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Coach: No Truth Goodman Goes To Temple If In Big East: Still Wide Open

Last week the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Constitution High School forward and blue-chip prospect Savon Goodman would choose Temple as his school if the Owls were to join the Big East Conference.   Constitution head basketball coach Rob Moore denies that report.  “No truth that [Goodman going to Temple] is automatic.  My point was Temple getting into the Big East would help their cause in the situation.  Savon likes Temple and the Big East.  But he has a lengthy list of schools and has not made any official visits to date.  He’s wide open,” Moore said.
Moore who is fresh off coaching Goodman and Constitution High School to the Philadelphia Public League crown, believes Goodman is looking for one of two things in a school’s basketball program, a fast paced style of play, and a school that will develop him as a player. Temple is one for two under those criteria. Temple does not run a style of offense that fits what Savon Goodman is looking for in a college, part of the reason Goodman de-committed from Villanova was he wanted  to play in an up and down court offense. Goodman may not like Temple’s offensive style but Coach Moore believes Goodman likes how Fran Dunphy develops his players.
“[Temple could make Goodman a better player] Fran is a great coach with a proven track record of making players better.  Ramone Moore, Khalif Wyatt and Scootie Randall are all testaments to that, along with a list of dozens of other players dating back to Penn,” Moore said.
It appears Goodman is waiting to see what happens with Big-East realignment and the upcoming NCAA Tournament before he makes his choice on what school he will play basketball at in college.
“I think Savon is waiting to see how the chips fall before he makes his selection of schools, he has a very involved family and they will make a decision after all the chips are on the table,” head coach Rob Moore said.
Savon Goodman played his first three seasons of high school ball at the Academy of New Church in Philadelphia, however joined Coach Rob Moore at Constitution in the fall of 2011 for his final season in an effort to assure he qualifies for a scholarship. Moore says after one semester at the school Goodman is flourishing academically.
It was clear from the answers Moore gave me, Goodman is still wide open on which college he will choose to attend. Coach Moore said Goodman likes the offensive style of a school like Missouri and likes the type of coach Temple has in Fran Dunphy.
To me, it sounds like Goodman is not ready to choose a school, I am sure Temple joining the Big-East will help the schools cause but by no means does it make it a lock Temple would land Goodman. on Facebook

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