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Another Defensive End For The Eagles, Marshall’s Vinny Curry

The Philadelphia Eagles said they were going to select the best player on their board.  With the 59th pick in the NFL draft, the Birds have picked another defensive end and this time it’s Marshall’s Vinny Curry.

I told you the Birds were going to copy what the New York Giants have been doing for the last five or six years.  They’re getting the best player on the board regardless of the position and they stockpiling pass rushers.

Curry is 6’3″ 266 pounds and he rushes the passer with the passion.  He had 12 sacks in 2010 and 18 tackles for a loss.  In 2011, Curry had 11 sacks,  22 tackles for a loss and forced 7 fumbles.

He loves to use the bull rush to overpower offensive tackles.  Curry gets up under them and pushes them back.  He must learn additional moves at the next level.

To say the least, the Eagles are deep at the defensive end position. “I’m from Neptune, New Jersey, and I’ve always been an Eagles fan ever since I started watching football, Curry said in an interview.”

This makes you wonder how the Birds feel about Brandon Graham.  If you draft a guy in the second round, you expect him to be productive.  The Eagles didn’t pick Curry because they expect to sit the bench.

“Coach Washburn had faith in me and I can promise you that I won’t let him down”, Curry said in a phone interview just minutes ago. on Facebook

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32 Comments for “Another Defensive End For The Eagles, Marshall’s Vinny Curry”

  1. WOW!!! One of the best Draft for the Eagles in recent memory! Getting Best player available and Positions they Need/Want. Kendricks and Curry in the 2nd !!!

  2. signed an expensive Free Agent in Babin, extended Trent Cole and now used a 2nd round pick on Vinny Curry —————- by their actions the Eagles are admitting Graham can’t play

  3. Brandon Graham cracker might get cut LOL. Dam man this draft has been great so far yes sir.

  4. pdiddy — go out with your girl — there is a draft every year — dates with interested pretty young girls disappear eventually replaced with paycheck vacuuming kids and the mother in law visit

  5. E0S – absolutley incorrect in your assessment – absolutley incorrect – Cole and everyone here agrees – peters out by the end of the year – now you got new, young blood coming behind him…. this is a positive thing – when the giants drafted JPP they already had a couple bad ass DEs – stop trying to turn a postiive into a negative

  6. navy — Gcobb 6th paragraph and 2nd paragraph above sort of agrees with me

  7. I agrre with the second – they are trying to copy the giants – I disagree with the other –

    it has nothing to do with Graham – when the giants drafted JPP in the first (not the second the first at what 15 or 16) did everyone go – what do the ginats think of tuck and osi – hell no!

    As I said before – Graham will play the left side with Babin and Curry the right with cole…..

  8. I have family in Neptune NJ and they are Giants fans and they love this kid, he can flat out play the game. Hes fast and can rush the QB like you wouldnt believe. His potential is thru the roof and may very well be groomed to replace Cole.. These are some high picks to think these guys will wait a long time to see ample time. The way that Washburn rotates guys, expect this kid to get alot of time.. Wash is gonna have a field day plugging in these new pieces..

  9. Look at those effin numbers. Dude makes a difference when he is on the field. The rotation will be crazy this year.

  10. Whats up Jon Hart!!! Every Mock I’ve done had Vinny Curry going to the Eagles. What a draft HUH BUDDY!!!!!!!

  11. Nice gmcliff you nailed it, great job man

  12. This draft is Awesome. Now they took the QB Nick Foles in a shocker!

  13. While I think it’s a bit of slight towards Graham the reality is that the Eagles getting long in the tooth at DE. Babin is pretty old, Parker is pretty old and Tap is beginning to acquire the “Injury Prone” label and Trent Cole, if overused gets worn down by the post season. To me it’s more like them trying to right the wrong of trading Chris Clemmons a couple of years ago.

  14. I have criticized the Eagles for their past defensive drafts, but must praise them for this one. I dont know who is making the calls this year, or what changed but let them keep doing it. Love Cox- a big D tackle thats not 6 feet x 6 feet. Kendricks absolutley drops the hammer on ball carriers- I see him as at least competing for the starting WLB job and Curry is long, rangy and quick. Can not complain about these selections so far at all. Hopefully we can trade Tapp and get back our 4th rounder tomorrow.

  15. Hey butch Parker is no longer on the team. He’s now with the browns. As far as Clemons, I agree. Was it coaching/scheme that was stopping this kid from having success here?

  16. @Eagle0, Thanks for the advice man I actually did catch the movie with her. Sometimes I get a little carried away with the sports stuff. But fellas I think someone is reading, cause a lot of the players guys on here were picking the eagles are picking GO GCOBB.COM WARRIORS THE EAGLES HERE YOU ROAR.LOL

  17. Why would Graham be in trouble? Its like NO Eagle fan or media people ever think correctly. If what they think does not materialize they get upset. If anybody was in trouble, wouldnt it be Daryl Tapp or Hunt? I guess hate for Graham is the flavor of the month

  18. no reggiesm – that has been the flavor of the last year – him and Allen – aparantely Roseman was supposed to have a crystal ball that fortold injuries – and as two fo the top 3 DEs (Morgan and Graham) went down with knee injuries and JPP didn’t.. well JPP did really really well last year and Graham was recovering from micro-fracture surgery – and on GCOBB you are allowed to go back in time and go ‘I knew it before that draft’

    so the vitrol gets directed at the player.. and just so happens the #2 thatyear also needed knee surgery..

  19. Its not flavor of anything. As I posted above- so far the Eagles have done a phenominal job of drafting THIS YEAR. The percieved hate for Allen and Graham lies in the fact that safety was the #1 need that draft year and a consensus top #1 or #2 safety was available esp. once the Eagles traded up. Everyone is anticipating the draft of a safety and they take by most accounts a 3-4 OLB that they are going to play as a undersized DE. Graham was no doubt a great college player and injuries have for sure derailed his growth, but most would at least acknowledge that Grahams skills are a better fit as Raven, not an Eagle. Throw in the fact that hes been injured since he got here and rumors of a poor work ethic and you get a some Graham hate. Furthermore, the McNabb pick was used on Allen. Allen too has had injury issues, but even when healthy is not the physical player that Eagles fans love and can not even compare to Earl Thomas (see Graham pick). If going in the Eagles approached that draft, the way they’ve approached this one, I’m willing to bet those two picks would have been different.

  20. oh bullshit everz – gee they needed a pass rushing DE and a safety and they went in that order instead of safety and pass rushing DE –

    keep spouting the typical uniformed BS most folks on here spout – graham was undersized – BULLSHIT – he is short but a solid 270 pounder that beat the fuck out of everyone at the senior bowl after a phenominal senior year –

    I have reposted a bazillion different reports on graham – and he was NOT by most accounts an OLB – on a few he was – MOST accounts said he was the type of player that could excel in both… and it was based on the mock where he was taking

    where the fuck did you get the info he was hurt since he got here? He played in all 13 games his rookie year, starting 6 (more the JPP or Morgan) and then he got hurt – where the fuck did you get poor work ethic from?? Rumor has it he is down to about 260/5 and is freaking ripped up…

    Everz – pay attention cause I have to run off and ref a couple lax games – earlier this week I posted an analysis of the eagles drafting verse the giants, the patriots, and the ravens – and guess what – in every category (see, ya can’t change the criteria) the eagles have done better then the ‘acknowledged’ best personel departments..

    to many dumb asses on here this is like ‘magical’ to me – this is the eagles taking care of business as usual.. they have ALWAYS been a solid drafting team –

    gee – you really went out on a limb, if we had the chanceto go back and redo a draft knowing what we know now, we may do it different – Socrates and Plato are in trouble with that wisdom boss

  21. Fellas graham is getting a nice buck not to do much right now, keep that in mind. Hunt is not costing them much, but having said that he will have this season to show us all what he can do.

  22. Honestly I am so happy with what we have now if graham works out or not we will be ok. That’s all that matters if he is a player ok welcome to the rotation and as eagle fans good for all of us.

  23. I actually like Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman I think they will be fine with a little coaching from bowles. Nate allen just has to become a better tackler his cover skills are good. He had the knee injury he was coming off of but he will be fine. I think Coleman is pretty good. He will hit you and he had four picks or five picks last year, don’t quote me on that I didn’t look it up. But anyway you are not going to have pro bowlers at every single position fellas.

  24. There we go – Boykin. Dynamic return guy – check. CB natural for the slot – wants to play there – exact opposite of DRC – physical guy who excels at tackling and run support.

    Yeah, injury history, but the man just needs to come in a play some roles – that’s it. Very nice value in the 4th.

  25. Lawlor’s notes on Boykin – “3-year starter and incredibly productive player. Gifted athlete who made plays on offense, defense, and STs. Finished his career with 106 solo tackles, 9 INTs, 20 TFLs, and 18 PBUs. Was 7-103-1 as a runner on offense. 5-71-2 as a receiver. 14-180-1 as a PR. 110-2663-4 as a KOR. You could say Georgia got pretty good value out of that scholarship.”

    You gotta think that Marty and Reid will think up a few ways for this kid to get into the offense as a wildcat option, slot receiver….rb….

    But seriously, a gifted slot guy and returner – great ‘hole filler’ -yes, I said that.

    Anything to remind me that we drafted Fletcher COX….ah, it’s a good draft fellas….

  26. I have Vick, Jackson, McCoy, Maclin and Celek I dont need Boykins on offense. Just return the ball and cover someone.

  27. dag – obviously. I’m talking rare bonus plays. If djax is injured, and you put boykin in the slot for a play or two, you have a similar elusive shifty dangerous in space weapon there. If you need a short yardage first down, and you have him and shady in the backfield, handing off to shady is even more dangerous because you can’t just ignore boykin. I’m talking extra things.

    But seriously – he’s a slot specialist and a return threat. Great pick

  28. Geez yesterday afternoon I said I want the Birds to stay away from Curry and Boykin and what do the Birds do they draft them both…lol…maybe next year i should choose players I actually secretly want

    I like Boykin in the return game a lot.. I just think he will get eaten alive as a cornerback on the NFL level since he is so small…only like 5-8 i believe. just my opinion..Esp in a division where you got to play against Dez, Nicks, Austin. But well see how he does…

    As for Curry, I was just hoping they would stick with the theme they were going in of getting real size on this line. but again well see how he does.

    I do love the Cox pick for what was available to them at that time (barron, Kuelchy both gone early). I cant wait to see this kid play…he will only be 21 next year which is sick.

    And i love Kendricks at the linebacker spot…love his attitude on and off the won’t here him complaining like a little bitch about a fan booing him in the stands like Mathews. This dude will just go out and shut anybody up on the field. nice pick there. Nasty player who can fly….Thanks for nothing, akeem jordan and Fokou hope never to see that tandem on the field again

  29. Navy calm down. First, I didn’t say in hindsight they would have picked different players, I said using the formula they have in this current draft (which I believe Reid has more input) they would not have selected those players. Two, a safety was their biggest need that year and the best players on the board were safties- Im not arguing JPP over Graham or Giants over Eagles- im saying the pick was and should have been Thomas. Three- for whatever you think about the posters on this website, the Eagles themselves have acknowledged that they needed to be better at drafting defensive players and for whatever reason you and a couple others on here are the only ones that dont think so and have made it a crusade to defend them at every turn. Thats cool, your entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. No need to call names and post your resume in every post to make your OPINION seem more credible.

  30. I am very calm Everz – I am almost giddy – joygasm as Dcar calls them –

    1 and 2) the ‘formula’ – dude – I see this ‘formula’ as the exact same ‘formula’ they used that year – I see ZERO difference ZERO – they had needs and draft grades – they pulled the trigger on a pass rushing DE and a safety.. now you want to sit here and debate which DEs would be avaiable in round 2 if they went S in round 1 – knock yourself out – but it appears, seems, it is my opinion – that people LOVE to go back in time and say how brilliant they were in hind site –

    this year I clearly identified 3 needs – LB, DT and DE – iclearly they pulled the trigger on all three – I am sure they had grades and needs and went from there — Just like they did 2 drafts ago –

    Last year the need was OG – Watkins was the number one ranked gaurd – bam – done deal – all rookie team – Allen was coming off surgery – bam – Jarret – not a hard formula to follow –

    3) Really – what were they going to say – we LOVE how everything is going – that would go over well – don’t you ALWAYS want to do better??

    as for I what I do and my crusades – my crusade is not to defend anything – my crusade is that I am anti-stupid, I hate dumb people. I hate morons that pull lame ass bullshit ‘opinions’ that have no basis in fact out of there ass (a few of my favorites – Graham is undersized, Reid won with Ray Rhodes defensive players, comments on Eagles being bad at the draft)

    Don’t be THAT guy –

    becuase with 30 seconds of research and actual UNDERSTANDING of the game and how it works.. you would see – Graham is pretty normal sized for a DE – Reid won with 10 different starters then when Rhodes was here – and the eagles are one of the stronger drafting teams in the NFL –

    as for my resume? Really? telling you what I was doing today counts as a resume – sorry princesss – I will not post what I am doing so if you respond and I don;t get back to you for a while you will understand I went and did soemthing for a while –

    have a great day –

  31. About our Dline- PUMPED!!! everyone will; have their chances. I will NOT give up on Graham. ALl this crap some throw out there…. the dude got hurt. We shall see how he looks this year. Cox is going to bring the noise. Im digging it in a HUGE way. Cole and Babbin will have a group of guys that will push them. We will lead the league in sacks- no doubt.

    About our LB’s.- this is what i thought they would do. We have 1 rook tha will push for a starting spot. Ryans makes them better…. i want to see what Chaney does now that he may be the least talented starter at the LB spot. I want to see if Casey shows us something now that he is not named starter.

    Secondary- I didnt want boyken in the early rounds but we grabbed him at the right spot. I expect the Safeties to be better but lets grab the FA bell to chall for the starting spot. The Cb’s are physical now. Love it. They will jam at the line and give time for the Line to smash.

    On O- The Line should be good even tho we lost the beast.
    We are a little thin at RB, we need a vet.
    The QB’s should be good. Vick cant go down for the first 6 games, he just cant.
    The WR’s- d like to add plax but im dreaming.

    the coaching- we shall see.

  32. nice summation there Stevo….

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