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Eagles Contact The Agent Of Former Pro Bowl OT, Marcus McNeill

According to, the Eagles have contacted the agent of former San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl offensive tackle Marcus McNeill.  McNeill was a one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL for a number of years until the 2011 season when he suffered a serious neck injury.

Alvin Keels, McNeill’s agent told PFT that he had been contacted by the Birds front office, but he doesn’t know how serious they are about signing his client.

Of course the reason for the call was because of the Achilles tendon injury suffered by Birds Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jason Peters.

The key will be the health of McNeill’s neck.  As of early January of this year, McNeill says he’s still interested in playing football, as long as he can do it safely.

I could see the Birds flying in McNeill for a physical, so that the Birds could have their own physicians take a close look at him.  If he is, don’t be surprised if the Birds sign him to a short-term deal. on Facebook

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46 Comments for “Eagles Contact The Agent Of Former Pro Bowl OT, Marcus McNeill”

  1. This is so…funny.

    Always looking for the bargain basement deal.

    Do championship teams go out of their way to sign guys coming off injurys every year.

    Every year the Eagles do this.

    Do like Bill Parcels has done. INVEST IN A COACHING STAFF.

    When Andy Reid started in Philly he had assembled a good staff. But as several have left for head coaching jobs, he has bought in a collection of yes-men(Juan, LB coach, DB coach) and old geezers.

    Andy had a chance to get a taleneted defensive coordinator and he…Well we all know what he did.

    He’s so…friggin smart,

    No wonder Spags and Childress have stayed away.

    Go ahead…

    Sign neck injury guy.

    He’s going to be the same place Peyton Manning is going to be before the end of the season.

    On Injured Reserve.

  2. bsm , doesnt hurt to have our staff look at him , remember it was our group of physicians who probably saved RB harrisons life last year when detroits team could not find anything wrong with him !

  3. Bsm I hear you but remember this is just a stop gap guy for either half the season or maybe just this year. Peters will be back eventually and he makes a lot of money. Unless your not bringing peters back you don’t want to invest to much in a stop gap type of guy.

  4. the guy had a serious nek injury and will never be the same…. he lost his toughness and is hesitant to bang heads again…. either sign Bell to play LT or draft Jonathan Martin at #15

  5. Yeah but bell is going to want some money jott, he is not going to come cheap this is more ideal for the team.

  6. There going to give him the physical we will see where he is.

  7. BSM – any way we can put you on the IR – same drivel different day – now we are frequently up to your dirviling twice and three times a day – same stupid whiney nauseating crap that seems to emtertain you and about 4 idiots like you

    quick idiot – make a list of every available starting quality LT out there – see difference between you and a guy like Pman or GM Cliff is they can list every LT out there –

    EVery article, evry person who knows football knows when Healthy McNeill is a beast – used to blocking for Rbs like L Tomlinson M Turner and D Sproles – 2 time pro bowler, starter since a rookie (finished 4rth for O rookie of year) – several other teams are looking ‘bargain basement’ as well – as the chielfs and falcons are also doing their due diligence… but you and those same 4 idiots will complain at each and every player the birds look at – if he is healthy you will all decry ‘why are we looking at other trash’ is he is coming off an injury ‘bargain basement’ in other words – you will bitch to bitch and then bitch some more

    in case you haven’t heard – Reid is going to be the coach this year.. quick – talk about how in 2003 he didn’t have a WR or in 200 whatever he didn’t have a what ever or please give us a running commentary on the size of his waist –

    speaking of always wanting other peopls trash – Parcells (not exactly the slimmest figure either by the way) hasn’t put together a winning program the last 4 years he coached in Dallas or in Miami –

  8. Plus you know what we can criticize the eagles for a lot of things, the one thing we all know is they care about OL. They always kick out big money for good lineman.

  9. The Eagles have choice but to sign Bell somehow… you cant go with Dunlap……its either Bell, trade for an OT or use #15 on one to play RT and move Herremans to LT.

  10. *Hot Stove Eagles News*

    A league source confirms that the Eagles are hosting OT Demetrius Bell today at the NovaCare Complex. There is no further word beyond that

  11. Should we look at trading for Jason Smith, Rams OT and former #2 overall pick? He fell outta favor there but seems like a “Mudd type” and could maybe reach his potential here… it worked with Evan Mathis.

  12. Thanks JH, that breaking news was posted in an article on this site yesterday.

  13. I feel ya Navy, I feel ya! Every body on this sight has posted some negative stuff, or has expressed their honest anger over a certain issue as well as positive stuff and expressed their happiness. But hell there is a small core that is in the 60% bitch, hate range. Can you imagine being at a table with some of these guys.

  14. Its goin to be interesting to see if the real evan mathis will be exposed without the security blanket by the name of peters. Lets see if he doesnt give up a sack this year, my guess is def not. So now his play will match his douche personality.

  15. so wait peli – let me get this straight – on an article about the injured LT and his possible replacements (or replacements), you want to know what is going to happen with the left guard, becuase you think without Peters he will be exposed!?!?!?!

    I have played many years of O line – and I have NEVER heard of a weak guard being covered by a strong tackle – how the hell against a 4-3 can the tackle help the guard without turning the DE loose? And um – PEters plays left tackle – most teams most talented – athletic lineman (think Cole for the eagles) line up at RDE….

    so where the fuck did you come up wiuth such an assine statement…. wait – there it is – I see it – Mathis is a douche because he has the balls to tell people what he thinks – how dare he – the being obnoxious assholes should be left to the fans…

    here – let me give you the lesson for free – as long as Howard Mudd is coaching Mathis – Mathis will do just fine in his system..

  16. Dam navy got in that ass well said that was just a person who don’t have a clue about football.

  17. I figured it was a “neck injury bargain basement deal” of a player. We can’t ever go wrong with Reid’s thinking. I tell ya buddy, he’s the best thing to hit this city since cheese steaks; smh…

  18. Rocko – Pman and JH and GMCLiff aren’t on today – if you have some suggestions – either FAs or potential draft picks – would love to here them – as Peters was probably one of the highest paid OLman in the NFL – and he just got hurt – who do you suggest they take a look at?: And remember Peters salary still counts towards the salary cap – so are you going to bring the guy in to be a long term starter (lets see – just extended Hermanns – signed Mathis, Kelce is a rookie and will probably be extended nect year and Watkins just signed his rookie 1st round draft pick contract last year…..)

    McNiel was released coming off neck surgery and the fact he signed like a 5 year 48 million dollar extension a couple so year back…. and the chargers had to make a decision to pay him and wait and see – release him and move forward or ask him to restructure – kind of like the same decision the eagles are going to have to make in a year – pay Peters and hope – restructure or release – so now you have to find a guy that can come in, start, play well and understand he may only be here one year…………. if you were a starting quality LT that wanted a few years in the NFl would you do that??

    Do you ever like – you know – think – before you post stupid shit…. Unless you want to see King Dunlap line up at LT all season, these moves the FO are making to try and get multiple replacements in are solid football moves –

    I would love to hear/read alternatives if any of you have them – but I guess that would distract from the bithcing

  19. Navy – Not many options Big Man… We have to hope for the best with Demetrius Bell. They’re smart for at least checking into Marcus McNeil, although I do believe he’s done. Those are the only real names that I would take a fly on, otherwise it’s King Dunlap. There is no rookie that would change anything in the draft, including Matt Kalil

  20. Thanks GM Cliff – sorry little buzzd – nice bottle of vino and some good carne watching Kansas rally – yeah – I agree. I can’t think of names better then those two but I yield the floor to you three I mentioned that know more about how and what is available – and I think Dunlap would be better then a draft pick…..

    I was thinking McNeil would be easier to sign to a 1 or two year gig – Bell will want to go somewhere for 4 years.. Peters was the best player on the team – no question – this one hurts – will be interesting to see what happens

  21. just watched the tape on this guy, he could be a great pick if we can get him in the second round, i wanna know what you bros think…..

  22. If They want Bell they can get him. My only concern is his health. There is no way Peters can come back and play this year. Look at Ryan Howard, do you think he is in shape for baseball…….so do you think Jason Peters, with just rehab from the achilles, will be ready to play football. DeMeco Ryans went through the same thing, it took him over a year to grt back to form, but he was never the same. Now we are talking about a 6-6 345lb LT, supporting those achilles. I hope they sign Bell, because they may have no choice but to play Dunlap…and I think he stinks…………..

  23. Gm you know what pisses me off I agree with you about Dunlap but why in the hell do they even bring him back. Why waste the money, get someone who is a legit backup. I hate when the eagles do that. He is a bum, he is 6′ 7″ and weak as hell. He gets pushed back into the quarterback like everyplay.

  24. Andy pride as an “I know more than you”, VP of Football Operations. Dunlap, at least has had some experience in Howard Mudds offensive Line Scheme. They would be in deeper had they not signed him, but it was for one year…Andy must have let someone out of the ordinary to speak up. He’ll be gone next year, but they have to draft some lineman, but only after getting Cox, Poe, or Still, Mark Barron, Zach Brown, and Vinny Curry. Here are some of GMCliffs Top Prospects – This doesn’t include David DeCastro, who I love but will be gone before #15 – some offensive lineman GMCliff likes: 2nd round onward

    1. Kelechi Osemele – OG – 6-5 335 lbs – Athletic enough to play in Howard Mudd’s system.

    2. Bobbie Massie – OT – 6-6 312 lbs – Athletic, powerful, potential to play left tackle, more suited for the right

    3. Mitchell Schwartz- OT – 6-6 318 lbs – Jon Runyanisck, on the left side.
    4. Brandon Brooks- OG – 6-5 343 lbs – Larry Allen type of domination Potential.
    5. Troy Brown – OT- 6-5 310 lbs – Project, but has potential to be a starter on the left side.

  25. Peters is probably the 1 Player (outside of Vick) that the Eagles could ill-afford to get injured but it’s the way it is.. .
    Some Free-Agents that are out there

    Kareem McKenzie from the Giants
    Stephon Heyer from Raiders and Redksins
    Brandon Keith from Denver..

  26. Paul, I know why you would say that, and Peters is awesome when healthy (notice how people ignore their good FA moves until a guy gets injured?), BUT it’s not Vick’s blind side at all. AND – go to and read Tommy Lawlor’s point – actually it was a poster on that site – about SB winning LTs recently – not many probowlers at all…. look it up.

    So essentially, you’re point there is wrong.

  27. But guys seriously, I was pissed about this, and still am. BUT, this is what we have Howard Mudd for. And again, read the post entitled “Demetrius Bell visiting” on – it will show you that this really isn’t as drastic as it seems.

  28. This is a huge blow Schiller and especially to Vick and his confidence..
    Many times, Vick and the play call is designed for Vick to roll out to his left (which is when he’s at his best) set up and then toss tdownfield, Now VIck will be looking at the Pass-rush coming into his face, rather than having the confidence of looking downfield and those couple of instances/seconds that he’s looking at the rush will cost him the opportune time of when to throw the ball.. Every good Team, knows that the RDE against the Eagles when facing Peters and VIck is to more or less, contain the left edge and not neccessarily go all out to Sack him.. The Smart teams rush out wide and go as deep as vick drops and then force him to thorw from the pocket and now with Peters gones, this is will be easier to accomplish for opposing Defenses in the NFC that know the Eagles and Vick’s Tendancies..

  29. Paul, “Now VIck will be looking at the Pass-rush coming into his face, rather than having the confidence of looking downfield and those couple of instances/seconds that he’s looking at the rush will cost him the opportune time of when to throw the ball.” – Paul that’s ridiculous – WHAT PASS RUSH? The pass rush beating our left tackle? Our Left Tackle named _____ ______? So you’re assuming the Eagles won’t use a left tackle? Just go with 4 OL? Or you’re assuming the guy they play there, who right now 0 people on planet earth know who it will be – you’re assuming THAT GUY will get beat on the regular? After a whole training camp and preseason with Mudd as coach and a solid line next to him? REALLY?

  30. And Paul – did you or did you not read the article I directed folks to?

  31. Peters is the 2nd/3rd Best Left Tackle in the NFL, whoever they replace him will not be a LT who will take on the Best Pass-Rushers in the NFL.. VIck will struggle being too concerned on who will be in his face then making a play down the field..
    I also Believe that Mathis doesn’t have 1/2 the Season he had last year without playing next to Peters, or the same with RB McCoy who made many big runs on the left side behind Peters on the Slant Run they ran so effectively last Season.. The Eagles were one of the most healthiest Teams last year in all of the NFL so lady luck may be paying them back double time this year..

  32. Navy, so lemme get this straight, obviously u got plenty of time on your hands so im sure ill get some response. Arguably the best lt in football has no effect on the man standing next to him? Pop warner oline work doesnt make u an expert, u havent seen peters chip, push off or impede a dt on his way to drop back and take his man. Nor will mathis have to step up with a weaker left tackle, and possibly not just have the piece of mind of being able to trust his linemate, that doesnt help him either? We’ll soon see,(not soon enough) what effect itll have.

  33. Paul – you still didn’t answer my question. And you’re insistence on the “RDE is the best on their team” think is messed up – Everyone knows Vick is a southpaw, and teams adjust, often lining their best DEs on his blindside – which will still be manned by Herremans.

  34. Paul, also, you’re predicting the future. Because you’re a human ( I think? – Navy confirmed it so I’ll go with that) – that means you suck at predicting the future. AND – your tack record indicates that you REALLY suck at predicting the future.

  35. Not correct Schiller, most teams last year still had their usual RDE lining up versus Peters,, (Ware,Peppers,Abraham,OSi,JPP,Orapko) etc,etc.
    Most teams feel their 2nd best Pass-rusher is a better match-up and a better chanve of beating Herremans than doing anything versus 3 Time All-Pro Peters.. Def Lines/Schemes are not goign to change everything becuse they are playing a Left-Handed QB…

  36. I have adjusted next Seasons NFC East Predictions to reflect LT Peters Injury and most likely his missed 2012 Season

    #1) Cowboys 9-7
    #2) Giants 8-8
    #3) Redskins 6-10
    #4) Eagles 5-11

  37. Wait Paul, Ware is a DE? and the giants have 2 usual RDEs? That’s odd – your brain must be not working again.

  38. and you still haven’t answered my question/read the article. You’re afraid of the truth proving you wrong… which is odd because you should be quite used to that by now.

  39. Ware pass-rushes 3/4 of the time from his standing OLB Position, nothing new Schiller.. Same with Orapko.. in most cases, it’s the LT job to Pass-Block them.. I will read the artlice shorty and advise.. yes the Giants have about 5 DE who all rotates and JPP, Tuck rush the QB from all positions..

  40. I cannot get into the Site either …

  41. unable to hook up to EagleBlitz, getting “Not found on Servor” error message

  42. peli – you will get a response not based on the amount of time I have on my hands – but on the sheer stupiduty of your arguments – for someone as dumb as you – I can always find a few minutes to educate the ignorant –

    there are several offenseive line schemes where the OT will block down (say the zone block the Eagles do where the TE comes in motion across the formation – McCoy starts right and then cuts left and follows gap created by the DE getting kicked by the TE and Peters blocking down – but to answer you question –

    and again – I have never – ever – ever – ever seen, taught – or used a technique where the LT will come down and ‘chip ‘(your word – this is typically what a RB or TE will do to a DL prior to going out for a pass – but I guess PEters went out for passes we didn’t know about)

    nor did he ‘push down’ to help Mathis – that is not to say if the DE driopped into coverage he didn’t come down – but I will bet a case of beer of your chose if there are any schemes or plans where the OT is asked to help the OG block a DT in pass protection leaving the DE free – and I don’t know what NFL you watch – there is no way an OT can down block (your words – push off or impede) on the way to his drop – doesn’t exist – doesn’t happen – an OL pass rushing steps (often called ‘technique’) would be royally F’d if an OT did that – they do this thing called having ‘splits’ the distance between the OLman – so Peters would have to actaully go forward and right to ‘impeded’ then drop back and left – THIS DOES NOT EXIST!

    then you go and try to save your lame ass argument with ‘line up next to’ and worry about Mathis’s piece of mind –

    dude – you screwed up – you wanted to dog on Mathis cause he – like me – calls supposed Philly fans out for being the whiney no-nothing douches they are – get over it – what happens next year – happens – I really don’t think Mathis is going to say to himself ‘gee guy – Peters isn’t next to you to give you the mental boost to be a better player – oh no – I am going to get beat today

    congrats – you just made shit up – maybe you ought to try pop warner line coaching – clearly it would elevate your IQ about offensive and defensive line play

    and of course since you are so busy and important – I do not expect to read a response from you – unless you really want to try and salvage this stupid lame ass ‘opinion’ you are arguing –

    funny – Dear Coach Mudd – now that Peters is out for the season – are you worried Evan Mathis is going to give up more sacks because he doens’t have his piece of mind –

    Dear Coach Mudd – could you please enlighten up to the pass blocking technique where your LT comes down and chips (we just got laughed out of the building) or impedes the pass rushing DT then slides back out to block the RDE?

    And just to enlighten you – if a DT is beating a OG badly – the typical scheme is that the G will try to funnel to the middle for Center help – or the C will be assgined to DT – or – in some cases – the FB will lead into the gap and ‘chip (used correctly this time) the DT to slow him down..

    really though – this is about high school JV stuff –

  43. NFL News

    Bengals Re-sign OLB Manny Lawson , Terms were not released
    Rainers Signed Free-Agent OLB Phillip Wheeler from the Colts
    Raiders also traded back-up OT Bruce Campbell to the Carolina Panthers for
    back-up RB Mike Goodsen…

    I believe the Panthers would be willing to Trade Disappointing RT Jeff Otah who has had some recent injuries after a promising start in the NFL his 1st 2 Seasons.. I believe Otah, if healthy which is a big if, can be a Top 10 RT in the NFL.. EAgles should look into his health and availability.. maybe a trade invlving CB Samuel or a DE D Tapp for Otah and a Draft pick or so..

  44. Paul, pay attention to detail – it’s not “Eaglesblitz” – it starts with the letter “i”

  45. Paulman 5 wins is harsh

    Split NYG (what they do)
    2-0 vs rookie Qb in Wsh
    Probable split with Dall, though they could win both – Lets say 3 – 4 wins here

    Home Atl W, Car W, Bal coin flip, Cin W, Det coin flip – Lets say 3 – 4 wins here

    Away NO L, TB W, Cle W, Pit coin flip, Ariz coin flip – Lets say 2 wins here

    They’re still going to come in the 7-9 to 10-6 range. Spinning tires….

  46. Thanx Schiller, I’ll check it out …
    Vinnie – 8 to 10 wins is possible, have to see their Schedule
    I think they can possible go 3-1 versus the NFC South and AFC North if they can get the Steelers & Saints early in their schedule
    (Saints have a lot going on and new Def Scheme to put in by Spags and the Steelers have 3-4 Starters probably not going to be ready by the opening of th season..)

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