Many Texans not happy with Ryans trade

On the surface, it would seem that the Houston Texans motivation for moving two-time Pro Bowl LB DeMeco Ryans to the Philadelphia Eagles was based on business. They only got a fourth-round pick (plus the swap of the thirds), but cleared some $6 million in cap space off the books for this year. So while the Texans’ brass may feel like they loosened up their cap situation, many players, according to Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle, don’t appreciate the move.

Here are some texts that he received from players regarding the Ryans trade:

“WTF!! You know what they are up to?”

“Damn, man, and they talk about loyalty.”

“Cold-blooded, man, cold-blooded. But Meco will be better off for it. He’s going to dominate in Philly.”

“They don’t what leadership means, do they? Bet they won’t finish No. 2 in defense next season.”

“It’s an ugly business. We’re not the same team without him. Gonna take a lot to replace Meco.”

And keep in mind these are players that just saw the Texans let Mario Williams walk out of town. They seem to be more upset about this than from losing one of the best pass rushers in the game. Oh, and losing Eric Winston wasn’t exactly a popular move either. But this? DeMeco Ryans? This one seems to have set them off.

Several Texans players took to Twitter as well to go on record with their thoughts:

Owen Daniels: “Seriously? Meco too?”

Brian Cushing: “I wouldn’t be half the player or person I am today without @DRyans59 this one hurts. Philly got a unbelievable player and leader today. #59″

Glover Quin: “Honored to have had the chance to play with and learn from @DRyans59.. True leader and great person… Preciate you bro.”

Eric Winston (to Owen Daniels): “Watch you(r) back kid. @owendaniels you’re the last ’06 guy left.”

So, even if you know nothing about DeMeco Ryans and have never seen him play, you can get a clear sense just from these quotes of what kind of player, person and leader the guy is. The Eagles got a steal, I think that much is clear.

Even if he gets hurt on day 1 and never plays a down for the Birds, this is a great move. Even if he’s a total turd that’s used improperly by Juan Castillo (certainly possible), this is a great move. The upside that comes with this fourth-round pick and swap of thirds is tremendous. What would they have done with that fourth-round pick anyway, take a 231-lb. defensive end from a college that no one has heard of and tell us he’s a fastball coming off the edge? Exactly.

According to Solomon, the Texans rarely release statements on players who are cut or shipped out of town. But, GM Rick Smith did just that, apparently with a team PR person who should be fired.

“DeMeco Ryans contributed significantly toward helping us build the foundation we hope will bring a world championship to the city of Houston,” Smith said in the statement. “His professionalism and leadership cannot be over-exaggerated. This move was mutually beneficial for the Texans immediate and long-term goals, DeMeco’s career, and the Philadelphia Eagles. We appreciate all the hard work and effort DeMeco invested in our organization and wish him only the best moving forward. He is a class act.”

SIDE NOTE: This is why the PR person should be fired (okay maybe that’s harsh). For those of you who aren’t in the public relations field or don’t know how this works, these words never left Smith’s lips. These PR people write up a quote and then run it by Smith to get him to approve it. Smith or his people didn’t catch this error either obviously, but it makes him look stupid. If the term “over-exaggerate” comes out of your mouth in conversation, it’s forgivable. When it’s in a prepared statement, it’s just dumb. You can’t over-exaggerate anything. Exaggerate by definition means you are stretching the truth and overdoing it. These kinds of things bug me. Carry on.

But I digress. If the upside on this deal for the Eagles isn’t obvious, just listen to the reactions of Ryans’ former teammates. They’d know better than anyone. This one goes in the win column for Howie and the rest of the Eagles organization who made it happen.

179 thoughts on “Many Texans not happy with Ryans trade

  1. GM Roseman should call Texans GM back and see if he will take both 2nd Round Picks for WR Andre Johnson..

  2. Micah:

    Great to see that the Texans “D” is unhappy. I really like the Texans. But it bodes well for the Birds that we got a player whose absence his own teammates are lamenting so publicly and deeply. I’ll welcome this guy with open throat roar at the first Eagles home game next year.

  3. If hes healthy which it seems he is.. what a mistake they made.. MLBs can last forever ..they can dominate till theyre like 35

  4. For whatever it’s worth and being the Conspiracy junkie that I am ..
    Check out what’s happened to some the NFL Players Reps that participated in the last years Lockout/new CBA deal

    #1) LB DeMArco Ryans was the Player Rep for Texans and Traded
    #2) OT Winston Justice was the Player Rep for the Eagles and Traded
    #3) LB London Fletcher was the Player Rep for the Redskins and not resigned
    #4) OL Jake Scott was the Player Rep for Titans and not resigned
    #5) C Jeff Saturday was Player Rep for COlts and not resigned
    #6) WR Hines Wards Player Rep for Steelers and released

    These are ones I came up with off the top of my head and will have to research the other 26 Teams/Players to see what happened to their Reps..

  5. Paulman, it’s Demeco, not Demarco. The list above are all veteran players too so they likely are not going to get big contracts by their current team. It’s a coincidence.

  6. I mean in two weeks the Texans might have propelled themselves back into obscurity with these two moves. It amazes me how much owners and GM’s undervalue team chemistry. It’s not going to be pretty next year for the Texans.

    Oh well…

    On the other hand the Eagles seem to have gotten the point. We’ve got a very talented defense with talented coaches and now we just acquired one of the best MLBs and apparently one of the best leaders in the league. This is two years in a row the Eagles have made the most out of FA and trades in the off season. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more excited about the draft than I am right now. I really hope they consider Mychael Kendricks in the 2nd if he’s available. He may not be right for OLB in the NFL but he’s got the speed, athleticism, and attitude to be a good SS. Not to mention he’s a solid tackler.

    But back to the Texans for a sec…. what the hell are they smokin’ down there?????!!!!!!

  7. lionsden – I don’t think they undervalued chemestry. I think they undervalued CAP MANAGMENT. They didn’t WANT to do this – they HAD to.

  8. Sanchez is gonna be under a lot of pressure now. When he inevitably tosses up a stinker of a game or 2, people are gonna be calling for Tebow. Strange move for the Jets and their locker room.

  9. thats awsome dont the jets play the broncos.. peyton manning will be done in 8 months broncos messed up on this one

  10. Anyone think there is a chance we sign a OLB? Would love to add some veteran play there. And has Lofton signed? Fletcher?

  11. Schiller – Your point is valid but I’m not questioning the financial move I’m questioning the decision of who was and wasn’t expendable. You can’t circumvent the cap so you can either restructure or cut or trade players, having said that why is there no report that the Texans tried to restructure Ryans and/or Mario Williams contracts. They essentially let two of their best defensive players and their two defensive leaders just walk… THAT’S INSANE. Have you seen the reactions from the remaining players? They are pissed! Last year we got Cullin Jenkins from GB because they made the same calculations as the Texans and GB’s defense suffered greatly without him. Ray Lewis is past his prime but Baltimore would never let him go because of his presence in the locker room and while Ryans is not Ray Lewis, his team mates look at him the same way the Ravens’ defensive players looks at Lewis. Two of Ryans’ former team mates were on the NFL network last night and explicitly stated that Ryans was the guy you looked to on defense when everything broke down.

    Somebody on the Texans made the determination that Ryans was expendible and I think they will regret it fairly early next year.

  12. lions, I hear you, but just because there aren’t reports, doesn’t mean the Texans didn’t ask those players to restructure. Williams and Ryans would have been right to crack up if asked, and if so, the team wouldn’t want it to get out. I think it just IS possible that they’re that bad with cap managment compared to the Eagles. Heck, the skins and boys are in trouble now, and they’re been around WAY before the Texans franchise…. ish happens. But yeah, they’re mess right now. That said, healthy Shaub, Andrew Johnson and that running game…. they still could be dangerous. Not to mention their division SUCKS.

  13. Schiller… point taken, they may have asked them to restructure and we just don’t know about it, but from a PR stand point I want Fans and Players alike to know that I tried to keep my defensive stalwarts and they CHOSE to leave as opposed to it appearing that I let them walk thus undervaluing them and to a certain extent seeming unappreciative of what they have done for the organization. I agree, the division sucks but I wonder how motivated the Texans will be next season after loosing these key players. If they fall apart next year… I am guessing these off season moves will be revisited.

  14. Texans probably threw away a great oppotunity to take a complete stranglehold of that AFC South Division as the Colts/Jags continue to rebuild, Texans could still dominant the next few Seasons but sure don’t seem to be making it easy for themselves..

    How about the shit hitting the fan in New Orleans with Peyton suspensed for the Season, GM Loomis supended the first 8 Weeks of the Season and forfeithing 2nd Round PIcks in 2012 adn 2013..

  15. Sucks for the Saints. Already didn’t have a 1st rounder this year and now no 2nd rounder the next two years. I bet this goes on in more places than just New Orleans.

    Also, the Tebow deal is being held up do to contract langauge. He might not be heading to New York…

  16. I bet Spags is pissed if he finds out there was an impending investigation going on and the Saints didn’t tell him about it while he was interviewing for the DC Position back in January..

  17. Mayor Bloomberg already has a Crew at Lady LIberty in Staten Island working on re-molding “Statue of Liberty” to the “Tebow Kneel” … The hits never stop coming….

  18. Once again this FO proves to be one of the best and most intelligent ones the league
    philly is all in…its only a,matter of time before we get a is the only key

  19. CT calm down there bro…The FO IMO has basically thrown seasons away before they even started. See last year…instead of spending money for top LB available in Tulloch they decided to use a 4th round LB in the starting role in a shortened offseason with a new DC that never coached D. Again, That decision killed us before the season even started. I wouldn’t call that the best and most intelligent FO.
    Same thing going into seasons without quality WRs…safeties…even a proper return man.
    Just saying, I do like what they have done so far and think they are improving tho by finally realizing how much some of these players suck and need to be upgraded. MAybe they actually do listen to the fans when they plead for the obvious improvements needed on the team

  20. This Tebow thing is getting funnier by the minute… the Jets thought they were getting a steal and instead they got robbed. There’s no way on earth they thought he was worth $5million but they might be on the hook for it in the future. I smell arbitration from the league office because the trade was made on TWITTER of all places and I don’t know if there is any precedence for how binding “twitter agreements” are. I am so glad this circus didn’t land in Philly.

  21. Rumor Mill on the Staten island Ferry has the jets Trading QB Tebow and
    Safety LeRon Landry and LB Bart Scott to the Eagles for QB M Vick…
    Tebow is starting QB for Eagles with trent Edwards ready to step in….
    Mayor Nutter is having the “Tebow Kneel” Statue moved from Liberty Island down to the William Penn Building at the Philly Residents Expense.. Yikes..

  22. What other moves do you guys think we can make to upgrade this team and hopefully challenge for a championship this year or next? If we can pick up a free agent or two and some solid draft choices in these positions in no certain order: s,dt,olb,te,fb,cb and some oline depth and we should be good to go. Let’s Go Eagles

  23. Sign SS Yerimiah Bell & LB Erin Henderson. Draft Poe or Brokers with #15, Vin Curry & Lavonte David with or 2nd’s. Get’er done!

  24. Dcar, i like that thinking. Add Plax in there too. I still hope they get Cox or Still, but I like Bell and Henderson. I doubt we get E.H. though. Andy’s mustache is covered in McDonald’s special sauce from the Ryans trade.

  25. Deasr, LMFBO! God only knows, what’s in that mustache! Cox is good, but I got a feeling he might go higher than the others, due to his versatility to play both DT/DE in a 4-3. He might be the best option for here, out of the top DT’s, due to our wide 69 scheme. BWAHAHAHA!!! PUT 69 for a reason. @$$ backwards DF. LOL!!!!

  26. Saints Sign DT Broderick Bunkley (former 1st Rd Pick of the Eagles) to a
    5 Year $28 Millionr Deal with $9 Million in Guaranteed $$$ over his 1st 2 Years… Is it me or are Teams overapying for medicore Talent..

  27. *Eagle News*

    -DeMeco Ryans is signed sealed and delivered.
    – Howie Roseman said expect another move during owners meeting week. Which is next week.

    My Thoughts- Proud to have Ryans here in philly. Today at the press conference he looked ready to play now. Keep in mind that yes hes a MLB but he can play all 3 LB positions. In college he was a OLB, so if needed, we have options there.. As for Roseman flat out saying expect another move to come, can we remember the birds ever being this forthcoming? I know i dont. And who can we expect to be moved, if anyone? The eagles have no cap issues any longer, theyve freed up plenty of money so if they wanted to pay asante the 9ms they can afford it and keep him, but maybe asante is on his way out the door.. Idk. But expect another move before owners meetings per Howie Roseman..

  28. Dcar, you’re a nut. JH, your back. I was worried you were hiding. Where’s the signings? DR doesn’t count, because it was a trade.

  29. Deasr- Incorrect. If you read what i wrote i said the word “moves”. I said not necessarily thru FA signing i said it could be a trade. And not tulluch lofton or hawthorne… i even gave the day, i said tuesday,wednesday,thursday.. cmon man what do i need to hide for? Ive been calling these moves left and right, where have you been? Haha..

  30. Actually you wrote the signings would be coming fast. You said not to be upset because they didn’t make any “moves”. C’mon on guy. lol

  31. Your taking part of what i say and twisting it to make a falsified point. If your gonna quote me do it correctly. I said things are happening fast as in around the league. I said they could make 1-4 moves. And yes i said not to be upset about no moves as of yet. I know you read everything i say so quote me right buddy, thats all i ask..

  32. Your welcome Dcar. JH, I’m just teasing you some. I have noticed you are usually on the ball. I was just poking some fun. You da man.

  33. Blowhard, hahhahahaha. People still use that word?.. It actually sounds very sexy dirty. Matter of fact, I think I met a few of them at parties. Very late at night. LOL

  34. if you thought that signing Ryan was a good deal and move wait till you see Albert Haynesworth in a Eagles uni this year. Yeah Schill i know you got something crazy to say to me lol but its cool. But if it was up to me i would have to give it a shot. That man thrived in this system and he isnt done. ok he was a pain in the ass on some teams but understand this some people need to have a strong personality to coach another ALPH MALE. He already got paid from washington right? so now he is playing for pride. He is the woman who’s man broke up with her and told the world she was horrible, and to make up for that the next man that she gets is going to get the best out of her. At some point he has to prove to the leauge he can play. give him a contract based on his play as protection. you still have enough talent at tackle to replace him if it doesnt work, BUT IF AND WHEN IT DOES you will hae thosesame LBS all over the back field of teams. you can just see it now… Give me HAynesworth in the middle, and Plax in the redzone then they go and draft BURFLIC in becasue now you have Haynesworth a ALPHA male and RYAN another ALPHA male to learn how gel with team mates. He was the ALPHA in his school and people were afraid of him thats why he did what he did. you cant take away his talent and being here with what can be will set him str8.. if the do it then its ball game.

    i cant front i am excited about this move wth ryan i just dont feel they are done. they need more and venting on here and getting responses from Katz like schill made me think. good looking Schill….
    i love my team and and im going to cheer and go crazy anyway… oh yeah im not some pansy either who is scared of schill if you think that. Im 6’2′ 290 and not fat either……

    EAGLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eagles……………

  35. scramz – Interesting take there. One thing about Haynesworth – he’s not currently on an NFL team. He hasn’t played football well in several years. Do we even know that he’s interested in playing NFL football? Seriously, I haven’t seen any indication that he’s attempting to be on an NFL team.. You can dream, and if it has to do with making the Eagles better – I’m all for it. But I think you’re making some assumptions. He’s likely out of shape (even for him), and not motivated to be on a team for any money, in any city….

    And Burfict – the thing is, other than you and Songs, I don’t know anybody who agrees that he even HAS talent. Everyone says that when he gets on the football field, he does shitty things for his team. You know, like if you put a 5 year old girl on the filed at liebacker, she’d be horrible at football? That’s the word on Burfict – yeah, he has some big hit highlits, but over the course of a football game and a season, he mostly plays shitty linebacker/bad football. I don’t know what the obsession is with the guy. Big hits in the context of really bad play are a recipe for crappy LB.

  36. scramz – I usually think very little of your postings, but this last one above you actually went underground – first off – don’t think you really understand the concept of ‘Alpha Male’ in Alpha male socieites – there is only 1 – typically they big boys fight it out and the loser heads off … so you think bring in fat washed up non performing Hayensworth to mentor fat under performing Burflict is the answer? The way this would more logically work is to bring in a highly motivated guy that WANTS to perform (you know, actually shows up at the combine NOT needing a bra) and surrond him with leaders like Ryans and Cole and Babin and Asmo – –

    I think there is a connection here –

    you list two – fat, undermotivated, underperforming blobs and talk about pride and Alpha maleness – IF Mike Shanahan – who tried everything to publically shame and ridicule HAynesworth and Bill Belicheck could not bring Hayenesworth around… you think just being with Washburn will do it? Then with Burflict – who showed up completely unprepared to the combine after going through an entire season of underperforming and being benched by former NFL coach Dennis Erickson… you want to bring all this non performing, non preparing, ‘attitude’ group together???????? Then link that with your 6’2 290 ( that would be a self admitted BMI of 38%!?!?!?!?!?! ) and I think we see where you are coming from.

    Now I will agree I would not mind getting Burress in here as a RZ threat –

    and why would you post you are or are not afraid of schill – don;t think I have ever heard Schill threaten to throw down? What are you going to do – sit on him?

  37. deasr – Can you tell me why you say that you know he has talent? And what is that talent for? Making a big hit or playing LB on a football team?

  38. I think he understands the game. I think he can be in great position at times. He can be physical. He is a good athlete. He just has to put it all together and be determined.

  39. Deasr, ok. People who evalute players as a job, for a living, disagree with you. Maybe you’re right. But all indications are that he plays shitty football most of the time. Maybe the Eagles or an NFl team drafts him and that resolves. In the meantime, is he sending you money? Why the love for a guy who has a flasy youtube and otherwise a resume for being a bad football player?

  40. The primary difference between amatuer talent evaluations and pro talent evaluations – every kid getting recruited makes a ‘highlight tape’ – coaches want GAME TAPE from a couple games – they want to see what the kid/player can do over a period of time – they want to see if he loafs on 2 and 6 inches cause they are going to egt the first down – they want to see if the WR runs his route when he is a decoy – remember when JEff Foxworthy had his old ‘Here is your sign’ for stupid people – give it up – Burflict is a turd – maybe – just maybe he can overcome his inertia and attitude – but at what risk and at what cost? If you can get him in the 7th round – why not – but wow – the man crush some poepl have after seeing a quick youtube clip –

    here is a college recruiting trick – recruiters (used to be me) will actually ask a student athlete what class he hates the most (say he says math) and we will talk to that math teacher AND the team trainer – especially a studetn trainer – why – gives you a great look into what kind of effort a kid puts in when he is doing something he may not like, and when you talk to a trainer you find out what type of mentality he has for other people – is the studetn athlete entitled, demanding, aloof, basically a dick – or is he appreciative and supportive and good dude to be around – Burflict had a major job interview (the combine) and he completely and uttelry failed the interview – funny how people will mock a guy like Mamula for going balls out to succeed at the combine – but those same idiots will support a guy who clearly did nothing to prepare

  41. I’m seriously going to pull my hair out if one more person suggests bringing Haynesworth in here. That guy is a joke. I gotta agree with Navy; if both Shanahan and Bellichek couldn’t motivate Haynesworth, what makes you think Washburn can? The guy is DONE and would be a cancer to this Eagles’ team who I think is doing all the right things so far this offseason. The only other thing the Eagles really need to do is take a look at and/or sign Plaxico Burress and Yeremiah Bell. Draft a stud DT in round 1 and then try and get a solid LB in round 2. That should do it. This team isn’t far away. But at the end of the day, we will live and die by Vick’s performance and health next year.

  42. amen. but for me, combine schmombine…. the scouts say the kid mostly played crappy football. Not a good indication of a NFL starter

  43. BTC – I like what you said – but I still think bringing in a vet SAM is a good idea. There’s guys out there that could bolster that position, along with Cheney, so that we really have a strong LB corp.

  44. Schill, I’m not loving on this guy. I just think he could be a good player if he is determined to be so. That’s all. If he didn’t have the talent to be, then we would never even know his name. I’m just saying.In the right system with the right coaches, he could excel. That’s all I’m saying.

  45. schill, I won’t argue with bringing in another LB to man the SAM spot. I know you’re big on Hawthorne. I don’t know much about him. But I’m concerned about not having a veteran among the safeties.

  46. btc, yeah. I’m not only big on Hawthorne, I’m big on anyone Tommy Lawlor says he thinks would be a good fit for the Eagles at SAM – including Hawthorne, but now including Jo-Lonn Dunbar.

    I’m with you at Safety too, but we have 2 “vets” you want a better player. Coleman and Allen are definitely vets at this point. They’re just not great and Allen’s performance this year is a question mark with him maybe getting more healthy and still developing. I’m hoping for Bell, maybe Otagwe, or some others….

  47. nev – enh, he’s had major injury issues recently so that’s a question mark. He’s by far the best safety in a very weak safety class, but that doesn’t necessarily make him worth taking at 15…. the hottest girl in a room full of ugly chicks isn’t always worth dating…

  48. I belive Brocker and even Poe are best suited for a NT spot on a 3-4 Scheme Team where there main responsibility is to clog the Center/Guard spot and not neccesarily worry about or be strong at penetrating the backfield.. I don’t think either one of these players fits Washburn’s get up the field Wide-9 scheme very well at all.. I would pass on both Brockers/Poe if I am the Eagles

  49. To Nev
    With Coboys signing CB Brandon Carr and getting LB Depth with Dan Connor
    I expect them to Select Safety Mark Barron at #14 ..Jerry Jones is very high on him as is DC Rob Ryan from Cowboy Sources and their Safety Position is actually weaker than the Eagles if you can believe that…

  50. Actually Paul, our safeties aren’t that bad. They are not that good, but not that bad. I would like to see a vet in there to help groom. But I think Bowles will help them out. Plus OTA’S and training camp will also benefit them.

  51. We need Mark Barron. Our safeties are ass and the evaluation of safeties by this organization have been atrocious. Brian Dawkins was drafted under Ray Rhodes, so that goes to show this team have never drafted a replacement or a safety anywhere near Dawk’s caliber.

    Barron can show this team finally have a change of philosophy and is willing to do what it takes to get back at the top of the NFC.

  52. Poe probably has the most upside just based on his athelticism..
    Biggest concern many Scouts have is why didn’t he dominate while playing at Memphis and going against Weaker Competition playing in Conference USA and not playing again many big-time College Players & Teams..
    His tape shows some flashes ,but not a player consistently dominating inferior competition as you would expect from a player of his size and athleticism… Who knows, maybe the Eagles make him their Strong Safety

  53. **Fred-Ex hires Lenny Dystra to help him get his finances in order****
    Details at 11pm

  54. Songs – you are like bi freakin polar – Barron has been down with injuries requiring surgery!?!!?!?!? one minute you whine like a little bitch that 2 years ago a guy had an achilles injury (that he came back and played 16 games on getting stronger as the season went on and had a great playoff game against Ray Rice and the Ravens) the next minute you are squeeling we need to get a man that has been unable to work out since season ended – so here is a guy that can’t play man in the slot with tight hips and now he is getting double hernia surgery? Wow – think he needs to be able to use his core, to turn and run, to twist?!?!?! I do not know how you are not a pro scout?!?!

    Here is a draft analysis on BArron:

    Man Coverage: Not often asked to drop down and cover the slot in this scheme. Is a bit stiff in the hips and has only average change of direction. Does show a late burst to close on the football.

    Zone Coverage: Good instincts and overall athleticism for zone coverage. A bit high in his backpedal as he’s a high cut athlete, but can plant and drive downhill on the football. Reads the quarterback’s eyes and has good feet, balance and straight-line speed, aiding him in being in consistently good position when in pass coverage.

    Ball Skills: Classic ball hawk. Reads the quarterback’s eyes and does a nice job of breaking on the throw. Good acceleration and straight-line speed. Very good ball skills for the position. Generally times his leaps well and has good hand-eye coordination to make the difficult grab. Good vision and natural running skills with the football.

    Run Support: Reads run quickly and aggressively attacks, taking out blockers when he has help behind him. Unafraid of playing near the line of scrimmage, though he shows only average strength and technique to disengage. Good agility and speed to avoid blockers, showing an ability to make a lot of plays at or near the line of scrimmage. Prone to overrunning the play, however, and leaving potential cutback lanes for backs to exploit.

    Tackling: Isn’t as reliable an open-field tackler as you’d think, considering his reputation. Flies upfield in run support and can fail to break down properly. Doesn’t possess the elite agility to dance with runners in the open field and always make the secure stop. Physical hitter who teases with textbook hit-lift-drive technique, but will also duck his head occasion to make the big hit and miss entirely or fail to wrap up securely and have the ball-carrier spin through his attempted tackle. Among his better traits, however, is his ability to take good angles when in pursuit. Understands his role as the last line of defense and rarely allows ball-carriers to get past him when he is in this position.

    Intangibles: Arrested in March 2011 on charges of hindering prosecution, a misdemeanor charge, as police believed he was not telling full truth about one-car accident in his hometown of Mobile. Missed the Capital One Bowl after suffering a torn right pectoral muscle against Auburn. The injury played a major factor in Barron electing to return to Alabama for his senior season.

    As a number 15??? Would rather use it to beef up the SLB or DT position – if available in 2nd or 3rd -(doubt that) why not

    But really Songs – you just recommended the Eagles do what you bitch they always do…

  55. You know what I will say this the two DT’s in this upcoming draft that played against top competition every weekend was Still’s and Brockers. I agree Brockers is made for a 3-4 scheme and Still’s is built for a 4-3. Still’s basically played in the backfield the majority of the season. He is a beast and at #15 he should be the pick. However if Baron is available at #15 how can you pass him up. I don’t no fellas it’s going to be tough if they are both there.

  56. Also my sources tell me that the eagles are not in love with Rolle at the weakside due to his limitations. I like Jameel Mcclain from Baltimore, I think he would be great at weakside. He is use to a 3-4 but I believe he could be very good weak side backer. What do you guys think?

  57. Paulman: Mike Mayock stated today that the reason Poe’s stats are not a great tool to use to measure his ability is because a lot of plays were ran away from him, he (Poe) t ook on a lot of double teams , stood up his man and freed up his d-linemates to make the play.
    Mayock also has Poe as his current # 1 d tackle on the board.

  58. Pdiddy I don’t think the Eagles are going to bring in anymore known talent from free agency. The Eagles sent their linebackers coach to personally work out Kuechly yesterday.
    I know you are a PennState guy and love Still. Mayock has him rated as his #5 behind Poe, Cox, Brockers. I don’t recall who his #4 was. I’m telling you pdiddy he runs to hot & cold.

  59. All over it Navy and excellent recap..
    BArron has been falling since the end of the Season and many Scouts/Draft Observors have him ranked in the mid-30’s as a Pro-Prosect, now he may go towards the end of the 1st Round since this is a very weak Safety Draft Class this after a very weak one last year as well.. Teams like the Cowboys, Jets,Redskins,Panthers,BEars,Pats,Bengals Falcons,Vikings and I am sure many others are looking to updgrade their Safety Positions.. Many team have signed Veterans to 1 Year Deals as a Stop-Gap,Band Aid for 2012 but Barron will be in Demand, but I believe he could fall to later part of the 1st Round (mid 20’s)

  60. You boys see that ND Kalu article talking about Demeco – when Ryans was a rookie, Kalu was on the Texans, and he said that although 10 years younger, Ryans commanded the huddle so much that ND felt like he should call him ‘sir’. Pretty cool shit.


    He had a great injury recovery lesson “The one (and only) that got away” DERRICK BURGESS!!!!!! In fact, Burgess had his best seasons post the SAME INJURY as Demeco……..sooooo… naysayers… uh…. what up?

  61. Good junk Schiller.. I expect great things from this man and this defense.. and im happy they decided to make this deal now rather than later bc it will give Demeco to establish a relationship with his teammates and also establish himself as the leader of this defense and team day 1..

  62. I think since the eagles play a wide 9 we need a nose tackle type DT to help take pressure off the linebackers .. like haynesworth did in tennesee

  63. Hey Eagle fans take a step back for a minute… Take a deep breath… Ok now listen. Look at the names that are on the Eagles defensive roster.

    Cullen Jenkins
    Nnmandi Asumuga (spell checker)
    DeMeco Ryans
    Asante Samuel
    Jason Babin
    Trent Cole

    WOW…. What a squad. Those are some serious names. How can this team not be the best defensive team in the nfl in 2012?

  64. Brockers ran a 5.15 40 at LSU — more than two tenths of a second better than his time at Indianapolis. He did 21 repetitions of 225 pounds in the bench press. Brockers had done 19 reps at the combine. His vertical jump improved from 26 inches to 30.

  65. Mayock knows his stuff and I enjoy listening and reading his analysis of Players as he is usually correct about players making that leap to the NFL..
    I just think with 7-8-10 very Good DT’s in this Draft that a good one can still be had in th 2nd Round like a Kendall Reyes, Brandon Thompson and even a player like Mike Martin/Derek Wolf who are 3rd/4th Round players could excell in Washburn’s Scheme

    Top 13 DT’s by Rankings and their Overall Rankings as a Pro Prospect by the NFL DraftScout.Com site who weekly update their Player Rankings

    #1) (10th Overall Player) Michael Brockers (LSU 6-5 322lbs)
    #2) (12th Overall Player) Dontari Poe (Memphis 6-4 346lbs)
    #3) (15th Overall Player) Fletcher Cox (Miss State 6-4 298lbs)
    #4) (22nd Overall Player) Devon Still (Penn State 6-5 303lbs)
    #5) (27th Overall Player) Jerel Worthy (Mich State 6-2 308lbs)
    #6) (30th Overall Player) Kendall Reyers (Conn 6-4 300lbs)
    #7) (45th Ovreall Player) Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 315lbs)
    #8) (75th Overall Player) Josh Chapman (Alabama 6-1 316lbs)
    #9) (79th Overall Player) Mike Martin (Michigan 6-1 306lbs)
    #10) (98th Overall) Al’maeda Ta’amu (Washington 6-3 348lbs)
    #11) (111th Overall) Kheeston Randall (Texas 6-5 300lbs)
    #12) (118th ovreall) Marcus Forston (Miami 6-1 301lbs)
    #13) (136th Overall) Derek Wolfe (Cincinnati 6-5 300lbs)

  66. Is this injured guy more “artificial sweetener for the Kool-Aid?” Only time will tell.

    Of course, some of our resident geniuses are certain that we have yet again found our savior. These same geniuses also thought we had found that savior in Kevin Kolb. I’ll never forget that off-season. Everyone and their momma bragged about how good Kolb would be (some loud-mouthed players included). I kept asking the same question: On what were they basing their opinions? Kolb hadn’t played much. To this very day, he’s played 10 games in 5 years.

    Ryan is coming off a serious injury and he didn’t play great last season. Linebackers must move forward, backward and laterally more than any other position in football (except cornerback). So, how could anyone claim to know what this guy will do, especially considering that none of us has given him a physical exam, evaluated his physical condition, nor knows if he has a psychological hindrance. This is a high-risk, high reward deal, and we’ve had a bunch of those blow up in our faces.

  67. drum- ryan was coming off a serious injury LAST year. Its over a year and a half now. It will be nearly 2 years from the injury when they actually hit the field. I understand you wanting to see but lets be real…. this is a good good grab. They still have plenty of cap room to lock McCoy up. Honestly, this is a good good grab.

  68. Steveo

    I am being real. What he’s done in the past is in the past. Certainly, many injuries require two years to heal, but that doesn’t mean all injuries heal in two years. Until the guy goes out of the field and proves it again (which he hasn’t done), it’s a crap-shoot. That’s real.

  69. Achilles is not your average injury. Injuries like that tend to lead to other injuries because a player will favor a leg. I wouldn’t be unusual for this guy to begin having hamstring problems or groin issues. The point is, you just don’t know until a player has come back all the way, and that just hasn’t happened yet. I hope he does, but I’m not living on Cloud 9. We need a sure thing at linebacker, not a probable thing. If this guy doesn’t pan out, where does that leave us?

  70. ***NFL News***
    Bears sign Free-Agent RB Michael Bush from Raiders and apparently Franchised RB Matt Forte is not real happy about it..
    Patriots resign WR Deion Branch giving them like 12 WR’s on their Roster after Franchising Wes Welker Signing Free-agents Brandon Lloyd, Donte Stallworth, Anthony Gonzales and Matthew Slater… and still have Ochocinco,
    Edelman and Tiquan Underwood from last years Team…

  71. Top Rated CB Morris Claiborne from LSU reportedly is going to have surgery on his Left Wrist which has been bothering him since injuring mid-season in game versus Alabama.. He is currently the #1 Rated CB and 4th/5th Overall ranked NLF Prospect from DraftScouts.Com in the entire Draft.. Wonder if this will hurt him, which I believe it may, so maybe he drops down a few places affecting the other prospects around him.. Many had the Browns at #4, TB Bucs at #5, or even the Rams at #6 possibly taking him..

  72. Personally, I’m more skeptical of tendon and small muscle injuries than I am of broken bones and major muscle groups. If you injury a big muscle, you can lift to build it up. In fact, you can even make it strong than it was to begin with. However, the smallest part of a player’s leg is the ankle area, and you can strengthen that area only so much. That very small part of the body supports a great deal of weight and when you begin to stress those tendons by quickly changing directions, the chance for re-injury is exponentially increased.

  73. So drummer windbag – really douche – or should we call you Lonewolf 11 – cause some other idiot by that tag is bloggin the exact same garbage as you on Are you him ? or are you that incredibaly stupid that you plagarize other idiots and pass the stuff off as your own?

    Looki pal we got it – you got caught playing with your instrument inthe band room a few to many times – your a beater not a blower – while the me and my friends were playing the game, you were leading the cool band chants and drum lines – thanks – but when we need your brand of ‘expertise’ – you know – who would be better at the halftime show next year – Beyonce or Sheryl Crows – we will give you a call – go tap on your snare lonewolf – cause you ain’t a doctor either – he played one hell of a playoff game against the ravens last year – pay attention once in a while moron

  74. Schiller

    What’s Burgess’ injury got to do with anything? No two injuries/people are the same. By your reasoning, everyone/anyone who’s ever had this injury came back or could have come back from the injury, which simply isn’t true.

  75. I love these keyboard tough guys who obviously don’t live in the city, because if they did, they’d learn real quick to treat people with respect. Okay, Navy, you’re a tough guy and I’m scared of you. Why don’t go downtown and talk to someone like that? I dare you, with your bad ass, you pussy!

  76. Iam more skeptical of tendon and small muscle injuries? Wow – why have a training staff – isn’t Burkholder considered one of the top trainers in the NFL – why have orthopedic surgeons on your staff – get the expert opinion of lonewolf 11

  77. I’ve come to understand that guys who talk like that are the ones who got picked on all their lives. That’s why they have a chip on their shoulders. The hide behind and it’s make them feel less like a woman. I understand, Navy. It’s okay. But, keep in mind that if you practice this long enough, you may accidentally slip up and talk like that to someone to their face. Then, what are you going to do? If this is what you need to do to feel less feminine, I understand, baby. It’s all good.

  78. Didn’t that training staff also check out Steven Smith and the offensive lineman who never even made it through training camp? And that’s just last year. There have been many others.

  79. News from Stanford’s Pro Workout Day
    QB Luck looked very sharp completing 45-48 passes in a realative breezy day with gusts up to 20 MPH. Per Rob Rang, Luck only threw 1 poor pass
    Star of th eDay per Rang was TE Coby Fleener who missed the Indy COmbine due to a sprained ankle.. He measured 6-5 241lbs ran a 4.45 to 4.50 40 Yard times with a verticle leap of 37″ and lifted 225lbs 27 Times.. What Scouts liked he that he catches everything and his route running is at top spped, smooth and very elusive… Looks like he could put some weight on and needs to improve his blocking , but he probably is going to be the 1st TE Drafted and with the recent success of teams using talling,faster TE as real weapons in the passing game like Pats Gronkowski, Saints J Graham, Packers J Finley, Bengals Gresham Lions Pettigrew, etc,etc and don’t be surprised if the slides up from his his original ranking of an early 2nd Round Pick and may sneak up into the middle- to late part of the 1st Round

  80. Dummer wind douche – aka lonewolf 11 – you dare me – do you double dog dare me??? So – you want me to go downtown and call someone a douche – why should I treat some poor person I don’t know like they are a freakin idiot – your the freakin idiot – now – if they act like an idiot – say assnine things – make general asses out of themselves like you do – hey brother – I am treat all as equals!

  81. sure they checked them out – so what – did steve smith not play becuase his knee was hurt IDIOT – or did he not play becuase he couldn’t get the playbook down, or he got beat out by DJAX, Maclin, and Avant….. yet again you demonstrate you are NOT a competitive athlete – the training staff says you are good to go – its up to the player after that—– we traded a 4rth round pick for the guy – grow the hell up and stop being such a whiney bitch – do you go downtown and act like such a whiney bitch all the time the injury was over a year ago – he has already played thorugh the injury – he played very well in the playoff – quit jerking off for 5 minutes and stop just knee jerk acting like everything the eagles do will suck – they needed an LB they got one – trotter was hobbling around on a knee that couldn’t pass a physical – grow up

  82. Navy, it’s obvious that you have serious emotional issues. I wish you could see yourself for who you are. I feel sorry for you. I know that you are a product of your environment, which makes me further understand that your environment must have really bad. I hope you eventually get some help before someone beats the hell out of you.

  83. Pman – didn’t see your post sneak in there – hope all is well with those w teeth – Luck will do very well in the pros – one of Harbaughs coaches from Stanford (special teams) is coaching the local HS football team and he has nothing but great things to say about Luck – I strongly belive he will not be a firsat round bust –

    TEs are lloking weak for this draft – based upon what Harbor did last year – would you find another or our we set at TE – I think we are set…

  84. wow lonewolf 11 – that was the saddest most pathetic comeback in history – try making fun of Andy Reid neck fat or something.. just when I think you couldn’t get any lamer – you exceed expectations…. nice picture on lonewolf 11 – that you in real life – talk about lame and computer tough guy…..

  85. For the life of me, I don’t think some of you guys have one brain cell in your brain! Let me get this straight, some of you still are harping on getting Plax, Blob Albert, useless Burfict, & drafting Barron, a safety, at #15, coming off of DOUBLE HERNIA SURGERY! Thank God you aren’t running the Eagles. You would be even worse than Rosebuds & square peg in round hole Reid. I thought all of this nonsensical talk ended, with the Manning, Tebow & DJax situations all being resolved! Please research, watch some NFL Films game footage, & live in reality, before making idiotic comments. For the love of God, I implore you. LOL!!!!

  86. Navy, damn, back with a vengeance! Go easy on him, he’s not the only one on here, who goes on other sites with different alter egos, or guilty of Plagiarism. It’s pathetic. Schill does it, PETE aka Pete the heat does it, Jon Hart does too. Very sad! 😀

  87. hwy Navy..
    I wouldn’t go with a Safety Barron or a TE Feener at #15.. Now if the Eagels traded down from #15 for later 1st Round PIck or early 2nd Pick and Barron was still on the board , I would have to think about it.. As far as the TE position,HArbor did improve as Season went on and the lockout last year really hampered his development I believe.. I would like to see the Eagles have his work sout some at FB/HB to maybe compete for some snaps there.. (especially since the Eagles have no FB) but he needs to step up his game and be a nice complement to Celek.. I do think Eagles need to Draft an athletic TE in the middle/late rounds who they can develop to compete for the Future.. The Kid from Liusiane-Lafayette Ledarius Green looks like he could be a real good one at 6-6 250lbs who is a mostly a pass-receiving TE which is the trend the NFL is now at with the TE Position.. The Days of the big slow, reliable TE who catches 6-8 Yard button hooks and falls down are over, look around the NFL and most of the good Teams have TE’s who are big, fast and create match-up porblems for opposing Defenses and the Eagles Brett Celek while a nice TE does not fit that mold as far as running away from anyone ..

  88. Can anyone tell me the last time the Eagles selected anyone in the 1st round that wasnt a surprise? Can anyone tell me the last time when a player was still on the board and every Eagles fan said YES he fell to us only to say WTF why did we choose a guard? Yes we moved up! WTF why didnt we choose that safety? Why does anyone think it will be different this year? It wouldnt surprise me at all if the Eagles selected a CB out of a Div II school we never heard of. lol. We tourture ourselves this time of ear every year lol. Remember the year when we had holes and every Eagles fan said Kevin Kolb? WTF we dont need that right now.

  89. Donavan McNabb was a 6 time pro-bowler when he was traded within the division. Redskin fans were estatic.

    2 season later he is cut by the Vikings and not one team wants him in a league were backup probowl QBs are a luxury.

    Andy Reid knew that McNabb’s career was over. Most of us did not.

    No team in the NFL would let a healthy 2 time pro-bowl linebacker go, in his prime.

    This crack Eagles staff is the same one that let an offensive lineman pass a physical last summer only to have him quit because of a back injury.

    This is the same Eagles office that brought you..

    Levon Kirkland

    Tekao Spikes

    and the Great white “shark in the water” Ernie Sims.

    Oh and how can I forget. They drafted the linebacker from Nebraska with a history of TORN ACL and he promtly tore his ACL in a practice game.

    So with that track record, of passing physicals (and I did not even mention the Andrew brothers) and bringing in vetran linebackers,



    Keep living in Andy’s World of Fantasy.

    Next you’ll be telling me that we have a real Defensive Coordinator running the defense.

  90. BSM – You are entitled to your opinion (obviously), but you’re also blatantly ignoring several pertinent facts. Why? I say because it’s convenient to your argument. You want to cling to your doubt/hate, and this is a rife opportunity for that. But “They GAVE THE GUY AWAY” – not true, the Texans gained desperately needed cap room, a 4th, and moved up in the 3rd. That’s 3 tangible things they GAINED from the trade. Sure, it still seems lopsided because of HOW GOOD A PLAYER RYANS IS. But of course, you can’t see how good he is because you’re fitting it into your cookie cutter haterism.

    You can sight previous signings and draft picks by the Eagles all you want. Still doesn’t change the fact, that Demeco Ryans is a real person, who has never had anything to do with the Eagles until now. So your arguement that the Eagles past moves will accurately predict how this one will turn out is GARBAGE.

    Could he prove to be injured and less than great? OF COURSE. But your argument is still GARBAGE. They said Reid would never value receivers, now we got 3 quality ones, paid handsomely. So when you try to say “Reids past means I know Reids future” – you, me and us all have been PROVEN WRONG.

    So, what is it, you’re adverse to learning from experience?

  91. And BSM, how do you explain the texans players being pissed? They’re just putting on a show to make their buddy feel better? You REALLY think that?

  92. schiller, less arrogance, and address his question: who gives away a pro bowl linebacker in the prime of his career. He is damaged goods, no one comes all the way back following surgical repair of a ruptured achilles tendon, his play will never be as good as it was.

  93. BSM, keep in mind that even if Ryans is a shell of his former self, the Eagles only gave up a 4th round pick and moved down a few spots in the 3rd. The risk vs reward on this trade is outstanding for the Eagles. To your point about McNabb being traded when the Eagles knew he was washed up; it was clear to most Eagles fans that McNabb was on the downside of his career and about 32-33 years of age where as Demeco Ryans is only 27. I live in Virginia and know more Redskins fans than most and I can tell you that while they were happy about upgrading to McNabb from their woeful cast of QBs, they were by no means ecstatic and thinking he would be a game changer for them. And to McNabb’s credit, he was putting up some big numbers in his first few games until the entire Redskins team tanked like they always do. Also, Ryans is a 4-3 linebacker and does not fit the Texans’ new 3-4 scheme. Add to that he was one year removed from injury last year and it’s easy to see why his numbers were down. Even so, he’s still better than any LB we have on our roster.

  94. Jakedog- I will adrress your point. They gave him away because he didn’t fit their system anymore and they were paying him $6 mill a year. Dude is a 4-3 MLB which you would know if you knew who he was like the rest of us. And BTC24 is right, this is a low risk move since we have no idea what they will do in the draft. And which FA LB did you like better than Ryans? I didn’t see any, and there is no guarantee that a rookie would make an impact in their first year. Now that he is over 18 months from his injury, we will get a clear picture of how good he can be.

  95. Still talking about a stud LB we got for cheap,played all last year (no injuries),played well,doesnt fit there 3-4 scheme,fiery leader,and was defensive rookie of the year. 2 pb’s. Still wasting your time commenting on it being a bad move when everyone around the team,media,G(who played backer),and so on is saying its a nice move?

    Beat up topic….move on crybabies…we got a stinking tackling machine and when he starts lighting up rb’s and tight ends im gonna let some of you know about it.It will be a while…

    Go phills!!!

  96. Jakedog – I didn’t say a single thing about myself so I don’t see how it was arrogant.

    But the answer to that question “A team who changed schemes to one that doesn’t fit a prototypical 4-3 MIKE Lb, and has HORRIBLE cap managment problems that urgently need to be addressed, AND has a soft spot for a team leader who they want to set up in a favorable position on a new team”.

    And Jake – “no one comes all the way back following surgical repair of a ruptured achilles tendon” – INCORRECT – Derrick Burgess did it with GREAT success. And he’s a bigger guy, a DL.

    His play was arguably as good as it was prior to the injury in their playoff game, which is also the most recent game he’s played. And now he’ll have more time to recover. YOU are arrogantly predicting the future – that’s foolish for human beings to do – fact.




  98. From a football and defensive standpoint this is a great move. If you don’t see that then in my opinion you need to learn more about the game. Talking about an injury that he came back from and played a whole season is not recognizing that injuries happen to guys in football.They come back..some dont…sometimes it takes a whole 2 seasons.Looks like we’re ok with that.So stop beating it into the ground.

    Shiller just broke it down…predicting the future..suspect adult behavior…with the exception of Paulmandomis…he sees into the future…its obvious.

  99. Come on guys! Are you boneheads still arguing over this move!? WTF, shut up already. It’s a good move. I’ll take a good pro bowl LB like Ryans, at 80% his normal self, than any of the septic swimmers we have. Use your brains guys, we gave up a low 4th switched a couple spots in 3rd. We aren’t fiscally responsible to any bonus $$$ either. So basically he doesn’t workout, we ditch him. Yes he’s a risk. He’s a high injury risk, high reward though. I’m sick of their infatuation with X-injuried too, but he played an entire season, didn’t re-injure it, got stronger & started to play better. He’ll be fine. Remember a guy named Trotter, he basically played his entire career with a 60 year olds knees. FA is far from over, & we still have the draft & Asant to rid. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, FREAKING CHILL OUT!

  100. several days later- I still love this move. In general- i love what the birds are trying to do on D. Ill say it- i still think they should have given ernie simms another year. Is he really worse than what we had last year?

  101. Stevo, you blew it big time buddy, with your last sentence.
    By mentioning your support to give another Season to Ernie Simms with the Eagles has to have to serious repercussions, and yes, worse that the Saints Bountygate…
    I hearby declare that Stevo is suspended 1 Full Season from Today 3/23/12
    thre 3/22/12… He will not be able to comment, interjeck or communicate with any Eagles Fans or writers on this Site …. Do I hear a Second, from anyone else from the GCobb.Com Community…
    Sorry Stevo, you seem like a nice fella, but giving Ernie “Swims with the Sharks” Sims another Season with the Eagles is offensive in the highest order and had to be dealt with swiftly and sternly..

  102. How do you guys feel about adding Marion Barber as backup to Shady? Bears signed Michael Bush and there’s talk about the Bears parting ways with Barber…

    I think this would be a good move…A power runner on some short down situations and in the red zone…something we haven’t had in quite sometime!

  103. Yeah, shoulda given Matt McCoy another year too. Dude was on his way to being an all pro. Eagles should kick the tires on Freddie Mitchell and Jerome McDougle.

  104. btc, ha, hard to kick the tires on a guy through prison bars.

    realtalk – i like that idea. If he’s still healthy enough/capable… he seems like the ideal fit and he’d theoretically be willing because it seems like he’s embraced the back-up role from what I’ve been able to sense.

  105. haha- we’ll at least i united you goons on something.

    “blew it big time”? Pman- settle down. Ill still stand on the fact that the eagles have cut ties with our LB’s too fast over the years. As soon as a guy is not starting- hes cut or is let to walk. Its stupid. The backups are clearly the backups but ther is not enough competition in camp at the LB spots.

  106. Stevo has a good point. I’ve noticed that we do cut LBs way too fast yet this has been a position of weakness for a while now. Maybe last year was just a result of too many young guys starting and having a new d coordinator.

  107. Ive said over and over that its funny how we will pay 3 qb’s who could be starters to work together but God forbid we overpay 1 lb for 1 friggin year while we see what could rise to the top. I would have taken sims or bradley this year. Both did nothing but….

  108. yeah, funny timing to discuss barber as an option. ha.

    F that, let’s get a younger guy in here. I say draft an RB in round 2.

  109. honetly tho- who friggin cares (besides pman)- im excited about what we have at MLB now. I would love for them to add 1 more possible starter in the draft and perhaps 1 more vet in FA.

  110. Re MLB,
    No Playoffs for these 2012 Phils, The Window has Closed…
    The Greatest 5-6 Year Run in Phllie History with approx 500 Wins and yet, only 1 Championship to show for it while having one of MLB Highest Payroll’s ove rthis time period … Another disappointment for Philly Sport Fans..

  111. Paul, the arrogant philly fan from NC! We got a Chapmionship out of the phillies, incase you had not heard those pesky Championships are fairly hard to come by which is why I guess they make such a big hoopla about them when some team gets one. Guess what we got one, came close to another one so show some dang thanks.

    I would love another one by the Phils but don’t give me your “Let down Philadelphia Fan” crap, not right now “Wonder Boy” wait for when we have a real non competitive baseball drought, other wise As a famed Military chacater in a popular Vietnam war film, “I piss on you”.

    Sorry Paul my brother, but sometimes Plilly bitching wears me thin, no offense my dude…still though “I piss on you.”

  112. As far AR interest’s in Manning,
    Name me an NFL Coach not interested in Manning, that doesn’t have a Brady,Brees,Rodgers playing for them…
    I stated from th get go that Peyton was not going to direct compete directly with ElI and would not play for the NY Jets or any of the NFC East Team, so whether Coach AR, Shannahan, Rex Ryan or Jerry Jones was interested, it wasn’t going to happen for he was no going to invade his brothers Turf..

  113. The McNabb trade is now complete. The Eagles got Nate Allen, Casey Matthews, and DeMeco Ryans for good ol’ #5. Thanks Redskins.. I feel we’ve made out like bandits overall if you really think about it..

  114. JH agree – big question – do you draft another LB or go DT in first round – I am re-thinking and think we should get ANOTHER LB – Kuelchy – he can start as SLB and if ther is an issue with Ryans – he can be the MLB – I thought our DL was a strength last year

  115. Correct Navy. There are alot of options there. The dline was strong yes but there are an aging group. Cullen Jenkins just turned 32 in January and Mike Patterson is coming back from a tricky brain surgery so we need players there. But i see your reasoning on the LB bc i feel the same way, they can put Keuchley or Ryans in any of the LB positions bc they both have experience playing all there so there interchangeable.. I say go for the best DT or best LB available.. if they see that Keuchley is dropping i would trade up for him. keep in mind there there are a slew of LBs and DTs in this draft so if there guys were taken i would consider trading down too.. alot of options there at 15…

  116. arer you surprised they did not/have not yet made more effort with Landri?

    on O – I see them picking up a veteran RB to work in w/ McCoy and Lewis – maybe Buress – other then that – solid on O…

    I will not be upset if they go DT or LB – I think they may need 2 more LBs – not sure what to think – one mock had then taking a CB 1st rd? You think Samuel stays or goes? I thought he would be gone….

  117. I fdon’t see the Eagles resigning LAndi for they will draft a DT in the early rounds, and remember there is practice squad DT named Cedric Thornton who the Eagles are really high on.. remember he made the intial 53 man Roster last Season only to be moved to the Practice Squad once they picked up Guard Devan since Watkins wasn’t ready yet… Thornton goes 6-4 310lbs and is a big guy who has a little hops in intial burst… He is definitely a player to watch this Camp..

    Check out my 1st Round surprise picks Navy on the other thread..

  118. Navy– im very shocked they havent tried to resign Landry. I guess they view him as a guy thats not a top priority and that they can get another guy who can produce like he did.. they go young DT in this draft very early, possibly in the 1st round. You dont want to miss out on one of these dominant DTs this year.. It doesnt look like Burress will be here, where will you put him as the 3rd wr? Hes not gonna play special teams, hes not a young guy being 35yrs old.. Samuels could be gone as early as next week or during draft weekend, i cant picture a scenario that involves him staying in Philly, wont happen, hes a goner..

  119. It’s going to be very difficult to trade Samuel, the entire NFL knows the Eagles will end up releasing him so Teams that who like hiim will be in no rush to offter the Eagles anything substanial and can’t wait until he’s release and becomes a Free-Agent..The Eagles may be better off to package him with one of their Draft Picks to a team in need to move up in the Draft..
    For Example, trade Samuel and Eagles 5th Round Pick to the Vikings for their 3rd Round Pick.. But thiose thinking he’s going to return a 2nd Round oick by himself are fooling himself, he’s not the player he was 2 years ago and unless any team can re-work his Contract, it’s hands off most likely..
    I hate to even mention this, the Cowboys believe it or not, could be on the Team interesting in acquiring him..Jerry Jones has always been fond of Samuel’s playing style and missed out on ASMO last years.. They did sign Brandon Carr from the Chiefs, did release Terrance Neweman and have since the othe CB Mike Jeknins get worse and worse over the last 2 Seasons.. Anothe rTeam is the Panthers but they don’t have enough Cap Space.. I think the Eagles end up basically giving him away….

  120. A team in dire need of a CB are the Lions who lost their best CB in Eric Wright to the T BBucs thru Free-Agency and playing the Packers,Bears (with WR Marshall) a strong CB is needed.. Lions are tight with their Cap though and just signed MLB Tullock to a big contract which may be the only Free-agent they sign and concentrate on the Draft instead..

  121. Paulman if so many teams need a DB why would they want to compete against each other for a released Samuel? Wouldnt a team trade for him to make sure they get him? To say he cant be traded is ridiculous. Theres plenty of teams that would trade for him. It might not be a 1st or 2nd round pick right now but a 3rd or 4th is better than releasing him. Another thing if the Eagles were so anxious to trade or release him why is he still here? There waiting for teams to spend all their money? To sign all the FA DBs? Why is he still here? Why isnt he already released or traded?

  122. Another thing with Samuels. You dont think Samuels and his agent have talked to the Eagles about him being released? Dont you think they said release him early so he has more teams to chose from? Also the Eagles have a history of doing the right thing with releasing players early so they have more options. Its not the Eagles style to screw players (especially former ProBowl players)and leave them hanging.

  123. Beavause none of them are going to want to pay 9.5 Million to Samuel to a 31 Year Old CB whose lost a 1/2 step and has swelling knee issues about every Decemeber.. They Reason he is still on Roster for the Eagles wil want to try to trade him to get something in return or use him in a pacjage deal..
    I would not be surprised to see a Trade being worked on but maybe not finalized yet wtith the Panthers for a Deal for RB Jonathon Stewart and maybe some swapping around some Draft PIckls..
    Eagles send a 6th Round Pick & CB Samuel for RB Stewart and their 4th Round Pick for example..)

  124. I am sure Samuels and His Agent probably gave them a list of 3-4 Teams that he would want to play for and the EAgles are trying to get something in returns.
    TB Bucs has CB needs but signed CB Eric Wright and Resigned R Barber so they are Set at CB and don’t need Samule

    Also, many made a big deal about Eagles LB Coach Mike Caldwell running the LB Drills at the Boston Co llege Pro-Day… He also did the same thing and the University of Nevada.. Hello MLB J ames-Michael Johnson in the 4th/5th Round … . Eagles also Interviewed LB Keenan Robinson while down at the Sniro Bowl…

  125. Larrwd– Bro sorry to break it to you but Asante may be a goner before then.. hes not going to like being the 3rd cb on the team, this team plays a different style on defense now, more press coverage, man2man, not a strength of Asante.. they have a younger, faster corner in DRC who looked better than Asante did this year when as the RCB.. not a good look for Asante, on top of it all he would get paid 9.5ms, hes never going to see that money here.. they may have a deal in place already that might need to be finalized next week during owners meetings or may be revisited during draft week, anything is possible but it appears that Asante is certainly the odd man out..

  126. I really don’t think they want to go into the OTA/CAmps with the 3 Ring CB Circus that happened last Year.. No one has reallymentioned it, but I don’t Believe Samuel was real welcoming to both Asmo & DCR and that there was a friction from the get gowhen the both come on board, put that on top of new DC, New Secondary Coach and distrust and disaster happened with each player in the Secondary kind of playing for themself and doing their own thing and it wasn’t really to the final few weeks that the Secondary actualyl bnegan to gel and play together as a unit and I belive a big part of that was Samuel not being part of the equation… they need to cut th echord if need be and start OTa/CAmps with the minimal amounf of distractions as possible..

  127. Samuel brings alot of baggage with him, he has too much ego, arrogance and selfishness.. it’s all about him and his stats.. hes not hungry anymore, when i see him i see a guy who is trying to pat his stats so he can be a HOF, he has his SB championships, all he doesnt have is that HOF jacket.. he doesnt care enough about team and or his teammates or winning anymore… And thats just part of the reason why i see them getting rid of Asante, the other half is money related and a crowded crop of CBs.. the birds are staying far away from drama this year, last year they wanted the attention, they learned there lesson, now theyre trying to fly under the radar.. Asante’s biggest mistake was last years training camp with the stunt he pulled not showing up the first few days then came in with alot of arrogance and talking junk saying if they want my big play ability they wont trade me and yada yada, that definitely didnt sit well with this team/front office, he made it all about him.. hes not going to stick around guys, he will be traded or flat out released, but i see him being traded soon here..

  128. I disagree samuels instills fear in quarterbacks.. I heard eli manning say last year he wouldnt even throw samuels way.. i like asante

  129. Asante is as good as gone. They are not going to get anything for him, & will have to outright release him. He’s a matador, & couldn’t tackle a corpse. Good riddance! Another overpaid, overrated stiff, that never lived up to their hype & billing. I don’t know who is worse, he, Stinkadala, or Briere? Just GTFO, & don’t let the door hit you in the turd cutter!

  130. larrwd, he couldn’t instill fear, in a cupie doll. Come on dude, what games have you been watching, over the last 2 seasons? He takes too many gambles, gets burnt more than the plays he makes, he is a non-factor in the tackling department, & when an oppositions offense gets in the red-zone, he is as good as burnt for 6. Also he is a non-team, selfish, locker room, cancer. SEE YA WOULDN’T WANNA BE YA!

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