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Roseman Leaves Door Open To Eagles Drafting Quarterback Or Linebacker Early

Eagles GM Howie Roseman was on 94WIP yesterday with Rob Ellis and Reuben Frank and he had quite a bit to say.  One of the areas he talked about was the Eagles mentality in approaching this year’s draft.  He emphasized the Birds attempt to not be swayed by their needs.

Roseman was asked if the Birds would be interested in drafting a linebacker despite acquiring two-time Pro Bowl middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans or quarterback, despite having Michael Vick under contract for a number of years.

“I don’t think you can go into the draft saying that we’re not going to take a particular position”, Roseman said. “Again, we go back and look at some of the things we’ve done and try to do a better job. I think one of the the things that we’ve looked at is, if we go into the draft and say, ‘We’ve got to get this or we’re not going to take that.’ If there’s a player on the board that we think is by far the best player, it doesn’t matter the position, we’ll take that player”.

With regard to picking a quarterback in this year’s draft, the Eagles GM didn’t deny reports that the Birds could take a signal caller very early.

“You’re talking about a priority position going forward”, Roseman told Frank and Ellis. “That’s always a spot that we look at. You’re talking about a guy like Andy who came from the Green Bay system, where they drafted one every year”.

Roseman also mentioned Ron Wolf who made sure the Packers always had a young talented quarterback as a back up.  I don’t think the Birds can be excited about a guy like Mike Kafka in the backup role because he doesn’t have the arm strength to be a big time starter in the NFL.

Don’t be shocked if the Eagles select a quarterback in this draft and I’m talking about in rounds one, two or three. on Facebook

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114 Comments for “Roseman Leaves Door Open To Eagles Drafting Quarterback Or Linebacker Early”

  1. Are you kidding me? Why would AR who is on the hot seat even contemplate drafting a friggin QB? If the Eagles wanted a QB why the hell did they get rid of Kolb last year? Blue chip top 10 QBs barely make it let alone a friggin reach, If it was RG III or Luck ok I could possibly live with that but Tannehill? Seriously? They need impact defensive players early and often in this draft. What if Ryans goes down? Your putting alot of pressure on 1 guy elevating this whole defense. I would draft all defense for the next 2 years and sign a few journey men olinemen who Mudd could make valuable backups.

  2. Id be happy, if all the drafted were lb’s and safeties. Actually, id prefer it, this way, by law of averages there has to be at least a couple starters in the bunch. The way they draft, its the birds only hope of addressing positions of need.

  3. I think our biggest loss was Marc Ross to the Giants. He was the last of Modrak’s tree here and was i an internal battle with this pencil pushing geek Rosebud.

    Marc Ross went to the Giants with internal information on how the Eagles run so the “G” men could overcome their woes and finally become a championship team by first breaking down their nemesis in the NFC east.

    They signed Plax to beat our smaller corners.

    Marc Ross gave them the inside scoop on the heir to JJ’s position in Spags to cripple us on defense for years to come, which lead to their defensive run to the Superbowl.

    Marc Ross used his knowledge of how the Eagles set their board for drafts and their trends to out pick our Golden Standard and since he went to the Giants he really got one over on us with leaking their interest in Graham before the draft knowing the Eagles would take the bait.

    Eagles took the bit and traded up losing a pick to grab Graham leaving JPP there for the Giants.

    A “2 for 1” blow benefiting our division rival.

    Don’t forget Tom Modrak brought Ross here to scout defensive talent. Modrak was known for his picks for defense with his time in Pittsburgh.

    Now look at our picks on the defensive side since Marc Ross went to NY and look at theirs.

    This will not change until we change.

    As long as the minds of the Eagles stay the same….Marc Ross will have the upper hand because he was apart of the building structure in Reid’s early years. He knows how Reid and the front office think.

    Roseman is not a football guy.

    There’s facets of choosing talent that one cannot comprehend especially if you’re using a calculator and an excel spreadsheet. You must understand football. If you guys want to know where our Superbowls went just get on the Turnpike and head to New York City.

    The ideas that made Reid look so good in his early years are there.

    You don’t need a bulldozer to tear down a building if you know where the key pillar stands.

    You pull a brick from the base of the pillar and the building will slowly collapse.

    Right now, I would rather have Marc Ross than Andy/Roseman.


  4. if they sign a free agent safety , i expect them to draft a QB early ! if they draft a qb early i’m thinking an extension for reid will be in the works .

  5. Paulman’s New Mock Draft (#275)

    1st Rd #15) SS Mark Barron(Alabama 6-1 213lbs)
    2nd Rd #46) DT Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 314lbs)
    2rd Rd #51) OLB Shea McClellin (Boise St 6-3 260lbs)
    3rd Rd #89) RB Bernard Pierce (Temple 6-0 218lbs)
    4th Rd #115) CB Josh Norman (Coastal Carlolina 6-0 197lbs)
    5th Rd #143) OT MAtt Reynolds (BYU 6-5 302lbs)
    6th Rd #161) FB Emil Igwenagu (U Mass 6-1 249lbs)

  6. Paulman – with so many mock drafts, you are bound to hit on somebody. While I don’t disagree about Barron, I think there are better options after round 2 (no way Thompson is there when we draft in round 2).

  7. Andy Reid is so smart.

    He will trade out of the first round and give the pick to the Washington Redskins.(it’s only fair since he gave dallas out pick before) He will stockpile the Redskins late round picks for the future greatness that never seems to come with him.

    That saves not having to pay 1st round money.

    The 2nd round will be TORN ACL GUY. He will be easy and cheap to sign because of his past injury.

    The 3rd round will be a African Diamond worker with a “HIGH MOTOR”. This will ensure that Andy Has done something no other coach in NFL history had done during the draft. (last year it was the oldest 1st rounder ever)

    The 4th round will be UNDERSIZED GUY. Does’nt matter the position as long as he’s a pipsqueak, guaranteed to were out either in training camp or by the end of the season.

    The 5th round is were we get our “diamond in the rough” he will be a quaility player and a starter. We do our best work with these players and these rounds because we don’t have to pay them anything.

    6th & 7th round ….See 5th round.

    Year 14 of the same old Andy.

  8. Who cares what Howie said? It’s all posturing at this point and one big huge game of poker. Do you really think the Eagles are going to indicate their draft plan publicly? All they’re trying to do is convince other teams that they are a threat to draft ANYONE; which is how they should be handling it. Lets not put so much stock into this non-story. Same goes for guys they bring in for private workouts. A lot of that is pure bluffing and them doing their due diligence. You just never know who may fall to you or who could impress you under your own terms. Did anyone think Maclin would fall as far as he did?

  9. Roseman is jerking our chains. They might draft a QB in the first 3 rounds but it will not be in the first. LB will not be taken in the first round either. What was Roseman going to say, no. Highly doubtful.
    Defense, Defense, Defense

  10. Any QB drafted this year, would only be a project. I agree that we need to start grooming one for the future, but again I say the answer is making a trade to get Ryan Mallett; he’s even better than Andrew Luck at this point, he’s proven he can play in this league. We can definitely do better than Trent Edwards, and Mike Kafka.

  11. just a hunch, obviously I cant say that for a fact

  12. Hes going to draft a quarterback high for job security..

  13. gmcliff, Ryan Mallett was drafted to be groomed as the heir apparent to Tom Brady’s. Why would they trade him?

  14. We have a3 2 yr old, erratic, small, low completion %, high 3.5% career interceptioon guy who has been injured every year of his career under centre.

    Behind him is a guy who couldn’t play in front of the terrible Vince Young.

    Behind him is a guy who was out of football and has been cut by 3 teams.

    Drafting a QB is essential. If you can’t see that….well…..just keep railing about our needs at safety,.

  15. They need another LB early in this draft. If theres a corner take him too. As far as Qb is concerned that can wait another year. They better draft a RB early in case Shady isn’t signed too. This team looks like a 9-7 8-8 team right now. We all know Lurie won’t fire Reid.

  16. This type of company line from a non-football type of pencil pushin company line is the reason why we suck:

    ” One of the areas he talked about was the Eagles mentality in approaching this year’s draft. He emphasized the Birds attempt to not be swayed by their needs”


  17. Vinnie – you’re a bigot who hates vick, we get it.

  18. bsm, I gotta say, I really enjoy your posts, & find them highly amusing. Your rants come close to rivaling my own, sometimes overtaking them. LMFBO!!! Anybody with a brain molecule, knows he will pull off at least 1 head scratcher or 2 in the draft, to try to prove he is the know all, be all. He can’t help himself. He’s like a fat kid (no pun intended), trying to diet, left in Willy Wonkas by himself, overnight.

  19. The only thing that would surprise me about the Eagles’ draft would be if they drafted normally, which they never do. There has to be at least one or two picks from left field or a trade up or down that makes your head itch.

  20. Rocko, not sure Vinnie’s disdain for Vick means he’s a bigot. Just look at Vick’s numbers and history and it’s easy to not be that high on him; especially given the amount of money he is making. Vick has upside and I hope he can bounce back, but I think we can all agree that his number from the middle of the 2010 season were an aberration.

  21. @paulman i actaully like shae mcclellin but the eagles arent gonna take him just like they didint take justin houston last year… its to hard to convert DEs to linebackers..gocong failed mamula failed babin failed …as for barron his injury worries me

  22. Doesn’t matter btc24….Rocko can spout all the “You’re a….” business all he wants.

    Shouting out unsubstiantiated insults in the face of evidence is the last refuge of the ignorant.

    Besides convieniently ignoring the fact that I also think Edwards is a bum.

  23. I really wanted Justin Houston last year, he did pretty good last year. He was already a linebacker SAM, he didn’t need to be converted. They blew it on him KC GOT HIM IN THE 3RD ROUND!!!

  24. Crap…… Geoff Mosher reporting Dunlap was signed because Peters sustained an Achilles injury during a workout.

  25. I think its essential that the FO drafts a QB this draft. I still don’t get the Edwards move. Stupid move in my opinion. Why have a veteran in that spot? He won’t beat out Kafka for the 2nd spot so it should be a rookie there then. If Vick and Kafka go down, its not like Edwards would save the day and lead this team to a SB. Atleast have a rookie there and throw him in the fire and maybe we get lucky and he becomes special…see Bledsoe to Brady. We know what Edwards is, far from special.

    Just a thought but the TAnnehill talk coming from the EAgles could just be ploy to make sure that a team from 1-14 spends a pick on him which would could maybe cause a top 5 defensive talent in the draft to drop to the Birds. I already see 7 offensive players that are sure things to go before 15. 2-3 teams could easily reach for oline or Wr help as well so the EAgles will have a great chance to add defensive talent from this draft if they stay at 15. (no way they trade back when the already have 2 2nd round picks sitting there)

  26. Vinnie ………Do you think that any of us give a sh#t about what you think…huh? do you?…………..It doesn’t matter what, you think! in Dwayne Johnson voice…
    you also thought the Eagles should have kept Kolb and traded Vick…sooo again, it doesn’t matter what you think…
    @BTC- no actually I can’t agree… Vick struggled with turnovers, no doubt…Fact is the good QB’s in the league, have thrown more INT’s in a season their career than Vick did last season, Eli as an example and he bounced back to win the SB this season…Why can’t Vick?…I like how you dont completely show your true colors about Vick, by saying “you hope he bounces back”…gotta save just a little face in case Vick does damage in 2012…an aberration? what is your expectations from Vick? Possibly his expectations of himself are different…Problem is none of you watched Vick in VT or ATL…Vick has always thrown a nice ball…What has he been asked to do his whole career in VT in ATL? run, run, run..what is AR asking of him, not to run, run, run…coaches expectations are different, QB sneaks are less…maybe under the Eagles what you saw in 2010 isnt an aberration, and quite possibly, Vick had a down season like many of the “great” QB’s currently in the NFL have had through the course of the career…I can’t wait til the season starts…

  27. mryan, none of the eagles beat writers that are close to the team are reporting anything about a Peters injury….hopefully its just bad speculation by some random idiot. That would be a disaster.

    Like the resigning of Dunlap…this O-line is basically in tact until 2014 I believe when it comes to the starters at least…add dunlap gibson and Vandervelde for depth and a rookie.

  28. Peters having an achilles injury would be a monster blow to this team.

  29. Suddenly an offensive lineman in round 1 isn’t out of the question.

  30. Safety Mark Barron had a pretty good workout yesterday at Alabama’s 2nd Pro-Day even though he still isn’t 100% . He ran a 4.50 – 4.55, looked good in cone and agility drills and lifted 225lbs 25 times.. He feels he’s about 85-90% and should be 100% by May, which is why I moved him back up to the Eagles #15 Selection.. There are lots of Good DT’s that will still be available in 2nd Round

  31. Just when we signed Mathis and thought we had some stability on the offensive line….PETERS has an achilles injury…..##*$@@##……hopefully Mudd will have a rabbit up his sleeve……the knee jerk reaction may be to move Todd over to the left side, but remember that he is protecting Vick’s blindside. I have no confidence that Dunlap can play RT at a high level. Damn….

  32. songs, excellent post, agree completely, every one talking, fretting about the draft, guess what,it doesn’t mean jack, you are wasting your time, just expect more bonehead decisions for the reasons songs articulated, paulman, find a new hobby

  33. First of all RealTalk, I live about 3 hours from Virginia Tech so yes, I did see him play in college and I’ve seen him play in Atlanta. Problem is, his stints with those teams are irrelevant. I’m not trying to “save face” by saying I hope he bounces back. I’m an Eagles fan so I obviously root for anyone on the team to succeed. Just because I think Vick is grossly overrated doesn’t mean I don’t want him to be a Superbowl winning QB for the Eagles. Your point about Vick having less INTs than other QBs in the league last year is a result of him missing plenty of time. Drew Brees and Tom Brady each had as many, if not less, INTs than Vick last year despite playing an entire season. Also, Vick had plenty of fumbles because he can’t hold onto the football which is just as bad, if not worse than INTs. At least with INTs, he’s throwing the ball down the field for the turnover. Also, when was the last time Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers had a down year? Those are the elite QBs you keep speaking of.

  34. Realtalk. What is it like to read one thing, see one thing, and then completely recognize/interpret is as the exact opposite?

    Up is down, down is up in your world.

    Enough with the “Eli turned it around” or “bounced back” when looking at his turnovers business because its not true. He has improved year after year since 2006 (with one aberration in 2010), while Vick has stayed the exact same (with one aberration in 2009) his whole career.

    The total number of ints isn’t relevant, especially because Eli has thrown the ball hundreds of more times than your hero. What matters is the % int numbers which look like this:

    Eli 4.5, 3.1, 3.4, 3.8 (he was at this point being called a disasterous turnover machine, so he abviously went out to fix the problem because…) 2.1, 2.8, 4.7, 2.7. In the last 4 years he’s been in the 2.5% range with one aberration

    Vick 2.7, 1.9, (barely threw the ball the first 2 years) then…3, 3.7, 3.4, 3.4, 1.6 (here’s his aberration based on 6 games with no picks – last 1/3 of season he was right back to his usual 3.5%) and then this year 3.3 (that’s a shock)

    Eli did not “bounce back” He showed continual and slow improvement every year for the past 5, with one year when he regressed.

    Vick has remained the same every year, with one 6 game stretch with no turnovers. Vick did not have a “down year” as you suggest. He had the exact same year he always has had. Same. Same. Same. The only difference was a 6 game stretch when no D-coord had any film on him.

    To expect him to be different this year is delusional and not at all based on reality. A frikkin’ pipe dream.

    You want to go into the season “hoping” that somehow this year will be different.

    Well guess what. Come next offseason you’ll be writing the same posts. Because with Vick its always wash, rince, repeat. But he’s got great skills…maybe next year!! Wash, rince Repeat. He showed some flashes…maybe next year!! Wash, rince, repeat.

    I give the guy props for pulling the wool over your eyes for 10 years, but one day you’re going to run out of detergent and won’t be able to wash away his flaws.

    And yes…Eagles should have traded Vick and kept Kolb. They’d have been be heading into this draft with 2 top 10 picks. to go with the 2 first rounders last year. We’d be looking forwrd to an exciting future instead of sitting around with another “maybe next year”

    Get it into your heads. Mike Vick will not be the Eagles’ QB next year. You all know it in your hearts.

    Because we know Vick will not be here next year, the time to do something about the QB position is now.

  35. when it comes to drafting defensive players, I have no confidence in the Eagles front office….they might as well draft a WR, TE and OL with their first 3 picks and score 40pts per game..

  36. geoffmosher OK, I have confirmation from team source: Peters sustained rupture Achillees. Surgery set for Tuesday. Team likely to announce soon


    Per Dave Spadaro

    “OT Jason Peters has suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, the #Eagles have announced. He will have surgery on April 2”

  38. time for Paulman to do another draft…

  39. round one Jonathan Martin OT STANFORD

  40. Surgery April 2ns with approx 6 months Re-hab time means he will miss OTA/Summper Camp and at best start the the Season on PUP List and then be eligible to play around the 5th/6th Week. If it’s a longer re-hab and some setback occurs, then maybe he goes to IR and is lost for the Entire Season.. Peters has been a pretty quick healer before but this is tough one and just takes time

    Paulmans New Mock Draft

    Rd 1 (#15) Eagles Select OT Jonathon Martin from Stanford

    3 Options the Eagles have

    #1) Re-sign King Dunlap Immedaitely and have him take Peters position
    #2) Draft Jonathon Martin and stick him at RT from Day 1, and have Herremans slde to LT
    #3) Remember that RG Danny Watkins was a OT in College, Slide Watkins to RT, Slide Herramans to LT and have Guards Gibson/Vandervelde battle it out for RG

  41. 1 year flyer on Marcus Mcneil? We are not getting Kalil in the first, but could position ourselves to move up for Reiff. Honestly, depending on the severity of the injury this could be the end of Peters in midnight green. He’s 30 and has a cap value of $10.75M in 2013.

  42. That’s pretty devastating news. That means at least a year out and another struggling (if back at all)

    Let the analysis of Riley Reiff, Jonathan Martin et al begin.

  43. A third of NFL players never return from ruptured achilles. He’s 30. This will affect draft plans pretty dramatically.

  44. they have already signed Dunlap. regardless of the injury, they already have had their eyes on an O-lineman…Peters is done here…

  45. Marcus McNeil is toast, Knee injuries, weight issues and work ethic issues..
    Not a Howard Mudd type of OT.. Dunlap should be able to fill in short term
    and do ok.. Boy that OT Eric WInston would have looks real good about now, but he signed a deal with KC CHiefs about a week ago

  46. I like the idea pheags.

    I also think Edwards might work out for us. Big, athletic, smart, mobile and a big arm. Let him work with reid and see what he has. Anyone would have failed in buffalo when he was there. was not a very good team at all.

  47. This is pretty devestating news. Peters was an all pro, this immediately makes Evan Mathis much worse now. They can’t just get rid of Peters here, this guy might be the best LT in the last 15 years.

    I think draft is a pretty big option. Doubt they move up to 3 to select Kalil, although he is a beast. My guess is Riley Reiff or the Stanford guy.

    Man this is bumming news, I am extremely bummed. But maybe they figure something out. The Texans survived many injuries last year.

  48. This team is cursed.

    remember the Eagles were going to win it all and “FOG” came out of nowhere.

    Randall was playing his best ball a few years later and get is knee tore up “in the pocket”.

    Now, we get a middle linebacker only to lose our best offensive lineman while jogging.


  49. Eh… Losing Peters hurts… It shouldnt cause a panic….. the Eagles should be able to overcome it..

    the problem is that people dont trust Andy to make a good decision here..

    the only way I feel comfortable going into next season is if I can count on everything going right for all the major players on the team…

    thats just inst realistic for this team… I dont trust Andy to make good decisions on the fly..

    He usually prepares his team well… His weakness comes when it is time to adjust

    He doesnt adjust to even the most obvious problems (like Juan castillo and Casey Matthews… Or like the year we had no punt returners) then comes back talking how he “goofed”

    I dont feel like this injury should worry us, but I know better.

    I simply cannot trust Andy…

  50. @ Songs- The one and only, Songs………The fog came out of nowhere..LMBO!!!!!!!!!!..Hahahahahahahh!!!!!!! Sad but true.

    Dunlap’s sorry butt is going to have to fill in for Peters. Unfortunately we don’t have a more suitable backup. I don’t like Jonathan Martin, he’s Winston Justice all over again. I wouldn’t trade up to get any offensive lineman except DeCastro.

    We are going to have to draft some offensive lineman GMCliff likes:

    1. Kelechi Osemele – OG – 6-5 335 lbs – Athletic enough to play in Howard Mudd’s system.

    2. Bobbie Massie – OT – 6-6 312 lbs – Athletic, powerful, potential to play left tackle, more suited for the right

    3. Mitchell Schwartz- OT – 6-6 318 lbs – Jon Runyanisck, on the left side.
    4. Brandon Brooks- OG – 6-5 343 lbs – Larry Allen type of domination Potential.
    5. Troy Brown – OT- 6-5 310 lbs – Project, but has potential to be a starter on the left side.

  51. @Rocko and RealTalk777

    Does this sound like anyone on this site that you guys know? Sounds exactly like one particular Giants fan on this site that I know of.

    Definition of a bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

    Also, do you think referring to Our starting QB and star WR as “punk”, “Thug” and “gangsta” qualifies a person as a bigot? Do you think that judging our starting QB purely on his statistical performance without putting his career in perspective might make you seem a little bigoted??? How about if you ignore the facts about the construct of the teams, the caliber of players, and the ability (or lack there of) of the coaches that player has had before arriving in Philly? Do you think it’s fair to judge the performance of a player who is fairly new to a team to a player who has been with the same team and coaching staff all his career?


    If you need any more proof that mr. statistics is REALLY A GIANTS FAN than I am going to have to wonder who you truly root for.

  52. @Vinnie – blah, blah, blah, blah….did you really expect me to read the whole bullshit essay you wrote….not, again, nobody gives a damn what you think…

    @BTC – how about Drew Brees in 2010…he threw 22INTS and fumbled 2 times as opposed to Vicks 14 INT’s and 4 fumbles…for the record in 2010 Brees had a total of 10 fumbles fortunately only 2 were recovered by the defense…Brees struggled in 2010 with taking care of the ball, followed 2010 with only giving up 14INT’s and 1 fumble…
    Brady struggled not so much revolved around turnovers…in 2006 Brady completed 61% percent of his passes…followed up in 2007 with a 69% completion percentage…

    Now I’m not saying Vick is = to Rodgers or = Brady or = Brees as being a complete QB, not at all, there are still things Vick can learn from them…But again, none of these players can do what Vick does! His ability to avoid a sack, make a play out of nothing, is totally invaluable to you clowns….

  53. @Lionsden – I agree with that post 100%…unfortunately, your logical comment will not be understood by the majority of the clowns on here…

  54. Oh yea, then in 2008 Brady was injured the entire season….also patriots didnt win the SB even though Brady completed 70% of his passes in 2007…whoa…that must tell you something…must tell you how much of a team game football really is…

  55. lionsden and RealTalk777 – Good stuff from the both of you; i agree 100%.

  56. Of course you agree with it 100%.

    Because the 3 of you are rose coloured glaaes wearing idiots who still believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the idea that one day Mike Vick will suddenly become an accurate QB who stops throwing the ball to the other team.

    And keep rolling with the “bigot” B Lionsden.. Mike Vick is a thug because he has been arrested, tortured animals, consciously lied to and infected women with his STD, hangs with people who have been involved in and arrested for shootings, drug dealings et al all the time walking around with the perma scowl, blaming everyone from his o-line to the referees for his problems as a QB or for being tackled in the football field.

    Go ahead and call me a bigot all you want. Mike Vick is a thug because he’s a thug. Because of his actions, and not because of how I feel about him bucko.

    Oh, btw…how long you going to roll with the “fairly new to his team” ridiculousness, as he is entering his 4th season with the Eagles. Do you think Denver fan is going to give Manning 4 years? I’d say 4 games.

    Look, I applaud you guys for your blind devotion. Its cute really. And for the life of me I don’t understand why you have such hard ons for the guy…but damn its comical.

    You wouldn’t hesitate to go all crazy if it was announced that Casey Matthews was going to start ahead of Ryans. You’d replace any of our safeties with another in a second….and why….’cause they’re not that good. And yet you cling so passionatly to a guy who has been nothing more than an innacurate, injured, non-playoff winning, ball turning over machine for the past decade like he was the second coming of Johnny Unitas.

    Its weird really. But hey….keep dreaming.


  58. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giants Fan you know your name, now know your place… at the back of the intellectual food chain.

    Let me tell you about the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles: He does more community service (that he is not obligated to do) than you will every do in your life. He does more to speak against animal cruelty (that he’s not obligated to do) than you will ever do in your life. When he was in Atlanta he had a very large community outreach program. Since he has been gone the Falcons have NO outreach programs in the community. Can you prove that he tortured animals? Because he certainly wasn’t convicted of such. Because the government couldn’t prove it. Can you prove he has an STD? Or are you just believing what you read on the blogs? And what does this have to do with football? Who does he hang with and how do you know he hangs with thugs and drug dealers? Were you spying on him? Let me ask you a question: How many times do you use the N word per day per week per year? How many of your family/friends use the N word and you still hang with them? In the words of Jesus Christ: You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

    You are a pathetic hateful conjecture spewing human being and I truly feel sorry for you. Because when Philadelphia wins the SB with Vick at the helm you are going to have a heart attack.

    An what’s so sad about the whole thing is that you have absolutely no clue about the ultimate team sport: American Football.

    You say: “Vick isn’t that bright”
    Andy Reid says: “He’s [Vick’s] a sharp guy, very sharp”

    You say: “the 3 of you are rose coloured glaaes wearing idiots who still believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the idea that one day Mike Vick will suddenly become an accurate QB who stops throwing the ball to the other team.”
    Andy Reid says: “Turnovers have never been his [Vick’s] issue.”

    You say: how long you going to roll with the “fairly new to his team” ridiculousness, as he is entering his 4th season with the Eagles.
    Andy Reid says: “maybe I put too much on his plate with a shortened off-season, I mean… even with as long as he’s been in the league you can’t just dump a whole new system on a guy and ask him to pick it all up at once.”

    You say: “And for the life of me I don’t understand why you have such hard ons for the guy…but damn its comical.”
    Howie Roseman says: “In Vick you have player that can do anything, he can make any throw and outrun any defender.”

    There is allot of dumb inaccurate stuff that you post that I could smack down all day long but I’m getting hungry so I’ll leave it at that.

    Oh and btw, If Casey Matthews was starting over Demeco Ryans I would say I trust Andy’s Judgement. He wants to go with the younger healthier player and I respect him for that. What I would question is whether or not Matthews could have the same impact as a leader that Ryans has had. I mean Ryans’ old teammates are fuming over his departure. You’ve got guys reflecting on how he helped them become better players. I don’t know if Matthew has that yet. But I like Matthews because he’s intense and is a sure tackler.

    But in all honesty. I’m asking you to go back to your Giants team blogs and stay there. This site is full of Eagles fans who support their team and their leadership and don’t want a guy like you causing trouble. We’ll deal with you twice a year when it’s time to brag about how we embarrassed your team and after the SB when we are telling you to shut your trap and respect the new champs.

  59. And you are a total and complete idiot that cannot see what is right in front of him Lionsden.

    “Can you prove that he tortured animals? Because he certainly wasn’t convicted of such”
    Nope, I can’t, but Virginia state courts can where in August 2007, Mike Vick admitted to providing financing for the operation of several dog fights in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina. He further admitted that he knew his colleagues killed several dogs who did not perform well. He admitted to being involved in the destruction of 6–8 dogs, by hanging or drowning. His admission of said participation led to a steeper sentence than he would have otherwise recieved.

    “Can you prove he has an STD?”
    Nope, but the many clinics he visited under the name Ron Mexico can. Oh, and you’re right….the case against him by Sonya Elliott never went to trial, but the millions he gave her to settle out of court were just because he was anice guy

    Can I prove he takes drugs?
    Nope…but his parole officer can as he failed a test in 2007 when out on bail

    Can I prove he’s a ass?
    Nope, but I have seen him on TV flipping the bird to fans and pointing at scoreboards

    Can I prove he associates with thugs and drug dealers?
    Nope, but again, the Virginia police can after arresting two of his friends trafficing drugs in his truck. And hey….there are shootings at everyone’s birthday parties aren;t there. Everyday occurences.

    Can I prove he likes to reneg on his obligations?
    Nope. But the Virginia Supreme court can as Vick has lost several “breach of contract” cases

    There’s more but I’m bored. Seems like a nice guy. For a thug. Foundations and all. Oh, and I am quite sure I have been a more positive influence in my community than Vick will ever dream to be. Though I will admit to never haven spoken about animal cruelty….though that might be because Imostly pet them instead of drowning them.

    But hey, maybe we should all just go out and buy new Vick jerseys. Put them on our kids. I myself would just love my son to grow up just like Vick Forget Elliott, forget the failed drug tests, forget the dogfighting, forget the scowls, forget the rape stands, forget the blaming everyone else, forget the middle fingers, forget the scoreboard pointing, forget Ron Mexico, forget the birthday shooting, forget the water bottle compartmants, forget not living up to financial obligations, forget the highcareer int %, forget the fumbles, forget the sacks, forget the low TD/Int ratio, forget the .250 playoff record, forget the same story year after year after year…Because he’s redeemed himself you know. He provides such a great inspirational story for all of us.

    Oh and bitch….before you go rambling on about who uses the N word, remember which direction the underground railroad ran.

    Regardless of colour, Mike Vick is a crummy human being.

    And a terrible quarterback.

  60. Giants Fan….


    You prove me right every time you make a post. First you prove that you are definitely a Giants by consistently trying to undermine our team and then you prove that you are liar who is willing to distort facts. Giants Fan… you are pathological. I mean who hates a person this much that they don’t know personally. Who is so blind with hatred that they will only put out part of the story to make their point? You Giants fan… that is you. There is not a person on this site that would want to be associated with you because of the bile and venom you spew. Even the haters have standards. You are a liar and a manipulator and the truth is a mere technicality for you. Your whole argument is based on “I can’t prove it, but I know someone who can.” That’s bullshit Giants Fan… for every article you site I can site another that disputes your CONJECTURE. But all of this because you hate one man, one race of people so much. I would be willing to bet that your criticism of Andy Reid is rooted in the fact that you resent him for giving two black QBs a chance to star in this league over white QBs. But what you prove most Giants fan is that you are indeed a BIGOT and an unapologetic one at that. You are very sad and lonely… I don’t even know you personally but I bet people don’t truly like being around you. And you probably think its because of your physical flaws but in reality it’s because you are a nasty hateful insecure human being.

    One last thing… “Oh and bitch….before you go rambling on about who uses the N word, remember which direction the underground railroad ran.” You’ve got to do better than this my friend. I can think of several more insulting words than bitch. Now as I ask you before…How many times do you use the N word per day per week per year? How many of your family/friends use the N word and you still hang with them? ANSWER MY QUESTIONS COWARD!!!

    Because if you do, and I have a strong suspicion that you do, then that makes you a menace to society.

    All of this because you feel inferior… grow up!

  61. lionsden, although vinnie gets carried away with the Vick hate, there isn’t one thing that he is wrong about. Hey I understand you rooting for Vick, but if he was any other ethnicity, would you have the same love for him, & be accusing Vinnie of being racially biased. You are basically are doing reverse discrimination. As me being a mutt, of several ethnicities, I look at things with fact & no bias at all. Vick is a scumbab, fraud of a human being & isn’t, never was & never will be a good QB, or a SB Champion. He is another product of media hype, because of the excitement he brings, & a Madden game action figure. Although he did pay for his crimes, he still doesn’t get it. He will always be a lightning rod & polarizing figure. All truths, all facts.

  62. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for him to win a SB & legitimately change his ways, & prove all of the nay-sayers wrong, but what gives anybody the proof that he can & will. As soon as he signed that nice & shiny new, multimillion $$$ contract, like I told everybody on here two years ago, he would revert back to his selfish, arrogant, Super7 days. What happened last year? He did! Although he is putting on all of the right faces on camera, I hope for his families & his sake, that a leopard can truly change it’s spots. But I’m a very skeptical person & believe otherwise. Hopefully for all involved, I’m wrong!

  63. Lions den, who the he’ll are you but a clueless bigot, this cat vinnie never called out Vick for color, but your defense of him and calling vinnie out on the race card tells us what you are, vinnie states facts, you want to talk about color, wake up, and shut the f up, let Vick’s play determine where he is, and right now he sucks

  64. But back to football, I would take Vick any day over that fraud mcnabb

  65. Right on jake! Too much pot calling the kettle back & people living in glass houses, throwing stones around here. Hey I don’t know Vinnie from Adam, he could very well be a bigot, or racist, but I’ve have never gotten that impression from any of his posts. He states all facts, & simply doesn’t like Vick. I don’t like Vick either, does that make me racist? I’m Black, Italian & Cherokkee indian, so, I DON’T THINK SO! Keep it to sports, bruh’s!

  66. First off, thanks DCar and Jake…I know we don’t agree on all issues Jake, but thx for the support. Its always difficult/annoying when football discussions get dragged into a screaming match about race. As I said many times in the past, when someone cannot argue with facts or research they inevitable revert to trying to shout slander the loudest. Its the last refuge of the ignorant. Keep rollin’ with the caps lock Lionsden.

    Inferior? Not me son. You. You are the one that rants and screams and yells racism whenever your hero is questioned. There’s only one of us with an inferiority complex, and it isn’t me.

    But despite your immature rants and completely biased/clouded/wrong opinions about what kind of a person I am, I will answer your question. I tend to avoid vile, disgusting things, and that word is vile and disgusting. It represents a troubling era in world, and American history. It represents, hatred, bigotry and promotes the concept that some people are superior to others based upon skin colour. Terrible.

    I can confidently say the word is not used where I live because it does not carry the emotional and inflamatory meaning it does where you live.

    Look I feel sorry for you, and others like, that always have to define every single issue through race. (and in this case the ridiculous idea that my pointing out Vick has terrible QB #s has something to do with my hatred of him being black – as if I wouldn’t be doing the exact same if he was David Carr, or for a more fitting example Trent Edwards – who I have slagged incessently on this site)

    Again – unfortunate that you have to look at every issue through the lens of race relations. But I do try to understand why.

    You have grown up in a country/community that consistently and continually defines itself through race. Its unfortunate. I actually feel sorry that that’s the way you’ve obviously been taught to feel/think. And its also what you see. To this day, after 30 years of visiting Philly I am still register shock as I walk around and notice that every person pushing a broom or wearing a paper hat seems to be blacnk. And the guys holding the clipboards are white. I see it. I notice it. But its alien to me.

    You have grown up in a place where…as recent events show….when someone sees a person of another colour walking down the street, they apparantly get scared, follow them, call 911, and in this last unfortunate case, shoot them. Then you get to watch talkling heads on TV scream at each other about racial profiling, injustice etc every night on TV for the next 3 weeks. I suppose it would be difficult, growing up in such an environment not to define all issues in terms of race.

    I did not grow up in such an environment. No segregation in my school or city. No lynchings. No slavery. No civil rights movement. No real need for a civil rights movement. People of all colours and genders serving in gov’t, owning businesses etc. Let me assure you when I see a person of colour walking down my street I wave, and they wave back because they are my neighbours. The wave is usually followed by an invite to someone’s deck where we’ll have a few pops and watch our kids play road hockey, or basketball, or whatever. I have spent a lot of time visiting American cities. I’ve probably seen more Eagles’ games live than you have, and I think you may be suprised to learn that my little crescent has white, black, indian, arab, and asian people living on it. Things go pretty smoothly, but it isn’t a panacea….because of course sometimes we jall make fun of the French – but, they’re french, they bring it on themselves.

    I don’t like Vick because he stinks. You know this in your heart, and when he gets released next year you’ll understand why. I also think he is a pretty bad guy because of the things he has done. And yes, for these two reasons I want him shipped out of here asap (more because we will not win the SB with him running around slingin’ the ball to the other team). I want to put a poster of the Eagles’ QB up in my son’s room, right beside the ones he has of Dawkins and McCoy, Spezza and Karlson….but right now I cannot.

  67. And Jake, From 1999-2005 McNabb was much better than Vick….though right now he seems to be getting a little loopy…..

  68. I am an occasional visitor to the site. Too much team hating and race baiting for my tastes. But as an outside voice who doesn’t really get too involved, Vinnie is probably closer to being right, and Lionsden is coming off as the racist here. Facts are facts and apologists for felons have not got very many of them.

  69. Vick is a hero in the NFL. He could of probably told on 50 other players who were involved but didnt.

  70. Vick sucks, McNabb sucks he cant throw. Cunningham was dumb, yada yada yada. We heard it all before.

  71. Vick doesn’t suck. He just needs to be better. Unless he comes out next season and throws for touchdowns, doesn’t throw interceptions or fumble (very often) and has a qb rating of over 100 for the season, the Eagles aren’t going anywhere. He did well for part of one season for the Birds. He has to do that again, or he will be gone at the end of 2012, and the team will move on with a young qb. McNabb didn’t suck either, he just didn’t improve enough over the course of his career. He made excellent progression his first 4 seasons in the league, and that was about it. He never took the last step to be a killer at the position, like Brees, Manning x2, Brady, Rodgers, etc. That was why in the playoffs he came up short. When the team needed him to be at his best and carry them against other good teams, he couldn’t do it. Randall just played for the wrong head coach, and his tutor died (Doug Scovil) before he was a finished product. Then that stiff Buddy just tossed him the ball and said make 5 plays a game and we are good. Such squandered talent.

  72. And so, with guilt at hand, the Giant’s Fan gets a few supporters.
    What is interesting about this discussion that I am engaging in with a few of you is that I knew two things:

    1) That I would have to explain the difference between racism and bigotry
    2) That by consistently using the word bigot to describe Mr. Giant’s fan that
    eventually some people’s guilt would be stoked.

    Please see the two following definitions:

    Racist – a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain
    human race is superior to any or all others.
    Bigot – bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or
    her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or
    treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with
    hatred and intolerance.

    Hopefully Websters has done a good enough job of explaining the difference between the two so I don’t have to. That being said; Mr. Giants fan is UNEQUIVOCALLY A BIGOT!

    According to Mr. Giants fan Michael Vick is a “punk”, “thug”, and “gangsta.” He is a diseased, animal torturing, con artist. He is also not that intelligent and is a coward according to Mr. Giants Fan. The’s are the opinions of Mr Giants Fan even though they are not that of the people Vick works for, plays with, and plays against. Michael Vick gets allot of love in the community. Michael Vick does allot of volunteer work in this community. Michael Vick reaches out to children and implores them not to make the mistakes that he did. Michael Vick has atoned for his sins and I forgive him. But Mr. Almighty Giants fan does not and that is his choice, but make no mistake what he holds for Michael Vick is hatred and as I stated before that makes Mr. Giants fan a menace. I’ve said these things 1,000 times before and I will say them again all of the claims that Mr. Giants fan makes about Vicks character and ability to play this game are REFUTED by his coach, his owner, his GM, and his opponents. Players have come out and stated they want to come to the Eagles to play with Vick and Mr. Giants fan says they are liars. Opposing coaches call Vick a “complete” QB and Mr Giants fan says they are lying. Coaches and players call Vick “very, very sharp” but Mr Giants fan says they are lying. Michael Vick has a past and in that past are quite a few transgressions but he has gotten his life back on track… But Mr. Giants fan thinks he’s lying.

    In every argument to denigrate a player Mr. Giants fan uses misleading non contextual statistics to prove his point, but in the article about DMacnabb possibly returning to the Eagles he said “He’s [McNabb] maybe the second best QB the Eagles have ever had” but he didn’t support this statement with statistics… why not? Why no statistics? Because Donovan McNabb is Unequivocally the best QB to play for the Eagles and no stats can disprove that. But I’m guessing there’s another reason why he made that comment.

    With the news that Jason Peters ruptured his Achilles Mr. Giants fan’s first comment was “at we will have 3 less false starts..” Jason Peters is widely considered one of the best if not the best OT in the game. He is for sure our best OT and this is the first comment you make?

    In a previous rant about the signing of DJax he called DJax a “punk” even though Andy Reid and Howie Roseman call him a good kid with a bright future. Many analyst around the league, although they thought he could have handled it a little better, understood and were not necessarily angry with him. They understood he had a legitimate gripe and a right to express it.

    Ok… let me give you definition #2 again:

    Bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

    Let me address this quote: “Trent Edwards – who I have slagged incessently on this site.” Mr. Giants fan… YOU ARE A LIAR. Trent Edwards was JUST signed to this team roughly a month ago and the worst you’ve said about Edwards is “he’s a QB that’s been out of football for a year”.

    This one makes me laugh: “I don’t like Vick because he stinks. You know this in your heart, and when he gets released next year you’ll understand why.” LOL!!! I like Vick because he is the most dynamic player this league has ever seen. I like that fact that in spite of having little to no help he has had much success and is feared around the league. Mr. Giants fan I KNOW YOU KNOW deep in your heart just how good Vick is and I know it pains you deeply when players and coaches support my assertions over yours and when he wins the SB as starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles I can not wait to see what you will rant about next.

    How about this one: And you are a total and complete idiot that cannot see what is right in front of him Lionsden. Now let’s compare it to a statement from Jake: But back to football, I would take Vick any day over that fraud mcnabb. Now lets look at Mr. Giant’s fan’s response: And Jake, From 1999-2005 McNabb was much better than Vick….though right now he seems to be getting a little loopy…..
    Now Jake sees something that makes him want to take Vick over McNabb even thought McNabb is the best QB, statistically and in terms of wins and losses, that the Eagles have ever had. But Mr. Giants fan does seem to think Jake knows what he’s looking at.

    Mr. Giants fan… I’m talking to you directly now… in the words of Newt Gingrich “Spare me your pious baloney” that was nice attempt at literature but the tone was too far fetched from your previous posts for it to be believable. You are a sociopath. Clinically speaking. Your rants against are team leadership and players are insidious and unwelcome. I don’t know where you grew up but from your description it sounds like the place Dorothy, Toto, the tin man, and company once visited after following the yellow brick road. And it also doesn’t sound very American. In fact it kinda sounds like you’re talking down about America and that I will tolerate even less than your talking down about my team and its leadership. I don’t know what your native language is but in this country we call what you do bigotry.

    And as a parent one of the most important lessons you can teach your child is forgiveness. It is an necessity in human existence. Instead of worrying about what posters your son has on his wall pay more attention to the character you are helping him develop. There is no true happiness in life without forgiveness and right now you are failing to convey this lesson. I hope that he is able to forgive you for your transgressions and does not harbor the same unyielding hatred that you do.

    To all the supporters of Mr. Giants Fan please see the following words from daggolden: “Vick sucks, McNabb sucks he cant throw. Cunningham was dumb, yada yada yada. We heard it all before.”

    It’s been fun guys and every time I have one of these conversations I see more and more that the plight of the13% in this country will never get any easier they will always be held to a higher standard in any and everything they do. But the saddest thing about their plight is when they speak up about the biases they face, even in sports, their detractors will try and reverse the blame and ignore the complete story in an attempt to forestall their own guilt.

    Have a good night guys… Times Yours.

  73. Oh wait… I’m sorry I forgot to address the other posters

    @Dcarr “lionsden, although vinnie gets carried away with the Vick hate…” That’s redundant… you don’t get a little carried away with hate either you do or you don’t. Hate describes an emotional extreme. What Mr. Giants fan does is considered extreme behavior.

    “You are basically are doing reverse discrimination” There’s no such thing Dcar… either you discriminate or you don’t… discrimination in reverse is tolerance.

    “I’m Black, Italian & Cherokkee indian, so, I DON’T THINK SO! Keep it to sports, bruh’s!” Oh really Dcar??? Well… I like ’em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican, and Hatian… and my best friend is black…

    DCar Post #1 – “Vick is a scumbab, fraud of a human being & isn’t, never was & never will be a good QB, or a SB Champion.”
    DCar Post #2 – Don’t get me wrong, I would love for him to win a SB & legitimately change his ways, & prove all of the nay-sayers wrong…

    Prognosis – DCAR is schizophrenic… LOL!

    @Jake Dog

    Jake Dog Post #1 … – let Vick’s play determine where he is, and right now he sucks

    Jake Dog Post #2 “But back to football, I would take Vick any day over that fraud mcnabb

    Prognosis: Jake Dog is not very bright.

    @JoeFriday … don’t make me laugh. You just joined the convo and already your calling people “apologists”. You might just fit in pretty well with the rest of the self righteous crew.

  74. Jeez man, talk about hate. You seem to hate everybody. As we used to say back in the day, take a pill.

    BTW – If you can’t interpret “well on the bright side of things we can expect 3 less false starts this year” as a joke athen there’s no helping you.

    Keep interpreting everyting in terms of race. Its what you do.

    And, as many people on here know, I am not an American.

  75. lions, you try to come off as intellectual, & intelligent, but with each of your posts, you just show more & more, that you are ignorant & close mijnded. BTW, you’re a psychiatrist now!? Thanks for the free diagnoses of my Schizophrenia. It’s called a free, unbiased, open mind, that bases it’s thought’s on truth & reality, that I have. Maybe you should take a long hard look in the mirror & try it sometime. Have a goog night.

  76. Lions den, mcnabb was a fraud, still is, not a champion, Vick, for all the shortcomings in his play, has heart, has the will of a champion, perseverance, mcnabb had talent, no heart, stop with all this preaching, you are obviously educated, but you sound like my good friend Schiller, an educated derelict, this board has all types, if ever one shared your love of Vick it would be damn boring, and you in your obstinate view of vinnie sound exactly of the charge you made against him

  77. Jake…If McNabb was a fraud the whole time…What is Andy Reid? Reid haven’t gone past the wild card round since McNabb’s departure.

  78. they are both frauds songs, not pejoratively speaking, but in the literal truth that they intentionally mislead who they are, what they, are capable of, but if you are suggesting reid is a bigger fraud, no argument here, but the topic was the quarterback, and at least vick is not a fraud

  79. @Dcar… please tell me what qualifies me as ignorant and close minded. You’re the first person to tell me that so I need a little clarification. Is it because I hold Mr. Giants fan accountable for his words? His “facts” are highly disputable and always negative. If you can name one instance where he has posted something positive about our QB please show me… If you can’t see the trend in his posts then maybe you should look a little harder. What I know is that there are many people on this site who not only question his support of this team but also the motivation behind his incessant hate towards Mike Vick. I am one of the few that take him to task for it.
    And by the way… ” It’s called a free, unbiased, open mind, that bases it’s thought’s on truth & reality, that I have.” in fact its called talking out of both sides of your mouth. Take a look again at how I quoted you.

    @JakeDog…I don’t always agree with Schiller, but he’s not an educated derelict. I’m a huge Eagles fan, and a Mike Vick fan and I would like to see more support for our leaders. Have you ever wondered why Philly fans are consistently considered the worst in the league. Maybe instead of disparaging the team and it’s leaders you should support it. Just try it an see how it actually helps our team win games.

    @Giants Fan… Puuuuuhhhhhleeeeese! Don’t gush because you have a few supporters… There are many more on this site who would love to see you disappear and could do without your constant negativity towards our team.

  80. Lionsden – I have never seen such a diverse and interesting group of people you are arguing with! Good on you –

    WHile I must say the whole race thing makes me want to hold my nose and gag –

    I like your paragraph to JakeD above – nicley put

  81. liionsden – there’s no need to try to talk intelligence to a few close minded people who can’t or don’t seem to see through the hate and BS that an asshole like Vinnie spews on here. They would have to come from aor be a part of an ethnic group that literally deals with that kind of Vinnie and the “we can’t or don’t feel that race hate” crap that Vinnie overtly spills. You can dislike someone, but to come on here day in and day out and show that much hate for the leader of your team and some of its playmakers by referring to them as “thugs” is over the top.

    I feel you lionsden; you ain’t got to try to prove nothing to a bunch of close minded fools who could never ever understand you because they don’t come where you and generations of Kings and Queens come from. I understand you completely 100% buddy. To hell with the rest of em!

  82. If the eagles should draft brian quick and not worry about burress.. he ran a 1.47 10 yard spit which is elite for a receiver his size…

  83. @navyeaglesfan… I really didn’t want the race thing in this to begin with but when a person consistently refers to the team starters who are trying to win games for this city as thugs, punks, and gangsters they have to be called out. I apologize for making you want to hold your nose and gag. I’ve gotta do a better job.

    @Rocko… you are right. They only upset me because their mindless foolishness actually hurts this team. As soon as mister Giants fan starts spewing his mindless, hate filled, misleading, drivel a few of his cronies start coming out of the woodwork and undercutting the momentum and support this team has right now. I want a SB ring damn it!!! I will do my part as a fan to try to assist this team in getting one.

  84. lions, lets get something straight, I’m nobodies crony, nor am I close minded. I was just stating fact of what has been commented on. I love people like you, that only knows how to deflect everything, due to their own ignorance & agenda. Like I said, I don’t know Vinnie from Adam, he could very well be a bigot, but with each of his posts, I didn’t interpret any signs of bigottry, or racism. I interpret it as a hatred for Vick. Did you ever think Vinnie might be an animal lover & maybe can’t get past that? IDK! Only an ignoramous like you & Rocko, keep bringing up the race card, everytime an a athlete, who happens to be black, gets ripped, or put down, is what I’ve been seeing. Your thinking is ignorant & close minded, not me bruh!
    Rocko, as for you, you don’t know me, or what ethnic group I grew up around. You don’t know $#!t. My Mom was Black, & my Dad was Italian & Cherokee Indian. So I dealt with hate, racism & bigotry, from all ends, & dealt with love from all ends. I grow up in the f^#@ing hoods, in Grays Ferry & N. Philly, with ziltch, & worked my balls off, through all of the negatives, to make myself the success & person, that I am. That’s why I’m open minded & unbiased, & see things differently. Everything isn’t about race. I can’t stomach Vick either, does that make me a bigot too? I DON’T THINK SO! I just see him as a fraudulent QB & human being! That doesn’t mean I’m wishing him ill will. But hey lionsden, diagnosed me with Schizophrenia, so what do I know, he’s the unbiased Psychiatrist!? For all of us, ALL OF US, to take the next step in humanity, we need to STOP that BS thinking, & close mindness. I deal with, & mentor our cities youth, & that is the thinking that is passed from generation, to generation. We’d rather hate the police, hard working man, & a brother busting his @$$ in school, & rather celebrate paroles, criminals & drug dealers. IT’S NAUSEATING! OPEN UP YOUR CLOSED MINDS! Some how I doubt it, with you dopes! I’ll say a prayer for ya!

  85. @Dcar…” I love people like you, that only knows how to deflect everything, due to their own ignorance & agenda.” No you don’t… you don’t like people who are willing to speak the truth without skirting around the issues. But let me ask you this… have you ever considered the genesis of the back and forth between myself and that other guy? I don’t think so… It all started when I was defending Vick, DJax, Cullin Jenkins, as players and making the point that while T.O. did not hand the situation in Philly at all correctly he did play a major roll in getting the Eagles to the SB and the FO should have managed him better. This prompted that other guy to say “oh I see what kind of players you like, punks and thugs.” I ignored it the first few times but then when he specifially call 3 of those 4 punks thugs and gangstas I started noticing a trend. I started noticing that all of his criticisms were of people of color (and some of his backhanded slights) and that they weren’t just play related. Take a look at his description of Vick as a “crummy” person… look deep into.

    And to be a bigot you don’t have to be of a different color than the person you hate. “I didn’t interpret any signs of bigottry, or racism. I interpret it as a hatred for Vick.” I don’t know if you realize what you just said but his obstinate and unyielding hatred for Vick is part of what defines his bigotry. He has no… not a shred of objectivity when it comes to Vick. His approach to Vick is the reason we have HATE crimes in this country.

    “…that only knows how to deflect everything” I don’t deflect a single thing… I confront any accusation head on and I have no problem looking in the mirror and on top of that Rocko is not the only person on this site outside of myself to consider that other guy’s posts bigoted. I am just the only person that will consistently take him to task.

    Lastly, race is not a card it’s an issue and when addressing that other guy I am not doing so with the impression that he is a racist… I’ve posted the definition before… I’d have to know him a little more to know if that was the case.

    “For all of us, ALL OF US, to take the next step in humanity, we need to STOP that BS thinking, & close mindness. I deal with, & mentor our cities youth, & that is the thinking that is passed from generation, to generation. We’d rather hate the police, hard working man, & a brother busting his @$$ in school, & rather celebrate paroles, criminals & drug dealers.” Who are these parolees, criminals, and drug dealers we are celebrating? I root for a very gifted and dynamic football player when he plays ball. I didn’t realize in doing that I was celebrating nefarious individuals.

    I appreciate the fact that you do community service… its admirable. But in your statement you refer to us celebrating paroles, criminals, and drug dealers… the first thing that I want to say is that FORGIVENESS is more important than anything you’ve mentioned in your post. God forgave your for the many transgressions you’ve committed and only you and He know what they are. You’re not a NFL star nor do you make $100 million dollars so we don’t know all the bad you’ve done. But even if I did know all the bad you’ve done, if you came out and said you were wrong for what you did, deserved the punishment you got, and made considerable efforts to help others not go down the path you went… I would absolutely whole heartedly forgive you. And after a few years if I see you’ve been consistent in your efforts and that you were making a positive impact… I would commend you on making it through adversity. And I would want you to speak to the youth that are in jeopardy of making the same mistake you’d made. Because there is no better person to speak to kids about grave mistake than a person who has made them.

    So in closing… before you start spouting self righteous platitudes make sure you have “OPENed UP YOUR CLOSED MIND” and learned how to forgive. It (forgiveness) is an existential necessity. Without it you are lost.

  86. “I started noticing that all of his criticisms were of people of color (and some of his backhanded slights) and that they weren’t just play related.”

    My criticisms were of Vick, Desean and TO. All punks. One of them a thug. (never said “gangsta” though) Yes, they’re all black. What are you trying to say exactly? White peopple are not allowed to comment on the actions of blacks? That off limits?

    They were all criticized for their actions, not their colour. BTW – you seem to convienienly ignore the negative comments I made towards Brent Celek when he was caught up in his inexcusable DD incident this year – but of course you avoided that because it doesn’t fit your made up narrative of my disparaging only black people.

    “His approach to Vick is the reason we have HATE crimes in this country.” And I’m the one spewing bigotry, intolerance, and close-mindedness. Because I call Vick a punk. Hate crime. Mention the multiple criminal investigations/convictions vs Vick? Notify the UN. Bring up Ron Mexico? Where’s Al Sharpton? Mention pointing at scoreboards or giving the finger to fans? Get Jesse Jackson on the line ASAP, we’ve got ourselves a full blown hate crime happening here.

    Intolerant indeed.

  87. philly eating philly- another day on Gcobb. any chanve e bring in a dallas fan to kick around? you guys need jobs.

  88. Ha Stevo – yep….. But jobs don’t necessarily proclude more of the same behavior – there’s downtime in most jobs, and between computers at desks and smartphones, it’s inevitable for this to continue.

    maybe it’s a different kind of jobs that are in order….

  89. Well I think we should be aloud to start debating politics – I for one am looking forward to the fall election cycle…………………

  90. wrong aloud – should have been allowed – evryone knows Schiller and I are hard core conservatives!

  91. I know you were joking there Navy – but seriously, it irks me – badly – to see that written.

    I don’t like to consider myself a hardcore anything, but I am FAR from conservative (politically). F the Rs

  92. schiller is a Neo-Con

  93. greenfan is an instigator. I’m more likely to root for Dallas than vote republican.

  94. I know schill…it was just TOO easy to mess with you!!

    We can disagree but both hate the Cowboys!!

  95. well there you go navy, we can finally kick around schiller, a liberal cowboys fan

  96. No question there greeny – I knew that.

    I bet we have other hates in common – Giants, NY fans, Cheatriots, Skins, braves fans (yeah, still for me… you too?) the french?

  97. ha jakey – never said I was a cowboys fan. Your reading class going well?

    greenfan – what about Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth? Do you hate them like me too?

  98. not so well schiller, after lionsden diagnosed dcar as schitzo and jakedog as dumb its back to remedial but thanks for asking

  99. @ schill…yup…hate the French….actually don’t mind Collinsworth. He and Aikman acually do a pretty credible job, don’t suck-up like mosty announcers.

    One side question ….saw a while back that you had attended Pitt not too long ago. My middle daughter is planning to attend there next year, but we haven’t made the final commitment. Any comments on Pitt, pro or con appreciated.

  100. green – can’t agree more on Aikman. Suprised the hell out of me when he started, but he’s probably one of the best there’s been for in-game analysis in recent history. And we’re not the first Eagles fans to note that so you know it’s for real when Eagles fans across the board speak favorably about a Hall-of-Fame Cowboy….

    Greenfan – on Pitt – I am definitely biased, however – GREAT (surprisingly) college town. The area where the school is – Oakland – is full of great culture, good restaurants and bars, great campus, and the city embraces the University very much (in fact they tried to rebrand Pittsburgh as a “knowledge town” to replace “steel town” reputation – I went to an event put on by Pitt and Carnegie Mellon for that – kinda funny but well intended).

    Academically it’s been on the rise considerably in the past 10-15 years. One of the best Med schools, great Engineering, Psych, Social Work, Business (Mark Cuban and Pat Croce alumn) grad schools…. It’s the kind of school where an academic focused student can really excel. They let me design my own interdisciplinary major (with approval). Robust study abroad programs – don’t know if you remember/know of “Semester at Sea” – but it orriginated at Pitt. They also have long standing study abroad programs in Cuba, Italy and many other countries.

    Highly recommend it. I’m good for any further questions about Pitt if you’ve got em.

  101. Greenfan – also, they had free public transportation throughout the city with your student ID card while I was there – pretty cool perk.

    Also – consider Carnegie Mellon and Pitt like Penn/Drexel – similar vicinity so you get the benefit of two large Universities combining resources often.

  102. And, it’s relatively affordable.

  103. stevo, I have 2 jobs, & flip houses. I just like this site, because of the talk & forum to vent, on my downtime. LMFBO!
    lions, nothing personal, bruh! We just see things differently. It’s all good.

  104. Schill – When Rush and Sean and Bill O show up at Pitt – you and me sitting front row right ! You know everyone thinks we are the same person – we can prove them wrong –

    too funny today – where the Hell is Pman or GM Cliff to at least attempt to steer this towrds a football topic?

  105. ha Navy, it’s amazing that we’re the same person, yet only one of us met Paulman. And yeah, I’ll be there in the seat next to you, vomiting all over the place and throwing painkillers and black history month flyers at Rush

  106. It is weird how us two can be so aligned when it comes to the Eagles, but yet you are so damn wrong about politics. Fascinating…

  107. Wow – Ryan Leaf got arrested for the 2nd time in like 3 days for burglary and drug charges… man – once you get that monkey (the drugs) on your back – guess it came out that when he was a volunteer coach at West Texas – if you got hurt – you got a visit from Coach Leaf who took half your prescription

  108. Hey – I live in the land of sunshine granola and high taxes – there is a movement afoot for the more conservative counties to the south to defect from CA – LA and SF and there liberal polocies can go there own direction –

    but hey we should do that with the country the ULSA and the UCSA – the

    The UNited Liberal States of America can have high taxes, high regulation, lax immigration, high deficiets, weak national defense, multitudes of social safety nets, free medical care, and all those other great things libs love to tell us we need in our lives – wait… why not just move to Greece, or Italy, or France or Spain… oh, yeah.. I see, those countries are failing and rioting… yeah –

    OK – give me one last good response and then we got to knock this crap off

  109. Ha… wait, we/i/you live on both coasts at one time!? F the political differences in one individual, this is crazy. I’m starting to think we’re actually NOT the same person.

    Well, Cali is it’s own case – really different from most of the US. So, I don’t know that you can really extrapolate from a state with a celebrity govenor and unparelleled politics to the rest of the country. You really think that we can’t reduce millitary spending without making our defense weakend? That’s a pretty damn simplisitic view of it – we spend ASSLOADS on the millitary, fight mulitple prolonged wars at a time…etc.etc.etc. And still, there’s really only been one attack on our soil in a long time. So we are all for protecting our country from outside, but ills within – eh, screw ’em. On the social safety nets – so you’re cool letting poor children die? What about sick people – just let ’em die? Dude, if you’re seriously for economic logic/sense – as a society, the smart $ move is for more of the Obamacare plan than the conservative approach (unless you call the conservative approach what the republicans like Romney created….)

    Ah… that should suffice for the day eh?

  110. yep – clear to see we are NOT the same person

  111. I think you (navy & schill) are really the same guy….there is no way that two people could be more diametrically opposed politally and so aligned in their fandom!! It must be a ploy to throw us all off!!

    Thanks schill…I liked Pitt from the tour and reputation. She is getting better packages from other schools, but I think that is where she wants to go. Appreciate the info.

  112. @navy…..saw that story too..can’t believe the Ryan Leaf story…looks like they are going to revoke his probation from an earlier burgulary charge….automatic 10 years without even factoring the latest charges. Crazy. Everyone remembers the debates….Manning or Leaf….guess there are no “sure things” in the NFL draft.

  113. green – yeah, funny we were talking egos on the other article – well look at Leaf – forget Mamula – Ryan Leaf = the definition of NFL bust. And now look where he is in life. Not saying he’s not at fault – not saying that at all. But when your ego gets built up to the level his was on draft day, and then beaten down to where it was when he fell out of the league, well… this aint THAT surprising…

  114. Yeah, but when I think of 2 QB busts I think Ryan Leaf and Todd Marinovich….Mamula actually had a career you could look at…those guys never came close to living up to the hype.

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