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Report: Eagles Hosting Free Agent OffensiveTackle Demetrius Bell This Weekend

The Eagles are taking no time adjusting to the news that their Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters may be lost for the season by taking a good look at the guy who is regarded as the best offensive tackle still available via free agency.

According to Howard Eskin of 94WIP, the Eagles are bringing in Buffalo Bills free agent offensive tackle Demetrius Bell. Bell is the son of the guy who many consider to be one of the greatest NBA power forwards of All-time, Karl Malone.

Bell has tremendous talent, but hasn’t been able to perform consistently as of yet to move into the top echelon of offensive tackles.

Ironically, Peters was acquired by the Eagles from the Buffalo Bills in a trade. on Facebook

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21 Comments for “Report: Eagles Hosting Free Agent OffensiveTackle Demetrius Bell This Weekend”

  1. I already reported this on the previous article.. nothing to see here..good player that may not even leave Pittsburgh without a signed contract, we might need to look elsewhere..

  2. JH , with this injury i am sure he will leave pitts without a contract ! question is will the birds outpay pittsburgh ? this mans value has just gone up in the past 12 hours !

  3. That is correct Nev. His value has risen tremendously and him and his agent may charge us more then the rest of the teams but the birds arent in a position to get cute and say forget it, they kinda have to throw the money at him. He may actually be a good fit here, and peters may still be able to play this year we ll have to see.. but they gotta sign this dude maybe even while he meets with pitts..

  4. smart thinking nev.. so we should get a shot … the guy can play if hes healthy and hes young … and if peters can ever come back we can just move him to RT

  5. I am shocked that Bell is still on the market….Pro Football Focus graded him the #6 offensive tackle in pass blocking efficiency in 2011. Bell only gave up one sack, one hit and seven hurries on the 237 occasions

  6. the bills were probably going to resign him but spent too much money ie, mario williams.. he was born in philly .. so that could be could

  7. This might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. If we get Bell and Peters can come back late in the year or even next season Philly will have one of the best if not the best OT bookends in the league. Bell could be groomed to play right tackle with Peters’ anticipated return. After all he is accustom to protecting the QB’s blind side and the pressure that comes with it. There is plenty of time to do this if the trade gets done soon.

  8. Those of you saying Bell can go to RT…….where would herremans go?

  9. @BirdoBeamen… because Herremans is our most versatile O-lineman he could be moved to Guard. Bell is not going to come to Philly to be a back up. If you sign him at left tackle you’re basically telling him he’s going to be a place holder until Peters can go. So essentially he’d go from being a starter to being a backup. There’s always the chance that Peters never recovers but there’s the chance that he does and if he does he’s the best O Linemen we’ve got. So with that being said you sign Bell and tell him he’s being signed to protect Vick’s blind side. What your potentially looking at is a O line that has Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans and Bell. That is a hell of a front 5. But further more you’re looking at two bookend tackles that can protect the blindside for both a left handed and right handed QB. If Vick gets hurt protection would not be a an issue with this line.

    But it’s just my amateur opinion.

  10. Herremans makes to much money to play guard, the eagles won’t do that.

  11. Dam I am upset I know things happen but dam man, look I really don’t know a whole lot about bell. But lets be honest you are down grading no matter what we do. We had the best left tackle in football period, if bell was really that great trust me he would have been gone a long time ago. We all know left tackles are like gold in football especially good one’s. So I know they have to do something but dam man dam.

  12. Honestly I would rather draft the kid from Iowa and lets start grooming peters replacement.

  13. You know what they would actually probably be better getting Marcus mcneil, he used to play for the chargers. He was pretty good.

  14. the problem is the kid from iowa is going before 15 most likely .. i would hate to trade a 2nd round pick to move up .. bell is a ok player only gave up 1 sack in his last 227 snaps and 3 hurries.. but has missed games becuase of a knee… but all the other free agent OTs have even worse knees.. since when did OTs start having knee problems

  15. The eagles biggest problem is that peters makes a boat load of money and he is coming back. It’s going to be hard to fit someone really good under the cap. Then what the hell we going to do with him when peters is ready to play. At least with a draft pick, your only paying but so much. I believe than can get that kid if they want him.

  16. peters is going to be out for a while…its not an easy injury to comeback from especially a guy his size…noway he plays this year at all

  17. Bell, is basically a poor mans clone of Peters. Although less talented, he is a fit, & we have NO choice, unless you want King “Ain’t” Duncrap playing, or a repeat performance of last year, wasting half a year waitng for a rookie to learn & grow. I am not willing to keep Pepto bismol on the market, watching Vick run for his life, half a season again. Sign Bell, get Mesante out of here ASAP, & keep your draft board the same. ME I SAY- Trade Mesante to Det for 2012 3rd (todays rumor); Draft-1st DT Brockers/ Cox; 2nd DE Curry & OLB David; 3rd Cousins & if we get a 3rd from Det for Mesante, SS Harrison Smith also. Sign SS Y. Bell, OT D. Bell, OLB Leroy Hill. Case closed. We will have the to still do McCoy too. Get’er done.
    ***BTW, PAUL, forget about those Mesante for Stewart rumors, Goodson got traded to Oakland for an OT.***

  18. hate to break the news, but Peters is out 9-12 months, then will need 3-6 months to rehab…. its a bad injury…. Eagles could be forced to take a LT early in the draft and let Peters go after this season saving $9m in cap space.

  19. Birds in trouble…My only surprise is that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often with monster size players.

  20. jott I agree with you draft a guy and let peters go.

  21. even if peters is out all year, why would you cut him next year after he is healthy? you can’t cut him right now, your not allowed to cut injured players without an injury settlement which peters certainly wouldn’t agree to. so then your plan is to draft an OT, and your already planning on cutting Peters next year? for what purpose? the drafted OT or Herremans can just move to OG when Peters comes back.

    also where are you getting your info Jott? every dr. ive heard speak on the matter says 6-12 months for full recovery. hell Ryan Howard is going to be back in 9 months and that’s with multiple complications (infections) and he is in much worse shape physically than Peters.

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