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Peyton Manning Is The LeBron James Of The NFL: A Choker In Big Games

All the Peyton Manning talk is over the top.  Whichever team gets him isn’t going to win a Super Bowl.  Manning isn’t a big game quarterback.  He plays his best football during the regular season, not in the playoffs.  Remember he has won only one Super Bowl and threw two interceptions in that game and was bailed out by his defense.

Both LeBron James and Manning may be the greatest players to ever play in the regular seasons of their respective sports. Manning is truly magnificent prior to the snap with the way he changes the play to run the best play against the defense.

I’ve seen him carve up defenses like it was a piece of cake.

Of course James has more career left than Manning, but both have underperformed in the post season.  I’ve seen Manning get destroyed by the Patriots numerous times.  I saw him play poorly against the Kansas City Chiefs in the year in which the Colts won the championship, but he was bailed out by the Indy defense.

The media’s over-hyping  this whole thing because he’s been a great regular season quarterback, but remember he’s won only one Super Bowl in 13 years of playing in the NFL.  Can you be the best ever going 1 for 13.

I could still understand Andy Reid being interested in Manning because he is a great quarterback and would be an improvement over Michael Vick, but like James, he doesn’t take his game to another level in the playoffs like All-Time greats like a Joe Montana or Michael Jordan.

Check out the stats, Manning has come up very small in the playoffs.

Even in the one Super Bowl which he won, Manning didn’t play well.  He beat a mediocre Chicago Bears team led by Rex Grossman, who threw an interception which was run back for a touchdown.  In the Super Bowl which the Colts lost, Manning came up very small by throwing an interception which was returned for a touchdown and cost the Colts the game. on Facebook

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79 Comments for “Peyton Manning Is The LeBron James Of The NFL: A Choker In Big Games”

  1. wow…I lost all respect for you G with this thread….Manning will go down as one of the best QBs of all time and is 100X better than Vick.

    Bring Manning to Philly with Desean, Maclin and McCoy and we can win a Super Bowl.

  2. Jott, g acknowledged manning is better than Vick, the question is whether manning is overr rated as one of the best ever, and based on his post season play, that is a resounding yes, but I would sign him if healthy

  3. manning panics in playoffs

  4. I gotta side with jott here. He has been to two superbowls and won one of them. I love how G says “has won only one Superbowl.” C’mon man. That sentence right there, although factually true, is asinine. I’m a firm believer that Peyton is one of the top 2-3 QBs of all time. A QB can’t win a superbowl on his own so I absolutely can’t stand when people compare QBs based on their championships. The Colts have historically had pretty bad defenses but I guess defenses don’t really mean much based on this article. Peyton has taken scrubs WRs and turned them into house hold names. This guy knows the game better than anyone in NFL history if you ask me.

  5. G, I respect the heck out of you but your way off on this one… When I read the title i did not think you wrote this article, i thought it came from paulman or another one of these guys. But, it was you… You cannot compare the two guys. Lebron is a 26 year old basketball player with about 8 more years to play the game and has a long time to prove all you doubters wrong. And we cant argue that hes the best in the league (Him and Wade)… Peyton is a 36 year old QB, and with him winning the SB it killed your entire arguement… Along with all theHOF numbers the man put up each and every season. We can argue that he would have been first ballot HOF if he didnt win a SB..He has struggled in playoff games but Cmon G, leave these kind of articles to the other clowns.. I know all the peyton talk gets annoying but lets not get carried away… Lebron and Peyton do not compare to one another, unless your talking about how great they are in the regular season.. the rest is not applicable…

  6. Jott don’t be blinded with your hatred for Vick, “I could still understand Andy Reid being interested in Manning because he is a great quarterback and would be an improvement over Michael Vick” simply states that G agrees with you. However, the way we rant and rave about how good Manning is, he’s only won one more superbowl than Vick, which is the measuring stick right? Not really, I like Manning, but it just proves that football is a team sport so no matter how accurate or intelligent your quarterback is, contributions have to come from all 4 sides (offense, defense, special teams, and coaching) of the ball. So for all of the Vick haters that say he will never win a Superbowl, that is a correct assessment, because no one man holds the key to a teams wins or losses.

  7. I stated this on another post but Manning did not play all that well down the stretch in of 2009 and even much of 2010 Season he was up and down..Of course his teammates were not as good either and his Coaching the last few seasons in Indy with Jim Caldwell, left a lot to be desired in my opinion..
    His Playoff Stats were actually pretty poor by his standards, but you have to remember he was going up against some pretty tough defenses every Playoffs Season in AFC versus teams like the Ravens,Steelers,Patriots
    He is definitely one of the Top QB’s of all time but at age 36, he is not the player he was 2-3-4 Years ago regardless of his neck/arm, strength.. He lost some mobilitiy and they way to beat him is to pressure him up the gut and make him move laterally and not allow him to step forward and survey the field, Put him on the move like most QB’s..

  8. The only thing I’m pointing out is that he hasn’t played at top level in the playoffs. It hasn’t been his teammates who have let him down in the playoffs, he hasn’t played as well in the playoffs.

    He has arguably been the best regular season quarterback ever with 4 MVP awards, yet in the playoffs he’s been an average quarterback. The facts are the facts, even if the truth hurts.

  9. There have been alot of quarterbacks who have performed well in the regular season and get labeled as chokers in the playoffs.They used to say eli could not win the big one but they beat the patriots a few years ago not really because the play of eli but the defense.Big ben had one of the worst stattistics for a QB in the first superbowl they won.Then there a whole lot of other qbs right now who perform well during the regular season but do not win in the playoffs like rivers and romo.Most of the time though the qbs get too much credit for when the team wins and also when the team loses.Also to say manning is only 1 superbowl win in 13 seasons is a little harsh because i am sure he was not in the playoffs every year he played.

  10. G. but “Can you be the best ever going 1 for 13.”…. ABSOLUTELY. Measuring a QB only by team stats tells you that Dan Marino was a terrible QB.

    G, you have to put more time into editing, and reading over your posts… maybe ‘sleeping on it’ before you write stuff. You’re line of thinking here is understandable, but it’s kind of lazy to not qualify it with a lot more. The Colts didn’t lose in the playoffs because Manning tanked each time. You can’t compare it to Basketball because a single player, I don’t care HOW good, you can name any NFL player EVER….cannot take over a playoff game and win it. However, Michael Jordan, or LeBron (theoretically) CAN in basketball.

  11. The fact that Manning has QB’d a team to a SuperBowl championship automatically puts him ahead of LeBraun. Yes, there are examples of teams winning the SB without a clutch QB 9most notably the 2000 Ravens), but to classify him as a choker after he has won the SB, I wouldn’t agree. You can say that he may be overrated based on his teams having only participated in (2) SB’s, but I wouldn’t say that he has been a choker as described.

    The comparison doesn’t work on alot of levels G. I haven’t seen Manning pull some of the same stunts that LeBraun has done in his relatively short career. Manning has played as a professional, gone out of his way to work with his teamates to make them better as a team. LeBraun’s “Dream Team” act shouldn’t be compared to Mannings career in Indy, just doesn’t fit. I can see where you might feel that he is often treated like “Saint Peyton of the Gridiron”…the player who could do no wrong..and that would be a fair criticism. We all know that the media has it’s darlings, and Peyton has long been one of their favorites (much as McNabb often was even without winning a championship).

  12. schiller, you have gonads the size of church bellls to call gcobb lazy, if it werent for gcobb, you wouldn’t have anything to do all day, who would you chastize, the man stated his opinion, many agree, if you disagree, state your opinion, back it up with facts, the facts are that manning has come up short in big games when others, including his brother, came up big, and for that reason it is legitimate to question whether peyton manning deserves the title of the best or one of the best of all time

  13. To label a guy, or classify him “a choker” is silly and foolish in the first place. Labels are problematic in any case, and here it’s true as well. If you call a guy a “choker” – I don’t care how many times he’s choked or not, but that’s silly because while it accurately describes his past behaviior, it’s short sighted to assume that that means he will always choke. If Lebron and the Heat win the NBA title this year, and Lebron has a great game and hits a key late shot, he will no longer be a choker. If Manning wins another SB, then Garry’s comments here (or anyone else saying it) would be mute.

    The idea that a guy will never win anything becuase he’s performed poorly in the playoffs before is just stupid. People perform differently at different times in different circumstances. Period.

  14. jakedog – uh, thanks…?

    Garry was a very good LB. He’s an accomplished athelete and member of the media, and he created this site which I do enjoy for many reasons. But why does that mean that he’s untouchable or beyond criticism? He’s a person. Dude, most of his articles contain many grammatical, spelling, and content errors, and this is by no means a novel concept or something only I have pointed out. He puts out a great amount of content, and he certainly should be commended for that. But it is quite appearant that he does not take time to review, edit, and carefully consider what he posts on this site. That’s all I was saying.

    It’s fine for you to want to stick up for the guy, but I stand by my comments.

  15. And some wilt in big games and its obvious the pressure is either getting to them and or there nerves arent as steely in a HUGE moment.That is a absolute fact Shill.Manning is an All-timer…give me Steve Young,Joe Cool,Johnny U,Ken Stabler,and i could list a few others over him in a HUGE moment.

    I wonder who knows more about pro athletes deamenor in a big moment one of us or a former Pro Sam LB?

  16. I do not mean to disrespect Garry in any way shape or form. And I always take his commentary on LBs, and D very seriously. But I do not think that him being a former player means that everything he says about football, or anything else is perfect, 100% accurate, or the gospel.

    He’s a human being, with particular (rare amongst anyone who puts any content on this site) experience.

  17. @Schiller – I feel you… I dont know how many games I watch through the course of a season where a former player/coach commenting on the game, says something that just doesn’t make sense or says something I just dont agree with…Just like many of you with your comments,G, also is not always on point with his articles….
    However, I do agree with this article…Good job, G!

  18. Jake – my balls are freakin huge – and I crack up every time I think of Rocko telling that guy the other day to relax them –

    article is crap – every football game has two QBs, two coaches, two teams squaring off against each other – one wins – one ‘chokes’ – thats crap – you have to win a bunch of games to get to the big game – has Tom Brady ‘choked’ in his last two SBs? course I would be the one to point out the Patriots haven’t won a SB since Belicheck got caught cheating –

    Brett Farve has a couple SB wins – his best seasons are when the Packers had a great ground game – is he a ‘choker’ becuase the Saints Vikes game he got all beat up? Manning ‘choked’ becuase the Saints DB did his homework, read the pattern, jumped the pass and made a great play – was it Manning ‘choking’ or the Saints DB making a great play?

    Its much different in a best of seven series to say someone ‘choked’ becuase they have 4 games to lose – did Brady ‘choke’ becuase his rcvrs dropped the ball? Welker misses the great catch – MAnningham makes the great catch – Brady choked Eli is clutch – not buying it

    and the 1 for 13 comment is just dumb – the reference to beating Rex Grossman is worthless – Big Ben should have sent a couple cases of fine wine to the ref crew for his first SB win against Seattle, and Eli Manning better have one of those life size posters of Tyree on his wall and give him a ‘hug’ every night (now he can add Manningham) – its a team game – for what purpose do you take a shot at Manning?

    do I want the Eagles to pursue Manning – no, not at all – but why disrespect and take a cheap shot at the guy – and that’s what I view this article – a cheap shot – kind of reminds me of the comment Rush Limbaugh made about Donavan McNabb – was that the purpose – to stir up 140 comments on a string?

    We are riding the Vick express this year – don;t see any way around it at this point – Vinnie the V makes many valid points about Vick – he is who he is – but he is our QB this year so lets hope he plays a little more like P Manning

  19. Gotta agree with schill here.

  20. Mike Vanderjact was the most successful kicker in NFL history playing in that Dome in Indianopolis — the first year Vanderjact played for another team he was exposed as just a normal everyday run of the mill kicker ——- Peyton Manning stats are equally similarly because of that dome, outide in real weather in the playoffs he is (2-6) – a first round wildcard win in his 2nd year of the playoffs and a Super Bowl win against Rex Grossman in Miami =========== the six loses he choked in real weather where his arm strength has difficulty cutting through northern cold weather

  21. navyeaglefan – I happen to check the site while doing some school work and checking emails; came to gcobb for a minute and had to lol! Sometimes you gotta relax em man…when things/life gets a little tight, you gotta relax them buddy! Trust me, it helps man!

  22. You can look for any rationalization, stat, weather, circumstance, cliche, “its a team game”, Peyton manning has not demonstrated that he’s the guy to win the the game come money time, ironic that his softer brother has, good reference erock, Ken the snake stabler, one of the all time greats not the last drive, seconds to play

  23. navy, my man, you are spot on with that post. We as fans are often so quick to label someone? Football is a team game and I feel like Peyton has more than done his part. If the entire team played at 75% of Peyton’s level, they would have multiple rings. Also, as I said above, the Colts haven’t exactly had a very stout defense while Peyton has been there. Hell, I remember the Colts giving up over 300 yards rushing to Jacksonville about a month before they won the Superbowl. If you ask me, Peyton put the Colts on his back for years. I’m amazed he only has 1 ring.

  24. @E0SB….I would agree that Peyton has played better in the dome….I would have to believe that he will look to play in a warmer place or another dome if possible…..there is all this talk about the Jets, but I can’t believe that he would play in a Northeast city because of the weather….I think that old KK’s days may be numbered on ARZ, Peyton would be a good fit there

  25. EoS – lot of variables when you start looking at domes, weather, field type, does this make you respect a guy like Farve, Brady or E Manning more? Would Kurt Warner have been as successful playing in a cold wet place instead of a dome or Arizona?

    I think when the eagles got the kicker from Nebraska – one of the comments was he was used to kicking outside – large crowds – bad weather –

  26. I would also believe that whatever team signs Manning, they will also look to sign Reggie Wayne, and possibly also Pierre Garcon. It would make sense to a team that already has a strong defense but needs some “automatic offense”…of course, that would only be a short term fix with a short window of opportunity

  27. I actually agree with G on his article.

    Eli Manning has won two Super Bowls and is 2-0 in the big dance.
    Peyton is 1-1 i believe in the big game and has played poorly.

    Statistically he is great and should be with Wayne, Harrison, Faulk.

    I will say this. He runs a very complicated offense and does it well.

    Obviously looking at this year they lacked a true playmaker and they were getting old. Irsay was right for moving on. Luck is possibly another playmaker.

    If i rated the Top 5 Qbs of all time my picks would be.

    1. Joe Montana
    2. John Elway
    3. Bart Starr
    4. Brett Favre as much as i hate him.
    5. Joe Namath,Tom Brady

    Manning would be 7-8 possibly.

  28. Brett Farve, no way a top five NFL quarterback, one superbowl, how many pics in championship games, he’s more overrated than Peyton

  29. atra – it’s a Team game – do you not get that? Eli Manning has won 0 superbowls. The Giants have won 2 with Eli as QBs. Players don’t win superbowls, teams do.

  30. @atra…..Do you really mean to say that Manning is a product of those players that played with him? Did you see how the team did this past year when he didn’t play? Do you really think that they would have finished with the worst record in the league if he had played?

    Like I posted earlier, I think that Peyton has been a favorite of the media for some time know, and much of the critism is probably due to that. Just like when Farve was playing and we would have to listen to Madden gush over every throw…there is a backlash. That being said, the guy has been solid throughout his career, has a SB ring…so I so NO to the choker handle.

  31. I disagree with this to G, i couldnt disagree more. I have looked at all his playoff stats from years past. I even watched something they did on tv about his playoff stats. They are not nearly as bad as advertised. And for you to say they beat a mediocore chicago team is even more silly. As much as grossman was garbage. Chicago had the best defense’s and special teams that year. They plowed through everyone in the nfc that year in the playoffs. It is what it is. And the year they lost to the saints manning carried them through the playoffs by himself! Reggie was suppose to undercutt that route in the sb he already admitted that so the blam wasnt even on manning. If you want my honest opionion i think manning has TO MUCH responsibilty. Imagine if they gave him a legit run game, or a solid defense like baltimores. This guy would have one more championship games. Lets not forget football is a team game with 21 other guys out there that have to do there jobs. As far as a choker i disagree, and lebron dominated the chicago bulls by himself in the semi finals last year, i dont know how much less of a stage that is then the championship, but those are big stage games also regarless.

  32. Here is why G’s line of thinking is ridiculous (it’s not just G, by the way). Why does Peyton get ridiculed for not showing up ‘when it counts’ but Tom Brady gets a free pass? How has Tom Brady done in the playoffs the past few years (yes, I know he’s had some decent statistical games)? Has he not thrown costly interceptions? There are times in the regular season where Tom Brady (much like Manning) look absolutely unstoppable. Brady didn’t look that way against the Giants.

    Yes, Tom Brady has won more championships than Peyton but I’d definitely argue he’s had better teams behind him.

  33. Shady, good point. Lets not forget how Tom Brady was outplayed this year in the AFC Championship game by Joe Flacco; at home nonetheless. Also, lets not forget how the Patriots got destroyed by the Ravens at home a few years ago where Tom Brady didn’t do much to help them win.

  34. you guys must have watched different playoff games than I did, for in the games I watched peyton manning did not play nearly as well as he did in the regular season, and that was a big reason why the colts did not advance, schiller, it is a quarterback driven league, the qb gets the kudos or gets killed for losing

  35. jakedog – yes, often the QB gets the blame or credit – doesn’t mean that that isn’t stupid bullshit.

  36. When I read the headline, I thought who’s the dick that wrote this article? Then I noticed it was G who was the dick. Some of you dudes need to layoff the crack, if you can honestley watch football and be around football all your life and say P. Manning is overrated your an idiot. Let’s not forget the fact that he’s basically been the Qb and the offensive C. Brady missed a season and NE went 11 and 5, Manning misses a season and the colts go 2 and 14. Anyone that would take B Farve over Manning or Brady is a Super Doushe. I would’nt rank Manning as the best ever but in my time of watching football, it’s Montana, Brady, Elway, and Aikman, Then He’s right there with some of the other greats. Not taking age into account there’s only one Qb in the league you would take before Manning and thats Brady, hard to call that being over rated. Shit G if winning a super bowl was so easy we should have won atleast a couple when you were on the team.

  37. G’s account got hacked.

  38. Navy — Peyton Manning is a winner just not a 4 time MVP out of that Dome — If Peyton Manning played at Arrowhead stadium instead of the old RCA Dome he would have career numbers like Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning not career all time great numbers

  39. lewdog- ha, wouldn’t be the first time hacking/viruses/spam were part of this website.

  40. Well said clueless. I think Manning and Brady are really close. I think Brady gets put up there more for titles than his actual play itself. I don’t have much of a problem with people saying Peyton is better than Brady.

  41. all this support for manning, for what, who cares, gcobb just making the very valid point that he has come up small in the big games, unlike his brother, it aint that difficult to win a superbowl, ask the giants, cowboys, redskins, 12 among them, its more difficult to not have won one in thirteen years with some of the talent this team had

  42. GCobb, I’ve been posting this same stuff for weeks.

    For years, Manning was known as the QB who couldn’t win the big one because of his season-ending interceptions. He finally won one SB (with two picks), and then went back to throwing picks to end the season.

    Cobb, don’t go messing with people’s superheros.

  43. It’s not about supporting Manning to me, It’s about G’s credibility as a football guy. When you make statements like that you lose cred. I want to know that the dude that I look to for information knows what he’s looking at.

  44. wait, Jakedog- you ACTUALLY think that any superbowl winner will tell you that it “aint that difficult to win a superbowl”? Your crazy.

  45. I agree with Jake. Eli Manning has proven me wrong. He’s a much better quarterback than I originally thought. I felt his first SB win was a fluke, but after last season, I must admit I’m wrong. He was great all season.

    Here’s the hit, though. Eli threw 25 picks two seasons ago, shattering the interception record.

  46. G’s not the first to say this:

    Sun Feb 07 10:52pm EST

    Peyton Manning: Back to being a choker?
    By MJD

    Forgive the provocative headline, but I’m sure that’s a thought running through the heads of many right now. It’s worth addressing.

    Once upon a time, the Indianapolis Colts’ Peyton Manning(notes) had a reputation as a guy who gagged in big games. After years of great quarterbacking with no ring, he eventually broke through and won Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears, and it seemed that the choke-artist reputation was put to bed.

    What about now, though? He just played in one of the two biggest games of his life, and not only did he not win, but it was an interception that came out of his hand that turned the game. If he makes a better decision or a better throw there, we might have an entirely different story right now.


    Colts QB always blows it because of questionable decisions, poor passion

    Brent Smith / Reuters
    Colts quarterback Peyton Manning sits on the bench. After losing to the Steelers on Sunday, it’s clear that Manning can’t win a game that matters, writes’s Bob Cook. contributorupdated 12:08 p.m. ET Jan. 16, 2006

    Bob Cook

    If Peyton Manning is considered such a great decision-maker at quarterback, then how come he left Sunday’s playoff game on the lap of his idiot kicker?
    Because it’s the playoffs.

    It turns out Manning can’t only blame Tom Brady for his inability to win in the postseason, or at least against a team that puts up a rumor of a defense. As Sunday’s 21-18 loss to Pittsburgh proved, Manning just can’t put together a consistently good game when the season gets to one-and-done. This loss was the worst of them all — not only because it erases the glory of the Colts’ 13-0 start, but also because the Steelers (and the replay official) in the fourth quarter did about everything they could to give the game to Manning, and he wouldn’t take it.

    You might say, wasn’t it Manning who rallied the Colts to a near-victory? Wasn’t it Mike Vanderjagt — whom Manning called not only an “idiot kicker,” but also a “liquored-up” idiot kicker, at the 2003 Pro Bowl after Vanderjagt ripped Manning (and Colts coach Tony Dungy) as too unemotional — who missed a game-tying 46-yard field-goal with 21 seconds to go?

    Well, yes. But Manning, starting in college at Tennessee, has made a habit out of digging a huge hole early in big games, then rallying just enough to lose respectably and stay title-free.

    (It’s been often noted that Tennessee won a national title the year after he left, under the comparatively ordinary Tee Martin, who has played all of three NFL games.)

    And near game’s end against Pittsburgh, Manning, famous for getting the final say on play-calls at the line, made a dubious decision that nearly killed the Colts and also put Vanderjagt in the position of doing what only Adam Vinatieri seems able to do — make a 40-plus-yard field goal late in a tight game. (Ask Herman Edwards, Marv Levy and Marty Schottenheimer about that one.)

    This is a good time to point out that for all the abuse the Indianapolis defense has taken over the years, in the playoffs it generally improves while Manning struggles. Look at some playoff scores: a 19-16 home loss to Tennessee in 1999; a 23-17 loss at Miami in 2000; a 24-14 loss at New England in 2003, and a 20-3 loss at New England last year. The defense had its troubles, particularly in stopping the run, but all things considered, it at least kept the score low enough to give Manning some help, which he hasn’t taken.

    Steelers hold on to shock Colts
    Cook: Manning can’t win when it matters
    Another poor playoff effort dooms Colts
    Cowher, Steelers loosen up vs. Colts
    Dungy ponders retirement
    Commentary: Dungy remains stoic
    Vote: Should pick have been overturned?
    Expert: Super pressure on Cowher
    Colts CB’s wife says she accidentally cut him
    Mailbag: Sound off on 2nd-round games
    Playoff matchups, schedules, predictions
    Manning is 3-6 in the playoffs; in the three wins, the Colts averaged nearly 43 points, and in the six losses, they averaged about 13. Manning makes it worse by not adjusting his play-calling to find ways to sustain long drives when it’s clear the defense is wheezing.
    Maybe part of Manning’s problem is that he seems to treat playoff games with the same intensity as regular-season games. He only brings the level of urgency in a win-or-out situation when it’s late — such as when he waved the punting unit off the field near the end of the third quarter on a fourth-and-2 in Colts territory. Manning completed a pass to Brandon Stokely to get the first down. Yet where was that fire earlier in the game?

    Maybe Vanderjagt is right that Manning — and Dungy — lack intensity. You mean Dungy really was going to punt on fourth-and-short, from anywhere, with his team down 21-3 late? (Lest you think I’m being heartless for going after Dungy and the Colts after the recent suicide of Dungy’s oldest son, I repeat: this tendency is not new.)

    Perhaps that lack of intensity explains why Manning fails against a defense with some level of talent.

    Super Bowl bound
    Top images from the NFL’s divisional playoff round.
    Or maybe it’s more of a lack of confidence, in himself, and his teammates.
    For all of Manning’s famed improvisational skills in play-calling before the snap, Manning loses all composure if the play doesn’t develop as planned after the snap. It’s not just that Manning is not very mobile.

    It’s that the offense is based on timing, and any disruption of timing sends Manning into a panic. It also turns him against his teammates.

    Rather than try to inspire his Colts when they’re behind, Manning tends to go into a shell and wonder why everybody else is screwing up.

  48. Let’s not be revisionists here, people.

    Peyton did a whole lot of choking.

  49. Peyton has won a Super Bowl. You can’t discount that. He may have a losing record in the playoffs, but when has he ever had a defense better than ordinary? The guy had to do everything on his own. He was the offensive coordinator and field general. Plus he would create drives to try and keep his own defense off the field.

    Its like saying Dan Marino isn’t a great QB. He has 0 rings. But is still considered a top 5 QB of all time. A QB can’t win a championship on his own. He needs the defense to step up. Eli has 2 rings. Put him on Indy and he probably doesn’t win his division most years, let alone win 2 rings.

    Id welcome Peyton here any day. He would sure up a lot of things for this team. Red zone success, time management, 2 minute drill, etc…

  50. Drummerwinslow, don’t you realize that you just posted an article, that given what we know post 2006, is garbage? Peyton “can’t win the big one”. Well he did, so, that’s garbage.

    So you just used something that is garbage to back your point.

    Yeah, there have been several times when Peyton Manning had bad games or made mistakes in crunch time. But he’s also one of the best QBs ever, a Superbowl Champion, and a Superbowl MVP.

  51. What are you talking about?

    2006 Postseason

    Total Defense (YPG) Complete List
    1. Indianapolis Colts 238.5
    2. Baltimore Ravens 261.0
    3. New York Giants 323.0
    4. San Diego Chargers 327.0
    5. Seattle Seahawks 327.5

  52. Peyton had some very good defenses.

  53. @ drummer…since this debate really doesn’t effect my team, I have less real interest, but to point to an article that is 6 years old, a year prior to Manning winning the SB by 12 points over the Bears isn’t really a completely valid argument. I wonder if the author, Bob Cook would even agree completely with his original story 6 years later?

    I mean, I would bet that you can go back in history and find stories written about Rich Kotite that will state what a great coach he was, but I doubt that you would pull one of those stories today to try and prove that he isn’t the idiot coach that we all know he turned out to be…do you see my analogy?

  54. To Brummer
    2006 Colts Defense was very good and was about the only conistent one they had for most of his Tenure..
    Remember that had Bob Sanders, Marlin JAckson (When they were healthy)
    And younger Freeney and MAthis (who were in their primes)
    LB’s Brackett/Rob Morris/Cato June and the biggest thing they had goin for them was a great HC in Tony Dungy… When he left, Jim Caldwell and their Front Office ran that Colts Team into the Ground in my opinion ..

  55. drummer, the point of that article was that he is a ‘choker’ therefore he can’t win a SB. That was proven wrong. If something is proven wrong, why do you use it for support? Should we tell Katrina victims to not worry about it because the world is flat?

    It’s the same logic as all those who say “the Eagles will never win a SB with Reid” – if they win next year, then that’s bullshit.

  56. There’s more than one article.

  57. The fact of the matter is that Peyton ended a lot of seasons with interceptions before the SB win and he resumed doing so after it.

  58. Oh, so multiple people said things that were proven wrong that you are citing?

  59. Please see the articles AFTER the SB win. They’re the same thing. Peyton continued to fold in the post-season after the SB win. Don’t you guys watch football? Is your memory that bad? Weed, maybe?

  60. “The fact of the matter is that Peyton ended a lot of seasons with interceptions before the SB win and he resumed doing so after it.”

    Agreed – and that proves….. what?

    You know who won a superbowl, and then continued being perfect? I forget the guy’s name but he spends his free time with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

    Trying to point out that a guy who is amazing and accomplished the highest level of success is flawed and doesn’t always succeed is a stupid worthless exercise.

    Jordan is a horrible NBA owner. Guess he’s not such a great basketball guy…

  61. @drummer….so you felt that this was such an important story that you Googled Peyton Manning Chokes to find old articles…..dude, I thought you had issues by watching games filling out a spreadsheet, but you need to find a hobby…lol…what ever makes you tick drummer….

  62. Pats win as Manning interception ends Colts comeback

    Posted by Michael David Smith on November 21, 2010, 7:20 PM EST

    Another great Colts-Patriots game ended with a Peyton Manning interception, as New England jumped out to a big lead, the Colts stormed back, and the Patriots ultimately won 31-28.

    Manning completed 38 of 52 passes for 396 yards and four touchdowns, but this game will be remembered more for his three interceptions, including one that James Sanders grabbed at New England’s 6-yard line with 31 seconds to play. If Manning had played it safe on that play the Colts were in range for an Adam Vinatieri field goal that could have sent the game into overtime, but Manning decided to take a chance at winning the game in regulation, and Sanders made him pay for it with a great leaping interception.

    Tom Brady made fewer big plays than Manning but also fewer mistakes, completing 19 of 25 passes for 186 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Brady was also helped out by the Colts’ defense not making him pay for his biggest mistake; Brady threw a terrible pass right into the hands of linebacker Tyjuan Hagler late in the fourth quarter, but Hagler dropped it.

    For most of the game it looked like the Patriots would win easily. New England had a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter, a 21-7 lead late in the second quarter, and a 31-14 lead with eight minutes to play in the fourth quarter.

    But Manning led a big comeback with two fourth-quarter touchdown passes to Blair White, and when the Colts’ defense forced New England to punt late in the fourth quarter, it appeared that the Colts were in position to come back and win.

    Instead, Manning made his ill-fated pass, Sanders made his great interception, and the Patriots escaped with the win in another great game between two great franchises.

  63. Super Bowl XLIV vs. New Orleans Saints (L 31–17) Against his hometown team, Manning led the Colts to a 10–0 lead after their two first quarter drives, throwing a TD pass to Pierre Garcon to cap off a 96 yard drive (tied for longest in Super Bowl history). After running just six plays in the second quarter, the Colts led 10–6 at halftime. The Saints recovered an onside kick to start the second half and took their first lead, 13–10. Manning led a go ahead TD drive to regain the lead. Leading 17–16 at the start of the 4th quarter, Matt Stover missed a 51 yard field goal for the Colts. The Saints scored the go ahead TD and two-point conversion to take a 24–17 lead with 5:42 left. Manning took over and moved the Colts to the Saints’ 31 yard line. Facing a 3rd & 5 with 3:24 left, his pass intended for Reggie Wayne was intercepted by Tracy Porter, who returned it 74 yards for a critical TD and 31–17 Saints lead. Manning drove the Colts down to the 5 yard line in the last minute, but his 4th & goal pass was dropped by Reggie Wayne at the goal line. The Saints won their first Super Bowl, dropping Manning to 9–9 in the postseason (1–1 Super Bowl record). Manning passed for 333 yards on 31/45, with 1 TD and 1 interception.[166]

  64. 2007

    Manning and the Colts lost to the Chargers, 28–24. Manning could not lead a final touchdown drive for the win

  65. Post season QB rating of 88.4

  66. You guys build up these superheros and when the facts are revealed, some of you get angry. So sorry.


    When G put down the facts, so many became upset. I merely added some more facts, supporting G’s stand. I couldn’t care one way or another. My life does not revolve around the NFL or I fully understand that people often re-write history to their liking.

  67. not upset man….he doesn’t play for my team, and he is not “my guy” as you may believe…. but G compared him to the ultimate over-rated choker in “King James”….they guy DID win a superbowl, more than you can say for any QB we have ever had here

  68. @ drummer…using your logic, Dan Marino is another stiff…Dan Marino, who still stands as one of the most productive players in history and continues to hold numerous passing records. Marino’s supporters say he did not win a Super Bowl because he had no defense and no running game and had to carry the team himself. But that wasn’t the reason why Marino never won a Super Bowl.
    Marino never won a Super Bowl because he habitually threw interceptions in the playoffs. Marino played in 18 postseason games in his career. He posted an 8-10 mark in those 18 games.
    •When Marino threw fewer than 2 INTs, the Dolphins were 7-1.
    •When Marino threw 2 INTs or more, the Dolphins were just 1-9.

  69. Green

    Not at all. I feel Marino and Fouts were two great QBs, but their coaches didn’t put them in position to win. Their offenses lacked balanced, which affected their defense (much like our Eagles). However, the fact of the matter is that Manning threw a lot of picks at key times. He was known as a choker for years and he went right back to choking after a SB win.

  70. Peyton had defenses and running games, Edgerin James, off the top of my head.

  71. Gotta bounce. Time to practice, sorry.

  72. WOW!!!! I never thought I’d see the day when GCOBB told the truth about one of the Holy Trinity….LOL!!!! I swear Armageddon is right around the corner. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

  73. Bottom line Peyton is better than Vick period.

  74. I actually agree with the comments in the playoffs he falls off, but even saying that he is still better than vick. There really is nothing to discuss period.

  75. I will say this without question eli is way more clutch than peyton way more and that’s the truth. But peyton is way better than vick way better.

  76. I’m back. What a workout! Nothing like good music!

    As far as Vick is concerned, he’s not even in the conversation when discussing top 100 QBs. He’s yet to prove a thing, other than the fact that he’s willing to work. His drop-off at the end of the 2010 season and his showing last season have begun to seal his legacy as an incredible athlete who lacks the tools to be a Superbowl-winning QB. Keeping in mind that Eli threw 25 picks last season, Vick’s got one more chance to show he’s at least capable. As everyone on site already knows, I also blame Reid for a great deal of his failure. It’s the Marino/Fouts sydndrome, not that I’m comparing Vick to either, just comparing the circumstances.

    Pdiddy, I agree that Eli is head and shoulders better than Peyton in the clutch. He made a BIG liar out of me! I also admire the fact the he just restructured his contract so that the team could sign players. I have a lot of respect for Eli, but Peyton’s way over-hyped.

  77. Let me add this. For my money, Brady was the best in this era. Like most QBs, however, once he suffered that major injury, he hasn’t been as clutch. He’s missed open receivers and made some bone-headed plays when the defensive pressure was on, but that’s just human nature. Roethlisberger is the ONLY QB I’ve ever seen who takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I thought he’d been done after the motor vehicle accident. Since then, he’s played with broken feet and an assortment of major injuries. I’ve watched that guy get pounded for an entire game (heck, against the Eagles), and stand tall in the pocket with time ticking down, just to throw a strike for a win.

  78. STOP!…G, you agitating again: this isn’t WIP!

    If Manning a choker, what about Brady, Welker & Ray Lewis?

    No one man wins championship in NFL, you know this…

  79. This really should be front page during the whole free agent period. All the Peyton Manning talk has been nauseating for me honestly. For the vast majority of his career he’s had the best receivers, the best Tight End and arguably the best pass defending O-Line in football…with that he has one Superbowl victory and like Gary said were it not for the defense outperforming their “on paper” talent he would have been a loser again. When you start comparing QBs to the “Best” there’s no other QB to compare to than Joe Montana…to go one more maybe Steve Young. I would take either one of those guys in their prime over Manning without thinking twice about it, because they were the best and Manning as “The Best” is just a lot of hype that sells quite a bit of advertisement.

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