Andy Reid On Eagles Interest In Peyton Manning

Andy Reid spoke to Les Bowen of and gave him an explanation about why the Eagles aren’t interested in Peyton Manning.

“We’re obviously happy with Michael (Vick),” Reid said after he was asked about Manning.  Reid went on to say, “you could ask that question of probably everybody in the National Football League except the Giants, right? … That’s not something we’re — we’re happy with Michael.”

Despite those comments, I think Reid is probably pounding his desk a bit that they’re already so committed to Vick in this upcoming years.  There are only about five teams in the league who wouldn’t be willing to get rid of their current quarterback so that they can acquire a healthy Manning.

Of course, Manning’s health is the key.

Reid commented on the bounty controversy.  “You don’t do that with other (teams’) players. That’s not where you go. That’s not how you do business … Players want to hit you and hit you hard, but they don’t want to come in and, like, ruin your career … That’s just not how guys are wired.”

I feel confident that Reid would never do something like a put a bounty out on an opposing player.
Reid also let Bowen know that he had spoken to DeSean Jackson since the Birds put the franchise tag on him.  “I think he’ll sign the tender,” Reid said. “He was very positive about it.”
I think Reid feels he needs Jackson in the line up to help the Eagles be the type of offense he wants them to be.  He knows Vick needs Jackson’s speed out there to force opposing defenses to declare who they’re going to double team.
Now Vick needs to take his game to the next level.

35 thoughts on “Andy Reid On Eagles Interest In Peyton Manning

  1. GOOD! Now maybe we can move on with all of the idiotic, nonsensical talk of the Birds signing him. Now maybe we can talk about FA, trading DJax & Asante, & the draft. Thanks for article G, all of this Manning crap, was starting to get nauseating. Why would anybody with a half of a brain take a chance on a 36 years old statue, coming off of 4 surgeries, including bone fusion, vertabre removal & nerve damage, who is at half his normal strength & is one hit away from paralysis. Him being a top 5 HOF QB, & all his past accomplishments don’t change or eradicate those FACTS! Although I don’t think Vick will get the job done here, Manning ISN’T the answer. We need LB, LB, LB, DT, Safety, Depth, & if they are going to trade DJax, a #1 WR. Not a broken up QB.

  2. DCar, good points; however, I believe the medical experts have already indicated that Peyton’s injuries are not the type that put him at risk of being one hit away from paralysis. It’s not that type of injury. From what I gather, it’s all a matter of him getting his strength back as a result of the surgeries he has had.

  3. Agreed btc24… Peyton said yesterday that hes not where he wants to be but hes getting there, but Peytons standards are different than others.. To many onlookers, Peyton looks like his old self… Im sure Andy is beating his fist against the desk wishing they werent so invested in MV7 but the reality of the situation is that they are… Peyton coming to philly is a long shot but imagine Peyton Manning in this offense with Desean coming back, and Maclin, and Shady, and the command that Manning would have of the huddle and the offense.. Peyton would run the QB meetings, no more oline breakdowns when teams bring heavy blitzes… This is what you get when you bring a Peyton Manning to your team…Will the Eagles sign him? Probably not. But should they? Yes… You cant pass up the opportunity to bring in a guy the caliber of Peyton Manning, but the birds will most likely pass on him and stick with MV7.. But them trading up to get RG3 is a huge possiblity!

  4. *****Report****
    Sources close to me are saying that the eagles are one of 4 teams in the running for that number 2 pick.. Trading Desean, Asante and there 15th pick for that number 2 overall selection…
    I want desean back, i wouldnt mind getting value for asante but desean with his game breaking ability, you cant replace that, the kid is 25 years old.. young young young… But, if you had to package Jackson and Asante along with the 15th pick for the 2nd overall pick, how can you pass on that? You cant..

  5. Peyton would not be all that great of a fit in pHilly in my opinion…
    His deep routes are predicated off of play-action which the Eagles don’t do well since they don’t run the ball as much, Also, Manning Needs WR’s who will go across the MIddle to catch those 15-25 deep in routes that he throws so well (Does Anyone see D-Jax/Maclin running many of these routes because I don’t) and than the last thing is that Manning is used to having an athletic TE in his Offense like Dallas Clark who creates mis-matches when guarded by LB’s..The Eagles Brett Celek is not that type of Route Runner..
    Just because he was succesful in the Colts scheme does not mean he would be in the Eagles/Coach AR & MM Scheme , though I am sure they could make adjustments of his strengths with a little time and maybe some other personnel moves

  6. To JH,
    Perfect example of you stealing and duplicating my same trade scenario from last week..C’Mon Dude, get original will you… You crack me up …

  7. Paul– I did not see your trade scenario guy.. Like i said, i do not keep up with what you post, what dont you get about that? You post a million times a day on here, you think i keep up with what you say? Get over yourself, you sound like a clown. “your stealing and duplicating me” Get the heck outta here, Noone wants to copy paul mancini the gcobbaholic.. Go practice writing your articles since your a failed sports writer.. haha so sad

  8. Eagles0SB– I agree.. so you dont think that andy would take a back seat to Manning? I mean granted this guy peyton is a first ballot HOF with a SB, the last guy andy coached that came close to a dude like this was Brett Farve when andy was his QB coach in Green bay. This is a different type of cat. Peyton can run any offensive scheme in the league. That should be the last of anyones worries..

  9. I think it is foolish to assume that we know either way what Andy would do if Peyton Manning was his QB. McNabb, Kolb, and Vick are all different QBs than Manning and to assume that Reid would do the same thing for all of them and/or Manning is closed and flawed thinking. You can’t say someone’s way of dealing with one situation in the past would be the same with a different situation in (hypothetical) future.

  10. Ok….anytime that someone on this board starts a sentence with “Sources close to me….” I immediately start to laugh and usually don’t finish reading the post. Just my opinion..and the source standing next to me at McDonalds.

  11. To JH and paulman.
    If either of you think that our 1st djax, and samual, can get us down to the 2nd pick you guys are crazy. There are reports that Cleveland’s 4th and 22nd picks won’t get the 2nd overall pick. Why would the Eagles even want the 2nd pick, they are not going after RG3.
    How guys you post things that make sense.

  12. And whoever things Payton on the eagles would be a bad fit is crazy. I know thinking he will be on this team is extremely unlikely, but we can dream can’t we.
    Although I hate where this team’s defense was last year, MV7 was around 0-7 in game winning drives. He is around 0-13 with this team. Payton is only a couple game winning drives away from having the league record. A lot of MV7s talent comes with him running outside the pocket, and because of that he probably has only 3 more really productive years. That’s how many years a lot of people are giving Payton.
    We have a young improving OL with his old coach there.
    Are WR would go down the middle for him because he wouldn’t give put them in a situation to get hurt. Celek would have a blowout year.
    A combination of Mudd and Washburn have forced Andy to actually run the ball, a combination of that and Payton changing plays at the line when he thinks it’s a run play, would give him that play action pass.
    Come on a guy can dream.

  13. Last thing, we would be able to trade Vick, maybe do a player/pick thing like we did for Kolb.

    We could maybe plug a hole at LB like that.

    and our d-coordinator can improve and not be so predictable (a conversation for a later time) this team can really make a run.

  14. To Art
    You are right about the Rams #2 Pick
    I stated is would take WR D-Jax or Maclin, CB DCR or Samuel & RT T Herremans plus the Eagles 1st Rd (15th Overall pick) 2nd Rd (#51st Overall) and a 1st Round Pick from 2013 Draft ..
    This would give the Rams 3 Starts at postions of need (WR,RT & CB) plus 3 High Draft Picks
    JH keeps stealing my posts and adding his .02 cents and I had to call him out on it …ha ha

  15. Paul has a wife who he doesnt sleep with and 2 kids he doesnt pay attention to because hes a gcobbaholic…. this guy actually thinks i watch what he writes then copy exactly what he says? Haha thats when you know someone has NO life at all.. do you have a job? You dont work for gcobb, all you do all day is post here every 5 minutes, get a better hobby.. go play with your kids heck go play with your wife.. sheesh.. you think i care to keep up with what you say?I dont care what you or anyone else writes, thats not what i live for, but you obviously read every word i post.. Im flattered, i have another fan.. haha hilarious

  16. “What the hell is he supposed to say”… “He’s lying… he’s not really happy with Vick”… “He has to say this stuff”. “Do you believe everything Andy Reid tells you?”

    This are all quotes that the haters on GCobb use when anyone gives Vick any praise or insists that Vick is a high quality QB. According to them Andy Reid, Marty Moningwig, and Howie Rosman are a bunch of liars when it comes to complimenting Vick’s play and supporting his value.

    Once the Eagles win the SB next season with Vick at the helm… I’ll be looking to rehash these old comments.

  17. Vick is a good quarterback top ten in the league right now without question, Peyton is a great quarterback top ten all time without question big difference fellas.

  18. Peyton is not going to play for anyone in the NFC East ot the Jets to compete directly with his brother Eli.. It’s not going to happen..MAnning will end up with the DOlphins, Broncos, Cardinals or my sleeper team (the Houston Texans)

  19. btc, you are right about the nerve & muscle atrophy, but when you are talking about vertabre removal, & bone fushion, he is one hit awawy from paralysis. Remember, he is a statue back there with a bullseye on him. Especially him being a lead @$$. The facts don’t lie. He is just too high of a risk, we don’t need another ??? & Reid won’t make such a drastic change, in a lame duck year. He invested everything with Vick, now will sink & swim with him, to prove everybody that he is a genius.

  20. One would think that Andy wants Peyton to play in philly. Cmon any team outside of the giants, pats, saints, packers would. Im a MV7 fan but if you were to compare the two both Vick and PManning, one is a first ballot HOF and SB champion, the other is a highlight reel, must see tv, injury prone guy that still has alot to learn about the game. I never make a big deal out of age MV7 31 PManning 35.. and they both play two different styles. If we had a more conventional QB that had the ability to scramble but maintain control of the offense we would have won a SB by now.. but i digress… i say keep MV7, just ride it out with him. You really have no other choice. Teams are not trying to trade for him with that ridiculous contract he has this year with the guaranteed money involved and other incentives.. the eagles are stuck. Now if it was 2013 they could cut ties bc of how the contract was drawn up, but they have to ride it out, and im not mad about it.. im eager to see Vicks progress bc im hearing that hes been going to the novacare complex just about everyday since there season ended.. thats great news.. hopefully we ll get a motivated, smarter, determined MV7 this year

  21. I have to believe that Vick is going to have a big year this year….like it or not, the lockout last year really affected his development….I believe that with a returning OL trained under the “new” Mudd system…Maclin and DJax both in the OTA`s and training camp, that the major concern for the offense (beside a successful Red-Zone strategy) is the health of Mike….all of the RG3 and Peyton talk is unnecessary….Vick is our QB and our year depends on how healthy he can stay

  22. Yeah your right greenfan, i actually agree with something you wrote.. good job… but seriously, if we look at what the offense did this pass season, the bird had there struggles but they still put up huge yardage numbers, a top 5 offense, there issues were in the red zone.. if andy can find a way to use mccoy more there and less gadget plays, they will be more effective there.. too many 3rd down stalls and mistakes.. MV7 is the guy who has to lead by example and hold on to that ball and not give it up..

  23. Turnovers…yup…gotta cut down on the turnovers. Like I said above, with a `normal`offseason with OTA`s and healthy players practicing, I think we are going to see better, more consistant production out of the offense this year. Of course, one major injury to Vick and that all goes out the window, but so would most teams in the NFL.

  24. Dcar. I don’t think you’re up to speed on the Manning surgery. He had a buldging disc (the jelly filled balloon between the vertabre). The first couple of surgeries were to relieve the bulging disc. When those failed they removed the disc. I.E. they fused the c5-c6 vertabre. They certainly didn’t remove a vertabre. I’m fairly certain no one has attempted that surgery yet. LOL.

    The fused vertabre are actually stronger bond then before the surgery.

  25. Also, once the impingement was removed on the spinal cord and or nerve root the atrophy of the muscles would stop and return to normal.

  26. joe, you’re right. I misspoke a few words there. I meant to say that they removed the disc impingement. LMFBO!!! He’d be crippled without a vertebra. I get so heated on here sometimes, I go googly gaga. LOL! Thanks for the corrections. 😀

  27. No worries. It’s one of the few topics I know about. I had it done in 1999. Prior to surgery I had loss use of my right arm. Everything went back to normal afterwards. Point being is Manning is going to be fine.

    As a point of comparison. I’m three months post op on an ACL resconstruction and this is way harder to deal with than the neck surgery.

  28. A couple of Updates for those who are following the Draft and Potential Prospects. Both Alabama and Clemson had Pro-Workout Days this week (though you would know it on this site) and a few things stand out..

    Alabama – RB Richardson and SS Mark Barron still recovering from injuries and will possible do their workouts later this month…
    OLB Cortney Upshaw did not work out and reason is unclear (he did not have a very good Combine up in Indy) and probably is working out to get into better shape and maybe participate later this month when Richardson/Barron do, but it did raise some flags about his conditioning and why he wasn’t in better shape to begin with for the Combines…where he was stiff, slow and did not look like one of the premier Defensive Players ….
    MLB Donta Hightower had a very strong workout and participated in all the drills and really looked to be in tip-top shape and was very impressive to those in attendance per MIke Mayock
    CB Dre’ Kirkpatrick did not run a real fast 40 time, but is long and rangy at 6-2 205lbs.. Mayock suggest that he may be a better slot CB in the NFL and possibly even a better at Free-Safety due to his coverage and tackling abilitiy and has the frame to put another 5-10 lbs easliy.. Mayock stated that Kirkpatrick didn’t have the elite speed to keep up with the Elite WR’s at this time to play solely as an outside CB…
    DB Dequen Menzie also impressed many observors for his versatility as a Nickle CB/Free Safety and at 6-1 200 lbs also has the frame to put on 10lbs easliy while retaining his atleticism….

    I will give a little recap on the Clemson & Wisconsin Pro-Workouts later on

  29. I personally don’t give a dam where Manning goes, I just want hm to go……period. From the way some are posting you would think he comes with a guarantee to win the Superbowl, he’s a good qb not trying to minimize that, however just like any other qb he doesn’t come with a guarantee.

  30. Clemson’s workout from Yesterday

    DT Brandon Thompson (6-2 315lbs) was the Star and had a great workouts by most observors and many like him to sneak in the end of the 1st Round in a strong DT Class.. He’s a stud versus the run, strong as an ox who has some burth to penetrate..
    DE Andre Branch (6-4 260lbs) looked sharp in the drills and is awful quick coming in off the edge.. He had a strong Senior Season but disappeared in a couple of big games for Clemson down the stretch, many have him rated as the 3rd/4th Best Pass Rushing DE in this Draft.. He’s not really an OLB type and does need to strengthn his base and bottom more to become more effective versus the run per Mike Mayock.. Has a lot of upside…

    TE Dwayne Allen was disappointing again, he decided to not run the 40 time after a very slow 4.9 at the Indy Combines stating that “his College Footage proves he is plenty quick enough”…. This is not what Scouts want to see or hear from a kid trying to make an impression.. He came into the combine as the Top Rated TE buy may have fallen to a 2nd Round Sleection s behind Stanfords Coby Fleener

    FB Chad Diehl opened up some eyes in a FB Class that is very weak this Draft.. Diehl suffere a concusion and missed Senior week and was not invited to the Combine but at 6-2 260lbs, ran 4.9 31 Inch Verticle and 28 Reps of LIfting 225lbs and showed some nice hands catching the ball out of the backfield and is a very strong blocker and may be one of the few “True Fullbacks”.. maybe the Eagles Select him with one of those 3 6th Round Picks they have..

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