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Eagles Were Very Fortunate To Have Fletcher Cox Fall To 12

The Eagles were very fortunate last night with Fletcher Cox falling to the 11th position in the first round and they did a nice job of moving up to get him.  I went into the draft believing there was no way they were going to be able to move up and get him.

The Eagles knew it was time to move when the Kansas City Chiefs shocked everybody by taking a huge risk at number 12 when they drafted workout warrior Dontari Poe.  He was amazing at the Combine, but was awful during his college career in the mediocre Conference USA.

Cox on the other hand, played passionately during his college career and became a dominant player in the tough Southeastern Conference against the likes of Alabama and LSU.

I believe he’s going to be a tremendous addition to their football team.   He can play both the defensive tackle and the defensive end position, plus he gets off on the football.

Cox plays as hard as Trent Cole and Jason Babin, but he’s much bigger at 6’5″ 295 pounds. I like the thought of the Birds getting a very good player who has size.  I would like to see them get bigger over time.

I’ve got to give it to Jim Washburn, he demands that his defensive linemen give him what they’ve got and those are the only types of players that he wants to line up for him.  Now he’s got a defensive tackle, who gets off the ball like his ends.

You’ve got to give Andy Reid and Howie Roseman credit for a doing a nice job of being aggressive when the opportunity came about they pounced. on Facebook

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89 Comments for “Eagles Were Very Fortunate To Have Fletcher Cox Fall To 12”

  1. OK we got our man in the 1st. Time to move on to the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
    If Coby Fleener is available at 46 the Eagles should take him. If not then I take Vinny Curry and Janoris Jenkins with pick 51. In the third I take a safety, Markel Martin or George Iloaka. 4th round I’d take Nigel Bradham or Keenan Robinson.

  2. Will Cox start? And if he does, how long before dixon starts as well?? I cant wait to see Dixon and Cox lining up beside each other! Dixon Cox tearing up the middle!! Dixon Cox! Dixon Cox! Dixon Cox!!

  3. To Eaglehaslanded

    Fleener will go in top coupld of Selections and don’t be surprised if the Colts take since they have no TE’s on their Roster (Clark and Tamme were released) and the Colts would give new QB Luck a vary familar big target along with Reggie Wayne to start his NFL Career.. I also wound not pass on the Eaagles maybe trading up early in the 2nd Round to get Fleener either with the COlts or if they even pass on him..
    EAgles also have no 4th ROund which was traded to Seattle to move up to get DT Cox, the other 4th Roud pick went to the Texans for MLB Ryans
    Eagles now have the following picks left

    2nd #46
    2nd #51
    3rd #88
    5th #153
    6th #194
    6th #200
    7th #229

    Browns and Patriots have a couple of early 2nd Rounders and could be trade partners for the Eagles to move up a few Spots to Select TE Fleener if the Colts don’t take him at #34

  4. Curry, Wagner/ David & Jenkins tonight, & it’s joygasm time, again tonight.

  5. Thought we would move up to JAX to get Cox. They moved up to 12. Tonight I expect Andy to trade back on one of the 2nds and get another choice to replace the 4th round picks that were traded. Think they draft a CB like Boykin and a RB, OT, and a SAM. Tomorrow we target TE, KR, and WR.

  6. wuth his size ,youth and speed is cox able to also play end !

  7. Did not trade out of the 1st round…

    Draft pick has No history of torn ACL…

    Not a poster child for “feed the hungry”….

    Played in college football’s NFL division (the SEC)…

    Did Andy make this pick????

    Wow…this might actually be a fun draft!

  8. I would love to see the stanford te, and lavonte david out of nebraska to help at wlb. Any way they have to get those two and ill be extremely happy. Would love a safety too, but nobody really looks worth it.

  9. Great Job EAGLES FO! I was disappointed last year at this time. I went into the draft really hoping that we would take Cox now we have a real stud DT for years.

  10. I love the pick. I salute the FO on this one. I’m really excited to see what they do tonight as there appears to be some excellent players still on the board that could most likely contribute this season for the Eagles. I’d really like to see them grab Russel Wilson in the 3rd.

  11. HOLY SHIT, no one is negative about this pick? All of you negative nancies usually have something bad to say. I am shocked.

    As for Cox, I love this pick. We were patient and didnt give up much to get him.

  12. OK….when will Nate Allen and Gary…I mean Kurt Coleman be replaced?

  13. wild_bk, I think everyone has had pretty good reason to be negative based on prior year drafts and the Eagles’ propensity to over think it. I knew they were going up to get Cox last night but in the back of mind, I’m thinking they’re going to reach on some guy that nobody even saw coming. I knew several years ago when they traded up that Earl Thomas was the guy but then they announce Brandon Graham and I’m left scratching my head. Earl Thomas is now a probowl safety and Brandon Graham has been a non-factor.

  14. The more I think about it, the more I want them to move up to get Fleener if they can. That would make the offense ridiculous. If not, I think they go CB.

  15. Gary, didnt we take him with the 12th pick?

  16. I hope that they dont get another safety. There isnt anyone else that good left.

  17. I would steer clear of Jenkins. He is troubled. Talented but troubled.

    I would draft a qb in round 2-3 if they see someone worthy.

    Cb, Fs, Lb,

  18. Yeah, he was the 12th pick. Garry, that is just bad reporting to say we got him at 11.

  19. I’d go LB with the next pick. Still need to add depth at that position, I’m hoping the Eagles have plans to get Fokou the hell out of here. Possibly try Clayton out at strong safety? I believe that was his second position in college..he def has the speed!

  20. Alot of what I’ve read this morning, have the Eagles getting Lavonte David with their first pick in today’s draft. But supposedly scouts aren’t sure to play him at LB or strong safety, because they say he undersized at LB in NFL.

  21. Ive been hearing david being compared to willie t. That he pans out at the weakside.

  22. Darth Fatness still has time to out smart the world with his magical crystal ball.

    Trading our 1st round pick to a division rival.

    Trading out of the 1st round.

    Stockpiling picks for a future that never arrives.

    Drafting the oldest 1st rounder in the history of the NFL.

    Drafting undersized defensive players.

    Drafting one loser after another on the defensive line.

    Falling in love with Torn ACL guy or chip on his shoulder guy..

    Let’s just hope he’s tied up in a basement somewhere, and somebody else is running this draft.

  23. I’d like to see them take TE Fleener if he’s still there but if not CB Janoris Jenkins & LaMichael James!!!

  24. Either way great 1st pick and didn’t have to give up alot for him!

  25. I don’t see Fleener being there. Courtney Upshaw would be a nice pickup for the Birds.

  26. If Andy Reid makes another solid pick in the second round, then I will be convinced that Jeffery Loser sang the 1979 Kenny Loggins classic
    “This is it!” to the 13 year biggest loser.

    HOTSEAT ANDY will be a much better coach then “i’ve got all the time in the world, to build for the future” Andy.

    I don’t care who it is…As long as it’s not:

    Project guy

    Switch position guy.

    Torn ACL guy

    Lot’s of UPSIDE guy.

    Gimmick guy.

  27. Do not draft a safety – sign Y Bell in FA right after the draft –

    I wanted Curry but that was before when I did not think they could get Cox – Cox and Jenkins can both play DEs – can’t wait till a team comes out on 3rd and 2 and the Birds counter with a DL of Cox, Dixon, Patterson and Jenkins…….
    or 3rd and 15 and they get Babin, Landri, Jenkins and Cole..

    I think I had that joygasm Dcar talking about

    Linebacker – is the next big issue, somewhere remember to find a Kr/Pr –

    excellent start to the draft

  28. Bsm u almost forgot.. a fastball!

  29. You want negativity….here it is…really just a question.
    Jax gave up a 4th (pick 101) to move from 7 to 5
    Why did Birds give up a 4th (pick 114) and 6 (pick 172) to move from 15 to 12?

    Otherwise good move. Its the DT most were hoping for. I really liked the way he carried himself last night. Lets hope he works out.

  30. BSM. I think Seattle took that guy. So he’s off the board.

  31. Run with the young guns at the safety position. I dunno Navy,had enough of vets coming in and taking time away from these young guys. Im ok with Allen and Coleman this year if the backers improve.I know Allen is everyones fav whipping boy here…im not high on him. But ill give him a season before a vet. I just have thoughts of the worst safety ever Page getting beaten like a drum over and over.He couldnt play on my flag team.

    Im feeling Lavonte David with the 46th…what are the chances we get him.

    B-vids….Jeffrey Loser…thats a good one.Nice work.Follows it with a Kenny Loggins reference.Only on this site….

  32. Navy, that is what I was thinking but also Cox on the End on 1-10 since I think that he will play the run better than Babin. I would still like to see them take another big body to back up Dixon since he can’t stay healthy. Gimme a 340-350 lb mountain, but not until late in the draft.

  33. vinnie, what did you like about how he carried himself, how he hugged the comish, the eagles did not expect him to be there, gave up value to get him, don’t sugar coat that, but it looks like they finally drafted a guy on defense who will make an impact early on, the pieces are coming together it seems

  34. Simple answer Jake….yes – that was one thing.

    BTW I’m not sugar coating what the Eagles’ did. I like the move a lot. Someone just asked for some negativity, that’s all I could come up with.

  35. Vontaze Burfict will be a beast in the NFL….Low risk/ High reward.

    It’s great that the Eagles can get him on the cheap because we need an edge on this team.

  36. The Birds need to get Jenkins in round 2. I don’t care about the baggage when it comes to possible superior talent on the field this guy can provide. This secondary needs some help as it stands right now and Jenkins would be a very nice pick without spending the 1st on him.

    Then i see whats left and possibly take a luxury pick. I think there will be a run on WRs early so guys like Jeffrey and Randle will likely be gone.

    Lamar Miller is very hard to pass on but when you have a young stud in Shady i think taking a RB in the 2nd wouldn’t be too wise….

    So i def go Jenkins if he is there with the 1st of our seconds and then probably a LB between David, Wagner, or Kendricks if those big bodyWRs (Jeffrey, Randle) are gone.

    3rd round I go Ladarius Green

    Possible Draft:
    1: Cox
    2: Jenkins
    2: Randle/ David/Wagner
    3: Green

    Not bad…

  37. In regards to Nate Allen, he was pretty darn good in coverage before the injury. I know it’s a hard injury to recover from but I like the idea of giving him every opportunity this year.

  38. Erock – you have the three young guys at Safety – typically the team carries 4 – maybe they carry an extra CB, or count Colt Anderson (but he was hurt at end of last year) so do you draft another (I like the guy from Boise st) or get a vet.. I like the idea (feel free to disagree) of the competition, and I think Y Bell played for Bowles before..

    Frank 22 – you are correct – Allen was solid in coverage except for one game where he got tore up by a big rookie (Hicks I think)… I think he got rushed back last year becuase Page was sooo bad.

    Bugsy – lots and lots of combos – I don’t see Washburn wanting a 345 pound guy.. but that is just me talkin out my butt, there is another cat named Thorton flying under the radar that was a practice squad guy last year – he goes like 310 or so and apparently it is an extremely solid 310..

    I think LB and possibly a CB (someone to challenge for the 3rd CB role)

  39. Oh yeah – and Burflict with our 7th round draft pick….

  40. Navy- I guess with Ryans and the athleticism of Cox and Jenkins, he is not as worried about teams running up the middle as I am. I like having a 6’4″ dude in the middle to knock down passes too. I think that getting David or Wagner makes a lot of sense before the end of round 3. I don’t think that any of the safeties are as good as what is on the team. (not that they are great). Who do you guys like at S?

  41. Songs, are you really still talking about Burfict?

  42. I think CB and then Cousins. I think a Cb more likely than LB in the 2nd round…though all I read/hear are good things about Lavonte David.

    And then…Burfict off waivers from the SaskatchewanRough Riders in 2013. Perfict!

  43. If the Colts do not take Fleener the Eagles should move up for him. I wanted all defense in the first three rounds, however, Fleener’s ability is to great to pass up on if he is there. Good chance the colts will take Upshaw. I know they are looking to bolster there defense!!! Thanks for the info Paulman.

  44. I really hope Philly signs Burfict when he’s not drafted!

    And I’m being dead serious!

    Philadelphia Soul need a marijuana smoking lazy pos LBer all day!

  45. @BSM… Well, the Browns now have the crown of drafting the oldest player in history in Weeden from OK State. At least our “old guy” made it to starting lineup by midyear and was doing well by end of season. Should be that much better in ’12 with whole off-season with Mudd. Better hope Mudd’s health remains good so he can stay here a couple more years.

  46. Take Burfict with a 7th rounder and be done with it.

  47. I think CB Jenkins will be off the board whne the eagles pick.

    -Mykal Kendricks
    -Boykin or TRumaine Johnson would be a likely senario.

  48. similar mock draft on

  49. it is being reported that Browns are in discussions with the Packers and Eagles about a trade for Colt McCoy.

  50. 4 qb’s on the roster?Kafka,they just signed Edwards,Vick,and now looking to trade picks for a back-up? I think that report is suspect.

  51. I am so happy. Honestly guys- this D line is crazy. With Cox in your face it will be hard to throw balls- there i said what we all were thinking.

  52. For those of you wanting to draft a running back in the second or third rounds…STOP. The Eagles are set with Shady and they are very high on his back up who they drafted last year. Shady is an every down back. Would be stupid to draft an RB this early with other positions of need to fill. Also, for all you Fleener lovers, we already have a TE that can be very productive in Celek. Its not his fault that Vick has struggled to get the ball to him the last year and a half. That is a Vick issue, not a Celek issue. Plus the Eagles do not run a lot of 2 TE sets. We are better off getting a better redzone target at WR like a Reuben Randle. Maclin would be better suited in the slot as well. The Eagles need to address linebacker and safety, as well as depth on the O-line since we lose multiple players there nearly every year. We need another physical LB and safety.

  53. I want nothing to do with Boykin. He is too small and will get beat on the regular by Nicks and Dez/Austin. a 5-8 corner against those guys…no thanks..

    I also want the Birds to stay away from Vinny Curry. Never was on this guys bandwagon…he is the perfect prototype DE that Reid likes which ends up failing on an NFL level…We need size on the Dline…not high motor fast balls

    Adding Cox to what we added last year in size with Jenkins and still having Dixon is going in the right direction.

    And I think Phillip Hunt will be a nice factor this year. This guy has bulked up by any reports i’ve read…graham better have been in the weight room night and day or he could easily never get on the field with the rotation in front of him.

    If Jenkins is gone I would rather have Trumaine Johnson or Josh Robinson over Boykin.
    I’m hoping we land Jenkins though…I don’t know what it would take to trade up a few guessing our 1st second and our 3rd for an earlier second and a 4th in return.

  54. Alshon Jeffrey is still on the board too. I wouldn’t count him out.

  55. Alshon Jeffrey is FAT.

  56. this is being reported on cbssportsline via the cleveland plain dealer.

  57. Thoughts on draft last night.
    No Miami, Florida, or Florida State players selected.
    7 DE taken and was lead to believe DE was weak and DT strong where only 3 DT taken.
    3 Big 12 QB taken when Big 12 QB are not succeeding in the NFL
    Howie Roseman telling everyone the Eagles would select best player available and then not doing that and target and trade for a specific player.

  58. I think this was a solid pick. they didn’t really give up all that much to get him and he will help immediately starter or not.

  59. E0S – they targeted the BPA that they had on the their board, I assume. I wouldnt say that they were feeding us a line.

    Boykin would be a slot guy that can help with KR. there might be better options out there, but they need help at CB and Jenkins prob wont last to the eagles pick.

  60. Frank22 — I don’t dislike the Eagles aggressive move and applaud them but I can’t help myself I’m addicted to taking pop shots at the Eagles Front Office now that McNabb is gone. What is your ideal outcome for the birds two 2nd round selections?

  61. I would prefer a LB and CB.

    LB – Kendricks\Wagner
    CB – Jenkins\T. Johnson

    I have doubts that some of these guys are there. But there is some searous talent left. I hope they have there pick.

    How about you?

  62. In the second round im thinking CB QB or LB . I doubt running back because of Dion Lewis. I think Gcobb is right they wanted to take Chris Rainey a hybrid with blazing speed who can play wide receiver and some running back to replace chad hall.. But since the traded the 4th round pick things arent as clear.

  63. or even possibly another DE or TE.

  64. eagles0 – so first you admit that you say shit just for shits and giggles over your held out love for Dmac? REALLY?

    And you’d rather Rosman do what would be textbook SHITTY GM work by telling fans, the media, and other teams exactly what the team will do?

    That’s like criticizing a bus driver for not veering of a cliff and crashing the bus into an explosion.

    You explained WHY you say things like that, but do you realize how stupid your statement is?

  65. @Frank22 I on the same page with your players at both CB and LB — I hope they make two 2nd round selections and not be tempted to add a 2013 pick with a trade down.

  66. Schiller— Howie’s unsuccessful drafts have kind of filled that void after McNabb was traded. I used to love to boo and kick McNabb when he was down. — I come down harder on Howie’s mistakes than his successes and I know it is wrong but I can’t help myself. But currently I love everything Howie has done this year. The only move I don’t like is retaining Juan.

  67. eagles0 – you’re a true haters hater.

  68. Schiller– but I miss McNabb– he was just as fun to boo as to cheer but that is how our website blog leader describes us — GCobb says we are negadelphia and I am one of those Negadelphia fans

  69. I gotta believe that Courtney Upshaw is on the Eagles radar but he should be gone before they select at 46. Mychal Kendricks should still be on board but im not a fan. I think they should go with Lavonte David LB. Very smart, quick and loves to attack the ball.

  70. eagles0 – well I have to give you credit for wearing it like a badge of honor, but I personally find negadelphia to be incredibly obnoxious, allergic to logic and thinking, and harmful to our teams.

    EaglesDONTSuck – Upshaw is NOT a 4-3 lb. He’s nowhere near their radar. He’s a

  71. When I woke up this morning Big Daddy Graham was on the news with Ukee Washington and he can’t believe that every caller liked the Eagles first round draft choice — everyone on Gcobb mock draft blog last night liked the Fletcher Cox ———— Fletcher Cox might just be the most liked person in the city right now — great pick

  72. The only move you dont like is retaining Juan? Dude who cares.Changing the d-cord would be a stupid move,come on. You like everything they did but the one thing that would make zero sense given the year we had before and how the d got cohesive at the end of the year ,your hating on that?

    Arent you a Giants fan?

    Negadelphia is the dumbest slogan or phrase or name anyone can come up with. And that goes for Gary pointing it out.Having a website in your name and every adding some insight doesnt mean your a expert and your right about the mindset of fans. NY,Boston,Balty,and Chi-town fans are no different.. We rip into what our teams do and in Philly its compounded cause we’re on the brink of a Ship to many times.

    When I here the term Negadelphia I think of the hundreds of thousands of fans at these Phills ,Flyguys,Birds and Sixers games . Cheering there hearts out and paying attention to the game and not coming in late and leaving early. We give a crap…who cares if its to much.

    David would be a great pick.Starter.

  73. LMAO Rev….too funny.

    Ready for a couple good picks tonite.

    GO BIRDS!!

  74. I have major issue my girl invited me out tonight(HER TREAT), I turned her down to watch the draft. I think I took this draft shit too far,. But I know when I was out with her I would be wondering what the eagles were doing. It’s Friday night I turned down the booty for the draft WTF.

  75. I think the Eagles surprise us and draft Kirk Cousins in the 2nd round. Im not familiar with his play besides what I see on youtube because Michigan State sucks. But Jon Gruden labeled him as the 4th best QB in this draft.

    Schill im gonna change me name bruh just for you lol

  76. BIrdo I Swear she wanted to go to dinner and see some move called think like a man and I turned it down. I know it’s dumb but whatever let’s get back to business we need a LB dammit.

  77. No surprise here but its all but official that Dawkins will sign a one day contract to retire as a Eagle. A great way to finish off a outstanding career. Maybe they should let him play against the Browns and have him come out the tunnel doing the Dawkins shuffle. The crowd would go nuts.

  78. @diddy you can always watch the draft there. I used to do it when the had the all day draft marathon. Which I miss. I hate how the draft is broken up now

  79. @Larrwd I hear you man, I told her we can do the ten thirty movie. But yo is Kendricks a SAm or Weakside

  80. Kendricks played MLB for CAL, he’s 5-11 and a solid 245lbs and defintiely has the athleticism to play WILL (weakside) but he is not a SAM backer.. A very good player how makes plays.. I wouldn’t mind the Eagles Selecting him but he is physically similar to Brian Rolle,, I think they need bigger LBs.

  81. The thing about kendricks though is he looks like the fastest guy on the field. The guy is everywhere can blitz ,cover and is a hard hitter.. He looks like a first round pick . Shiller was saying in the wide 9 that 2 MLB types may be a good idea..

  82. Mychal Kendricks = Omar Gaither. Pass

  83. Halladay on the mound against the cubs
    Nashville vs. Phoenix at 9pm
    and the 2nd and 3rd round of the NFL draft

  84. Love the pick.. Get trumaine Johnson

  85. Hope they don’t go qb

  86. Hey, hey…before you start smacking Reid and company on the back for this draft you might want to thank Rick Mueller and any other “New Blood” in the system first. Nick Foles seems like the typical type passer that can throw a lot of high balls that turn into interceptions…yet another reason to bring McNabb back to tutor both him and Vick on how and why to throw the ball low in traffic vs. sailing it so they can both cut their interceptions by half or more.

  87. Would have preferred they moved up to get Courtney Upshaw at 270lb. in the SAM LB role, but I do like Mychal Kendricks in the WILL, Ryans at the MIE and probably Jordan/Chaney at the SAM. My hope is that Brian Rolle actually drops 10 lbs. and beats out one of the safeties for a starting job there.

  88. Butch, Upshaw is a 3-4 Stand up OLB. Not a 4-3 OLB. Just because he has a big name, doesn’t mean he is a plug-N-play guy. They have finally did things correctly & you wanted them to do the same old, same old, with the square peg in round hole. Come on bruh! Rather than Kendricks, I would have them drafted David or Wagner, but he is a highly regarded LB & is a very good pickup. But I would have rather they’d of drafted David or Wagner. They are what they needed. Today they get a OLB & Return man.

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