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Jimmy Rollins on Cole Hamels: “He’s not going anywhere”

All is well on the field in Florida as Cole Hamels threw three and two-thirds innings of scoreless baseball against the Pirates, but there are questions about Hamels’ long-term standing with the Phils because of his short-term contract.

The lefthander tried to minimize the importance of his agent, John Boggs being in Clearwater yesterday.

“He just comes into town every year about the same time,” Hamels said yesterday. “We’re just going to treat it like a normal spring training for us. I know he’s got to go visit guys . . . He has a few other guys around. It’s not like I’m seeing him every day, every hour. We see him the same sort of time that we usually do, having dinners and enjoying his company.”

Yes there are some who are concerned that Hamels may go elsewhere once his contract runs out with the Phils, but Phillie shortstop Jimmy Rollins says there’s no reason to be concerned.

“He’ll be here,” Rollins told “He’s not going anywhere. He was drafted by this organization, raised by this organization and became a superstar in this organization. If you know anything about this organization, that means he’s not going anywhere. “It’s fun to talk about for talk radio and stuff like that. But he’s not going anywhere. That’s my opinion.” on Facebook

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8 Comments for “Jimmy Rollins on Cole Hamels: “He’s not going anywhere””

  1. Next Season the Phils will have Polanco’s Contract off the Books..
    Anyone know when Blanton’s Deal comes up (which is not soon enough)

  2. I think this is Blanton’s last year. They have to open up the checkbook for Hamels. He will be the ace when Halladay and Lee are done. Maybe before.

  3. I agree Bugs
    but with Polanco & Blanton off the books for 2013, that’s another approx $15 Million so it shouldn’t hit the Phils as bad… If Hamels puts up a big Season in 2012, (which we all hope for) then he be in that $18-$20 Million Per season range most likely come contract time next Season and would be in huge demand if he were to hit the open market…..

  4. All too true. That is why they need to pony up now while there seems to be some momentum. Can’t let him get to free agency.

  5. Yankees,Red Sox would throw Major $$$ at him and teams from the West Coast like the Angels,Dodgers would have the hometown edge if Hamels wanted to move back to the West Coast permanately ..

  6. the Yankees will out bid the Phils for a left hander — it is just a matter of Cole taking the lesser contract to remain in Philly.

  7. He is arguably the best home grown pitcher that we have ever had. With Blanton & Polanco coming off of the books will help, but remember all of the contracts for Rollins, Utley, Howard, Lee, Halliday, & Paplebon, all escalate, & they have to replace Polanco & figure out what to do with Victorino & Pence also. I may be crazy, but I’d field offers for Howard, & Utley in the off-season. That’s about $40M, right there. It’s going to be a tough decision for Amaro. The window is a closing boys!

  8. I am not sure Howard or Utley would have any takers at their Salary levels and especially Utley whose production has declined for 4 Seasons in a row…
    Hwoard if he rebounds from Achilles Injury will little problems could still be in demand just for his POwer #’s alone, but Probably an AL CLub in need of a big Left HAnded Batter as a DH..

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