Another Mock Draft

This is the day we’ve all been waiting for.  The first round of the draft will take place tonight and the Birds are all set to make their selection.  This is their “Best player on the board” draft, and we will see if they stick to their plan.

There’s no telling who is going to be there when they get ready to make their pick.  They could wind up with cornerback Stephon Gilmore, safety Mark Barron, defensive tackle Jerel Worthy, defensive tackle Michael Brockers or defensive end Quintin Coples.

We’ll see what they do.  If you get the chance, join me in Atlantic City tonight at the brand new Revel Casino to check out the draft in The Social which beautiful sports bar and entertainment center.

1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, QB

2. Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III, QB

3. Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil, OT

4. Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson, RB

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Morris Claiborne, CB

6. St. Louis Rams – Fletcher Cox, DT

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Justin Blackmon, WR

8. Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, QB

9. Carolina Panthers – Stephon Gilmore, CB

10. Buffalo Bills – Michael Floyd, WR

11. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Kuechly, LB

12. Seattle Seahawks – Melvin Ingram, LB

13. Arizona Cardinals – David DeCastro, OG

14. Dallas Cowboys – Mark Barron, S

15. Philadelphia Eagles – Michael Brockers – He was a dominant player in the best football conference in NCAA with his best football ahead of him.  Brockers is coming out a year early, I think the Birds would select him based on what type of player he will be in two years.  He’s got the potential to be a dominant player, especially under the tutelage of Jim Washburn.

16. New York Jets – Courtney Upshaw, LB

17. Cincinnati Bengals –  Dontari Poe, DT

18. San Diego Chargers – Cordy Glenn, OT

19. Chicago Bears – Quinton Coples, DE

20. Tennessee Titans – Dre Kirkpatrick, CB

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Stephen Hill, WR

22. Cleveland Browns – Michael Adams, OT

23. Detroit Lions – Riley Rieff, OT

24. Pittsburgh Steelers –  Donta’ Hightower, LB

25. Denver Broncos – Jerel Worthy, DT

26. Houston Texans – Kendal Wright, WR

27. New England Patriots – Nick Perry, DE

28. Green Bay Packers – Shea McClellin, DE

29. Baltimore Ravens – Peter Konz, C

30. San Francisco 49ers – Coby Fleener, TE

31. New England Patriots – Chandler Jones, DE

32. New York Giants – Doug Martin, RB

263 thoughts on “Another Mock Draft

  1. An excellent Mock G-Man

    The Rams at #6 and the Jaguars at #7 will really be key picks and determine how this 1st Round shakes out..

  2. If we’re not moving up, Brockers would still be an immediate impact player, and we need to take care of D weaknesses in this draft early. Don’t know when Patterson’s contract is up, but his time with Eagles is coming to an end soon.

  3. I don’t like seeing Barron go to the Cowgirls. I would have no problem with Brockers or Barron, I think both are quality players.

  4. I’de love Brockers or Cox to fall to 15. Good chance Brockers will be there. This guy went to LSU as a linebacker.

    No thanks on Coples. Poe at 15 only if Washburn loves him.

    Don’t be surprised if the Eagles trade back to 22 and swap second round picks with the Browns. There should be a really nice player at 15.

    Chandler Jones is now on everybodies mock in the last week. Keep following the herd, we all know a lot of nothing regarding these players.

  5. Throwing out some “vegas” odds for what Eagles’ will do today: Bett now with Vegas giving these odds:

    Stay put 3:2
    Trade down 5:1
    Trade up 5:2
    Eagles have traded out of their spot 6x in last 10 drafts. 4x up and 2x down

    DT 3:2
    CB 5:1
    LB 15:1
    (unless Kuchely available, then 3:2 – If Burfict available then 1-1 a lock!)
    S: 6:1
    QB 8:1
    OL 3:1
    RB 100:1
    WR: 9:1
    TE: 30:1

  6. If Cox is gone by 15…GMCliff would trade down, and get more picks to help solidify our Defensive line depth, and future, our linebacking core, back up QB, and sencondary,………………trade down Howie!!!!!!!!!

  7. Top 10 picks as I see them…. this draft is going to be crazy with trades….and shockers early.

    #1 – Colts select QB Luck
    #2 – Redskins select QB Griffin
    #3 – Vikings select CB Claiborne
    #4 – Browns select RB Richardson
    #5 – Bucs select LB Kuechly
    #6 – Rams select Kalil
    #7 Eagles trade up with Jags – DT Fletcher Cox
    #8 – Dolphins select QB Tannehill
    #9 – Panthers select WR Blackmon
    #10 – Chargers trade up with Bills – S Mark Barron

  8. Looks good Jott..

    I do belive the Eagles will attempt to move up for DT F Cox,
    The Rams could throw a monkey wrench and take him at #6 Too..
    I am not so sure that OL should even be picked before the #20 Selection..
    The more I go thru this Draft, the weaker this Draft Class appears..
    There is probably 3-4 True Impact Players in this 1st Round besides the Top 2 QB’s and that’s RB Richardson, probably DT F Cox and maybe LB Kuechley and OLB/DE Melvin Ingram and that’s about it….

  9. I would stay away from the following players no matter if they fall and are availalbe at #15
    WR J Blackmon, DT D Poe, DE Q Coples, OLB D HIghtower , OT Reiff
    OT J Martin, WR K Wright…

  10. Theres really no excuse they should get a good player at 15.. i just want a defense linemen i know gilmore is some say the best corner in the draft but we got DRC asoumough hanson marsh lindley .. it only makes sense for us to draft a dlinemen in a deep Dline draft..

  11. BTW theres a rumor of the eagles trading with the jags to select fletcher cox.. a first and a second and maybe a third…

  12. I only want to point out that, if the draft isindeed deep at DL, then logically, the 1st pick should not be a DL. as there theoretically be many other equivalent players available later.

    Personally, I don’t put much value into any of the “deep at this position” business, because, despite all the yapping, no one has any clue whatsoever.

  13. Fellas I know we been going back and forth for months about this player and that player. Most of on here are big eagle fans and wish the best for the team. So I hope tonight they start off strong E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES, go birds please don’t fuck this up. LOL

  14. How does that work Larrwd.

    If there are, say, 5 DL that rank out about the same, (give or take – and remember, no one actually knows) then the first team to grab one of them is not getting the same value as a team getting whoever is left over later, even in another round.

    If a position is “deep”, then taking some other position early and grabbing whoever is left from the “deep” group is a better strategy. (ex – everything I read says that Barron is the only real good safety out there. Someone who needs a safety passes on him and there are no more resources to choose from……someone passes on Cox (as an example) well, there are at least 5 other guys that are all coinflips.

    Why waste an early pick on a position that has an abundance of resources? Wouldn’t the smarter play be to get something from a position that has limited resources first?

  15. no vinnie – becuase then you will have to deal with songs later who will repeatedly ask you how did you manage to pick Laws before Djax –

    How is Kelce a 6th rounder just as good a center as Watkins is as a guard as a first rounder (both on All rookie teams)

    you have to prepare to explain the logical to the illogical

  16. My final Nfl Mock Draft 1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford, 2. Washington Redskins (via St. Louis) – Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor, 3. Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil, OT, USC, 4. Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama, 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU, 6. St. Louis Rams (via Washington) – Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State, 7. Jacksonville Jaguars Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina, 8. Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M 9. Carolina Panthers – Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State, 10. Buffalo Bills Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB, South Carolina 11. Kansas City Chiefs Michael Brockers, DT, LSU, 12. Seattle Seahawks – Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College, 13. Arizona Cardinals – Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame 14. Dallas Cowboys – Mark Barron, SS, Alabama, 15. Philadelphia Eagles Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama, 16. New York Jets Dontari Poe, NT, Memphis 17. Cincinnati Bengals Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa 18. San Diego Chargers Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB, Alabama, Chicago Bears David DeCastro, OG, Stanford 20. Tennessee Titans Chandler Jones DE Syracuse 21. Cincinnati Bengals Dont’a Hightower, ILB, Alabama, 22. Cleveland Browns Quinton Coples, DT, North Carolina, 23. Detroit Lions Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa, 24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Cordy Glenn, OG/OT, Georgia, 25. Denver Broncos Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford, 26. Houston Texans Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor, 27. New England Patriots Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB, Illinois, 28. Green Bay Packers Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin, 29. Baltimore Ravens Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech, 30. San Francisco 49ers, Rueben Randle WR LSU, 31 New England Patriots Nick Perry DE USC, 32 NY Giants Jonathan Martin OT Stanford

  17. Vinnie, your last post is one of the exact reasons why i’ve been begging since day 1 for BArron to be that 1st round pick…I haven’t changed my stance on it not once because I think you are getting not just a great talent compared to the others at his position but a great talent overall who just happens to fill a need on our team as well as a bonus. They would likely have to trade up a few spots to get him but that shouldn’t be a major issue…prolly just take 15 and a 4th rounder or something.

    DT is loaded with players and I don’t think there is much of a difference from B. Thompson in the 2nd round to getting Cox/Brockers in the first. Same with CB and Linebacker… Honestly, who knows how this draft goes but you could easily see a Poe or Jenkins in the 2nd.

  18. Turk, I’m with ya brother! I’ve been shouting for Dre Kirkpatrick for a while now! I think he’ll learn alot from Nnamdi who does NOT have alot of years left and could be the one opposite from Nnamdi if a long term deal with DRC doesn’t get reached.

  19. if they were all ranked the same that would be true vinnie but theyre not ..your telling me cox poe still worthy brockers coples are all the same.. for me cox coples brockers have less risk (for me) therefore more efficient.. i see what your saying though.. but its the main position that needs to be addressed …

  20. If the Eagles move up I think it would be for Fletcher Cox, if they stay put they will grab Brockers hopefully. I can’t contain myself, it’s Christmas day. I would like to see them then grab Vinny Curry( DE) from Marshall and possibly Janoris Jenkins (CB) from N. Alabama. ARE U READY 4 SOME FOOTBALL. GOD BLESS THE NFL DRAFT!!!

  21. Hey Birdo,
    I like Dre Kirkpatrick a lot for his versatility and physicality and think he would make a perfect “SLot Cover CB” in the Eagles Scheme.. I don’t believe he has the Top-End Speed to be as effective if playing as an outsdie CB..
    I also think he could be a great Free Safety and roam the middle of the fiel and make plays on the ball.. He’s a very good tackler, he’s tough and smart..With the way Teams Offenses go to 3 & 4 WR Sets anymore or even Double TE Sets, that 3rd CB has to be a very good player and will be on the field probably 70% of the Snaps so they are very imprortatnt to the success of any Defense.. I like him, I am not sure I would select him at #15 Pick, and would prefer Stephon GIlmore is they both were on the board.. I think he will go someone in the 20’s (Probably the Bengals at #22), but he’s definitely a very good player who will have a productive NFL Career..

  22. Eagles draft Sven Hollinger …center out of Montana Community College….played rugby for 3 years before dominating at that level…ran the Boston marathon prior to saving a family of 12 from a burning home…bench presses 650 for 5 reps and has a grip thats been equal to that of a full grown male gorilla..his father was a navy seal commander and his mother was a tri-athlete in his native Holland…

    The Eagles dont know where he fits on the o-line until he gets to camp…

    Mel Kiper loves the pick…his checking account has just cleared a 25k check from a Andrew Walter Reid….

    Hey man….thats how this thing goes…you go in and grind….times yours…

  23. Paulman — good deal, we don’t always see eye to eye due to your asinine predictions but I like that report.

    I keep hearing about Gilmore but I dunno, I think there is something missing with him. I’m just not feeling him and hearing that he’s more of a zone corner than a man press. We’ll find out soon enough!

  24. To Nev856,
    I think I mentioned this the other day, If the Dolphins at #8 pass on a QB Tannehill, than that throws up ahuge red flag to me and probably everyone else..

    #1) The Dolphins are desperate for a Frannhise QB
    #2) Dolphins OC Mike Sherman Recruited and Coached Tannehill for 3 Seasons down at Texas A&M, and if there is anyone who knows Tannehill’s true upside better than any pundit or bloger, my guess is that it would be Mikle Sherman so if he and the DOlphins Pass on Tannehile and select anyone else , than that tells everyone that Tannehill probably doesn’t have the mental make-up/upside to be a #1 Starter in the NFL… Mike SHerman has been around a lot of great teams, QB’s adn Offenses and I trust his judegement on the potential of a QB that he has seen everyday over the last 3 years than anyone else on the planet.. Shoudl be interesting, If Dolphins dont’ select Tannehill, I would think many teams would have to re-consider picking him early and I would no t be surprised to see him fall into the 2nd Round where the Browns could then grab him which is about where he should be rated and selected in the first place..
    He was 1-5 against winning teams and lost to them all in Big XII games last yeat and really did not play well against better competition and teams

  25. You can find a guy that can strictly play the slot later in the draft. For me, if your taking a cb he must be able to play on the outside.

  26. Here’s my Draft Predictin Birdo

    #1) Eagles move up to #7 in atrade with Jaguars to Draft DT Fletcher Cox
    trade their 3rd Round Rd, 5th Round and DE Darryl Tapp to the Jags
    #2) SL Rams take DT F Cox with the 6th Pick making the Eagles sit tight at
    #15 and then Draft CB Stephon Gilmore
    #3) Eagles Trade their #15 Pick to the Patriots for their #27 & #48 pick in the 2nd Round giving them the #27,46th,48th,51st Selections in the 1st 2 Rounds
    With the #27th Pick, the Eagles Select OLB Shea McClellin who becomes the Starting SAM LB for the Eagles and will be used a lot like Clay Matthews is used with the Packers which is all over the place…

  27. I agree 100% Frank about Dre’ Kirkpatrick..
    He’s really a 2nd Round Selecton if I am a GM ..

  28. @Paulman if you trade up to #7 you draft Tannehill and sit him for a year. I’m a believer in him more than RG3 who I think is too small frame wise to take the pounding like Kolb.
    Dre Kirkpatrick is not a slot CB I’ve read his game strengths are closer to what Asante did for the birds. He is projected to be a better zone corner than a press man to man. I like him but if Asante is a bad fit than Dre would most likely also.

  29. *****Trade Alert!!!****
    Philadelphia Eagles trade their first round pick and both their second round picks to Minnesota for the 3rd overall pick and a 7th next year. Eagles select Bertha Boucher OLB. Bertha is the 3rd cousin once removed of Bobby Boucher. Bobby Boucher is, of course, the starting MLB for the University of Louisiana Cougars. Bertha, following in his footsteps, was water girl to the Duke University Men’s Lacrosse team.

  30. P-Man agree on your senario with Fletcher Cox. I hope he is not taken by the Rams. What do you think it would take to move up to 7? Just 1 2nd rd pick? I an all honestly do not know…

  31. Dolphins may pass on Tannehill because it is way too high of a pick to draft him there, but does not mean there are “red flags”, he is recently converted to quarterback, he may be available later and eagles may be interested

    Paulman, your mocks have eagles trading up, down, what the hell, where do you stand, take a stand for crying out loud, and no way in hell they move up to take an interior defensive lineman when a very good one may/will be available at 15, Brockers

  32. My 1st Choice is to move up to get DT F Cox,, it will cost them #15, #51 and probably a 4th or 5th or a good player on their Roster , but there are deals being made all over the place…. The Eagles may have to sit tight, theyhave 5 picks from the 5th thru the 7th round..

  33. Strange move by the Browns unless they felt strongly about some other team to(like the Patriots or Jets) was going to make a deal with Vikings to get RB Richardson ahead of them

  34. Makes complete sense for Dallas playing Desean Jackson, Nicks and Cruz twice a year. Dallas always seems to get it right in the 1st round.

  35. Deasr swapped 1st picks and Dallas added a 2nd pick. Not a bad deal at all.
    Greenfan theres a good chance Barron may be there for the birds question is will Andy pull the trigger?

  36. Eagles need to make a move with the Dolphins for Fletcher Cox or the Panthers will grab him at #10.. No one else between #9 and #15 will select Tannehill so the Dolphins can still get at #15

  37. Agree 100% G. Brockers will be a stud for sure. I said that before in one of my post. I just hope the birds don’t do anything stupid and reach for Jones with the 1st pick. Chandler Jones looks good, but i feel there are plenty of other players that are ahead of him.

  38. Panthers will take Fletcher Cox, Eagles need to regroup and think of trading down,,

  39. Bill havea good D/Line and need a WR, so the Chiefs,Cardinals,Seahawks and Rams ahead of Eagles..

  40. Wow, Bills grabbing CB S Gilmore.. These DT’s are falling and the EAgles should have pick of Cox,Brockers or Poe …

  41. Eagles got my guy Fletcher Cox… Great pick and gave up a 4th and one of their 6th..

  42. Congrats on the selection Paulman. I like the pick. Warren Sapp said that Fletcher Cox is a perrenial pass rushing d tackle in the best d tackle in thedraft. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

  43. Carolina made this possible, took a linebacker who needs to stay clean, should have drafted the DT to take on blockers. Glad Cox fell to us. Plus keeping the 2 2nd round picks is great.

  44. Props to my man Paulman who stuck to his gut, and called for Fletcher Cox all summer long……………Congrats my friend, your still king on to me. NICE CALL BUDDY!!!

    Now lets go get back in the first round, and get Quentin Coples.

    1. Vinny Curry
    2. Bobby Wagner

  45. Paulman was all over the place. You kidding me? He’s getting credit for this? Gm, we all should be happy with the cox pick. But for you to give mr ” I made 100 guesses so one is right” props, that’s just silly.

  46. Don’t fall asleep on the Eagles.. They now need to make a deal with the Paatriots for one of their 2 1st Round picks (27 & 31) I can see Eagles offering #46 and DE D Tapp for this pick and Selecting OLB Shea McClellin or TE C Fleener or OT M Adams ……

  47. Now we need LB and slot CB. Maybe Wagner and Janoris Jenkins? Id also grab Vontaze late. We need LBs! Cox and the boys get after the QBs. Teams will counter by running and throwing screens.

  48. OK Pman….I want to see them go after one of the Pat’s 1st round picks….I still want to see them get Stephen Hill in the 2nd round

  49. Yeeeaaah BOOOY!!! This DLINE is going to wreak HAVOC! So far, so good, with my wish list. Cox, check. Now Wagner & Curry in the 2nd, & I’ll have a complete JOYGASM!!! 8X

  50. Frank , I don’t hate D tapp, I just think he is the onlt palyer of the Eagles roster whis is tradeable and still has a decent Value for Team that need a pass rusher.. He takes 20 snaps a game for the Eagles behing Cole,Babin hopefully Graham and uoside player Hun.. I just don’t see a lot of sanps for him,,

  51. Paul, GMCLIFF, they can’t say we don’t know what we are talking about. FU Schiller, go away & let the big boys have fun. Go in the kiddie pool. BWAHAHAHA!!!

  52. Chargers take Ingram who I think is another Brandon Graham.. Short arms,low build ..

  53. Now I want wagner, david, fleener, hill…. any combo. Maybe boykin for the slot. Some return talent. Jenkins would be nice too. Alcohol is way worse than weed. And some of the best atheletes have any kids. I care about football play over character…

  54. That’s a surprise with the Bears… Thought they would have gone with a more traditional De instead of McClellin. Titans on the board, maybe Guard DeStefano or OT Reiff are still on the Board..

  55. The fact we kept our #2’s was big, we can do some serious damage just by staying put actually grabbing an LB and possible corner or the safety from ND lots of possiblilities.

  56. Pats move up for probably DE W Mercilus or DE Chandler Jones depending what the Titans do,..

  57. I agree pdiddy.. Fletcher Cox was a great pick. I cante believe he fell so far down.. I knew when he got to 12 that the birds would snatch him up..

  58. I think the eagles should target jenkins if he falls that far, I know he is a head case but he can ball. Do you guys think we go Sam in the second round, and if so who?

  59. Browns with a suprise with grabbing QB Weeden.. I was thinking maybe WR S Hill,,, Lions on the board who need CB and OL help,thinking they go OT Reiff or OG DeCastro..

  60. Cowboys paid a heavy price for that selection though… They dont pick again for a while… they need another receiver and some more pass rush

  61. Belichick is getting this defense right. A very good pick. But will Hightower be a LB or a DE? This is a sick pick. There defense will be back to how they were years back

  62. Man I tell you them dam cheaters(New england), are like a fucking machine they just do it year in and year out. But screw them with our front d-line now we crushing people. JUST NEED LB”S PLEASE.

  63. Well at least a Sam maybe keenan robinson what do you guys think. I think he is really good. He can probably be had in the third round.

  64. @DCar – I want Curry, Jenoris Jenkins, and Bobby Wagner tomorrow.

    BTW – Didn’t I say we wouldn’t draft a WR, QB or CB, in the first round?

  65. lots of LB’s and RB’s on the Board as well as OT’s .. Eagles sould be good shape for Round 2 ..

  66. I’ve checked this site almost everyday for the past five years. Paulman was the first person to come on here and list Fletcher Cox as our pick. Even before the combine. He gets the salute of the draft.

  67. Between free agency and moves in the draft, the Bucs have really been aggressive this year. Shiano should have alot to work with…sucks that they are in the NFC too.

  68. Players on the board for the 2nd round….Fleener, Still, Hill, Upshaw…plenty of good players still out there….now the work begins to get some impact players

  69. Im am SOOOOOOO happy. I wanted cox and i dont care how gay that sounds. First time in forever that the birds got the guy i wanted. Looking forward to all tomorrow brings. I want hill.

  70. hellava good pick with Cox! my 2 predictions for 2nd rd… Coby Fleener Te Stanford & LaMichael James Rb Oregon!

    Would like to see Janoris Jenkins and Vinny Curry but I see Eagles going Offense here in the 2nd rd and Defense the rest of the way

  71. dman I love this pick we got! David Wilson is a lot like Darren Sproils and Shady McCoy mixed into one back. I predict Wilson becomes the starter this year over Ahmad Bradshaw,

  72. Screw the vinny curry shit. Dude wouldn’t get playing time. We are set at DT – whether Graham works out or not. If Graham does, we’re more than set. If not, we’re still very strong at that position.

    Hill, or any of those quick slot guys with return ability – there’s a few WRs there – would be nice.

    Same goes for any of the SAM or WILL prospects – Wagner, Kendricks, David, Brown, Robinson…. all would upgrade the LB corp.

    CB would be good too. Johnson, Boykin (I don’t care what anyone says, Lawlor thinks the kid can be a good Nickel, so I can only agree with that). I’d love them to take Jenkins too… we’ll see.

    Wouldn’t mind a Fleener, or a good RB prospect either.

  73. Some Very PLayers still on the board for Round #2 & #3
    C Upshaw, L David, B Wagner, Z Brown, M Kendricks,K Robinson, Ronnell Lewis , D Davis, J Michael Johnson
    Very Good WR’s , S Hill, R Randall, M Sanu, B Quick,J Criner, N Toon
    Good CB’s in Jenkins, T Johnson, J Robinsons, Boynkin
    Good OT , C Glenn, M Adams, B Massie, J Martin, M Schwartz
    RB’s L Miller, LeMichael James , Iasiah Pead, Bernard Pierce
    TE’s Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen
    QB K Cousins,
    DE V Curry, Deon Branch, Jared Crick, Tyrone Crawford

  74. So despite what some stupid people think, I rarely…. RARELY go to anymore. I’ll be the first to admit it that during the George HW Bush Administration, I was on that site like injured Brandom Graham on a talkofthetown whiz wit at the height of his injury waiting period. But in the past few years, I’ve let my extremely low tolerance for Dave Spadaro repel me from that so-so media thing of a site. BUT – on draft days it’s a different story. I’m telling you this because I just watched all the videos on there. And it led me to a question – WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THE HATERS? DCAR? DRUMMER? SONGS?


    Washburn isn’t ready to quit on Graham – but Songs is. WASH EVEN SAID HE CAN TURN DIXON INTO A GOOD PASH RUSHER.

    Got to love how Jim talked about him, Babin, Cole, and Cox all being big deer hunters. That’s what we have on our Dline – HUNTERS. What could possibly be better?

    Imagine if Cox, Graham, and Dixon stay healthy and have good seasons along with Cole, Babin, Jenkins, Patterson, Hunt, Tapp… this is a VERY high potential d line.

    If only we had traded for a stud MLB…. oh nice, we got Ryans.

    I guess the weakness on our d will be those bubble screens to Asante’s side…. oh wait… we solved that.

    But we don’t have $ to resign Shady and Jmac…. oh wait….

    Songs, get that razor blade off your scrotum. I know your prayers for an Eagles demise got squashed like a 3 cone drill vs. Fletcher Cox….. but still man…. from a pure football perspective, you gotta appreciate what this team is doing…. or not – I accidentally assigned a brain to you. My b… my b….

    You can bitch all you want haters, but we have a STUD dt prospect in Wash’s hands now, a quality OL even with Peters out, a STUD RB, a dynamic QB, and a stud MLB.

    I am one happy Eagles fan. Can’t wait to see what Saturday brings us.

  75. After a quick look thru of players that are out there and the Eagles Picks on ,
    Day 2 with the 2nd 3rd Rounds goes like this (at least I am hoping it does)

    2nd Round – #46 (CB Janoris Jenkins – North Alabama 5-10 195lbs)
    2nd Round – #51 ( OT Bobbie Massie – Mississippi 6-6 316lbs)
    3rd Round – #88 ( LB Demario DAvis – Arkansas State 6-2 235lbs)

  76. I like kendricks hes the best coverage linebacker fastest .. Hes just everywhere but he might be a middle linebacker and we already have demeco.. I also like lavonte david he reminds me of derreck brooks.. I like upshaw but he wont work for us…We might not even take a linebacker.. We just signed rashad jeanty olb from the bengles… zack brown is horrible on tape .. There are no safteys left .. I think we might go offensive line with one of the picks in round 2

  77. larrwd – Tommy Lawlor very clearly stated (on multiple occasions) that in the Eagles current wide 9 system, the SAM LB is a lot like another inside LB, but who can cover. So I wouldn’t rule Kendricks out just because he’s a prototypical “MLB”. We could have played Keuchley at SAM, no reason we can’t do it with Kendricks.

  78. Make sense shiller.. I would definitely take kendricks then. If you watch the tape he looks like a first rounder… The guy is everywhere looks like the fastest guy on the field and hits hard.. I thnk he visited though .. trumaine johnson and jenkins visited .. so maybe corner .. ..

  79. Paul, I have to say I don’t hate your pics, Though I would prefer Wagner at 51 and Mosley/Stephenson at 88. Mosley has a higher upside and Davis would be intriguing with his versatility, but I think Wagner provides the better day 1 competition to Chaney at SAM (our most pressing need at LB). Can’t complain either way I would be happy, great day 1.

  80. Vinny Curry is a DE, not a DT. And we are not set there either. Babin is a fraud, and Cole disappears from week 8-15; they’re getting long in the tooth, and what do we havw behind them? We need some depth there.

    Brandon Graham should be traded, IN MY OPINION. He was overhyped, and will prove to be what he already has proven to be a bust. That being said even if they give him some time , the Eagles still need another DE.

    I GIVE LESS THAN A DARN WHAT Tommy Lawlor says.

    Paul, I like your next three picks, but 3rd round might be too soon for Demarrio Davis. He’s probably going to be drafted in the 4th-5th rounds.
    We are also going to need to make a deal to get extra 2nd, and 3rd picks. I want them to draft all your guys you mentioned, plus Curry, Bobby Wagner, Brian Quick, and Trumaine Johnson.
    An 4th would be nice too so we can draft TY Hilton to do KR/PR

  81. GMCLIFF, yep! I agreed with you about the QB, WR & CB. I also said no to Barron. Today, don’t count out a trade up with STL. They have 3 2nd rounders & there is a lot of rumors flying around with the Eagles & them. If we got Curry, Wagner, Jenkins & still manage to get Cousins, MY JOYGASM WILL BE LEGENDARY!!!
    SCHILL, I posted right after the pick, you f^#@ING STUPID @$$CLOWN! AGAIN WITH YOUR LACK OF READING COMPREHENSION! I love the pick, & along with Paul, & GMCLIFF, have been touting this dude for months when a bunch of you didn’t want a DT. So WTF are you talking about, by calling me a hater. You are a clueless, retarded, mental midget. You’re just trying to make $#!T up that isn’t there. I DO HAVE 2 JOBS, a family, & responsibilities to handle. I can’t be on here like an @$$CLOWN LOSER like you every minute. SO KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, WHEN I’M NOT INVOLVED, you @$$CLOWN!

  82. GMCLIFF, if this draft keeps working out the way we want, we might have to put go play some Lotto’s, because Paumandamous is rubbing off on us. LOL!!!
    SCHILL, just incase you didn’t read my post earlier, “F U, you trolling turd!”

  83. DCar………LOL!!!!! I gets no props today, I liked Cox, but I wanted Poe, and you see where he went, but this is all Paulman’s show bruh; He made the call on Cox. But I bet you if Cox was drafted by the Chiefs, Poe would have been the pick.

    Those picks would give us solid depth, and future starters.

    I’m not as high on Cousins as most; he’s ok. I think for a project, I dont draft a QB before the 3rd, maybe 4th round, and I would draft Brock Osweiler.

  84. I still can’t believe Weeden got drafted so high! LOL!! Maybe Heckert was the problem!? NAAA!!! I’m not crazy about Cousins either, but he has the skill & leadership, to at the very least, beat out Kafka. TRADE CHIP!? THIS IS TOO MUCH FUN! 8D

  85. But they watched the film DCar and Still, and Worthy were all that, and head, and shoulders over Poe?????!!!!!……..OMG, WHAT HAPPENED!!!??!?!

  86. Fun time comes with pick 46 if Jenkins and Curry are available. Id take Curry in a heartbeat and take Boykin/Jenkins if available at 51. They could always hope Wagner or Kendrick fall from the 2nd and trade up in the 3rd.
    The Eagles ran JMJ’s pro-day who could be available in the 4-5th (or Keenan Robinson/Demario Davis)
    Still have the ability to snag that Slot WR and KR in Wylie/Adams/Hilton depending on the OLB scenario in the 3/4/5
    I understand we no longer have a 4th or another 6th, but we still have Tapp as a trading chip and the ability to send picks from the 2013 draft. By my count that solves/helps our lack of depth in DE, Nickle Corner, OLB PR and KR

  87. GMCLIFF, the only film that these dopes watch, is the soap-scum film, that builds up in their dirty tubs. I watch a ton of college football, watch film from NFL films, & do a lot of research & I am friends with a unnamed, very popular, high profile, analyst & X Eagle. We talk all of the time. He has nailed the exact trade & picks 2 years in a row. So I forgot more about football, than most of these Nimrods. I am not one for self praise, because it’s meaningless, but these douchebags, especially Jon Hart & SCHILLER, are blowhards &/or clueless & are flat out @$$CLOWNS!!! Have a good day GMCLIFF.

  88. cliff – and others who want Curry or another DE. First, forget Lawlor and me – go by WASHBURN – who disagrees with you if you think Graham is a closed book. Washburn really like Dixon and Graham – he said it. Think about the #s on the DL. Usually 10-11 max total DL. We usually keep 4 or 5 DT – usually 4. With JeEnkins, Patterson, Cox, Dixon, Landri – that’s 5 right there. The Eagles will not keep 6 DT. So over at DE – you have Cole and Babin, Graham, Hunt, Tapp. There’s your 10. I just don’t see them going DE high again – he’s not going to get playing time AND – JENKINS AND COX CAN PLAY DE.

    And GMcliff – Babin has consistently produced up there with the leaders in the NFL – how is he a Fraud? No run D? Not the job of the DE in wide 9. With Dixon, Cox, Landri, Ryans, improvement from the young LBs, and hopefully a draft pick, our run D will significantly improve. BABIN IS NOT A FRAUD – you really have nothing to back that up.

  89. Dcar don’t be so sensitive. Your usual game on here is HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE, think (see I give you a little credit) HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE, think, HATE HATE HATE HATE.

    I saw your post, and read it. But I meant “where’s the DCAR hating?”. You usually hate on everything this FO does, and then you pull a switch.

  90. Sorry Schill, maybe I misunderstood you, because you normall are a douchebag. My apologies, I’m usually good at deciphering sarcasm. LOL! *Olive branch*

  91. Shill, I believe you brother, about Washburn’s comments, but They still need another DE to fill the spot Jaqua Parker had, and what they were saving for years, for Victor Abiramiri. Dixon is a DT, not a DE. Tapp will be traded today during the draft. We need another DE,..PERIOD.

    Jason Babin has only been productive for the last 2 years. What consistancy?Babin isn’t as good as his stats imply. This system helps his stats. His skill level screams fraud. This year every team in the NFL will know how to nutralize him thanks to the Bears tape. Here is your proof… his production this year. I like, in MY OPINION, Vinny Curry, to be a great option for a future starter. And I’m not alone in my opinion of Babin………..

    GCobb family,………How many of you think Jason Babin is all that, and is irreplacable?

  92. Hey GMCliff,
    Remember the Eagles have no 4th Rd pick now and will have to wait until #153 in the 5th Round so grabbing LB Davis in the 3rd may be a little early, but if get the player you like, then who cares.. I think by the mid 5th Round , that the most talented LB’s will be off the board unless you do some trading back or package a player with a 5th/6th ROunders to move up to the 4th

  93. Gm – I disagree with you on Babin – always like the guy from the time the birds got him here the first time…

    that said – he needs to do much better aginst the run – I see him and Graham (yes – I am predicting Graham) will be the one two combo at LDE – I like the idea of Curry (on record as saying DT/DE and LB with first three picks) to come in and be the back up RDE and rotate with Cole. Hunt woudl eb the #5 and swing

    I see the DL shaking out as: Cox, Jenkins, Landri, Dixon, Patterson, Thorton, Cole, Babin, Graham, Hunt and either Tapp or the #2 draft pick –

    Thats 11 – and assumes ZERO will get hurt between now and the season.. 4 strict DTs 5 DEs and 2 guys that can play both..

    yes, just a WAG (thats wild ass guess) I have a feeling a CB is going to sneak in there to day though…

  94. Eagles and most NFL Teams only carry 10 DL at most so having a DT or 2 who can play out wide as a DE is very important.. Remember that Jenkins and Cox will be able to slide out wide when needed

  95. gm – if the system bloats his stats – well guess what system he’s playing in this year. With an IMPROVED rotation – potentially healthy Dixon and Graham…and I know I’m forgetting somthing….. COX

    I don’t give a shit what kind of player he’d be on another team. Babin is on the Eagles. And he gets a lot of sacks. A lot of sacks does NOT = fraud.

    He’s not easily replaceable without significantly lowering the sack production from that side.

    That said, I really really want them to go LB or two tonight so that we have a sure tackler on his side.

    But seriously, Babin HELPS THIS TEAM A WHOLE FREAKIN LOT. If you keep running to his side to neutralize him, good luck getting past Ryans and hopefully a solid draft pick at SAM, or Chaney benefiting from Ryans’ presence. That’ll solve that. If you try to double Babin, well good luck blocking the rest of the DL….

  96. and GM – Tapp will be traded during this draft? Based off of what? Tapp is a good player, and so is Hunt. We have talent behind Cole and Babin.

    Navy, I don’t agree with you. I don’t think we need to replace JP. I think Tapp and Hunt and Graham step up. And Jenkins/Cox can contribute on the DE spot to.

    I think LB, CB, RB, WR, FB, Redzone target – could be that WR or a TE, returner are far more priorities than another DE who would be buried onthe depth chart.

    I also HIGHLY doubt that Thorton makes the team now, save for a practice squad spot (if he’s still eligible).

  97. I would not be so quick to write off Thornton Schiller
    WHo knows how both Dixon/Patterson are from returning from their injuries and Patterson from his Surgery.. I am not so sure te Eagles feel real comfortable about the entire Patterson situation and are probably planning Thornton/Landri to assume that final DT spot in the event that he is unable to play…

  98. Let me ask you guys something everybody is saying that washburn can coach up anybody and make them better right. But I heard that Bowles is similar with his secondary guys. Do you guys think he can coach up allen and coleman, sometimes young guys just need a little teaching. What do you think, I personally like coleman and allen. I just think their young guys learning the game right now.

  99. Paul, – or we trade Tapp, for a 4th rounder. I think we can trade into the 4th round. I agree with you Paul…..Good to hear from you!!!

  100. Gm I love your post pound your chest today on your boy POE. I even put him in caps, but he will be the man on that line and if he is a bum we will know shortly. To be a NT in a 3-4 scheme you gotta be tough(beast like). And honestly as long as we didn’t get him I was good. I STILL LOVE STILL’S THE HELL WITH YOU ALL LOL. Having said that I love the cox pick he will flourish for us.

  101. I tell you one thing the NFC EAST is going to be tough next year. No easy wins at least looking at all the teams right now on paper. But we will see how things work out. Redskins finally have a franchise QB(first since Joe Theisman dam). But they still have 3 rings so I can’t really laugh but so hard. Cowgirls secondary is going to be better.(Romo and their coach still a question mark) That running back the Giants got is supposed to be very good so we shall see

  102. Looking/thinking about tonight’s activity for Round 2 & 3 (#33rd Selection thru #95th Selection) Eagles have the followings picks #46, #51, & #88
    in Rounds 2 & 3 ( an then 1 5th, 2 6th’s a 1 7th left)
    Here are some possible Trade Partners who may possibly be interested in a exchanging Draft picks that could include DE Darryl Tapp, who I feel is expendable and overpaid for simply being a rotational player for the Eagles and who could potentially help a team that is in need of passrushers (Rams & NE Pats)

    Rams have following picks #33,#39,#45,#65
    Patriots have picks #48,#62 and no 3rd Round Pick after trading it last evening
    Broncos have picks #36,#57 & #87

    I could see Eagles trading DE D Tapp and their 3rd round (#88th Overall) to get the Pats #62 Pick which then would give the Eagles #46,#51 & #62 which would be nice and still give the Eagles a great chance to address LB,OL depth and even take a chanc for a future QB K Cousins….

  103. As of now, if no trades are down this evening, I see the EAgles 3 Picks as follows

    2nd #46 – LB Bobby Wagner (Utah State 6′ – 241lbs)
    2nd #51 – CB Trumaine Johnson (Montana 6-2 204lbs)
    3rd #88 – TE Ledarius Green (Lousiana-Laffayette 6-6 240lbs)


  104. fastest, highest jumping LB at the combine. He can play SAM or MIKE so we have Ryans insurance and a guy to push, if not walk right into the SAM spot.

    GM – there goes your Babin problems. We now have a very gifted LB on that side of the ball. Again, your point was moot in the first place. But now we don’t need Babin to stop the run anyway.

  105. The guy is a machine .. looks even faster than his 40 time can hit cover blitz.. Should of been a first round pick ..

  106. idk navy phillip hunt is really good and a freakish athlete and graham is healthy im thinking josh robinson or trumaine johnson

  107. Kendricks is supposedly the 2nd best LB in the draft behind Keuchly. So let’s play a am for a minute – if Songs is correct and “keuchly is ass” (and you know how I feel about Songs’ evaluations skills), then we just go the best LB in the draft.

  108. I have seen Kendricks play (cal stanfrod a big deal out here) and he is FAST – Gruden copmared him to Briggs I think

    larrwd – I hear ya – before the draft I was DT/DE adn LB with first three – but after gettting Cox who can play both – I am thinking CB next.. I agree – i think Hunt will be here next year as the #5 DE…

  109. I think he the best .. hes underrated .. just watch the tape look at the stats ..kuechly never made plays behind the line..

  110. You think so huh Shill,……..I can’t wait to make you to eat your words…My knock on Babin is his overall skill level, I never said anything about his run defense, Although thats obvious… ..YOU DID……… I always say we will see.

    Good pick with Kendricks, but he is not our SAM, he will be playing on the weakside. And we just got more picks; trade w/Packers

    Paul, I need Bobbie Massie, and or Trumaine Johnson…..what do you think buddy?

  111. gm – as you’re a hater, I’m guessing you’re one of those guys who avoid the team’s official website like the plague. But if you weren’t that close-minded, you might have been listening to Meryll Reese and Spadaro right now. Spadaro spoke directly to the Eagles front office in the war room – they told Spadaro that Kendricks will start out playing SAM spot.


  112. I neer took this approach with you before Shill, but DCar is right…YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE……You have reading comprehension problems, and you jump the gun in your presumptions; Spadaro may have said, he’s playing the SAM, but Andy was just interviewed on NFL Network , and he said he’s going to be tried on the weakside.

    There is NOTHING to hate except mediocrity, and they are doing well in drafting this year. What’s your point?

    I don’t get your team website analogy. I wonder how much you would say with my 23 inch arms closing off your C.Artery……..can’t say much if your sleep Shiller….relax brother….make your statements; voice your opinions, but watch your tone.

  113. well then we got conflicting reports there. We’ll have to see where they play Kendricks….

    Dude, sorry I got your panties in a bunch. You’d hit a guy over a sports conversation? Really dude?

    Deep breaths buddy. I’m not trying to be an asshole and I disagree that I am one. This is a sports conversation website. The only name I called you is accurate – you’re a guy who hates on most of what the team does – hence, a hater.

    Seriously, hope you can come back down and enjoy the rest of the draft.


  115. GMCLIFF, we almost got it perfect. Wish we would of drafted David or Wagner instead of Kendricks, but he is a good back up plan for Ryans. He could go to SAM or WILL. We called it though, bruh! I am very happy right now.

  116. DCar, I’m cool with Kendricks. I didn’t think he would slide down that far. Eagles are doing a nice Job with this draft…Hats off to Howie and Andy.

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