Report: Reid wanted Manning and more control

It’s not often that you get big Philadelphia Eagles insider news out of the Los Angeles Times, but it seems that there are some nuggets in today’s edition that will be quite interesting for Birds fans.

Sam Farmer cites two NFL sources – who wished to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the situation – who say that Andy Reid was prepared to walk away from the Eagles this past offseason if he didn’t get more control.

Oh…where do I start?

There has definitely been some confusion in the last couple years about the actual power structure within the Eagles organization (from an outsiders perspective, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that there is no internal confusion…I hope). Many said that Reid had lost a lot of his juice and wasn’t making all the decisions anymore. Howie Roseman is the general manager, but how much say does he have in actual football decisions? And where is Joe Banner in all of this? And who has the ultimate final ruling? I’ve spoken to several people who cover the team and asked them about who has final say at this point. No one really had an answer.

So, many assumed that it was Reid, because that’s how it used to be and other in the front office like Roseman have maintained that Reid still had final say. So, he’d be the one to largely blame for the absolute debacle that was the 2011 season. He’d be the one with his head on the chopping block, only to be saved by Jeffrey Lurie at the last minute. Well, according to this report, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe Andy was cooking dinner in 2011 with groceries that someone else bought, and he was tired of falling short for it. It’s possible that Andy was tired of taking flack for things that he knew internally he had no control over.

So now, according to the report, Andy has more control over personnel now. Could this be a reason for re-signing so many of the Eagles own players? Does this have anything to do with a DeSean Jackson deal getting done? I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

There is another interesting little piece of information in the Times article that Michael Vick fans might not appreciate. Reid wanted in on the Peyton Manning sweepstakes several weeks ago, but his interest chilled when he found out that Peyton had no interest in playing his little brother twice a year. I guess there must be a lot of outs in that $100 million contract that Vick has.

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  1. Micah glad to see someone’s awake. When G gets back from his vacation tell him he’s doing a great job. Two or three days without an article on this site is a joke. There’s nothing going on in sports I guess. Anyway good article.

  2. Good I am glad to here that he at least mad the dam attempt at manning. Nothing against Vick, but when you have a chance to get greatness, you have to at least try.

  3. simply put….Roseman has called the shots for the past 2 drafts and gets an “F”…..Reid wants to make the ultimate decision over him.

  4. Positive Vick article… No Giants Fans commenting. Negative Vick article… Giants Fans Commander in Chief is first to comment. You can set your watch by this guy. I’ll give the Giant’s fans on this site this… they are consistent in their effort to undermine our team… but I predict it will not work.

    In other news… does anyone else think that Matt Forte is about to get screwed by the Bears??? Playing the “good little soldier” really got him kicked in the ass. When you get hurt as a result of being 60 to 70 percent of your teams offense you should be shown a little more respect.

  5. eagles0 – you’re weird. The only evidence to suggest Reid has any lack of power is people in the media saying – and they sight nothing as evidence. So that proves, that you’ll accept heresay as fact if it supports your argument. That makes you a very poor source of reason.

  6. I know….can we get a draft analysis?How bout a FA angle piece?

    The best thing on this site is the comments of late.

    This is so interesting I read half of it and predicted the rest.

    Good to know the Walrus has taken back the ship.Or at least the stern.

  7. I think the report is bogus and of course they looked at the POSSIBILITY of bringing in Manning. Every team other than the Colts, Packers, Patriots, and Saints should have looked at the possibility to bring in Manning.

  8. 2-3 days with no activity and this is the story that is posted……..I heard Reid speak on this same topic with the same response over a week ago…
    Anyone that things that AR didn’t have control or his control was minimized over the last few years, is simply inaccurate…what head coach doesn’t have decisions regarding personnel…This is a non story and doesn’t surprise me one bit that the media is trying to stir some ish up, that really shouldn’t even be a topic!

  9. @Eagles0 – you must be crazy, in fact you must be a crazy, “dingbat” if you think AR has no control over what player is brought in to play for him…yea bring in any player you want and I’ll coach them, I dont care if they have issues, or if they dont fit into what I’m trying to do here….yea thats how it works, bring in any player, doesn’t matter…yea, ok, that sounds realistic, not!…AR doesn’t give the FO a list of players he’d like to look at…

  10. @Vinnie – That AR is a smart man indeed…especially how he shipped Kolb’s ass off for a player and a 2nd rounder….How he promoted Vick to starter, when Kolb was hurt…you are absolutely right, the man is a very smart man…

  11. eagles0 – Got brains? You just say stuff. You have nothing to back it up. Newsflash for ya genius – every sports team has front office guys in charge, over a coach. The Eagles are no different. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about the way thte team operates.

  12. @Eagles0 – I do hear what your saying…But I think it goes more like this…ok we have a this much avail in cap this year…who do we want to cut? (decided by AR and the coaches, GM) What players do we want to resign? we can bring in 3 new players or so…What position do you consider of need? (decided by AR and the coaching staff) Here is a list of players that fit into the budget, unless you want to make some additional cuts or try to trade a player…AR looks it over, decides….yes AR is not alone with the decision making, no doubt…but he does more than just give suggestions…

  13. old news as far as I am concerned.. I have stated many times that AR’s Power and Authority has been stipped away little by little each year and that Joe Banner is the man behind the curtain who really calls the shots for the Organization, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Banner now has his boy, GM Roseman, out front making personnel decisions,overseeing the Draft, etc,etc.. I also Stated the last 2 Years that I would not be all that Surprised if Coach AR saysd F-It, I am outtag here working for these Turkeys…
    To many in the Philly Media and Fans think it’s all Cacoh AR and that he has the final say so, and he at one time before the issues with his Kids occured, then Owner Lurie/Pres Banner just didn’t like the Feeling of 1 person being in control all Football matters ni the event something should happen,and they started to peel away his authority and spread out his repsonsibility amongst other people..(which I am not saying isn’t a bad thing) but it was a change in how things were run before when ATR had complete control.. I truly believe that 2012 may be Coach AR final Season for he will not go into the 2013 Season with no extension and as a lame duck coach, it won’t happen, no way, no how..

  14. Back to the draft. Now that the MLB position seems to be solved. Anyone think the Eagles picking a QB in the 1st round ?

  15. Dtime- wont happen unless Luck or RG3 become available. I see the birds ultimately going DT, i didnt see them going safety bc would it make sense to have 4 young safeties back there? To me, no. May add a veteran there. But LB is a possibility there at 15 if Luke Keuchly drops a little.. not wr, not rb or te, not OL either, theyll get depth at those positions later.. They go defense and im thinking that Cox Brockers and Poe are there targets.. Poe probably attracts them the most bc of his outstanding combine performance and the size speed and strength he has, they may try to move up for him.. but i see them going DT/LB and maybe CB if they decide to move Asante next week during Owners meeting week or during draft weekend, strong possibility…

  16. Dtime– the eagles like LBs that can play all three positions. If you havent noticed they have DRyans who can play all three LB spots in a 4-3, chaney, matthews, rolle etc etc, so im not totally sure they will draft a OLB specifically. I think they go Keuchley at that spot if they can get him.. there LB coach Caldwell was at Lukes proday and ran drills with the kid so he may be a eagle if still available.. and luke can play all 3 LB positions as well.. but DT is a need in my mind esp in a draft where thats a position of strength. Like 7-9 could go in the 1st round.. I dont see the birds out smarting themselves this year, I think they ll make a wise decision and go with the very best player, even if that means moving up to get him..

  17. JH, I hope your wrong man Still’s seems to be a better player than Poe. I think he fits their scheme better too. Poe is like a noseguard in a 3-4 scheme. I got that one from Pman, but its true Still fits their system better. Just my thought thats. We haven’t had anybody that size since hollis thomas. Plus Poe’s stats and competition in college was week.

  18. Pdiddy– Im a still fan too but the man has dropped dramatically, all the way into the 20s. Poe could play in any defense. I would think the birds, esp washburn would be licking his chops to get his hands on a guy like Poe bc he not only has size, but hes faster and stronger than all of the other DTs entering the draft. Keep in mind that Poe didnt have great stats bc he was always being double and triple teamed. Hes a force, and can impact a game immensely.. Still is a young guy with alot of growth ahead of him.. if the birds went his direction later i wouldnt be mad but if Poe is staring at them, i doubt they pass him up..

  19. I think the Eagles will surpirse with their 1st Round pick if the remain at #15 Pick
    Top 3 Surprise picks

    #1) DE Whitney Mercilus (Illinois 6-4 261lbs) — This years best pure pass-rusher in my opinion who reminds me a lot of 49ers Aldon Smith who had a great productive season as a Rookie last year with the 49ers. he’s long,lean and has the frame to bulk up to 270-275lbs in 2 years time easily and is more polished than JPP was coming out of College.. Remeber that Trent Cole & Babin are plus 30 years of age and the jury is still out from everyone’s opinion about Brandon Graham.. Mercilus will be Rotational player his Rookie season but could really be something special by 2013 under Coach Washburn

    #2) WR Micheal Floyd (Notre Dame 6-3 220lbs) the top Team have more than 2 threats at WR.. Look at the Giants,Packers,Saints who all go 3-4 Deep at tee WR position.. Remember the Maclin is coming into a Contract Year after the 2012 Season, will the Eagle give him a $40-$50 Million Deal like they did with D-Jax.. who knows.. but Floyd could contribute his Rookie Season at the main return man in Kick-offs & Punts and see some action in 3 WR Sets and could really present some match-up problems.. Imagine having D-Jax Wide left, MAclin WIde right and Floyd in the Slot with his size… Do Defense’s dare a LB or Saferty on him and leave the D-Jax/Macin on the outside with 1-1 man coverage.. I think Floyd could easily develop into the #3 WR by 2013 and depending what happens with Maclin future contract scenario, would be a talented WR ready to compete for a Starters position in 2013 if Maclin were to move on.. This would be a great Value pick at #15 anyway you look at it..

    #3) CB Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama 6-2 190lbs) a Physical cover CB who probably lacks the pure speed to play outside CB, but has the quickness, toughness to play the Slot CB and replace J Hanson in 2013 and the 1st Nickel Back in… Also could put ion 10 lbs once in the Eagles program and be a Safety with his coverage skills and having a good nose for the ball and working with New DC Coach Todd Bowles could be that utility player to play all position in the Seconday as a nickle back, and especially if the Eagles trade/release Samuel and remember that CB DCR is also heading into a Contract Season.. What happens if Samuel moves on and DCR is not as good as everyone thought..or if an injury occurs to one of the CB’s… This would be another great Vaue pick and may not pay dividends until 2013..

    This Draft is very Deep at DT and OLB and good ones could be selected with thier 2 2nd ROund PIcks in my opinion and wit hthe OL signed,secure for the next 3-4 Season with all of them, grabbing an OL with their 1st Pick just doesn’t fill a short term need of even one for 2013 where I think the 3 Players I listed can all contribute in 2012, but could major contributors by the 2013 Season

  20. Great move by th eCOlts in getting Drew Stanton
    I liked him out of Mich State when he came out a few years ago and is quality back-up with enough ability to start a couple of games and still giving a team a chance to win.. Not the biggest arm, but very accurate with the imtermdiate routes and a good leader who takes control of the huddle.. I think the Jets will regret in giving him up for Tebow in about a year from now…

  21. JH, I disagree Stills played against the big boys everyweek and Poe played like division II ball or something. And he didn’t dominate that, he got coached up to do a really good combine workout. But game film tells the real story, I admit I am bias my old school and everything, plus I saw Stills like every game so I could be wrong. But I never heard of Poe in college unitl the combine.

  22. Still is the best DT in the draft i have no idea why hes ranked 4 or 5 he had the most sakc the most takcles for loss. and just look at the tape.. you can just tell

  23. i had read stanton was pissed about tebow coming in..

    SHould make this draft fun.. Notre Dame players – aren’t we rid of all of them at this point?

    10- 11 2 minutes left

  24. Hermanns plaed DII ball – but I admit – I couldn’t tell you the difference between the two…. Pman – you are looking in areas most think the birds are already solid.. floyd vs buress? thoughts

  25. I think Kuehcly goes as early to the Bills at #10 or Seahawks at #12 and no later that #13 to the CArdinals… If he drops to #15, the Eagles could have a great Chance or Trading that Pick to a team who is really high on him and would want to move up to get him… The Bears at #19, theTitans at #20, the Broncos at #25 an don’t discount the Pats who haev the #27 & #31 Picks… Belicheck supposedly loves Kuechley and has followed him since his Jr Season at Boston College.. The Pats have a very good MLB IN Jarrod Mayo but perhaps Kuechley could be used on the outside for them…

  26. Yeah I wouldn’t be opposed to a big wide out. It makes no sense to have to small receivers. Djax is here to stay obviously(hurray), we can get rid of the stay Puff Marshmellow man (Maclin).

  27. we wouldnt draft a reciever that high though .. unless blackmon fell which isnt going to happen they wouldnt take michael floyd that high but hes a beast

  28. The Eagles wont go WR there. I just dont see it. The position i see them upgrading at is DT. Too my questions there, guys returning from injuries and surgeries and age too. I see them adding a young DT there. LB is another position i see them possibly upgrading to add to the current crop. WR i just cant see.. but they may look to add a guy like Floyd, but i dont see it. The offense is not the problem, it was the defenses inability to get 3 and outs. They couldnt get off the field. Why draft offense when defense is the spot of need? Give me a big dominant DT or a versatile LB or a replacement for CB Samuel who may be moved as early as next week or on draft weekend..

  29. You want a WR. Theres a big WR tht is a FA that I always thought never got a opportunity to play. But every time I watched the Chargers he would always make a play. How about kicking the tires on Legedu.Naanee. 6-2 230 and runs a 4.4. Always thought if he only got a better shot.

  30. To Navy, close game and another tough one to lose..they got to stick together and not get frustrated by those close,late losses..

    Back on my 3 Players who could be Drafted Scenarios,
    I chose these 3 because of Upside,VAlue and to be better positioned at 3 mist critical SKills positions (outside of QB), but DE, CB and WR where all 3 of these players can be major contributors by 2013 and beyond

    Theere will be 2-3 Good DL in the 2nd Round at #46 Pick and there will be plaeny of OLB to chose from with the #51 Pick in the 2nd ROund.. To have a chance for a Top end player at a critical position for the FUture where any of the 3 would be coming into a great situation and can leatn behind some proven Veteran players and not expect to be a Savior as many 1st Round picks are unfairly expected by the local media and fans..
    Think of a WR Corp of D-Jax/Maclin/Avant/Floyd/Cooper…
    Or a DE Rotiation of COle,BAbin,Tapp,Graham,Hunt & Mercilus
    or a CB Corp of Asmo,DCR,HAnson,Hughes,MArsh & Kirkpatrick
    or a SAfety COrp of Allen,COleman,Jarrett and Kirkpartick…

  31. For one I do not see the Eagles doing ANYTHING about their safety situation. Drafting 2 safeties in the 2nd round two years in a row. Its not gonna happen for a 3rd. Andy Reid has never drafted a LB in the first round however he has drafted 3 DT in the first round the most out of any position in the Andy Reid era. I see Andy getting COX

    *no pun intended*

  32. coleman can play.. thats about it.. nate allen didnt get ran over as much last season as the year before.. hopefully jarrett can replace nate allen and coleman can gain 7-10 lbs

  33. To Daggold,
    Good Call on WR L Naanee and watched him a lot last year when he played for the Panthers and thought he was by far, their 2nd Best WR on their team after Steve Smith.. Panthers are close to the Cap and probably can’t afford to re-sign him for what he is looking for and I am surprised that no one has picked him up yet… The Redskins,Colts,Cowboys,Vikings and Eagles would all be good fits for him..

  34. Hey JH, are they still planning on making any moves this weekend or next week before the meetings? What do think they are up to?

  35. Howie Roseman at the Wharton School of Business this year said the birds will be selecting the best available player reguardless of position with their high picks to avoid over thinking the draft and getting the very best Collegiate players on their team– something tells me that an internal review of their recent draft strategy has changed Howie and Joe’s approach —— one of their top ten players will slip to 15

  36. Why not a young QB? If there was ever a chance to get a young QB it’s now. If Ryan Tannehill is a value pick I think it’s a good idea. I think we have enough undersized DE’s and they need to give Graham a chance. There record in drafting DE isn’t very good. They also need to give the young safeties a chance to develope

  37. for a young QB in the later rounds.. to develop – check out Ryan Lindley from San Diego State – SDSU had a solid O but the D was poor – Niel Odonnel before him was back up in New England a couple years – there is a super QB coach out here that played for Jim Tressel in college that has developed (he doesn’t coach a team – just QBs) guys like Tate Forcier (staretd at Michagan as a Frosh) – and Lindley was one of his projects..

  38. Hey when are those cap penalties going to kick in for the Cowgirls and Skins 10 mil and 38 mil respectively over next two seasons.

    I am making a call early on this season fellas, I believe that the ball is going to bounce our way this time like the old Andy Days except this time we push through. If you disagree, backup partner I am having a moment here!!!!!

  39. QB lindley has some potential from San Diego State and has a live arm ..
    He does remind me a little of a AJ Feely, kind of a statute back there and has a tendancy to stare down receivers like a lot of young QB do.. If Eagles could grab QB K Cousins in the 3rd/4th Round, then maybe I would take him, outside of that, I am not drafting any QB in the group after the Top 3 in Luck, RGIII and Tannehill who will all be off the Board at #1 (Colts-Luck) #2 (Redskins-RGIII) and #4 (Browns-Tannehill)
    Vick is QB for the Eagles and trent Edwards/Kafka should battle it out for #2 and all 3 of these Wagles WB’s need as many reps as they can get come Camp time as the Eagles really need to really learn a lot about Edwards/Kafka to see what their future’s holds.. Next Year could be time to Draft a QB…

  40. One tarea being overlooked is the Offensive Backfield
    After Shady McCoy ,there really is no one else with NFL experiece
    There is no experienced FB and both back-up RB’s are not True #2 Caliber NFL RB’s yet…
    Maybe a deal with the Panthers who signed RB Tolbert to a 4 Year Deal and still have RB’s DeAngelo WIlliams, Jonathon Stewart and also a 3rd Year RB who also returns Kick-Offs by the name of Mike Goodson…
    Maybe the Eagles can make a deal including CB Samuel or a DT Patterson for RB Stewart or Goodson and a Draft Pick…
    Also there are plenty of Veterans RB out there like a Justin Forsett,Cedrick Benson, Ryan Grant, Joseph Addia,Jerious Norwood, tchester Taylor, Kevin Smith that all have experience and may have 1-2 Years to give in a complimentary role to spell McCoy but be ready to carry the load in the event if McCoy were to get injured and would not cost much (like Ronnie Brown) .

  41. i think dion lewis is a very good # 2.. but at fullback we have some problems.. i had hoped stanley havilli would have been a difference maker.. so maybe we should address that

  42. Lewis is unproven and needs to be a huge step forward this years.. He runs too scared in my opinion..
    Fullback problems, there is no FB on the Roster under Contract unless you count Practice Squad player S Havilli who was a late Draft pick last yer but still unproven and was so-so during his ROokie Campaign at last yers camp..
    I hope they utilize TE C Harbor at the FB/HB position and let him get some reps, at 6-2 246lbs, Harbor can do well from the FB positiin iwith pass blocking and receiving the ball out of the backfield, run some wheel routes..

  43. lewis doesnt run scared at all when at halfback.. he runs stronger than mccoy.. maybe on kick off returns.. hes not built to be a kick off returner..having him back there is just stupid

  44. Deasr– There could be another move on the horizon. Roseman is quoted as saying expect another move come owners meeting week. So we ll see, if nothing happens next week than a move could come draft weekend.. if Asante isnt traded then he could be flat out released but i believe they are trying to trade him.. so again a move can be made next week or closer to draft weekend or on draft weekend..

  45. Paul, i havent overlooked the RB position at all, i mentioned weeks ago that if i was the eagles i would draft the kid from Alabama Trent Richardson if he begins to fall. We need a bruiser back there badly, someone that can get the tough yards and could spell LMcCoy who is only 23/24 yrs old but years of a RB in the league are extremely short..

  46. I like Addai as the back-up if possible – Eagles started to use Celek as hybrid FB TE last year and loved the formation with Harbor, Celek and McCoy in back field – and Harbor and Celek shift – I would not be surprised if the team did not have a FB on the roster – I think the statistic was like 17% of plays last year? Anyone remember how much Schmitt played?

  47. **NFL News

    -Viking Resign LB Erin Henderson to a 1 Year Deal
    -Broncos sign 2 TE’s Jacob Tamme from the Colts and the underated TE Joel Dressen from the Texans to give some Weapons to Throw to in Denver
    – Colts had busy day, they lost Center Jeff Saturday who signed with the Packers, Signed WR Donnie Avery from Rams, Acquired QB Drew Stanton and Announced that OL Ryan Diem is retiring..

  48. Not a whole lot of FB’s out ther, a quick list of probably the best available
    -Jacob Hester from the Chargers
    – Ahmard Hall from the Titans
    – Mike Sellars from th Redskins
    – Mike Cox from the Falcons

    This is about it.. The top 2-3 already signed with teams.. Eagles may be better off Resigning Schmitt who at least knows the System and will play hard, show up every day and be a Profesional and can play a some Special Teams..

  49. Eagle Dog House? Frank you are perfectly right on that, some desrve it, and some don’t, none should be in there for long. Lewis I think can be a good back up, perhaps this year they will give the kid more reps. I think that they just wanted to get him on the feel and get some playing time so they placed him on KR. Eagles may get a KR/PR player so lewis just might get a few more reps.

    The offense will be on fire this season, and will bring the fear this time around. Book that Danno.

  50. They may go zach brown at #15, then draft DT Alamed Ta’amu from washington in the second. My sources tell me this may happen( Lol.

  51. Interesting picks pdiddy..
    NFL has Zach Brown rated as the 34th Ranked Prospect in the Draft and 3rd best rated OLB behind IM ngram & C Upshaw who are more 3-4 Scheme Players where they rush the passer more while Zach Brown is the more traditional OLB who is better sutied for a 4-3 Scheme which the Eagles run..

  52. The Browns will NOT draft TANNENHILL with the 4th pick. Right now, Miami is the logical landing spot for him. I still believe Andy will move up to 7 and get him. Tannenhill needs at least a year to be ready to play at the NFL level, and Vick is only guaranteed 1 more year. I doubt the Eagles want to find themselves in the position of being FORCED to find their QB of the future next year – especially if Vick has another spotty season.


  54. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest I had a diddy moment Lol. AND IF SETH JOYNER WANTS TO COACH THE DAM LINEBACKERS WHY NOT. WHO WAS BETTER SETH OR FREEKIN MIKE CALDWELL. Sorry I had another moment. You guys have a great Sat.

  55. I normally agree with people like Navy and Paulman. I guess I’m missing something but I’ve listed below why I think the Eagles need to draft Ryan Tannehill in the 1st round.
    The Eagles normally draft 23 thru 28
    It almost impossible to get into the top ten from 20 thru 28 without giving up the farm. Just ask the Redskins.
    Drafting at 15 is one of the few times that the Eagles can move and get one of the top rated quarterbacks.
    Most of the need positions of DT and LB can be had without too much of a drop off of talent in the 2nd round.
    Normally in order to win the Super bowl you need a top 5 quarterback
    Normally top 5 quarterback’s are drafted in the 1st round.
    Michael Vick is not a top 5 quarterback
    Vick is going to be 32 and normally does not finish a season without getting hurt.
    We don’t need another late round quarterback. The Eagles have Mike Kafka

  56. Oh and when I say my sources, I am fooling around guys I am not making fun of anyone just having fun on here that’s all. For those who have real sources do your thing I appreciate when you guys fill us in on legit stuff.

  57. Residing in San Diego, if Lindley is to be a serviceable starting quarterback he’s going to be a late bloomer. Right now he’s just another guy when discussing the pro level. He’s not accurate, takes too many chances with an occasional tight-window completion, and I don’t want to say lacks instincts, but they’re very questionable.

    With Philly QBs for the past decade, Reid/Marty develop QBs into their system and make it work, not so much to improve the player to succeed elsewhere.

    The guy to look at from the Aztecs is the running back, Ronnie Hillman. He hits the hole decisively and has a nose for the endzone. Whoever gets him in the mid-rounds will hit with this guy.
    (whoever posted this was excited when putting a title to it lol)

    Defensively, OLB Miles Burris could pan out as a late round pick as well. Some people down here like CB Larry Parker but all bias aside, he’s very involved but for that to translate to the pro level is a bit of a stretch. That’s all for SDSU football…

    OLB Miles Burris:
    (no highlight reel from last season)

    CB Larry Parker:

  58. Residing in San Diego, if Lindley is to be a serviceable starting quarterback he’s going to be a late bloomer. Right now he’s just another guy when discussing the pro level. He’s not accurate, takes too many chances with an occasional tight-window completion, and I don’t want to say lacks instincts, but they’re very questionable.

    With Philly QBs for the past decade, Reid/Marty develop QBs into their system and make it work, not so much to improve the player to succeed elsewhere.

    The guy to look at from the Aztecs is the running back, Ronnie Hillman. He hits the hole decisively and has a nose for the endzone. Whoever gets him in the mid-rounds will hit with this guy.

    Defensively, OLB Miles Burris could pan out as a late round pick as well. Some people down here like CB Larry Parker but all bias aside, he’s very involved but for that to translate to the pro level is a bit of a stretch. That’s all for SDSU football…

  59. Good Stuff AwolWest
    But the way, NavyDave lives out in the San Diego area, look him up for he’s a nice fella if you want to chat football, watch Eagles games..

  60. cool, thanks paulman…by the way i used to be “wmonell” on this site, switched the name up. check out my blog you may be interested awolwest.wordpress (dot) com

  61. Sounds good AW..
    I remember “wmonell”, you always had some good points and added to the posts/conversation.. Welcome back..

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