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Eagles Take Cornerback Brandon Boykin In Fourth Round

The Eagles got back to the defensive side of the ball with their only pick in the fourth round, drafting Georgia cornerback Brandon Boykin with 123rd overall selection.

Listed at 5-9, 183 lbs, Boykin is a quick corner with excellent leaping ability. He had nine career interceptions in 38 starts during his career at Georgia. He’ll be hard pressed to leap past Joselio Hanson, Curtis Marsh, and Trevard Lindley for playing time, but he has a chance to develop into a decent slot cornerback.

Boykin’s best chance to impact the Eagles in 2012 will be as a return man. He was an explosive returner in college, and the Eagles are in desperate need of an impactful kickoff returner. He could also take over the punt return duties from DeSean Jackson, should the Eagles not want to put their star receiver’s health at risk. on Facebook

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  1. Always good to have competition for Hansen, but if he is a legit returner… they haven’t had that in a long time.

  2. Another great pick by the Eagles. Brandon Boykin looks like the real deal. And yes a return man is exactly what he will become. Fits in very nicely as another nickle back on D. Grade A+ for the birds. If Burfict is available should the Eagles take a chance on him?

  3. I wasn’t a real big fan of the Eagles selecting Boykin in the 2nd rd as many of us thought that is where he was gonna go but for the Eagles to get the players they got in the 2nd and then come back and select Boykin in the 4th is a very good pick! Pretty much a steal where they picked him he was one of the best available going into rd 3 yesterday and this helps the Eagles in the return game as well as the Nickel Corner position!

    A+ Draft for the Eagles so far!!!

    Like to see a RB or WR next up in 5th

  4. I would take Burfict

  5. Is Chris Rainey still available. Give me Rainey as a luxury pick Just imagine on 3rd down Vick, Jackson, Maclin, McCoy and Rainey out of the backfield.

  6. Boykins nice return man, our future slot corner.

  7. Maybe we should draft a OT in the fifth just for depth. Did zebrie sanders from Florida st get drafted yet.

  8. Sully Im with you here…I was against taking Boykins yester mainly because I thought he would be a 2nd round pick to early 3rd.

    But in the 4th I don’t mind it much mainly because of his returning abilities. Thats where I really think he will be used. I just think he is small for the CB position on the NFL level but hey retuirn some TDs in the return game and that would be fine for me….

    Any good receivers out there left? Im suspecting O-line the rest of the way.

    I wonder where Burfict ends up going…you know someone will draft him

  9. Brent Grimes 5’10” 183, Brandon Boykin 5’10” 182

    Pheags <—– Lawyered

  10. Boykins definitely is big enough to play the slot. He has very good ball skills, anticipation, and leaping ability, and he likes to watch the QB and make moves on the ball – dude will NOT have a problem in the slot. He has the speed to keep up with anyone.

  11. Grades so far from Walter football:

    12. Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State: A Grade
    I normally don’t like it when teams trade up, but Fletcher Cox is talented and could have gone as high as No. 6 or 7, so the Eagles are getting great value here for a mere fourth- and sixth-rounder. Cox is a perfect fit for Jim Washburn’s scheme.

    46. Mychal Kendricks, ILB, California: B+ Grade
    I’m going to need an explanation for this because both Mychal Kendricks and DeMeco Ryans are inside linebackers. Perhaps the Eagles think Kendricks can play SAM. We’ll see. What I do know is that Kendricks is incredibly talented. He might fill a need at one of the linebacker positions and he fits the range.

    59. Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall: A Grade
    A few mocks had Vinny Curry going in the very end of the first round. He was No. 44 on the consensus big board, so the Eagles are obviously obtaining some value with this selection. Curry doesn’t fill an immediate need, but I can’t blame Andy Reid, who loves bolstering the defensive front, for providing some insurance for Brandon Graham, who is coming off a nasty knee injury.

    88. Nick Foles, QB, Arizona: D Grade
    I mocked Nick “checkdown” Foles to the Eagles – but in the fourth round. This is a bit of a reach, and I’ll be shocked if Foles pans out. There’s too much Blaine Gabbert with Foles. They even have the same hair style.

    123. Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia: A+ Grade
    Awesome pick. Brandon Boykin was ranked No. 61 on Mike Mayock’s board. Scouts Inc. slotted him at No. 52. We had him at No. 63. I mocked him in the second. He’s a steal at No. 123. He also fills a need because Asante Samuel was traded.

    153. Dennis Kelly, OT, Purdue: D Grade
    This pick surprises me for two reasons. First, no major big board had Dennis Kelly ranked in the top 225. Second, I don’t think he is a good fit for Philadelphia’s blocking scheme.

  12. Coming off a broken bone in his leg that he got during his Senior Season which is why Boykin dropped into the 4th Rd.. Very talented kid with good ball skills and return abilitiy and even played on Offense at University of Georgia on occastion as a Slot WR who would catch bubble routes, run reverses & end arounds.. I am not so sold on him as a cover CB due to his small size and his lack of physicality at this stage of his development but he can contribute in the return game immediately and be that 5th/6th DB this year and get stronger and work on his coverage techniques.. Lots of upside and a hard worker and many say Boykin reminds them on a young Champ Bailey/Darryl Green type who play bigger than there size and were playmakers who went on to have great Careers in the NFL ..

  13. What a draft! Get Acho, Minniefield, Streeter & Potter now, in the 6th & 7th & we’re golden.

  14. This tackle pick is a little strange. I’ve looked him up on several sites and they all say “potential free agent pickup”. Oh well, AR likes his oline.

  15. Its a Mudd pick….. In Mudd we trust

  16. Paul, you’re 100% incorrect on Boykins’ physicality. Dude is small, but he throws his body around and is a VERY willing tackler. He does prefer to play off the receiver and react, but he’s not a non-physical corner.

  17. Why not take a shot at Tommy Streeter at wr/

  18. agreed mryan. Dude is supposed to be huge and good movement for his size. Didn’t play at all last year due to some coaching relationship bs, so that’s why he wasn’t on many radars. But yeah, in Mudd we trust. He’s there to challenge King Dunlap, so let’s give the dude a shot.

    Agreed that we should go WR or Safety next. Maybe RB or TE, FB… I want BRADIE EWING – dude is a very big FB who can block well and has good hands.

    That’s my preference – don’t care with which remaining pick, but Bradie Ewing

  19. yeah, streeters looks worth it. Not sure he’ll make it to 16…

  20. Dudes – its all gravy now – got the DT, the DE, the LB and the return guy…

    that’s what we needed going in – now get Bell in FA and find another RB for #2 (I like Addia but take your pick)

  21. Paul, Schill, you read pretty much the opposite of that about Boykin in terms of his phsicality. He’s a perfect fit for the slot, which he actually played alot of at UGA. Every breakdown you read of him mentions is physicality. Size doesn’t equal physical play. He isn’t the best tackler in the world, but not because of Asante like aversion to tackling. He just has poor form and commits too low, but not because he shies away from contact.

    Guy was considered a 2nd round pick before the injury. He’ll be a contributor quickly as long as he’s healthy.

  22. hmmm. streeter has the size – no doubt. But he’s bad at catching the football….that’s not to enticing…

  23. We’ll see Schiller, I don’t doubt that he throws his body around and is tough kid for he size, I just question how effective he is and covering,tackling the bigger WR’s/Backs he will see in the NFL . I Preferred CB Josh Norman from Coastal Carolina and De’Quan Menzie from Alabama who were still on the board and went early in the 5th Round who go closer to 6’0 and 200lbs.. But since Boykin can shine in the Return Games and since the Eagles have some bigger CB’s on their Roster like Asmo/DRC/Marsh, having a smallish,super uick player is ok.. I hope his leg is healed..

  24. Dennis kelly had a crazy proday .. where he measure 6’8 322 pounds solid benched 225 30 times and ran a 5.33 .. I watched his proday and he looked very good.. he was supposedly flying up draft boards after his proday because the knock on him was his strength …

  25. Don’t think he’ll drop, but Demario Davis would be a great pickup at 194. Good in the box S who could challenge Jarrett/Coleman at SS, but would have an immediate ST impact.

  26. This OT R Dennis Kelley is 6-8″ 303 lbs and is supposedly very athletic and quick feet which fits Coach Mudd’s Profile.. COuld be a real diamond in the rough and maybe get a summer camp season under him, place him on practice squad for the Season and being the Eagles program could be ready to compete for Dunlaps back-up Role come 2013… It’s hard to imagine the Eagles Selecting an OL without Mudd’s Blessing or input.. and I trust Mudd eye for talent and upside and in the worse case scenario, Eagles could always loan him to the 76ers..

  27. Lar, Davis was taken with pick 77, in the 3rd round!

  28. Sorry Lar, that was meant for mryan. Plus Davis is and LB not a S.

  29. Skins cut Beck hahahaha

  30. The Bengals just made 2 decent picks in a row…how did they suddenly become competent??

  31. Ceteris…..sorry too much JD over the last 3 days I mean Antonio Allen out of SC…..damn booze

  32. Smaller, compact CBs who are quick are what you want covering slot WRs like Welker and Cruz when he’s in the slot. It’s a different skill set than a big physical corner on the out size who can open up their stride or use recovery speed. The fact that 3WRs are basically the norm now means that a true slot CB is a much more important than ever before when you could get by with a guy who could play inside and out.

    Boykin was ranked in the top 65 in just about every analysts big board; Scouts inc. Walter, Mayock, Kiper, and Scott Wright. You never know with any given draft pick, but they all must’ve seen something they liked to rank him that highly

  33. Switch to Canadian whiskey. Smoother and sweeter. And you keep your smarts.

  34. Now bring Plaxico in.

  35. Bell, Addai and Plax. Then the Lombardi.

  36. Well what the hell pick was Marsh? You talk about Boykin but you have a 3rd round pick in Marsh with 1 year experience. I hope he is ready to go.

  37. The Bengals,Rams,Bills,Seahawks,Panthers,Chargers & Bronco’s have all had excellent Drafts .. Check out the Rams 1st 2nd Rounds – They probably got 4 Starters with DT Brockers, CB’s Janoris Jenkins & Trumaine Johnson & WR B Quick and have a 3rd Down Back/returnman in RB Isiah Pead all in the Top #60 Selections . Very impressive job by the Rams Front OFfice/Jeff Fisher.. ,
    LB Demario Davis from Arkansas State went mid 3rd Round to the JEts..
    unless he’s thinking of Strong Safety Kelcie McCray from the same school
    who is still on the board ..

  38. Yes Bell, and Plaxico. If not Addai how bout Ryan Grant or LT?

  39. Marsh was 6’1 200 lbs with long arms. He’s can play in the slot, but I think he was drafted to play on the outside. He played the press technique on the outside at Utah St, which is what Castillo wants out of his CBs. Remember that Marsh is a project CB. He only played CB for two seasons in college! He’s probably ideally suited to continue learning in a back up roll, and playing in 4 and 5 WR sets this year.

  40. I’m ok with Boykins, althought I would have preferred Josh Norman. I have been talking up Kelcie McCray all summer, I would go get him to challenge for a SS spot. Chase Minnefield, and James Hanna TE Oklahoma are still on the board, and I would draft Vontaze. Still best draft under Andy Reid tenure.

  41. I wouldn’t mind Markell Martin, FS from OKST at this point.

  42. OLB Danny Trevathan from KY would also be a nice pick.

  43. I still want Burfict in the 6th. C’mon Howie! This has been the best draft I’ve ever seen the Eagles make, with the exception of the last OT. Burfict would make this whole deal a dream come true for me personally.

  44. Bell is 50.

    Addai and Grant don’t inspire, but I suppose could be backups….

    LT?? Absolutely Nein.

  45. Will Vontaze Burfict be “Mr. Irrelevant”? Ugh, Songs better crawl under a rock if that happens..

  46. scratch Hanna…..damn Boys

  47. Still looking for Antonio Allen at 194

  48. Id take burfict or antonio allen.. allen is a hybrid who covers TEs

  49. What does burfict have to do to show ppl hes a piece of ish?? Let it go guys, burfict wont be drafted

  50. The Eagles have revamped there defense in a large way.. I actually would not mind the birds drafting Burfict this late in the draft. His value is already low but maybe if they bring him into camp he might play with some fire, dedication and humility. If i were him and someone drafted me after all that I showed at the workouts, id have great appreciation and would work my butt off..

  51. 4 picks away till the birds are on the clock! This is when Roseman shines in the 6th round

  52. Jon Hart – thats how a normal person with motivation would think. This clown came in overweight to the combine. Failed the drug test and apparently was a pos in interviews. What makes you think hes a changed man in a couple months time? Get a kid that wants to be succesful in life and in football, not that pos

  53. Bird i forgot about the failed test. I believe it was mary j right? Alot of guys in college smoke that stuff they just dont get caught im not giving him a pass by no means though.. The potential that is being wasted by this kid is nauseating..

  54. A big red-zone threat in McNutt. Nice grab.

  55. I dont have a problem with smoking that mary, just dont do it when u know ur gonna be tested!!!

  56. Names like Cox and McNutt.. Nice job Howie nice job.. smfh haha

  57. Bird its random testing, they dont know if theyll be tested or when…

  58. You really have to wonder about Allen at this point. 5 Safeties taken in the 6th ahead of him. He was supposed to be a 3rd round prospect. Something must be up….

  59. Jh. Defend him all you want. Hes an idiot

  60. Haha Bird im not defending him, he is an idiot.. But at this point in the draft it wouldnt hurt a team to bring this kid in and have a camp body, he’d make one heck of a special teamer and whatever else you get would be a positive.

  61. Wow I actually forgot all about Mcnutt, he is a big receiver and was productive at Iowa. Great value at that pick, I love this draft they are picking players I believe that will at least contribute and of course they got their Blue chipper cox. Getting him makes everything else gravy.

  62. Seriously, did Allen kill somebody that no one outside the NFL knows about? OK Mudd now has more than enough to work with…can we please take Allen now?

  63. Lets get Burflict in the 7th – Burflict – Burflict – Burflict

  64. no Burflict?? Sorry Songs – I was pulling for him with our Asante pick

  65. Lmao. Burfict wont even get drafted. Lmao. His youtube highlight video wasnt good enough i guess

  66. Wish we had Bill Polian in our front office. The man is a football genius. Mastermind. He actually said not too long ago that he really liked the eagles draft.. #respect

  67. I loved the McNutt pick. I watched a few Iowa games and was impressed by his skill set. I honestly do not see much of a difference between him and Justin Blackmon except where they were drafted. Same speed, McNutt is bigger. Same hands. I was hoping Burfict would be a 7th round selection by the birds, hmmm, maybe a free agent look?

  68. JH – I like Polian’s commentary – I thought he was a great addiditon to the draft analysis…

    yeah – I kind of like out draft too. Now lets see if they can play and our coaches can get them to where they need to be – hopefully with the new CBA no more rookie holdouts..

  69. Yea jh, colts looked real good without peyton…….smfh

  70. Didn’t like or see the 5th Round Selection with OT Dennis Kelley at #153 by the Eagles.. Their were 6-7 reallly good players all on the board at this time,
    WR’s Juron Criner, WR Marvin Jones, RB Vic Ballard, RB C Rainey, OLB Terrell Manning, Safety George Iloka, OLB Jon Massaquoi who will only be players who will most likely make their Teams Rosters but big contributors and I expect Criner and Jones to have very nice careers as WR’s..

    Anyways, A Great Off-Season by the EAgles anyway you look at it,
    they re-signed all their key Free-Agents (D-Jax,Mathis) extended Deals to Herremans & Cole, went out and signed a Quality LT Demetrius Bell once J peters was injured and then addressed attention and action for their Defense with acquiring ML:B D Ryans, resisging DT D Landri, and used their first 3 Draft Puicks to really solidify their Front 7 by getting bigger and more physical while still having the athleticism to make plays at the NFL Level.. They did part with CB A Samuel, which most of knew just had to happen and obvioulsy did not get much in return for him (a 7th Round Pick) but that is not uncommon for players who are over 30 years old having a big contract, they are difficult to Trade, but what I like, is that the Tone is set, the table is clear so to speak, when they hav e their Rookie and 1st OTA’s, the Distractions and Disappointments from last Season are pretty much history, gone are the over-paid big name Free-Agents like VY,RB,Steve Smith or Contract issues with D-Jax and now with CB Samuel gone, CB Asmo can take a leadership and hold of that group and DCR will now feel wanted and secure about his position as a Starter under the tutledge of Secondary Coach T Bowles
    How aobut the LB Corps with the leadership and work ethtc iof D Ryans, which should make every LB on the team better just by playing with him, I expect nice 2nd year improvements by both Rolle and Matthews as they compete for starters/rotational time.. (Fokou/Clayton/Lloyd both will be fighting just to make the roster and appear to be the odd players out at this point)
    and the Def/Line could just be insane to watch play…
    Cole,Babin, on the edges with Tapp, Graham, Hunt and Rookie Curry.. Imagine if Graham actually remains heathy and plays as everyone hoped and expected when he was drafted.. We know Curry is going to bring it, there’s no doubt about that even if it’s 10-15 plays a game to start out..
    (I have to think that Tapp is the odd man out, but we’ll see how it plays out)
    and at DTPosition, Jenkins,Cox,Dixon should be set and solid in the rotations and Patterson too, if he doesn’t have a medical set-back which is not 100% known.. which will leave Cedric Thornton and Derek Landri to fight it out for a last roster spot and word have been DL Coach Washburn really likes the work,effort and upside of Cedric Thornton who is 6-4 & 310lbs and pair him with Dixon or Cox down the road would give the Eagles a large, physical DT Tandem group that they haven’t had in years..
    The Eagles now have the cap space to address contract extensions to both McCoy and Maclin and still have $$ to look at aquiring a Veteran Safety (Bell or Melvin Bullit) a veteran RB (R Grant, J Addai, C Benson) and possibly a
    Big WR for a red-Zone Threat (Burress, Braylon Edwards, Roy Williams)

    Looking around Draft Boards for other teams, many have made nice imnprovments in Free-Agency and with the Draft, Teams like the Cowboys,GIants,Falcons,TB Bucs, Falcons,Bears, Lions,49ers, Seahawks have all improved themselves… It will be a dog-fight next year as usual and the Eagles can only worry about themselves and hopefully stay healthy and get right away which you can already sense a much more together locker room and coaching staff than last year.. Eagles should hit the OTA’s/Camps and SUmmer Camp ground with bot h feet firmly planted and ready for take off which should be a great season of Football… Let’ sgo Birds..

  71. Eagles are looking to sign Chris Polk RB as a free agent. Very good signing, he was slated as a 2nd rounder. Injuries scared teams off but he has been cleared by his dictors to play according to the Bleacher Report.

  72. Bird– all polian can do is draft the guys, hes not the coach or the players. For you to sarcastically say that over one bad year without PManning that it was Polian’s fault is sad. You cant’t be serious. I was hopping the Eagles would bring the man in but with Polian’s credentials, he’d expect an immediate GM/VP of football operations position and he commands respect and to be heard. If you watch him on NFL Live or other shows you can sense the confidence he has and the command he takes of every topic esp if its front office related. The man is a football genius..

  73. I agree with you JH About Polian, probably a HOF Footbal Executive if they even have those.. I was down in Charlotte when they first weere awarded the Panther Franchise and he built them up from complete scratch in 2-3 years time, he had a great eye for Talent and high Character guys and did the same thing with the Buffalo Bills and Indy Colts.. He is a draft/talent evaluator guru

  74. Yes your right Paul he did and it doesnt take him long to fix or build a franchise..And for Polian to give the Eagles kudos for there draft says alot. He seemed to really like their draft the most. I wouldnt be surprise if the Eagles seeked Polian’s advice on players this time around haha.. I respect the man’s eye for talent. Its pretty remarkable what he can do. If i were the eagles i would of brought him in but Polian is the type that needs full control and both andy and howie are not going for that.

  75. I really must commend the Giants…they have one of the best Scouting teams and General Managers in the game….They’re solid in a big market and knows how to deliver….The 49ers will be scary also this coming year…They’ll leaped ahead of our golden standard.

  76. The Bengals got Burfict on the cheap…Watch it pay off for them.

  77. great songs I agree – the giants have great scouts and a solid GM – interesting that when compared directly against the giants in multiple categories in drafting ovey the last 5 years – (as well as the Ravens, PAtriots and Steelers) the Eagles met or exceeded all those teams – I posted those results earlier this week. Seems that some sports reporter got tired of hearing the same weak ass lame bullshit cliches that I did so he went and gathered all the draft data from the supposed ‘best’ personnel departments and the eagles, talked to a couple folks about best methods to evaluate a draft and then did a direct comparison and the Eagles PErsonnel guys did great. As you have been informed of how well the Eagles do when compared to the Giants with a set of clearly definable, measurable and UNCHANGING criteria, it is great to know that you think the Eagles have one of the top scouting departments and although they have changed GM – therGMs of the Eagles are great as well – becuase – if you measure them directly and the Eagles scouts and GMs beat the Giants in drafting over the last 5 years… glad to see you come around.

    Bengals got Burflict cheap huh? Couple cheesburgers and an appointment with Dr Phil?

  78. navy – don’t be hard on Burfict, he went to a great team with veteran leadership, a reputation for a coach that can control bad attitudes, and a team personality of high character, law abiding citizens, and overall good behavior.

    The perfect environment for a young tough big hitting LB who overall sucks at the sport of football.

    Oh…wait…my b….

  79. I am just disappointed we didn’t get him – that way when Chaney, Rolle, and MAtthews were making tackles in pre-season and Burflict was huffing and puffing and flopping all over the place it was once again prove (as if we needed more proof) that songs and his – Burflict is better then anyone we have on the eagles – bullshit – is just that – bullshit – remember Ernie Sims was a real late hit or big hit after the whistle in practice bad ass too

  80. Burfict could thrive playing under Ray Lewis and DC D Zimmer who are used to working with players with some character issues.
    The Fact the Bengals traded ILB Keith Rivers to the Giants and have Ray Mualaga who may face Suspension time due to off the field issues, Burfict will probably get a lot of snaps and be able to contribvute early in the Season and will benefit playing with Veterans like Manny Lawson, Thomas Howard ..

  81. May this be the end of the likes of Reno Mahe and Chad Halls making the Eagles roster.

    These “slow motion potion”(hr puff N stuff) kick returners guaranteed us starting drives at the 20 yard line.

    Somebody has smacked the retard out of Andy Reid. Finally. A common sense set of draft picks.

  82. Ray Lewis? I feel ya Paul LOL!!!

  83. Chris Polk is an eagle! lets get back to the 3-headed monster Andy. Get rid of Hall and lewis, we need power backs!

  84. – and maybe this will be the end of the likes of Songs and BSM;s bitching about the eagles….. nah.. no chance of that –

    need to find a way to slap the retard out out of and find some common sense for those two..

  85. Does anyone else think that Boynkin could see some plays/reps on Offense in that Chad Hall type of Role, with reverses,bubble screens, etc,etc.. He did so and very effectively when he was at U of Georgia against the big,bad Defenses of the SEC and did pretty well.. Get Boykin the ball whether it be Special Teams or Offenseive plays 5-7 times a game and he’ll make a big play or 2 for you..

    April 29, 2012 – 6:06 am
    I really must commend the Giants…

    LMAO…This Dude is a clown…
    Praises every team except the one he suposedly roots for…GTFOH…

  87. Gotta luv it, uh yeah. Songs is a joke. Anyone tha makes Paul look like a straight laced, thoughtful, legitimate brainy fan is a joke.

  88. aul I think Boykin definitely CAN do that very well. I don’t think he SHOULD anytime soon, due to his injury history and greater value at returner and slot cb specialist. I think if djax goes down, then you consider that. But with what we already have at rb and wr, BB on O is a valuable luxary, but one that you keep in your pocket.

  89. i would rather read 9 songs posts than watch 9 innings of phillies offense !

  90. Ha nev, that is very sad but understandable

  91. No Boykin on offense – the Eagles have a real QB, a real RB, a real TE, and real speed at WR and no need for gimmicks – while I’m not a fan of Jason Avant, I would rather have him in the game than Boykin

  92. Gotta Luv it…

    recently the Giants have shown they are “the Golden Standard” by building from scratch and leap frogging us by winning 2 Super Bowls within 5 years, while we were striving to stay competitive.

    They took our top defensive coach who was in line to succeed JJ and our top scout guy in Marc Ross and built a team that won “Multiple Super Bowls”….while we sit here as fans with nothing to show for our Fandom but “Fool’s Gold”.


  93. Burfict is a like slow beaten Mike Tyson fighting Hollyfield or Lennox —-in College when he knew he was out classed which was frequent he would loss control and commit personal foul penalties rather than admit he was getting whooped by superior athletes — much like Tyson biting the ear, under the belt punches and head butting to force the ref to stop the onslaught

  94. Holyfield was on steroids..

  95. I watched Youtube highlight clips of Kendricks game against Stanford and David DeCastro owned him — if Kendricks is a good NFL player than DeCastro is an All pro, he is really tiny out there but am whiling to give him a try because I know the other 6 LB (minus Ryans) are awful

  96. Vinny Curry is a really good player — he looked real good in Youtube highlights against Ohio State — I think the birds made a wise move selecting him

  97. boykin reminds me of antoine winfield ..

  98. Major steal in this draft great job Eagles.

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