Jeff Lurie A Risk Taker? Prove It And Sign Manning

At his January “I am going to fire Reid…NOT!” press conference Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie informed the media and the fans that he considers himself to be a risk taker. He also has informed the fans multiple times during the past few seasons that the Eagles are “all in,” if that is true wouldn’t the Eagles go after Peyton Manning?

Manning is an injury liability but so is the Eagles current quarter back Michael Vick. Baed on recent history, Vick is guaranteed to miss 2-4 games in 2012, Manning never missed a game prior to last season.  Yes, Manning is coming off a serious injury but it can be argued that Michael Vick has an equal chance of suffering a season ending injury as Peyton Manning. So C’mon Lurie, you big ol’ risk taker, take the risk bring in Peyton Manning.

If you are hesitant in ditching Vick for Manning take these stats in to account, Michael Vick’s career high for touchdown passes in a season was 21, Peyton Manning’s lowest amount of touchdown passes in a season is 26, and that was his rookie season. Michael Vick has played in all 16 games only once in his NFL career, Peyton Manning did not miss a start in his career until his neck injury last season.

When looking at the Eagles bringing in Manning, Lurie “the risk taker,” should ask himself these questions: Would the Eagles red-zone offense continue to struggle if Peyton Manning was at the helm? Will the complexion of the locker room change for the better? Will the fan base be regenerated with enthusiasm? If Michael Vick gets hurt in week two and Trent Edwards is leading the Eagles for an extended period of time will Philadelphia sports talk station be filled with callers and host looking back to this time and second guessing the front office?  Could the Eagles get Manning on the cheap?

The fact is despite what Lurie claims; he is not a risk taker, not in football anyway. If Lurie was a risk taker wouldn’t the Eagles have drafted Randy Moss back in 1998? Didn’t off the field problems cause the Eagles to opt for the talented yet safer pick in Tra Thomas. The Eagles wide receivers in 1998 were the 67 year old Irving Fryar, Jeff Graham and Dietrech Jells, please do not argue the team really needed a left tackle.

What about Warren Sapp in 1995? The Eagles stayed away from him because he was considered a risk, instead opted for the safer Mike “Almost Sacked Him” Mamula. If Lurie was a risk taker, why didn’t he simply pay Terrell Owens after the 2004 season, sure it would have been a risk, but isn’t that what risk takers do? If Lurie is a risk taker why is Andy Reid still the head coach, Reid is the safer option, not the riskier one. The Eagles take risk once about every five years, and when they take the risk and get burned they retreat.

The Eagles have the chance to acquire one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history at a bargin basement price, yet they will NOT do it because signing Manning, and releasing or trading Vick is a major risk. RISK is the only reason the Eagles will not go after Peyton Manning, if there was no RISK involved it would be a no-brainer.


52 thoughts on “Jeff Lurie A Risk Taker? Prove It And Sign Manning

  1. I can’t see the Eagles having any interest in QB P Manning…
    I could see them making a move in the Draft to move up to get RGIII
    Where Manning SIgns (Dolphins or Redskins) could make it easier for the Eagles to move up to #2 with the Rams to get RGIII…
    I don’t see the Rams trading this #2 pick to divisional rivals like Seahawks/Cardinals so the fact that Manning will be out there (if healthy) and will sign with someone else to take them over the top could make it very possible for the Eagles and Rams to strike a Deal…
    Redksins and DOlphins have to be licking their chops for instead of trading away valuiable Draft Picks and PLayers to the Rams for unproven QB in RGIII who will need some seasoning, they can go out and sign MAnning to a 3 Year Deal and all it will cost them is $$$$$, both Owners for Dolphins & Redksins Owners have deep pockets to pull this off where the Cardinals/Seahawks and Browns are much more frugal with their Salary situations. and th efact the Redksins and DOlphins are just a few pieces away from bring PLayoff Contendors.. ..

  2. Wasn’t signing Vick a risk in itself? You are way off base here Jerry. Bad choice of words being used.

    But I understand what you are trying to get across.

  3. Paulman is right, RGIII is a better option. I still believe getting Vick’s replacement is a MAJOR goal in this off season, with RGIII and Tannenhill the likely targets.

  4. There is “risk taking” and there is “stupid.”

    Signing a 35+ yr old guy who has had 3 neck surgeries and experimental treatments to re-grow nerves over in Europe isn’t a risk. Its stupid. We’d be sitting around hoping the guy could come through over the next 3 years. (besides, I still don’t think he’s going to play).

    Which is just about the exact same as…

    Signing a 30 yr old, two years removed from NFL in prison, injury prone, innacurate, not very bright, mini-man to be the QB and then hoping he would be successful. So Eagles’ fans sitting around hoping that this guy is going to come through for 3 years.

    Both signings woudn’t be/weren’t risky. They would be/were stupid.

  5. Oh. And left tackle is infinetely more important than a WR. Eagles picked up a solid probowler that manned the left side for a decade. A lot more important than Randy Moss.

  6. Mannings career is over unless he changes his throwing motion and foot placement… and rg3 isnt as good as vick nor will he be in 3 years. but if andy reid wants to save his job it would be the best move to move up and take rg3 because he would have so many excuses he could use to return next season and many more to come

  7. I think the sole reason why they don’t go after Peyton is that that they have too much invested in Vick. After last season, the last thing this team needs is another major change at the most important position. I like how the writer pointed out that you’re most likely already going to lose Vick for 2-4 games this year, as history has a funny way of repeating itself. Not sure Peyton would want the pressure of this fan base either.

  8. You dog lovers need to go away and leave football to those who have a clue and GCobb should be ashame allowing you fools to even right a blog or anything else. But insane people say insane things. Why don’t you write for who ever signs him and get the hell away from Eagles. What a joke you are won’t be reading this trash anymore. Good bye loser!

  9. Why is it always the Redskins and Manning? Yes, they have a need, but do you think that he can co-exist with Shanahan and a run happy offense? I don’t. Manning will want control and that is something that Shanny doesn’t want to give. Plus, that team is so far away from a championship. No way he signs with the Redskins.

  10. eagles0superbowls, how on earth can you make that statement? Please explain. Peyton is arguably one of the greatest QBs of all time and has put up huge numbers outside of a dome. I guess Drew Brees is a dome QB as well?

  11. To Bugs,
    Shanahan has already gone on record that he would welcome Peyton Manning with open arms and let him run the Offense as he saw fit.. Remember that Shanahan is startign his 4th Season of a 5 year deal and wants to win just like every other HC (besides AR) and wants to ideally turn the HC position over to his Son when his contract runs up and having a Manning on a 3 Year Deal makes this very possible.
    Now for this to occur, Manning would make sure Redksins upgrade thier OL and WR.. Redksins would have to sign a V-Jax or a Colston, Reggie Wayne and add OL help which is all very doable with Snyders deep pockets
    The have a good young RB, Good young TE and a very good Defense, Redksins would be a very good fit and Manning being the atutre historian of the NFL traditions would love nothing more than bringing a once-proud Franchise like the Redksins or Dolphins back to glory just like he did for the Colts….

  12. Thanks for the info Pman, but I don’t see it working out well. This reminds me of Dan Marino and Jimmy Johnson. And they have a lot of holes especially if they don’t bring London Fletcher back on defense. I don’t see a championship in their future with or without Manning.

  13. Fix the stinkin defense and stop worrying about 7. He’s the franchise and how many teams have qb holes or have been tryna fill them for a decade?He needs to stay clean and stop using the rock as a sword. I have soem faith in him this season. Got a whole offseason with Marty and how could he not self reflect on his play. They missed the p-offs by one game and played witht he champs twice. His turnovers must go down. But his abiluity to take over a game is still there.

    You dont know if Manning still has that….therefore let thwe Skins sign him and paste him twice a year with our nasty year better d-line.

  14. Tony Dungy said that in her personal opinion, he doesn’t see Peyton going to the NFC East because he wouldn’t want to play against Eli twice a year. Makes sense to me.

  15. I believe if Peyton was to come to the NFC he would have the easiest route to the SB, he wont have to battle with past rivals like the steelers, jets, pats as well as other up and coming teams like the Broncos on his roas to the SB.. The Redskins will be instant contenders if they get him, lets hope he doesnt sign with any team in the NFC or the NFC east for that matter, i cant take two mannings in the same division… Now if he was on the eagles radar i would not mind bc i think he would lead up to a SB, its just his age thats the issue.. 35 years old. Im not concerned with the off season injury, hes 100% healed and ready to play.. I still would not mind seeing the birds draft RG3 who may be a long shot but he would solidify our QB position for the next 10 years…

  16. The problem with that whole idea is simply this: We don’t know what we would be getting in Manning. Giving his history and accomplishments Do you really think the Colts would just cut him if they thought he was capable of playing even at a reduced capacity of what he has been able to in the past? I think not!

    Oh and another thing-@jmt8251 why all the hate for G? He didn’t write the article.. lol

  17. I think the Manning winds up with the Miami Dolphins for the following Reasons

    #1) A Good OL when Healthy (LT J Long is one of the Best OT in the NFL, Center Pouncey is a rising star and RG V Carey is a Pro-Bowler too..)
    #2) Pretty Good WR Corps in Brandon Marshall, Devin Boss and Brian Hartline ..(Free-agent WR Reggie Wayne is from South Florida and would probably sign a cheap Free-Agent Deal with the Dolphins to reunite with Manning)
    #3) Have 3 Quality RB’s (Reggie Bush,Daniel Thomas and Steve Slaton)
    #4) Has a Quality Defense that can keep them in games
    #5) Has the Tradition of Winning Super Bowls (though it’s been a long time)
    #6) Peyton Manning has Property/House down in Southern FLorida
    #7) An Owner (Steven Ross) with Deep Pockets and will meet his demands
    Last and not least.
    #8) Being the Competitor that Manning is, he would love the Opportunity to face QB Tom Brady & HC Belicheck twice a Season

  18. Manning wants to play for the Miami Dolphins my sources are telling me.. But if the eagles had interest he would listen..

  19. The Downside for Playing for the DOlphins

    #1) 1st time HC Joe Philbin and long-time coach OC Mike Sherman , how does Peyton Manning get along with these guys and their philosophies, are both of these Coaches going to want to defer the “Offensive Authority” to Manning (Both Philbin/Sherman are groomed in the Holmgrem WCO Style of Offense) Does a 1st time Coach in PHilbin lose authority to the rest of the team where he is trying to build a rapport and trust with to begin with as a 1st Time Coach and ends up being percieved as “Mannings Yes-Man”..
    Lots of moving parts and from what I know and read about Philbin and Sherman is that they both have the type of personalities and self-confidence to work with a Type A/Controlling Personality like Manning..

  20. Report on PFT that Wayne is interested in playing in Miami too. I think the Dungy point about not wanting to play Eli 2 times a year is a good one too. That sounds like something that would be important to the Mannings.

  21. Paulman is Jon Hart’s Source since he steals everything from me… ha
    I am wrong…

  22. Paul– what have I stolen from you? Are you kidding me? I dont keep up with what you write bro, sorry to bust your bubble.. And on top of it all i dont live to post on everyday like you do, i dont have the time but obviously you do, so you can continue to wear the crown of obsessed blogger, and i ll continue to enlighten you with my knowledge of all 4 sport teams especially the eagles and sixers.. steal from you? haha now thats funny..

  23. I swear all you fans are IDIOTS Peyton Manning is one of the greatest QB’s EVER. Andy’s era has never beaten Peyton Manning. Micheal Vick had 1 great season and we’re all ready to anoint him the future of this team? you fans are morons. You talk about why you never won a superbowl and you really think your chances of getting one is better with Vick? PLEASE.

  24. We have never ever ever ever had a quarterback of this caliber play here in philly. Not even close enough said.

  25. That was really insightful Eaglessuck….

    The Eagles beat the Colts in 10’…is that what you meant by “Andy’s era has never beaten P.M? I just guessing thats what you meant since your whole comment was a total waste of space on the net…you shoudl send a check to Al Gore for wasting space.

    He’s old…been through multiple surgeries and they haev invested aliot in 7. Is it the right move….wtf do we know…and what do you know.Arent you the Giants fan who comes on here all the time and acts like a tooshed? props to Gmen…there the champs…but show some class.

    Calling people morons for there opinions is classless and shows YOUR actually the moron.

    He is the franchise and we’ve hooked our wagon to em and that is what it is…tryna change it now and talk about the downside of it is just plain “loser talk”. Deal with it and lets get in the p-offs and see what he’s got htis time around.

    We’re not READY to annoint him…he has been annointed dude.The whole conversation about that is old…its reality…so stop beating a dead horse and come on bro….bring some substance.

  26. Yo E, let me say this if he is healthy he is way better than anything we have ever seen here at qb by a lot. Yes he is thirty five but he is still better than vick. I mean I know that we won’t be getting him, but if we could why not. He is way way better than vick. Hell the vikings exposed him and reid on how they can’t adjust. You get peyton, you take reid out of the offense too. Peyton runs his own show.

  27. See I look at it like this can Vick go toe to toe with these quarterbacks in the playoff’s when it counts: Eli, Rodgers, Brees, the answer is no. If peyton is healthy he can compete with these guys.

  28. Some of you dudes need to shorten your posts significantly, what you say is not as earth shattering as you think, brevity, brevity

  29. Theres no question peyton would be a significant upgrade and championship piece if healthy but that is a big if

  30. Erock congratulations for finding the only win against Peyton Manning in 12 years. “We’re not READY to annoint him…he has been annointed” that right there shows you how much you know. The Eagles have never “annointed” Michael Vick after this year his guaranteed money is up and they can show him the front door. You call a 2 year QB annointed? please bruh.

    I call it like I see it. If I see a comment where someone wants Michael Vick over Manning thats moronic. Dont say dumb things and you wont get called a moron. Plain and simple

    How can you bring up injuries when Michael Vick is probably the biggest injury prone QB in all off football?

  31. We are looking at a top 5 of the greatest QB’s that ever played the game that has at least 3 years left in to him. Vick has had 1 year where he showed promise. Manning will make Desean look like a midget version of Larry Fitzgerald.

  32. IF the Eagles didnt give Vick this STUPID contract, I would be all for Manning, BUT they did and we cant have both on the roster.

  33. IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!! For the love of God, stop it with this crap already!!! He is a 36 years old statue, coming off of 4 surgeries, including bone fusion, vertabre removal & nerve damage, at half his normal strength & is one hit away from paralysis. Him being a top 5 HOF QB, & all his past accomplishments don’t change or eradicate those FACTS! This isn’t PS3 Madden football gents. Think with a grain of sense of reality, before you post, & write meaningless, articles. BTW, EaglesSuck, how do you know he has 3 years left. You don’t even like the Eagles, so STFU & go on a NYG site. Nobody on here gives a crap what you have to say.

  34. Manning was beginning to slip the 2nd half of the 2009 Season and was up and down in 2010 before missing all of 2011… You cannot fight Father Time..
    He shuold retire, but I hope the DOlphins/Redksins fight over his and MAtt FLynn so the Eagles can work out a Trade Deal with the Rams for their #2 Pick and Select QB RG III who can be the Eagles next QB for 10-12 Seasons..
    It would cost them a some high draft picks but RGIII can learn behind Vick for 2012 and then EAgles can trade Vick after the 2012 Season to recoup some of these Draft Picks traded..

  35. Actually I’m ready to move on to a new conversation…but Colts oriented. With the Colts in a tight spot of probably not being able to sign their prize D-End or Pierre Garcon. Since Garcon turned his nose up to the Colts contract offer it wouldn’t surprise me if he turned up in Carolina, Oakland or Miami, San Fransisco or San Diego. Anyway this puts the Colts in a situation where they will be forced into rebuilding all of the skill positions all at once. They want a solid WR, they have to use the first pick on Luck or RG3 and outside of Blackmon there are no real locks. This could bode well for the Eagles, because they would have good leverage. They could trade Maclin for Gary Brackett and a late round pick next year.

    Then the Eagles would have to make sure they sign Vincent Jackson, Extend DJax and then they could probably sign Eddie Royal on the cheap, but I’m sure Shannahan will be in hot pursuit.

    IF the Eagles sign Brandon Car that I would be ok with them trading Samuel or DRC or both for picks.

  36. Before people get too aggravated over the number of Pro Manning posts it’s a good thing to pull back and recognize that there’s only person here, other than the idiotic writer, as best as I can tell that thinks this is a good idea.

    …And well consider the username it doesn’t actually make you think genius at any point. BWHAHAHA!

  37. The Eagles have Zero interest in V-Jax who is a head case and 1 more DUI charge of missing a season.. He wants to remain out on the West Coast anyways
    CB Brandon Carr will be signing with the Cowboys
    WR Pierre Garcon may end up with the Patriots

    I do think Maclin can be part of a package to the Rams for their #2 Pick
    Send WR Maclin , RT T Herremans & CB DCR with some Draft Picks and then Select RG III as the future QB, which also probably gives COach AR more job security…

  38. I would absolutely take P Manning at 80 percent of what he was over Vick right now. wouldn’t even have to think about it…all the wasted time outs, plays getting in late, unnoticed blitzes come off the edges would all go away. He is also 6-6 and would be able to see the WRs when they go deep. just sayin.

    A team nobody is talking about in my opinion is the RAvens. Honestly they have a 2 year window left with that D…don’t have any serious ties with Flacco yet..If I’m them I’m going for it all and telling him to bring Reggie Wayne with him too.

  39. Coach AR would never have QB Peyton Manning run his offense..
    It goes against everything he believes in as a Coach.. Do you guys really think he would let Manning Run the Offense… C’Mon, you guys are getting silly now…

  40. Unfortunately, it is our MIS-fortune to have a wimp for an owner. One who is not daring OR hands-on. I don’t mean meddling, but a dabbler with strategically placed interlopes that scream COURAGEOUS.

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