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Unlike Previous Eagles D-Line Picks, Fletcher Cox Has Got The Size

I just left the Nova Care Complex after meeting Fletcher Cox and unlike previous Eagles defensive line draft picks, Cox is a big guy.  He’s not undersized like Michael Patterson, Jerome McDougle and Brandon Graham.

Cox looks like he’s a little over 6’4″ with long arms and legs.  He’s currently weighing in at about 305, but will fill out and be even bigger in the near future.  He’s probably already the biggest of the Birds starting defensive linemen.

I love the way Cox comes off the ball with that lean, like he’s a sprinter.   If you check out his tape, every time he impacts an offensive blocker, that blocker gives ground.  If he can do that on the NFL level, the Birds pass rush is going to be very hard to deal with.

Think about the Birds pass rush of Jason Babin, Trent Cole, Cullen Jenkins and Cox.  You can’t double team all of them which is going to mean trouble for the opposing offensive line. on Facebook

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23 Comments for “Unlike Previous Eagles D-Line Picks, Fletcher Cox Has Got The Size”

  1. Your right on the money G. A big body is what we need to plug up the middle. And his pass rushing abilites are an added bonus

  2. Interesting picks so far in the 2nd rd. Rams just selected CB Janoris Jenkins. Eagles are looking good right about now..

  3. Love the pick of Kendrick’s…. Let’s look at Trumaine Johnson for the next

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYCHAEL MUTHFU****** KENDRICKS! Ok now I’m really ampted. This kid has the athletic ability the attitude and flexibility to be a hybrid player. Great instincts and great tackling… I love this pick! The Eagles D is going to be top tier this season. NFC East Look out!

  5. Wow lionsden never seen the explicit from you before Ok lets go. I don’t know a ton about him but a lot of people like this kid

  6. Damn Eagles just made a trade with GB

  7. You start to think the Eagles want to gain size by selecting Cox and then they draft a shrimp linebacker.

  8. EaglesDONTsuck – he’s no shrimp. You’re thinking old school huge LBs – who barely exist now in the NFL. Kendricks has been described as a thumper, bloodthirsty, broke school records, PAC10 player of the year.

    240 is NOT small for inside LB coming out of college. Not at all.

  9. What did the get in the trade?

  10. @pdiddy… my apologies but this kid has allot to offer check out some of his game tape. He is a very good answer in what is turning into a tight end driven league. He can cover the likes of Witten and Cooly one on one but is not limited to the LB position. IMO he has in between size that would allow him to play some SS if JC and AR want to be creative. He ran a 4.41 40 and has a 39 in. vert. This kid will allow the Eagles D allot of flexibility when scheming.

  11. No need to apologize my man I like the fire, I hope this kid works out.



  14. Not to toot my own horn but this is what I thought was going to happen.. Called it a while ago

    Best lb available

    To be exact

  15. VINNIE CURRY is the pick. Love it. Let’s go eagles

  16. cant belive curry fell that far.. the eagles are either finally listening to the people or after 13 years they finally got it right..

  17. I seriously feel bad for the rest of the NFC east qb’s.

  18. It’s a combo of both larrwd. It was a no brainer the D needed serious help. I honestly can’t remember watching a more solid draft than this one for the Eagles. Im stoked!!

  19. I did say today tho I thought they’d go cb lb

  20. Just drafted Coles replacement

  21. Its simple you start Curry the first 8 games then you activate Trent Cole the last 8 games and we are set.

  22. Eagles got the Packers 4th Round Pick (#123rd Overall) for swapping picks with the Packers.. Eagles traded back #51 down to #59, still got Curry and picked up a about 4th Round pick which replaces the one they used to move up to get Cox in the 1st Round. GM Roseman and his Staff has impressed me so far this Draft ….

  23. yeah you think about this d line and then consider that they be in a wide 9 stance? thats crazy..

    I watched tape of Curry and it is obvious to me that he would be even more nasty in a wide 9 system…

    Qbs will not be able to hold the ball against this line

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