his 25 catches for over 40 yards. Those are low percentage plays and you don’t win many important games that way.

    Do I love what Desean Jackson does? Of course. But he made his bed with the way he acted this year and I’m ready to say good riddance.

    The light at the end of the tunnel in regards to trading Desean is the fact that maybe we’ll focus the offense more around McCoy like we should.

  21. Rocko, exactly, this ownership will never get it right, and their gm, money guy banner sickening, what the hell happened to eagle football

  22. ESPN, Yesterday post the top WR in the league with catches of 40 yards or more over the last 3 years…..This actually sinks your argument Birdo…because the Eagles offense isn’t structured for any receiver to produce like that on the a regular basis. Andy changes his scheme game to game.
    1. DeSean Jackson – 40
    2. Calvin Johnson – 21
    3. Larry Fitzgerald – 18
    4. Mike Wallace – 12
    5. Miles Austin – 10
    6. Marques Colston – 8
    7. Vincent Jackson – 6
    Pinkston, should never be mentioned in the same breath as DeSean until he gets to the Pro Bowl, and he actually wins a game for us which he never has .
    I can see your not a fan of DeSean’s…that’s okay..but he isn’t going anywhere. Because, in reality, he’s every bit as good in this offense as any free agent available this year. I’m not concerned about last years aberration. That was the Eagles fault as much as it was his.

  23. It’s amazing how ones admiration for a player can void their love for the TEAM.

    It’s about the name on the FRONT of the jersey, not the name on the BACK.

    Jackson is not worth what he’s obviously asking for and I’m pretty sure the Eagles are DONE with him.

    You think he’s better than V-Jax, Dwayne Bowe and Colston? I think you’re an idiot. Anyone that knows football thinks that you’re an idiot.

  24. Yeah…”Eaglesuck” sounds like a jealous Gints or Cowgirls or Redturds fan agreeing with people on here that are talking crazy and he would like nothing more than to see DJax on his team or at the very least he’d love to see the Eagles DJax-less.

    I’ve said since the day the Eagles drafted Maclin that he was a poor complimentary receiver for Jackson and it shows pretty regularly. Maclin is naturally a slot receiver that’s what got him drafted fairly high in the first round and that’s where he would be explosive. Maclin on the outside is basically a poor man’s DeSean Jackson which isn’t a swipe as far as I’m concerned. Maclin is about 2 steps slower than Jackson while the rest of the WRs in the NFL are 3-4 steps slower. Maclin is not a big enough to fight off aggressive contact at the line, he’s not a “Jump Ball” guy, he’s also really not a deep fade route guy which is not to say he’s a bad receiver… he just does the same things DJax does less effectively.

    Even though Riley Cooper is slower than Maclin the fact that he is a jump ball guy and basically can do everything Maclin can do other than a medium and obviously deep fade routes Cooper wold be a better complimentary receiver for Jackson.

  25. I dont think it’s an issue of him being better than they are, as much as he’s just as good, in how he’s used in this offense. I think you just don’t like DeSean, per your statements, and you think the grass is greener with the acquisition of the bigger FA WR’s. If thats your argument, I respect that, but I don’t think your an idiot. I just think your mistaken in your evaluation. I know football better than most, and am nothing resembling an idiot. He is as good as Vincent Jackson, Colston, and Bowe would be, in this offense, yes I do think that. McCoy was the focus of the offense for the most part. But my opinions, are the same as most in the Philadelphia, and national media, that it would be in the best interest of the Eagles to re-sign him to a long term deal that’s fair market value, and perhaps add a bigger receiver. Regardless, like I said he’s not going anywhere, so not worth arguing about.

  26. Birdo- you sound like an idiot who needs to be “pimp slapped” with a pair of wings buddy.

    Birdo quote: “Do I love what Desean Jackson does? Of course. But he made his bed with the way he acted this year and I’m ready to say good riddance.
    The light at the end of the tunnel in regards to trading Desean is the fact that maybe we’ll focus the offense more around McCoy like we should”

    THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL??? are you crazy man. if Desean goes, the light at the end of mccoys tunnel will prolly be a lil more darker without Desean stretching the defense. Also, out of all Desean did for us, then to see new guys come in and get rewarded like steve smith and you’re ready to say to Desean good riddance? You, paulman and a couple others here ain’t no real Eagle fans. I’m one for all and all for one since the day i was born when it comes to my eagles. Ever since Lurie bought this team and hired Andy, this has been a year after year clown show.

    So let me get this straight Birdo. After years and years without a receiver, we get a playmaker like Djax who outperforms his contract, don’t reward him and you’re ready to can him because he’s pissed about his contract situation? How about get on a job and have others get promoted over you while you sit there and continue to make the company profitable. WILL THE REAL EAGLE FANS PLEASE STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. it was 40. rewind the dvr. the stat set him apart in the way the EAGLES USE HIM. Thats why I say he would be no worse than anybody you suggest to bring in. That being said he wouldn’t be as good as those guys in their offense either; two different qb’s, two different offenses.

  28. Except Paulman is a real Eagles fan. His vision for the Birds is just different than most, but at times more realistic, especially when you take out some of his trade alerts. I know he’s just having fun. But he puts it out there because he cares. I wouldn’t say he’s not a real fan though.

  29. I have a scenario that may happen here… Eagles trade Desean Jackson to New England for their 1st pick in the 2nd Rd. Desean is not worth a 1st rd pick but a 2nd rd pick from the Pats who have 2 – 1st and 2 – 2nd rd picks would absolutely be a good deal for both teams. Then the Eagles trade away their 1st Rd pick to Pitt for Mike Wallce. Pitt doesn’t have the cap room to keep Wallace so any team willing to give up a 1st rd pick and pay him top dollar has a very good shot at getting him. He is a restricted free agent the will have the 1st rd tender placed on him. Wallace is an upgrade over D Jax and if they get a 2nd rd pick in return that would leave the birds with 3 – 2nd rd picks along with a 3rd and 2 – 4th rd picks. Plenty of ammo to move back into the 1st rd on draft day.

  30. DJax situation a lie! For those of you who dont get to see Philly news Im hear to spread the truth. I get to watch people like Brian Baldinger, Ray Didinger, Ike Reese who break down film. One common demoninator is that it seemed like the Eagles used DJax as a decoy a whole lot in his contract year. He was asked to run 50 yards down field 20 times a game to open things up. For those that think DJax couldnt run 5 yards and turn around and catch 120 balls a season is laughable. Theres no one on earth that could cover him in that range. But the Eagle dont use him like that. Hes asked to run deep every other play. Thats what the film shows. People question that method all the time.

  31. Another big topic by people who actually break down film is the LB situation. They state that the Eagles DT are the ones to blame for the Eagles LBs being terrible. They dont keep the 330 lb guards and centers off the 240 lb LBs. It doesnt matter who plays LB here if the DT dont help out. Thats what the film shows.

  32. Man djax went to pro bowls at two different positions. That is rarely done, he has won several games just off his talent alone. After t.o. he was the only threat we had at wideout. We finally got a pick a wideout right and we treat him like this. Imagine if you work for a employer, this employer promises you to negotiate a deal with you. So you come to work and be a good soldier, then not only do they not negotiate with you. They bring in guys with lesser talent and pay them more money than you ever made. I believe steve smith made more in the one deal than desean made his whole career. Honestly if it were me or you, it would effect your work ethic too. Thats why desean had a down year they promised him money and did nothing.

  33. Hey GM Cliff. Love your list of WRs with 40 yrd catches over the last 3 years. Very important. Here’s my list. Catches, then TDs over the last 3 years. Same guys:

    1. Calvin Johnson – 33 (45 in last 4 yrs)
    2. Larry Fitzgerald – 27 (39 in last 4 yrs)
    3. Miles Austin – 25 (missing 8 games)
    3. Vincent Jackson – 25 (last 3 full seasons)
    4. Mike Wallace – 24
    4. Marques Colston – 24
    7. DeSean Jackson – 19 (21 in last 4 yrs)

    1. Larry Fitzgerald – 267 (and look at his qbs last 2 seasons)
    2. Calvin Johnson – 240
    3. Marques Colston – 234
    4. Miles Austin – 193 (again missing 8 games)
    5. Vincent Jackson – 187
    6. DeSean Jackson – 178
    7. Mike Wallace – 171 (and first was rookie year)

    And I could fins a lot more WRs that get “double teamed” and still put up much better numbers than Desean.

    I don’t agree with Birdo about much, but he’s right on with this call. You guys are all about the name on the back. All about the highlight TD. As long as the player is holding the ball in the air, pointing at the scoreboard (or the opposition), standing over his opponent, thumping his chest, or being an all-around punk….he’s your guy.

    It goes with all your favs….Desean, Vick, and now your obsessions with Burfict.

    Style over substance.

    GMCliff and Rocko, Songs, Pdiddy…you guys need to rename yourselves….You guys always dropping the “they aren’t Birdsfans” line….well all you guys seem to care about are ESPN headlines….because the behaviour/production of guys like Desean, Burfict and of course Vick does nothing but get them noticed on TV.

  34. You know what we can go back and fourth all day about this topic. You guys may get your wish djax may get traded. I am going to say this fellas, remember the arizona game this year. The game djax got suspended for, remember how arizona bought their safties up, and because there was no threat of going deep we didn’t move the ball that well. Get used to that hey maybe na brown and james thrash is available. Or better yet the great maclin can show us all what he has.

  35. No Brother Vinnie. I’m not enamored with the name on the jersey. My point is the Eagles don’t use their WR’s, like a lot of teams do, because their version of the West Coast Offense is different than a lot of other teams, which is why you see these inconsistencies in the stats. They just don’t play football like that. Any WR you bring in here would play within the context of the same system, and his stats would not 100%, allow him to produce the same way, in years pas, with their former team.

    But we could never say that he not a good WR, if you really analyze what you just posted, he’s still in the top ten in production, and those guys are not in offenses that are hell bent on spreading the ball around as much. Colston just plays in one heck of an offense, with a big time QB. We don’t exactly have that. It would be different Big Vinnie. He’s a good player, and deserves some credit. Is he the best at his position? No. But, not every player is C.Johnson, and L. Fitzgerald, but that doesn’t take anything away from DeSean. He is still,one of the most dynamic athletes in the game, in his own right.

    And we’ll see on Burfict brother. I think he will be a better pro, than college player. The Talent is absolutely there. I just don’t want a step backwards, and get S.Bradley, M. McCoy, and Casey Mattthews clone, Luke Kuechly; Same player, same results. We need some asskickers on this defense. Talent like Hightower, or Upshaw, Burfict, Sean Spence, playing at SS, Dontari Poe, Brandon Thompson,Vinny Curry, Chandler Jones, Josh Norman, and Trumaine Johnson will give us just that. I want what all of us want, a dominant, championship football team in Philadelphia.

    And DeSean, in no way hinders that. However, Andy Reid, and the Front Office does. Vinnie, there is a chance, though slight that, the Eagles could still sign Vincent Jackson to play with our receivers; including DeSean.

    @ P Diddy – I gotta call it like I see it Baby………..Good hearing from you brother.

    Good Morning GCobb.com family!! Are you guys enjoying the Combine? Who are some of your favorites?, and who has surprised you thus far?

  36. How many of us knew the Eagles were going to be able to sign Nnamdi, after signing all those other Free Agents? Vincent Jackson is still a possibility.

  37. good post gmcliff , @vinnie , we need a thumper on defense, attitude, and burfict fits, not keuchley , and Hightower not the run buster some say he is, and where do you get burfict listed at 6 1?

  38. Birdo, I’ll be honest with you, realistically, anyone who DOESN’T…..doesn’t know football, and Maclin hasn’t had much success, but he can attribute what he’s had on the defense focusing on DeSean for a lot of that, like it or not brother.

  39. Yeah Jake, they haven’t even measured the Linebackers yet….Just more instigation towards the conspiracy of Vontaze Burfict. He’ll be a good player regardless. I really want people to remember this 3 years from now, when he’s sought in free agency by every team in the league.

  40. I’m hearing there’s a strong chance Jackson will be tagged & traded to New England for a 1st round pick or a 2nd & a player to be named later(OG Dan Connolly).

  41. gmciff….is Burfict the most naturally gifted linebacker in the draft?

    Is he the line backer with the Most upside?

    Is Burfict the intimidator compared to all others coming out of the draft?

    Do the Eagles need a gifted, talented, intimidator?

    Isn’t it worth the risk if there’s a player who is gifted, talented, and intimidates?

    When you’re paying coaches top money, shouldn’t they know how to get the most out of talented players who my have issues?

    Can the Eagles Brass afford to pick over a clear NFL talent for the sake of character after their poor record of picking defensive talent for almost a decade?

    When you answer these questions it leads to taking a risk.

    The safe defensive picks do not work for the Eagles.

  42. If you want to give desean credit for shadys success….why didnt mendenhall have a yr like shady since he has a receiver BETTER than desean in pittsburgh??

  43. Song, Birdo…..I absolutely believe Burfict is a talent!!! You bet your tail I would draft him….Songs its always the ones that are overly criticized/ or exaggerated for what they did in college that turn out to be stars. The guy is a competitor, do we expect, that he would give the good old college try speech? The guy wants to win!! So do I so I want him on my team. The other guys can voice their opinions, and I respect them but I see a star. Couple him with the players I mentioned before like Upshaw, or Hightower, and London Fletcher to mentor, and lets say a FA Linebacker like Jarrett Johnson, we’ve immediately improved the talent, and mentality of that position.

    I’m done talking about DeSean….mute issue; He’s not going anywhere.

  44. I disgree with Eagles0SUperBowls about Wallace,
    remember what he is asked to do in the Steelers Offense..
    The Steerls use Hines Ward, J Crochery for the crossing,intermeidate routes
    (similar to what the Eagles do with Maclin and Avant)
    Wallace can run intermediate and crossing routes (and did a lot his 1st 2 Seasons), he is bigger,stronger with better hands than D-JAx, and is improving each season as a PRo where D-JAx has regressed the last 1 1/2 Seasons if you ask me.. I belive D-Jax has peaked and is afraid to get that next big hit/concussion and plays that way, and unfortunately, you cannot play in the NFL with that type of mentality and this alone makes me let the guy walk and move forward with other players.. IS more $$$ going to change how D-Jax plays and prepares… and If it does, then I don’t want him on my team anyways which is the bottom line for me and for 99% of the Coaching Staffs in the NFl, shoew your heart and passion when things are tough and out of your control and in this case, D-Jax has failed miserbly.. .

  45. D-Jax is super talented player and really a 1-of-a Kind type of player, but he can only be that if he’s playing “100% All-In” type of helter-skelter football with reckless abandon that he played with his first 2 Seasons as he was making a name for himself.. but since that collision by Falcons Dunta Robinson and that hanging out pass thrown by Kolb, he has not been the same, and then this Season, with the lack of a new contract, he was hurt and disappointed and then became unfocused once the team and he started the Season slow.. I think in the best interests on D-JAx nad the Eagles, he needs to start afresh with another Team and the Eagles need some new blood in at WR….

    KC Chiefs are reportedly using “Franchise Tag” on WR D Bowe as I indicated a couple weeks back.. Patriots reportedly to use “Franchise Tag” on Welker as expected..

    WR’s who I believe will hit the open makret will be the following
    Bills – Steve Johnson
    Saints – Colston & Meachem
    Cowboys – L Robinson
    Rams – Brandon Lloyd
    Eagles – D-Jax

    SIll 50/50 are the Steelers M Wallace and Chargers V-JAx whose teams would like to Franchise them but can’t afford at this present time


  46. Keep hating DJax because you don’t like his attitude. We will see when he is gone how this offense goes. With Djax teams have to respect him and keep safeties back. Without him they can bring safety’s closer to the line. That is football 101. Don’t let your hatred of his attitude , cloud how good he is. Granted Shady is going to be a play maker but I bet if you asked him he want DJax here.
    Our arrogant FO pulled a fast one on him now will get rid of him because he went against them. Howie is like that Italian Cruise ship Captain. Going t run this team into the ground.

  47. All the Combine measurements and 40 times are listed on walterfootball LBs heights/weights were posted yesterday…40 times not in for them yet.

    The site has links for the measurements of every player/position.

    The WR FLoyd from ND has been the star of the day it seems….

    GMCliff…you say the Eagle’ “spread it around” (and they do)…but so does NO, NE and other teams that still have WRs that demolish Desean as far as production goes. He’s a tiny fast guy. With a bad attitude. He has put up very mediocre WR tats for a year and a half now. He hasn’t done anything in the return game for 2 years. This year he was flat out pathetic. He won’t be that difficult to replace.

  48. Good stuff Ozzman, I agree buddy. If Djax is gone, we’re going to be worse off than before without #5 pulling us out of the hole. Believe me, Belicheck would give us a 1st and a half for Desean because he loves those speedy return men/wr. If you look at welker, branch and NE’s past wr’s, they were all around 5’9-5’11 and fast. That’s because BB knows how to use his wr’s properly and run his team unlike A. Reid. If we lose Djax and then have to play him, he’s going to be the dagger that prolly ends our playoff or SB hopes if he’s playing against us. Just wait and see.

  49. Vinnie you’re such a little punk. What do you mean bad attitude??? He was pissed because the front office lied to him and brought in guys who didn’t play, but made more in 1 year more than Djax had his whole career here!! You and Paulman kill me with this “bad attitude” be a good yes sir master boy attitude crap. Screw this front office for not really being football minded and taking care of our best players like Jerry Jones or the Rooney’s would. You’re a bunch of media whores who play into this bad attitude from a different culture crap. i see Rich Eisen slipping into that crap as well and guys like Faulk, Sanders and Mariucci are checkin him on that crap. Stop trying to saturate a guys image or personality because you don’t agree with his stance on how he’s being treated.

  50. The only media whores on here are the ones that believe defenses play their safeties back EVERY play DJax is in.

    Somebody tell me how many redzone TD’s DJax has in his career.

  51. Rocko, can you fill me in on how the front office lied to Desean Jackson? What did they say to him that was a lie? I follow the Eagles and football in general pretty closely, and frankly, I don’t know of one thing the team told him that any media or fan was made aware of. So how can you say they lied to him?

  52. Vinnie, belichek took on hayensworth, 85, and moss long after he was known to have MAJOR issues, so to say he wouldn’t want Desean Jackson is just silly.

  53. Don’t forget RB Corey Dillon, Safety Rodney Harrison so Belecheck has given many players a 2nd Chance that had some baggage about them,,

  54. Wow, you fellas fired up to day that’s what I am talking about f$$k everybody ha ha ha. Sike lets relax fellas you’ll need to take volumes. Hey I love djax but if you can get vincent jackson go for it. If you can get rg3 go for it. If you can get a mlb or sam go for it. And you know whats going to happen, we will still lose the superbowl cause fat ass andy can’t coach.

  55. I mean it man we can get Tom brady, Eli manning, larry fitzgerald, megatron, patrick willis, whoever and we would still not win the dam superbowl andy is just a good coach not great. He gets out coached in every big game, cause he is not heady enough to win the big one. And vick’s dumb ass still can’t read the dam blitz coming from the edge. This team lacks intelligence not talent.

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