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Is Dontari Poe Another Workout Warrior Like Mike Mamula?

There’s movement going on at the defensive tackle position in this year’s draft.  Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe who had a monster of a workout at this year’s combine has moved up on most of the draft lists.  He’s listed as the top defensive tackle in the draft by Mike Mayock of the NFL Network, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay of ESPN.

Poe has been able to do this despite playing like an average defensive tackle during his career at Memphis.  I don’t think he has the motor to be a dominant NFL player, especially at the defensive tackle position.

There’s not a harder physical job in the NFL than rushing the quarterback from the defensive tackle position.  You must have an incredible motor in order to be a dominant player at this position.

Last year Poe, who played in the mediocre Conference USA recorded only 33 tackles for a 2-10 team in 2011.  Eight of those tackles were for a loss with one sack and one forced fumble.

This is a classic case of the scouts and talent evaluators being mesmerized by the Combine workout.  Yes Poe is big and athletic, but again a dominant defensive tackle has to be self-motivated and Poe hasn’t proven that he is.  I don’t want the Eagles to touch him because they can’t afford to draft a defensive tackle who takes a lot of plays off in the 4-3.

I would feel a lot better about drafting Poe if the Birds played a 3-4.  Defensive tackles in the 3-4 don’t have to make a lot of plays.  Their main job is tying up offensive linemen to protect the linebackers, who are responsible for making most of the plays. Poe wouldn’t be as much of a risk in a 3-4 scheme.

He shouldn’t be compared to one of the best players in the NFL, Haloti Ngata, because Ngata was a very productive player in college, while Poe isn’t.

On the other hand, both Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and LSU’s Michael Brockers faced much tougher competition in the best football conference in college football the SEC.

Cox totaled 56 tackles with 14.5 tackles for a loss, five sacks and one forced fumble during his 2011 campaign.  He dominated the best competition in college football and that means more to me than the 40 yard dash and the bench press.

Brockers had 54 tackles with 10 tackles for a loss, two sacks, one forced fumble and one blocked kick.  He’s a youngster who will get bigger and stronger.

I like Penn State’s Devon Still because he uses his quickness and athleticism to combat offensive linemen.  He’s got both very good size and quickness.  On top of that he was productive in 2011 with 55 tackles with 17 tackles for a loss, 4.5 sacks, a pass batted away and a forced fumble.

Michigan State’s Jerel Worthy had 3.5 sacks with 30 tackles and 10.5 tackles for a loss.  He has some impressive tape but doesn’t have the size and speed of the top candidates.

The following list is the way I see this year’s defensive tackles from the perspective of how they would help the Eagles.  The Birds need more quickness and playmaking ability from their defensive tackles.  I’ve seen both Cox and Still be more dominant on tape than the others.

Remember that the combine isn’t really playing football.  A player’s performance at the combine should be used only to confirm their production on the football field.

Defensive Tackles

1. Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State
2. Devon Still, Penn St.
3. Dontari Poe, Memphis
4. Michael Brockers, LSU
5. Jerel Worthy, Michigan State on Facebook

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58 Comments for “Is Dontari Poe Another Workout Warrior Like Mike Mamula?”

  1. Dontari poe is a hungry beast who’s ready to be lwt out his cage and cause O-lineman sleepless nights and plenty of headaches like Suh. We need a beast like poe on this defense next to Cole.

  2. I agree with you 100% GC. I watch a lot of college football & I like Brockers, Cox & Still. I like Brandon Thompson also. IMHO, Poe will be good, but is more suited for a 3-4 NT. I’ve been saying for a couple weeks now that Poe & Brockers will be gone by 15 & we end up with Cox. Which is fine by me. I say we wind up with- DT Fletcher Cox, DE Vin Curry, OLB Lavonte David, & QB Kirk Cousins, with our first 4 picks. What do you think?

  3. Rocko, he isn’t half the player that Suh is, but I get your premise. It would be nice to replace the non-play making & under achieving Patterson.

  4. Yes G…..couldn’t agree more. Still or Cox are the best options. Poe is a creation of his combine performance, just as you noted with Mamula. His performance at Memphis should weigh heavier than his 40 time.

  5. 1st Rd – WR Michael FLoyd (Notre Dame 6-3 225lbs)
    2nd Rd – DT Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 315 lbs)
    2nd Rd – OLB Shea McClellan (Boise State 6-3 260lbs) and a perfect SAM
    3rd Rd – RB Bernard Pierce (Temple 6-0 218lbs)

  6. Any 5 of these DTs are better than Patterson. Though there unproven in respects to the nfl, I believe they could come in and be very productive in philly with the style of defense that they play and the way Washburn coaches them to get after it like some crazed animals… I like the order you have those DTs in, thats the order I have them in too…Realistically Poe will be gone early, but the rest of them are attainable, either the birds could move up or they could wait there and see who falls to them..

  7. Paulman, I really just don’t see the Birds taking a WR with the 15th pick. There are too many other glaring needs on the defense. They really need to go defensive line or LB at this spot. The entire defensive line is aging very quickly and the Giants have shown that your d-line is what can win you a Superbowl.

  8. The more I think about it, the more I don’t want to give up Asante. I still think having him and Nnamdi on the outside give us the best DB Duo in the league.

    In a league that is moving more towards the pass, we need DEPTH at DB. Having Nnamdi and Asante with DRC on the bench ready to play is great…..the only problem is whether DRC wants to continue that role. I don’t think he does.

    It will be a sad day when we tried Asan-te.

    See whatIdidthur?

  9. Theyre not picking a WR in the first round at 15, wont happen. Offense is not there issue, issues were found on the defense, glaring ones..We need a DT or 2, we have a few question marks there with both Patterson and Dixon coming off of surgeries.. They have to go DT there and ive been saying it for awhile now, LB would be cool too but i see them going DT, Cullen just turned 32 in January and though he was relatively healthy last year, he has a history of injuries so it would be in there best interest to draft one of these DTs early, they cant afford to take chances this year, taking a WR wouldnt make any sense whatsoever…

  10. Wow – couple items –

    the phrase ‘workout warrior’ – well damn fellas – don’t we want every single player on the eagles to be a ‘workout warrior’ – don’t we want eevery palyer in the best shape possible??

    The phrase ‘ Mike Mamula’ and the draft – its like – blah blah blah ‘Mike mamula’ blah blah blah ‘workout warrior’ blah blah blah ‘Mike Mamula’ and people act like they are Mel Kipper…

    please read the following article to show how an urban legend gets treated as a fact:

    as for the CONSTANT use of Mike Mamula and the combine:

    Every college player has a resume – his play in college –

    Every player gets a chance at a job interview – Combine – Pro Day – interviews –

    if I were a GM I would expect – no demand – that the players I wanted to draft were workout warriors and performed near the top of the class – would you hire someone that showed up to a job interview in ripped jeans and a wife beater? Then why the hell would you hire a linebacker that showed up benching 225 16 times? Gee – I am going to hire a guy I know doesn’t take his job seriously, is lazy, and not motivated……

    lastly – anyone else notice GCOBB used the phrase ‘incredible motor’ – think maybe there is a reason Andy Reid likes guys with high motors – wihtout saying it directly – GCOBB just endorsed what Reid says when he talks about his DL when he refers to them as high motor and the reason he wants them to be high motor –

    As for the Poe argument – anyone else kind of notice a similarity between the top tackles this year – and the JPP Graham issue a couple years back – a couple proven guys from big schools – a more ‘raw talent’ guy for a lesser known school – one a safer choice – the other a higher risk/reward…..

  11. If the Eagles trade Asante before the draft I think there draft could look like this…
    1st rd: Dre Kirkpatrick CB Ala
    2nd rd: Kendall Reyes DT Conn
    2nd rd: Bobby Wagner LB Utah
    3rd rd: Kirk Cousins Qb Mich St
    4th rd: T Y Hilton WR Florida International
    5th rd: Emanuel Acho OLB Texas
    6th rd: Donald Stephenson OT OK
    6th rd: Ron Brooks CB LSU
    6th rd: Adam Gettis OG Iowa

  12. Howie will screw it up anyway — whether it’s his evaluation of the DT or his greed trying to get an extra pick next year by trading back from 15 —— (brandon graham, nate allen, daniel te’o-nesheim, trevard lindley, kennan clayton, ricky sapp, jeff owens, kurt coleman, jaiquawn jarrett, curtis marsh, casey mathews, brian rolle and greg lloyd) = GARBAGE

  13. Who do you think is more clueless when it comes to defensive draft picks —- jeff, joe, andy, howie, or juan ———— Who else trusts Todd Bowles more to make the #15 selection before these five clowns

  14. Trent Cole and Demeco Ryans are the only two players that I consider solid for the next 3 years —– Every other position and player could use an upgrade looking forward and the best defensive player available should be drafted with the first 3 picks reguardless of defensive position

  15. P.S. You can count on them to mess it up. Workout wonder Howie will take Poe. They can’t draft defensively worth beans.

  16. @JonHart: Slight correction: Jenkins turned 31 (Jan ’81). though he still only has a few more years.
    But agree we need a top 3 DT in Rd#1, not a WR, which is deep position anyway in this draft. Also agree that between two recently-injured Dixon/Patterson, that we need someone young/talented in there to build on for future. I like Cox, Still, Brockers in that order. Get a big, tough LB by end of 2nd Rd. Let Bowles work his magic with secondary. A tough D is necessary to stop opp’s redzone scoring, get more turnovers, and ball back into hands of offense.

  17. Great article G I agree one hundred percent. I love stills but cox has the numbers too. And a lot of you guys vouch for him so, either one of them would be great.

  18. Poe was never a beast in a weak conference, I would not take a chance on a guy like that.

  19. I would not compare Poe to Jpp, because Jpp put up numbers in college. For his short stint he was excellent. Poe numbers over the years is just blah.

  20. I’m still riding the Devon Still bandwagon. I just watched him destroy offensive lines this year. But the eagles always surprise us. Castro from Stanford will probably be our first choice.

  21. Iggles– thanks for the correction, I keep writing hes 32 and I don’t know why.. But yes they need a young guy in there, at least 10 years younger than (22) that is physically imposing and can penetrate a backfield… any of those guys listed could do the job..

  22. JH, the meetings are this week? Who do you feel could use Assante the most? Lions? Rams? Oakland?

  23. I need to stop writing while at work im typing like a fool.. tired of correcting myself smh haha.. jeez louise

  24. Great interview comment navy.
    I think the Poe decision should fall to 1 man, Jim Washburn. Poe looks like the next Albert Haynesworth. He has all the physical tools, but his desire is the big concern. I think the wide 9 front demands big DT’s like Tennessee had to help tie up the O linemean. People still say the Eagles like penetrating DT’s, but I say that was for Jim Johnson’s schemes, not Washburn’s. Haynesworth made the Tenn defense great, can Poe do that here? I have no idea.
    I’de love to see Poe, Cox, Brockers or Coples picked at 15 and get Hightower with the second pick to play SAM if it means moving up.
    Here’s my draft day trade possibility if the Eagles are willing to gamble on a DT slipping a little in the first round.
    Trade 15 and 46 to the Browns for their 22 and 37.
    Have Chaney WILL, Ryan MIKE and Hightower SAM. That should some the linebacker problems.

  25. Deasr– a deal involving Asante could be on the table already and could get finalized this week or it could go down draft weekend or leading up to it or the birds could keep the guy but i dont see it happening.. I really dont know the team that could use him the most, it could be anyone because of the stock that teams put on the CB position, very high value.. If we didnt have DRC or Nnamdi then he wouldnt be on the Tblock.. But its a crowded position and the birds are in a position to unload him because of there depth.. They do need to draft his replacement this year..Dont know what team yet that Asante could be traded to, could be the ones you mentioned or the vikings, saints, browns, dolphins…

  26. That should solve the linebacker problems.

    Imagine using Samuel to trade up with pick 51 to get Barron. Adding Ryans, Hightower and Barron make the defense dangerious.

    That’s the dream team I’de like to see.

  27. What’s this 3-4 crappy what you clowns fail to realize (you too Cobb) WE CAN’T STOP THE RUN ,here is a young man (POE) that runs a 4.87 and his and this is his most important attribute he has to offer to me he has great footwork and great lateral movement for someone that’s 346 pd. He benched 205pds 44 times . The beauty with this guy is he is a good 3-4 player but in the 4-3 sheme he would be great you mark my words

  28. Glad to see you came around on floyd paulman. There was an article on poe about how he was a superstar and such a poor defense that they onl6y attcked him it says he was double teamed every single play and triple teamed sometimes

  29. Rams singed CB Finnegan to a $50 Million Deal and probably can’t afford another big salaried CB like Samuel
    The Lions need him the worst since losing their best Cover CB Eric Wright but after re-signing some of their own Free-Agents like MLB Tullock, OT Backus and extended WR Calvin Johnson’s Deal, they are already tight up against the Cap. Saints are already up against the cap too.
    Dolphins have a need and cap room and Samuel is from Southern Florida and could be a good move for Eagles and for Samuel.. Eagles Could Offer Sammuel and 5th Rd Pick for the Dolphins 3rd Round which would be around the 75tyh Pick giving the Eagles 2 Selections in each the 2nd and 3rd Rounds..
    The other Trade is to send him to the Panthers who have the need and cap space for RB J Stewart and maybe 5th Round pick in return.. Samuel obvisously knows McDermott’s system and had success playing for him…

  30. @ pdiddy….I would agree with you regarding Poe.

    He played at Memphis in Conference USA…played in 35 games over 3 seasons and had 101 tackles, 5 sacks…he made 3rd team all conference his Junior year…..I would tend to base more of my draft evaluation on his performance on the field over those 3 years then his show at the combine. I agree that it is good to see him take the combines seriously and how prepared he was, but you cannot discount how he plays when on the field.

  31. all i hav to say is go birds and “WOW P90X WOW”

  32. I think Poe will be a good NT for a 3-4 team and as always it depends on where he goes. You can bet that if lands in Pittsburgh he could be a perrenial PBer. If he lands in KC, he is just a 2.5-3.5 star (out of 5) player. In any event, he does not fit our scheme at all. The Eagles just are not into big space eating linemen. They like quick penetrating guys. AR does not care much about stopping the run. In his mind if the offense does their job, there will not be much running going on by the second half anyway. Of course this presents a problem when the offense stinks or can’t cash in the RZ or for whatever reason cannot build that comfortable lead.

  33. On a different note, it looks like FA is pretty much dead for us at this point. I am very pleased that the Eagles brought back Mathis and gave Herremans a raise. I have mixed feelings about re-signing D Jack because I don’t really ever seeing him be the player that he was in 2009 in the future. But he does bring good things to the table so we could be worse off. I was not on board with extending Trent Cole. I think he is over rated and wears down. He is also not a clutch player late in games when you need a big sack or pressure.
    They did address their most glaring hole with a nice trade so I appreciate that. Overall, I would give this off-season a B-. I think they could have addressed OLB but that is just never going to be an important position to them. They get it now about the MIKE position, but they are just never going to care about OLB. They have never invested anything in that position over the years and it is always an afterthought. They will suffice with guys that either currently on the roster or what they get in the draft. They feel they will be fine there as usual.
    Safety had no market this year. Even safeties that were hardly studs were franchised because the market was so thin. So there was nothing they could do at safety. I doubt they would anyway. They do not highly value that position either and they only spent higher picks there recently because they missed Dawk. When Dawk was here they always mined the middle rounds and never developed anything accept one undrafted FA that took four years to develop.
    My biggest gripe would be that they did not pursue Weems or Ginn and the return game remains a big weakness moving forward. I would have given them an A for their off-season had they signed either one of those two guys. Not so worried about a RZ WR. The fact is, if we need Burress to score TDs in the RZ then we are in trouble. It is not really the players as much as the plays that cause the troubles in the RZ. Way too much passing on first down in the RZ. That sets you up to fail. Too many shots to the end zone on first down. They need to run or throw a short pass for SOME yards because a low percentage pass to the end zone that sets up 2nd and ten makes you predictable for second and third down. You then obviously must throw and the defense does not have to be ready for anything. We make it too easy for them.

  34. um – until last year – the eagles DTs played two gap – they were not ‘penetrating’ – they flowed along the LOS – part of the reason our DTs never had sacks (um – the DC told them to read?)

    Now I admit – I know a hell of a lot about football – especially Line play – I have never – ever – ever heard of a guy being better suited to be a NT in a 3/4 then a DT in a 4/3? Never – the issue typically is guys that play DT do not like moving over to play NT becuase of double teams and getting hit from both sides – havng to make initial contact with a 300 lb center with a 315 lb guard coming at you immediately…. so NTs tended to be short/squat guys that could fill up (blow up) the G/C gaps (both) and keep the LBs free..

    So if this dude is such a bad ass (and unlike DCAR (god bless u bro) I do not get the chance to watch much college ball…)

    that he is better suited to abuse 2 guards and a center – how would he not be better lined up over a guard only responsible for 1 gap? hmm…

    so what I am saying is that in my experience – every NT can also play DT (against the run), but not every DT can (or wants to) play NT. Reggie White one on one…… so not sure where this ‘he is better suited’

    Greenfan – excellent point (though again – reminds me very very much of the discussions we have over JPP and Graham both coming out of college) – who out of al the DTs has the bigger upside – do we need this cat to come in and kick ass from day 1 (always the goal) or if he is a little slower to develop can we wait a season or two – then who has greater potential?

    Glad the discussions are focused on fixing the D – will be interesting to see which way the team goes –

  35. jbird I disagree when Trent Cole is not in the game the Eagles D is significantly weaker — when Tapp and Hunt enter the game for him the bird’s D is bad —

  36. Psssh,,,,,Jon Hart….because of the depth? If the Eagles let go of Asante, there goes the depth…Outside of Asom and DRC, we are left with Marsh and Hanson from last year…I like Hanson somewhat, but still dont have confidence that he can be an every down CB if DRC or Asom were to go down…

  37. Not sure if I would catagorize our DT play as “not penetrating”.

    Jenkins had 5 1/2 sacks last year. The top DT for sacks in the NFL was at 7 1/2, so he was not far off the league leader.

    I believe that we will get better play from Fletcher Cox or Devon Still instead of the “raw ability” of Poe. Just my opinion, and only time will tell the tale.

  38. If they trade Asante, then Curtis Marsh becomes the 3rd outside cb. Hanson has shown repeatedly that he is an inside nickel guy, and does not have the speed to play outside. The team has to trust the players they drafted and send them on the field. Marsh had last year to red-shirt, now it is time to step up and do work in real games. They can’t play DRC inside again, that wasn’t working at all.

  39. Paulman’s remainder of Eagles Off-Season

    Sign free-agent FB Jacob HEster,
    Sign free-agent Safety Y Bell
    Trade CB Samuel for best possible deal, then draft the following
    1st #15 WR Michael Floyd
    2nd #46 DT Brandon Thompson or Kendall Reyes
    2nd #51 OLB Shea McClellin,Bobby Wagner or Ronnell Lewis
    3rd #89 RB Bernard Pierce or CB Trumaine Johnson
    4th #115 OT Tony Bergstrom or OT Nate Potter
    5th #143 TE Brent Linthincum (6-4 250lbs) or TE Kevin Koger (6-3 260lbs)
    6th #161 SS Brandon Taylor (LSU 5-11 210lbs)

  40. Totally different topic – got a call from ma today – anyone grow up in Bucks area and old enough to remember an old Bishop Egan Football/Baseball player named Jim Hvizda?? – I guess some cat by that name just killed his wife and was wondering if anyone can confirm this guy and the guy from Bishop Egan are the same – name seem too unique……

    Pman – why do you want more guys from Notre Dame – thought we swore off those guys? I like the last of the FAs though – can HEster block?

  41. DCar – Thanks buddy

    Anyway, lets ship patterson on outta here. Thanks for all you’ve contributed mike. Good luck in the future. Tell bunkley we all said hello.

  42. Rocko – dude played well last year. Don’t know why you want to get rid of him. Is it just cause Paulman predicts it so damn often – that you got the bug in your ear that he’s worth shipping out?

  43. RealTalk– if they trade Asante as i mentioned, they would have to either acquire a cb thru a trade or draft his replacement, i like the latter… but asante may very well be gone soon possibly this week if they can finalize a deal but they may wait until draft weekend or the days leading up.. Alot of teams could use a quality probowl corner but itshis salary that is the issue.. 9.5 this year in salary that will be owed to him, wont happen here but there gonna try to find a team that will comply and work to restructure his contract.. not very easy

  44. Because he’s barely average Schill; it has nothing to do with p-man comments. MP hasn’t performed to my liking since we drafted him. He’s ok but we might as well get some young blood in here and have Wash groom him up.

  45. Patterson was not worth a first round pick but he is worth his current contract next year, i agree with Schiller keep him but also look at the draft talent available in the draft this year

  46. @Jon Hart – True I hear you…salary is the prob….I think he is even suppose to make 11 mil or so next season..If money wasn’t the issue, I’d love to see Asante back with the D again this season…

  47. Answer: “YES”

    1. Brockers
    2. Still
    3. Cox
    4. Poe

  48. Paulman, after reading up on where the Eagles stand with their positions, I could see them taking Floyd with their 1st pick. I really wanted Curry in the 2nd but have been convinced that Brandon Boykin would be an excellent pick there. I just want Lavonte David in the 2nd too. If you take Floyd in the 1st though, I guess you’d have to resign Landri for this year. I don’t see any impact DT’s left after the 1st.

  49. There are still some very good DT’s in Round #2 thru #4, Boyer

    #1) Kendall Reyes (U Conn 6-4 300lbs)
    #2_Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 314lbs)
    #3) Mark Martin (Michigan 6-1 306lbs)
    #4) Alameeda Ta’amu (Washington 6-3 345lbs)
    #5) Marcus Forston ( Miami 6-1 301lbs)
    #6) Derek Wolfe- My Sleeper Pick (Cincinnati 6-5 295lbs)

  50. Another thing to keep in mind about the DT position
    The Eagles have Cedric Thornton (6-4 310lbs) on their Roster who actully made the final cut last year and then was moved down to the Practice Squad when the Eagles had to pick-up Guard K Devan since 1st Round Pick Watkins was not ready to start the Season as a Starter at RG..
    The Eagles Scouts and more improtantly, DL Coach Washburn is said to be very high on Thornton who is big,quick and has a chio on his shoulder from being an undrafted DT last Draft from Central Arkansas University…This may be a reason why the Eagles don’t appear to interesting in re-signing T Laws or D Landri for they feel goo d about Thornton and then Draft another from this years Draft to go along with Jenkins,Dixon and Patterson….

  51. That is a fact Paul. Cedric Thornton, will make this roster. I still think they need to bring in a big, veteran DT as well.

  52. Rocko, an article wouldn’t be an article on here, without Schill disagreeing with, or criticizing someone on here. Dude is to, as is the Republican party to the Democrats. Arrogant, condescending, clueless, DOUCHE-BAGS!!!

  53. The only thing I can say about Poe is that it will pay for itself if a team can get him motivated, also being in the NFL does that for some players. While I have seen Poe seem to take plays off and not be consistent I tend to wonder if it’s more about technique…which Washburn has knowledge of in spades. When was playing well he has basically just run guards over on the way to the ball carrier and that’s impressive. Washburn would turn this kid into a beast…but I doubt he’ll be available when the Eagles draft.

    Cedric Thornton looks good on paper and I have to see more of him, but it doesn’t bode well that Landri beat him out of the practice squad for prime time snaps.

  54. Landri was NEVER on the practice squad, he was cut to allow a spot for that sorry Trevor Laws. But he was resigned when Antonio Dixon was injured.Thornton wasn’t on the practice squad for the last 4 games of the year.

  55. That being said, Dontari Poe it is. No, seriously, Roseman seems to have bought a newfound sense of extremely careful evaluation or, in other words, look before you leap attitude and perception to the Eagles. That this is a good thing goes without saying really, but I’ll say it anyway.

    From the league-wide responses the DeMeco Ryans signing elicited; everything from anguish and gloom and doom to highest praise imaginable, the Eagles seem to have rediscovered how to be positively scrutinous when it comes to player selection. Let’s hope that trend continues deep into the draft.

  56. Poe is one of the overrated players in this draft… he didnt product against mediocre competition and on tape he is slow and takes plays off. He is a 4th round pick who will go top 40 because someone will love him.

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