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Eagles Have Less Than A Week To Sign Or Franchise DeSean Jackson

The Eagles have nearly a week to sign DeSean Jackson to a long term deal before being forced to make a decision about whether to franchise him or let him go.  The cut off date is next Monday March 5th.

I believer there’s an offer coming from the Eagles to Jackson and it’s probably a three-year deal in the $20-$25 million range with bonus money and a $6-$7 million range salary per season.  I see them giving Jackson until Sunday March 4th to accept their offer.

If the speedy wide receiver and his agent Drew Rosenhaus decline the offer, then he will be a goner and will not be franchised.

The Eagles are not going to pay above what they feel will be a good fair offer.  It goes against everything they do.   Why would they risk having to spend $9.4 million on a wide receiver for the 2012 season, when that player rejected their offer.  They would only end up losing Jackson after 2012 anyway.

If no deal is struck within the next week, then he’s a goner, no doubt about it.  To be honest with you, I hope he goes.

If I know one thing about the way the Eagles front office operates, it’s that one player will never hold this franchise hostage, not Terrell Owens, not Lito Sheppard, nor Michael Lewis, nor Corey Simon, or Jeremiah Trotter, not Sheldon Brown, not Hugh Douglas,  nor guard John Welbourne (if you remember him), not Shawn Andrews, nor Brian Dawkins, and D-Jax will not be the first one either… It’s the way it is. on Facebook

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59 Comments for “Eagles Have Less Than A Week To Sign Or Franchise DeSean Jackson”

  1. Why you’re writing an article about the guy you claim is a thug is beyond me Paulman. You still never answered my question as to why Desean who started a pancreatic cancer foundation in memory of his dad and has never been in trouble since being drafted by us is a thug to you, while Andy reids sons who’s been to jail and smuggled drugs into jail aren’t thugs but Desean is to you. Stop avoiding the question and give me a straight answer paulman.

    Desean will get a 5 year deal, then lurie will come out to reporters and smile and talk about important it was for both sides to get the deal done; Nuff said.

  2. drug emporium at the Reid House — I still remember the media harassing Allen Iverson’s family while giving Andy Reid’s wife a free pass on her Home and Eagles Team vehicles being used as Narcotic Distribution Centers

  3. Drew Rosenhaus will get more money for his client DJax just like he did for T O and the Eagles will get a cheaper WR for their books like Donte Stalworth’s and Kevin Curtis ——- but don’t think the replacement for DJax is going to be better

  4. Why do you still write these articles on here? You have no sources bro. Just give it up and stay on the comment section. You’re making seem more like a rumor mill than a legitimate Eagles News site.

  5. On another note, here’s what I think is going to happen.

    DJax gets tagged and traded.

    Eagles sign Plaxico Burress to a 2 year 2.5 million dollar deal.

    Maclin becomes the new face of the Eagles WR corps. Probably gets a new deal too along with Shady.

    2012 Eagles WR Corps looks like this: Maclin, Burress, Avant, Cooper, Some speedster that we draft in the middle rounds.

  6. BoB – that 2012 rvc corp – I think that’s a great looking rcvr corp – hope you are right

  7. Let him go. Bring in Buress. Roll with Maclin, Burress, Avant and Celek..with Shady swinging out of the back field. Trade Asante while your at it. Once players start taking games off the damage is irreversible. Get rid of all the bad blood!!!

  8. Paul is that really you man!!!……Congrats!!, on get the chance to write an article……But, DeSean isn’t going anywhere, and all the negative post will stop once he gets on the field……….So all the DeSean haters will be kicking rocks soon…because……… I told you so.

  9. I typed without reading BoB..not biting on your stuff, its the way I feel too.

  10. I’m not a Desean hater at all. I’m just a realist.

    He has bigger aspirations that the Eagles are not willing to help him get.

    I said last year that the only way the Eagles find a way to keep Desean after 2011 was if he had an outstanding year with no issues.

    He did the complete opposite of that.

  11. It is super annoying that Desean let his contract affect his play last year; at the same time, however, it is VERY understandable that he put his livelihood above the ‘team’. In fact, it is stupid to ask a person to put their ‘team’ above themselves.

  12. I like DJax and hope he remains an Eagle
    I did not think the league would franchise all these WR — (Bowe, Welker, DJax)
    but if Paulman’s opinion is reality Stevie Johnson might be worth a look

  13. If you havent heard, Plaxico Burress was on either wip or the fanatic and he flat out said he would love to come to philly and play for the eagles and come play with mike vick.. he also said he and vick talk to one another twice a week so there very close friends from the same town in virginia.. he ll be an eagle, maybe not right when FA starts but in the end he ll be an eagle… hes not a top priority but should still be a priority.. I said a year ago that the birds needed to sign plax but noone wanted him.. but the one guy that is the issue is this, Drew Rosenhaus. Hes the agent for McCoy desean and plax.. im not sure of the eagles want to be trying to negotiate 3 deals with rosenhaus as the agent, one is enough 2 is too much 3 is absurd… so again plax should be an eagle this offseason but it may not happen for the reasons i just stated…

  14. Jon Hart — you do know Drew Rosenhaus was the agent for a NUMBER of Eagles throughout his tenure as a sports agent.

    Don’t let one fiasco with Terrell Owens or what moronic fans say fool you. Drew Rosenhaus is the best agent in the game (for the players) but he and the Eagles have a GREAT working relationship.

  15. D-Jax leaves after turning Down eagles offer over the Weekend
    Eagles sign P Burress to a 1 Year Incentive laden deal and also sign WR Robert Meachem to a 3 year Deal for modest $$$.
    2012 WR Corps is Maclin,Burress with Meachem,Avant and Cooper and a Draft pick to compete with Avant & Cooper… Not a bad WR corps at all..

  16. Paulman — Avant is not going to lose the Slot position to anyone.

    If we get Burress, it would come down to Meachem and Cooper battling it out for #4 — I would say that they both get 5-7 plays a game.

  17. Cooper will battle Avant for the Slot positon is my belief..Avant probably has 1 more Season in Philly.. He’s too slow and can’t seperate even from LB’s.. Copper has the quickness (not burners speed) and should be a nice safe ,big target for Vick due to his Size… I think we see Maclin and Burress lining up wide with Meachem rotating in and out based on field position, red-zone opportunities… Meachem plays 25 Snaps a game and contributes and then by 2013 Takes over as a Starter when Burress retires.. .

  18. Paulman, Robert Meachem can’t touch DeSean…….stop it. Your joking right? Drew Brees is not on this team to make him look better than he really is.

  19. Paulman be real. Avant has the best hands on the team and all he does is catch first downs! He’s not going anywhere nor is he going to lose his position.

    Maclin – Burress – Avant and I have been agreeing with you about signing Meachem so don’t take it too far. Meachem/Cooper will share the load.

    I’m discounting DJax because Maclin can do everything he does at the WR position and then some…….but just a TAD bit slower.

  20. Paul you must be nuts the Eagles let all the other go because they were not in the future plans and Djax is too much a talent to just “LET GO” they might do a trade but RELEASE no way jeeeeez “CMON MAN”

  21. If DJax does walk.
    I can live with Plaxico and draft Steven Hill out of Georgia Tech in the third round.
    Quick Mock
    1- 1st round. -Kuechly – Mayock has convinced me, but trading back and Hightower is appealing.
    2. 2nd round – Top DT available – Still, Alemeda, Wothy, Cox (get lucky)
    3. 2nd round – best player availiable. SAM would be nice.
    4. Steven Hill – big guy with speed – throw it up and let him get it unlike DJax.

    I am a firm believer is big recievers that go get the ball. Eli has 2 rings because the Giants draft big recievers and big, strong defensive ends.

  22. Melvin Ingram gets some talk, but he looks like Graham to me. If Graham pans out this year, the whole defensive line looks pretty good.

  23. I still smile when people like Pman talk about Djax as a Punk. The guy has been good for the community, good for his team (well… mostly) and good for the eagles- Jersey sales.

    You dont like him because you dont like him. Fine. But if you think he just walks out the door… well than you are just being a PMAN. Trade him? sure fine. But watch him walk? No- and shame on you for wanting that.

  24. ” I think we see Maclin and Burress lining up wide with Meachem rotating in and out based on field position, red-zone opportunities…”

    I think that statement right there is exactly why you shouldn’t be writing on this site. That, and the schizophrenic, both sides of the story analysis. When Desean is franchised this week, you’ll claim to have known it all along.

  25. Stevo,
    I don’t think D-Jax is a Punk, I have stated numerous times that I think he’s
    a Punk/Thug Wanne Be..I don’t put players on a pedestal above the Team like many Eagle Fans do.. Is he an exciting/dynamic player, absolutely, is he surly, unfocused,immature and not always a team player, yes he is..
    The big point I think maybe many are missing is how this Eagles Franchise and Front Office Deal with Players and their Contracts… They will make fair offers and occasionally overpay for Free-agents, but home grown, drafted players will get 1 Final Fair Offer from the Eagles, and if the player or his agent thinks they deserve more, than the Eagles move that player and will not allow a holdout, press conferences become a distraction..
    Ever since the Terrell Owens fiasco, and even before, the Lurie/Banner regime are not going to allow a player to hold the Franchise hostage and just as important, the Eagles front Office sends this very same message to the other 52 POlayers on the Roster too… This is how they work…
    My thoughts on this entire D_JAx situation has been this, If the Eagles wanted him bad enough for the long-term, he would have a deal already..
    They do Franchise players unless they feel that the player is in the teams long-term plans and that a long-term deal is doable and reasonable in their eyes.. Again, I am not stating that this is a right or wrong way to go, I am mereley stating how the Eagles go about their business.. Next Season RB McCoy, Maclin and T Cole’s Deal’s are all up.. and the Eagles are not going to take a chance of paying D-Jax Franchise $$$ and then being stuck with him at $9.4 Million Salary for 1 Year Rent a Season… Teams can onlly Franchise a player once in their Career due to the new CBA agreed upon so if the Eagles don’t think they can sign him to a long deal by now, what makes anyone think they can do while the season is in progress or next off-season.. and then he does become a free-agent and walks after next off-season.. So do you take the Risk and pay him $9.4 Million for 1 more Season of Football or cut the chord and let him walk and since all the other teams in the NFL know they are not going to sign a long-term deal with D-JAx, what Trade value does he really return in this scenario….a 3rd or a 4th Rounder.. With lots of WR’s onm the Market, a good looking Draft class coming into the NFL in 2012, The Eagles lose all Leverage by placing a Franchise Tag on him which is exactly what D-Jax/Agent want.. but always pay attention to the message the front office is sending out to the other players as well for this is how they operate..

  26. Birdo – you thought this was a legitimate Eagles News Site? It’s a blog with comment sections below. The site’s name and main blogger is a former player and media member, but this is just his blog site with adds and comment boards. Nothing legitimate here except for reprinted news….

  27. Although lately it has turned into just another blog site, this was the site that first broke Asante Samuel coming to the Birds schiller.

    Catch up on your history.

  28. Some more bad news for Eagles fans
    49ers extend OLB Ahmad Brooks another 6 Years thru the 2017 Season for a total package of $44.5 Milion with an average of $7 Million per Season..
    Agent for Steve Tullock is jumping for Joy and Banner/GM Roseman have probably closed the book on acquiring top Free-Agent LB’s..
    Coupld this Deal with the one the Browns LB Q’Well JAcksons signed yesterday and the Positon of LB is paying a whole lot more in 2012 ???


    Paulman quate: “I don’t think D-Jax is a Punk, I have stated numerous times that I think he’s a Punk/Thug Wanne Be..I don’t put players on a pedestal above the Team like many Eagle Fans do.. Is he an exciting/dynamic player, absolutely, is he surly, unfocused,immature and not always a team player, yes he is”

    Which is it Paulman??? a punk or not a punk thug? You’re talking out da side of your mouth like you usually do. Unfocused and immature because he’s pissed about his contract??? Just admit you really hate him because he’s not an ass kisser to this front office like you prolly would be and the fact that you dislike him because he ain’t in line with your “tight ass” brown nosing.

    Glad to see you still avoiding me and overtly answering me by replying to Stevo concerning my question. Weak buddy; real weak man.

  30. Birdo you’re tripping. There’s no way in hell this site broke the Asante Samuel news. You may have heard it here first, but that’s just silly.

  31. Paul, quit it with the “they won’t sign tulloch because other teams are paying big for LBs”. It’s a different salary cap this season, and the Birds have proven that they are more than willing to spend big on free agents. And you’ve proven to say things just to piss people off because its fun for you. We see through your bullshit.

  32. Schiller, whether you want to believe it or not….I’m sure there are some guys around here that can tell you.

    I believe it was Micah Warren that broke it. I remember because I stayed up the night free agency was suppose to commence.

    I believe he broke it before midnight (which would mean they tampered but they all do it right?) or right after midnight.

    I know this is the site that broke it because I was checking everything I could check and Warren was the first to put it out there.

  33. Matter of fact, look at his biography on this site. He tells you himself he’s the one that broke it.

  34. Rocko,
    Whats the questio,n.. D-Jax open up a Cancer Foundation in name of his Father which I think is great.. He’s a good person and I have no ill will personally for him or his family.. I just don’t think he’s all that great of football player and teammate.. His stats over the last Season and 1/2 are so-so.. His immature antics on the field are embarassing to him and his teammates, running backwardfs, waving the arms… C”mon, you are a Professional and let’s act like yuo been there before.. Why he even is on the Punt-return team anymore is beyond me, take that great return vs the Giants in 2010 and he really has regressed the last 2 seasons.. All this woop to do for 4 TD’s last season and how he is supposed to open up everything on offense for the rest of the team when the Eagles only won 8 games just doesn’t hold that much water for me.. If he was so great and a difference maker, then why haven’t they won any significant games the last couple of seasons

  35. This is not a blog site. Google Philadelphia Eagles and click on the news section and every time a article gets posted here it ends up in the news section on google. These are articles the entire world can read and with articles like these are shameful to the outside community. If you want to Blog I would suggest Blogspot

  36. the Eagles kept leaking information to the press for the past 6 months that what they are willing to pay and what Desean thinks he is worth is miles apart —
    Well Desean thinks he is worth 9.4 million for 2012
    Only Jeff Lurie is making the decision now
    YES or NO
    ———– Joe and Howie have shielded Jeff Lurie from this answer/question with: we can trade him, sign him for less, replace him with a biggger better option which is all a lie and unaccomplishable
    Will Jeff give Desean 9.4million like Desean said he is worth or let him walk and stand miles apart

  37. You know what the eagles are kind of in a good bad situation, think about it. They may or may not pay desean, but they have to pay shady and maclin. Dam and you know shady is going to ask for chris johnson money, and then we will see our front office true colors. Shady should be paid on par or more than johnson. Then for all you maclin lovers, he’s going to want some coin too. Dam the eagles are not going to pay these guys all too money. Oh and congrats pman on the article.

  38. Paulman that is some serious bs back pedaling, now when rock o calls you out for your inappropriate labels you so callously threw at jackson just because he is different than your your soft white ass, now you say he is a good person, nice try, you sound like bill clinton

  39. But let me say I hope they can figure it out and bring djax back as well. Man we gotta do better than meachem. I don’t want the saints third stringer.

  40. I’m not dure I’ve ever read an article within an article. Pman- you kill me man. What’s funny is that Pman tries to make it sound like we all want jackson to stay because we put him on a pedistal- funny thing is… We’ve all been talking about how he stretches the field. The only one talking about jacksons charater is YOU pman. As I’ve said ovger and over… I don’t care about these guys.. They are pawns. This has nothing to do with race so.. Settle down ladies… But what I’m saying is… I root for the name on the front of the jersie. So… What’s best for the eagles is if Djax stays OR if they trade him. I’m sorry pman- he’s not going to just get to walk. As far as “gow the eagles do biz”- give me a break pman. I was the one that said they were going “ALL IN” last year and you over and over and over and over said they were not. Stuff your therories.

  41. Lots of spelling mistakes on that post- I’m all thumbs on my phone but….

    One big name your forgot to add to that list pman- ASAM- last year… Lots of $- birds kept him- Y? Because they are not going to let talent run out the door.

  42. DJax, Shady, and Maclin are not falling for the crap spewing out of Joe Banner’s fuzzy math contract that made Jeff call him the Gold Standard of the Salary Cap that Trent Cole and Brian Westbrook got tricked into signing

  43. Yeah eagle0 you right, they have to pay these guys man. I mean even you maclin fans gotta know he’s gonna ask for some serious money too. We shall see what the birds do it will be interesting. I am sure that maclin is keeping eyes and ears open on the djax negotiations.

  44. What the hell is wrong with me tonight I am agreeing with everybody F$$K you all. Sike only kidding

  45. So do the eagles win a superbowl without D Jax ?, wbHowaboutith the best receiver in the league today. I say no they would not. Desean jackson is the least of this teams problems. Mike vick must improve his passing andstop with the turnovers, the dfenseneeds to step it up. Stop haranguing on Desean Jackson and look at the linebackers and safeties on this team that flat out stinks.

  46. BoB, don’t waste your breath, time, or energy, arguing with him. This site is the World according to Schiller. Don’t you know that, everytime he reprimands you, it is one day closer to exile? He’s an @$$clown with no life, that get’s his rocks off of verbally torturing others, as he was as a kid. Nothing screams I WAS BULLIED, NEVER HEARD, & MENTALLY ABUSED, more than that @$$clown. He does nothing but reprimand everyone, with his keyboard Nazi ways. God forbid, that we have a mind, brain & thought of our own! GO AWAY SCHILLER, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR WANNABE SCOLDINGS!

  47. I agree Eaglehas…the Vick issue is a much bigger problem than Desean. That being said, Desean is just a small fast wr. I don;t know why everyone thinks he’s so important. Style over substance. And I hate his attitude.

    Believe me, this team will be much better when the “me firsts” are all shipped out of here.

    Perhaps these big LB contracts going to change Eagles’ FO strategy….no more Free agent signings….draft the academic assassin at 15.

  48. Uh oh, I hurt dcars feeling again. Someone get him a cookie or some candy or he will keep whining and screaming till the manager makes us leave the restaurant. Someone missed their nap today!

  49. Well if last Season performance is any indication of going “All-In”, Stevo
    I hate to see what happens this Year… Yikes

  50. Birdo, got you – two eternal truths, “Its printed on the internet, therefore its true” and “one report makes a legitimate news source”.

    I actually think it was tongue in cheek joke on Micahs part.

  51. Birdo, also, that part of Micha’s bio can absolutely mean “First of the gcobb writers to report the asante samuel signing on gcobb”, which is incredibily possible, quite plausable, and equally insignificant

  52. Paulman – Your tune changes quicker than a stripper changes outfits. We know you’re full of it buddy…anyway.

  53. A couple of things (as if anyone really cares) ,
    I#1) am not writing any articles here for Gcobb.. The Web-site is pulling some of my remarks from earlier thread and making an article out of it.. I have had this happen many times over the last year as I have seen with other posters as well.
    #2) My Thoughts on D-Jax, He’s a nice player, but I would not break the bank to pay him for what I think is average production and the fact they he probably won’t have that long of a career playing Football sue to his frail size and history of Concussions.. I think the EAgles got the best that D-Jax has to offer moving foreward so cut the chord and move on is my thoughts.. Every keeps acting as if the Offense will come to stand-still id D-JAx isn’t an Eagle I just don’t buy into that.. These are Professional Athletes and Good WR’s are a dime a dozen .. Use them up until the next player steps up and takes over.. It’s how the NFL is anymore.. . Are Stellers worrying about hurting Hines Ward’s Feelings, The COlts with perhaps the greatest regualr Season QB in History with Peyton Manning.. It’s a young players time and after a few good years are put in, it’s time to get a replacement.. D-JAx has played 4 Seasons and regressed over the last 2 years.. I don’t seem him anywher near being an elitie WR in the NFL or Playmaker that he was due to pussing out on Punt Returns, hitting the turf on reversers and bubble screesns.. He runs a great deep post and that’s about it in my book… If telling it like it is pisses off fans or other posters, then so be it.. but everyone is in love with this guy and what has he done the last 2 Seasons.. not very much in my opinion…

  54. Nice try at a switch pman- how they did means NOTHING as far as my point goes. Last year u said they would NOT bring in big names, you said it as in if it were fact. U were WRONG. Speaking of wrong- the birds WILL pay a LB this time pman. They have no choice. And when they have been proved wrong about a position, they DO change. See T.O. For that one. But in order to do it- someone has to go. That will be asam. They will try to trade him but if need be, he will be cut. Look for them to make him PART of a trade because they won’t just trade him for a 4th and look foolish. He may be part of a deal to move up if needed.

    As far as those that want to say djax was not a problem(and remember, I say they should keep him) just go look at his #’s compared to Vinjax. Almost the same accept his drops. He is a DROP machine. Stop pointing fingers at 1 guy for last year. Pleantyyyy of blame to go round. Starting with the sorry D coaching.

  55. This team is just not all that good Stevo.. Sorry your frustrated about it, but in hindsight had 5-6 New Coaches and new Schemes put it, the Eagles shouls have stayesd away from Signing retreads in Free-Agency and stayed with younger players who have more upsise and will be on the team for a longer period of time.. This is what I thought and stated they should do.. What sense did it have Starting VY for 4 Games when you they still need to know if QB Kafka can play at NFL Level.. Or have retread Ronnie Brown and Steve SMith signed taking valuable reps and game planning away from a RIley Cooper, D Lewis, etc,etc.. I look at this Current Eagle Defense and I see 3-4 good players who are past their primes with basically no one ready to take their spots.. Maybe Graham and DCR.. maybe but doubtful.. The SAfety position has been a revolving door for what 4-5 years nows..
    I don’t think VIck can be consistent and patient enouigh to be a winner in the NFL, SO bottom line, I don’t believe this Team is going anywhere anytime soon, So I would rather see the younger players to see who the futre stars and leaders for the Team will be..
    Until they get a “real GM” they are going nowhere and then you compound it with a stale, predictiable, a has been gadget philosophy that doesnt win games anymore as the HC.. The future I am afraid does not look that bright to me for the Eagles over the next 3-4 Year horizion..

  56. *proven.

    I’m like 5 when I use my phone and 7 when I use my laptop.

  57. Schiller!!! Don’t flatter yourself! It would take a lot more than a meaningless, lifeless, moron like you, to hurt my feelings, brother. Go get yourself a life, loser!

  58. Go learn the meaning of the word sarcasm, before you make stupid comments. Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot, your moronic reading comprehension, doesn’t fully allow you to decipher, or understand what you are reading.

  59. Eagles have just placed the Franchise Tag on Desean Jackson!!!

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