Eagles Get Their Quarterback, It’s Arizona’s Nick Foles

Arizona Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles is a 6-5, 243 gunslinger with the potential to become a successful NFL quarterback.  Foles broke Drew Brees’ records in high school and he set most of the Arizona passing records during his time there.

Andy Reid has had a great deal of success by developing quarterbacks and later trading them for high draft picks.  Foles has the potential and Reid believes he can get it out of him.  He’s a project who will battle veteran Trent Edwards for a roster spot.

“I like they way he throws the football and he’s a smart guy.  It was unanimous with our coaches, they all liked him”, Reid said moments ago.

Foles has outstanding size and a great arm.  Reid says he’s not a runner even though the Eagles coach said he has good foot quickness.   The big guy can move around in the pocket well enough to avoid the rush, reset his feet then get rid of the football.

Reid stressed his smarts and ability to pick up the complicated Eagles offense.

Coles can make all of throws an NFL quarterback must be able to make.  His arm is probably the reason he was drafted in the third round.  Current Eagles backup Mike Kafka has the leadership skills and football savvy, but he lacks a big-time NFL arm.

Over time, Foles will have the chance to take Kafka’s job because he may have more potential due to superior arm strength.

I also believe his size is a plus because NFL quarterbacks have to be able to endure a pounding.  They stand in the pocket and get hit time and time again.

Reid talked about Foles playing behind a freshmen offensive line in his senior year, but he didn’t complain about it and still moved the offense.

16 thoughts on “Eagles Get Their Quarterback, It’s Arizona’s Nick Foles

  1. Foles, it turns out, was one of two quarterbacks the Eagles had their eye on in the middle rounds. After working out what Reid said was five quarterbacks during the pre-draft process, the Eagles narrowed their focus onto Foles and Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson. When Wilson, the opposite end of the spectrum from Foles size-wise at 5-11, was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks with the 75th overall pick, the decision was taken out their hands and the draft room was happy to have Foles still on the board 13 picks later.

  2. I like this kid, his games were on a lot last year and I got to see him play quite a bit actually. His team was trash, he didn’t really have a lot to work with at arizona. But you could see that he could make all the throws and unlike Kolb he has a big arm. So it’s just a matter of coaching the kid up on how read the defenses and they may have a player. He is a typical drop back Qb 6’5″ 243lbs you gotta love his size. He can move a little similar to Big Ben(only with the way he can move in the pocket no other comparison to Ben is being made here).LOL

  3. Hey guys did that kid Keenan robinson get picked yet. I know he is a bit bigger linebacker than they usually grab. But I think he could compete for the Sam spot on our team. I love the Kendricks pick and he is fast as hell but Robinson is 6’3″ with good speed not blazing. And he can body up with those big Te’s a little better. What do you guys think?

  4. Well this means 2 things:

    1 – either Kafka or Edwards are gone after TC (I suspect Edwards)

    2 – The end of the Mike Vick experiment is coming to a close. I understand why he was brought in. Birds knew there was going to be a huge rebuilding process after the McNabb era drew to a close. Started with the O which was completely revamped. Now its the D turn. Vick brought in to carry the team over that period, win a few games scrambling around. That’s now almost done.

    Foles in 2013. Hope springs anew with a pocket QB, young solidifying oline, new D. Fantastic.

  5. Keenan Robinson is still on the board but the LB spot has been addressed in my opinion. I love what they have done in this draft. I’d like to see them get a kick returner and add some OL depth. So far, A+ on this draft.

  6. Only real issue is wondering whether or not the pick needed to be made in the 3rd round.

    Looking at teams between this pick (88) and their next (123) how many teams might actually pick a QB?

    probable: New Orleans, KC, Chic,
    possible: Houston, Balt, Ariz

    I might have waited one more round…possible that either Foles or Cousins would have still been there in the 4th.

  7. VV – funny – bleacher repost gave the birds an A- for the draft so far – but claimed it was the LB they went too early for..

    either way – they are very methodically walking through the checklist of positions I thought needed to be addressed – I am still waiting for my KR/PR but expected that to be the 4rth rounder –

    while I thought they may get a safety in the 3rd – I am glad they didn’t. becuase it bolsters me hope they are going to sign Y Bell after the draft – curioes to see if they draft an RB or not – if they don’t they will have to look for a vet FA

    I don;t get into that whole ‘they reached’ bullshit – because its just that ‘bullshit’ you build your roster and go..

  8. I don;t buy the “reach” business too much either (unless obvious like the guy Seattle picked that no one had heard, except on APB bulletins)

    Get the guy you want. So far Birds been doing really well, grabbing positions of need. Hopefully these players will turn into solid pros…all you can ask for.

  9. Pdids – Kendricks is the guy at SAM to cover TEs. He’s faster than any of the TEs, and has a sick vertical leap. That’s all you need. If the ball is high in the air near a TE who has height advantage on Kendricks, and Kendricks leaps higher tha the TE, doesn’t matter where Kendricks feet are – you can pick off or deflect a pass in mid air.

    Navy – yeah, I’m still holding out hope for Bell too. I liked the idea of signing him before I imagined our DL with Cox and Curry, LBs with Ryans and Kendricks in front of him. Bell would look REAL nice in the new context – not having to make all the plays, but there to lay the wood or just be there in coverage when needed. He’d have clean up work to do, not major responsibility on every play…..

  10. Here are some Top Players by Position still on the Board in positions which the Eagles will most likely Target today

    4th Round — WR – Chris Givens,Marvin Jones,Juron Criner,Greg Childs,Joe Adams,Devon Wylie, Nick Toon, Marv McNutt, Junior Hemingway and my Pick **** is Juron Criner from Arizona (6-3 224lbs) or Marvin Jones from California (6-2 200lbs)

    5th Round – TE – Ladrius Green, Orson Charles, Thett Ellison, James Hanna, and my ****Sleeper Pick in the 5th Round – Taylor Thompson from SMU 6-6 260lbs and runs a 4.57

    6th Round – OT – Bob Massie,Zebrie Sanders, Brandon Mosley, Tome Compton,Nate POtter, Matt Campbell, Adrew Datko and my ****Sleeper Pick
    MAtt McCants from UAB 6-6 308lbs

    6th Round — CB – Brandon Boykin, Trevin Wade, Ron Brooks,Alfonzo Dennard,Omar Bolden,Ryan Steed, Asa Jackson and my Sleeper Pick from Coastal Carolina Josh Norman (6-0 197lbs)

    7th Round then one be one of the following Players/Positions

    – FB – Evan Rodriques, Brad SMelley,Bradie Ewing, Emil Igwenagu

    – RB – Lamar Miller,Chris Polk, Cyrus Gray, C Rainey,R Turbin, V Ballard, T Gannaway, T Poole

    – ILB – K Robinson, J Michael Johnson, T Carder, A Cole
    – OLB – R lewis, N Bradham,J Kaddu,K Wilber, T Mannin
    – Safety – G Illoka, A Allen, M Martin, D Ihenacho, E Pleasnat, A Herney, T Robinson, Kelcie McCray..

    I believe the Eagles will sign a veteran Free-Agent Safety and RB once the Draft is over and maybe some of these players I listed aboce could be signed as Un-Drafted Free Agent (especially from the pool players of RB,FB & Safety positions)

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