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Eagles Draft Speedy Cal Linebacker, Mychal Kendricks, In 2nd Round,

The Eagles selected Cal linebacker Mychal Kendricks with their 46th pick in this year’s draft, which was a second round pick.  Kendricks was the Defensive Player of the Year in the Pac-12 and will be battling for a starting linebacker job on this year’s Eagles squad.

Kendricks has tremendous speed for a linebacker and he’s an explosive hitter. I expect the Eagles linebackers will force more fumbles with Kendricks on the squad.  He ran a 4.41 forty-yard dash.  I love the way he attacks the line of scrimmage. He has great instincts for finding the football.

I see this defensive football team playing the game on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

The addition of Kendricks and DeMeco Ryans makes the Eagles a much more physical defensive football team.  They’re going to punishing ball carriers which is a big change from the past few years.

Last year’s linebackers are going to have their work cut out for them when it comes to getting on the football field.

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59 Comments for “Eagles Draft Speedy Cal Linebacker, Mychal Kendricks, In 2nd Round,”


  2. Maybe these type guys (cox, Kendricks, demeco ryans) will put enough pressure on teams to help our safeties play to their potential. I would like to see a red zone wr at some point.

  3. Navy – you won. VINNY CURRY IS AN EAGLE.

  4. Wow. Well NOW our DL is complete.

  5. Wow I great pick, I guess the eagles don’t really love hunt, and graham at all wow.

  6. Wow. Competition going on?

  7. Holy f*ck. I feel bad for NFC East quarterbacks. I really do.

    RG3 — so sorry.

  8. Wow!!! Ok… I feel like I’m getting punked with how good this draft is turning out. I totally forgot about Vinny Curry but then again, with what we have in place I just wasn’t expecting him to be on our board. Increadible!


  10. @diddy theyre just gonna reload and keep sending fresh guys that can all do the same thing all game.. i think the just couldnt pass up the value of curry .. he fell so far because he ran a 4.98 at the combine .. but then on his proday was running 4.6s

  11. Yo they may get sixty sacks this year god dam man this guy sacks Qb’s like crazy. His stats in college were great level of talent so so but he is a pass rusher.

  12. Gary Cobb the previous article you wrote about the Eagles wanting to build a defense like the Giants and be stacked on the D line has been a good call so far so thumbs up to you. Still would like to see them add a TE, QB and S. Ladarius Green was outstanding in the senior bowl.

  13. Washburn runs this D yo where the fuck is Castillo lol.

  14. @gmcliff who is our pick in the 3rd. @lionsden I think they just couldn’t pass vinny up. He slipped down a lil and I think they were a lil surprised he was still there. What do you guys think of our picks so far? I love them

  15. @eaglesman Man on paper I love this draft so far no complaints at all.

  16. Only way this day gets better is Burfict in the 3rd!!! Just Kidding 🙂

  17. The Vinny Curry selection sends a message to Brandon Graham whom I still believe in as a Michigan Wolverine, however I believe both Brandon and Vinny are the heir apparents to the Eagles defensive end position after trent and jaso n are done.

  18. Good draft. I think the FO has finally listened to us fans and are going “ballz out” from here on out! This is prolly the first draft in a good # of years that I can say I like where it’s headed and so far am satisfied with!

  19. They are really loading up on defense.. lol.. Its good to see.. I expect to see a really nasty defense next year. All defense so far

  20. OK – just for one second I want to be Pman and JH – did I or did I not predict Dt/DE adn LB with the first 3 picks???

    sorry couldn’t resist – now if they sign Bell in FA it will confirm i am in fact Roseman…

    as for the ‘message’ to Graham – not at all – noi message intended – I think the message is more of a ‘hey, lets copy the ginats’ I think Tapp is in trouble – I think it will be Babin and graham on the left side and Cole and curry on the right.. Hunt bounces between the two…

    this gents is a solid, solid draft to date – and combined with a reserved, conservative FA period – very pleased with the moves the FO has made –

    one more big ‘hole’ and that is KR/PR and everything else is for depth..

  21. They finally got things right by drafting the best players on the board instead of reaching for need… Great job Eagles now lets trade with the Cowboys and get Mike Jenkins and Cleveland to get Colt McCoy

  22. There is one other big hole Navy…..

  23. Vinnie – got you covered in the 5th or 6th… we will find a big 6 ft something throw the ball 90 yard project..

    turk – bullshit – last year they nailed 2 players on the all rookie team and the most accurate rookie kicker in history – tired of you clowns acting like every pick needs to a homerun –

    someone name the team that had a better draft class then the eagles last year?

  24. Wow, was out at my son’s soccer game, love these picks… Kendricks will compete at Will Spot with Rolle and will eventually take over at MLB in 2-3 years time.. I expect he will shift to MLB on passing downs and replace Ryans who struggles a bit in pass coverage.. I believe Chaney will compete with Matthews for the starting SAM spot . I envision a Starting LB Corps of Kendricks,Ryans and Chaney with subs in Rolle,Matthews and a battle between Fokou,Clayton and whoever else they bring in for final spot

  25. Teams/FO do not listen to fans; I think the Lurie comment publicly (who knows what he said in private) is what turned draft tactics around. Even Roseman admitted they drafted improperly in the past and were going for best talent available now.

  26. Roseman did NOT admit they drafted improperly – it was Heckert and he used two examples – Abrami and McDougal – already posted a direct comparison of the eagles drafting verse the Pats, the ravens the steelers and the giants over the last 5 years and the eagles come out looking VERY good when compared to those organizations as far as drafting – this isn’t a surprise – it is a continuation of the excellent drafting this organization has done for a long while now

    the PROBLEM has been the draft picks getting hurt – Shawn Andrews was a phenom – depression adn bad back, Bradley – blew out his knee never the same – Allen and Graham the current ‘de jour’ gripes – both blew out knees and had knee surgery late 2010 –

    dudes – I am EXCITED about the potential on this D – you have vets (Asmo, Jenkins, Cole, Ryans) Rooks (Curry the new LB and Cox) young guys (Dixon and Allen and Coleman) some solid coaches in Washburn adn Bowles…

  27. Love the draft so far… front 7 just got a lot faster, more athletic and a lot deeper. That will make the safeties better when RBs have no where to go and QBs are running for their lives.

  28. Good call Navy with V Curry.. . Lovin’ this Draft so far… Now they need to address some Offense here , I am thinking a RB,TE or possibly QB Cousins if he’s still on the baord at #88
    Back on Curry.. Now dies everyone understand why I have been talking about trading D Tapp which his Value can bring back a mid-round pick.. Where will he fit in and he’s making a pretty good salary to simply be a 5-10 play a game player.. Eagles are stacked at DE so don’t be surprised if a deal happens with either Tapp or possibly B Graham involved

  29. I’m looking for Bobbie Massie OT Mississippi, Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina, Nigel Bradham OLB, TY Hilton KR,PR,WR or Lamar Miller to back up Shady Eagleman…

  30. DE Rotation of Cole,Babin,Graham,Curry & Hunt
    DT Rotation of Jenkins, Dixon,Cox, Landri & Thornton
    These will be the 10 DL on Eagles Roster by end of Summer Camp
    I believe Tapp will be traded before the Draft is over and Patterson as the odd man out and possiblly traded for a 6th/7th Round Pick for a 2013 Pick

  31. Paulman — Coach Reid said Kendricks will be competing at Sam talking to press but it really doesn’t matter will or sam at least 2 out of 3 LB for last are replaced

  32. There goes my pick in Bernard Pierce… Lamar Miller would be a nice pick-up at RB , but TE,OL and CB ,, Is the RB from Oregon Still on the board..

  33. Crazy Draft Note

    Somebody called Wr Mohamad Sunu, yesrterday during the first round and said they were from the Bengles! Dude and family were celebrating like crazy and then……well you get the picture. Well he just got drafted good for him, bad joke dang.

  34. Vinnie – got you a QB there bro! 6 ft 5 240 pounder so we can carry 4 through the summer – I think Kafka may have just lost the easiest job in Philly since AJ Feeley!

  35. next round will be Wiley the WR/KR/PR! (hope he wasn’t picked yet!) then all depth!

  36. nick foles was cousins back up .. weird pick

  37. I was pretty high on QB Foles back in Dec/Jan, but he did not perform very well at the Combine or his Pro Day by most Observors.. He has size, can move around in the pocket and has a decent arm when he gets his mechanics right.. A developmental QB who has some upside, I ‘m not sure I would have taken him in the 3rd Round though…

  38. Well. This draft has been just about perfect. I’m hitting the sack.

  39. they probably want rainey in the 4th if he falls.. we probably wanted wilson and cousins but both got selected and settled for foles

  40. I thought it would be cousins too….but they hopefully saw something. Foles in 2013 and hope begins anew…just as all these D players rounding into form!

  41. I like the way foles throws it .. especially for our offense .. hes natural

  42. Maybe Edwards plays well this summer camp and then they can trade to a team that has an injury at Qb and geta mid-round pick for 2013.. but by Drafting Foles this tells us that Kafka’s upside is probably limited in the Eagles mind…

  43. @ paulman kafka has sort of an awkward throwing motion ..

  44. Brandon Thompson and Bobby Massie — a couple players I saw of some of your eagle mock draft wish lists

  45. Bengals just took Brandon Thompson — they are kicking butt in drafting last year and this year

  46. I am surprised the MAssie, Cousins are still on the board.. I was hoping the Eagles would get a TE, a big target WR or back-up RB who are needed before a developmental QB..

  47. Foles will be an excellent back up and I think he’ll be with the Eagles for a while kinda like the Eagle’s version of Jim Sorge Payton Mannings old back up. Smart kid with excellent short to mid range accuracy. I still like Kafka as the heir apparent more mobile better improvisational skills. Slow footed system guys with limited mobility haven’t fared very well as of late when facing a high powered pass rush… Just hope this one works out better than Kolb.

  48. I am surprised how many draft picks from Gcobb comment poster’s mock drafts where selected ——– I never saw Cox, Kendricks, or Curry play a single game and know them from you knuckle heads preaching how great they are in mock drafts

  49. TE Orson Charles is still on the board but they will probably use a 6 round pick on Brent Celek brother who’s a TE.

  50. I like Kendricks Curry and Foles…

    Kendricks looks nice and fast but also has and attitude and can tackle..

    Curry’s statline is wonderful..

    I watched tape of Foles and he fits perfectly with what the team should be trying to get from their QB.. Nice and tall.. can see everything easily.. gets rid of the ball quickly.. strong… accurate…

    and they dont have to rush him in… This guy looks good

    Im impressed with the way the Birds have handled the draft

  51. curry is also very athletic and should have been a first round pick .. he was injured at the combine and didnt lift and ran a poor 40 4.98 which was what caused his slip ..At his proday he wasnt even 100 percent and did 28 reps jumped 35 inches and ran a 4.64 and a 4.69… faster than coples branch chandler jones and melvin ingram

  52. Eagles0, you can apologize to Paul, GMCLIFF, Navy, & myself later, for the knuckleheads comment, but now at least you realise our greatness. LMFBO! In all seriousness, if you combined team needs, best player available, mock grades, age at our positions of importance (DE, DT), & Reids love for linemen, it wasn’t that hard to pick this year. Now today we get a slot corner/ return man, big WR & we’re golden. They are doing a great job thus far & look for Yeremiah Bell & Joseph Addai to be signed as soon as Sunday. A well informed source has informed me. A- thus far, this offseason.

  53. It’s official. Darth Fatness is on the hotseat and for once is making logical selections in the draft.

    Good for him.

    The future finally is now.

  54. Dcar – hope you are not using me as the well informed source on Addai and Y Bell – but I agree that is what I am hoping will happen…

  55. I’d be happy with Addai and Bell too. But I would be just as happy with Forsett, or a few others of the FA rbs…

    I heard the point yesterday that baring a Shady injury, the Eagles really don’t use rookie RBs much – unless they’re picked really high. So I don’t see the need to draft an RB – unless you get a guy who can line up in the slot as a WR who also has return value – Rainey or one of those.

    So going FA for RB – the market is still pretty decent for that – is the way to go – and we all know there’s precedence for that. How can it possibly go as poorly as the Ronnie Brown experiment? Harrison worked really nicely though.

    I’m thinking that they don’t go TE at all. I think they may take a stab at one of the FBs, but it seems to me like they’re rolling with Harbor behind Celek now and will not carry 3 TEs. I could definitely be wrong there.

    At this point for CB – I’m hoping Boykin. Not a good option for starting outside in the future – but we have Marsh and Lindley for that. But the kid can play the slot, and has returner value. I say bring the guy in – fits two needs. Bowles can bring out the toughness in him – he’s already go that.I’m hoping they grab him with that 4th rounder. It’s reasonable to think that he’ll be available.

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