Iguodala Nails The Free Throws As Sixers Eliminate The Bulls

You’ve got to give Andre Iguodala credit for stepping up to the foul line with everything on the line and making two free throws with a couple of seconds left on the clock.  I knew it was going to be an ugly game.

The Sixers were very fortunate to win the game because the Bulls had the ball and the lead, but played right into the Sixers hands by passing the ball to a bad free throw shooter.

After Thaddeus Young scored on a drive to the basket with 12 seconds to go on the clock, Bulls guard C.J. Watson was bringing the ball up the floor when Jrue Holiday tried to foul him.

Holiday went after ball but no fouled was called.  Watson continued taking the ball up the court and got it too the worst free throw shooter on the Bulls roster, center Omer Asik.

It was a foolish decision by Watson and the 76ers took advantage of it.  Spencer Hawes fouled Asik when he got the ball and the center went to the line and missed the free throws.

Iguodala  got the rebound and proceeded up the floor.  He got to the halfcourt line and the Bulls defenders didn’t stop him, so he proceeded.  He got to the free throw line and no one stopped him, so he took the ball to the hoop.  Asik contested his layup and fouled him on the air.

The key to the play was Iguodala’s aggressiveness.  He wasn’t playing scared, he was being aggressive.

Iggy isn’t a good free throw shooter, but he nailed both of those free throws.  Iguodala shot only 61% from the free throw line this year, so at best I was thinking he was going to make one out of two.

He put them up there like he had ice water in his veins.  Although he will never be the city’s most popular athlete, the game against the Bulls will help him a great deal.

It was one of his better games.  He was 7 of 12 from the field with seven rebounds and four assists along with one steal.

For one day at least, let’s give him credit.

25 thoughts on “Iguodala Nails The Free Throws As Sixers Eliminate The Bulls

  1. Isn’t that the picture of the Championship win? OOPS! MY BAD!
    Mediocre fraud player, mediocre fraud team = ZERO Championships in 30 years. Great, encouraging win though. IM PUMPED! WOO HOO!

  2. Dcar needs to jump off a bridge and kill himself…

    Sixers gutted it out. I give them alot of credit for pulling out that win. Iggy got the big board and most importantly, he knew what to do with the rock when he got it. They just need to continue to play defense.

  3. what’s up with collins with these post game chats with his players holding his grandson, way too soft,, just don’t like that picture

  4. jake and dcar suck. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Jake you need to get over this ‘soft’ ‘hard’ ‘grown man’ stuff. You got issues. It’s not soft to include your grandson in a once in a lifetime opportunity. Showing emotions is not soft for men – that’s stupid outdated problematic lazy think.

  5. sheed, real classy dude. Why do I need to kill myself, when I live & have a good life? It’s people like you on here, that like living & rooting for mediocrities, that should off yourselves. The world would be a stronger, better place. If the facts, & the truth hurts & bursts all of the safe, protective bubbles, surrounding you stepford, pom-pom, waving sheep, there is no hope for you. For your sake, I hope I’m wrong. God bless, have a good weekend.

  6. wow, schill, you just hurt my feelings, i think im going to cry, um, um, ..where’s dick vermeil when i need him..umm

  7. DCar – This is a classic photo of an overachiever; and an athlete who thinks he’s better than he really is………

    What were his stats during this series? congrats on a great win but before last night what did he do?

    Then you have the nerve to stand on the table like you are all that. Do something you have never done in your carer first……BE CONSISTANT!!
    DO IT AGAINST BOSTON!!! Then stand on the podium like you the man. I want to see the Sixers win, but them winning won’t be because he dominated, it will be because the TEAM played well. When he averages 9 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists in this series………I will stand on my podium , and say ………..SIT YOUR MEDIOCRE ASS DOWN!!!!!

  8. I laughing at this schizo idiot Dcar ..lol

    check yourself into a hospital fool! you’re miserable bum! Im sure they have a straitjacket with your name on it ….

    one minute, you are trying your best to sh*t all over a good win by the home team, and the next you are talking about ‘have a good weekend’?

    *shakes head*

    whatever your problem is, keep it to yourself pal…. dont ruin everyone’s else’s day with your miserable BS

  9. gmcliff, as I said before, great minds think alike. LOL! BTW, rookie camp tomorrow & I was told 3 more rookies signed by Monday. 8D

  10. iguadola brings on this hate with that stupid podium stunt, sixers acting like they just won the nba title, collins giving an emotional talk with his grandson on his lap, its sickening, they havent won jack yet, go about your business, beat the celtics, then we’ll talk

  11. sheed, I was trying to be civil with you, bruh. But I see you like name calling. Brutally honest I am, sick sense of humor I have, no patience & low tolerance I have, but Schizo I am not. If you are stupid enough to let someone else’s comments & thoughts ruin your day, then maybe you need to jump off of the bridge, that you kindly told me to jump off of. Meet me at the BF, maybe we could go bungie jumping. LMFBO! Again, God bless, have a SPLENDED weekend.

  12. Jake, I’m laughing because I’m sitting here on my computer, I read your last post, and then I scrolled over to Philly.com. One of their top stories is “Iguodala’s Deserving Moment”.


    See Jake, if the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers all won championships in the same season. If you then won the lottery. Then Megan Fox, Giselle, Brady, and Beyonce all agreed to have a polyamorous sexual relationship with you. And then you were given cars by Ferrari, Lotus, Bently,and a Private Jet. If you wre then given full exemption from taxes for life. An unlimeted 100% coverage health plan, and a Key to every city in the world on a freaking gold platter….YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JAKEDOG WOULD DO THEN? YOU’D FIND SOMETHING TO BITCH ABOUT.

  13. lol @Dcar crying now…..

    Dont come in here trying to sh*t on everything and then get offended when somebody calls you out on it…

    thats lame pal

    If you are offended? *shrug* you earned it..

    I wouldnt have said anything to you if you werent in here acting like a jacka$$.

    So yeah, see a doctor, and God Bless…. Have a great weekend…lol

  14. sheed, trust me, if I made anything you imbeciles say on here offend me, maybe I would need to commit myself. Trust me you guys aren’t that important to me. This is a fun blog site, were thoughts & opinions are given. If you guys can’t handle the truth, or understand that, then you are the ones with the issues & need help.

  15. Whatever Dcar

    Just make sure you check yourself into a psych ward and have a doctor look at you.

    And have a great weekend 🙂

  16. sheed – i agree with you on Dcar (obviously). But if that’s what Dcar is about – then what’s Jake’s deal. All he does is cheer on Dcar being a jackass. What’s worse – being a jackass – or being the guy standing next to him worshiping the jackass?

  17. Dcar has been acting like an a$$hat for a few days now.. I dont wanna be the person who comes in here telling everybody what to do… Im gonna leave Jake alone because I already came down on one person.

    I dont understand all the b*tching and whining after a great win.. I dont understand the wanna be tough guy talk.. Guys on this board arent tough… I got pillow cases at home that are tougher then the dudes on this board..

    But I need to just let what I said be as it is.. I dont wanna keep going on & on

  18. Lots of negativity towards the Sixers, Iggy, and Collins, and Collins grandson.
    I thought it was a great series and a great ending to the game, and I’m happy Iggy had his moment. He gets a lot of grief in this town, far more than he deserves. He’s not a superstar and nobody that knows the game ever thought he would be. It’s certainly not his fault that the Sixers have been mediocre for years. I don’t know how anybody can hate on Doug Collins, I have a ton of respect for what he’s done here and I love watching his post-game interviews. Doug says things that make me feel good about being alive, he has a great non-selfish view on life that I wish I had. The Sixers may not have won anything in 30 years, but that is certainly shorter than 2 of the teams in this town that are far more beloved. The stepford Flyers fans worship the orange and black, in my opinion Ed Snyder should be run out of town for his lousy 40 year ownership. The Eagles haven’t won anything since Ike was president.

    Enjoy the victory and hope that they can be competitive in the next round. If you can’t get even a little excited for a Sixers Celtics playoff match-up, there’s something wrong with you.

  19. Emoney – this fight has been going on all year between the ShowyourLuv fans and the Frauds fans —–Iggy was an all-star and that erupting into a fight – Sixers drop to 8th seed that erupts into a fight – Sixers win first round series that erupts into a fight – Everyone has a vision of what they want the Sixers to be —– I want a more traditional team and think Lou and Thad are too small for power forward and shooting guard but that’s my opinion; some people want more rebounding and think Elton is the problem; some people want more points scored from the contract Iggy has and think he is the problem; some people want more toughness and think Hawes is the problem — the fight’s will continue but the 76ers are relevent and that is what Doug was hired to do

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