Draft Positions Of This Year’s Wide Receivers Class

The offensive side of the ball in this year’s draft isn’t very deep and the quality isn’t off the charts.  The one position which might be the strongest is at the wide receiver position.  Here’s my take on where the wide receivers will go in this year’s draft.
1st Rounders
#1) J Blackmon (Oklahoma State 6-1 207lbs)
#2) M Floyd (Notre Dame 6-3 220lbs)
#3) K Wright (Baylor 5-10 196lbs)
#4) S Hill (Georgia Tech 6-4 215lbs)

2nd Rounders
#5) R Randle (LSU 6-3 210lbs)
#6) M Sanu (Rutgers 6-2 211lbs)
#7) A Jeffrey (South Carolina 6-3 219lbs)
#8) N Toon (Wisconsin 6-2 215lbs)

3rd Rounders
#9) J Criner (Arizona 6-3 224lbs
#10) B Quick (App State 6-4 220lbs)
#11) D Jones (UNC 6-3 230lbs)

Late 3rd/4th Rounds
#12) T Streeter (Miami 6-5 220lbs)
#13) J Adams (Arkansas 5-11 180lbs)
#14) M Jones (Cal 6-2 200lbs )
#15) C Givens (Wake Forrest 5-11 200lbs)

Who doesn’t doubt that Patriots with 2 1st Round Selections (#27 & #31 Overall) wouldn’t take Hill at #31 after getting a Pass-Rushers/OLB at #27 to give them a legitimate deep threat they are lacking ..
Why trade away picks and pay a huge salary for a headache like D-Jax when you’re the Patriots and you can draft a kid who you can mold in your likeness…

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  1. Paul, in no way is Alshon Jeffery going 7th. He’s no worse than 4. Kendal Wright is not the 3rd best receiver. Small & not as fast as thought.

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