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Sixers CEO Adam Aron Interviewed On 94WIP

I was rummaging through Twitter the other day and I found a pretty interesting article about the Sixers CEO Adam Aron and what he thinks of the Sixers right now. Adam was on WIP after the Sixers win against the Cavs on Tues with Spike Eskin.
Actually, Spike had on Michael Levin from the website, talking about the Sixers when Adam Aron decided to call in. Michael actually is the one who wrote the article. Adam went on hold for Michael so he could finish his conversation with Spike. Now that is pretty badass to see a CEO to go on hold for just a blogger. That tells you a lot of the kind of person Adam must be.

Then Mike, hopefully he does not mind me calling him mike decided to write this article saying how cool it was that Adam went on hold for him, decided to bash him. Nice. He bashed Adam for his comments about the Sixers future. Adam said that he was happy with the progress that the Sixers are making. That the arena is full and that the people are really into the game now. That even when the Sixers lose he still has people saying, “Man, that was a great game”. Mike took this comment as if the Adam does not really care about winning a title. I took as that Adam is happy with his product he has right now.

The goals for the new owners were to make the Sixers relevant again this year and to get people caring about the Sixers again. They have accomplished that so far. Just to throw it out there, if I am going to own a major sports team my top thing would be win a title. Some might say earn money as their top choice. If you win the title you bring in more money.

Maybe it’s the “homer” in me but I truly believe that the new ownership does want to win. I think Mike, does not realize that Adam is a fan as well. All he has to do is follow Adam on twitter to see that. Adam interacts all day long with people and he tweets a lot during Sixers games. Adam asked Spike what he thought about the up coming game on Friday against the wizards.
Just asking about that game, you know that has no real b-ball background or maybe he just wanted to hear what Spike had to say. Either way I look at it, Adam Aron and the rest of the new ownership have hit all the right buttons so far in their first year. I personally think it is hard to attack them right now. I do not see anything that needs to be bashed. Mike might have been jumping the gun with this one. I am not trying to bash Mike at all. I thought the article was very good and I recommend you read it. I just took Adam Aron comments a completely different way then he did and you might too. on Facebook

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10 Comments for “Sixers CEO Adam Aron Interviewed On 94WIP”

  1. They haven’t hit all of the right buttons! They still have the same garbage frauds from last year. They didn’t trade Stinkadala in the off-season, when they had him traded for Monte Ellis. They didn’t take advantage of the new CBA amnesty clause on Brand, when they could got rid of his contract. Not to mention at the trade deadline, they did STUGOTS, to upgrade the roster, but add a meaningless bum, non-factor, splinter @$$, who is another tweener, carbon copy of half of our roster, currently here. All they did is drum up talk, in pre-season, by implementing that asinine, bogus, mascot search, just to get the team on the radar, nothing else! They only reason why they caught lightning in the bottle, was because we started off quick by good defense, & beating the early bad teams, & teams playing without their top players (7-10 games). Now that teams legs caught up to them, & they are figured out, to be the FRAUDS that they are, they don’t have a shot. SO AGAIN, WHAT BUTTONS ARE THEY PUSHING RIGHT!? I couldn’t give a steaming dump, of how many good interviews they do, & how supposedly nice & cool they are! Put a competent, legitimate, winning team on the court, & stop with the smoke & mirrors BS, & take this organization out of the blackhole, that it’s been in, the last 29 years!

  2. BTW, Joe, you are a delusional, blind homer. Get that part correct. You have not once criticised them, in any of your articles. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I missed it. But stop livivg in la la land. Ground yourself in reality

  3. DCar, dude you are the man. LOL. We always seem to disagree it is all good though. We have different views of this team. I am about letting this team grow and finish where they may. Then in the off-season season decide who stays or goes. You want a contender right now. I am willing to patient this year. By the way, they did take advantage of the new CBA , by not amnesty Brand. Did not make sense to do it this year. They will have more than 20 mill under the cap next year if they amnesty brand this off-season. Now that makes sense. I have written about that before. May I have bashed them or maybe not. I know I have bashed Collins for his use of Turner. All honesty, it hard to bash the new owners right now. That could change next year. I respect your opinion though bro. I am a little bit of homer. lol. Monte Ellis? He is no savior. That is why the Warriors traded him and kept Curry. Good talk bro.

  4. By the way, you know it is the first year in ownership right? LOL. Nothing happens over night.

  5. Honestly the Sixers went from an average team to a below average team when Haas came back. He has killed this team with his ineffective play plus he has taken time from Vuk and Allen who were playing ok for rooks. I understand Haas needs to play to get back to pre-injury form but damn he just hasnt given this team much more than a few good back door cut passess.

  6. Joe, I agree. Sorry about the rant. LOL! Nothing personal. They piss me off so much. They never do the right things in that organization. You’re right, they did just buy the team. We’ll see… 😀

  7. dcar just got killed with kindness, best way to disarm, and that was a hall of fame rant, but back to basketball, the sixers started out 20-8, and may not even make playoffs, collins has to look at what he is doing, is he grooming the best talent on the team,or trying for more wins but inevitable early exit from the playoffs, iggy must go, and turner must get the ball, there is a disconnect between collins and Turner and it it hurting this team, collins is also cracking a bit, for all the early positives this is a bleak situation

  8. DCar, no worries bro. I know you just got done watching that Wizards game before you went off. LOL. I never take anything personal. Just shows that you care about this team. Good stuff bro!

  9. Sixers continue to slide and probably right out of the Playoffs after a 20-9 Start to the Season… Now sitting at 29-24 (yes, they are 9-15 since Feb 1st) and can’t beat any good teams with winning records even though the Heat were without Star Guard Dwayne Wade.. (Knicks and even the Milwaukee Bucks are close behind them… What a disappointing 2nd half of the Season after a promising start..
    Collins appears to have lost the “ears and hearts” of the Team and does not appear to be enjoying himself at all..

  10. This team just sucks. They are almost as bad to watch as they have been the last couple of years. Evan Turner decided to show up last night… that means he won’t have another relevant game until May (if we make it to may)

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