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Brian Westbrook Goes On Twitter To Battle For LeSean McCoy

Former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook was very busy today giving his opinions on NBC Sportstalk and campaigning for LeSean McCoy to get a new contract.  According to, he went on Twitter today and started out by finding out what Eagles fans thought about McCoy getting a new contract.

He started by tweeting, “So basically everyone feels that he should get paid?”

Westbrook went so far as to say that McCoy should be paid like the best running backs in the NFL.

“Like Arian Foster? I think he is definitely if not the best, at least the second best back in the league right now and deserves it #payMccoy”

He went from there to mentioning that taboo word which has to scare Eagles fans and the Birds front office, “Hold out”.

“The only leverage players have in this situation is to hold out! Unfortunately its still not a lot of leverage!! #payMccoy”

Westbrook remembered the stress he was under while trying to get a new contract during the season.  He doesn’t believe it’s the best formula.

“Players dont want to have to worry about their contracts during the season which is why the off season is the time to get it done” on Facebook

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37 Comments for “Brian Westbrook Goes On Twitter To Battle For LeSean McCoy”

  1. Love bwest, but he needs to shut his mouth. Sounds like someone is a little bitter..

  2. Everybody knows when it comes to the Eagles signing their younger stars they wait till mid-season so half comes off that years money, McCoy will get paid!

  3. #1 Arian Foster
    #2 Adrian Peterson
    #3 LeSean McCoy
    #4 Matt Forte
    #5 Ray Rice
    #6 Michael Turner
    #7 Jones Drew
    #8 Darren Mcfadden
    #9 Chris Johnson
    #10 Demarrco Murray

    Like or Dislike?

  4. Interesting list ES. Not sure if I dislike or like. Arguments can be made for all of your top 5 candidates as to who is 1 through 5. Tough call, but McCoy needs to get paid like the top 3 or better RB that he is. And I hope to hell the Front Office gets it done ASAP. Many argue that the number one guy is Jackson and while their arguments may be valid in many ways, I really think McCoy can carry this team on his back, where as Jackson (even when paid) couldn’t carry the team the way a Fitzgerald can lead a team to victory.

  5. Didn’t Bwest get hurt like right after his big deal? just saying, he is prolly a reason the FO is hesitating from giving Shady a new deal…

    They need to pay Shady big money, and they will. There is no way the FO lets him go anywhere. He is the best player on this team right now…Even if you have to over pay Shady its justified…all teams overpay their best players simply cuz they have too. see Calvin J, Fitz, Foster

    On top of that we got nothing at the RB position other than Shady. I really want them to sign an Addai or even Tomlinson since they can both do exactly what the Reid likes at the position. However, i think the FO knows if they throw even 2 million at a backup like that it will create a disaster much like the Djax v. Steve Smith last year.

    The Birds should of gave Shady his deal last offseason. You knew guys like foster and Ap were going to get paid big. making matters worst if Rice and Forte get their deals it could make this even harder. better get it down before those deals come out.
    8-Chris Johnson
    10-Steven Jackson

  6. Brian is right about what he says but I want him to just shut up. Damn! We don’t need him stirring up the pot as if it isn’t gonna be an issue already. I’m trying to see a Superbowl and don’t need an unhappy superstar holding that back. Shady has been good for us last year was the first year he was GREAT, give the Eagles a chance to step up.

  7. Oh and…
    1. Arian
    2. Shady
    3. AP ~ only bc he is one dimensional
    4. Rice
    5. A Healthy McFadden
    6. MJD
    7. Forte
    8. Steven Jackson
    9. Micheal Turner
    10. Gore

  8. Shady is much better back than Adrien Petersen at this point, he was better than him all last year. Petersen will never be the same after his knee injuries, his fans should just let go of the memories, because reality is LeSean McCoy is better. HE’S BETTER THAN ARIEN FOSTER TOO!!!!!!! AND SHOULD BE PAID LIKE SO, …….YOU CAN’T GET A PRO BOWL YEAR FROM A PLAYER, AND EXPECT NOT TO PAY HIM.

  9. got no problem with Westbrook saying McCoy should get paid – Westbrook did alright for himself – why shouldn’t McCoy. Remember when Westbrook wouldn’t suit up for the pre-season game until after he read and signed his extension.. I think prior to camp he will have his new deal – the quieter he is the more the Eagles will like him – team does not want a redo onthe Djax drama

  10. NuG – so Ap is one dimensional – so kinda like a DT that can only stop the run?

    sorry – couldn’t resist! – but I do agree with your list

  11. #1 Adrian Peterson
    #2 Lesean McCoy
    #3 Arian Foster
    #4 Matt Forte
    #5 Ray Rice
    #6 Darren McFadden
    #7 Jones Drew
    #8 Frank Gore
    #9 Chris Johnson
    #10 Marshawn Lynch

  12. Damn! Shipwreck lol. The difference is AP is prob the best at just rushing the ball and Bumkley is a good run stopper but def not the best at it.

    Sully I like Marshawn too and Fred Jackson as sleepers for the list.

  13. Missed in this discussion is the need for a good backup for Shadey. Ronnie Brown did not cut it last year, and thus McCoy lead the league in touches. Running Backs take a huge amount of punishment, and when they start to decline, the decline is usually swift and steep. I do not believe that Lewis can fill this role. I would like to see the Birds sign a veteran FA, either a larger back for a change of pace or short yardage situations, or a similar back to Shadey just to keep him more fresh ( I have previously asked about the possibility of Ladamion Tomlinson). This needs to be addressed before the start of training camp.

  14. List of TOp RB’s

    #1) Arian Foster
    #2) Matt Forte
    #3) Lesean McCoy
    #4) Adrian Petersen
    #5) Ray Rice
    #6) Frank Gore
    #7) MJ Drew
    #8) Chirs Johnson
    #9) Marshawn Lynch
    #10) Steven Jackson

    McFaddens is hurt every Season, A healthy DeAngelo WIlliams is vrey capable, Falcons M Turner is up and down and plays small in big games and gets hurt a lot too.. D Murray is still unproven though he looks impressive as did Redksins Ray Helu.. Bills Fred Jackson is probably one of the the most versatile back in terms of running and receiving but also has had injuries.

  15. Shady is good, but he was one player his rookie year and a completely different player last year, on top of that the Eagles O-Line is going to be a HUGE question mark in 2012. The Eagles have to see what kind of player Shady will be this year to really know what to value him at. It’s different than DeSean Jackson in that DJax was an explosive target that made the offense better and special teams squad better from day one and there was never a huge change in what his actual ability looked like. The other issue is Shady seems like he’s going to be an injury prone player and RBs generally are with all of the physical abuse they take. How durable Shady is will also figure into what his contract value is and another observation year is going to be critical for that.

  16. butch, I’m curious why/how Shady seems like he’s going to be an injury prone player? Also, you think he only played two years? And didn’t you notice his caries went up – hence the difference in his production you referenced?

  17. Green – I am politicing for Joesph Addai to be the back up to McCoy……… Tomlinson not a bad choice – but not sure how much he has left should he need to start a game or two –

  18. @navy….Addai would be a good choice too…I just want don’t want to see us run Shadey into the ground from overuse….a good backup that can keep the team moving while giving McCoy a break. Tomlinson is just an idea, I am sure that there are others out there too.

  19. Addai has lost a Step and doesn’t have that explosion or power he had when he was younger.. I like RB Ryan Grant who would fit the Eagles Scheme perfectly.The run a similar system in Green Bay with the formations,terminology so his learning curve would be very easy into the Eagles scheme..

  20. Justin Forsett – Tommy Lawlor likes him for our system… a possibility..

    Paulman, sure Grant would be nice. But why in the world would he want to sign here? Most likely he’d want a starting role or at the very least a spot on a team without a clear #1 RB so he could compete for a starting role…

  21. Exactly Schill – any vet that ‘hasn’t lost a step’ is probably looking for a situation where he can start/be a feature back – looking for a guy that can give you a couple quality runs a game, game smart, can pick up the blitz, cacth the ball, and maybe start a game or two – oh – and will sign a one or two year contract and not hurt the cap too much..

    never heard of Justin Forsett – but Lawler usually has good stuff

  22. for those who don’t know….Schill and Navy are the same person.

    Schill is a schill

  23. Except for voting days, then we split into two oppositional voters…Oh yeah, and except for everyother days of the year because living in San Diego and Philadelphia at the same time is real difficult. Oh, and except for having served in the millitary and not having served in the millitary… that would be hard to do both….Oh and except for coaching and reffing football as opossed to only being a fan…

    But otherwise, yes, Songs is correct

  24. For those of you who don’t know, Songs and the Rev. Al Sharpton are also the same person.

  25. wow, that was a very low blow to Mr. Sharpton…

  26. With the O-Line being a big question mark, now more than ever the Eagles need to go out and sign Visanthe Shiancoe. While he’s historically not been a good blocker, but lagging around in the market for this long has to have him thinking given how good a pass catching tight end he is. I think the Eagles could get him to block and I think he would be close to as good a red zone threat as the aging Plaxico Burress.

  27. Well 3 years for Shady, but still he’s had a host of foot, ankle, rib and hand injuries that have plagued him it almost seems like it’s just a matter of time before he starts play 6-7 games a year. If I’m wrong he should be healthy to play for at least 14 games this year. Also last year was a breakout year, how do you know that’s not an anomaly and he’ll never have that kind of production again? I just think that he’s not played consistently at the level long enough to justify a fat contract.

  28. Unimpressive football resume there schiller maybe you can work for the eagles

  29. you mean like when they hired Roseman 12 years ago?

  30. exactly, you seem to fit the type of geek they covet

  31. enh, I think we’re two very different kinds of geeks. I’m not a math, business, or personnel type in the least.

  32. Am I the only one who disagrees with Butch about McCoy being injury prone? He’s a stud NFL RB, he’s going to get a little banged up sometimes. But he hasn’t missed significant playing time, and I just don’t see where Butch is getting all that?

    Same for the anomaly thing – McCoy’s numbers have steadily improved with his touches – it’s not nothing rookie year, very little next, and then all the sudden breakout year. That’s just not the case.

    Butch, you’re the only guy I know who’s making an argument against Shady getting paid… what’s your deal?

  33. Don’t see McCoy being injury prone – he is very good at avoiding the direct big hits (similar (but no one will ever be as good as) Barry Sanders – shifty – little bumps but nothing major –

    his numbers look good –

    the Eagles tradtionally have tried to lock up young talent early.. I think the whole CBA – DJAX situation threw a wrench in that – but no doubt Shady earned a big contract – I feel ya Butch on the guys that have one big season – but looking at the Rookie, and sencond and third year numbers – no reason to doubt the guy will not be productive..

    big issue is if we don;t lock him up sooner – at the end of the year – we will get in a bidding war with someone…. (he signed for 4 years right?)

  34. Schill, are you Tommy Lawlor’s publicist, or are you he? Get off of his wood, he’s pretty good at what he does, but he ain’t the know all, be all! Just goes to show everybody, that you are on their payroll, for even going on that $#!t site. If I read anything else from Spuds, gushing & creaming, all over himself, with his delusions, & Ray Charles loyalty, I’m going to violently vomit! That site doesn’t give you STUGOTS, that you can’t get from CSNPhilly & Unless, you are a step-ford believer, of the pompom waver, on their site. Why Adam Kaplan goes on there, is beyond me! He is killing his credibility on there. He is pretty good, very honest, forthcoming, knowledgeable & has multiple sources.

  35. I respect guys like BW coming out to defend the player who really cant speak for himself due to the effect it could have on negotiations. McCoy will get paid by the eagles. They will not let him walk though he is still under contract. But i will say he could very well hold out of camp this year if he does not recieve a contract beforehand. I would too, even though the birds dont take kindly when players hold out and it seems they purposely wait even longer to strike a deal so i guess you can say the eagles perform there own type of holdout and it involves holding out from coming up off the cash until they see fit.. the advantage the birds have over players and agents are the number crunching freaks they have. They find ways to show that there giving more but in reality there giving less for more. Alot of the past and current comtracts have periods when the birds could rid themselves of the player and that player be left with very little, some outrageous incentives. I worry this will happen to McCoy. Hes only 23 and has alot of football left in him and deserves to be paid like it.. salute to BW for having his back and speaking the truth..

  36. Eagles have enough) they don’t need anymore.

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