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Utley Leaves Camp To See A Specialist

With Opening Day just several weeks away, it seems less and less likely that the Phillies will have the services of Chase Utley. The second baseman hasn’t appeared in a single game during Spring Training because of chronic tendinitis in right knee, and now he’s leaving camp to be reevaluated by a specialist.

The Phillies insisted for weeks that holding Utley out of games was simply precautionary, but obviously there is much more to the situation than that. The former All-Star has stopped making progress with his rehab, and the team has become concerned enough to send him away from camp for the time being.

“Chase’s rehab process has come to a bit of a plateau. He has made some strides but not enough to take the field.  He is headed out of town for a few days to be evaluated by a specialist that has helped athletes overcome his issue.  We anticipate that this trip will allow him to build on what he has already done with [athletic trainer] Scott Sheridan in order to get over the hump.  He wants more than anything to be on the field with his teammates and we believe that this is a step in that direction.” Phillies’ general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said.

This news only adds to the growing list of concerns in the Phillies’ infield. It’s clear that even when Utley eventually returns, he won’t ever be the same player who was once capable of 25 homeruns and 90 RBIs. This knee issue isn’t going to go away, and will continue to negatively impact Utley’s power. For the remainder of his career, you can expect to see what you saw from him last year: a batting average between .250 and .270, 10-15 homeruns, and 50 RBIs. on Facebook

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25 Comments for “Utley Leaves Camp To See A Specialist”

  1. Wish him the best, but as I mentioned, this should not be a surprise or unexpected and the Phils really should have addressed this Postion and Utley situation this past Off-Season.. Utley Knees & Bones Issues have been deterioating for a few years now and there’s no stopping it and probably his playing days are over.. Maybe he could DH a few games a week, playing in the field is proably a stretch…
    This is why I wanted the PHils to pursue 3B Aramis Ramirez last off-season and shift Polanco back to 2B.. If Utley was heatlhy enough, he could have played 1B a little, knowing that R Howards was going to miss the first 2-3 months of the Season.. Now the Phils will be squirming …

  2. utley is probably finished, his knees are probably arthritic, degenerating, and he always played, looked old for his age, jimmy rollins scratching his head as the last infielder standing, the phillies are looking old, real old right now

  3. Wonder if Streroids/HGH use had anything to do with Utley’s quick deterioation..
    May users/ball players shoot themselves in the Hip Area which does eventually cause Hip/Back issues and Steroid use has been known to help deriorate bone strength throughout the body as well… The timing of Utley’s demise physically comes almost at the same time of when Relief Pitcher JC Romero was caught and suspended in Winter of 2009 for 50 Games due to HGH/Steroid Use.. Many times when players stop using all of a sudden, their bodies tend to break down quickly and with various ailments and Utley has had those similar injuries to his Oblique, his Back, Hip, Knees… Maybe he just has weak bones ..but for a player who seemd on top of his game Physically in 2007-2008 to deteriorate this rapidly and in a few different areas definitely raises some questions, no doubt about it.. ….

  4. Raises questions for you.He’s breaking down Paul and its a bi-product of playing baseball since he was a youth. Some guys hold up others dont. His game was based on going hard every single play and doing that everyday.

    Your theory makes zero sense….tied to Romero?injected into hip?

    Your discrediting him and what he did for this city by your b.s. statements. Go have another coffee and see if your supporters on here will wax poetic about your comment.


  5. Utley is done. He’s been on the decline for the past 3 years..

  6. I have the same condition as Chase it hit me about 2 years ago, up until that point I had no pain at all, I ran, lifted, played basketball 3 or 4 times a week, boxed and played rough touch football. Somedays I can barely walk and thats with a great diet and avoiding all the foods and drink that trigger painful attacks. I can’t say for sure but I would say the dude is done. He has’nt played ball in what 5 months and he can’t get on the field. Just knowing what I know and the effort I put in to treating it, I just can’t see it. What happens when he actually plays on it? I would have the say the dude is cooked. Oh yea, by the way this just in. Gcobb site sucks and so does Paulman.

  7. Jon Hart sources state that you were good friends with JC Romero too, Clueless.

  8. Paul, you have zero support for this outlandish suggestion that his health is related to steroids, that is a low ball, cheap shot, and anecdotally Utley showed no signs of illegal drugs, why bring it up, you are losing credibility fast

  9. Paulman’s first post about 95% correct…Steroids, I don’t know, but ‘tendinitis’ a very nebulous diagnosis…Galvis, si!

  10. Utley doesn’t strike me as a roid guy. They should unload Worley and possibly Brown if he has any value left and go after someone like Jemille Weeks or possibly Justin Turner from the Mets or Wright.

  11. I’ve been saying for 3 years that he is done. He was overrated anyways, but it is going to replace his hustle, grit, solid defense. His numbers have declined every year since the WS. Amaro has done a $#!t job putting together this team & preparing for the future, knowing full well that his team is ancient & on the decline. He spent too much ill-advised $$$ in the off-season, instead of getting a third basemen. Instead of giving so much $$$ to Papelbon, Wiggington, Nix, Thome, Qualls & Rollins, he could have & should have gotten Bell, Ramirez & Cuddyer, & still would have had $$$ left for the bench & a BP piece. Now he is stuck with a badly flawed starting 8, with hardly no power, with an ancient injury prone line-up. The window is half closed, boys, enjoy it while it lasts, because, IMHO, it is going to be a long summer.

  12. Dcar, I agree with what you are saying, but when was Utley overrated? After his body started to decline? Sure, but you would be hard-pressed to prove that statement before that. Pretty solid 5 year stretch from 2005 to 2009. You don’t see that kind of production out of a 2B. Yes he has been a shadow of himself after 2009, that is no reason to call him overrated. That is ignorant and wrong.

    That being said, they clearly didn’t plan for this injury which is going to hurt the team unless Galvis grows up real fast.

  13. I just have a hard time believing that a career singles/doubles/contact hitter goes on a 3 Year Power Surge of 30+ HR’s, only to rapidly decline in all his stats again and especailly in his power #’s (It’s like another case of Brady Anderson from the Orioles if anyone remembers him).. Utley has had the “Classic Symptons” of HGH/Steroid Use.. Hip/Back/Oblique issues, weakness in the bones and joints possibly making his Knee issues worse which there have been many studies showing that HGH/Steroid use can break down tissues and weaken bone structure…
    I am not saying any of this is true or even matters, but to say unequivocally, that Utley never used any performance enhancing materials is more ridiculous when you look at the timeline of a sudden Power Surge, then the rapid decline (which coincides with JC Romero’s bust in the Winter of 2009 ) and then the type of muscle and bone injuries/issues that Utley has had ever since 2009 and his decline, maybe it’s coincidence or plain bad luck.
    Many players were taking PED’s of all sorts thru the early to mid/late 2000’s and it’s probably just been the last 2-3 Seasons that most MLB Players are 100% Clean and Natural which is another reason the Power #’s in MLB are down across the board and will probably remain so ..

  14. busgs, don’t get me wrong, I always loved Utley, he’s one of my all time favorites , but my overrated comment is not ignorant, nor wrong. I was referring to him being overrated in the way a lot of people still talk like he was going to be the Chase of old. He has declined, aged & become more & more injury prone, every year since 08. He has continually hid & poo pooed injuries, that have hurt the team for 4 straight years now. A FACT. He never gets criticised, is a media & fan darling, that never is called on the carpet. I don’t get it! If it were anyone else in this city he would be crucified.

  15. I am not saying that he didn’t use although it will break my heart if he did. I have never gone on record saying that he is absolutely clean. I would say that the majority of the MLB used, since they didn’t test for HGH. Totally agree with the fact that players are finally cleaning up their act (except Ryan Braun).

    I am just saying that to call him overrated is ludicrous. There is also a big difference between 5 years of near or at 30 HRs (2007 he had 22 but missed 30 games) and Brady Anderson’s one year of 50.

  16. DCar. It is because of his match with the city that I think that he gets a pass. He plays the game the way that people think that the game should be played in that he kills himself to play. I am not saying that is right. In fact it is actually really wrong.

    Look at how Hamels has been treated here because he he is from CA, because he asked for a chiropracter (sp?) and because he was honest and said he wasn’t mentally prepared. Meanwhile he is one of the best lefties in the game.

  17. bugs, I guess you are right, but it’s over. He’s been shot for over for 2 years, & we’re stuck with nothing to replace any of our infielders.

  18. I agree with you 100% and knowing the type of player he is (history of hiding/downplaying injuries), he probably didn’t let them know just how hurt he was, so they are in a huge bind because of that.

  19. It’s the Team’s fault as much as Utley..(Coach Manuel/GM Amaroi and Team doctors) wthere he’s hiding his injuries or not, it was pretty obvious by his performance on the field from even the casual observor
    The Phil’s and the local media were too chicken shit to confront the issue knowing that he is a popular player.. I have been consistent for the last 3 Years that his best playing days were well behind him..
    This Phils are in some serious trouble this year and may be a 3rd/4th Place Team in the NL East, anyone check out this line-up.. It’s pretty bad and where are the runs going to be … I see Victorino/Pence and an aging Rollins as consistent Big League HItters.. Polanco?? Mayberry ??, Nix ??? Galvis ?? Ruiz ??? I see lots of 4-2 type of losses this Season

  20. always looking at the negative angle paulman , remember last year the Phillies didn’t have lower production Utley until June, didn’t have pence until august and managed to win 102 games, Utley can be replaced, his fielding was never great, the biggest hole is the void of Howard, that’s the biggest problem

  21. playoffs aren’t looking like a guarantee this season — Pat Gillick come back Amaro is failing

  22. The rest of the NL East is much stronger this Season jake
    as are teams like the Reds/Pirates/Arizona/Dodgers/Rockies and the Cardinals and Brewers are still very good Teams.. The Phils with this everyday line-up will be fortunate to win 90-92 Games in my opinion..

    Halladay getting hit around with Velocity down
    Lee getting hit around and giving up Homers
    Bastardo’s velocity down to 88-89 MPH (1 Year Wonder)
    Stutes is continuing to struggle as he did last Sep/October (1 Year Wonder)
    Donta Willis and Joel Pienero were already released after being terrible
    J Contreras is seeing his 1st action (is he 50 years old yet, I don’t trust the ages that any Cuban lists)

    Thome was a foolish pick-up and can’t play the field.. 5-7 At Bats as a PH role won’t be enough for him to keep sharp, wasted Roster Spot
    Howard out to June/July (we know this since last October ???)
    Utley will struggle even if he plays, Forget about missing Opening Day, his career is in serious jeopardy now
    Polanco is 36 and on the downside of career, slap,junk hitter with no power
    No real catcher behind Ruiz (unless you consider Brian Schneider a legitimate back-up)
    John Mayberry is hitting his weight (about 205)
    LF is a disaster, D Brown can’t catch, can’t judge the flight of balls off the bats which I have been saying for 2 Years..
    Lance Nix is a career .255 hitter who strikes out a lot.. Decent Fielder
    Bench Players Juan Pierre and Scott Posednik.. Is it the 90’s all over again..

    Who else besides Pence,Victorino and Rollins are posied for productive seasons.. This Phillie Team is a mirror of itself of 3-4 Years ago..

    Hamels,Worley,Kendrick, Herndon and Paplebon look good so far..

    meanwhile look around the NL East
    Nationals have the best everyday line-up with the Braves and Marlins a close 2nd & 3rd. Phils have the Best Starting Pitching but Nats/Braves and even the Marlins are not that far behind and the Nationals & Braves have much better and deeper Bullpens

    Nats Starters (Strasbrg,Gio Gonzales,Wang, Edwin JAckson , John Lannan
    Nats Bullpen is Lidge for 7th, CLippard for 8th and Storen as Closer)

    Marlins Starters (Joe Johnson,Mark Burhle,R Nolasco, A Sanchez, C Zambrano and Bullpen has R Choate, Mike Dunn and Closer Heath Bell)

    Braves Starters (Hudson,Hanson, Jurgens, Beachy,Delgado, & Minor but has a stud Bullpen with Medlin, O Flaherty, Venters & Closer Kimbrel)

    It’s not being negative Jakedog, This Phillie team has gotten a little worse and older as each year has gone by and other teams in the NL East have made big time improvements ..
    I can tell you right now that Lefty Gio Gonzales will give the Philly Line-up fits an will Edwin Jackson.. Mark Burhle and Zambrano are crafty Veterans who will compete aginst this weak Phillie line-up for the Marlins…

    I think a down Season for the Phils is more than possible and actually very likley to occur.. They have been good for the last 5-6-7 Season but when you look a ttheir everyday line-up.. WHo else besides Hunter Pence have they really added over the las tfew seasons and we all know that Howard/Utley/Rollins/Polanco are the same players they were 2-3-4 Years ago.. It’s just reality.. fans are in for a rude awakening this Summer…

  23. Gillick is fully retired out in Seattle with his family.. He gave the Phils 3-4 Years like he said he would and groomed his successor.. (Rueben Amaro Jr)

    Paulman’s 2012 NL east Predictions

    #1) Nationals 92-70
    #2) Braves 89-73
    #3) Phils 88-74
    #4) Marlins 86-76
    #5) Mets 64-98

    Phils Starting Rotation Stats

    Halladay 16-10 ERA 3.95 (Is relied upon to go deep every outing)
    Lee 14-12 ERA 4.42 (leads NL is Homers given up)
    Hamels 18-9 ERA 3.35 (has a Great Season and should have 5 more wins if not for the anemic Phillie run support)
    Worley 9-10 ERA 4.75 (control Issues, Sophomore slump)
    Blanton 8-6 ERA 4.50 (Gives you 5 Innings and that’s about it)
    Kendrick 7-4 ERA 3.99 (Spot Starter and Bullpen)

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